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The Girl Who Lived


Peyton has always been different. She's the youngest in a family with 8 kids, she's the only one with dark hair, and she was adopted at birth. Her life has always been a question mark. But when she shows up at Hogwarts and is brought into the biggest legacy of all time, Her life changes forever. Book 1 of 7

Fantasy / Adventure
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“Not Harry, please, not them.”
“Step aside you silly girl.... stand aside now.”
“Please, no, take me, kill me instead!”
“Avada Kedavra!”

Lily fell to the floor. Voldemort walked over to the cot where 12 month old Harry was lying in bed. He pointed his wand. “Avada Kedavra!”

His spell blasted back and Voldemort fled, nearly dead.


"Get her onto the bed."

"Pass me the knife."

"Hold it open."

"Give me a hand."

The doctors lifted the unborn baby out of the body and placed it in the incubation pod. "How much longer will she be in there?" the man asked. "3 more months," the doctor told him. The man placed a hand on the pod. "I will be back when I have found a good home. The world cannot know the child exists," he said. The doctors nodded. "Not a soul can know."

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