The Son of Lord Voldemort

Summer Confrontations and Training

Harrison stood in the middle of the large ballroom at Malfoy Manor as he took in the lavish decorations. The large marble ballroom had several large circular tables in the middle of the room surrounded by green and silver glowing balloons, which were floating all over. There were two large rectangular tables, one was covered with drinks and the other filled with appetizers. A giant cake in the shape of a golden snitch with real fluttering wings was floating in between the two tables. A dozen house elves carrying silver trays with bottles of pumpkin juice were walking around the room. Another large table was off to the side, several presents sat on top of it so Harrison assumed that must be where his gifts will be going. There were already twenty gifts of various sized covering the table.

Harrison smiled in appreciation, his Aunt Narcissa was always good at throwing birthday parties. He smoothed out his black silk shirt and adjusted his gold watch. He spun around when he heard a voice practically shriek his name.

"Harrison!" Pansy yelled, her black hair longer than usual and her skin tan. "Happy birthday!" She lunged at him, her slim arms wrapping around his neck.

Harrison hugged his best friend back tighter than normal. Pansy had been in Italy for the past three weeks, and apparently she'd spent a lot of time in the sun.

"Thanks, Pansy," Harrison said. "How was Italy?"

"It was amazing," Pansy gushed. She spent the next five minutes detailing everything she did from shopping in the Italian equivalent of Hogsmeade to swimming in crystal clear blue water. "What did you get up to while I was away?"

Harrison went into a long explanation of the past three weeks. He told her about training everyday for three hours with his father then three more with his Aunt Bella, Draco, Cass, Leo and Luna. He made her laugh when he told her about all the times him and Blaise went under his invisibility cloak and hexed unsuspecting Death Eaters. Pansy was happy to hear that he and Luna had gotten closer and she was almost as advanced with magic as Daphne, Tracey and Jenna thanks to her private tutoring over the past six months. Pansy wasn't as surprised as he thought she'd be when he told her Hermione came over a few days prior to Riddle Manor. She was however surprised when he told Pansy that Hermione liked Tom even with his standoffish and cold personality. They both laughed at they pictured Hermione's face if she knew who Tom really was.

"She was excited to meet someone who knew so much," Harrison explained Hermione's reasoning behind liking Tom. "She said he seemed smarter than all of the Hogwarts professors."

"That's because he is," Pansy said seriously before changing the subject. "You guys didn't start animagus training without me did you?"

"No," Harrison assured her. "But father did assign us all books to read on the subject, Draco was supposed send you yours."

"He did," Pansy replied. "I read a little bit every night."

"Good," Harrison said. "Father said he won't allow us to learn the transformation until all of us have read the books."

Their conversation ended when the rest of Harrison's best friends walked into the ballroom carrying presents. He had to tear his gaze away from Daphne who looked beautiful in a red sun dress when he heard Blaise groan. Harrison turned to look in the direction Blaise was and he saw Hermione walking in looking nervous. Neville, Fred and George were walking in behind her. Neville looked even more nervous, he appeared as though he'd pass out any second. Fred and George on the other hand looked excited and they both wore matching mischievous grins. Harrison made a mental note to check their gifts for spells before he opened them.

"The mudblood," Blaise said annoyed.

"She's actually not that bad," Tracey admitted.

Blaise sneered. "She's a mudblood."

Daphne rolled her blue eyes. "She's smart, and remember what Tom said." Blaise's sneer lessened. "As long as their useful they'll have a place in the world he'll build."

Blaise, Leo and Draco exchanged annoyed looks but didn't say anything. Harrison was grateful for that because if they said anything about who his father was before Harrison was ready to tell his new friends his father would kill them. Soon more people began walking into the ballroom. By noon it was filled with Hogwarts students and dozens of Death Eaters including all of the inner circle. Harrison introduced Luna to those she hadn't met at the Malfoy Christmas party. She hit it off with Hermione quickly and the two began to talk about books they'd read.

"This house is amazing," Hermione said in awe halfway through the party.

"It's a manor," Cass corrected impatiently.

"What?" Hermione asked confused.

Cass glared at the muggleborn. "It's a manor not a house."

"Oh," Hermione said awkwardly.

Harrison internally groaned, he didn't think Cass and Hermione would ever get along. He wanted to diffuse the tension so he grabbed Cass' hand and led her out to the dance floor where the older guests were. Violet and Evan were dancing so close together it was hard to tell where one arm ended and another began. Marcus and Anastasia were grinding to the fast beat while Selene Dolohov, Callidora Rosier and Sienna Draven giggled as they danced wildly, their arms going in every direction. He could see Cameron Warrington glaring daggers at Ezekiel Gallows who was dancing with both Odette and Ophelia.

Harrison moved to the beat as a song by the Weird Sister's came on. Cass lifted her hands in the air and swung her hips as her black curls bobbed up and down. Harrison grinned when his other friends came and joined in. Daphne grabbed one of his hands and Cass took the other and he jokingly spun them around as Pansy took pictures.

The party passed by too quickly for everyone's liking and soon the music stopped and everyone got ready to leave. Bellatrix being the person she is loudly demanded all of the students to pose for a group photo before anyone could actually leave. One photo turned into thirty and soon Carina and Orion Black along with Astoria Greengrass began making silly faces while the teenagers laughed much to those who had parents there annoyance or amusement. Finally Tom announced that everyone should go home so everyone gave their goodbyes and either floo'd or port key'd home.

"Brilliant party-" Fred began.

"Ickle Harrison." George continued.

"We'll see you-"

"At Hogwarts-"

"Our favorite little-"

"Slytherin." They finished together.

Harrison scowled at them as they winked and stepped backwards into the fireplace disappearing in a swirl of green flames. Harrison shook his head before turning to his father who was speaking quietly to Lucius and Rodolphus. The three men kept shooting the large black clock that hung above one of the fireplaces quick glances.

"Dad?" Harrison asked causing the three men to look at him. "Do you have to be somewhere?"

Tom smiled, but Harrison could see that it was slightly strained. Harrison internally frowned but didn't outwardly show that he noticed anything. He wouldn't ask what was wrong in front of Draco, Luna, Cass and Leo who were watching the exchange.

"Not at the moment," Tom answered. "Why don't you open your presents."

Harrison could tell that it wasn't a suggestion so he nodded and walked over to his presents. Draco handed him a large silver box and he gladly ripped the paper off revealing a set of books, Dark Arts for the Experienced Volumes 1-7.

"Who's that from?" Narcissa asked as she sipped a glass of red wine.

"Evan," Harrison answered as he set the books aside.

"Which one?" Narcissa inquired.

"The third," Draco said for Harrison.

"Open ours next," Cass said.

Leo handed Harrison a long thin package wrapped in green and silver striped paper. The tag said it was from Cass and Leo, it wasn't unusual for them to give joint presents but usually they each gave Harrison separate ones. However once he unwrapped it he saw why it was from both of them, gleaming from inside a dark wooden case was a Nimbus 2001. The handle shimmered from the light of the chandeliers and the twigs were perfect. The words Nimbus 2001 were written in gold bold letters on the tip of the handle.

"A Nimbus 2001," Draco said as his silver eyes widened. "I didn't know you guys were buying him one."

Leo smirked smugly. "You don't know everything cousin."

Draco scowled but it quickly slid off his face when Harrison lifted up the broom. Harrison ran his hand over the smooth handle before putting it back in the case.

"Thank you Leo, Cass," Harrison said sincerely.

"We thought you could use a new broom," Leo replied. "With the Nimbus 2001 Gryffindor won't stand a chance."

"Not that they would with you playing seeker anyway," Cass added with a glare towards her brother.

"Obviously," Leo drawled at his twin.

"It didn't sound like you thought so," Cass pointed out rudely.

"You know what I meant," Leo retorted.

"You-" Cass began but was silenced under her fathers stern look.

An hour later Harrison was finally finished opening all of his presents. He received dozens of books, potions ingredients, clothes, games, trinkets, gift certificates to stores in Diagon Alley and more candy than he could eat in a year. The twins gave him a book on magical pranks with a note that he had their blessing to do whatever he wanted to Ron. Besides his broomstick his favorite gift was a silver ring with a large emerald that had the Slytherin crest in the center from his father.

"Thank you," Harrison said as he examined the emerald.

"You're welcome," Tom smiled before turning to Lucius and giving him a nod.

"What's going on?" Harrison inquired, having seen the nod from the corner of his eye.

"You'll see," Tom said with satisfaction.

Harrison exchanged a curious look with Draco and Leo. A minute later Lucius walked back into the room with six Nimbus 2001's trailing behind him. Harrison watched in shock as Tom smirked and gestured to the brooms.

"I was aware that Cassiopeia and Leo were purchasing you a Nimbus 2001," Tom said. "So I purchased one for each of your team mates." Harrison stared at his father in shock, he had always been spoiled but six broomsticks was a lot for someone that wasn't him. "Consider it your final birthday present."

A grin slowly spread across Harrison's face. "Thank you."

Tom sat in his study staring intently at the two men and his son who were sitting before him. Lucius and Severus were staring back at him with expressionless faces, or at least to those who aren't him they would appear expressionless. He could easily see the hesitation in Severus' black eyes and the worry in Lucius' gray ones. He could see why they would be both nervous and worried, after all his plan wasn't what a normal person would consider safe. However he needed to teach Dumbledore a lesson, the old fool needed to know that Tom could cause problems even at Hogwarts, the supposed safest place in all of Britain. Harrison didn't look scared or worried instead he looked thoughtful and slightly amused. Tom's lips quirked into a half smile when he thought about the similarities he and his son shared.

Tom had spent hours mulling over different plans, he came up with dozens that would be sure to incite panic in the old man. He finally came up with something that would cause Dumbledore to not only worry but become confused and frightened for his students safety. At first Tom was hesitant, something that infuriated him. Before he adopted Harrison he never doubted himself but now he wanted to make sure that whatever he did his son would be safe. After thinking his plan over he knew his son would be safe for the basilisk that resides in the Chamber of Secrets would never harm an heir of Slytherin.

There were only two problems he foresaw and the first was Dumbledore closing the school once the attacks began. He knew that if students kept getting attacked that Dumbledore would close the school and he couldn't have that. However if the chamber was opened and several students were killed and then the attacks stopped it would remain open. The school governors wouldn't close it after only one or two attacks, but once more and more start to die they'd have no choice. The second problem was stopping the attacks before they could get too out of hand, he didn't want the school to close nor too much magical blood to spill. He came up with a solution that he knew would work as long as Dumbledore didn't have his son followed which was what he was worried about.

"Do you all understand what I'm asking of you?" Tom asked in an emotionless voice.

"Yes," Lucius answered promptly.

"Of course," Severus replied respectfully.

Tom waved his hand in a gesture for them to tell him what they were supposed to do. Tom watched as Lucius dusted off an imaginary piece of lint from his midnight black dress robes.

"I will take the diary," Lucius began, "and I will find a way to give it to the youngest Weasley girl." He said the name Weasley as though it was the worst word in the human language. "I'll preferably do it while the Weasley family is shopping for school supplies in Diagon Alley. The idiot Arthur Weasley won't notice a thing I am sure."

"Good," Tom said approvingly. "And you Severus?"

"I'll make sure that Dumbledore doesn't suspect Harrison's involvement once the chamber is opened," Severus replied. "If he begins to suspect Harrison I will inform you and Harrison immediately."

"Son?" Tom questioned as he stroked Nagini's scales.

"Once it gets to the point that Dumbledore is contemplating closing the school I'll retrieve the diary from the Weasley girl by any means necessary," Harrison answered. "If it's about to get into Dumbledore's hands or the diary gets out of control than I must destroy it."

"Very good," Tom nodded once before piercing Harrison with a stern look. "Whatever you do Harrison, do not write in the diary. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," Harrison answered seriously before glancing hesitantly at his godfather and professor.

"Something you'd like to ask?" Tom asked his son.

"Are you sure I can destroy it if it comes down to it?" Harrison asked staring Tom in the eyes. "It's a horcrux after all."

Tom looked away from his son and continued to stroke his familiar. He had told his inner circle about his horcruxes around the time he adopted Harrison. They wouldn't be able to revive him if he were to lose his body without knowing about them. However no one outside of his inner circle knew with the exception of Harrison. When Harrison was younger he asked his father how he looked no older than his Uncle Lucius when he was much older, something he found out by going through old photographs from Tom's time at Hogwarts. Tom had explained it to his son and assured him that when he was of age he would make some as well.

When Tom had made his horcruxes he did them in locations that weren't as secure as he once thought. Once he adopted Harrison he began to think about his past actions and he saw the mistakes he had made in his arrogance. He knew that Dumbledore knew the location of several horcrux's, so he moved them accordingly. He had Severus retrieve the diadem of Ravenclaw and he went to his grandfathers hovel in Little Hangleton and took the Peverell ring. He had Bellatrix remove Hufflepuffs cup from her vault at Gringotts and had Lucius return his childhood diary. The only horcrux that wasn't moved besides Nagini was Slytherin's locket, as no one knew of its location besides him.

Now the locket is hidden inside of a cursed chest inside of a manor in Scotland that's under the fidelius charm with Voldemort as the secret keeper. The diadem of Ravenclaw is also in a cursed chest in a manor under the fidelius, but that manor is in Ireland. The Peverell ring is locked in a vault guarded by the darkest of magic in Riddle Manor and Hufflepuffs cup is now in Severus' vault, the one vault Dumbledore would never suspect to house a horcrux. The diary was moved to Tom's office at Riddle Manor where it was now sitting on his desk.

He knew that if a horcrux was to be destroyed the piece of his soul would be returned to him. However it would be even more painful than it was to make the horcrux. The pain required to split ones soul was more painful than fifty cruciatus curses hitting you at once cast by the most powerful wizard on earth. He didn't want to know what something worse than that would feel like but he was no coward he could handle it. He didn't want his horcruxes to be destroyed but even if the diary was he would still have five. And he knew that the two hidden under fidelius would never be found so he would never die.

Tom's blue eyes met emerald green ones and he gave his son an assuring look.

"I am sure," Tom answered. He looked at his two Death Eaters and dismissed them with a wave of his hand, they bowed and quickly left the room.

"Was there something else you wanted to talk about?" Harrison inquired.

"Yes," Tom said as he pulled out a vial. "I was able to extract elixir from the Philosopher's Stone."

Harrison's eyes lit up at his fathers words. He knew that his father had been trying to figure out how to get the stone to work since Quirrell gave it to him. Tom told him that no one outside of the inner circle knew about it and they were all busy doing other things for him so they couldn't work with it. So Tom had to do it himself and he had only been able to examine it when he had the time. He knew that his father didn't need the elixir since he had horcruxes and they were richer than God so more gold wouldn't change anything. Harrison knew that the reason his father wanted the stone was because the elixir could be used to heal anyone even if they were an inch from death, it could mean the difference between losing a Death Eater to fatal injuries or not. If a Death Eater returned with injuries to severe for magic to cure the elixir could be used to heal them, although it wouldn't extend their life any.

Harrison had asked his father the night he returned from school why he didn't give the elixir to his followers. If he did that his army would be immortal, but Tom said no in such a tone that Harrison didn't say anything further on the subject. Harrison assumed that it was because Tom didn't want anyone else to live forever with the exception of Harrison.

"What did you do with it?" Harrison asked eagerly, acting like the twelve year old he was.

"Most of it is in vials in my private potions stores, some is in the infirmary and a small portion is in here," Tom held up the vial. It was a diamond vial with an emerald top, it was filled to the brim with red liquid. "I want you to keep this with you at all times. All it will take is a few drops directly into the persons mouth and their wounds will heal. Tell no one with the exception of your friends."

"And by friends you mean Draco, Blaise, Leo, Theo, Cass, Daphne, Tracey, Jenna, Pansy and Luna," Harrison said. "None of the others."

"Yes," Tom said sternly. "Only those I know I can trust with the information."

"And the only ones who you personally taught occlumency too," Harrison added.

Tom's lips quirked. "Yes."

Harrison grabbed the vial and pulled out his black silk pouch. The pouch had been custom made so only Harrison or Tom could remove items from inside of it. He carried it at all times even when he was swimming or flying, it could be shrunk down and attached to his forearm arm holster. Inside he carried another pouch, this one was an unlimited money bag that directly took money from the Riddle Vault. He also carried a healing kit on his fathers orders, a wizards chess set and board, a pack of exploding snaps, two sets of gobstones, spare quills, spare parchment, a few of his favorite books and several other items. He dropped the vial in and pulled the silver drawstrings shut.

"Don't lose that," Tom said seriously, his blue eyes hard. "And no matter what do not let Dumbledore so much as see it."

"I won't," Harrison assured him. "I promise."

Harrison could hear Cass and Leo snickering as his aunt walked towards his unconscious best friend. He looked around the large training room at Riddle Manor as he twirled his wand idly between his fingers. The room was the size of the Great Hall at Hogwarts and had a dark brown marble floor with specks of gold. There were training dummies lined up against one of the walls and targets on another. In one of the corners were several plush dark green couches for resting, a medium sized wooden table in the middle of them. Swords and other weapons hung above the couches on the wall and antique chandeliers lit the room. Two raised platforms meant for dueling stood in the middle of the room. Both of them were the same length with runes etched around them to stop spells from hitting anyone not on the platforms.

"You didn't block fast enough," Bellatrix said after enervating Draco.

"Of course I didn't," Draco grumbled. "Harrison's too fast."

Harrison smirked as he tossed Draco his wand. The blonde boy scowled as he reached for his wand catching it before it hit the ground.

"No excuses," Bellatrix said sternly. "If this was a real duel you'd be dead. Remember, all it takes to kill a man is one well aimed spell." She turned to her kids. "Your turn."

Cass winked at Harrison as she walked by him and onto one of the platforms. Harrison watched as Cass and Leo got into proper dueling stances.

"On the count of three," Bellatrix informed them. "One, two-"

Before she could say three Cass shot a purple spell towards her twin who immediately cast a shield charm. Leo scowled at his sister and shot a jet of white light followed by what Harrison knew to be a bludgeoning hex. Cass retaliated by casting three sectumsempra's in quick succession. Leo rolled out of the way and jumped up and cast a shield before throwing cutting hexes and the blood boiling curse. Harrison watched as they sent silent spell after silent spell, neither one successfully hitting the other.

Cass ducked as a severing hex flew towards her and it sailed over her head. Cass scowled and began volleying spell after spell. Leo tried dodging and casting shield charms but after being hit several times his shield fluttered and died. Before he could dodge or cast something to protect himself a stunning spell hit him square in the chest. Leo crumpled to the floor and Cass smirked.

"Brilliant," Bella praised. "You cast several spells in quick succession until his shield fell."

Leo's eyes slowly opened after his mother revived him and he sat up to glare at his twin.

"Not so funny when it happens to you is it?" Draco asked mockingly.

Leo switched his glare to his laughing cousin.

"Do you always laugh during your training?" A smooth voice asked.

Everyone spun around and saw nothing but Harrison knew his dad was there. A second later Tom appeared wearing black robes and an amused look. Draco's eyes widened and Leo looked embarrassed at having been beaten by a girl in front of the Dark Lord.

"How long have you been there?" Cass asked curiously.

"Since Harrison and Draco's last duel," Tom answered before pulling out his wand. "Harrison, how about you show me what you've learned from all those books before your other friends arrive?"

Harrison grinned, he loved dueling with his dad. He knew his dad went easy on him, if not he wouldn't have a chance since he was only twelve. But he could always practice at his full power when he was against his dad because he didn't have to worry about hurting him like he did his friends. He often worried about hurting his friends, he was more powerful than your average seventeen year old let alone twelve year old so he usually just toyed with them. He pulled out his wand and walked up to one of the platforms. Draco, Cass and Leo joined Bella on the couch she conjured to watch. Harrison began thinking of what strategy to go with and was glad he had finally got the hang of the banishing charm, it might come in handy. Whenever he dueled his father and they conjured things being able to banish them was a plus.

Tom and Harrison bowed to each other before getting in their proper dueling stances. Harrison didn't even blink before a jet of fire a foot thick came flying towards him, he waved his wand in a pattern he saw in an advanced Dark Arts book and prayed it would work. A second before the fire would've reached him he completed the wand movements and the fire shot off in the opposite direction towards his father. Tom waved his wand and the fire turned into six large swords with glistening blades. He lifted his arms and the swords went for Harrison who cast a wide range blasting spell that turned the swords into shards of metal. The metal continued to fly towards him so he cast a banishing charm that sent them back to Tom. Before they reached him Tom turned the shards of metal into dust which began to spin around and fly towards Harrison. Harrison waved his wand to get rid of the dust but it didn't work.

Harrison tried another spell, this one more advanced and the dust disappeared. The air cleared in time for him to see a jet of sickly orange light flying towards him. Harrison dodged the spell before it could hit him. Harrison pointed his wand at the floor in front of his father and turned it to ice. Tom noticed the spell from the light and wand movements and cast a spell to stop himself from slipping. The floor around Tom was light blue and shining, Tom smirked and Harrison knew that nothing good would come from that. Before Harrison knew what was happening large icicles were growing from the ground and encircling Harrison. Five seconds later he was caged in solid ice, he could see his breath and goose bumps were appearing on his arms. He cast a fire spell but all it did was cause the ice to perspire slightly causing him to scowl.

Harrison closed his eyes and waved his wand in the air forming several runes. A giant snake made of fire shot from his wand and began tearing at the ice. Soon the ice was gone leaving behind a giant puddle of water. Harrison waved his wand and the snake disappeared along with the puddle. He looked up at his father in time to see a black lighting bolt fly from his wand, Harrison side stepped the spell and cast six blood boiling hexes faster than his friends watching thought possible. Tom easily blocked the spells and cast several spells even faster than Harrison had. Harrison was flung backwards by a well placed banishing charm and slammed into the invisible barrier caused by the runes around the platform. He slid down the wall but he hadn't let go of his wand. He lifted it up to cast a spell but before he could his wand went flying out of his hand and into Tom's.

"Impressive," Tom praised as he easily caught his sons wand.

"That was amazing," Draco said sounding impressed.

"Are you okay?" A worried voice asked.

Harrison turned and saw Daphne, Tracey, Jenna, Pansy, Theo and Blaise standing behind the conjured couch. He gave his friend a dazzling smile as Tom waved his wand to check his son for any damage.

"I'm fine Daph," Harrison assured her. "How long have you all been there?"

"Since you sent a jet of fire back at your dad," Theo replied.

"You were phenomenal by the way," Tracey said. "I've never even seen the older kids at Hogwarts duel like that."

"That's because they're all idiots," Blaise told her. "If other parents were like Slytherins and trained they're kids maybe they could have half of Harrison's talent."

"It's a good thing they don't," Cass interjected. "You wouldn't want the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs trained like us now would you?"

Blaise eyed Cass. "No, I wouldn't."

"Where's Luna?" Tracey asked. "Is she not going to start animagus training with us?"

"The lesson she's in at the moment ends at noon," Harrison answered. "Sev's teaching her Potions." He cast a tempus. "She should be here any minute."

Five minutes later Luna walked in wearing clothes appropriate for training. She took a seat next to Harrison on one of the chairs Tom conjured.

"Now that you're all here we will begin," Tom said. "However before I tell you how to find your form I have a few rules you all must follow." His eyes roamed over the eleven kids. "You will pay attention and do exactly as I say, I am a busy man and you're all lucky I'm taking time out of my schedule to help you. I usually only teach my son however he asked for me to teach you the animagus transformation. He thinks if you use my methods you'll learn faster. I myself became an animagus after only a year of trying, and I didn't have anyone helping me. You will also speak of this to no one besides your parents or the inner circle without mine or Harrison's permission. This is because I don't want any of you to have to register your form with the Ministry. There are less than four weeks until you all return to school, or in Luna's case begin school. We will meet here in this room everyday at six in the morning. I have meetings and other things to attend to during the day and that is the only time I'm available. If you complain or don't give it your all you will leave and not come back. Do all of you understand?"

Everyone gave their verbal agreement while Harrison tried not to look amused at how much his father had just sounded like McGonagall.

"Good," Tom said as he snapped his fingers.

Twinky popped into the room carrying a silver tray with eleven vials.

"You will all drink a vial of the animagus revealing potion that Severus brewed for you," Tom continued. "Once you drink the potion you will immediately transform into the form you will be able to take. The transformation will last for a minute before you turn back." Tom motioned for the house elf to hand out the potion.

Harrison grabbed a vial and watched as his friends took theirs. Tom waved his hand and the eleven kids drank the purple potion. Harrison grimaced as the slimy drink slid down his throat, it was the most disgusting thing he'd ever tasted. It tasted like raw fish dipped in mud and moldy socks, he felt like throwing up. A second later he felt his body shift and he could feel the cold marble floor under his chest. His senses began to overwhelm him, he could smell everything from sweat to what he thought was the back garden. A second later he felt his body shift and he saw ten animals staring at him, even in their animagus forms he could see that they were shocked. He felt his body shift once more and he opened his mouth to say something but all that came out was a roar.

Harrison was confused but before his brain could process anything he was back to normal and everyone was staring at him. Tom was staring at him with pride and a hint of amusement while Bella's eyes only held pride. All of his friends were shocked but he could also sense their confusion. He felt both annoyed and agitated at the looks.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" Harrison demanded.

Jenna opened her mouth but then quickly shut it.

"You changed into three different animals," Luna said in her dreamy voice. "You first became a long green snake and then you morphed into a snowy owl, you looked like Ares. After that you appeared to be a fully grown black panther. You looked quite handsome as the panther."

Daphne and Tracey sent Luna weird looks while Blaise snorted. Harrison stared at Luna before a grin broke out on his face, he had three animagus forms. His father had three forms but he hadn't thought he would, he knew how rare it was and what it meant. He had assumed he would be a snake, the fact that he'd also be able to turn into an owl was an exciting prospect. He loved to fly on a broom and he knew he'd love flying without one. Having a panther for a form might be able to come in handy, his grin turned into a smirk as he thought about using it to scare Ron.

Tom glanced at Luna before looking back at his son. "It's exceedingly rare to have more than one animagus form. Only an exceptionally powerful witch or wizard can have more than one. However a downside is that you'll have to learn to transform into each form separately. Just because you can transform into one doesn't mean you'll be able to transform into the others automatically. You'll have to work extra hard if you want to use all three forms. For now I would suggest only attempting one. Once you have the basics down go onto the next and then the final one." He cast a tempus. "I have a meeting to get to. I want all of you to spend the rest of the day studying the anatomy of your animal. Feel free to use our library." He pierced them all with his ice blue eyes. "If you don't read up on your animal I will know, and I won't be pleased."

"Mum," Cass said to Bella who had been watching everything closely. "What were we? I was too busy trying to stand right to pay attention to anyone else." She glanced at Luna. "I don't know how she could tell what Harrison was. I only knew he had three forms because I saw him switch but I couldn't quite make them out, they went too fast."

"Draco is an eagle," Bella replied causing Draco to smirk. "Leo is a large black snake, Blaise's a gray wolf, Theo's a brown owl, Daphne's a leopard, Cass you're a blue medium sized snake, Tracey's a black lab, Pansy is a tiger, Jenna's a normal sized black cat and Luna's a swan."

Everyone looked pleased with their forms especially Leo and Cass. If Harrison had to guess who would have a snake form besides himself he would've guessed the twins.

"I need to get going," Bellatrix announced. "All of you should head to the library."

Fifteen minutes later Harrison pushed open the double doors to the library. The room was twenty time the size of the Great Hall and the shelves had expansion charms so they could hold three times as many books. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling with books. A spiral stair case led to halfway up the shelves, a balcony ran around the entire room causing the library to essentially be two stories. The only part of the walls not covered in books was where a large twelve foot tall fireplace was, a portrait of Harrison and Tom hung above it. There were wooden tables, comfortable couches and high backed chairs all around the room. A large book sat on a silver stand near the fireplace, if you tapped the book with your wand while saying the name of a subject, author or quote any book relating to it would be listed. If you wanted to go through all of the books you could tap the book and ask for a list of all the books, by tapping on the title a summary of the book would appear.

Harrison tapped the black leather bound book. "The anatomy of medium and large snakes."

Words began forming on the page in neat writing. There were several dozen books on the subject and Harrison scanned the list. He found several books that sounded good so he summoned three of them before walking over to the nearest table. He opened the book to a random page and began to read.

As with all reptiles, snakes are covered with scales, which offer protection from desiccation and injury. They can be smooth and shiny, such as a python's scales, or rough and dull, such as a hog nose snake's scales. The outer, thin layer is the epidermis, which is shed on a regular basis. The inner, thicker, more developed layer is the dermis. This dermal layer is filled with chromatophores, the pigment cells that give snakes their color. Scales are formed largely of keratin derived from the epidermis.

Harrison stopped reading, he knew all of that so he flipped to the next chapter. The next chapters first page was a giant diagram of a snake and its intestines. He scanned the picture and ran his pointer finger from the head to the tip of the tail. He turned the page and scanned the first paragraph.

Snakes have no moveable eyelids, limbs, ear openings, sternums, or urinary bladders. Most species have only one functioning lung, although many have a second, vestigial (essentially non-functioning, or only marginally functional) lung. The organs in the snake body are necessarily elongated, to fit within the narrow confines of its body cavity.

The snake's respiratory system consists of a glottis at the front of the mouth that leads to a windpipe; the glottis is moveable to prevent it from being closed off during prey ingestion; although it may appear that the mouth is completely filled with prey when the snake is swallowing food, the moveable glottis, whose opening is on the floor of the lower jaw, remains open so the snake can continue to induct and exhaust air from its lungs and air sacs. The windpipe, extending from the glottis, divides into two bronchial tubes, each leading to lungs; the right lung is primary and the left is secondary, considerably smaller and either non-functional or only marginally so. The forward portion of each lung is used for gas exchange and is highly vascular (supplied with blood vessels); the posterior portions of each lung are hydrostatic, non-vascular air sacs that, in the right lung, extends nearly to the venter and serves to regulate pressures inside the body. Induction and exhaustion of air is performed, not by a diaphragm, but by the movement of the ribs under the control of specialized muscles.

He absentmindedly nodded, this was something he should read. He knew that in order to properly transform you needed at least a basic understanding of the animal you wished to turn into. He smoothed out the page and continued to read.

"This book list is a joke," Draco sneered. "Gilderoy Lockhart is the worlds biggest fraud."

"I concur," Theo chimed in. "I doubt even Weasley believes the trifle written in Lockhart's books. Who is thick enough to believe that you can catch a ghoul with a tea strainer?"

"His books do make him sound idiotic," Daphne said. "My father says that it's all lies and that he's just taking credit for what other people have done and embellishes what really happened. I can't believe we have to buy almost all of his books."

"Merlin himself couldn't make me read that drivel," Blaise sniffed disdainfully.

Harrison and his friends continued to complain about the books required for that year while making their way through Diagon Alley. The Alley was filled with students and their parents trying to buy all of their supplies. They passed groups of giggling girls, boys drooling over the Nimbus 2001 window display in Quality Quidditch Supplies and little kids complaining about not being able to attend Hogwarts.

The Alley was uncomfortable to be in because everyone was in a hurry trying to get done. Harrison was bumped into multiple times and was sorely tempted to curse everyone who did so. The only thing that stopped him from doing so was the fact that it would ruin his helpful prodigy image he spent the past year portraying. Draco on the other hand had no such qualms and pulled his wand out when an older boy Harrison recognized as a Gryffindor ran into him almost sending him to the ground. The only thing that stopped Draco was Pansy who hissed something in his ear that caused him to pale before scowling and stowing his wand away.

Two hours after arriving in the Alley Harrison and his friends had purchased everything except for their books. During their shopping they ran into several of their friends. Fred and George had been outside of Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop and Terry Boot was with Anthony Goldstein in Madam Malkin's. Harrison cast a tempus and saw that it was almost half past noon, and that was when they were supposed to meet their parents at Flourish and Blott's.

They pushed past groups of people until they arrived at the book store. Harrison could tell it was extremely packed inside and there was a line out the door. He and his friends gathered around a large banner that stretched across the upper windows. He internally groaned when he read it.


Will be signing copies of his autobiography


Today 12:30P.M. to 4:30P.M.

"Oh fu-" Blaise began but was cut off.

"Don't finish that sentence," a stern but beautiful voice said.

Harrison turned around and was surprised to see Blaise' mother Aurora Zabini standing behind them. She was a tall and slim woman with aristocratic features including the most defined cheek bones Harrison had ever seen. Her long black hair stopped at her waist and her bright blue eyes pierced anyone she looked at. Her plump red lips were pursed slightly and her pale skin brought out her features. Aurora wore a mask of cool indifference even towards her two children although she did love them. However most of her time was spent traveling with whoever her newest husband happened to be. There was no proof but it was a known fact in the pureblood circles that she would kill her husbands when she tired of them.

Aurora didn't have many friends because she was never in one place for very long. Narcissa and Bellatrix were the only two people she was close to. And with the exception of her two kids she detested children, the only other one she liked was Harrison. He didn't know why he just knew that she had always liked him.

"Mother," Blaise said in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

One of Aurora's black eyebrows arched slightly. "Am I not allowed to take my son school supply shopping."

"It's not that," Blaise quickly backtracked. "I just thought you were in Italy with Alexander."

"Alexander had an," Aurora trailed off before her lips quirked, "accident."

Harrison saw Cass and Leo exchange smirks out of the corner of his eye however he didn't pay them much attention. He was watching Blaise and his mother converse, something that was always good entertainment. Blaise was always so arrogant and confident that it was interesting to see him lose his confidence, something that almost only happened when his mother was around.

"However before he so tragically passed away," Aurora said with what Harrison knew was fake sadness, "he bought me a lovely villa in Italy. In two days I'll be going there to spend some time to myself, I'll need to mourn." Harrison held in a snort as Draco covered one with a cough. "So I thought you, Anastasia and I could spend some time together. You can both tell me how your summer was."

"Okay," Blaise said with a glance towards his friends.

"Good," Aurora nodded once before turning to Harrison. "So nice to see you again dear, you must come to the manor for dinner tomorrow."

"Of course," Harrison said politely.

"Lovely," Aurora said before straightening her light blue dress robes. "Come Blaise."

After everyone exchanged goodbyes Blaise followed after his mother.

"Well she was as kind as ever," Pansy said sarcastically.

Harrison's lips twitched. "Come on, let's go inside our parents are most likely waiting."

Harrison and his friends walked inside and immediately spotted their parents. Lucius, Rodolphus and Rabastan were conversing in hushed voices while Narcissa and Bellatrix were looking around apparently for them. Harrison couldn't see his other friends parents and guessed they were in some other part of the store.

"Did you all get everything?" Narcissa asked when they walked up to her.

"Yes," Draco answered.

"Good," Lucius said as he looked around the store. "Rodolphus, Rabastan and I will go acquire all of your books." He turned to Luna. "Luna I need your list since you have different books."

Luna pulled the list from the pocket of her red robes and handed it to the Malfoy patriarch. Lucius inclined his head and the three wizards walked away.

"Where's my dad?" Harrison asked as he looked around.

"He had to go pick something up from down the street," Bella replied.

Harrison knew that she meant he needed to get something from Knockturn Alley.

"We should go wait outside now," Narcissa said as she patted down her lavender dress.

Before they began to move a loud voice caught their attention. They all turned around and saw a harassed looking wizard trying to calm everyone down. He was wearing disheveled brown robes and his grey hair was all over the place.

"Calmly everyone, please, ladies, don't push," the wizard said loudly. "Mind the books now."

Harrison saw who he was talking to, it was a large group of woman all around Narcissa and Bellatrix's age. They were all pushing and shoving and each one of them had a large book in their hands. Harrison read the spine and felt like gagging, it was Magical Me by Gilderoy Lockhart.

Gilderoy Lockhart came slowly into view, seated at a table surrounded by large pictures of his own face, all winking and flashing dazzlingly white teeth at the crowd. The real Lockhart was wearing robes of forget-me-not blue that exactly matched his eyes; his pointed wizard's hat was set at a jaunty angle on his wavy hair. Harrison had to push down a sneer, this man's fashion sense was almost as bad as the old coots, at least Dumbledore can claim going color blind from old age as a factor, Lockhart has no excuse, unless he counted stupidity or unfounded arrogance.

A short, irritable-looking man was dancing around taking photographs with a large black camera that emitted puffs of purple smoke with every blinding flash.

After a few minutes, Lockhart stood up. "I have an announcement to make." He smiled a large dazzling smile.

"Do you think his teeth are real? Or do you think he uses a spell?" Draco asked scathingly.

"A spell," Leo guessed with a disturbed look in his eyes.

"Not even Leo is that vain," Cass smirked.

"At least I have a right to be," Leo said pompously. "I was born perfection, that fool is just an idiot."

Cass rolled her eyes while Harrison and Theo exchanged amused looks.

"When everyone came today to get my book, Magical Me, you all had no idea that shortly your kids will be getting much more than that," Lockhart continued and Harrison felt a shred of uneasiness. "The students of Hogwarts will, in fact, be getting the real magical me. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have great pleasure and pride in announcing that this September, I will be taking up the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" The crowd cheered and clapped all except for the Slytherins.

Harrison grimaced, he didn't think Dumbledore could've picked a worse choice to teach them defense.

"Please tell me he's joking," Draco said in horror.

Narcissa was frowning. "I don't think so dragon."

"Did father know?" Draco demanded.

"If he did he didn't tell me," Narcissa replied.

Narcissa and Bellatrix exchanged unhappy looks before excusing themselves to go find their husbands.

"That fool teaching defense?" Leo said scornfully as he watched the two woman walk away. "He's going to be dreadful."

"Jealous Lestrange?" The voice of Ron Weasley said.

Harrison and his friends spun around to see Ron standing with a short girl. She had medium length red hair, brown eyes and pale skin with freckles. Harrison knew at once that she was the youngest Weasley child, Ginny. Like her brother she wore shabby second hand robes.

"Like he'd be jealous of that pathetic fraud," Draco sneered.

"Can't fight your own battles Lestrange?" Ron baited. "You need to have your cousin fight them for you. Who's the pathetic one?"

"I'd watch what you say Weasley," Harrison said coldly. He had seen Draco hands clench and unclench, a sign that he was about to do something. "If you continue to open that big mouth of yours something bad might happen."

"Don't threaten him," Ginny said loudly.

Harrison smiled condescendingly. "And who might you be?" He wasn't go to admit to knowing who she was.

"Ginny Weasley," she said proudly. Harrison however could see that she was nervous and it made him feel amused.

"Oh Merlin," Pansy said incredulously. "I forgot there was more of you." She smiled cruelly. "Are you going to Hogwarts too? Or can your mummy and daddy not afford to send you."

"By the state of her robes I wouldn't think so," Tracey said wrinkling her nose.

"Leave her alone," a red faced Ron snapped.

"Someone's defensive," Leo mocked. "Are you that good in bed little Weasley?"

The area of the room they were standing in felt as though it'd dropped ten degrees. Harrison's eyes flickered to Ginny who was pale and her eyes were now wet with unshed tears, he was honestly surprised the eleven year old girl understood the innuendo. Ron on the other hand went redder than Harrison had ever seen him, and his fists were clenched so tightly that Harrison wouldn't be surprised if his palms started to bleed. Harrison's friends on the other hand were exuding amusement at the looks of anger and humiliation in the two youngest Weasley's faces. Harrison was only glad neither of his aunts had heard their comments, he knew they'd think they were too young to say such things. However it was hard not to when you spent a lot of time around teenagers and young adults with dirty minds and no mouth or action filter.

"You can always find out for yourself," Draco said suggestively.

Ron's eyes narrowed and he lunged at Draco who quickly stepped out of the way. Ron went flying into a display of books sending them flying in every direction. He jumped up pulling his wand out as he did so.

"Reducto!" Ron roared and a red light went flying at Leo.

"Protego!" The furious voice of Rodolphus yelled.

Harrison turned and saw a livid Rodolphus, Rabastan, Lucius, Narcissa and Bellatrix walking towards them. He could see a fire burning in all of their eyes as they descending on them. Bellatrix looked as though she wanted to curse Ron to within an inch of death, heal him, then do it all over again.

"What is going on here?" A voice Harrison didn't know asked at the same time Rodolphus did.

The unknown voice belonged to a tall thin man with balding red hair and square glasses. He was obviously a Weasley, if the hair wasn't a giveaway the horridly worn robes were.

"They- they," Ron spluttered. He was so angry that he couldn't form a coherent sentence.

"Nothing, Uncle Rodolphus," Harrison said in a respectful voice. "It was just a misunderstanding and Ron here over reacted."

"It was not!" Ron yelled, finally getting his voice back.

Mr. Weasley who Harrison remembered his uncle saying his name was Arthur turned to his daughter. "Ginny?"

Ginny looked at Harrison who gave her a warning look, he saw Draco and Leo doing the same thing from the corner of his eyes. Thankfully Arthur was looking at his daughter so he didn't notice.

"It was just a misunderstanding," Ginny said quietly.

"What?" Ron shrieked.

"Well don't let it happen again," Rodolphus said harshly. "If I witness you attempting to harm my son again I will press charges."

Ron opened and closed his mouth like a fish. Harrison was internally laughing like his father after a particularly long torture session. He didn't know why Ron continued to antagonize or confront them when he always lost. He would think even a Gryffindor had some sense of self preservation. He saw Ginny look down as she pulled her old looking black cauldron to her chest, it was filled with what appeared to be second hand books. He frowned as he tried to think of why the Weasley's would even be in here when everything they had was second hand. He was pulled from his musings when he heard Arthur talk.

"Lucius, Rodolphus, Rabastan," Arthur said stiffly. "I'll speak with my son and I'll ensure that it doesn't happen again."

"I sure hope so," Rodolphus said coldly.

"Busy time at the Ministry, I hear," Lucius interrupted. "All those raids… I hope they're paying you overtime?"

He reached into Ginny's cauldron and extracted, from amid a bunch of used books, a very old, very battered copy of A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration.

"Obviously not," Lucius said. "Dear me, what's the use of being a disgrace to the name of wizard if they don't even pay you well for it?"

Arthur flushed a dark red. "We have a very different idea of what disgraces the name of wizard, Malfoy," Arthur said.

Narcissa put one hand on each Harrison and Draco's shoulders, pulling them closer to her. Bellatrix did the same with Cass and Leo.

"Stay close to me," Daphne whispered to Luna.

Harrison flicked his gaze to Daphne and saw that she had pulled Luna towards her. He had told his friends about his fathers plan including Lucius giving the diary to the youngest Weasley. He could tell that like him, his friends knew that this was when it would happen.

"Clearly," Lucius drawled turning his eyes towards Ron and Ginny. Harrison smirked at Ron when he look over, Ron turned red and scowled. "It's really the children I feel bad for, they must be so ashamed."

There was a thud of metal as Ginny's cauldron went flying; Arthur had thrown himself at Lucius, knocking him backward into a bookshelf. At that moment the Weasley twins and a plump woman Harrison recognized as Molly Weasley rushed over.

Dozens of heavy spell books came thundering down on all their heads; there was a yell of, "Get him, Dad!" from Fred or George; Molly was shrieking, "No, Arthur, no!"; the crowd stampeded backward, knocking more shelves over; "Gentlemen, please — please!" cried the shop assistant, and then, louder than all —"Break it up, there, gents, break it up —" Hagrid the Hogwarts gamekeeper was wading toward them through the sea of books. In an instant, he had pulled Arthur and Lucius apart.

Arthur had a cut lip and Lucius had been hit in the eye by an Encyclopedia of Toadstools. He was still holding Ginny's old Transfiguration book. He thrust it at her, his eyes glittering with malice.

"Here, girl — take your book — it's the best your father can give you —" Pulling himself out of Hagrid's grip Lucius straightened his blue robes.

"Out of the shop," the assistant yelled to Arthur. "First your son attacks a fellow child and then you attack a prominent member of society." He waved wildly towards the door. "Get out!"

Lucius and Arthur glared at each other before Arthur rounded up his wife and kids and exited the shop. On the way out the Weasley twins waved to the Slytherins, both of them wearing grins.

Upon exiting the book store Harrison saw his father standing regally by the large window, a display of Lockhart's biography could be seen.

"Did you have fun?" Tom asked with a knowing look.

"Dad kicked Mr. Weasley's ass," Draco smirked.

"Draco," Narcissa scolded. "Watch your language."

"Don't use such words in public," Lucius said absentmindedly before whispering something to Tom.

Tom smiled and gave Harrison a significant look. Harrison looked at his friends and nodded, Ginny Weasley had the diary.

Harrison spent the last two weeks of summer training non-stop. He would wake up at four in the morning and run five miles before going for a swim in the lake. At six his friends would come over for animagus training and it was going better than expected. After animagus lessons he would duel with his friends or practice new spells one of them read about for three hours. Afterwards he would practice the Dark Arts with Bellatrix, Draco, Luna, Cass and Leo.

Harrison would relax for an hour by eating lunch and flying. Sometimes he would play a quick game of quidditch, Harrison and Draco versus Cass and Leo. Once his hour of free time was over he would have private lessons with his father until dinner. Dinner would be spent enjoying time with his father, it was the only time of the day his father was relaxed. The past several weeks had been hectic for the Dark Lord. After dinner Harrison would be taken down to the dungeons and shown different techniques the Death Eaters used to interrogate prisoners.

The night before September first Harrison and Tom walked down to the lowest level of the Manor. The basement level of the Manor was nothing but dungeons with the exception of the kitchen. The only entrance to the dungeons was a staircase behind a door that was always guarded by two Death Eaters. Once you descended the staircase you entered a large square room with a dozen doors and six archways leading to separate hallways. On the right were three hallways; the first held muggle male prisoners, the second one held muggle female prisoners and the third held muggle children prisoners. On the left were three more hallways; the first held wizard prisoners, the second one held witch prisoners and the third held children wizards and witches.

The dozen doors in the room led to various 'torture rooms'. Each of the rooms had expansion charms on them so the room was much larger than it would outwardly appear to be. There were silencing spells so you couldn't hear anything coming from the rooms or hallways. However if you stepped into one of the hallways you could usually hear begging, crying and screaming.

Like the rest of the Manor there were anti-apparition and anti-port key wards in the basement. The only people who can apparate in are those with the dark mark but they can't apparate out, that's just in case a Death Eater is a traitor. Only Tom can apparate out, however Harrison will be able to once he learns how. If someone apparate's in Tom is immediately alerted to who it is and how many prisoners they've brought. Half a dozen Death Eaters stand guard in the basement at all times.

A second dungeon resides under the forest at Riddle Manor however the only way in is to apparate and the only way out is if Tom allows you to. Those dungeons are only used to hold prisoners Tom doesn't want his lower ranked Death Eaters to know about or long term prisoners.

Harrison watched as a young woman wearing only a white bra and short jean shorts was dragged into the room by. She was screaming and pleading to be set free, her blonde hair was covered in dirt and dry blood. Harrison could see her body shaking, whether it was out of fear or after effects of the cruciatus curse he didn't know or care.

"Shut up you stupid muggle," Randall Saxon yelled as he backhanded her.

"I don't know what a muggle is," the girl sobbed. "Please don't hurt me!"

The Death Eater with light blonde hair sneered as dragged her into one of the rooms. Her screams cut off when the black door slammed shut.

Tom stared disdainfully at the door before looking at Harrison. "Amycus and Alecto captured a minor member of the Order today." He walked to the door next to the one Randall and the muggle girl just entered. "Remember not to speak or draw attention to yourself. Watch how they get information from her."

Harrison nodded and Tom opened the door. The room was square, cold and gave off a dark vibe. The floors were made of gray stone and the only light came from half a dozen torches that hung on the walls. Amycus and Alecto Carrow, dubbed the Carrow siblings by the other Death Eaters were standing over a young woman. The woman had peach colored skin, brown hair and light blue eyes. She was wearing dress robes and her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

Amycus and Alecto spun towards the door wands raised, when they saw who it was they immediately lowered their wands.

"My Lord," Amycus said with a low bow.

"Young Lord," Alecto said respectfully.

Amycus had sharp features and short cropped blonde hair. His sister Alecto had long blonde hair, dull blue eyes and a slim build. They both wore midnight black robes but neither were wearing a mask, the Death Eaters only wore them when they were on raids.

Harrison didn't look at the Death Eaters instead his emerald eyes were focused on the prisoner. Her eyes widened upon seeing him and she paled, most likely because of the Dark Lord.

"You're a child," the prisoner breathed out.

"Don't speak to him," Tom said in a commanding tone. "Crucio!"

The woman yelled in pain as her body thrashed around on the floor. Her head was jerking in every direction and her eyes were rolling around in their sockets. Her hands clenched into fists and her back arched off the ground as her screams got louder. It sounded like she was yelling her throat raw because after thirty seconds her screams became strained. Tom released the curse and her body jerked slightly as her eyes came back into focus.

Tom turned to Alecto. "Did she give you any information?"

"No, my Lord," Alecto responded. "We've been at it for three hours and she hasn't said anything about the Order."

"Oh, really?" Tom asked in a deadly quiet voice.

Alecto and Amycus exchanged worried looks.

"My Lord we'll continue to try torturing information from her," Amycus said quickly.

Tom eyed the panting prisoner before turning to Harrison. "Harrison."

"Yes, father?" Harrison inquired.

The prisoners eyes snapped to his and her eyes widened even further than when he had walked in. He smirked at the prisoner before looking back at his father.

"What can be more persuasive than pain?" Tom asked softly.

Harrison smiled chillingly, it was enough to make goosebumps form on the prisoners arms.

"Love," Harrison said. "Using the loved ones of prisoners against them will make most prisoners talk."

Harrison saw the woman pale if possible even further.

"No," the woman whispered.

Tom smiled showing off perfect teeth and his cold blue eyes landed on the woman. "Harrison, you may have the honors."

"Thank you father," Harrison said graciously.

Harrison was born a natural occlumens and legilimens something that he was grateful for. His best friends had to study occlumency from the time they were young children and they weren't at a proficient level until they were all ready to start at Hogwarts. Someone like Tom, Snape or Dumbledore would be able to get into their mind but they would be able to feel it and get away. And none of Harrison's best friends could perform even an ounce of legilimency. Very few people could perform legilimency and those that could needed their wand and they needed to vocally say the spell. Harrison could easily slip into a persons mind without so much as batting an eye. The only other natural in those two arts Harrison knew of was Luna and that wasn't surprising since all true seers were.

Harrison looked at the woman and dove into her mind. Image after image floated into his mind. The woman was walking into the Ministry of Magic with another woman her age. The memory skipped and she was now sitting at a long table in between Molly Weasley and a young woman with bright purple hair. The memory skipped and showed the woman reading a bed time story to a young boy who looked to be five or six. "And then the unicorn..." The woman said before the memory skipped and the little boy was smiling brightly up at the woman. "I love you mummy." The woman smiled, her eyes shining with true happiness. "I love you too Max." Harrison pulled out of her mind.

"Max," Harrison said slowly.

"No," the woman said as her eyes closed. A single tear fell down her cheek. "Please, I'll tell you anything just don't hurt my son."

"See Mrs. Vega," Tom said silkily. "That wasn't so hard now was it?"

A choked sob escaped the woman's throat as she buried her head in her shaking hands.


1-As Harrison gets older he'll experiment with magic and branch out into making a name for himself. At the moment he is barely twelve and needs to have complete control of all known magic before he's inventing random spells with runes and whatnot. However I'm trying to keep the story realistic so there will be no necromancy or things like that, but like Snape he will invent his own spells. At the moment he's also trying to stay out from under Dumbledore's suspicion.

2-The light will begin to put more pressure on the dark soon, and not everyone will join the dark. As Luna said, the dark will be betrayed and people will die. Not everyone who Harrison wants to join the dark will and some will but will betray him. I have plenty of twists plan so everything isn't always what is seems.

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