Adventures in Dwarf-Sitting


Or: How Kili Came to Not Be Afraid of Dwalin Anymore

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Chapter 1

Author's Note: story! This one should have about seven chapters. I got the idea from a mixture of a few chapters of Family and my personal favorite movie: Jurassic Park. (Seriously though. I cannot put into words how excited I am for Jurassic World. I want a Velociraptor so bad. Actually I want to be a Raptor.)

Anyway, this stems from me mentioning that Kili was afraid of Dwalin. A few people wanted to see how Kili got...unafraid of Dwalin and instead of writing a chapter for something I wrote you a whole story. Aren't I generous? Obviously this won't follow Jurassic Park story-wise (no Dwarves fighting Raptors, Rexs, and Diloposaurouses...sorry) but it will have some elements from all three movies. (Maybe all four if it's not finished by June)

Also I saw BotFA. Go see it and bring kleenex. It's worth it. I bawled like a baby.

Without further ado, I present: 'Adventures in Dwarf-Sitting', or 'How Kili came to Not Be Afraid of Dwalin Anymore'

Dain Ironfoot of the Iron Hills and Thorin Oakenshield of the Blue Mountains walked side by side along the corridors of the Iron Hills. The meeting adjourned the twin cousins were merely enjoying the other's company for the time being. It was rare when the two Dwarves were able to visit one another to begin with, they had even less time to spend together as cousins and not leaders.

"So Dis is staying home for sure this time around?" Dain mentioned as the rounded another corner.

Thorin nodded, "Aye. She needs some time to rest with the boys running wild in the home. She deserves some alone time more than anyone."

"And how are the youngest of our family?"

Thorin allowed a small smile to creep on his face at the mention of his nephews, "Getting bigger every time I look at them. Kili is already almost the same height as Fili."

Dain shook his head fondly, "Going to have your height, isn't he?"

Thorin nodded, "Seems that way. They're both in weapon training. Fili with two swords, Kili with a bow."

They drifted left, heading into a smaller study with a large fire blazing, already occupied by two Dwarves. Balin was seated on a chair nearest to the fire while Ona had placed herself on a braided rug on the floor. Balin gestured for them to join them, Thorin going to the bench, Dain to the other armchair. Balin gave the cousins a soft smile, "Getting ready to pick up the lads?"

Thorin nodded, "I leave tomorrow morning. This will be their first time away from home."

Ona gave him a bright, Ona-ish grin, "I'm sure they're excited. They always seem excited."

Thorin nearly rolled his eyes, "They have more energy than is natural. Hopefully the long journey in the fresh air will help."

Dain stood, walking over to the desk in the room and filling a few goblets with beer, "You have to go all the way back to the Blue Mountains to get them?"

"No," Thorin explained, "They're traveling already with their mother halfway. I'm meeting them tomorrow and taking them the last leg of the journey."

Dain handed out the drinks with a mild frown, "Why don't I send some of my Dwarves instead? We can finish up meetings tomorrow and have the rest of the time to spend as family."

Thorin hesitated, "I think it might be best if I go get them. They're excitable on the bet days and they've been looking forward to this for weeks."

"Nonsense!" Dain boomed, "I'll send to very capable Dwarves! We'll even send a wagon to keep the boys from getting ahead of them."

Thorin continued to look unsure, "I promised Dis I would come get them."

"So we'll send a note as well! They'll be just fine! What's the worst that can happen? It's not a terribly long journey. They'll be here before you know it and you'll have nothing to do but show them around and show me how far their training has come."

Thorin hesitated before nodding, still looking unsure, "I suppose. I write up a letter to Dis to send along with them."

Dain gave him a smile, "Good!"

As the night wore on the Dwarves bid each other goodbye and headed off to their rooms. Thorin was located in one of the largest guest rooms alongside Balin with Ona nearby. As they walked Thorin ran a hand through his hair, "I still may go get them myself tomorrow. I trust Dain but if something happens I want to be there."

Balin gave him a knowing look, "Calm yourself Laddie. There's not a Dwarf in this mountain who can't handle themselves against an orc."

Thorin sighed, "I know. I just want them to be safe."

Ona paused at her door before leaving them, "And they will be. They probably listen better for someone they don't know."

Thorin snorted, "One can only hope."

The next morning Thorin met Dain at the exit of the mountain. His cousin had two Dwarves with him. One was squirrelly looking with thinning brown hair and matching beard, the other was on the taller side and far more stockier with dark blonde hair that braided into his own beard. Dain introduced them as Robo and Segnar, respectively, and they gave Thorin a polite, little bow.

Thorin handed Segnar the letter with a held back sigh, "Dis will be waiting at the meeting point with both boys. Fili is the elder one with blonde hair, Kili the younger. Don't let them cause too much trouble."

Dain clapped Thorin on the back hardily before grasping Segnar's shoulder, "These are two Dwarves in my council who I trust. The boys will be just fine in their care."

Ona, from Thorin's left side looked less than impressed, "Are you sure you don't want me to go? They boys listen to me just fine. I can help."

Segnar shook his head and spoke, his voice rough and gravelly, "We're fine. We'll keep them in the wagon. They'll have a little more freedom to move around and still be contained than if we were putting them on ponies."

Thorin looked out the exit of the mountain and sure enough, there was a large covered wagon with a dark brown covering. The Durin heir stared out into the distance as if he could see his nephews and sister waiting, "All right. Just keep them safe."

Segnar nodded, "We'll be back with them late tonight. We'll try to keep a fast pace so we don't have to set up camp and we'll travel through the night."

He extended an arm that Thorin took, "Keep them safe. I'll be waiting up until you arrive."

As the two Dwarves left-one on a pony, the other on the wagon, two horses pulling it-Thorin stepped with Ona and Balin outside to watch them go, "I have a feeling that this won't go well."

Ona gave him a look, "You always have a feeling that things won't go well. If you smiled your face would crack."

Thorin gave her a glare, "I mean it."

Ona's grin faded, "I know. I do too. But if we didn't trust Dain on this it could be bad. You know how proud and stubborn he is."

Balin nodded, "Aye. You're doing the right thing, Thorin. They'll be just fine."

Meanwhile, halfway between the Blue Mountains and the Iron Hills Dis was settled on the grass with her sons. They sat on a large checkered blanket, both Fili and Kili happily munching on the food she had for them. A short distance away stood Dwalin, arms crossed over his chest, gazing off into the distance. Dis looked over at him before ruffling Kili's hair as she stood, "I'm going to give Mr. Dwalin something to eat. Stay. Here."

Fili nodded brightly and happily bit into his apple while Kili continued to watch the ants crawling by to gather up the bread crumbs he was making. Dis looked at them fondly before walking over to where Dwalin was.

"Here," She handed him a small basket filled with fruit and bread, "You know you're welcome to join us."

Dwalin looked over to where Fili was now sitting on his brother, Kili doing his best to push him off, "Children have never been...something I'm very good at."

He turned to fully look at her and she once again tried to absorb how he looked since he had shaved his customary mohawk he had had since before the fall of Erebor. Covered in metal and armor and now bald, Dis could definitely see how children might not have been something he spent time with. Nevertheless, "They don't bite. We'll they don't bite often...or that hard."

Dwalin's mouth twitched, "They're small Dwarves. Tinier than normal Dwarves. And expensive. And breakable."

"Dis looked back her boys where Fili was now the one being sat on, Kili on his brother head eating a piece of bread and smiled, "Expensive I will give you. It seems like Kili needs a new pair of boots every time I'm out. He's growing like a weed. I don't breakable will ever apply to either of my children though," She pondered this for a moment, "Now that you point it out Kili has broken quite a few bones. He's rather impulsive. And reckless."

Dwalin foloowed her gaze to his much younger cousins, "I don't know what to do with them."

Dis shook her head with a smile, "If you say so. I won't push you. Just wanted to make you aware that you're welcome on the picnic blanket."

Dwalin removed what he wanted from the basket and handed it back to her, "I don't want to scare Kili off."

Dis sighed, "He's getting better. Your new look probably isn't helping much."

Dwalin ran a hand over his head almost self conscientiously, took a bite of bread, and changed the subject, "I'm going to scout ahead, see if I run into Thorin and make sure the road is clear."

Dis looked out around them, "Why don't you just start heading toward the Iron Hills? I know you're meeting Balin there. You can get a head start and meet Thorin on the road."

"Are you sure?"

"He can't be far off. I'm sure he'll have someone with him to go back to the Blue Mountains with me."

Dwalin looked unsure but she insisted, "Go. We'll be fine."

He nodded and with a farewell, mounted his pony and they parted ways, Dis heading back to her sons. They were now sitting next to each other, eating at a furious pace like they always did. Dis looked around the field they were in. The sky was slowly getting ominous, dark grey clouds rolling in quickly. Dis thought about the long journey they still had to the Iron Hills and sent a quick request to Mahal that the storm held off at least until they had set up camp for the night. As Kili climbed into her lap Dis ran her fingers through the messy brown locks, separating a small section to braid, "Please be good for Thorin. Listen and behave."

Kili nodded and tipped his head backwards to look at his mother, "Why can't you come with?"

Dis turned his head to get at another section of hair on the other side, "Because you're big boys now and bog boys get to take trips just with Uncle Thorin."

Fili looked especially eager at that, "I've never been to the Iron Hills before."

Dis smiled and tied of Kili's braids, tugging Fili to her to have the same treatment, "You were once. It was a very long time ago. I'm not surprised you don't remember, you were just a babe at the time."

Fili wiggled as she braided, eyes on the horizon when he spotted a few dark shapes heading toward them, "Mama? What's that?"

Dis looked to where he was pointing, "I believe that's your uncle."

She stood up both of her boys and made them assist in cleaning up their picnic despite avid protests from both. A quick adjustment of their tunic and cleaning off a squirmy Kili's face wasted just enough time for the dark shapes to approach fully. Dis held back a frown as two Dwarves she didn't recognize dismounted. The stockier of the two Dwarves stepped forward, "My Lady Dis?"

Dis nearly rolled her eyes in a very Thorin fashion. There was no one around for miles, who else could she be. She stifled her mild annoyance, "That's me."

The Dwarf bowed low, "I am Segnar. Your brother and Dain sent us to bring the little ones to the Iron Hills."

The smaller Dwarf dismounted and handed her a letter that she looked at. Her brother's neat handwriting looked back at her.


Dain insists I finish meetings and treaties and send two Dwarves of his choosing to get the boys. I'm here waiting for them. They'll go in the wagon to assure a fast trip. Enjoy your time off and make sure you actually REST.

Dis couldn't help but smile at that last part before tucking the note into the pocket of her skirt. She looked up and for the first time noticed a larger covered wagon behind the two Dwarves. She went to one knee before her sons and kissed Fili's head, "Be good for your uncle. Have lots and lots of fun."

He kissed her cheek and she turned to Kili who was looking at her teary eyed, "I don't wanna go."

Dis kissed the top of his head and drew him into a hug, "Yes you do. You'll play with your brother, go exploring. You won't miss me at all once you're there."

Kili latched himself to her torso and she encircled him with her arms, "You'll be just fine Little One. Be a brave boy for me. I'm going to miss you very, very much but I know you'll have fun."

Kili nodded with a sniffle before pulling back, "Love you."

Dis smiled and tried to keep herself from tearing up, "I love you both too. Now I'll put you in the wagon and I'll get your stuff off of the pony."

Neither Dwarf stepped forward to help the boys in and Dis frowned to herself before lifting them in herself. Clearly neither of these Dwarves had dealt with children before. Luckily the journey would last only until night if the rain held off. Walking to the pack pony with the other Dwarf (who she learned was named Robo) they unloaded the boys stuff to put in the wagon as well. Everything was soon tucked away and she went up on tiptoes to kiss each of her sons' hands, "Be good."

Segnar looked around the area, "Do you not have guard, Lady Dis?"

Dis shrugged, "No really. A friend, Dwalin was traveling with us but he went on ahead. He'll meet up with you."

Segnar gazed behind her, "I would feel better if I accompanied you."

Dis didn't bother hiding her sigh, "All right. I'll be fine on my own but I wouldn't mind have someone to talk to."

One more blown kiss to her sons and Dis had to fight off tears and a pit in her stomach as the wagon pulled away, "I doubt it's ever going to get easier watching them leave home and growing up."

She waited until the wagon was a speck and turned her pony to head back toward home, Segnar beside her.

Meanwhile in the wagon Kili was distraught, "I don't want to go without Mama."

Fili put an arm around his brother, "I know. It'll be fine though. We'll have fun and play and explore and have Uncle write Mama a letter so she can come meet us at the Iron Hills."

Kili sniffed and leaned his head on his brother's shoulder, "I guess."

Fili grinned at him, "It's going to be fun. Promise. Wanna play a game?"

An hour of eye spy later Robo was slowly developing a twitch. Dwarflings had never been something he had cared much about, nor had any practice with but he wasn't about to say no to bring them back to the Iron Hills. With a glance back at them he spoke, "New game. Have you ever heard of the quiet game?"

Fili blinked at him, "I don't like that game."

Kili shook his head viciously, braids coming undone a bit, "It's boring."

Robo frowned and looked around in an attempt to find them something to do, "Why don't you tell each other stories?"

That sparked some interest and soon Fili was spouting off some tale of heroics to his brother that kept them both entertained. Robo felt a small splash on his head and groaned. Rain.

Sure enough the sky was opening up and beginning to drizzle steady, heavy drops of water that were quickly growing in number. He was starting to feel thoroughly wet when a blonde head poked out of the flap of the wagon, "'Cuse me?"

He slowed the horses so he could turn, "Yes?"

Fili looked back in the tent, "We have to go."

Robo frowned, "Go where?"

Fili stared at him, "We have to go. You know, go-go."

Robo blinked a few times before it made sense, "Oh!" He looked around and groaned. It was now pouring and he had no desire to stop, "Can't you hold it?"

Fili shook his head and Robo drew the horses to a stop before hopping down and walking to the back of the wagon to unload them, "Make it quick."

Both boys were soon running toward some bushes and Robo leaned against the wagon with a loud sigh. He wasn't a fan of children. He waited a few long minutes before a long, drawn out howl echoed in the distance. He froze and slowly stood up, cautiously looking around. Another howl answered back and he started to briskly walk over to where the boys were heading toward him, "We have to go. Now."

Fili looked at him, starting to breath harder, "What was that?"

Robo grabbed each one of their hands and pulled them to the wagon as quickly as he could, intent on getting out of there, "Doesn't matter. We have to go."

His walk became a slow job and the boys stumbled to keep up. He quickly hoisted one into the wagon before hoisting the other in as well. He clambered into the driver's bench and snapped the reigns, sending the horses into a brisk trot. Another howl sounded and Robo pushed the horses to a canter, hoping whatever was making that noise didn't catch up.

As the sound grew closer Robo could see the first cliff they would need to pass in order to make it back home. He snapped the reigns again, willing the horses to go faster as yet another howl sounded, this one being overlapped with two others. The hill path had a steep drop off that led to a forest valley down below. He steered the wagon as far from the edge as he could but called back to the boys just the same, "Both of you need to stay sitting."

Kili's head poked out of the flap, "It's wet back here."

Robo frowned, "Stay sitting. And I know. It's raining."

Kili frowned, "I don't like it."

Robo's frown deepened, "None of do. Sit down."

Kili did as he was told but not before sticking his tongue out at him when Robo turned back around. Another howl sounded in the distance and Robo snapped the reigns again. The horses moved to a gallop the best they could before Robo realized the flaw in his plan.

Up ahead was a small pile of rocks buried halfway in the dirt. Robo pulled on the reigns in an attempt to slow down but the horses slipped in the mud and couldn't stop in time. The wagon wheel went over the rocks and the axel snapped with a loud crack before sliding to a halt. A group of howls sounded and the horses reared and took off, breaking free from their harnesses. Robo tumbled to the ground and quickly go to his feet, panting.

The wagon lay, useless, on the rocks. Two of the wheels and the front axel were broken and it tilted dangerously to the left. Fili poked his head out, face ashen, "What was that?"

Robo looked around as the howls sounded closer, "The wagon broken and the horses ran off."

Kili's head popped out under his brother's, "We're stuck here?"

Robo sighed, "Yes. We're stuck here."

A group of howls sounded again, and Robo noticed some black shaped coming out of the nearby trees. The Dwarflings' eyes grew and Robo took as step back, drawing his axe.

"What are those?" Fili asked in a whisper.

Robo didn't answer, eyes wide as the sheer amount of Wargs coming out at them. There were probably 15 of them, all large, all dangerous. He grasped his axe and felt his breathing quicken.

Kili looked up at his brother, terrified, "What are those?"

Fili looked just as scared but stuttered out an answer, "W-wargs. I think they're w-wargs."

Kili whimpered and Robo's gut instinct kicked in. Dropping his axe he took off at a run, leaving the boys in the wagon alone. Fili looked at where there supposedly 'Dwarf protector' was going and felt his terror grow, "Where is he going?"

Kili looked up at him, "He's leaving us?"

Fili pulled Kili inside the wagon and tied the flaps shut best he could, "Sit quiet. Maybe they'll go away."

Kili pulled away from his grip and starting going through their bags, tossing clothes and toys around. Fili tried to grab him, "What're you doing!?"

Kili flung another toy out of the back of wagon, "Looking for our swords!"

Fili grabbed him roughly and tried not to yell, "They're wood! They're not gonna do nothing! You're just making noise and making those things come over here!"

Kili's eyes filled with tears as he heard a growl, "I'm sorry!"

Before Fili could answer the wagon rocked to the left and both boys screamed. Outside, another warg slammed into the wagon, trying to get inside and the wagon rocked again, farther this time. One more warg jumped against it and the wagon tipped and fell fully, rolling a few times before coming to a halt at the edge of the drop off, upside down.

In the distance Dwalin rode along the path when he heard the unmistakable sound of Wargs nearby. He sighed and unhooked his hammer from his back, readying himself for a fight. Digging his heels into his pony's side it took off at a gallop, edging him closer to the sounds. As he drew near he saw a Dwarf take off at the fastest pace he could muster toward the tree line. Dwalin nudged him pony to quicken it's pace and frowned, "Where in Durin's name could he be going?"

He fast approached the hillside and hopped off his pony, slamming his hammer into a Warg head, killing it instantly. A few more met their demise by his hands before he noticed the majority snarling at an overturned wagon. Dwalin dropped his hammer and unsheathed his axe, wiping out a few more of the distracted filth. From inside the wagon he could hear screams and yells before a voice he would know anywhere sobbed out, "Mama!"

Dwalin ran to the wagon, axe swinging, taking out a few more warg. The others turned there attention on him and away from the wagon which was dangerously close to falling off the edge. Dwalin called out, "Fili! Kili! I need you to stay very still in there! I'm going to get you out but you need to not move or you're gonna fall!"

The cries continued but the wagon stopped shaking back and forth as the boys, no doubt, listened and stopped moving. Dwalin was beginning to feel heavily outnumbered when a few screams and a loud howl sounded from the forest. The wargs took off in the direction of the noise and Dwalin stayed defensive until they were out of sight.

Still wary of their return, Dwalin dropped to his knees next to the back of the wagon and poke his head in. Both boys were coated in mud and blood, Kili's eyebrow bleeding, Fili from both hands. Dwalin looked back at the forest and seeing they were still alone reached one hand in, "I need you to give me your hands and I'm going to pull you out."

"Take Kili first," Fili insisted and Kili reached out one hand.

Dwalin grasped the younger boy's hand and pulled. Kili grimaced and a sob escaped, "I'm stuck! My legs are trapped and the mud is making me not be able to move!"

Dwalin tugged harder, "Fili, dig out his legs best you can. Kili, I'm going to pull hard and your going to wiggle out. On three. One. Two. Three!"

With a suction noise Kili slid forward and Dwalin helped him climb out of the back of the wagon. He stuck his head back in to grab Fili's head before Kili screamed.

Dwalin dropped the blonde's hand and whipped his head out to see a large warg baring down on them menacingly. Dwalin shoved Kili to the side roughly and rolled out of the way himself. The warg overshot them and plowed right into the wagon, sending it tumbling down the side of the drop.

Kili and Dwalin watched in slow-motion horror and the wagon tumbled down and landed in a tree below. The area seemed to go silent for a moment before there came Kili's panicked scream, "Fili!"

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