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We Don't Belong to Each Other

A/N: I wrote this instead of sleeping but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and I needed to write it down before I forgot ZE PlOt TwT. This contains Villain Bakugo x Hero Kirishima. I found a beautiful fanfic around the two and this came up O>O...I blame my mind for who came up with this and the fanfic :,D. The pic above kinda goes along with my story just depends on how to read it.

Question before we begin: Should I make an entire fanfic around this one-shot or not?

We all know I don’t own MHA.


The sound of a pebble thrown at Kirishima’s sliding door roped him out of dreamland and into the real world. He lay there staring at the wall: that was shared; with Bakugo Katsuki’s old room. Another hit on the door made Eijiro sit up and look at the sliding door that was partially covered: with his dark red curtains. He got up his camouflage blanket, sliding off his shoulders.

Eijiro reached a cautious hand towards the handle of the door. He unlocked the door with a click. Slowly and as quietly as he could, he opened the door and slipped into the early morning air of fall. He spotted the two smaller rocks lying close next to each other, not far from his door. Kirishima looked over the edge of the balcony but couldn’t find the source of where the two rocks came from. The redhead dragged a tired hand down his face. It’s too early for this. Aizawa will kill me if I stay up much longer and wind up sleeping through my classes.

Kirishima turned to head back inside when he heard a soft “psst.” The hardening quirk user looked over the side railing, and locked eyes with crimson red eyes surrounded by an orange and black mask, perched on the railing of the balcony diagonal from his room. The soon-to-be hero narrowed his own crimson-red eyes.

“What are you doing here, Bakugo?” Eijiro inquired icily.

Clenching and unclenching the railing, Bakugo thought through his next words carefully. He couldn’t lose his cool around the redhead, especially when he needed to explain himself.

“Just listen to me, I can explain.” The ash-blonde started, standing up from his crouch on the railing.

The hero moved away from the edge of the balcony. This was too much too soon. Eijiro didn’t want anything to be explained to him after all he saw. Tears started to well up and he had to fight to keep them from falling down his cheeks. Kirishima wanted to let Katsuki explain, but at the same time, he didn’t want to hear anything that Bakugo had to say after all the lies. He quickly blinked the tears away before they could even fall.

“No, no, I am done listening to you Katsuki Bakugo.” He snapped, not even bothering to look over his shoulder at who he thought was his friend and boyfriend. “I’m tired of all these lies when you tell me you’ll “supposedly” explain what’s going on, but you never do.”

“Eijiro, let me explain... please.” Bakugo pleaded, cringing at how pathetic he sounded. He gripped the bars of the latter’s balcony trying to catch Kirishima’s eye.

Eijiro inhaled deeply and tightened his fists. “I’m sorry, Bakugo. I just don’t think I can trust you.” He muttered, looking at the ash-blonde through his peripheral vision, and started for the door.

The ash-blonde gritted his teeth. He was not taking no for an answer. Before Kirishima could even step foot in his room, Bakugo quickly blasted himself over the balcony. He grabbed the other teen’s arm and pinned him against the wall a soft growl escaping through his lips. Now he could fully take in Eijiro’s appearance; his eyes had bags under them from probably lack of sleep, his red eyes were bloodshot, and his hair was disheveled. Even with his messy appearance Eijiro Kirishima never failed to look breathtaking to him.

He placed his gloved hands on the hardening quirk user’s forearms and met his hardened gaze. It had been so long since Bakugo’s heart had beat this fast. So badly he wanted to kiss the stubborn redhead’s soft lips again, and take him away where no one could hurt them. Where no lies or secrets would be hidden.

“Please listen to me Eiji, and when I’m done you can do as you, please. I just-” Katsuki sighed, why was this so hard? “I just wanted to see you again before things turn out bad for us. So, please let me explain.” He spoke softly. Never once had he used “please” in one or more sentences. It left a foul taste in Bakugo’s mouth, but he needed to get his point across.

Kirishima’s hardened gaze softened a little. “Ok.” He whispered at first. “Ok, fine, I’ll listen to you.” He said a little louder.

Bakugo loosened his grip a little on the latter’s forearm. Big mistake.

It was the biggest mistake Katsuki Bakugo had made. With the grip loosened up, Eijiro kneed the ash blonde in the groin and shoved him off. Katsuki had both seen it coming and had not expected it the minute he let up. The ash-blonde was not losing his chance after weeks of gathering the courage to talk to the redhead. Just as Kirishima was about to head inside the explosive blonde pounced on him, sending them straight through the glass and onto the dorm room's wooden floor the small pieces of glass sparkling in the rising sun.

Katsuki finally had the struggling latter pinned to the floor.

“Just listen to me for one second Eijiro Kirishima! Just listen to what I have to say!” When Kirishima didn’t say anything, the explosive teen continued, “I didn’t betray the heroes I am undercover for All Might. I couldn’t say anything to you about where I’ve been because I needed to be sure the League completely trusted me before I came clean to you.”

Eijiro remained silent, stuck in his own thoughts. Is this why he was away a lot and came back late? What if this is all a lie to get into my head? The redhead looked into the blonde’s red eyes, his eyes showed no sign of lies all he could see was pleading and slight hope. One part of his brain wanted to take him back and forgive him, but the rational part of his brain told him that this was a trick.


HE NEVER HAD A LICK OF SENSE ANYWAYS! Kirishima pushed up and captured Bakugo’s lips with his own. They all lived happily ever after THE END.

That’s a wrap folks let’s clean this up and head home...

I’M KIDDING! That never happened! Here’s what really happened XD-

The teen under Bakugo shifted a little to get comfortable on his thin rug. Katsuki’s explanation sounded sincere but it would take a little time before Kiri would trust his ex again.

Eijiro cleared his dry throat and wetted his chapped lips. “I want to believe you.” He started his voice a little shaky. The explosion quirk user felt a big “but” coming. “But what would the others say? They all saw you join the League at Kamino Ward. You’ve lied to me in front of my face. I-” He paused, tears started to form.

Gently Katsuki thumbed away the tears before they could fall. He smiled with the utmost love. Eijiro was his everything and seeing his former lover tearing up made the Katsuki Bakugo weak. Kirishima needed to be reminded sometimes how much the blonde loved him.

“I understand where you're coming from Ei- Kirishima. If the roles were reversed I wouldn’t be so trusting either after all the lies.” Bakugo admitted, getting off of the redhead and taking a different spot not far from Kirishima where their legs were still touching.

There was still one question that was playing at the back of the explosion quirk user’s mouth. He needed to know. If... “Eiji? If possible will you give this,” Bakugo gestured between the teens. “Another chance?” He queried.

Kirishima looked away biting his bottom lip almost drawing blood. He squeezed his eyes shut and looked back at the blonde’s hopeful gaze. “We...” Eijiro could feel more waterworks coming but for good reasons. “We don’t belong to each other. The universe taught us that when you didn’t trust me with the truth. If the circumstances changed then maybe I would give you another chance.” He answered. It wasn’t exactly what Bakugo hoped for, but he should’ve expected it as well.

The explosive blonde leaned forward and kissed Eijiro softly at first. Gloved hands moved from supporting Bakugo’s body to his ex’s waist. Kirishima groaned, he shouldn’t be enjoying this, but dang it Katsuki always had a way to make him melt with a single touch.

Bakugo growled into the redhead’s mouth and pushed him down. Deepening the long waited for kiss between the former lovers. Eijiro’s moans and groans only egged the older one and it made the visit last longer than need be. Katsuki wanted to feel his lover again kiss him, hold him, and do anything to drive him crazy where he wanted to pin the redhead against the wall and kiss him senselessly.

But that moment was not meant to be. A knock at the door chased that fantasy away. Kirishima broke the kiss first, he looked at the door and then at whatever Bakugo was to him now. “Please stay.” Katsuki mouthed.

Another knock and a call from Denki came this time. Eijiro slipped out from under the explosion quirk user and got to his feet not making eye contact despite his face being beet red. Bakugo too got to his feet and walked up behind the hardening quirk user, and wrapped his muscled arms around Kirishima.

“Please, think about it.” Was all the blonde said before making his exit.

Kirishima could finally breathe normally, he collapsed to his knees, heart pounding in his ears. He let out all of his emotions; anger, sadness, and frustration. Everything was so confusing now. Aren’t heroes supposed to hate villains? If so then why were these feelings bubbling up now? When he had thought he had gotten over Katsuki.

Eijiro Kirishima had two problems; 1. he was in love with a villain. 2. He was more confused now than ever about his feelings for Katsuki Bakugo.


A/N: I’m now tired now that I got the plot out. I’ll post corrections later when I’m more awake. Cya! Don’t forget to answer my question up above.

(Originally uploaded on Wattpad and Quotev)


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