Why must I die?

The final chapter

'I'm bored.' I thought, sighing, and staring blankly at the wall. The teacher was yapping but I could not be bothered to pay attention. I looked down at my notes, and flipped to a page full of ways to die. 'I guess I'll pick out, and write new ways for Kenny to die.' I grinned, and began writing a fanfiction. I really should have been paying attention to my algebra teacher, but he was just repeating the same examples with one or two numbers switched. Plus fanfictions were so much more fun!

So, I just kept writing Kenny McCormick fanfics involving him dying, while the teacher tried to explain the Quadratic function for the 20th time that lesson.

-Okay, Did anyone understand that? No? I'll explain.-

I wrote the majority of this story during my math class. (I do not miss it by the way!) And I thought that a good way to end it was pulling out of the story, and entering the real world to show that it was just another multiverse. :)

This was not actually the intended ending from when I started out. It was originally going to end in Kenny turning insane due to memories, dying for a final time after a battle and talking to god, but it was way to sad for me to write, and I came up with this ending instead. If any of you guys want that ending, I give you full permission to write it, as long as you credit me and tell me in a PM! :)

And now I'm sad. Because this is the last chapter. My brain baby is gone with the wind.

Now, tell me in the reviews. What is something you want written, but can't find anywhere on the site? I just may be able to help you out with that.

Also, for similar writings check out my themes story. Its full of one-shots. :)

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