Why must I die?

Escape and Chase

Hey everybody. *ducks tomato thrown at me.* Okay, Okay, I deserved that. *ducks watermelon.* Now guys, was that really called for? *gets pelted by food and other things people throw on stage at people they hate.* STOP! I know I'm in the wrong, but when you are a kid, that is busy with school and things, you feel like internet stuff goes on the backburner. I know how it feels to be in your shoes, and how much it sucks. I know. Trust me I know. Now, if we'd stop with the hate, I can continue with the story. I hope you continue to enjoy, we only have a few chapters left. Let's get through them, and you keep reading. M'kay?

Damien's presence was felt immediately by Kenny. He now knew what his powers were, by some kind of 6th sense, though he didn't know how to use them quite yet. Kenny did, however, know the cult would help him learn. Oh, not the newer members of course, but the old mn. The one that woke him up. They would be of use. He could easily lie to them, and tell them he couldn't summon Cthulhu until his powers returned, but Kenny was an honest person- or was it god now?- so he couldn't lie, he'd just threaten. There was an obvious difference in Kenny's mind. So, with all of this in mind, Kenny knew he had to get Damien, and likely his friends, out of here.

Damien was just entering the building when Kenny spoke to the worshipers. "I am Nyarlathotep!" Kenny was shocked, this knowledge came pouring out of his mouth before he even knew it. "A messenger of Cthulhu," While Kenny continued the cheers of the crowd drowned his speech out, "though I do not remember my past lives or my powers." When things calmed down, Kenny continued. "Now, I do not like what you have done to Butters, and those Goth kids." The worshipers got eerily quite, and very solum. "I demand you release them at once! Or else when I reawaken Cthulhu to this world, he will not be pleased." There was a fire in Kenny's eyes and soul that blazed, and he began to glow at the end of this sentence, scaring the worshipers, and Damien who sensed a surge in Kenny's power. However, the surge and glow passed after a few seconds, and the newer members shivered with chills down their spines. Butters cheered at Kenny's words, happy for his expected release. The goths were indifferent, but hoped the worshipers took Nyarlathotep's words seriously. The goths' hope was confirmed as they, and Butter's were released. The members that released them led them to the door, where Stan, dressed as Raven, and Kyle stood.

While this was going on, Kenny was released from the chair, and he immediately pulled up his hood to cover his face, and smiled brightly, though in his core he knew he would soon be up to no good, as Damien was in the room.

Damien entered the room as they were releasing Butters and the Goth Kids. He hid in the corner, but sensed that Kenny sensed him. Kenny suddenly requested to have all members come back the next night, so he could have a private meeting with the highest authority, other than himself, in the room. Damien shivered at these words. They could be either very good, or very bad for him, forcing Damien to stay in the shadowed corner of the room.

The cult members gave into Kenny's demands, not wanting to make one of their gods mad. Soon it was just the cult elder, Damien, and Kenny in the room. The elder asked some generic, "How are you," type questions, but Kenny ignored him, in favor of the book shelves. Slowly, Kenny turned to the elder, once he was quite, and asked, "How do I use my powers?" The elder gained a ginormous smile, that scared Kenny, while reminding him of the Disney villain from Hunchback of Notre Damn. While Kenny was thinking this, the elder grabbed an ancient journal from one of the bookshelves and handed it to Kenny. Once he felt it Kenny recognized it immediately as his own. Kenny flipped through the pages, just to check that it was legible. It was perfection in the form of handwriting. The swirls of the cursive were exquisite.

Kenny asked the elder to give him any books he wrote, helped write, or were about him. After Kenny received about 23 books, 5 more journals, 4 graphic novels (that Kenny apparently drew), and a Cthulhu-designed backpack ( with an enlarged interior and made light by his powers), Kenny used a recently read about power to get inside the bored-as-hell Damien's mind, and tell him to knock the elder out. Damien sent all of the books in the room to Kenny's bedroom in hell, and knocked the man out with the chair he tied Kenny in.

After a thanks, and hug, from Kenny, Damien led Kenny out of the house. However, Kenny decided that this was really rude of him, and he decided to leave a note for the elder. It said he would come back to this location if he ever needed more answers, that it was not time for Cthulhu to rise, and that if the members tried looking for him, they would die. It seemed pretty good to both the boys, which caused them to quickly left the property.

While this was going on, Stan, still dressed as and kind of wanting to be Raven, Kyle, Butters, and the Goths, were running from the worshipers and Cartman. Cartman was pissed that Butters was leaving, wanting to sacrifice him to Kenny, and that Stan and Kyle had found out he was a cultist. He had tried very hard to keep it under wraps. These reasons caused him to lead, the surprisingly slow, chase.

-Now I was going to end here, but since I haven't updated, I'll give you guys more.-

Raven had decided to rejoin the goths after they escaped the chase, and the goths were fine with this, even allowing him to be in '[his] conformist clique.' as well. They saw his depressed soul, and how he saw the world as shit. Kyle was not a fan of Raven's return, but saw how 'happy' Stan seemed to be as Raven, so he accepted it. However, Kyle was enjoying throwing Taunts at Cartman, which Butter's was getting annoyed about, as Cartman was nice to him.

The group eventually made it back to Stark's pond, where Pip was teaching Karen how to skip stones so they landed on the other side of the water, when Pip saw the group. He was about to ask what was happening, but Kyle pulled on his, and Karen's arms, forcing them to run with him. The group explained as they ran what was happening. Karen was so shocked at what happened to Kenny that she stopped running for a moment, however Pip picked her up, so she would not be caught, and carried her on his back, a minute later he was catching up to the others.

-Hope you enjoyed that.-

Again I'm sorry i did not update. Please just enjoy the story, and leave a review about it.

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