The Son of Lord Voldemort

An Unwelcome Package and an Escape

All of the air in the room seemed to disappear, for the first time he could remember Tom felt panic. Tom had always been able to control his emotions, keep them hidden down deep inside of him. After all, emotions were for the weak. He had only allowed him to feel for Harrison, and still, he had never felt such panic. Not even when Harrison was young and clumsy, always getting hurt one way or another. But as Tom stared down into the regret filled eyes of Elphias Doge he felt like his entire body was going to implode at any minute. Various scenarios swan through his mind, questions as to how Dumbledore found out that Harry Potter was still alive and sheer fury that Dumbledore might know that he was raising the boy who Dumbledore thought he had murdered all those years ago. Tom's eyes turned from blue to crimson, his eyes looked like two pools of swirling blood. The air began to crackle with magic, powerful and unrestrained. It felt as though wind was coursing through the room, Elphias Doge's white hair went flying back and his eyes went wide and terrified. Tom swished his wand through the air, Elphias was flung back into the stone gray wall and Tom strode forward until their faces were almost touching.

"Tell me," Tom hissed dangerously, "how does Dumbledore know that Harry Potter is alive?" Elphias' eyes took on a panicked gleam as they darted from side to side. Tom would've sneered, but he was too angry, instead his face remained a mask of fury. Tom jabbed his wand into Elphias' throat. "Tell me, now!"

"I cannot," Elphias said, his voice shaking even though it was obvious he was attempting to make it steady. Tom's red eyes narrowed as he dug his wand into Elphias' throat.

"Tell me now or I will make you," Tom threatened. He could hear the command and fury in his own voice. He knew that even the bravest of men would falter under his tone, he had seen it happen countless times. Everyone was brave until they weren't anymore, until they couldn't be anymore. Everyone had a breaking point, and he would have no qualms about finding Elphias' Doge's. "If this is about not wanting to betray your old friend Dumbledore," he spat the name, "than do not worry for you have already done so." In the blink of an eye Tom's wand moved from Elphias' throat, it was then pointing at the young woman. "Tell me, or we find out whether or not this young Muggle girl is a virgin. Your choice." Elphias turned his head so that he was looking at the young girl. Tom waved his wand and the girls body remained rigid but her head was unfrozen, she began violently moving it from side to side.

"Please!" The girl screamed, her voice echoing pathetically off the walls. Lucius sneered at the young girl, disgust written all over his features. "Please don't!" Her voice cracked and tears rolled down her face, mascara stained underneath her blue eyes. Her eyes were filled with horror, but there was also a hint of confusion, it was obvious she had no idea how she was being forced to remain frozen. "Who are you people?" The girls pleading and tears continued.

"Choose now," Tom ordered. His patience was waning as his fury mounted.

"Gringotts," Elphias spoke quickly as the young girls screams intensified. Tom waved his wand to silence the girl but her head remained movable, he could see her silently screaming out of the corner of his eye. "Albus went to Gringotts in June, he went to ask what had become of the Potter vaults. When the last member of a family dies the contents of a vault are divided based on a persons will, if there is no will than the vaults contents are given to the Ministry of Magic. As I'm sure you're aware, the goblins don't speak of their clients to anyone outside of Gringotts employees, not even to the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot," Elphias continued, his eyes flicking back and forth between the silently screaming girl and Tom. "However since in the event of James and Lily Potter's deaths their sons custody was to go to Sirius Black," Elphias Doge's eyes darkened, "but seeing as the traitor is in Azkaban, Harry's custody was then to go to Albus Dumbledore." Tom sneered at the revelation, albeit it wasn't unsurprising. "So Albus was able to inquire as to the Potter vaults state, it was then he found out through the goblins that the vault was active since Harry Potter was alive." Tom took a step back as his mind processed this information, it makes sense, he was cursing himself for not thinking about the goblins. He knew why the goblins hadn't told anyone about Harry Potter being alive, they never involved themselves in the affairs of wizards.

"Does he know where Harry Potter is?" Tom asked, his red eyes bored into Elphias'. It Dumbledore knew than he wouldn't allow his son to return to Hogwarts. It would hinder his plans but his sons life would need to come first, he would just have to alter them slightly.

"No," Elphias answered. "Albus has spent the past two months trying to uncover his whereabouts but to no avail." Tom had been able to sense a lie since he was younger, he had learned to use Legilimency in a way to detect the truth or lies a person spoke. He could sense that Elphias was indeed telling the truth, Dumbledore had no clue that Harrison Riddle was Harry Potter. Tom turned to look at Lucius who was staring at Elphias with a calculation expression.

"Lucius," Tom spoke quietly and the man turned to him. "Fetch my son, take him to my office and tell him to wait for me there." Tom's eyes glanced down to the young girl. "Take the muggle to the dungeons."

"As you wish my Lord," Lucius said with a slight bow. The blonde glared at Elphias before levitating the Muggle and exiting the room. The large door slammed shut and echoed around the silent room. Tom stood silently for a moment before turning to Elphias, his face expressionless. Tom tilted his head to the side as he pointed his wand at Elphias whose eyes once more widened in horror.

"I fear that I will learn nothing more from you," Tom murmured. "I know from several sources that you rarely attend Order of the Phoenix meetings. The only reason you knew this little piece of information is because I assume, I know correctly, that Dumbledore wished for your help in finding the boy." Elphias didn't speak, his face paling. "So now you are of no use to me." The tip of Tom's wand glowed emerald green. "Goodbye Mr. Doge." A green light shot from Tom's wand and hit Elphias in the chest, the older wizard crumpled to the floor. Tom stared blankly at the dead body before him, he felt nothing for the mans death. Tom's fury from several moments before had abated now that he knew Harrison was still safe, but he knew they would have to be careful. Harrison would have to be careful, one small slip up and their plans would crumble. "Tilly," Tom called and a small house elf appeared.

"How can Tilly help master?" Tilly asked with a low bow, her nose touching the ground. Tom's lips curled into a sadistic smile causing the house elf to visibly flinch.

"Bring me a box," Tom ordered. "I need to make a delivery."

Harrison felt panic rise up in his chest as his fathers words sunk in. 'This cannot be happening, this cannot be happening. What if Dumbledore finds out who I was born as?'

"Calm down," Tom spoke evenly. Harrison looked up at his father, Tom was staring intently at him. Harrison noticed that everything that was on Tom's desk was now scattered on the ground. The flames in the fireplace had gone out and books were laying on the ground, covers torn off and pages bent. Harrison closed his eyes, he hadn't realized that he had lost control of his magic. He had been so worried upon learning that Dumbledore knew Harry Potter was alive that he had lost control. He mentally cursed himself, he needed to get control of his emotions. He knew that his father wouldn't allow any harm to come to him and neither would Severus who would be with him at Hogwarts. His father had told him that Dumbledore had no clue he was born Harry Potter, he needed to push his anger and panic down. The former would do him no good and the latter would only make him weak. Slowly Harrison opened his eyes to see that everything in his fathers office was repaired and a cup of tea was sitting in front of him, light brown liquid swirling in a gold cup.

"I'm sorry," Harrison said as he reached out to grab the teacup. Harrison put the teacup to his lips as Tom continued to eye him carefully.

"It's alright Harrison," Tom assured him in a tone that most would find off for him to use. "As I told you, I will not allow Dumbledore to find out the truth until the time comes for him to know. As long as you continue to be careful the old fool will not find out. Don't do anything to cause him to make the connection between you and Harry Potter. This isn't something I had planned on him finding out so soon, he wasn't supposed to know until I had taken over. However, I cannot control this so we will have to plan around it." Harrison nodded as he continued to reign in his emotions, he believed that everything would be okay but he couldn't help but worry. Harrison had truly never expected Dumbledore to find out that he was Harry Potter until moments before his death, it was, if he were to admit it, terrifying that Dumbledore knew Harry Potter was alive. Harrison didn't associate himself with the Potter's, in his eyes he had never been Harry Potter. He was Harrison Riddle, he always had been and he always would be. However, Harrison knew that if Dumbledore found out the truth than he would be taken away and no doubt raised right under Dumbledore's nose. "Only my inner circle knows of your birth name, and none of them will say anything." Harrison nodded absentmindedly as he put his teacup down.

Harrison knew he shouldn't be surprised, it seemed like Dumbledore always found everything out that he shouldn't. But they had been so careful, he knew what lengths his father had gone to in order to keep his birth identity hidden. Not even Harrison's best friends knew that he had been born Harry Potter. Harrison would have to be extra careful this year, especially when he was around Dumbledore. The thought of Dumbledore finding out before it was time made him ill.

"Do I need to do anything differently this upcoming school year?" Harrison asked as Nani slithered out from his sleeve. Harrison absentmindedly stroked his familiar as her tongue flicked out and hit his wrist. Harrison hoped that this didn't change anything for him this year. "You've told me what you require me to do, but does Dumbledore finding out change anything?" Tom looked pensive for a moment, Harrison looked down at Nani, her green scales glittering in the light.

"No," Tom said after a moment of silence. "The plans on your end will remain the same." Tom looked over at a large wooden clock, shimmering snakes spun around the edges. "You leave for Hogwarts tomorrow, you should go to sleep." Harrison nodded as he allowed Nani to crawl up his arm to rest on his shoulders.

"Goodnight father," Harrison said as he walked towards the door.

"Goodnight son," Tom murmured.

The Great Hall was void of any students, the head table was the only table with any occupied seats. Dumbledore sat in the center of the table, his golden throne like chair shining bright as his thoughts consumed his attention. He didn't hear a word of what McGonagall, Snape, Flitwick or Sprout were talking about. All of the other professors were absent, spending the evening devising lesson plans or doing something else to prepare for the upcoming school year. Dumbledore's thoughts were grave as he tried not to think about his lack of progress into the whereabouts of Harry Potter. Ever since he learned of the boys survival his thoughts had been predominately focused on him. Dumbledore wondered how Harry survived when he had seen the body of Harry Potter laying in his crib. Many theories had formed: Tom had kidnapped him and Harry had spent the past twelve years locked away somewhere, Sirius Black had taken him and hidden the boy away before he had gone and killed all of those Muggles or someone else had taken the boy to raise. Dumbledore prayed it wasn't the first, he didn't want to think about what a monster like Tom would do to an innocent boy. For a fleeting moment he had considered the possibly that one of Voldemort's Death Eaters had been tasked to raise the boy, but Dumbledore didn't think Voldemort would allow Harry Potter to prosper. Not when the boy had been prophesied to be his downfall.

Dumbledore had subtly inquired at the Ministry of Magic and had used his influence to investigate everyone who had a son the same age as Harry. None of them seemed suspicious, he had concluded that the boy had never set foot in Hogwarts. He was as of now assuming that Harry was either locked away as a prisoner or being home schooled. Dumbledore had told McGonagall, Moody and Elphias what he had discovered and the three were doing everything they could to find anything out. McGonagall had many friends she could subtly get information from, Moody knew almost everybody and he knew how to be subtle, and Elphias was exceedingly intelligent. Dumbledore knew that one of them would eventually find some hint of the boys whereabouts. One small piece of information was all he needed to be led to another piece of information. So far besides knowing that Harry was alive, he knew that Harry hadn't accessed any of his vaults. As Harry's magical guardian Dumbledore had been able to access his records, the Potter vaults hadn't been touched since 1981. Other than that he knew nothing and it was both frustrating and worrying.

Dumbledore needed to find Harry, he needed to bring him to Hogwarts where the boy could be trained and educated to fight Voldemort. Twelve years ago when Dumbledore learned of Harry's death, he had been forced to change all of his plans. With Harry dead it fell to Dumbledore to defeat Voldemort, something he wasn't confident he would be able to do. Voldemort had grown more powerful than Dumbledore had predicted, and Dumbledore needed someone with a sure chance to defeat him. Dumbledore would of course fight Voldemort with his last breath, the man needed to be defeated in order for the war to end. Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix had recruited new members but it was hard finding people to willingly defy Voldemort. It was one thing to not join Voldemort, but most people were too scared to fight him head on. If Dumbledore found Harry he would be able to train the boy to fulfill his destiny. However Dumbledore knew that there was a chance he might not find the boy, not that he would ever stop looking. But Dumbledore needed to continue recruiting members to the Order and educating young witches and wizards. If Harry wasn't found someone else would need to defeat Voldemort, and that wouldn't happen by sitting idly back.

Dumbledore had spent the past twelve years studying Voldemort and doing everything he could to stop him but it hadn't been enough. Voldemort's power grew, as did his ranks while Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix members were killed off. Death Eaters didn't fight fair, and the light side was out numbered. Dumbledore still wasn't sure why Voldemort hadn't staked his claim on Britain, Fudge may be blind but Dumbledore wasn't. The light was no closer to destroying Voldemort and his Death Eaters, in fact they were worse off now than they ever were. Dumbledore knew Voldemort had enough power to take over Britain which made him wonder why he hadn't. Dumbledore dreaded the answer, he had several suspicions but he hoped none of them were true. There had been rumors that Voldemort was recruiting in other countries, if that was true it would explain why over the past decade less wizards and witches had been killed. Before the Potter's had died, those on the light were killed left and right, as were Muggles. After the Potter's deaths, Death Eater activity didn't stop but it slowed down exponentially. People had slowly begun leaving their houses again and the fear everyone felt lessened slightly. But recruiting in other countries would mean that Voldemort didn't find Britain to be enough, that he wanted to take over more. And as the killing of Muggles began once more increasing Dumbledore feared that Voldemort had even more Death Eaters, in even more countries than anyone had imagined.

Six owls flew in through the open windows and Dumbledore was pulled from his thoughts as two landed in front of him. Dumbledore recognized the Evening Prophet, the special edition that was only released when something significant happened. Dumbledore knew immediately what had caused the issue to be sent when he saw the headline. Dumbledore heard Sprout make a strangled sound in the back of her throat and Dumbledore felt fury rise inside of him as he unfolded the paper and began to read.

Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban

By Rita Skeeter

Sirius Black, possibly the most infamous prisoner ever to be held in Azkaban fortress, escaped this afternoon, the Ministry of Magic confirmed today. As of now the Ministry of Magic remains in the dark as to how Sirius Black was able to escape from the dubbed, 'Impossible to escape from fortress'. All that is currently known is that early this afternoon Aurors found the cell belonging to Sirius Black empty. Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Amelia Bones and newly appointed Head of the Auror Office Kingsley Shacklebolt are doing everything they can to recapture Sirius Black. Every Auror and Hit Wizard has been called in to help find the mass murderer.

"We are doing all we can to recapture Black," said the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, this afternoon, "and we beg the magical community to remain calm." Fudge has been criticized by some members of the International Federation of Warlocks for informing the Muggle Prime Minister of the crisis. "Well, really, I had to, don't you know," said an irritable Fudge. "Black is mad. He's a danger to anyone who crosses him, magic or Muggle. I have the Prime Minister's assurance that he will not breathe a word of Black's true identity to anyone. And let's face it - who'd believe him if he did?"

While Muggles have been told that Black is carrying a gun (a kind of metal wand that Muggles use to kill each other), the magical community lives in fear of a massacre like that of twelve years ago, when Black murdered thirteen people with a single curse. Sirius Black is also known as the man who betrayed James Potter, his wife Lily and their son Harry which led to their deaths at the hands of You-Know-Who almost twelve years ago. The Ministry of Magic has also issued a warning to everyone not to attempt to capture Sirius Black.

Underneath the article was a picture of Sirius Black, his gray eyes flicking from side to side as he laughed wildly. Dumbledore remembered seeing that picture the morning after Sirius had been arrested. Dumbledore sat the Evening Prophet down, but his eyes didn't leave the picture of Sirius. 'How had Sirius escaped?' Dumbledore knew it should be impossible to escape from Azkaban, and even if one did escape they would need a way to get to England. After all, Azkaban was on a tiny island in the North Sea. Dumbledore could still remember the pain, anger, sorrow and confusion upon learning about the Potter's death. He had never suspected that Sirius would be the traitor, he and James had been closer than brothers. Dumbledore had regretted not forcing James into allowing him to be their secret keeper. Peter Pettigrew going after Sirius had also shocked him, the boy had always been the least courageous of the group and the least likely to go off on his own. Dumbledore was at a loss to how Sirius escaped from Azkaban, he would've thought Sirius would've lost his mind years ago courtesy of the effects Dementors have. Worry began to filter through Dumbledore, another dark wizard at large, one as powerful and most likely as deranged at Sirius would be a huge risk. And with Harry Potter alive and out there somewhere it made the situation more worrying. Dumbledore would have to find a way to strengthen the wards around Hogwarts, and he would need to talk to Amelia about posting Aurors in Hogsmeade during the students visits.

With everything that happened the previous two years at Hogwarts the Wizarding world was watching him like a nesting dragon watches her eggs. Dumbledore was going to have to deal with a High Inquisitor, a new History of Magic teacher and a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this year. Dumbledore hired Remus but the other two were chosen by the Board of Governors, and he didn't agree with either appointment. Sirius Black's escape was going to make things even more difficult for him. As soon as he opened his package he would Floo to the Ministry.

"How did he escape Albus?" McGonagall asked, her hand clutching her chest. "How is it possible?" Dumbledore turned grave blue eyes to the head of Gryffindor house. The normally stern and proper McGonagall looked faint, behind her Snape was glaring at the Evening Prophet that laid in front of him. Both of Snape's hands clutching the armrests of his chair. Dumbledore sighed as he turned to look at the other two heads of house. Sprout looked worse off than McGonagall, and Flitwick looked horrified. Dumbledore knew that Lily Potter nee Evans had been one of Flitwick's favorite students, her death had hit the normally jovial professor hard.

"This I do not know," Dumbledore said as he looked back at McGonagall. "I had not been informed of his escape, I am just now learning of it too." His blue eyes bored into the side of Snape's head, the man must've sensed it because Snape turned to look at him. Snape's obsidian eyes were flashing with anger and hatred. "Severus, did Tom tell you about this?" McGonagall's eyes widened minutely before her head snapped around to Snape. The latter sneered as his eyes continued to flash between anger and hatred.

"I knew nothing of this," Snape snapped. "If I had I would've informed you." Dumbledore searched Snape's face before he sighed and turned to examine the package he received. Dumbledore as usual scanned the package for any dark curses, the box showed no traces of magic. Dumbledore frowned at the label, his name was on the front but there was no sign as to who the sender was. Dumbledore waved his wand, cutting the box open. Dumbledore jumped up upon seeing the contents and his face drained of color.

"Albus?" McGonagall questioned worriedly. "What is it?" She pulled the box towards her and jumped back as the box tipped over and a head rolled out and onto her plate. Sprout screamed as the head of Elphias Doge landed on McGonagall's plate, his eyes wide and fearful. Dried blood stuck to the side of Elphias' face and his hair was filthy. Dumbledore felt sick as words of shock and outrage came from McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout. Dumbledore had seen many of his friends die, he had seen children and adults alike fall to the ground to never again get up. But in his entire life he had never felt so disgusted, the head of his oldest friend was sitting before him. Dumbledore felt his disgust and horror be replaced by fury, he knew who had done this. There was only one person sick enough to taunt you with the dead body, or in this case head, of a loved on by sending it to you.

"How?" McGonagall asked faintly. "Was it You-Know-Who?" Dumbledore hadn't heard McGonagall sound so worried in years. "How is this possible?" Dumbledore didn't take his eyes away from Elphias, he couldn't seem to tear his blue gaze away from Elphias'. His eyes looked terrified, his friend must have feared for his life, he must've been so scared. Dumbledore paled, Elphias knew about Harry Potter being alive. If Voldemort didn't already know about Harry Potter alive than he did now. Dumbledore closed his eyes, he felt much older than his actual age as a single tear slipped from his right eye.


Snape stared stoically at the head of Elphias Doge. He knew that Voldemort had captured Elphias and was torturing him for information. However, he hadn't been informed that Elphias had been killed or that his head was to be sent to Dumbledore. Snape refrained from smirking, although inwardly he was. Sending the severed head of one of Dumbledore's oldest friends was a good way to get to Dumbledore, a good way to temporarily lower his morale. Although, it would end up making him very angry. Snape wondered if that was Voldemort's plan, make Dumbledore angry and causing him to make a mistake. However, Snape didn't dwell long on the head of Elphias Doge. The man was of no consequence to him, him being dead was only good in Snape's opinion.

What Snape kept thinking about was Sirius Black. He knew that Sirius wasn't a Death Eater, he knew that it was Peter Pettigrew who had betrayed the Potter's. Snape had never cared that Sirius was falsely imprisoned, quite the contrary, he found the situation to be amusing. In his eyes, Sirius Black deserved every bad thing that came his way after everything Sirius did to Snape when they were in school. How Sirius escaped though was a mystery to Snape, he had assumed Sirius was crazy by now. One couldn't spend too much time in Azkaban without going crazy. Years with no one to talk to, only hearing the screams of fellow inmates and surrounded constantly by Dementors would drive anyone crazy. Snape didn't know how Sirius could've been sane enough to escape.

"I would say it was Him," Dumbledore said, his voice radiating power and fury. Snape turned to Dumbledore whose blue eyes were blazing. "Excuse me, I must go to the Ministry." Dumbledore looked at the head of Elphias and briefly closed his eyes before they opened once more. "I will take Elphias with me, with any luck we will soon find the rest of his body." Pain flashed across the headmasters face as he turned to Snape who stared stoically at him. "Find out what you can from Tom." Snape nodded stiffly as Dumbledore levitated the head of Elphias Dogs and briskly walked towards the Great Hall doors. Snape stared at Dumbledore's retreating figure until a strangled sob caused him to turn to Sprout. Snape internally sneered as he stood, the other three heads of house looked at him. Sprouts eyes were rimmed with tears, Flitwick was pale and McGonagall was staring at him worriedly. Without saying a word he strode after Dumbledore, he had to speak with the Dark Lord.

Harrison sat on the Hogwarts Express idly stroking Nani as he listened to the conversations going on in his compartment. Leo and Cass were arguing over Cronus, Cass wanted Leo to send him ahead to Hogwarts but he wouldn't. Harrison eyed the large black bird in amusement, its silver eyes were staring at a fuming Cass. Blaise was flipping through a copy of Wicked Witches and ignoring Pansy's disgusted protests. The front cover showed a beautiful twenty-something witch, her private area covered by a cauldron and her breasts barely covered by her long red hair. Harrison turned to Draco when he heard Hagrid's name.

"I hate that blasted book the stupid oaf Hagrid assigned," Draco said disgruntled. "The bloody thing almost took my hand off." Draco rubbed his hand subconsciously. "Father had to stun the blasted thing."

"I used a belt to keep mine closed," Harrison interjected. "If you don't keep something around it, the book will destroy everything."

"It ate my copy of Advanced Charms," Daphne said through pursed lips. "Mother told me to use Spellotape to keep it shut."

"So Harrison," Blaise said, interrupting their conversation as he threw his magazine into his trunk. "Where's your girlfriend." Harrison rolled his eyes, he noticed Daphne frown but he pretended not to notice. He knew that Daphne like him, it was obvious to anyone who knew her. But Harrison didn't want to ruin their friendship unless he was sure it was going to work out. Harrison noticed that everyone was looking at him.

"I told her I'd find her sometime during the journey," Harrison told them. "There's not enough room in here for her to join us." He ignored the curious look Luna was sending him from over her Charms book. For the next two hours Harrison talked to his friends about their training schedule for the year. After they ate lunch Harrison bid them goodbye and went to find Susan. Harrison walked out of his compartment into the crowded hall. A group of fourth year Gryffindors were giggling and pointing at Cedric Diggory who seemed oblivious. Harrison rolled his eyes as he pushed past them towards the compartment Susan normally sat in. Harrison pulled open the compartment and stuck his head in. Susan was sitting against the wall, Hannah Abbot next to her. The two were talking animatedly with one another, a blonde girl named Sally-Anne Perks was sitting across from them looking through a book.

"Harrison," Susan said happily, a faint blush covering her cheeks. Sally-Anne looked up from her book, her face turned bright red and she turned away. Harrison inwardly smirked.

"Hello beautiful," Harrison greeted causing her blush to deepen. "Hannah." Hannah greeted him with a smile. "Susan, do you want to go for a walk?" Susan glanced at Hannah who nodded, Susan got up and Harrison immediately took her hand. "Don't worry, I'll have her back soon." Harrison told Hannah with a wink causing the blonde to join her best friend in blushing. Harrison and Susan left the compartment and he led her down the corridor, people openly stared at their intertwined hands. A look of surprise showed on several of the older Hufflepuff's faces at the site of the new couple. Harrison led Susan passed a group of first years who were nervously standing outside of the bathroom. He glanced into the compartments they passed until he found and empty one. "Shall we?" Harrison asked smoothly and Susan nodded. The two third years slipped into the compartment, Harrison cast several spells with his wand. "Privacy and silencing charms," he explained at Susan's questioning look.

"Why do we-" Susan began, she trailed off as her face turned as red as her hair. Harrison smirked as he pulled Susan onto his lap, they were only thirteen but he was a boy with raging hormones. They hadn't done anything besides making out but he was eager to do more. Harrison knew Susan wasn't ready and he wasn't going to force her, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to snog her at every opportunity. Harrison found her blushing cute, she did it every time she was embarrassed. They had talked about kissing before and she had blushed then too. Susan moved so that she was still on Harrison's lap but her legs were on the seat. One of Harrison's hands was on her lower back and the other one was resting on her right knee. Harrison leaned down and captured her lips with his, her lips were soft and it tasted like she was wearing strawberry chap stick. Their lips moved in sync and Harrison slid his tongue into her mouth, the hand that was resting on Susan's knee slowly began moving up towards her thigh. Harrison's other hand moved so that it was pulling her closer to him from her waist. Susan pulled back, her lips swollen. She glanced at Harrison's hand which was on her upper thigh.

"I'm not ready yet to-" Susan began but Harrison cut her off by kissing her lips. Harrison then pulled back as he ran a hand through her silky hair.

"I know," Harrison murmured.

At long last, the train stopped at Hogsmeade station, and there was a great scramble to get outside; owls hooted, cats meowed, and Belle hissed angrily at being woken up. It was freezing on the tiny platform; rain was driving down in icy sheets. Harrison who had stayed with Susan grabbed her hand and pulled her closely towards him. He cast warming charms on both of them, making sure to use his wand.

"Firs' years this way!" called an unwelcome familiar voice. Harrison turned and saw the gigantic outline of Hagrid at the other end of the platform, beckoning the terrified-looking new students forward for their traditional journey across the lake. Harrison glared at the half-giant before following the rest of the school along the platform and out onto a rough mud track, where at least a hundred stagecoaches awaited the remaining students, each pulled by black winged horses, called Thestrals.

"Harrison!" Jenna called out. Harrison turned and saw Jenna waving at him to come over. Harrison led Susan to the stagecoach and helped her inside before joining her. Once he sat down he wrinkled his nose, it smelt like moldy straw and something he didn't want to think about.

"I don't understand why we can't Floo into the castle," Pansy complained as she combed her fingers through her wet hair. "My hair is ruined."

"It's tradition," Theo told her.

"I don't care," Pansy snapped. "And it can't be too much of a tradition. When Hogwarts was first founded students arrived to Hogwarts however they wanted." Harrison blocked out Theo's words, he was wet and slightly annoyed. He didn't want to spend the next fifteen minutes listening to his friends argue.


Luna was sitting in a stagecoach looking out of the window, raindrops were falling down like rocks from the sky. Loud splashes could be heard courtesy of the rain hitting the top of the carriage. Hermione was sitting to her right, the older girl was talking about what electives she was taking. Luna normally listened closely, you never knew what you could learn but she couldn't concentrate. Luna's head felt like it was filled with fluff, she couldn't concentrate on anything, it was an odd feeling. Suddenly Luna felt her eyes glaze over as a vision flashed through her mind.

*Curses were sailing through the air, screams echoed from every direction and the snow was stained red with blood. Harrison was running, his breath coming out ragged and his eyes darting left and right. Blaise was next to him, his black hair more messy than usual. A look of confidence radiated on Blaise's face as he ducked a red stunner.

"Three Broomsticks?" Blaise asked as a loud explosion filled the air. Smoke could be seen rising up behind several buildings and the screams intensified.

"Yeah, we'll-" Harrison was cut off by a loud 'bang'. Harrison and Blaise were thrown backwards, and they slammed into a gray stone wall. A loud crack could be heard as the two boys slid to the ground. Blaise's head was resting on his shoulder and his wand was no longer in his hand. Harrison's head snapped up as he began coughing violently. Harrison scrambled onto his hands and knees as his coughing turned almost violent, blood poured from his mouth as he rolled onto his side. Harrison winced like he hadn't realized how much pain he was in, he wiped his mouth on his sleeve. Harrison's emerald eyes appeared to be out of focus, he closed them for a second before they opened. His eyes glowed Avada Kedavra green as he took in his surroundings. Shards of wood were surrounding him and the snow was tinged red, brown and yellow. Harrison froze when he saw Blaise before moving towards him, a hiss escaped his lips when he stood up. "Blaise, come on we need to go." Harrison knelt down towards Blaise, when he touched his shoulder Blaise's body slumped back. The color drained from Harrison's face. "No," Harrison's voice sounded desperate.

"Harrison! Harrison!" Harrison spun around and saw a terrified Hermione staring at him. Her red sweater was ripped in several places and tears were rolling down her cheeks. "He won't move, Theo won't move!" Hermione fell to her knees and buried her head in her hands. A choked sob escaped from her as her body trembled. "He told me to leave, his wand was broken and I couldn't find mine. I couldn't levitate him." Hermione's body shook harder. "Everyone was running and screaming, I couldn't see straight. I- I." Hermione started to hyperventilate. Harrison went even paler, he glanced at Blaise, pain flashing over his face before his expression hardened. Harrison looked murderous, his eyes glowed almost inhumanly as he briskly walked towards Hermione.

"Where is he?" Harrison asked urgently.

"He-he's by-" A loud gong like noise reverberated through the air, Harrison cast a protection shield as the sky was illuminated. A thick white smoke flew towards them, it shattered Harrison's shield sending them both flying backwards. Hermione landed on the ground in a heap, her neck twisted to the side. Harrison landed five feet away, blood trickling down the side of his face.*

Luna's eyes went back into focus, she was once more looking out into the dark night, raindrops falling heavily. She turned slowly towards Hermione who was still talking about her classes. Luna forced herself not to grab Hermione and pull her into a hug. Her vision had seemed so real, she had heard blood curdling screams and smelt burning flesh and fire. Luna shivered slightly but no one seemed to notice, most likely because of the rain. The first idea she had was to find Harrison as soon as she got out of the carriage and tell him what she saw but something was telling her not to. Her instincts were screaming at her not to tell Harrison or Tom what she had just seen. She didn't know why but she knew that she should trust her instincts, she just hoped they were right.

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