Why must I die?

Kenny video tapes his death

Kenny was just sick and tired of everyone thinking he was always around. Everyone had proven just how far the mass delusion extended during the week, constantly referencing conversations or events that had fallen through the gaps in his memory. He died over and over, he never kept it a secret, and no one seemed to care. He had tried to prove himself to the rest of Coon and Friends, so many times it was ridiculous. He tried everything he could think of, but it was like trying to break through a brick wall with nothing but his bare fists.

Another meeting. Kenny remembered when he used to look forward to them. He had felt purposeful, like a few kids in capes really could save the town. Now they filled him with nothing but dread. Things were different, ever since he had started trying to prove his immortality. They didn't look at him the same way anymore.

Suddenly Stan shouted at him from a different section of the table, breaking his miserable concentration. "Dude, if you're so obsessed with this, why don't you just videotape yourself dying and coming back to life?!" Kyle smacked him in the back of his head, and called him out on his stupid idea, but to Kenny it was perfect. Maybe there was a way to get through that wall.

"That's it!" He shouted, a euphoric smile on his face. Standing up on the table, he ran for the stairs. He was vaguely aware of Kyle right behind him, but nobody was going to ruin this for him. He slammed the door on Kyle and moved a table in front of it. Sure, Kyle would be pissed off, but as far as Kenny was concerned he hadn't exactly been the best friend lately.

He couldn't exactly afford a camera of his own, but he'd gone far enough that he wouldn't let anything stop him. After a quick search of the house, he located Cartman's mother in the kitchen. She was bringing a bowl of Cheesy Poofs to Eric- what a surprise, he thought. "MRS. CARTMAN! MRS. CARTMAN!" He cried out, running towards her. He didn't bother putting on his Mysterion voice.

"Goodness, Kenny, what is it?"

"May I borrow a video camera?"

Mrs. Cartman smiled. "Of course, honey. It's upstairs. You know, it's good to see so many of Eric's friends coming over. I know he can be... difficult, but you all mean a lot to him." Kenny nodded, not wanting to offend her, but raced upstairs as soon as possible. As he passed the living room, he heard Eric complaining about needing a soda.

Kenny frantically searched for the camera, finding it just as Kyle made it up the stairs, the rest of Coon and Friends behind him. "There he is!" Kyle shouted. Interesting that they'd only started caring when there was a chance they might all be proven wrong, Kenny thought bitterly.

"Mysterion, don't do this!" Stan shouted. Kenny just smiled at him.

"Bye, you guys." He said in his deep voice, and jumped from the window. Landing safely, he ran to his house. The others gave chase, but they were all too slow. They couldn't risk falling too far.

Kenny quickly turned on the borrowed camera, starting a recording and setting it on his bed. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen, running right past his parents. Too damn drunk to know or care what their own son was about to do to himself.

Kenny laid back onto the thin pillow, taking deep breaths. He hated this. He hated his stupid messed-up life that he just couldn't seem to escape from. Letting his anger and hopelessness guide his hands, he stabbed himself on the bed. When he felt the knife lodge itself deep in his stomach, it was all he could do to lift it out and push down a second time. And then, a third.

His breaths came quick and shallow now, like his thoughts. Oh god, it hurts. I hope I don't go to Heaven this time. Or Hell. Everything tastes like blood. I wish I didn't know what blood tastes like. Please don't let Karen see this. I don't care if she doesn't remember. She doesn't need to see it. He felt every horrifying second of his impalement, the torturous pain only beginning to fade away as he heard the others burst into his room. Kenny tried to look up at them, but he couldn't move or see anymore. All he heard was faint screaming, the sound drifting away as the seconds passed. "Oh my god, she killed Kenny!" Someone cried. Why? He didn't care anymore. It was almost over.

The last thing he heard was "You bastard!" from Kyle before slipping away. Before he could perceive anything, he was waking up in his bed, restored to life once again. The first thing he did was get up and check the camera. It was still recording, battery dangerously low. He gave himself a fist bump and replayed a short section of the video before switching the camera off. It had everything he needed.


Luckily for Kenny, the next day was show and tell. Everyone was as casual as they had always been, with nothing to say to him but a "Hi Kenny." or maybe "Why'd you leave early Kenny?" He would just smile and mumble something indistinguishable, while the person who asked would just smile and nod. They didn't have knives and blood and pain etched into their minds. Kenny sat down at his desk, patiently waiting until Mr. Garrison walked in.

"Now would anyone like to share something with the class?" Kenny raised his hand before anyone else could, earning the chance to go first. He hooked up the fully charged camera to the projector, and played the tape in its entirety. Him stabbing himself, the guys coming in and reacting, his final breath. A lapse of several hours, and his brand-new body appearing in bed with wings and a halo that slowly faded away. Kenny took down his hood, gaining a few gasps.

"I fucking told you guys!"

His comment sparked a ton of new ones. Suddenly, everyone's reactions were pouring out.

"What the hell dude!"

"That's fucked up!"

"It's got to be fake... right?"

"It looks pretty real."

"What's going on?"

"Why did I say she?"

"I'm remembering."

Kenny could see it. Confronted with hard evidence, the figurative wall was crumbling, letting years of repressed memory flow back into their conscious thoughts. The rest of the class was spent remembering all the times Kenny had died, expressing shock that they could have ever forgotten. Kenny felt smug and justified, but he saw something in his friends' eyes. They looked almost... haunted. It wasn't the most comforting sight, but maybe they would just have to deal with it. After all, he was doing just fine.

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