The Son of Lord Voldemort

Diagon Alley

If you were to look at Riddle Manor from the outside you wouldn't think that much had changed in the past ten years. The manor was still grand and the large windows still gleamed as though they were made of diamonds. Ivy still grew on the walls and the gardens were still immaculate. Frogs could still be found hopping from lily pad to lily pad in the pond and the forest continued to add to the beauty of the grounds.

Inside however everything was different. Ten years ago the manor was quiet and usually devoid of people besides Tom Riddle, with the exception of meetings. Expensive paintings hung from the walls and antique vases decorated the rooms. Now moving pictures of a young boy laughing, flying, and running around hung next to the expensive paintings. Portraits of a handsome man with ice blue eyes and a young boy with eyes that shone like emeralds hung above fireplaces and laughing could be heard throughout the manor. Young kids frequented the manor, something which ten years ago would've never happened.

The changes were caused by Harrison Salazar Riddle, the son of Tom Marvolo Riddle, and the heir of the great Salazar Slytherin himself. Over the past ten years Harrison had grown into a handsome young man. He was tall for his age with short jet black hair that was always styled perfectly, he had pale skin and eyes that shone like the brightest emeralds. Harrison had also become exceedingly smart, some would even go so far as to call him a genius or a prodigy. Ever since he could read he would spend hours every day reading books and trying to learn as much as he could. Harrison, along with his best friends had also been tutored in magic by Tom and several of his death eaters.

As well as learning about magic Harrison also learned several languages, something which his father told him would come in handy as he got older. He was fluent in French, Italian, Bulgarian, and Latin. He had never counted parseltongue as a language since he had been able to speak it for as long as he could remember.

The day after Harrison's eleventh birthday found Harrison sitting down in one of the dining rooms at Riddle Manor with his father. The dining room was large with a black marble floor and a long dark brown table that seated twelve. There was a roaring fireplace that was ten feet tall along one wall and a pair of tall double doors along another. There were several paintings of various landscapes on the walls and an antique chandelier hung from the ceiling. This was the darkest of the dining rooms, but also the smallest which is why they would normally eat breakfast in there.

As soon as Harrison sat down a small green snake with shimmering scales poked its head out of his sleeve. The snake slithered out and moved up one of his arms until it was lounging around his shoulders. The snake was two feet long and the tip of its tail was the only part that wasn't green, instead it was a bright silver color.

"I trust you slept well?" Tom asked his son as he sat down his cup of coffee.

"Yes," Harrison said while cutting a piece of ham for his familiar. "I fell asleep as soon as I laid down actually."

"Good," Tom replied. "You had a long day yesterday, I'm not surprised that you were extremely tired."

"Speaking of yesterday, thank you again for my presents," Harrison said sincerely. "Especially for Ares."

Ares was the large black owl his father had given him as one of his birthday presents. Harrison had chosen the name Ares because that was the name of the Greek God of war, bloodlust, and violence. Those who knew what the name meant had found his choice amusing.

"You're very welcome," Tom remarked with a warm smile.

I don't like him. The snake around Harrison's shoulders hissed.

Harrison rolled his eyes, he knew that his familiar was talking about his new owl. He's not replacing you Nani, he fed her another piece of ham. I need an owl for school.

Nani made an annoyed hissing noise just as a house elf popped into the room. The tiny elf had several envelopes and a newspaper in her hand, she bowed low before setting them down on the table in between Tom and Harrison.

"The owls delivered this mornings post," the small elf squeaked.

Tom nodded and reached for that mornings Daily Prophet. He waved a hand dismissively and the elf bowed low before disappearing with a pop. Tom froze once he had the paper in one hand, he stared down at a letter addressed to Harrison written in green ink. A smile spread across the Dark Lords face as he picked up the letter and handed it to his son.

Harrison grabbed the letter and grinned when he saw it, his Hogwarts letter had finally arrived. He quickly broke the waxed seal which was the crest of Hogwarts and pulled out the letter.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock of the Wizengament, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Riddle,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

Harrison had rolled his eyes after reading the part concerning Dumbledore but he was smiling by the end. He had grown up hearing stories about Hogwarts from his father, his godparents, various honorary aunts and uncles, and the older kids of his fathers death eaters. When he was younger he would listen closely as they would talk about the classes, the Great Hall and quidditch games. Regulus Black, or Uncle Reg as Harrison called him would tell him stories about the latter; he had played seeker for Slytherin when he attended Hogwarts.

He had dreamed about going to Hogwarts for as long as he could remember and now he'd finally be going. He already knew all of the spells he knew they'd learn in first year but he was still excited to go. It was all him and his friends talked about for the past several months. He would even bother his father by asking questions that he'd already asked dozens of times before. He would interrupt meetings not caring if someone was being held under the cruciatus curse or not, he would walk into the meeting room and start pelting the Dark Lord. He was extremely lucky that his father would never curse him or else he was sure he'd have been in the long term ward at St. Mungo's by now.

"Dad, can we go to Diagon Alley?" Harrison asked looking up from his letter.

"I spoke with Lucius last night at your party," Tom said before pausing to take a sip of his coffee. "We will meet Lucius, Narcissa and Draco along with Bellatrix, Rodolphus and the twins tomorrow in front of Ollivander's at nine."

Harrison's grin increased and he nodded his head before looking back down at his letter.

Tom was pulled from his thoughts when Severus Snape appeared in the flames of his fireplace. Snape's greasy hair was framing his face and his face was stoic as usual, his onyx eyes not revealing any emotion.

"Severus, you better have a good reason for fire calling me at midnight," Tom said in a quiet voice that held power.

"I do my Lord," Severus said respectfully. "May I come through."

Tom waved a hand in a gesture for him to come through, and a second later Severus Snape was standing in front of him brushing off soot from his black robes. The man bowed his head as a sign of respect and Tom gestured for him to sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

"What is so important Severus?" Tom asked as he eyed his spy with hidden curiosity. Severus Snape wasn't one for social calls, especially not at that late hour.

"Dumbledore called me to his office this afternoon," Snape began and Tom's eyes instantly snapped up to his.

"Oh?" Tom asked. "Do go on Severus."

"He had apparently just finished going over the list of new students to be attending Hogwarts this year," Snape continued. "He was worried when he came across Harrison's name on the list."

"Does he know Harrison is my son?" Tom asked quickly. His plans wouldn't work if Dumbledore was to find out that Harrison was the Dark Lord's son.

"He had considered that option, however he was hesitant to believe it," Snape told him. "He doesn't think you would ever want kids, and no one outside of the Death Eaters and their immediate families know that you have an heir. He asked me if I knew if you were a parent and I told him that you weren't, and that the only children I see at headquarters are children of Death Eaters. He is appeased for now, but I fear he will be watching Harrison closely for any signs that you might be his father."

Tom's mind was working a million miles a second. If Dumbledore found out that Harrison is my son he would no doubt try to turn him against me. I know he'll never betray me, however when Harrison refuses to help which he would he'd then be in danger. Finding out he's my son would also lead to questions about his mother, and eventually the old fool would figure out that he is my son, but through blood adoption and not conception. And if Dumbledore were to find out that Harrison Riddle was Harry Potter than he didn't know what would happen. What he did know was that no one was taking his son away from him, especially not the old fool of a headmaster. He decided that he would need to speak with his son about not attracting Dumbledore's attention.

"Severus, you will make sure that the old fool doesn't figure out I am Harrison's father," Tom said, there was a hint of warning in his voice. "If he begins to get suspicious I want you to tell me immediately. You will also inform me of anything significant that happens concerning my son, whether or not he doesn't want me to know. He won't be happy about it but I can't protect him if I don't know what is going on."

Severus nodded. "Of course, my Lord."

The next morning at eight o' clock Tom took Harrison's hand and apparated them to one of the apparition points in Diagon Alley. Harrison tried to keep his emotions under control as he landed perfectly on his feet, he let go of his fathers hand and straightened out his green silk robes. He was feeling extremely excited to finally be getting his school supplies, but his father had always told him to keep his expressions to a minimum when in public. At home he could grin or brood but in public he needed to act respectful and proper, and he didn't think grinning like an idiot and running from store to store would be considered proper.

He was slightly annoyed at himself for being so excited to only be buying school supplies, but he couldn't help it. He had been raised to be proper and educated, he learned everything from Charms to the Dark Arts. He had been groomed to be a powerful wizard both politically and magically for as long as he could remember. He spent so much time acting the part of an adult and heir to the Dark Lord Voldemort that he was excited to be going to Hogwarts where he could make a name for himself without his fathers help. He loved his father more than anything in the world, but he wanted to make a mark on his own without his father guiding him and pulling the strings. He knew that one day he would rule by his fathers side above the muggles and pathetic light sided wizards and witches, but right now, he just wanted to get his school supplies and attend Hogwarts.

The thing he was looking forward to getting the most was a wand. He had a wand already, nine and a half inches made of Elder wood with basilisk venom for the core. It was one of the gifts he received for his seventh birthday from his father. The wand was untraceable so he could perform magic outside of school and it was extremely powerful. He liked his wand but it hadn't picked him, and even though one of his fathers death eaters who knew wand lore said it was a perfect fit he still wanted one that chose him. Some of his older friends had told them about the days they got their wands and he couldn't wait to finally get a wand that chose him, and not one that his father had made.

"We need to go to Gringotts," Tom said as he led the way to the large white stone building.

"Okay," Harrison replied as he followed his father through the packed street of Diagon Alley.

The sun shone brightly and the morning air gently caressed Harrison's face as they passed the early morning shoppers. They passed a shop that had a dozen cauldrons of different sizes in the window, a shop where hooting could be heard coming from inside, and a store Harrison knew sold high end clothing. There were shops that sold telescopes and odd silver instruments, as well as shops that sold quills and globes of the moon.

A plump woman outside an Apothecary was shaking her head as they passed, saying, "Dragon liver, sixteen Sickles an ounce, they're mad…"

They reached a tall imposing white marble building that towered over the shops. Standing beside its burnished bronze doors, wearing a uniform of scarlet and gold was a goblin. He had a swarthy, clever face, a pointed beard, and very long fingers and feet. He bowed as they walked inside.

Now they were facing a second pair of doors, silver this time, with words engraved upon them:

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

Harrison's lips twitched as he read the inscription, he had always found that little poem to be amusing. His father had always told him not to underestimate the goblins, that they had powerful magic in their own right and that they weren't to be crossed.

A pair of goblins bowed them through the silver doors and they were in a vast marble hall. The floor glittered from the light of the dozen gold chandeliers that hung from the high ceiling. About a hundred more goblins were sitting on high stools behind a long counter, scribbling in large ledgers, weighing coins in brass scales, and examining precious stones through eyeglasses. There was a goblin holding a ruby the size of Harrison's fist and another placing large emeralds into a velvet pouch. There were too many doors to count leading off the hall, and yet more goblins were showing people in and out of these.

"Good morning," Tom said in a language Harrison knew was gobbledygook. His father spoke the language of the goblin's for as long as Harrison could remember. "I am Tom Riddle and I am here to enter my vault, the number is 769."

The goblin looked at Tom, Harrison could tell he was impressed. The goblin snapped his fingers, a second later a goblin appeared next to the teller and the first goblin spoke. "Very well, Mr. Riddle. Griphook will take you and your son down to your vault."

"Follow me Mr. Riddle," Griphook said as he led Harrison and Tom towards the entrance to the vaults.

Griphook held the door open for them. They entered into a narrow stone passageway lit with flaming torches. It sloped steeply downward and there were little railway tracks on the floor. Griphook whistled and a small cart came hurtling up the tracks toward them. They climbed in and the cart took off. At first they just hurtled through a maze of twisting passages, but then they began to plunge even deeper. Harrison's eyes began to sting from the cold air as it rushed past so he looked down.

They were going even deeper now and gathering speed. The air became colder and colder as they hurtled round tight corners. They went rattling over an underground ravine and after several minutes they came to a quick stop. They were in the deepest level of Gringotts bank where only the richest families had vaults. The walls were high and made of stone, stalactites hung from up high and stalagmites rose from the floor. It was cold and murky down there, their only source of light came from the torches that hung on the walls every five feet. He could see a dragon in the distance, it had pale skin and a long spiked tail. It saw them in the cart and the dragon let out a mighty roar. Griphook grabbed a small bag and pulled out several metal instruments.

"Stay here," Griphook ordered as he got out of the cart.

Griphook slowly walked towards the dragon and began shaking the metal instruments causing an annoyingly loud ringing noise to echo off the walls. The dragon instantly let out a loud roar and a large stream of fire shot from his mouth and lit up the cave. Harrison could now see several more vault doors including the Riddle vault. Griphook continued to shake the clankers and slowly the dragon retreated away but not before letting out several more ear splitting roars.

Griphook returned and gestured for them to follow him to their vault. They reached a portion of the stone wall that appeared to have an archway carved into it about the width of four normal sized doors and around twelve feet high. The numbers 769 were engraved in the middle. Their vault had no key hole, only a goblin could open it. If anyone else were to try to open the vault they would die a death that would be neither quick nor painless. Griphook ran one of his long fingers over the numbers and the door began to dissolve.

"Come out when you're done," Griphook grumbled before stepping back to allow them access.

Harrison followed his father into their vault and looked around, it looked as it normally did. The vault was crammed from floor to ceiling with golden coins and goblets with the Slytherin crest, silver armor, swords with glittering emeralds in the hilts, the skins of strange creatures- some with long spines, others with dropping wings- potions and poisons in jeweled flasks, and a skull still wearing a crown. There was a silver bowl filled to the brim with rubies the size of eggs and several other bowls filled with various different stones.

"What are you looking for father?" Harrison asked as he watched his dad moving things on a shelf of what looked like expensive cloth.

Harrison knew they hadn't come to Gringotts for money, his father had a money pouch that was connected to their vault. He would think of the amount of money and it would appear in the pouch, Harrison had one as well, he received it for his eleventh birthday. The only time they came to Gringotts was if his father needed to store something or retrieve something other than gold.

He watched as his father grabbed something wrapped in silver paper and store it in his cloak.

"I'll show you later," Tom said in a tone that told Harrison he'd get nowhere by asking again.

Ten minutes later Harrison and his father were walking down the marble steps of Gringotts. The sun was now brighter than only a half an hour earlier the street was now packed with people. Harrison could see parents chasing after kids and teenagers greeting friends. With only a month until school was to start everyone was out buying their school supplies.

"We have thirty minutes," Tom said as he checked his gold watch. Instead of numbers, there were twelve small emeralds that sparkled when the sun hit them. "We can go to Quality Quidditch Supplies since you said you need more stuff for your broom polishing kit."

Harrison gave his father a small smile and led him to Quality Quidditch Supplies. Out front there were a group of boys looking into the window with grins on their faces. The newest broom on the market, the Nimbus 2000 was on display. Harrison had received one for his birthday from his godfather.

"It's the fastest broom ever," a boy who looked to be a year younger than Harrison said.

"It looks amazing," the boys companion marveled with a hint of awe in his voice.

Harrison walked past the boys into the shop. The large bright shop smelt like wood and broom polish. There were rows of quidditch gear, everything from keeper gloves to elbow pads. There were practice snitches, boxes of quaffles, and bludgers as well as a large floor to ceiling case of various quidditch books. There were books on different professional quidditch teams, seeker tactics, chaser tactics, professional players biographies and a book Harrison had read a dozen times, Quidditch Through the Ages.

Along the back wall were dozens of brooms hung up on display, every model on the market was hung up for viewing. There were Nimbus 1000's, Silver Arrow's, Twigger 90's, Comet 260's, Bluebottle's, Cleansweep's and two dozen other models. There were even several small broomsticks meant for younger kids, some for children as young as a year old. He knew that there were charms placed on the children brooms to stop kids from going to high and fast or falling off.

Harrison walked over to a shelf with various broom polishes. He scanned them all until the one he was looking for, diamond high-finish handle polish. He grabbed a jar and made his way to the counter. Once he paid he found his father who had been standing near the door with an expressionless mask on his face as he stared at a group of rowdy kids. Harrison however knew his father well enough to tell that the man was annoyed by the obnoxious kids.

"Are you done?" Tom asked when he spotted his son, Harrison nodded. "Good, we need to be at Ollivander's in five minutes."

They left Quality Quidditch Supplies and Harrison stowed his broom polish in his cloak. They walked past a group of giggling girls, an annoyed looking mother dragging a small boy by the hand, and a man carrying bags of books while a young girl spoke rapidly about starting her electives at Hogwarts. They were one shop away from Ollivander's when Harrison spotted the people they were meeting and he grinned.

A tall blonde man with aristocratic features stood wearing splendid forest green robes, his silver eyes were flicking back and forth between the woman at his side and the people in the alley. The woman next to him was tall, slim and had a gorgeous face. Blue eyes shimmered and pink lips were pursed in disapproval as a small girl ran by almost running into her. Light green robes clung to her body showing off her enviable figure. A boy stood in between them, his short blonde hair styled neatly and his silver eyes looking out into the crowd as if looking for someone. His black and dark blue robes fit him perfectly. Lucius Malfoy, his wife Narcissa, and their son, Draco, looked the part of the perfect, rich, pureblood family.

Lucius Malfoy was Harrison's godfather, he was like an uncle to Harrison. He spent a lot of time at Riddle Manor since he was Tom's right hand man. He taught Harrison and Draco about politics and the art of negotiation. He would tell them stories about various Wizengamot sessions and he would sneer as he would tell them about a man named Arthur Weasley. According to Harrison's Uncle Lucius, Arthur Weasley was the worst sort of wizard. Lucius could seem cold and uncaring to those who didn't know him but in truth he was funny and extremely protective. If anyone was to mess with someone he cared about it would be the last thing they would ever do. He was also one of the most prejudiced people Harrison knew, he hated muggles with a burning passion.

Narcissa had been like a mother to Harrison for as long as he could remember, she was also his godmother. She was the person who taught Harrison how to dance and proper etiquette. In public she kept up a mask of indifference and superiority but when she was alone with those she cared about she was caring and kind. She wasn't a death eater but she frequented Riddle Manor quite often. Whenever Harrison was at Malfoy Manor, which was several times a week she always made him feel as if it was his second home.

Draco was one of Harrison's best friends, he was like the brother he never had. Out of their group of best friends they were the closest, they were practically inseparable. Wherever one was the other one was usually right next to him. They grew up doing everything together; flying, swimming lessons, history lessons, learning about the Dark Arts, sneaking out into the forest at Riddle Manor when they weren't supposed to, ganging up on the lower ranked death eaters, traveling with their parents and talking about anything and everything. They weren't blood related but they considered each other family.

Standing next to the three Malfoys was a family of four; Bellatrix, Rodolphus, Leo and Cassiopeia Lestrange. Bellatrix was Narcissa's sister and she had long black curly hair and large light brown eyes. She wore black robes with silver snakes stitched into the seams. A long silver necklace with an emerald hung around her neck, the stone was the size of Harrison's palm. Harrison had always considered Bellatrix to be an aunt, she always treated him like she did her nephew Draco. She was fiercely protective of Harrison, she even had a nickname for him, her little snake. She helped teach him the Dark Arts and even showed him several spells that she had invented herself. Harrison knew that she was also very fond of torture, he'd overheard some of the lower ranked death eaters talking about how persuasive she could be.

Rodolphus was Bellatrix's husband, he was extremely tall and well built. He had a strong jaw and short black hair, he had the same eye color as his wife. Like Lucius, Rodolphus spent a lot of time at Riddle Manor and around Harrison. He taught Harrison physical self defense, Tom thought it would be good for Harrison to know how to fight without magic. From what Harrison had heard, he was just as twisted when it came to torture as his wife was.

Leo and Cassiopeia were the eleven year old twins of Bellatrix and Rodolphus. Leo looked like a mix of his father and mother, he had short black hair and light brown eyes. He had his mothers large soft lips and eyes, whereas he had his father's facial structure. He had an air of extreme arrogance around him and he wore a superior look on his face as he looked at a family of four walk out of Ollivander's. His twin sister looked like a miniature version of Bellatrix, she had long curly hair that went to her waist and large light brown eyes. Her eyes held a sharp gleam as she eyed a small boy near them, like she was itching to hex the boy into oblivion for daring to breathe near her. The twins were two of Harrison's and Draco's best friends, and being Bellatrix's children they were Draco's cousins. Harrison was extremely close to them and he spent almost as much time with them as he did Draco. They were like family to him, Leo the arrogant brother and Cassiopeia or Cass as everyone called her the sister with a twisted sense of humor.

The twins bickered constantly with each other but that didn't mean they weren't close. They were as close to each other as Harrison was to Draco. They would argue back and forth but if someone messed with one of them the other one would be there in a flash. If you messed with one you dealt with both of them.

"Harrison," Narcissa greeted, her eyes showing that she was glad to see him.

Everyone turned to look at him when Narcissa spoke and several seconds later Cass' arms were wrapped around him.

"Hi Harrison," Cass said as she hugged him tightly.

"Hello Cass," Harrison greeted.

"Hey Harrison," Leo said with his usual arrogant grin.

Draco smiled. "You're finally here."

"Leo, Draco," Harrison said to his best friends.

"How are you this morning dear?" Narcissa asked as she went to give him a hug.

"I'm good Aunt Narcissa," Harrison told her. When he hugged her he smelt a strong scent of fresh linen and flowers.

"You'll be getting your wand today," Bellatrix said as she hugged him almost as tightly as Cass had.

"Finally," Leo said haughtily. "All that rubbish about not being able to get a wand before eleven."

Cass rolled her eyes. "We have wands you idiot."

Leo glared at his sister as Rodolphus cleared his throat in admonishment, no one was supposed to know that they had wands. Leo looked slightly sheepish, very few people could make Leo feel embarrassed and his father happened to be one of them. The look of sheepishness was quickly masked only to be replaced by his usual arrogant look.

"Shall we?" Lucius gestured to Ollivander's after everyone finished their greetings. "We have a lot of stuff to get today and I have several errands to run."

Rodolphus opened the door to Ollivander's wand shop and everyone walked inside.

As they entered the shop, Harrison felt a chill go up his spine. It was as if the shop was filled with some secret magic. It was a small, dusty shop with only one spindly-legged chair. Moments after the entered, Ollivander walked up towards them. His creepy silver misty eyes boring into their souls.

"Hello," Ollivander said. "Hogwarts? Here for your wands?"

"Yes," Draco said as the blonde tried to looked behind Ollivander to see the wands.

Harrison didn't answer, in actuality, he was trying not to roll his eyes. They were eleven and walking into a wand shop, of course they were looking for wands.

"Very well, let's see," Ollivander said as he pulled out a tape measure which began measuring Leo.

It measured him from head to toe, hand to shoulder and around his waist. Harrison could tell that Leo was annoyed when the tape measure began to measure between his eyes.

"Bloody thing was annoying," Leo said to Harrison once the tape measure moved to his twin.

Harrison's lips twitched when he saw Ollivander shoot Leo a speculative look when he heard the boy complain. The wand maker handed Leo a wand, it looked to be about ten inches.

"Try this," Ollivander said. "Holly and dragon heart string, ten inches."

Leo took the wand and waved it causing a nearby vase to explode. Ollivander snatched the wand away and handed him another one. Leo impatiently tried wand after wand until finally he was handed a ten inch walnut and dragon heart string wand, silver sparks shot from the tip. Leo smirked triumphantly while the adults clapped politely.

Cass took about the same amount of time as her brother had. She tried a birch and unicorn hair that was eleven inches, a cedar with dragon heart string that was ten inches and a maple with a unicorn hair that was eight inches. Finally green sparks shot from a nine inch walnut and unicorn hair wand. She grinned as Bellatrix and Rodolphus looked on proudly.

"Try this one," Ollivander said handing Draco a wand. "Ten inches, birch wood."

Draco waved the wand and nothing happened. The second wand Draco tried caused the same vase Leo exploded and Ollivander repaired, to explode. The third wand caused a small fire to catch onto Draco's sleeve and he scowled at Ollivander as the man snatched the wand away. Lucius glared at the wand maker and Narcissa pursed her lips as she placed her hand on her sons shoulder. Ten wands later and finally Draco found his match, his wand was made of hawthorn and was ten inches with a unicorn hair core.

Finally it was Harrison's turn and Ollivander handed him a wand, he waved it once and nothing happened. The second and third wands were the same, they didn't even feel like wands to him. It felt as if he was just waving around a stick. After twenty wands he was starting to feel silly and he was long past annoyed.

"I wonder..." Ollivander stared at Harrison looking thoughtful. "I'll be right back." He turned and walked into the back of the shop.

"Where's he going?" Leo asked as he tried to see where Ollivander had gone.

"To find a wand," Cass said as though talking to an infant.

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Leo said harshly.

At that moment Ollivander came back carrying a box. He pulled out a wand and Harrison felt a pull towards it, he had the feeling this would be his wand.

Harrison took the wand from the box and instantly he felt a warmth spread beginning at his fingers. He looked on as silver and green sparks shot out of the wand.

"Curious...very curious." Ollivander muttered.

"What's curious?" Harrison asked as he put his wand into the wrist holster his Uncle Rodolphus had given him for his birthday.

"Your wand is eleven inches, holly and phoenix feather. The phoenix whose tail feather resides in your wand gave another feather, just one other feather." Harrison who hadn't been listening closely instantly snapped his head up to look at Ollivander, he knew that brother wands were extremely rare. They usually meant that the two wizards either are or will be connected somehow. Ollivander continued to speak. "It just so happens that the other wand, is the wand of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. We can expect great things from you young sir, after all He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things, terrible things, yes, but great."

The Malfoy's and Lestrange's exchanged looks of pride and awe. Tom gave his son a proud yet calculating look. The twins and Draco looked between Harrison and Tom before catching Tom's stern eye and quickly looking away.

Harrison's mind was whirling, he had the brother wand to his fathers. His father had done many great things and was capable of magic that most people could only ever dream of. For his entire life he dreamed about being as powerful as his father and he hoped that this was a sign that he would be. He wanted to be able to do anything he wanted with a flick of his wand like his dad, he wanted to be able to do wandless magic like him and to have the amount of power that he did. He looked at his dad and saw his proud smile but he could also see a look in his eyes that showed he was thinking about what having brother wands could mean.

After a minute of silence the adults paid for their kids' wands and they left the shop. The sun shown down on them and the sound of laughter and loud voices could be heard from every direction.

"It's almost ten," Lucius said as he checked his watch. "You four should go get your school robes, supplies and pet. We will buy your Potions ingredients and books."

"Where will we meet you when we're done?" Draco asked his father.

"We'll be outside of Gringotts," Tom answered for the man.

The children handed their parents their book lists and then left the four kids alone.

"Were should we go first?" Cass asked.

"Since our parents are getting our books we don't need to go to Flourish and Blotts," Harrison said as he thought about what they needed. "We should probably go to Madam Malkin's first since it's the closest."

A few minutes later the four eleven year old walked into 'Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions'. Immediately a squat little witch walked over to them.

"Hogwarts?" The woman Harrison knew was Madam Malkin asked, before they could speak she continued. "Come on back and I'll get you all fitted up."

She led them to the back where a younger woman was waiting. She gestured for Harrison and Draco to stand on the stools and they did so. Immediately she slipped long robes over each of their heads and began pinning them to the correct lengths.

"Madam Malkin," Harrison said in the charming voice he used when speaking to adults he didn't consider family. "I would like five sets of these robes, not three like the school list says. Also I would like double the amount of required ties, vests and every other clothing item required for Hogwarts."

Madam Malkin gave him a small smile. "That will be quite expensive, are you sure your parents are okay with that?"

Harrison felt a flash of annoyance but he pushed it down. "Yes, my father is okay with it. In fact, it was him who suggested I get the extra pieces."

"Alright dear," Madam Malkin said as she made a note on a piece of parchment.

"I'd like the same," Draco told the witch as he pulled out the robe that was finished being altered.

Madam Malkin smiled. "Okay, I'll mark that down."

After Harrison and Draco were finished, Cass and Leo were fitted and then the four left Madam Malkin's with shrunken down bags. Cass and Leo bought the extra uniforms as well and the four also bought several different winter cloaks.

The next shop they went to was filled with various types of quills, ink and parchment. There were quills with short feathers and some with long feathers. There were snowy owl feathers, black owl feathers, eagle quills, peacock quills and several types of exotic quills. Some of the quills were auto-correcting quills, quick-quotes quills and self-inking quills. Harrison bough a dozen different quills, but he stayed away from the quick-quotes quills, he hated those.

The shop had every color of ink you could think of as well as unusual inks. There was ink that changed color as you wrote, ink that glowed red if a word was spelled wrong, instant drying ink, ink that wrote invisible and could only be seen with a revealer and ink that glowed in the dark. Harrison bought several different colors, all of them instant dry. He didn't want to smudge his homework because his ink didn't dry quick enough. He also bought enough parchment to last for the school year.

After that they bought their cauldrons, crystal vials and brass scales. While they were buying their telescopes Harrison suggested they each get globes of the night sky, it would make Astronomy homework go by much quicker.

"Hogwarts should make those globes mandatory," Leo said as they exited the small shop. "That way it wouldn't be required to take a class at midnight." He had been complaining for weeks that his sleep schedule would be ruined because of Astronomy, they had been told by an older friend that the class takes place at midnight.

"Not everyone can afford them," Cass said annoyed. Although she looked like she agreed with her brother.

"It's not my fault not everyone is rich," Leo said pompously. "However, those of us who are wealthy shouldn't have to suffer because Hogwarts allows poor people into their school."

Harrison decided to speak up before the twins contemplate killing each other. "We only have to get you three your pets and then we're done."

"There's the Magical Menagerie," Draco said as he nodded in the direction of a large shop.

The twins glared at each other before following Harrison and Draco into the shop. It was large on the outside but there wasn't much room inside. Every inch of wall was hidden by cages. It was smelly and very noisy because the occupants of these cages were all squeaking, squawking, jabbering, or hissing.

Nani poked her head out of Harrison's sleeve, she'd been curled up his arm sleeping for most of the day. I don't like this place.

Harrison looked around to see if anyone, but his friends could overhear them. We'll be out of here soon, go back in my robes. He didn't want the worker to ask too many questions, and an eleven year old with a snake wrapped around his arm would lead to questions.

Nani hissed in displeasure, but ducked her head back up his sleeve.

A pair of enormous purple toads sat gulping wetly and feasting on dead blowflies. A gigantic tortoise with a jewel-encrusted shell was glittering near the window. Poisonous orange snails were oozing slowly up the side of their glass tank. Then there were cats of every color, a noisy cage of ravens, and a basket of funny custard-colored fur balls that were humming loudly. Several large exotic birds stared at him from their cages. Harrison wrinkled his nose in disgust when his eyes landed on a vast cage of sleek black rats that were playing some sort of skipping game using their long, bald tails.

"Do you know what you want?" Harrison asked Draco, the Malfoy heir was watching a white rabbit turn into a hat.

"An owl," Draco said as he tore his eyes away from the black magician's hat.

"We can go to Eeylop's after we leave here," Harrison suggested. "I need to get Ares some owl treats anyways."

A moment later Cass walked over to them carrying a tiny black kitten. Leo was walking beside her, a large black bird on his shoulder.

"It's a demon," Leo hissed.

"No she isn't," Cass snapped as she looked down at the purring kitten.

"What's wrong?" Harrison asked upon seeing Leo's eyes narrowed on the kitten in his sisters arms.

"That demon cat attacked me and now she's buying it," Leo explained as Cass walked up to the counter.

"She's not a demon," Cass said turning to glare at her brother. "You pet her too rough, it's your own fault."

As the twins continued to bicker Harrison took a good look at the bird on Leo's shoulder. It was a large black bird, about twice the size of an owl. It had silver eyes that shone oddly and talons that looked as though they could kill a person with one scratch. It was a magnificent creature and it had a haughty look, something Harrison didn't think was possible for an animal to have. Harrison internally snorted, some people say that a familiar shares the personality of their master and in this case it's true.

Ten minutes later the four walked into Eeylop's Owl Emporium. The store smelt almost as bad as the Magical Menagerie had. There were cages everywhere filled with different types of owls. There were snowy, barn, brown, screech, tawny, eagle and several other types of owls.

"Do you know what type of owl you want?" Harrison asked as he picked up a box of owl treats.

"No," Draco said as he began to browse the various owls.

After looking through the entire store Draco finally decided on an eagle owl which he named Scorpio.

Having finished buying everything they needed to they made their way to Gringotts. They scanned the crowds until Harrison spotted their parents sitting on a round table near the steps of the wizarding bank.

"You're done already?" Narcissa asked sounding slightly surprised.

"We found what we needed to quickly," Harrison told her.

"That's a large bird," Bellatrix said upon seeing her sons new familiar. "What's his name?"

"Cronus," Leo said as he stroked his birds feathers.

"A cat?" Bellatrix said when her eyes landed on the black kitten in her daughters arms. "I thought you wanted an owl?"

"I did," Cass said. "But when I saw her I knew that I had to buy her." Leo scowled. "I named her Morana."

Tom raised an eyebrow. "After the Goddess of Death I presume?"

"Yes," Cass nodded her head.

"How did you know that?" Leo asked his sister incredulously.

Cass rolled her eyes. "I read."

"So do I, but I didn't know that," Leo told her.

"That's because you're an idiot," Cass said as though it was obvious.

"Cassiopeia be nice to your brother," Rodolphus said as he looked down at his watch.

Cass scowled while Leo smirked, Harrison and Draco exchanged amused looks.

"We need to go home now," Rodolphus said looking back at his kids. "I need to be at the Ministry soon."

"As do I," Lucius said as he stood gracefully from his chair.

Goodbyes were exchanged and plans were made between the kids, soon the only two left of the group were Harrison and Tom.

Tom looked at his son. "Do you need anything before we go home?"

"No, I have everything I need," Harrison assured him.

"Then let us leave," Tom said holding out his arm.

Harrison grabbed his fathers arm and they disappeared without a sound.

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