Why must I die?

The Capture and Introducing the Cult

Why must I die: Chapter 4

Yes it is finally here! I finally got around to typing and editing the next chapter of Why Must I die. I gained inspiration for it again after reading A Demonic Demigod named Kenny, and True Meaning of Friendship both on this site, and by LadyRaven-321. Go check out her stories after mine, they are written much better and I could feel myself become the charater in some of the situations. They are a great read if you have free time.

Now this chapter will be a bit short, similar to chapter 3, however the next one, I assure you, will be longer, just due to the fact that I'll not have Kenny passed out (as much), and I will, most likely, be doing an info drop on you. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading the story I finally updated.

-btw I will most likely not update this within a week/few days. Sorry in advance.-

Kenny sat on the roof, head in hands, watching for any signs of trouble, or criminal activity. His mind was racing, yet he was tired, and bored out of his mind. He, being as bored as he was, did not see Cartman, dressed up as the Coon, sneak up behind him. The coon got to hit mysterion in the back of the head before he even knew the coon was there. Proffessor Chaos was on the sidelines wincing at the force Cartman used, asking as Kenny's face hit the ground, making him bleed.

"Coon, isn't that a little bit to evil for you, I mean, well oh hamburgers, you are supposed to be the good guy and all." Chaos stared down at his feet, a bit in sadness for Mysterion, and a bit in guilt for telling Coon where he was. Coon however just turned, panting, to the proffessor.

"Oh Chaos, so much to teach you. He can't die! Nothing is to evil when it comes to him now." The proffessor gulped nervously, as the coon started barking in evil laughter. Butters hoped he wouldn't be roped into anymore of the coon's plans after this.

When Kenny woke up he was back in his normal clothes, so at first he thought he died, but the pain in his forehead, and back of the head begged to differ. Kenny then realized he was gaged and tied to whatever he was sitting on, it felt like a chair. But why? Who would go to this much trouble for him. Kenny tried to open his eyes, but realized his Parka was partially in the way. He could only see his feet, his legs tied to the wooden legs of a chair, and a wooden floor. Kenny was about to look up an investigate where he was more, but he heard footsteps, along with a door opening, however it sounded like to pairs of feet. Kenny quickly shut his eyes to pretend like he was still passed out. He knew he had to keep still when the footsteps drew closer and he heard the voices.

"So, how long until the messanger is awake, and ready to finish the cerimony?" Ah, so there was two people. But what is this about a Messenger? A Cerimony? Who where these people? Were they talking about him? What was this cerimony about? His mind was racing with all these questions, and more, so Kenny almost missed it when they second person respond.

"He should be waking up any minute now, or, we could just wake him up ourselves." Kenny could almost feel the evil glare that the man would be wearing. It sent a chill up his spine. Kenny was not lucky however, and the men stepped closer. One of them viciously pulled down his hood, and the other slapped him in the face.

Kenny quickly put on a dumb, scared child act, and began to scream into the gag. He even was able to get teary-eyed. It would have been impressive and gotten him into any acting school he wanted,, were it not a life or death situation.

The two men grabbed him, and the older of the two told him to shut up. Both of them had grey hair, and one of them was balding, but one of them had a lot more wrinkles to his face. Kenny obliged to the old one's request, and sat perfectly still and became quite. The old man smiled devilishly at this, and left the room with the other.

Kenny took this oppertunaty to scan the room. He noticed a lot of books that appeared to deal with Cutultu and the necromicon. He gulped. He had been captured and placed in the hands of the cult. But by who? And more importantly, Why?

-and I should really be doing my homework right about now-

Hope you enjoy, and yes, you guessed it, It was Cartmas that brought him to the cult. Want to know why? Chapter 5 will explain. If you don't like that, oh well, write up your own reasoning, I'd love to see it. I hope you enjoyed.


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