Why must I die?

Search and Almost Rescue

Why must I die chapter 6! (Yay!)

Typing this up on January 8th, 2014. Today I received 3 books on the Cthulhu mythos from my local library, so after I read those, I will most likely edit this story, or post a new addition of it, that has all of the realistic Cthulhu stuff in it. So...Keep an eye out for that! :D

So, this chapter was surprisingly easy to write. I didn't make it nearly as long as the last chapter. However, I did put a lot of thought into it, and while writing it, I wanted to include realistic powers. With Damien and Kenny both having powers, I really wanted to make it realistic, unlike in many superhero movies. This occurs when the two super heroes or people with super hero like technology or powers engage in battle, but don't use their stuff to their full effect. This can be listed in Cinema Sins if you watch their videos on Youtube. If you haven't I sincerely suggest their stuff. It can be pretty funny.

Anyway, in this chapter I wanted to make it more realistic than it would have been in those movies, having both Damien and Kenny use their powers.

So, I hope you enjoy this extremely short chapter, and the ones to follow.

-Let's get you reading, now shall we?-

The goth kids sensed the satanic powers flowing through Damien as soon as he appeared outside. They felt similar powers, but not quite, emerging in Kenny, but had no idea what to make of that just yet. They instead quietly discussed possible reasoning for the anti-Christ coming to the cult. The best ones they came up with were rescuing them, the goths, or rescuing Kenny. They were hoping for the former, but knew it would likely be the later.

Kenny, on the other side of the room, was hurting. Over the time it took Kenny's, (or should he be called Yog-Sothoth now?), friends to arrive, it was nearing to late for him to be saved. Kenny was remembering Yog-Sothoth's powers, but not quite how to control them, along with an onslaught of memories. The Yog-Sothoth inside of Kenny wanted to kill.

Outside the building Damien was using his own powers to sense exactly who was inside the building, and where. He found the annoying goth kids, the slightly less annoying Butters, Cartman, who's annoying levels increasing every chance they met up, along with many cult followers from across the nation, and finally Kenny. Kenny appeared to be growing in power and experience by the second. Damien had no idea how that was possible. Damien told Kyle and Stan what they needed to do, along with when to do so, while he rushed inside the building for Kenny.

The plan was for Stan to dress up as Raven, rescuing the goth kids, while convincing them to escape, along with letting him rejoin their group. Kyle, meanwhile, would release Butters, and, given the opportunity, kick Cartman in the nuts. They would have to get in, and out, as quick as possible, once Damien sent them the signal.

Now, you, dear reader, may be expecting a huge fight sequence, or a quick get away from the cult, but this is not the case.

-Lol, 4th wall breaking cliff hanger.-

I bet you did not expect the goth kids to have powers, did you? Well, I decided, that since they would practically worship the ground Damien walked on, along with their knowledge in the Cult, they would have some ability to sense Damien. At least, that's what I figure. Along that note, since Kenny was growing with a similar power, they would be able to sense that as well.

Now, Damien's powers may seem a bit confusing. For the explanation on what he used, I direct you to the Pokemon Lucario Movie. Yes, Damien used Aura...It's the best explanation I got for forming a plan! Don't like it? Deal with it! My fic, my cannon, my AU.

Okay? Okay.*

*Feels for TFIOS...

I need to get some sleep now.

So, hope you enjoyed reading, and have a nice day/morning/night/evening.

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