Why must I die?

Probably the longest (and best) chapter

Why must I die chapter 5:

I finished writing the story on January seventh twenty-fifteen. Yes, you can shame me for not posting sooner, but I needed to type it up! I'm writing this AN on Jan. 7th, as well as I'm typing up part of it. So, no judgement. I will take time to edit each part as well. So far it appears, including this chapter, there are five chapters left. Two of those may be combined, due to those two being fairly short. However you can expect the last chapter to be posted late. And I mean late. You're not supposed to understand until it's posted, so don't worry. Just be patient. Also, I should mention, I'm typing this AN while really tired. So...Give me some credit. I hope you enjoy the story I have written for you, and I really like where it is headed. I may go back and make revisions, once the Cthulhu stories I've checked out from my local library system come in. Once those books come in, I may come back and edit some of what happens to be more accurate.

Also, pre-warning, This chapter is actually pretty long in my notebook. I was really inspired in my math class today. insert pause for laughter. Anyway, I really like the way I wrote this chapter. I hope it keeps with the tone I'm trying to send. Now, relax and enjoy my crazy teenage ideas.

-hello, my name is-

When the men reentered the room, accompanied by, at least, fifty people, Cartman, and Butters, who was pulling along a goat. Kenny started at Butters and Cartman gobsmacked. Butters was crying, and bending down to hug the goat every few seconds, seemingly scared. Cartman was just smirking in intense delight at Kenny's displeasure.

"So Kinny. You're awake?" Cartman mocked, annoying Kenny to no end. "I sure knocked you out good." Cartman began to approach Kenny, but was stopped by an old man, who pushed Cartman back, and dragged Butters to be infront of Kenny. After making sure Butters would not move the man pulled a goblet out of his robe pocket. Butters kept repeating that he was sorry in between sobs. Kenny had no idea why Butters was crying, but knew it couldn't be good. Suddenly, an instant after the man pulled out the goblet, Another cult member shoved a knife into Butter's hands, and forced him to slash it across the goat's thought. The old man then collected some of the blood into the cup. It would have made Kenny puke, had it not been for the gag. The man then handed the cup to Cartman, while the other, with the knife, handed the knife over as well. Using Butters' hand, Cartman dragged the knife along Butter's wrist, and poured into the cup. It made Butters yelp in pain, while Kenny growled in anger, and the Cult members, along with Cartman, began to chant words Kenny did not understand.

During this chant, Kenny felt immobile. He couldn't move but his thoughts were racing at a million miles an hour. One of the cult members ripped off Kenny;s gag, and forced Kenny to drink the blood. Kenny gagged, finally broken from the paralyzing chant, but it was to late, he already swallowed. Kenny's head spun, and the colors danced before his eyes, while they blended together. After the colors faded to grays , Kenny past out in the chair.

After four hours of chants, and taunts from Cartman, Kenny woke up. Kenny had not heard anything himself, and hadn't even realized he passed out, until he remembered the dancing colors. He groggily opened his eyes to see the old man's robes, directly in front of him. Kenny slowly raised his head to meet the man's eyes, but when he did, he felt a surge of hatred that was not his own fill up inside of him. Kenny, no wait, not Kenny, someone inside of Kenny, knew this man, and while Kenny may hate him, the person inside of him, despised his very existence, for very different reasons.

Kenny didn't know who he was anymore. Every-time he blinked his eyes after viewing the man, he got an onslaught of new memories. No. He was an Egyptian king. No. He was the emperor of a planet. No. He was the messenger of Cthulhu. No. He was the messenger of the old ones. No. He was an evil dictator. 'NO!' He was Kenny McCormick, white trash, South Park native. He had an older brother that smoked, and gave him drugs. He had a younger sister he protected, and dressed up as a superhero for. He had abusive, alcoholic, loving parents. He needed to stay sane, if not for himself, for them. This wasn't normal. Then again, when was he ever normal? Kenny continued with this internal debate, while the members of the cult looked on.

Butters was locked in a cage for trying to stop them, and was gagged as Kenny had been earlier. Cartman, however, was dressed in cult wear, and enjoying every moment.

Cartman had joined the cult ever since the Cthulhu Crisis in the gulf. He enjoyed hanging out with the mythical god, and wanted him back.

The goth kids, had been forced back into the cult for this meeting by the emos and vamp kids, who were also watching Kenny's internal struggle. The emos and vamps threatened them with converting them over, by the means of the plants. They were stuck in the cage next to Butters, because even they thought doing this was wrong.

At this point in time Kyle and Stan were at the bus stop. Neither Cartman nor Kenny had showed up, so they decided to ditch school to find them. They started out with Cartman's house, where Cartman's mom told them he hadn't come home last night they panicked. They rushed to Kenny's house, and ended up rescuing Karen from her parent's fighting about a missing Kenny. They convinced her to come with them, siting the need for her to leave the house while her parents were going to fight like this. They then exited the McCormick house, and went to Stark's Pond to form a plan. Kyle and Stan decided to contact Damien, as he seemed to have a kinship with Kenny. Karen had no idea who Damien was, so they just told her he was a nicer goth kid, so she ended up being fine with it. The boys also had no idea if Karen knew of Kenny's deaths, so they just silently agreed not to mention it. While Stan waited with Karen, Kyle went to the local library, and proceeded to check out a book on religions. Inside was a way to summon the devil and his son or daughter.

Satan and Damien were actually getting along for once. They were sitting on Satan's pink couch, sipping tea that Pip had prepared. Satan had given his blessing for the two to date earlier in their meeting. Suddenly the two were fire-blazed summoned to the surface. Pip had been holding onto Damien's hand so he was dragged along for the ride.

All of the kids screamed as the fires blazed infront of the them. However, when the fires ceased, revealing the three figures were unharmed, Karen stopped screaming and smiled wide. She had saw Pip, and considering he was her friend before he mysteriously went missing, she called to him, "Hi Pip!", brightening everyone's mood, including Damien's who was not a big fan of friendships. She and Pip walked off and started to have a nice conversation, while the others began discussing Kenny.

Satan explained to the group, now without Karen and Pip, that Kenny wasn't normal. This received the obvious, we know, he can't die, routine, Satan continued. Satan explained that Kenny was a reincarnation of a messenger for the old ones, but the ritual was originally botched. Kenny was his own person, with the powers of the messenger, but the cult could implant the memories, which may end up causing Kenny to turn evil, and destroy the world with his powers. The boys were all shocked, and Damien protested, saying that they had to stop the cult. The super best friends, Kyle and Stan, agreed, while Satan told them that they had to get to the cult immediately, and that he would look after Karen and Pip from hell, until the three returned to Stark's pond. Damien called to Pip to tell him he loved him, just before the three were transported by Satan to the Cult's front door.

-Kenny McCormick, and can I leave this fic with you for you to just peruse?-

Also, if you are curious about the time here is my calculation. Kenny was on the rooftop at 11 o'clock during the night. He had been sitting there for a while, to get bored enough to be knocked out, so around 30 minutes. Then it would take about an hour for travel to te cults hideout and get Kenny's 10 minutes or so for taunting, and the beginning of the ceremony with the goat and everything. Then the four hours that Kenny was passed out. Leaving it around 7:10 in the morning by thhe time Stan and Kyle are at the bus stop.


Plus, I had to make it look like I was actually doing math in math class so I came up with an intricate portion of the story to be based around math. I think my algebra teacher would be proud.

Also this chapter alone was about 5 or so pages in my notebook. This will be the longest chapter, (unless I add onto the upcoming ones). So, I hope you enjoyed and keep reading.

You also may want to know this, the Satan conversation was the hardest part about this chapter to write, I just wasn't certain how to do it, then one of my friends, who is a really good writer, explained to me how I could do it, and I went with a mix of her idea, and one I had been having.

Yay! Late night An writing binge, it's too much fun!

Love all of ya reading this still. Bye!

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