The Son of Lord Voldemort

A Young Tom Riddle

The Chamber of Secrets was a dark and dank place that smelt like mold and dead animals. It was cold as a chill swept around the large stone chamber. Towering stone pillars entwined with more carved serpents rose to support a ceiling lost in darkness, casting long, black shadows through the odd, greenish gloom that filled the place. There was a large statue that loomed above, it was ancient and monkeyish, with a long, thin beard that fell almost to the bottom of the wizard's sweeping stone robes, where two enormous gray feet stood on the smooth Chamber floor. And between the feet, face down, lay a small, black-robed figure with flaming-red hair.

A sixteen year old Tom Riddle stared down at the small form of Ginny Weasley with expressionless blue eyes. He idly twirled his yew wand with his fingers as he felt the girls soul drain into him. His handsome face twisted into a cruel expression as he imagined all of the things he would be able to do once he had a body. Ever since his sixteen year old self had created his first Horcrux he'd been stuck in that horrid diary, forced to spend fifty years in darkness. He hadn't known how long had passed until the foolish Weasley chit wrote in it almost a year ago. He had been furious to learn that it had been fifty years since a piece of his soul entered the diary.

The only consolation he received was when the girl said that the whole world feared the Dark Lord Voldemort. It had taken her weeks to finally write the name, and it had been extremely annoying trying to convince the foolish little girl to write it. It seemed his goals had been accomplished, he was the most feared Dark Lord of all time. Now all he needed was the girls soul and he would have a body. There would be two of him, he wasn't one to share power but if he was sharing with himself, was it really sharing?

He sneered down at the girl as her skin turned ghostly pale, a startling contrast to her flaming-red hair. It had been only too easy to get the girl to trust him, how naive the Gryffindor brat was. Always complaining about her brothers and fawning over some Slytherin boy. He allowed himself to smirk as he thought about a Gryffindor crushing on an older Slytherin, it was almost amusing. Almost.

Tom's head snapped up when he heard the entrance to the chamber open. He stopped twirling his wand and his senses became alert. His eyes narrowed when he saw a figure walking towards him, he pointed his wand at the person. A curse was on his lips but as soon as the boy walked into the light that the floating balls of fire he had conjured made the words died. Standing in front of him was a boy who looked to be twelve or thirteen and he was almost the spitting image of what he had looked like at his age. He had the same perfectly styled hair, the strong cheekbones, aristocratic features and the same body type. He even held himself with the same air of confidence he did, the only differences were the boy didn't scream 'I'm better than you', and he had the brightest green eyes Tom had ever seen. Tom didn't know who he was but there was a sense of familiarity about him.

"Hello," the boy said coolly.

"Who are you?" Tom demanded, his wand not wavering in the slightest.

"Who do you think I am?" The boy asked, there was amusement and a hint of smugness in his tone. Tom's eyes narrowed, this boy obviously had no idea who he was.

"Do you know who you're talking to you insolent child?" Tom asked coldly, a threat evident in his tone. The boy didn't seem fazed he only raised an eyebrow.

"I know who you are," the boy said quietly before smiling, "Tom." Tom's eyes narrowed further, they were no bigger than thin slits. He pushed his temper down, he couldn't kill the boy without knowing who he was. After all the child could be useful to him in some way. "Is that Ginny's wand?" The boy asked gesturing to the wand Tom was holding.

"You know her," Tom said, it was obvious that the boy did.

"Obviously," the boy drawled, amusement once more evident. The audacity of the boy in front of him was enough for him to decide that should the boy be of no use his death would be painful.

"You're a Slytherin," Tom said as he took in the Slytherin robes. "I highly doubt you're friends with the little chit." He cocked his own elegant eyebrow. "So why are you here?" The boy didn't answer and Tom's jaw clenched. "Who are you?" He demanded, he was losing his patience and someone was going to get hurt very soon.

"I think you know," the boy said with a knowing smirk.

Tom felt like he should know the answer, after all he wasn't considered a genius for nothing. He would say they were related but he knew that wasn't possible, he had no siblings and he would never be foolish enough to have a child. Even if his older self had been that foolhardy he would know because surely the whole world would know if Voldemort had a child, and the Weasley girl would've said something. Tom didn't answer the question and the boys smirk grew, it was maddening. He was contemplating whether or not to kill the boy when he spoke again.

"Come on dad, surely you can see the similarities," the boy said cockily.

Tom felt his insides freeze at the boys words, his son, it wasn't possible. "You're no son of mine," Tom said coldly. "Lord Voldemort would never have a child."

"Ouch, that hurts my feelings," the boy said putting a hand over his heart before staring at me expressionlessly. "But it's the truth, I'm Harrison Salazar Riddle. Believe whatever you want." The boy glanced down uncaringly at Ginny Weasley.

Tom's eyes narrowed, he hated his filthy Muggle fathers last name. He couldn't fathom a reality where he would knowingly and willingly give it to anyone let alone any children he had.

Prove it. Tom hissed as he took a step closer to Harrison.

I got in the chamber didn't I? Harrison hissed.

The boy was right, only a Parseltongue could enter the chamber. The only reason Ginny could was because she was possessed by someone who spoke the noble language. Tom eyed Harrison critically, he seemed completely unfazed, like he didn't have a care in the world. However the boys Parseltongue ability could be just some sort of fluke, an accident of his birth. He wasn't considered a genius for no reason, he wasn't just going to take the boys word for it. Tom pointed his wand at Harrison's chest and a jet of white light shot from it and hit Harrison square in the chest. Harrison didn't react other than to raise an eyebrow. A white light swirled around Harrison for a moment before words began to form over his head in white misty letters.

Harrison Salazar Riddle

Born: July 31, 1980

Father: Tom Marvolo Riddle

Tom was normally a very composed and controlled person, he had been able to control his emotions and facial expressions since he was a small child. However when he saw the results of the paternity spell prove that the boys words were true he couldn't stop his eyes from widening a small fraction. He had never wanted children, but the proof that he had a son was standing in front of him wearing Slytherin robes. Slowly, Tom lowered his wand but he didn't take his eyes off of Harrison. He only wanted to kill his heir if the boy was foolish enough to try something against him, no doubt the boy would have some uses.

"So you are my heir," Tom murmured as his eyes roamed over the boy. "That would explain why we look so similar." Harrison continued to wear his amused expression but Tom ignored it. "I never wanted a child." He said more to himself than to Harrison, the boy didn't appear to have heard him and if he did he didn't react. "This will make things more interesting." His blue eyes locked with Harrison's green and possibilities swam through his mind. "What are you doing down here?" Tom inquired. "No doubt that old fool Dumbledore will be doing a head count of the students."

"My father wants me to retrieve or destroy the diary before Dumbledore can get it," Harrison said simply as though talking about the weather. "If you come back or if he finds the diary in tact he'll know my father made Horcruxes, that is if he doesn't already. If he does he won't know how many, and if he finds this one and destroys it he'll know there's more than one."

Tom's blood boiled and his handsome face looked ugly as it contorted in rage. He spent fifty years in that diary and he wasn't going to go back. He didn't care about the boy in front of him, he may be the future Tom's son but he sure as hell wasn't his. He raised his wand and began a barrage of spells, Harrison quickly dodged them as he pulled out his own wand.

"Avada Kedavra!" Tom cried out and a jet of sickly green light shot towards Harrison's head.

Harrison ducked as the green light sailed over his head. "Säure werfen!" A ball of acid flew from Harrison's wand and Tom easily side swept it. Spells continued to be exchanged with neither one successfully hitting the other. The curses gradually became darker and more complex and the air was crackling with magic.

Tom could admit that the boy had exceptional talent, no doubt from being raised by his future self. It was infuriating how the boy seemed to know what spell he was going to cast next, it must be from dueling with his future self. Tom grinned when Harrison conjured a snake made entirely of fire, thirteen feet long the snake hissed as the flames that made up the body crackled. The snake lunged at Tom who conjured a shield of water causing the snake to hiss furiously.

Never set a snake on a Parselmouth regardless of whether or not it is a true snake. Tom hissed dangerously. Attack him. He hissed to the snake and the snake froze not knowing whose orders to take.

Dually noted. Harrison hissed furiously as he vanished the snake.

Spells were exchanged for what seemed like an eternity. The various colors illuminated the chamber and Tom could feel himself becoming more solid as the seconds ticked by. Tom was caught off guard and a spell sliced his arm eliciting a hiss of pain. Tom's eyes narrowed as he sent spell after spell and grinned victoriously when Harrison went flying backwards. He stalked forward like a cheetah hunting prey and he stood over the crumpled form of his future son. Harrison's robes were covered in blood and his robes were ripped open showing a long sword like cut with blood pouring like water from it covering his entire torso. The boy's already light complexion was paling and his green eyes burned with hatred. Tom's lips curved into a cruel smirk.

"Impressive for one so young," Tom murmured. "But did you truly think you could defeat me?" He looked up at the damp ceiling and laughed a high cruel laugh.

"Go to hell," Harrison growled.

Tom stopped laughing as he heard a whooshing noise. He looked down and his eyes widened, in Harrison's hand was a ruby hilt incrusted dagger and next to him was his diary. He leaped forward but froze when the dagger pierced the cover of the leather bound diary. Tom felt his entire body erupt in pain and he let out an ear splitting scream as Harrison stabbed the diary for the second time. Tom yelled as his body began to disappear and pain beyond imagination consumed him. The last thing he saw was the killing curse green eyes glaring at him.


Harrison watched as the sixteen year old Tom Riddle disappeared leaving behind no hint that he had ever existed. Harrison hissed in pain when he tried to move, he looked down at his chest and grimaced as he took in the sight and the smell of copper. The cut on his chest looked like it had been made by Sectumsempra but Harrison knew it hadn't been, for one Snape invented that spell decades after his father had been sixteen and for another the spells light had been a different color. He waved his hand over his chest to heal the cut but nothing happened, he tried several healing spells but all of them were unsuccessful. There was now a puddle of blood growing around him and he was surprised he was still conscious. He felt his breathing slow down and his vision was becoming foggy, no doubt from blood loss. He groped around in his pocket for his black silk pouch and yanked it out.

"Accio elixir," Harrison said his voice coming out slightly hoarse after reaching his hand into the bag. A diamond vial with an emerald topper came flying out and into his hand. His hand shook as he tried to unstopper it, he yanked the emerald topper off and put the vial to his lips. He slowly dropped three drops into his mouth, it didn't taste like anything but it felt like ice sliding down his throat. He closed the vial and placed it back in his pouch. He looked down and saw his wound slowly stitch itself back up, it looked like he was being healed in slow motion. What seemed like an eternity later the wound was fully healed, no scar in sight and he waved his hand to vanish the blood. He reached into his bag and accio'd a vial of blood replenishing potion, he drank it in one gulp and tossed the empty vial back into his bag. He sat up slowly and he could feel his breathing return to normal and the color gradually return to his skin. He stood up and looked around the chamber, his eyes landed on the still unconscious form of Ginny and he walked over to her.

He stood over the first year and he saw that like him the color was returning to her cheeks. She began to stir and he stunned her before she could wake up. He weighed his options, he could leave her down in the chamber to starve, he could kill her and feed her to the basilisk or he could bring her back up to the castle proper. His first choice would be to leave her to starve but he didn't want the youngest Weasley to die just yet. He decided to change her memories to make it seem as though she had been possessed by Voldemort somehow and that was how she was opening the chamber. He was grateful that his dad taught him how to alter memories. He took out his wand, he was much better at altering memories with a wand and pointed it between her eyes. His hand twisted to the side as strands of silver shot from his wand. He stood there for five minutes going through her memories and altering them to suit what he needed. He finished changing her memories and stowed his wand back in his wand holster.

I might as well go through her other memories while I have her unconscious. He shoved into her mind, gently enough to not cause any harm and began sifting through her memories that didn't have to do with the Chamber of Secrets or his fathers diary. Ginny was watching Blaise eat in the Great Hall with a dreamy look on her face. The memory skipped and Ginny was complaining that she had to buy second hand robes. The memory skipped and he was looking at a horrid room with bright orange walls where Ron was warning Ginny against the Slytherins and the ones in his year particularly. The memory faded into one where Ginny was telling the dwarf what to sing to Blaise. Harrison pulled out of her mind with a sneer the girl really did have a crush on one of his best friends, the thought was disturbing. Although he was more annoyed that he didn't find anything that was actually useful, all of her memories were pointless and childish.

Harrison looked around and saw several doors around the chamber. He knew Ginny would be stunned until either she was enervated or in several hours so he decided to look around. He wrinkled his nose, the room smelt moldy so he cast several charms to clear the air. He walked warily towards the first door, he didn't know if there were any traps down there. He cast several charms to detect magical signatures and there appeared to be no spells over the door so he pushed the tall black door open. He stepped inside and he couldn't see anything in the room, it was blacker than a normal dark room. It was as though someone had taken away his sight. He recalled his father telling him that almost everything in the chamber was Parseltongue activated.

Light. Harrison hissed and a quiet hiss was heard, torches sprung to life all around the room. Harrison could now see everything clearly, he was standing in what must have been Salazar Slytherins private study. He was used to extravagance so he rarely felt awe, but he was amazed that he was standing in the room where one of the greatest wizards of all time did his work. Harrison knew that Salazar had invented many spells and he most likely invented some of them in that room. It was the size of his dormitory, the walls were lined with dark bookshelves and stuffed to the brim with thick tomes. An ornately carved desk sat in the center of the room, and the chair that stood behind it had snakes carved into the back. In the place of a chandelier were hanging torches and a fireplace was burning bright, a painting of Hogwarts stood above the mantle. The room didn't have a single cobweb or dust covered area and the room smelt fresh, he assumed there were stasis charms on it.

Harrison walked to one of the bookshelves and ran his hand over the spines of several books. He noticed that most of the books were written in Parseltongue and several appeared to have been hand written by Salazar Slytherin himself. His father had told him about the vast book collection in the Chamber of Secrets, he had never been able to take them out when he was in school because Dumbledore had watched him too closely. Harrison pulled out his pouch and began pulling out books and delicately putting them inside of it after placing charms on them to ensure they weren't damaged. He knew that one day his bottomless expansion pouch would come in handy. He resisted the urge to stop and read a book entitledDangerous Elements by Salazar Slytherin. After two hours he was finished packing all of the books. He cast a tempus and mentally cursed, he knew he should go back up to the castle proper. He took one last look around the room before leaving with the intent to return, he wanted to go through the desk one day.

He waved his hand at Ginny and she began to float. He grabbed the diary and his dagger and placed them in his pouch before taking one last look around and leaving the chamber.

Harrison stood back under a disillusionment charm and roamed his eyes over the hallway, he thought it looked believable. Ginny was laying in the middle of the hallway with her red hair splayed all around her. She was covered in dirt, to him it looked like she had been down in the Chamber of Secrets. Her exhausted face adding to the illusion that Voldemort had possessed her, technically she had but not by the Voldemort Dumbledore will think. Harrison's head snapped up when he heard foot steps coming his way, he stepped backwards towards the wall and waited. Dumbledore came around the corner along with a distraught Molly and Arthur Weasley. Molly's round face was pale and streaked with dried tears and Arthur looked twice his age. Dumbledore's usual twinkle was missing and the solemn expression he wore looked odd on his face. The three stopped in their tracks when they saw Ginny laying on the ground.

"Ginny!" Molly shrieked, Harrison winced at her loud tone. The Weasley matriarch ran towards her now stirring daughter and kneeled on the floor, drawing Ginny into her arms. Arthur was right behind her, he wrapped his arms around the two Weasley women. Dumbledore looked surprised for the briefest moment before a look of relief flashed in his eyes.

"Oh Ginny," Molly sobbed. "My baby girl is alive! Oh baby, I was so worried about you." Molly's arms tightened around her daughter. "My little Ginny." Harrison felt like gagging as he watched the scene unfold but he needed to stay to make sure his plan didn't fail.

"You're safe," Arthur kept saying over and over again. Dumbledore began walking towards them but Ginny's words made him freeze.

"Mum, daddy," Ginny said groggily as she tried to sit up. She took in her surroundings and her eyes went wide as tears began pouring down her cheeks. "I didn't mean too!" The tears came harder and her body began to shake. "You-Know-Who he-he-he made me!" Molly paled even further and Arthur appeared to have frozen, he stared at his daughter in horror and disbelief. Dumbledore paled, it was barely noticeable but Harrison's lips curved into a smirk as the headmaster took on a confused look.

"You-Know-Who couldn't have possessed you," Arthur managed to choke out. His head turned so fast to look at Dumbledore Harrison was surprised it didn't snap. "Can he?" His voice was barely above a whisper.

Dumbledore stroked his long white beard. "He must have found a way," he looked solemnly at the Weasley parents. "Let us adjourn to my office." Arthur helped a shaking Molly and Ginny to their feet and they slowly followed Dumbledore away. Harrison was tempted to follow them but he couldn't chance getting caught. For a moment he contemplated using his Animagus form but the risks of being found out were to high, and he needed to get back to his common room. Harrison watched as the group of four rounded the corner before he made his way to the Slytherin common room.

Fifteen minutes later he walked into his common room after lifting the disillusionment charm, it seemed like every Slytherin in the entire house was present. Most of the older students looked excited and some appeared to be writing letters. He found his friends sitting in their usual seats, he walked over listening to the various conversations as he went.

"I'm glad that idiotic ponce is dead," Anastasia said as she examined her long green fingernails. "Maybe now we can have a competent professor." He walked passed Anastasia and her friends who didn't see him walk by, everyone seemed to be too absorbed in what had happened. That and the Slytherin common room was the one place at Hogwarts where they could fully relax and not have to constantly be on their guard.

"That Creevey kid was annoying as hell," Odette said to Ophelia. "He was always taking pictures on that Muggle camera of his." The twins noticed Harrison as he walked by and they smiled at him. He pushed passed a group of first years and stopped behind Blaise who turned around when Pansy yelled Harrison's name.

"Draco said you went into the Chamber of Secrets," Pansy rushed to say. "What happened?" Harrison sat down next to Daphne and spent half an hour telling them what transpired down in the chamber and about the books he took. Daphne paled when he told them about his injury and insisted that he show them his chest to prove that he was truly healed. Draco and Blaise had smirked at him when he did so causing Harrison to glare at them. They were all interested when he said he used the elixir of life to heal himself and they all asked him to explain in detail what happened once he drank it. He finished his story just as the common room door opened and Snape walked through wearing a sour expression on his face.

"Everyone over here now!" Snape barked in a tone he normally reserved for the Gryffindors. The Slytherins knew that if he used that tone it was best to do as he said, they all turned to face their head of house. "As I informed you all earlier there were three deaths today. The culprit had been caught and it is being dealt with internally." He sneered as he spoke and the students exchanged curious looks. "The headmaster doesn't wish for me to tell you but I will not lie to my students, I ask all of you to not speak of this outside of the dungeon walls." He looked around the room wearing an expression that would cause most first years to burst into tears. "The Dark Lord possessed a first year Gryffindor who opened the chamber under his influence." There were several shocked looks but being Slytherins they easily covered them up. However most of the students looked both interested and impressed. Harrison smirked, he knew that Severus knew the truth and was amused at his ability to lie without actually lying. "Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement is looking into the deaths to see if they could've been prevented. This means that over the next several days there will be more Aurors around the school and some of you may be called in for questioning. If you are called in for questioning you may request to have your parents there as well or myself." Snape's obsidian eyes scanned the students before turning and briskly leaving the room. Once the door was shut behind him the noise level grew to obscene levels.

"The Dark Lord possessed a first year?" An impressed voice rang around the room. "I wonder what else he's done at the school we don't know about." Harrison's smirk grew, they'll find out soon enough.

Lucius stood staring callously as the half naked and bawling young woman that was chained to the wall. Her long blonde hair was covered in dirt, she wore nothing but a white bra covered in dry blood and a pair of ripped blue jeans. Bruises littered her arms and he could see hand prints on her waist, it looked like someone gripped her waist with iron hands. Her face was twisted into fear, pain and mortification as she pulled at the metal chains that held her to the gray stone wall. Her sobs came out sounding odd because her throat was dry from not having enough water.

"Shut up!" Rabastan shouted at the girl as he sent a slicing hex at her cheek. Blood flowed from her cheek and her sobs cut off as she put a hand over her mouth to stop herself from crying out. Lucius sneered at the display of weakness before turning to Antonin.

"Has she talked yet?" Lucius asked sounding bored.

"No," Rabastan said with an almost feral look towards the young woman. "She refuses to speak no matter what I do to her."

"And you say that you tried Legilimency?" Lucius asked as his cold eyes turned back to the girl. She was looking between the two men warily as silent tears streaked down her cheeks, the tears mingling with the blood.

"Yes," Antonin answered. "The answers we're looking for can't be found, she obviously knows how to hide information better than most. All I see are memories of no meaning." Lucius looked the girl up and down and as he did so she appeared to cave in on herself. She didn't seem the type to be able to endure torture but then again she was an Auror.

"You don't want to answer my friends questions?" Lucius asked silkily. "Well, I'll have to find someway to make you talk." He walked towards the young woman. "Sooner or later you will tell us what we want to know Miss Rycroft and unluckily for you I have a meeting in an hour. This needs to be done by then." He stopped three feet in front of her. "So what to do?" He pulled out his wand and the woman flinched causing him to smirk cruelly. He leveled his wand at the woman's chest and her body jerked, her body went as straight as board and he levitated her until she was standing with her back against the wall. "Now Miss Rycroft, who is the spy in the Death Eaters."

"There isn't one," Miss Rycroft said quickly, too quickly. Lucius made an unpleasant sound in the back of his throat.

"Rabastan," Lucius said clearly, "I think it's time to introduce Miss Rycroft to our dear friend Fenrir Greyback." Miss Rycroft paled until she was as white as snow and her eyes went wide, Lucius chuckled lowly. "So you've heard of him." He walked forwards until his wand was digging into her collar bone. "Of course you have, everyone in the Wizarding world has heard of him." He ran his wand down to her naval and up to her right shoulder. "How he likes to play with his food." He ran his wand up her neck and over her now bone white lips. "And unlike Rabastan he doesn't play gently."

"You call what he did to me gentle?" Miss Rycroft asked quietly, she sounded broken and miserable but there was a hint of defiance in her tone.

"Compared to Fenrir Greyback, oh yes," Lucius practically purred. "He'll love a beautiful young woman like you." He took a step back as he body began to shake slightly from fear and Lucius felt amusement course through his body. "And once he's done with you we'll send the memory to the Ministry of Magic, I'm sure your friends will love to see you be ridden like the filth you are by the worlds most feared werewolf. I'm sure they'll enjoy it." His lips quirked up as her crotch became wet and the smell of urine filled the air, the fear she was displaying was intoxicating to him. It was obvious by the glow of Rabastan's eyes that he felt the same way but Lucius only spared him a glance.

"Please," she begged quietly, the desperation in her voice spoke volumes. "Don't let him touch me." Her gaze flickered to Rabastan and disgust and loathing filled her blue eyes. "He was bad enough." Rabastan chuckled causing the girl to shiver violently. "It's James Walsh, he's been feeding information to Madam Bones for several months. I know there is another one but-but I don't know, honestly I-I don't." Her eyes took on a pleading look. "Please don't let him touch me." Lucius smiled condescendingly.

"Of course not Miss Rycroft," Lucius said coolly as he pointed his wand at her. "Avada Kedavra!"

"No!" She yelled as her eyes went wide as a jet of green light streaked towards her hitting her in the chest, Lucius released the spell holding her up and she fell to the floor like a rag doll.

"Such a shame," Rabastan said as though he was discussing the weather. "She had a nice little body, tight too." Lucius sneered as he put his wand into its holster, the Dark Lord would not be pleased that James Walsh was a double agent and he would be furious that they didn't find out the name of the other double agent. He had a bad feeling that there might even be more than one. He cast a tempus, the emergency meeting of the board of governors was in half an hour.

"Dispose of her body," Lucius said to his brother in law. "I have a meeting soon." Rabastan tore his gaze from the now dead Auror.

"Ah yes, Dumbledore is going to finally be seen for the fool he is," Rabastan chuckled. "What are you planning on proposing?"

"Suspension," Lucius replied, "and Rodolphus and I are going to suggest assigning a deputy headmistress to replace Minerva, someone who is on our side and will do what the Dark Lord wishes. It will be good for the dark if there is another Death Eater in the castle, especially once the war picks up. It should be easy to get the others to agree considering everything that has happened the past two years."

"If you succeed that will be two more Death Eaters in Hogwarts next year," Rabastan pointed out with a glint in his eyes. "The History of Magic professor and the deputy headmistress." He paused before asking a question Lucius himself had been wondering. "Who will be the new Defense professor next year?" Lucius' face remained blank but inside he was annoyed, Dumbledore had been dodging his requests to know who it would be. He had the feeling it wouldn't be someone he or the Dark Lord would approve of. All of the Dark Lord's goals were becoming a reality but that old fool Dumbledore was causing them to take longer than they would if he was dead. Lucius was awaiting the day Dumbledore would die and the Wizarding world would finally becoming everything he wanted it to be.

After a moment of silence Lucius responded smoothly, "I'm not sure."

Harrison noticed as he sat in the Great Hall the following morning that the entirety of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff looked miserable. The first years all looked like they had been up all night crying and the second years didn't look much better. Ron was hovering near his sister and Harrison even saw him force food onto her plate, he was genuinely surprised Ron seemed to care. The boy usually had his head so far up his ass. He looked at the Weasley twins and Percy, the twins were talking in hushed voices and when Fred saw Harrison looking he inclined his head once. Percy looked like he usually did, like he had just been announced ruler supreme over the universe. The staff table was subdued and half of the professors were missing including the heads of house and Dumbledore.

"Amelia Bones has been here since before the sun was even up," Anthony Dolohov informed his fellow Slytherins. "Since I'm head boy I was informed this morning by Professor Snape, apparently she's talking to everyone the first year who opened the chamber came into contact with."

"Do you know who opened it?" Violet asked curiously. Everyone within hearing range looked to Anthony for an answer.

"No," Anthony said with a hint of annoyance. "Professor Snape said that he wasn't allowed to say." Harrison felt a twinge of annoyance, of course Dumbledore wouldn't want anyone to know that it was the daughter of one of his biggest supporters that opened the chamber. Harrison looked up from his porridge when two owls landed in front of him, he untied the morning paper and a letter he knew was from his father. He opened the letter first.


Lucius informed me last evening about the events that transpired at the school yesterday. I am glad that you were able to alter the Weasley girls memories. I have spoken with Bill and Charlie Weasley who had been at the manor for their initiation into my ranks, they know the truth of what happened but have sworn an oath not to speak of it. Charlie has already persuaded one of his friends from Romania to join me so I will soon have another dragon handler working for me, it has given me some ideas but nothing you need to worry about.

Were you able to acquire anything from the Chamber of Secrets? I know you would have sought out the library or Salazar Slytherins study which also contained a large collection of tomes. If you haven't then do so, there are many books down there I have been waiting for decades to read. The backlash from the three deaths caused by the opening of the chamber is as good as we can expect. There is an inquiry being done by Amelia Bones, several of my sources within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement have told me that she was furious to learn about the deaths especially in regards to the Gryffindor boy and her Auror. I can say that I am pleased with how everything turned out, one less Mudblood Gryffindor is nothing to lose sleep over and neither is an Auror loyal to the light or that fool Lockhart.

Be on your guard.


Harrison immediately burnt the note to a crisp and pulled the paper towards him. There wasn't anything he didn't know or assume in his fathers letter. The front page of the morning paper was as expected about the deaths at Hogwarts. There was a large photograph of Amelia Bones standing with Dumbledore in the Ministry of Magic over an article.

Deaths at Hogwarts

By Rita Skeeter

I am sad to report that last night three people lost their lives at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Gilderoy Lockhart, author of numerous best selling books including Magical Me and winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award, decorated Auror Rufus Scrimgeour and first year Muggle-born student Colin Creevey were all found dead by several Hogwarts professors. The cause of their deaths has been ruled classified by the Ministry of Magic by orders of the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge.

These deaths aren't the first tragedies Hogwarts has seen this year. Second year students Muggle-born Justin Finch-Fletchley and Pure-blood Zacharias Smith were petrified earlier this year. Since those horrible attacks Aurors have been guarding the school in order to keep the children safe. This apparently wasn't enough and three people tragically lost their lives. We don't know how they died or how the students were petrified but what we do know is that there were no marks on their bodies or any sign that this was done by a witch or wizard. This calls into question what exactly could have killed a highly skilled Auror, a member of the Dark Force Defense League and an innocent first year.

An inquiry has been made by the Ministry of Magic and the investigation is being led by Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Amelia Bones. "I am going to do my utmost to get to the bottom of this tragedy and how it occurred on Hogwarts grounds," Amelia said in a press conference last night.

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore is already receiving backlash and the outcry for him to be charged with negligence is high. "The headmasters duty is to protect the students and in that regard Albus Dumbledore has failed greatly," Lucius Malfoy stated this morning. "An emergency meeting of the Board of Governor's was held last night and we have come to the decision that Albus Dumbledore is now on probation, his job as headmaster is on the line until the time the board of governors deems him fit to run the school without supervision. There is no excuse for allowing three people, one of them a young child to die when it could have been prevented. And as of September first a new deputy headmistress will begin at Hogwarts, she will assess not only Albus Dumbledore but the rest of the staff. Last year Albus Dumbledore hired an incompetent professor who ended up leaving with not so much as a goodbye. Who is to know whether or not the other professors are up to standard? And I won't even begin to speak about the trolls that were able to get into Hogwarts last year injuring dozens of students."

"My children attend Hogwarts and I am disgusted at the way the current headmasters runs that once noble institution of learning," Rodolphus Lestrange added as he stood next to long time friend Lucius Malfoy. "My children, godchildren and their friends were almost killed last year on Halloween. If Albus Dumbledore did his job that horrible night last year wouldn't have happened and neither would the atrocity that happened last evening."

"I will do my best as Minister of Magic to ensure that nothing like this happens again at Hogwarts," Cornelius Fudge stated firmly. "After a long discussion with the board of governors I can assure you that next year changes will be coming to Hogwarts."

My dear readers, you all know that I haven't been blessed with a child but if I had been I wouldn't want my children to be frightened that they may become petrified or worse at a place where they're meant to be safe. I will keep you updated as to the progress of the investigation into Hogwarts.

Harrison found it difficult to refrain from grinning like a child on Christmas morning. He would bet all of the money in his fathers vault that whoever this deputy headmistress was that she would be someone on his fathers side, this would only help to serve the Dark Lord's takeover. He looked up at the staff table once more and saw that they all looked worse than they had when he first entered the Great Hall. He looked around at his fellow Slytherins and saw amusement or excitement in their eyes, most likely because like him they knew this would only help the dark side. The Gryffindors went from looking sad to furious, no doubt because they all liked Dumbledore. The Ravenclaws looked much like the Slytherins did and some of the Hufflepuffs looked like they would burst into tears, and one of the first years looked like she was going into shock.

"This is brilliant," Blaise said as he picked up a piece of bacon. "You're fathers are geniuses." He looked between Harrison and Draco.

"I wonder who they're getting to be deputy headmistress?" Tracey mused. "I'm sure it'll be someone approved by Uncle Lucius."

"Of course it will be," Draco said pompously. Harrison stayed silent as his friends began trying to figure out who it would be, the more he thought about the more confused he was as to why his father didn't tell him. He stopped thinking about it after a few minutes, knowing his father he probably had a reason, however pointless the reason for not telling him something so trivial was.

"What are we going to do today?" Jenna asked as she poured syrup onto her plate. Classes were canceled for the day in order for the students to mourn, Harrison thought it was ridiculous but he was glad for a free day.

"We can go down to the lake," Daphne suggested. "The weather is nice."

"We can't leave the castle," Cass sneered. "It's too dangerous until a time the ministry says otherwise." Harrison resisted the urge to snort, even if Ginny was still being possessed none of them would be in any danger.

"Like we're in any danger," Leo said haughtily. "We never were."

"The professors don't know that," Theo pointed out. "Although Dumbledore probably guessed that much." Harrison's lips thinned, yes the old fool probably did guess that much.

The rest of the year passed by quickly much to Harrison's relief. After the article had come out the day after the deaths the whole school was tense and the Gryffindors of course blamed the Slytherins. The only reason why fights weren't constantly breaking out was because there were Aurors stationed down almost every corridor, several times Cormac had looked to be on the verge of attempting to hex Harrison but an Auror always showed up. Harrison was glad they wouldn't be at Hogwarts next year they were nothing more than a hindrance because several times he wanted to visit the chamber or hex Cormac, especially after he insulted his friends but the Aurors would always be there. The Daily Prophet continued to post articles about the inquiry almost daily but they normally said the same thing with slightly different wording. It was hard for Rita Skeeter or any other reporter to find out much because the ministry was being tight lipped about the whole thing. In the end Amelia Bones concluded that Dumbledore could've handled the situation better but he wasn't going to be charged with anything because the only way he could've prevented the deaths was if he had closed the school. Harrison thought it was a load of dragon dung but there wasn't anything he could do about it. And his father told him that he knew Dumbledore would never be charged but the bad press he received was enough for people to question him and he would never again be seen the same way by most people.

Dumbledore was barely seen at meals for the rest of the year, and according to his father, Snape said he was spending most of his time doing things for the Order of the Phoenix. McGonagall was sometimes absent as well and Harrison assumed she was doing something for Dumbledore. Even the oaf Hagrid seemed to be gone constantly. Harrison wanted to know what they were up to, his father said Snape told him what he knew but apparently Dumbledore was keeping certain things from even his most trusted spy.

At first Ginny walked around the school like a zombie but after a few weeks she began to act like the rest of the first year Gryffindors. It seemed that she was slowly getting over being possessed although she occasionally would take on a slightly haunted look. Ron seemed to baby her now more than ever but the twins and Percy didn't seem to treat her any differently. The twins weren't aware of who his father was yet but they were already distancing themselves from their younger siblings although it seemed slightly subconsciously on their part. Percy knew and Harrison assumed that was why Percy would occasionally glance in his direction during meals or when they would pass in the hall. After Harrison informed his friends about Ginny's memories Blaise was disgusted to know that she truly did have a crush on him but Leo calmed him down by saying it could be used to their advantage down the road.

Once classes had resumed the students learned that Defense Against the Dark Arts had been canceled for the rest of the year. The fifth and seventh years were grateful because they hadn't learned anything from Lockhart and now they could study on their own. Harrison and his friends spent the period normally reserved for Defense practicing spells with Hermione, Neville, Luna and Susan. Draco and Leo had been hesitant for Hermione, Neville and Susan to join but Harrison told them he had his reasons. In truth he was planning on telling the three of them along with the twins who his father was over the summer and he wanted more time to get them to see him as a good friend and Luna came because she wanted to spend more time with Harrison.

Harrison still didn't know who the deputy headmistress next year or who the History of Magic teacher would be. His father told him he needed to seem surprised in regards to the latter and apparently Harrison had never met the former. But according to his father they were both loyal Death Eaters. Slytherin won their last Quidditch match of the year leading them to win the Quidditch cup once more and thanks to Ron and his friends for losing so many points Slytherin also won the house cup. This caused Draco to spend all of their Potions lessons mocking and gloating Ron, Dean and Seamus who would always then do something stupid to cause them to receive detentions. Harrison was amused at first but soon grew tiresome of the whole thing. How stupid do you have to be to keep falling for the same piece of bait constantly?

Soon exams came and once again Harrison was number one in his year followed by Daphne and Draco. He didn't admit it out loud but he was proud of Luna for being number one in her year. He found it amusing when Fred and George told him that Ron barely passed several of his classes including Potions which wasn't very surprising. What was surprising was that the twins scored in the top five of their year, he didn't believe them until they showed him their scores. Apparently studying with Harrison and his friends as well as wanting to learn in order to help with their future joke shop was motivation for them. Blaise had jokingly told them that one of them might be made a prefect now that they were in the top of their year and Harrison thought they were going to have heart attacks, they had looked genuinely horrified.

Harrison looked on in amusement as Blaise laughed at a soot covered Draco.

"You bloody cheated," Draco grumbled as he removed the soot from his hair, face and robes.

"No I didn't," Blaise smirked. "You're just a sore loser."

"Malfoy's don't lose," Draco said pompously as he smoothed out his hair.

"Well apparently they do," Leo chimed in. "Or is what just happened not considered losing?" Draco glared at his cousin who was smirking at him.

"Hilarious," Draco snapped. Blaise rolled his eyes at the blonde before collecting the pile of galleons that sat in the middle of a small conjured table.

"You're just angry Blaise won your money," Theo said not looking up from his book.

"Please," Draco sneered. "I don't care about five galleons." Harrison rubbed the bridge of his nose he could feel a migraine forming.

Several hours later the Hogwarts Express slowed and finally stopped. Harrison exited the train after saying goodbye to his friends, he pushed his way passed his fellow classmates with Draco, Leo, Cass and Luna. His father was standing wearing elegant emerald green robes next to Lucius, Narcissa, Rodolphus and Bellatrix. Tom's eyes found his and Harrison smiled at his father.

"Hello father," Harrison said as his friends greeted their parents.

"Harrison, Luna," Tom greeted. "You both look well." Harrison rolled his eyes at his fathers formal tone, he assumed his father wasn't in a very good mood. "We need to go, I have somewhere to be soon." Harrison frowned, he hadn't seen his father since the winter holidays. Tom must've noticed because his face softened. "We'll have dinner together this evening." Harrison nodded as he grabbed his fathers arm while Luna grabbed his hand. "Lucius," Tom's features hardened once more, "be in my office in ten minutes." Lucius nodded and Harrison didn't have time to begin wondering what that exchange was about when he felt the familiar pull of apparition.

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