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The Xenophile Torque


What happens if you have a fascination and natural curiosity with the otherworldly, and then the alien invasion comes? Now, what do you do when earth wins and puts you into a team with said aliens? More friendly conversation and comradery, right? Yeah, go tell that to the albino viper of Chimera squad, and watch if she is truly so steadfast when it comes to passion. Short lemon story because I was in a viper kinda mood,

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“Get the fuck into cover!” I yelled out, more frustrated than actually concerned for the slithering woman - snake woman.

“Just shoot him, you dumbass; I’m going for the main prize,” she added through the intercom, slipping past the vibrating blade of an Advent bruiser, missing her long body. She tripped the masked man with her tail, so fast that it looked only like a streak of silver before he landed on the floor. A clean shot for me.

I took aim with the heavy sniper rifle, which I had mounted on the railing of the catwalk I was positioned on. The bruiser was still completely out in the open, so I took a simple shot directly through the top of his head. Brain matter, blood, and bone shards smattered against the floor, the body went limp.

Immediately, my eyes went back to Torque, who had managed to dash between waist-high boxes and metal pillars, to finally come face to interface with the MEC at the end of the warehouse. She had caught it mid reload, the heavy machine guns smoking from repeated fire.

The albino viper took a lunge forward and between its legs, then around the top with the speed no one could expect with her heavy body. Her tail fastened around the robot’s midsection, as she clawed along its front, pushing hard at the legs, causing it to buckle and swiftly fall to a kneel. But she hadn’t relented yet. Using her submachine gun, she pulled herself atop the square-shaped head and tore off a metallic plate, exposing wires and cables. Holding herself steady with the monstrously powerful muscles of her tail, and her claws dug into the very metal, she then unloaded her magazine into the exposed parts.

Sparks flew and bullet casings went flying, as the MEC almost instantly stopped its futile struggle. Still, Torque knew better than to leave the enemy a chance and simply twisted her tail together in a single flex, which tore off the machine’s arm and turned the torso in a mutilated shape.

I took a deep breath, which I hadn’t noticed I was holding. Torque emerged into a standing height, her thick midsection giving the impression of hips, her tactical gear extending only to the waist. She reloaded her SMG and looked around, noting and probably counting the six incapacitated foes. Then, her green, slitted eyes met mine. This look, where her eyes turned into black slits surrounded by an almost gem-like green, I had learned, was when she was paying particularly close attention - mostly during battle or when gossip she wanted to spy on happened. But, quickly, that form made way for larger, black circles, pushing back the green a little.

“What are you looking at?” She remarked with her typical, snarky tone, while her “eyebrows” wrinkled. It was still always fascinating – and slightly terrifying – how much her expressions were just so… human.

“Your tail, you’re bleeding, I told you to stay in cover,” I countered quickly, having spotted her signature yellow blood seeping out between the otherwise clean, white scales.

She looked down. For a moment, I saw a slip in the stalwart facade, as she realized she had been hit.

At the middle of her tail, was a gash in her purple-ish flesh. She pulled her tail behind herself, a terrible attempt at hiding it from me. “Just grazed, that’ll be done before we get back to base,” she tried to argue.

“If Terminal was with us, you wouldn’t have said that,” I said, nodding back to the previous room, where the woman’s arm had been dislocated by an enemy viper, after which she had to be extracted. Now it was only Torque and me.

“All hostiles eliminated, are you two alright?” And of course command.

“Yes, all is dealt with, we are ready for extraction. Torque, however, is -” I tried to explain before I was overshadowed.

“Fine. I am fine,” she hissed into the microphone.

A moment of silence ensued, only our gazes meeting and having a conversation that words could not encompass. Then, the radio clicked again, informing us that the transport was ready for us. We exited through the doors we had burst in on, me through the catwalk connecter into the open, where a fire-ladder brought me to the street. There, Torque pushed the double door to the side, clearly letting out her frustration on the inanimate structure.


I felt like I should say something, quip at her, maybe get a conversation going like usual. But something was off, something about the viper’s attitude was more on edge. Unlike normally, she seemed actually pissed off, instead of the regular manner she acted. So, as uncomfortable as it was, the bumpy ride back to the headquarters was filled with only my own thoughts.

Maybe I could call Melina again, she always managed to cheer me up. No, that was a stupid idea. No matter how fun the woman was, I shouldn’t just give random booty calls to people when something didn’t line up in my job. I needed to fix this, fix it with Torque. But for that, she would need to give me a chance to do so.

“Torque, what’s up, what did I do?” I asked plainly, as I recognized the turns in the street that indicated we were close to our destination.

She tilted her head to face me, the long features painting a perpetual frown on her visage - though this one was on purpose. Her tongue flicked out between her scaly lips but she didn’t respond.

I waited.

And waited. But nothing came from the snake woman, except a stare that shot knives.

“Come on, snake, why are you grumpy?” I tried to be a little more cheerful, leaning back on my seat and spreading my arms.

This got a reaction. Though maybe not what I would have wanted. Instead of a rebuttal, a witty remark, or some other response that showed she was just fine. Instead, her features dropped, the muscles on her body relaxed and her shoulders slumped. Then, her eyes lost mine and went to the ground. Oh, god, this was serious.

“I’m… ah, just…shut up.” Her tone didn’t match the intent. She sounded unconfident and insecure, so much unlike the snarky snake.

This would need more time than what we had left in the isolation of the transport, so I settled on following her request and returned to my thoughts. Not my fault she suddenly decided to have a temper tantrum.

The rather quiet motor shut off and the door clicked open. Torque slithered down the ramp without looking back, leaving me to roll my eyes and walk after her.

She completely ignored Whisper, except for a sharp hiss in his direction when he approached with a tablet. He furled his eyebrows and looked after the swaying movements of the viper, then spun around to face me with a slightly amused but curious expression.

“What did you do?” He asked, badly hiding a snicker.

“What did I do? Why do you think I did something? It’s just Torque being Torque,” I replied defensively.

The brown-haired man eyed me for a moment, then handed me the tablet. “Well, regardless, I still need a report. And she clearly won’t be doing it. I need spent equipment, a sitrep, and eliminated hostiles. But go take off your armor first,” Whisper, always busy, said while in the process of leaving.

I looked at the list of selectable files and sighed. Nothing could be done about it. But there was already something on my mind, someone that took priority.

I walked past Blueblood, greeted Axiom and Verge, and finally found myself in the armory. An open area with lockers and nametags, leading into a dressing room and shower. The white viper was in the process of slipping out of her tactical vest, pulling her hood together tightly to fit it overtop her head. Beneath, she wore a tight-fitting black suit of fabric.

She hadn’t noticed me, it seemed, simply letting her vest fall to the bench. I wanted to speak, say something, but my words got caught in my throat. I felt heat rise to my face and suddenly stood more straight than a needle, letting my eyes travel over the form of the viper.

She was fit, obviously, but that was an understatement. Her back showed clear outlines of muscle along her shoulderblade, leading down to a deep fissure in the curve of her spine. Her “hips” only accentuated the hourglass figure she possessed, though she certainly had an advantage in the department of her stomach since it was unnaturally thin and slender. Then her form widened again at the tail, growing thicker than a human’s torso and tapering out along her two and a half meters.

But suddenly, she paused. Her head shot upward and she corkscrewed around to face me, her arms immediately shooting to her flanks, pushing her elbows out. My eyes didn’t obey my mind for a second and lingered on her chest for more than a few moments. Smooth, fist-sized, and without areolas. Finally, I managed to tear myself from the oval shapes, the clothing atop them leaving very little to the imagination. I met her emerald eyes and immediately froze, seeing that her pupils had become slits once more.

“The fuck you looking at?!” She made a burst forward, hissing intimidatingly as she did so.

I blinked and finally managed to draw a new breath. “Ermh, I…” I bit the bottom of my lip internally. “I came to apologize, I was scared for you, nothing more.”

“And you want to do that by creeping on me? I’m not even wearing a bra,” she thought out loud. Her eyes went wide, her features pulled back and the forward attitude vanished, as she realized and immediately spun around, covering her chest. I, too, turned around, hoping to salvage at least some shame.

“I swear I didn’t mean to, you just didn’t notice and… wait. How did you not smell me, even I can smell me.” It just didn’t make sense that she was unable to detect me with her extraordinary senses.

“T-that’s not the subject here, why did you just stare,” she brought the point back.

Why did I just stare? Why didn’t I just say something when I came in. Was it just being flustered, shiness? Or was it something else, something more based on interest…

“I wanted to apologize. I have not been the nicest to you, despite the fact that you seem to succeed in more cases than not with your tactics.” I took a deep breath and squeezed my lips together before continuing. “I wanted to ask if I can buy you a night of drinks. Your choice on where.”

She didn’t respond and I heard her locker slam shut. “Turn around and say that again. Are you asking me out on a date?”

I turned around and found the viper in a black sweatshirt. “I…not a date, just… wanted to clear some things up between us. I think I owe you an explanation.” I looked her directly in the eyes, conveying my intent in my words with weighted intensity. She still had this tinted glare in her clear, green eyes.

“You’re joking. Why would I want to go out with you? Why do you want to go out with me?” She still asked, but her tone was not as confrontational, rather, uncertain and doubtful.

“No, alright. I feel I treated you like shit and I don’t want to have this amount of hostility between us. Before, it was manageable, fun, even. This has been just escalating and I do not like where it might go.” I actually just let that all out.

She didn’t blink the entire time, staring me down, her eyes narrowing slightly. She was trying to gauge if I was serious. She paused for a moment and when she found nothing but genuineness on my end, she said. “ A night of drinks , what does that mean to you?”

“All you can drink before you or I go into an alcohol coma. Cocktails, shots, whatever and wherever,” I repeated the offer, seeing that her mind was already debating accepting.

“Heh, you think you can outdrink me, Atlas? I am almost double your size,” she motioned to the mass of tail below. Not the best estimate, she was more like one-and-a-half times my size.

“And I bet twice my weight,” I whispered beneath my breath, though deliberately loud enough so she could catch it.

Immediately, her tongue flicked out, the eyes turned to slits, and finally, her tail shot forward in the blink of an eye. Immediately, I felt pressure on my chest, a blunt force sending me crashing into the side of the lockers. My impact vest absorbed most of the shock, though I still was too stunned to react, as the serpent slithered toward me. Her tail was still pressed against my chest, as I was held there. I refocused and put my hands on her tail.

I wanted to curse at her to let me go when I realized that she had already gotten close. Very close. So close, in fact, that I could make out the tiny contours in the scales of her face, which sat so tightly that even microexpressions were possible. There was still that frown on her lips, which ran along a slender snout in a fissure. But also something else. Something inside her expression spoke to an emotion I hadn’t seen on her before. But what was it?

“Moonlight bar, at seven, don’t be late. And don’t forget your wallet,” she said without a hint as to what she was feeling and I felt the pressure of her tail disappear. I just continued to stare into the spot where she had been a second ago. Now, she was slithering away with her duffle bag in hand.

I blinked rapidly, my thoughts still hung up on the fact that she had actually accepted. True, it was a long shot, but I had done it more for the attempt of it, rather than expecting her to agree. Fuck, now I had to dig out an outfit. And cash; how much would she drink?

A little bit of dread haunted me during the end of my shift, as I sat down at the meeting table and wrote up the report. When it came to asking of injury, I crossed in that one agent was disabled, while Torque had been grazed.

I handed the intel to Whisper, who asked me if the viper had calmed down, to which I responded that that will be determined later. He didn’t question further.

I walked to the transit station with music in my ear. After a short while of waiting, the magnetically propelled tram floated in and I sat down within. Given that I had worked the night, it was early afternoon, meaning the cart was fairly empty, save for a pair of sectoids. I simply leaned against the window, put my knee up, and closed my eyes.


Turns out, I actually had something proper to wear; a plain black shirt, overtop which I dressed in a grey button-up jacket. I wrapped a silver scarf around my neck, while I finished my look with a pair of black suit jeans. I packed my wallet and phone, on which I had scouted the location.

It seemed that the Moonlight bar was one only recently opened, along the road leading to the Renova heights district. A neon blue sign was visible on the picture of the front door, while the inside looked very much like a futuristically designed bar, some booths along the edges, and an array of colorful overhead lights.

Giving myself twenty minutes to arrive, I made my way from the Stacks and to the Renova heights.


Trying to calm my nerves was not really working. I had experience with dating, many years even. But his wasn’t a date, not a normal one. This was to set things straight with a workplace acquaintance. I had to remain mostly sober, that much was obvious. But there was no reason to show up there if I was gonna have a stick up my ass the entire time.

I would see how she was acting and proceed from there.

But that all was thrown out the proverbial window when I saw Torque’s dress. An elegant, long, and certainly made-for vipers, piece of black cloth. It looked flowy, fairly thin, and hung loosely off of her shoulders all the way down to below the waist. Beneath, I spotted a comfortable-looking long sleeve shirt and at the end of her tail, there was a silvern scarf-like article.

My jaw dropped inside, though my sealed lips kept it from happening visibly. I let my eyes wander over her face, the long snout, sharply contoured features, and scales that looked as if she was glowing in the rising pale moonlight. And in the midst of it all, stood her eyes. The green, almost glowing orbs, and their black centers stared back into mine, commanding attention.

“You…look lovely,” I complimented and closed the distance between us.

She had evidently been waiting on me just outside the glass doors of the bar. There was no cue, probably thanks to the fact that it was Wednesday, though the inside already gave off the vibrations of heavy bass and some sort of autotuned voice. But it all seemed a little…distant. It wasn’t my focus; the viper in front of me was.

“Thanks, you don’t look like a back alley thug in that jacket. But the scarf is a bit much,” she added with an amused huff.

Something got caught in my throat again. The attitude she gave everyone was still something I was simply unprepared for most times.

“Come on, I don’t want to wait on the sidewalk,” she ushered and slithered forward. I followed closely behind.

“Have you been here before?” I asked as she confidently approached the bouncer, a muton – of course.

“Few times when it opened, they have very interesting cocktails,” she moved past the hulking figure, who simply held the door open for her. But I could feel his gaze on me when I followed after her, then it softened and an amused chuckle could be heard before the booming music drowned out the outside world.

And indeed, everything vanished from the outside reality. The lighting within was a fluorescent, ocean-colored light, which shifted and danced with winding, dragging shadows throughout the labyrinthian layout of the establishment. Neon floodlights, mostly in neutral white or intense rays of blue – which did give off the impression of moonlight – flew across the many walls. If someone was getting wasted in here, they would probably lose their sense of reality rather quickly.

But for a sober mind, this was incredible. The way the main pathway, which was highlighted by fluorescent white arrows, winded and lead around to different areas, where it then forked off toward a dance floor, a quieter lounge from which flavored smoke emanated, all the way to our destination: the bar.

Blue glass, within which must have contained veins of colored gas, framed a wide and circularly twisting assortment of high chairs. The counter was highlighted with edges of yellow, while the centerpiece of the entire room was a tapering pillar of blue – it looked like pure crystal stone, but that was highly unlikely. Alongside which were bottles of interesting shapes and names, some even in alien languages.

Loud music, which switched up every couple of minutes, provided a steady backdrop to the whole scene. The singer had modified voices that allowed them to create sounds that lay so heavy in bass that the air appeared to vibrate. Behind them was a repeating rhythm of sometimes higher-pitched tones, which sought to draw out the baseline of techno. The lyrics were mostly revolving around love or lack thereof, though I didn’t pay particular attention to them.

Torque approached the bar and coiled around the legs of a high chair, which appeared to be attached to the floor. I simply sat up on the one next to her and leaned on the counter, where I then looked through the listed selection. My viper date, however, seemed to have already decided, given that when I turned, she stared at me. Not really stared, more like checking me out.

“Find something to your liking?” I decided to tease the serpent.

But the gaze she sent back was of utter, if undermined by a hissing snicker, animosity. ”Shut it,” she dragged the ss intentionally, it seemed.

Just trying to be friendly,” I smiled back.

She rolled her eyes, another very human gesture she made, something I just had never thought much off - a definite point of conversation later.

“What are you gonna drink? I don’t know anything in this except for “Sex on the beach”, which is somehow not surprising that it survived the invasion.” I chuckled.

There it was, a slight tug at the very edges of her lips, along with her hood seeming to widen just the tiniest bit. “You know, I’ve never seen you laugh,” I decided to inquire, maybe this would lead to an interesting topic.

“That’s ’cause you’re unfunny,” she stung back. The bartender, a sectoid in a black suit and white tie came over and Torque turned without explaining to me. “I’m going to get the Lazulite water with a star shot mixed in, he’s getting the same,” she spoke with practiced confidence. The sectoid affirmed and turned back.

He grabbed a bottle from the shelf behind him, it didn’t look particularly fancy, rather, the label was ornamentally styled in a way to show a sky littered with reflective, sapphire stars. Snatching two tall glasses that narrowed at the midsection and widened at the base and tip, he poured for a few seconds. The liquid inside the bottle came out translucent, like water, but upon landing in the glass, it turned a light shade of blue. He poured halfway so that it would stop at the slimmer middle. Next, he pulled up a bottle from beneath the counter. Its shape reminded me of a bourbon bottle, or a flask, wide with a short neck and looking to be thick, brown glass. A singular, big star was on the wide base as the only label. Both glasses were filled with a goldish liquid that stuck at the top of the drink, making it two distinct colors.

“What did you order?” I asked, inspecting the cocktail. It smelled of liquor, certainly, but also apples.

“Something strong and alcoholic. Go on then, if you wanna see me smile, this is the first step,” she challenged, looking at me expectantly.

“Let’s hope the bartender wouldn’t poison me,” I exclaimed and tilted the glass. That scent of apples had an origin of intensity within the top liquid as if apple cider had been mixed with spicy liquor. Just as I had gotten used to that one, which was fruity and sorta pleasant, another liquid entered my mouth, less thick and colder, this one tasted of peppermint, overshadowing the apple flavor quickly. There were certainly higher percentages in that one, which was why I had to stop and put the glass down, my eyes had started to fill with a little water.

I wiped them away as subtly as possible and felt the sting of aftertaste. I then looked over to see Torque’s face had scrunched up, her lips pulled back, mouth open and hood wide. I saw the glistening white fangs at the bottom and roof of her mouth, small and thin but sharp and able to inject venom. Still, a cut-off hissing came from her, as if someone was periodically releasing the air out of a tire. Her eyes were almost closed and her chest reverberated.

“That’s cute,”

Suddenly, it stopped and she snapped to me, her face being the most overacted expression of offense. “Cute?! Are you out of your mind?” She shook her head, still partly laughing.

“No, I mean it. You have an attitude but that just makes it interesting in my opinion. And…you do look nice,” I admitted.

Her face pulled back and her eyes went wide, their green almost completely vanishing in a black void. “Are you one of those Xenophiles? Is that what you are trying to tell me, what you brought me here for?”

I turned some shade of crimson, that much was obvious by the heat. Was I?

She took a large nip at her drink, then immediately went back to me. Her joy at having me on this subject line was written all over her scales. “Oh, this is great. Tell me, have you ever been to one of the xeno clubs?” She prodded.

“What? No, never.” I tried to argue.

“Suuuuure. Which one, huh? Snake charmer, I know that one,” she said before a tiny flinch in her posture showed me that she had just internally said “ups”, at having revealed a bit of information.

I had just potentially garnered the upper hand.“And why do you know that club, hmm?”

I saw her tense up, her tail curled around the metal legs intensely and she stared past me. “I, uh, it’s popular, I heard about it.”

I raised my eyebrows and chuckled. “Sure. Accusing me of being a xenophile while you’re out there roaming those clubs. What were you doing there, hoping for some hunk to pick you up?”

“You wish. Humans are so squishy, I don’t think they’d survive a night with me,” she mused, clearly entertained by the thought.

“You ever prove that theory?” I decided to tease further, having Torque on the backfoot felt fun.

“You don’t just ask that!” She hissed back at me, but her offense was overplayed. Quietly, she added, ”No, I haven’t.”

“Wait, but there are no male vipers. So what you’re saying is that you are a –”

She bared her fangs at me and hissed sharply, cutting me off. “No, of course, there aren’t. Is this what you want to talk about, my sex life?”

“Excuse my prodding, I wasn’t trying to poke a sore spot,” I apologized, which seemed to calm her.

“What about you?” She asked after taking another sip of her drink, her tongue running along her lips.

“Me? I had a girlfriend before the end of the war, but she left a few years ago, wasn’t a fan of city 31,” I recounted.

With both our cocktails halfway done, Torque turned to me and asked, “Ready for the shots?” I saw a challenging smile in her features.

“Sure, this night is already exciting enough, but I want to know what this place has for selection,”

This appeared to please the serpent and she quickly waved the bartender over. “We’ll have the space odyssey, thank you.”

The bartender gave me a concerned look from the side. He raised an eyebrow as if to ask for my opinion on the order. I simply shrugged and nodded. He chuckled, “Good luck.”

He turned and prepared an assortment of bottles, some green and cerulean, a few with strange, contorted shapes, and only two out of the six different total were even in human letters. One of them I recognized as German, reading “Blutsauger,” and another in French, which read “amour malédiction”, sadly, I had no idea what they said. They were red and deep blue respectively.

“That’s a lot of liquor, Torque,” I said to her, watching the sectoid pour six shot glasses.

“Jup,” she replied plainly. “Alright, Atlas, I have a game for you. For every shot you take with me, you get one question. And if you make a face, I get to ask one back.”

I pondered for a moment, looking at the colorful liquids and the smirking viper to my front. “I accept.”

This got her going, as she immediately picked up the deep crimson-colored glasses and placed them in front of us.

I took the glass in my hand, while Torque had to grip it with her long claws. She made the gesture to toast and I followed, clinking the shots together. Without a second to let doubts make me reconsider, I already felt the hot sting of liquor in my throat, even before it turned into a cold sensation.

I pushed the gag reflex back down and attempted to keep a straight face, attempted because, judging by Torque’s absolutely flabbergasted expression, I was failing spectacularly.

“That was unfair, what the fuck was that?” I asked while trying to suppress a choking cough.

“Something German, I think. Either way, you agreed. And I get my question.” She mused for a moment,” Hmm… are you attracted to aliens?”

After a few moments, in which I was pretending to still be coughing, to give me time to think, I responded. “I have been…curious, yes. Attraction doesn’t have to be purely sexual, I find beings others than humans to be more… interesting to talk to.”

She pulled her eyebrow scales back and chuckled mockingly, “Bullshit that doesn’t have to be sexual. Just say it, go on, without all the flattery.” My eyes went wide, seeing where she was going.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

Something got caught in my throat, a word, a gasp, whatever. There was nothing in my mind that was prepared for this even remotely. I could not have expected it, as she spoke with a completely straight and impossible to read face.

I blinked rapidly, trying to wake up from this somehow evolving dream.

She still expected a response and my brain had finally settled on one. “I would not be opposed to a relationship with you, I like you.”

She began laughing. “Don’t say it like that, a relationship . We both know neither of us has time for that or could allow such things to exist in our work. Why do you think I came here today with you?” She turned toward me.

“I… I thought you might be interested in getting to know me, and I wanted to get to know you in return,” I managed to keep most stutters out.

She snickered, though again, leaking tire. Quickly, she grabbed another shot glass, a greenish fluid within. I also noted that she shuffled closer, her tail now almost close enough that it grazed me when she shuffled. “Go on, this one is getting interesting, and it’ll be even better after a few more.”

I drank. This one carried a minty flavor, giving me a fresh aftertaste, which was intense in alcohol.

“Alright,” Torque picked back up after having emptied the drink into her open mouth. “You thought I wanted a lover out of this? A companion ? No, Atlas, I don’t. I came here because you offered a fun night. And I think we both know how it will end, don’t we? So let’s stop prancing around the subject, finish up the drinks, and see if you’re all talk.” I felt her tail land on my thigh, making clear intent toward my groin. I turned red.

I couldn’t speak anymore. This was overloading my senses and thoughts. My mind and heart were competing in a race to which one could explode first. And all the extra blood was certainly not going to my head, at least not the correct one. And, of course, Torque noticed, mostly due to the fact that a growing erection was poking her tail.

I managed to look at her face and she sent me an incredibly overdone smirk, one that was teasing, knowing, and also excited. “ Hey now, be patient.

Number two was a white, thicker substance. Immediately after, Torque recommended taking three and four directly after another, as one was sweet and the other salty. And I just followed along with it. I don’t know when I had simply accepted what this night would be, but I did. She didn’t want a boyfriend, she wanted someone to fuck. And who was I to deny her?

Five, I was already feeling the effects on my senses, I will admit that I am not a heavy drinker. But the serpent seemed relentless, probably assisted by her steadfast metabolism. Then, the final shot, the cerulean one. And strangely, this one tasted almost like water, if a little lemony. I set it down and shook my head, then focused back on the viper. She was tasting the air with a slightly open mouth.

“So, ready to make a mistake?” She offered and shifted her eyes to the door. She extended her hand, the four long fingers spread out.

I sighed deeply, closed my eyes, and stood up, grabbing her scaly hand.

It was already dark out and with the loud, booming music inside the club, the outside was a sudden pull into far less sensory input. Glowing orange streetlamps hung overtop us from spindly metal pillars, the moon was barely even a half-crest, causing the light it emitted to draw ocean-blue shadows. But I greatly enjoyed all this; the fresh, cold air, the distant zooming of cars, the light film that painted my vision, and most importantly of all, the humanoid snake next to me. Our hands had disconnected but I noticed that she had never backed away from me.

Her scales seemed to catch the rays of pale moonlight and reflect them back into an even lighter shade, making it seem as if she was glowing. All the while her green eyes fulfilled her picture-esque form.

I never paid mind to where she was leading me, though she slithered with clear intent. I noticed a slight sway that was definitely new and probably a sign she was also tipsy. But then, we crossed the river separating the Renova from the Stacks, then went toward a residential building. It looked more like a motel, given that it was a wide, block-like construction with many rooms adjacent to one another.

“Is this where you live?” I asked out of curiosity.

“No, Atlas, this is a random spot I chose. Of course, you dumbass,” she zipped her tongue against my nose, then laughed as I flinched.

“Looks… calm,” I said after scanning the view one would have, that being of the slowly flowing river and its frequent ships.

She led me up the stairs and past a few identical-looking rooms until we landed at the 089 designation. As she opened the door with a keycard, she turned and said, “And that’s unexpected?”

“From how you act at work, yeah.”

“And how do I act, oh wise Atlas,” she said as we entered the room, crossing her arms to emphasize the point.

“Someone always on edge, too busy with the thrill of it to let things like calmness and serenity distract them.”

I looked around, as she apparently didn’t feel like responding – I like to imagine I was accurate and she just didn’t want to admit it. About as expected, three main rooms; the one that served as the entrance was also the living room, alongside the very oversized couch and television. I watched as she hung her jacket onto a coat hanger and I followed her example, also unwrapping my scarf. There, I could see into an in-built kitchen, oven, microwave, and stove. A big, silvern fridge next to a sink, beneath which was a compartment for trash - it was pretty full with plastic bags.

Torque slithered back to the couch, where she sat down along the length of the half-circle piece of furniture. “Come on, then,” she motioned for me to sit.

I took a seat a healthy distance from her, though with her tail sprawled out, I still made contact. But that wasn’t satisfactory for her. “Don’t be shy now, you’re already here.” As she spoke, I felt the mass of her powerful tail wrap around my waist and pull me into her.

My head landed at the connection between her clavicle and long neck. I turned to face her. The craning neck of the viper loomed above me, looking down at my flushed face. Her tongue slipped out, not to smell, rather let it hang from a slightly agape maw. Lower and lower until she brushed against my lips, tentatively flicking her forked tip up and down. I debated only for a moment before letting her prod past my lips.

As soon as she did, her body suddenly shifted: I felt one of her hands, the scaly finger and long claws, move below my chin and lift me to look at her. With her tongue hanging out, hood flared out so much that I could barely see the ceiling. And her eyes glowed in the dim shade of the orange room lighting. And finally, my lips met the long slit of her mouth.

It began as only meeting the tip of our lips, she felt warm and smooth, but still that glassy scaly texture. She parted her lips already and I simply did so.

But, after only a few moments of her nipping at my lips, she shifted her head to have me cupped between her palms, then turned me to the side. Meanwhile, she rotated her head further until we were at opposing angles, making it easier for her to begin to messily knaw and kiss, growing more and more eager.


He tasted… strange.

The first thing was obviously alcohol. But then, as my long, dexterous tongue intertwined with the human’s thicker organ, I tasted something so unfamiliar, something that I buried into my mind at that exact moment. It was somehow so strange, impossibly new, but yet, so enticing.

That’s what all of this is, isn’t it? Enticement.

He was just a sex partner, just so I could finally experience what my mind had thirsted for, for so long. I had promised myself to be in complete control the entire time, only let myself fulfill desire, not indulge his playing. But then, as I interlocked my face with his sideways, feeling his soft skin against my scales, and this accursed taste, which permeated my thoughts.

I… was beginning to get carried away. And worst of all, I was fully realizing it. I was fully realizing that he had an instant effect on me, how much my body performed the next actions automatically, and… how much I was just letting myself enjoy it. I willingly just let myself go, melting lower and lower, pulling him atop me and fully off the floor.

My tail stayed wrapped around his hip, slithering lower past his legs and binding him to me. My hands soon lost his face and trailed down his neck, past his collar, and down his shirt. But, as I was exploring his body, feeling hard muscle and defined features, his hands also started to roam around mine. He obviously liked the texture of the scales along my hood, as they were more spiky and hard, but beneath them, I was fairly sensitive, making each touch and slight squeeze or tug something my body responded to with shivers.

The way his tongue still tried to fight me for dominance, ended with him even pushing past my lips and into the much larger inside of my mouth, before the small wrestling match we were having was won by my much superior limb. The manner in which he cupped my thin neck in one of his hands, massaging his way down, while the other slightly pushed down against the top of my chest. But, he refused to go lower than that, which was very obvious. And so, in my steadily rising need, I grabbed his hand and placed it on my left breast.

From there, he understood his assignment and continued his exploration. Soon, his fingers found their way into my blouse and down my back, trailing my spin tentatively but firmly. Meanwhile, he was kneading at the soft fat of my breast, though it seemed like he was looking for something in the middle – as expected.

“You’ll be disappointed if you think you’re gonna find something; don’t be afraid of squeezing too hard,” I said as I pulled my head back a little.

My breathing, as well as his, had already become more heavy, heated. He was practically a glowing source of heat in my apartment. And the reaction was most visible in his pants. I spotted the tenting outline of his manhood quickly and smirked. The communication was non-verbal and it took him no time at all to slip out of his shirt, then undo his pants, dropping them to the floor. Through his tight sports underwear, I could already make out most details, furthering a warm tingle within my mind.

I wanted to simply do the same but was interrupted by him leaning atop of me, sitting on my upper tail. He grabbed ahold of the bottom of my blouse, while looking up at me, and then shifting lower. Quickly, he was shifted lower than me and, as he slowly moved back up, taking my clothes with him, he planted soft kisses alongside my pinkish belly. It was so strangely sensual, exciting, and utterly arousing, feeling the roaming hands reach my breasts again, while his head moved in between them, still kissing all over my body. Even just this, somehow, made my body tingle and heat up, and, although it was suppressed, I released a crooning hiss.

Finally, he slipped my top off. His eyes stayed locked on mine for a few moments before he lost the battle of wills and shamelessly stared at my tits. I grabbed ahold of his head once more and pulled him into me, delivering another deep kiss. Feeling him give in far quicker this time, I felt confident to explore further, prodding deeper until I had completely wrapped around his tongue, before letting my forked tip brush against his insides.

But then, I felt his hand move once more. Slowly, and making sure to brush his fingertip along my scales, he went lower and lower until he stopped at about my waist. Only, then, he began feeling around, trying gently prod against my white scales. It was strange at first, but after a few seconds, I realized what was going on and couldn’t suppress a chuckle.

I grabbed ahold of his cheeks once more and pulled him away a slight bit. “What are you doing down there?” I said with a teasing smirk.

“I… uhm…” he stammered out, shaken in his lustful confidence.

I rolled my eyes. Without another word, I grabbed him on the shoulders, shifted my tail below him, and pushed upward. Quickly, mostly because he simply let me do it, he was on his back and I was leaning on his chest. My breasts squished against his upper stomach, his head braced on the arm of the couch.

“You clearly don’t know where to look, so let me assist you,” I said and grabbed the end of my tail in a hand, holding it up next to me.

Staring up below me, I enjoyed seeing how desperately he tried to not look at my chest. “Go on, make some memories. You’re betraying your species already, might as well remember it,” I encouraged, squeezing one of the mounds.

Meanwhile, I brought my tongue back out from my maw, while relaxing the very tip of my tail and revealing the bright purple slit. My scales around it felt hot and puffed out, sensitive to even just the air, far more so than normally.

Slowly, ensuring the man was watching, I trailed my tongue over my tail. Then, as I reached the heated sideways vent, I pushed inside, feeling my own warmth and the slick fluids already beginning to drip out its sides. After a second or two of preparing myself, I withdrew my tongue and turned toward Atlas once more. His flushed face was delightful to observe.

A heavy breath in, then I lowered myself below his waist, letting go of my tail and moving it to the man’s head. Without seeing how he was reacting, I shoved the leaking slit against his mouth. He immediately complied, opening his mouth to knaw against the sensitive flesh within using his soft lips. Then, just as quickly, his broad tongue began prodding inside the tight tunnel. I crooned and hissed, before composing myself enough to begin enjoying his nethers.

His erection had created a tent, which bulged out his underwear noticeably. Feeling his tongue working, which sent shockwaves of shivers through every muscle of my body, I became very eager to finally taste him. I pulled the fabric away and his manhood bounced free, the smell already permeating the air around me so heavily that I had to exercise strong self-control to not drool. Still, I let my tongue hang out and mouth open. Quickly, I wrapped my slippery organ around his twitching dick’s tip, before lowering myself and swallowing his glans in between my thin lips.

With my hands, I steadied his member, slowly stroking up and down with my fingers while I suckled on his soft, warm flesh. My tongue traveled lower than my mouth, wrapping around it like a growing vine, all the way to his base and around his testicles. I lathered him up in spit until he was completely drenched, then slowly moved my mouth further down, making sure to squeeze tightly with the inside of my mouth. And he was clearly enjoying it, judging by his tensing legs and more eager eating of my tail slit.

And finally, my snout met his pelvis, his cock buried completely within my tight, constricting throat. And, although I had nothing resembling a gag reflex, I was intentionally squeezing around his sensitive flesh, drawing him deeper with rhythmic contractions. But, as I soon came to realize, I had no steady rhythm within the bobbing I was doing, only going up and down at my own, irregular pace. But then again, my body was more than a little distracted by the pleasure I felt in my enflamed sex. Still, my efforts were rewarded by sweet saltiness at the tip of his dick, which I greedily and eagerly swallowed down.


She was certainly trying. And I couldn’t help but moan uncontrolled into her pulsing flesh, which was pressed against my mouth so snugly as if she was trying to suffocate me with it, grinding at me from different angles. And I happily obliged, enjoying the way she was so forceful in shoving her swollen scales against my cheeks, while her twitching insides were periodically clenching around my tongue and lips. But in return, I got a sloppy mess of – admittedly pleasurable – sucking and gliding up and down my shaft.

But she had basically no pace to it, other than the one she created on accident. So, as fun as it was to see her trying, this would take me too long to get off to. And I chose to inform her of that, after pulling her tail away. “You, ah, have to pace it.”

She took me out of her mouth and looked up at it, my cock resting against her scaly snout. “Then help,” she said nonchalantly, grabbed my hands and placed them on her hood. Then, she pushed her tail against my mouth once more, while impaling my member in her wonderful snake throat. Her scales still felt so gorgeously smooth and glassy that I could have enjoyed simply getting to gently tug at her hood, but even better than that, as I pulled down she followed.

Quickly, I settled into a rhythm of pulling her up and down my shaft, until she got it down herself, now bobbing along with my enthusiastic tugging and pulling. Very soon, I felt tingling excitement swell within myself and her cunt began dripping its slightly acidic fluid down my cheeks and chin. So, as probably any man in my situation would, I thought it was time to follow up on the viper’s request for roughness.

With a sharp pull of the pliable hood, I forced her to take me to the very hilt, to which she fist let out a muffled complaint, but, as she noticed that I clearly had a plan, she only let me do as I pleased. And what I wanted to do was take advantage of her obvious lack of a gag and amazing throat. So I made sure she was keeping her head steady and lips sealed tightly, then began thrusting and bucking my hips upward.

It was like fucking the moistest and warmest tunnel, while a tentacle was massaging my tender glans and wrapped around every free space of my shaft. Now being able to go as fast as I pleased, and Torque seemingly accepting my wild thrusting with gratitude, I felt a strong orgasm approach rapidly. Though I was not alone in this, as indicated by the tip of her tail wrapping partway around my head, ensuring that I had to breathe through my nose. All I could taste was her, all I could feel on my tongue was her spasming slit, and all I heard was the wet mess we were creating, as she slobbered over my cock with abandon.

Any previous notions of potentially holding back were promptly defenestrated, no human could ever hope to compare to the immense pressure her throat and mouth were putting on me, the slickness of her endlessly pooling saliva, and perfectly distributed pressure all around. No man could hope to last any time within the oven-like snugness of the viper’s swallowing maw. And so, I let go. Or rather, pulled tightly.

Flexing my legs and stomach, thrusting my hips upward, and pulling her down as hard as I could, I released the first spray of seed deep inside her throat, painting the insides of her walls in slickness. The next pulses only made me shudder more, as she continued to bob slightly and began to rhythmically move her muscles to draw my cum into her stomach, in turn massaging me until every last drop was wrung out from me like a sponge.

Meanwhile, at her tail end, she had begun to strangle me with her leaky slit. The wildly flailing appendage found a halt around my neck, securing itself and latching onto my face like one of those xenomorph things from Alien. Only for this particular alien, I gladly serviced her needs and continued to lap and lick at her twitching sex all the way until she had ridden out the very last of her orgasmic throws.

My face was a red hot mess of sticky female fluid, she lifted her tail from me, a strand of the clear substance hanging from it all the way to my cheeks. I got the privilege of seeing and feeling how Torque assured that my dick was completely clean before I finally was released from her maw, which then hung open for a few seconds, making me watch as the sticky white of my seed was quickly processed and swallowed.

I panted, her breathing was also far more sloppy than before. “Wow,” was all I could say as the serpent began to stir once more.

“Ah… I…. was not expecting that,” she admitted. She raised her tail, the slit still hanging wide open, dripping with strands of fluid. “Tell me, how does it compare to a human?” It was obvious in her voice that she was fishing for a compliment. And all I could tell was the truth.

“I… don’t know if I can go back to that after tonight.”

This made her smile widely, grinning with her long lips. “Hmm, so, my dear species traitor, do you want to see what I feel like on the inside? ” Her tail raised next to my crotch, the sideways slit looking so very enticing.

I huffed some joking reply before I was once again ensnared by the viper’s long body. Her glassy scales tightened around my stomach and legs, positioning me lengthwise along the couch with my feet on the floor. Her long body hung overtop me, the pinkish scales of her stomach glistening in the warm light. Her plump breasts swayed as she adjusted her lower tail and I just couldn’t help myself anymore. With disregard for the sharp-fanged woman on top of me, I reached out and grabbed two fistfuls of snake titty –snitty, if you please.

Immediately, she hissed out, though it wasn’t of aggression or simple surprise, rather, it was that same sound she had let out when climaxing; though a little more contained. Simultaneously, her tail constricted tightly around my legs. But, just as quickly as she had begun, she appeared to recompose herself and her hands snapped around my wrists. Her eyes were fiery and I could only barely make out the thin lines.

“Who gave you permission to do that, huh?” She hissed in my face, baring her teeth. The sharp tips shining in front of me. It was –seemingly – genuine anger and my eyes went wide. But, as the blood drained from my face in white shock, it… found its way elsewhere…

Look, I am not apologizing. It was fucking hot.


“You insolent fucking monkey!” I hissed at the man below me, as the previous shudder had finished running its course. “I was not ready!” I explained, still seeing him recoil slightly at my opened maw.

But then, a moment passed in which many things happened at once; I let his wrists go, looked down, and felt his rockhard dick poke against my stomach. I looked down at it, throbbing with a long vein along his skin, then back up to him. His eyes met mine and we both knew what had just happened. I was the first to break the moment of silence, with a burst of chuckling laughter. “Wow, you fucking weirdo,” I exclaimed during the fit, doubling over myself and laying back onto the couch.

Of course, he wasn’t as amused. But he was in no place to judge, seeing as his bouncing erection was still standing proud. “Hey, you’re the one who squealed when I touched you,” he countered.

“Touche,” I said after a moment’s pause.

“What happened there?” He inquired.

I blushed profusely, though there was no obvious change in my outside demeanor. “I… I don’t know,” I admitted, “I guess I… my body feels different because of you.”

He raised an eyebrow and the edges of his lip. An idea sparked across his irises. “Oh? So you are sensitive ,” he reached over and, within a moment, he was on top of me. Sitting partway on my stomach, knees on either side, entrapping me within. My tail had loosened around his body but now snapped back to him in attempted containment.

“What are you doi–” A sharp gasp interrupted me.

He had snatched my tail out of the air, moving both hands to wrap his fingers around my slit. Firmly, he grasped both parts and brought it up to his chest. Without hesitation, he slipped three fingers inside of me, pushing against my soft flesh. I gasped and moaned, writhing in his hands and beneath him, my scales also rubbing against his penis.

“Oh god!” I screamed out, feeling him explore the lengthy tunnel with his digits.

“Hm, if I had known how riled up you could get, I would have done this a lot earlier. Now, snake, how about you just let me do this.”

I wanted to retaliate once more but then he inserted another segment of his fingers within and I was cut off with a shallow inhale. He was playing with the fact that my body was very obviously wielding to his touch. And I could barely keep my thoughts in line either, as they raced to how good it would feel when he finally stuck his member in the profusely leaking slit. And so, overcoming my shame for just a moment, “Just –ah – put it in… please .”

He smirked again. Motherfucker.

And again, he didn’t follow my clear instructions. Instead, he made sure to slowly withdraw his fingers, as there appeared to be sticky webs in between his digits. He observed the fluid dripping from my snatch with a satisfied expression. Then he parted the two folds and brought them down to his dick. I thought the tingle of anticipation was finally over. But no. Instead of just doing what I told him, he angled me sideways and began rubbing the side of my cloaca against the length of his shaft. Up and down, slicking his own sex with my fluids, which gushed unashamedly. I flexed my muscles, tried to keep myself from giving in and clenching tightly against his warm dick. But it was all in vain, I couldn’t hold onto my thoughts anymore. Cursing and releasing embarrassing hisses, I came again, spraying against his stomach and attempting to curl in on myself.

But at that moment, as my walls contracted so hard internally that my entire tail twisted, he plunged himself into me to the very hilt.


As much fun as teasing Torque had been, I just couldn’t hold back anymore. And so I basked in the incredible sensation of her soft, bumpy walls all clenching and sucking on my dick as I mercilessly pushed myself into her wet tunnel. Indeed, it was like she was trying to suck the cum from my shaft using pure muscle contraction. But, despite how much she was clearly trying, I needed a little more movement.

So, using her tail like an organic fleshlight, I began pulling her back out, far to the seeming dismay of her greedily clutching insides. But I didn’t want to even leave the incredible internal warmth halfway, so I simply pulled her back down. And meanwhile, the viper was still rolling and throwing herself around, hissing, letting her tongue hang out in the open, and threatening to claw the couch to shreds. Her pussy reflected this, as it desperately clawed into my glans and shaft as I inserted myself again.

I found no end in her tunnel, only more, gripping, slippery bumps in a segmented slit. Wide overall but becoming more narrow along its length. And yet, despite its width, it had seemingly adopted to my every shape. I hovered overtop her stomach with my knees, leaning onto the tough hide of the viper.

“Ah, fuck! S–slow down. I’m c– ah!” Torque exclaimed as she had seemingly reached the tail-end of her orgasm.

Granted, it was more hissing the air out in a way to try to form English. But I understood. As much fun as it was to bring her to the edge, having her scream, I was not the kind of person to continue pounding someone when they’re asking for something else – especially when that person would strangle me. So I slowed my pace until I was only slowly grinding against her.

Immediately, I saw great offense in her eyes. “What are you doing?!” She exclaimed.

“Slowing down, what is it now?!” I replied, equally as challenging.

“Fuck, you are too stupid to even fuck! When I say no, that means yes, get it now?”

I pulled my features back, acting as if I was upset by her comments. But no, she was just this way, no wonder she would get heated when driven to this point. So you know what? “Oh, fuck you, too,” I countered and let go of her tail. It was still partway impaled on my dick, but no more movement – from me at least.

“Wh–” Torque cut herself off before her plea came out.

“What is it? You call me all those things and you think I am gonna keep fucking you? Keep dreaming,” I said, still resisting that incredible urge to continue plowing that ever so beckoning slit, still wrapped around my tip.

I saw conflict in her eyes. She had an obvious choice, one I had foreseen. Stop, or admit defeat.

Needless to say, she chose pleasure over victory. “Come here, you useless monkey,” she hissed out and toppled me. Once again, she was on top, spread out over the sizeable couch. And with her pushing herself onto me, so did her tail pussy slide back down my shaft. But at the same moment, she grabbed my hands and brought them to her breasts.

Finding that her leaning atop of me, her tail rapidly moving up and down my dick, and a soft handful of snake tit in my hand, was very enjoyable, I simply relaxed and let her do what she pleased.

She was quick, very quick. So much in fact that, if she wasn’t leaking enough lubrication to save a dehydrated person, would have definitely caused carpet burn. But with her slick fluid, I slipped in and out of the gripping insides with ease, despite its best attempt at keeping me buried inside.

Her breast was so soft in the first few layers that it was amazing to simply feel how much the fat gave beneath my grip, while the scales gave it a firm texture. And with each squeeze and kneading, I was given back in turn via her rapidly tightening walls.

Her hissing huffs grew louder, I felt her lose her pace, but not slow down one bit. At the same time, she leaned down against my neck with the bottom of her long face. Her tongue crept out and flicked across my face and ear before her maw opened with sharp fangs. And once again, I was a little scared of the viper, but that little bit was enough to send shivers down my spine and an extra pump of blood into my penis. Even more so when she decided to clutch me in her arms and dig her claws into my back, then drag upward.

I groaned out, my spine tingling with immense pressure. Just as it began to overwhelm me, and I started to meet her thrusts with my own hip, her head snapped forward. She luckily had enough consideration for me to retract her fangs, leaving only the tiny teeth in her jaw. Still, they hurt as they dug into my left clavicle, piercing skin and muscle. It quickly showed how much power was in her jaw, as she snapped shut around me.

Before I could do anything than yell, I saw how much her body was shaking. I knew what was coming. Immediately, her entire canal spasmed on the inside and out. Almost electrically so, sending jolting contractions down my entire length, rhythmically milking my shaft and glans.

I couldn’t deny that every little thing was adding to it when I finally shot my seed as deep into the beckoning tunnel. If it would find a womb there, who knows. But I was certainly trying to push as much as my spunk into her canal, and it was doing everything in its power to drink it all up.

Being milked for every drop, while having Torque’s fangs inserted in my shoulder, all the while she was squeezing my entire body with her tail, I had basically no choice whether or not to stay inside her until she was certain my balls had nothing more to give her.

Eventually, however, she dislodged her jaw from me, looked apologetic for a singular second. I sighed deeply, feeling blood run down my chest. But then I was reminded of my dick still being inside of her, by the sudden series of twitches it did on my declining member. Torque, also noticing this, pulled her tail away and me out of her. A stream of my ticker cum and her dripping snatch’s mess pooled out while the slit still periodically winked and clenched.

“Great, now that’s gonna be doing that for the next hour,” she wasted no time in going back to complaining.

I just smirked. I then sighed once more and turned to look for the bathroom. “Do you wanna get cleaned up first, or should I?”

She stared at me baffled. “What do you mean, first? You’re coming with me and doing that tongue thing again!”

My only warning before I was dragged off to a hot and sticky shower.

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