Why must I die?

The hunt of the fatass

Why must I die chapter. Typed as of February 6 and 7th 2015.

I apologize for not updating sooner guys. I've really been trying. I'm just planning on uploading the rest in one big day of posting. Then I can move on to other stories, such as time loop or black and white, or a new one I'm planning. (It's a secret.)

-line breaks!-

Eventually the mob, excluding Cartman, got bored and gave up the chase. With the odds turning ever in their favor the chased group became the chasers. They cornered Cartman, and made him explain his side of the story.

At this point Damien and Kenny had figured out about the chase, and followed tracks until they came across a cult member. Kenny, as their lord, demanded they tell him what was going on. He got info about the chase, and the duo quickly found the group and Cartman.

When the duo reached the group Cartman had just gotten to the part about the goat blood sacrifice. Kenny, luckily, was able to cover Karen's ears.

"Fatass, you better tell me everything you did to me, or you won't be Cthulhu's friend, you'll be his lunch!" Cartman's face shifted from fairly calm to extreme panic when he noticed Kenny, and quickly explained the entire ritual.

This explanation made Stan puke, and Kyle turn a pale green, while, compared to his hat at least. Cartman was very nervous at the fact that Kenny was in a rage. You never wanted to be on the bad side of an angry Kenny, plus Kenny now had powers that could destroy him in a second. Kenny's face was bright red, and vein's were popping out of his forehead. Cartman's nervousness was showing through weak knees, and a pale face, while staring at Kenny. Cartman wondered what Kenny was going to do to him, 'Murder? Torture? Why is he waiting so long to do something?' These were the main objectives of the trains of thoughts going through Cartman's mind. What Cartman did not expect was what he did get.

A hug.

The others were just as surprised as Cartman, who shouted "What the fuck?" when it happened.

Kenny let go of Cartman, and proceeded to explain why he was happy.

He was powerful, in-control of his own life, and he finally understood what he was. And he had Cartman to thank for that. Cartman smiled at him, and hugged Kenny, while Kenny asked him if he wanted to be best friends again. Cartman, of course, desprate for friendship, agreed.

However, Kenny couldn't help but wonder, what was the point of him dying all the time? He knew he was Cthulhu's messenger, but it wouldn't exactly help Cthulhu for him to be dead every other day. 'Why must I die?'

-Aww man.-

Only one more chapter guys! I'm going to miss this story. I love it too much. It may suck in writing aspects but it's my baby, my first really big story here on Fanfiction, and I'm sad to let it go.

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