Hogwart's first Reunion


Katie Dicello
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Hogwart's First Reunion

I do`n't enjoy being late, and I wasn't, not technically at least. I mean, I wasn't aware that you could be late to these events, only show up or not show up.

Everyone was already waiting to get into the Great Hall with their dates or friends, while I was only just now walking down the stairs. It was like fourth year all over again, except of course Victor was not waiting for me at the end of the stairs, and I had not talked to Harry and Ron yesterday, or the day before that. I actually have not talked to them in a few years now. Growing up can do that to you. After-effects of the war can do that to you too sadly. In my case it was a mixture of both.

Neither of the boys wanted to go back to Hogwarts for our last year when the new headmistress offered for all the previous seventh years to. They didn't see the point in going eight years, and our track record through each year seemed destined to continue in their eyes. Why go back and have a life threatening situation happen to the school all over again. Education and our many problems in Hogwarts wasn't the only thing keeping them away from the Hogwarts ground though. It was too much for Harry to walk into the Great Hall everyday and see where he defeated Voldemort and where the dead had lay. It was too much for both Ron and Ginny to see where Fred died, or Remus, or Tonks. So the three of them accepted the free pass every new member of The Order received to get into the ministry, given by our new Minister while I went back to school with the hand full of students in my grade. I was assigned head girl, and add on my older age, McGonagle allowed me to leave every now and then when I asked her permission. Ron and Harry visited me on Hogsmead trips and when I left the grounds. It was hard not seeing them everyday after living with them for a year, but then I allowed myself to make closer connections with people outside the Golden Trio, and then outside the Gryffindor group. There really had not been many students to return, so few that we all shared a new common room and made our own school house that we socialized in. All of us in the beginning tried to stay with our original house, but the younger years didn't understand our situation and thoughts like our new house did. After graduation I opened up a bookstore outside of London for muggles and wizards (the wizard books had to be requested to be seen at the counter) with my new friend and colleague.

"Hermione?!" I hear someone say from my left as I reach the end of the stairs. Turning towards the voice I turn to see Ginny, Harry, and Ron staring at me wide-eyed. Grinning widely I make my way quickly over there, hugging Harry and Ron immediately.

"I missed you two so much!" I say, feeling a prick in my eyes as I realize just how long it has been since they have hugged me. "You're so tall!" I exclaim as they let me go.

They both laugh and look me over. "You're so tiny 'mione." Ron says. "Here follow us I saw some fellow graduated Gryffindors over here." He says leading the three of us away from the center crowd.

I end up next to Ginny and spot a gorgeous ring. "Ginny! Your married, congratulations!" I exclaim holding Ginny's hand out for me to see the ruby ring better.

"Took her long enough to say yes." Harry says, pulling his wife to him and kissing her.

"Still in the honeymoon stage?" I guess, hiding the hurt of not knowing with teasing words. I learned from the best.

"No, still in the first child, hopefully second on the way soon stage." Ginny replies. Before I can ask she answers for me. "His name is James, after Harry's dad."

"That's great you guys. What about you Ron?" I say. Ron and I had broke it off when I went back to school, last I heard he was dating-

"Lav said yes a few years ago, lucky for us we don't have any James's running around." He responds as we stop just next to the doors.

"Don't let Lavender hear you say that, you know she wants kids." Ginny reprimands Ron.

"I wonder when McGonagal will open the doors, I'm starving." Ron says, changing the topic off himself.

"Of course you are." I say. We begin a conversation about the 'good-old-days' and I actually enjoy their company. I was nervous when I first arrived about seeing them, and it eased my worries to know that they were all the same. Which made now easy but later- I'm not so sure.

The doors open after a few more minutes and I'm thankful now that I didn't get here sooner, I am hungry too. Headmistress McGonagal walks out of the doors and looks around at our graduated grade. "Welcome to Hogwarts students, which to me you will always be. Hogwarts is happy to have its first reunion ever and I am especially glad to see we have started this new tradition with this year. Not only did a certain three make several literal marks on this castle, but this was the year of the Second Wizarding War. All of you made an impact on the outcome of the war, and made it possible for ultimate house unity. So now Hogwarts is proud to welcome you back into your school for the night so you can converse with old teachers and friends. Now please follow me inside the Great Hall."

Our year walks in behind her as we had in first year, but now the whole student body was not waiting to see us. Instead what was waiting was two tables to be sat at on each side of the Great Hall and the other two tables holding food and drinks in front of the teacher's table. I knew it was Mcgonagal trying to show the House Unity that majority of the year did not get to witness by not coming back for their eighth year. The tables had been one of the barriers between houses, and now you couldn't tell which was which. This left tons of room for standing, talking, and dancing.

The four of us make our way to the food table, and after getting small amounts (excluding Ron's two plates) we head towards one of the tables. While we sat and ate I listen to them retell the past ten years in each of their perspective. A few times an old friend appeared and told part of their story and left to socialize with others. Though I missed Harry, Ginny, and Ron, I wanted to be walking around like the others were. Being alone my eighth year did bring house unity for me, and I missed my friends in the other houses too.

After I finish my plate and the stories die down I excuse myself, saying I was going to get a drink. Which of course was not a lie, but that did not stop me from saying hello to a few friends in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and even Slytherin. I was not close to many Slytherin, but I knew a few. As I reach the drinks and poor myself some white wine, I see a pale muscular hand grab for the butterbeer to my right. I ignore the extra person and take a sip of my mine before turning towards him.

"Nice ring, Malfoy." I say as I turn, knowing an expensive emerald ring like that belonged to a rich Slytherin in my year.

"As is yours." He says nodding to my wedding ring that the other three had failed to notice. "And your dress too, the man who bought it for you -yes man, that is too expensive for you to allow yourself to get- must really love you." I smile at the thought of my wonderful husband and blush slightly. "I saw your entrance, once again running late to a ball? You must enjoy the looks the men give you as you walk down." There is a hint of sarcasm and a hint of teasing in his tone, but I choose to take it all as a compliment, only taking little offense.

"No one was watching me, Draco, and I was hardly late."

"Yes, yes I have heard it all before. You should run back to your friends, wouldn't want them to catch you with me now would you." He winks at me and takes a sip of his beer. Rolling my eyes, I turn on my heels and walk away, purposely hitting him with my long hair that I had learned to control with a potion I found in a book.

I almost walk right into Pansy Parkinson who was now getting red wine. Luckily I did not bump into her but I came close enough to her that she saw me. "Watch yourself Granger, I don't need wine and your germs on me tonight." She shoots at me, I raise my eyebrows and glance down at her green dress.

"Funny how green isn't your color Parkinson, seeing as you are a Slytherin. I have been told by my husband I look at my best in green." I try a smile at her and begin to walk away again, fully aware of Malfoy listening.

"Then why are you wearing black? Trying to look skinny with that color?" Parkinson replies looking at me with judging eyes.

"You might not have been here for our last year, but I was and learned house unity was actually a good thing." I spat out, now getting annoyed. Walking away once more, I hear her call after me.

"Your house is filled with blood traitors and mudbloods like yourself. Stay away from mine!" Turning around once again and now fully annoyed, I walk back to the table and notice a few people turning towards me to see my reaction. I did not want an event like this to happen. Why is it our grade has the least amount of house unity ever?

"Watch yourself, Parkinson." I say lowly so that only her, Draco and I could hear. "Being the brightest witch of our age comes with a few perks. I'm not stupid enough as you are to use certain spells. Yet I am smart enough to know spells that aren't illegal but are equally dangerous." Narrowing my eyes Pansy finally understands what I'm saying and I take out my wand twirling it in my hand. "Oh how wonderful legs you have Parkinson, lets see how well they can walk away." She gives me a nasty look which I return whole heartedly before she turns away.

"You should have been a Slytherin," I hear Draco say and turn towards him. He leans against the table and seems amused by me.

"You couldn't have bothered to help, could you?" I ask looking around at the people who had by now turned away.

"You may not have noticed, but I had pulled my own wand out and was going to do something. I saw you coming back and ready to kill so I decided to let Pansy get the line of fire for once. Though your plan is going to fail if you don't go back to your friends."

"It won't fail." I reply but turn around anyway for the, hopefully, last time and walk into the crowd. Nothing stops me this time and before I find the others I spot Parkinson talking to one of the Greengrass sisters and points towards me. I wave at Daphne Greengrass, who had come back for eighth year. She waves back before smacking Pansy on the arm. Good to know not all Slytherin girls are Pansy's.

I see the others standing and talking to Luna and Neville, who I did know had gotten married. I walk up and they turn towards me. They smile, greet me, and Ginny asks if the wine is good, but Ron and Harry look over my shoulder at something. Even though I had not seen them in eight years, I could still tell when they saw something they didn't like.

"What is it Harry?" I ask immediately, getting in his line of vision. "Your too stiff for a party. Last time I saw you as stiff as this was at Slughorns party when Malfoy showed up."

"Funny you should say that because the ferret is crashing this party too." Ron snarls out. Lavender was now at his side and she soothed him by trying to kiss him. Obviously she has not changed.

At the mention of Draco Malfoy I stiffen and meet Neville and Luna's eyes who look at me curiously. I turn slowly and catch Draco sipping his beer and talking to Blaise Zabini. He is unaware of the three death glares he is getting from my old friends, and continues to talk.

"He did graduate with us." I comment, trying to calm the two enraged boys and angry Ginny. "He is welcome to come back like the rest of us."

"Doesn't mean he is welcomed by the rest of us." Ron says and pulls away from Lavenders embrace and starts walking towards Malfoy.

"Ron?" Harry calls after. He always had a more level head then Ron's emotional range of a teaspoon, but his anger was higher when Draco was around.

"What is he doing?" Ginny says, now scared. More for her brothers sake of course.

"Oh Merlin." I say, being the only one quick enough to react and chase after Ron. "Ronald come back here." I call after him, no one looks twice at me due to the odd events that always happen when the Golden Trio is in a room too long.

Ron ignores me and walks right up to Draco and Blaise who stop the conversation to scowl at Ron. He must already be letting his temper get the best of him because the two former slytherins look murderous. Draco looks away from Ron for a minute to glance behind Ron and see me running after him in heels, which I was forced to wear by my mother-in-law.

"-aren't welcomed here, Death Eaters. You attack Hogwarts and expect that we want you back? The lot of you should leave. All Slytherins are bad, especially those who call my friends mudbloods and my family blood-traitors." Ron spat out at Draco.

"Watch your language Weasley, there are ladies in the room." Draco replies nodding towards me and putting a hand on Blaise shoulder who had stepped forward to say something before catching sight of me. I was now standing next to Ron telling him to walk away and sending Blaise help signs, who had now put two and two together, the arse. Zabini just stood there and failed to hide his laughs.

"You don't get to address Hermione, you don't deserve to even be in her presence." Ron replies.

"Ron, stop." I plead, looking to Draco who was getting angry.

"I told you before, Weasley, you better watch what you're saying. I may not be who I was eleven years ago, but that doesn't mean I haven't forgotten how I got there." Draco hisses out, narrowing his eyes at Ron. I let go of Ron's arm and move to try to hold Draco back too.

"Why don't you go back to that hell hole you came from, ferret. No, I have a better idea, why don't you and the rest of your Pureblood, Slytherin friends go and ROT IN AZKABAN! No one wants any of you here! Go and die in that hell hole. We'll all point you in the right direction, Death Eater. Or maybe we can just get rid of you like we did you precious Dark Lord" Ron shouts and it sets both Draco, Blaise, and I off the ledge, but I'm closer to the one that pushed.


The Great Hall was already quiet before the echoing sound of my hit was heard. Ron looks at me shocked as I walk towards the two Slytherins and turned towards him as Harry and Ginny arrive. Ron holds his now red face in his hand and looks at me shocked.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" I shout reminding myself of Molly Weasley. "How dare you speak like that to Draco! To Blaise too! You have no right to wish that kind of suffer on anybody, especially my husband! We are out of school, there is no more competition, if you would just look around and open your damn eyes you might actually realize that things are actually changing Ron. The bad Death Eaters are locked away in the hellhole you speak of, but you and I both know that Blaise and Draco were not willingly Death Eaters. It's called being forced, Ron! Draco changed, the school changed, I even changed. Yet you are to stuck in your bloody 'Gryffindor Rules' world to see that people outside of our house are people too! You shouldn't go around assuming things about everyone, and get over this petty fight with my husband!" Staring angrily at a shocked Ron I don't even realize I blew our cover until Draco leans down and whispers in my ear.

"I think my plan of staying home was better." I push him slightly as a sign that I'd deal with him later when The-Boy-Who-Lived and hot head Ronald wasn't planning on murdering him.

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