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Guardian Potter

A/N: Hello True Believers!

Welcome to Vault M2J, my Drabble Fic, the second oldest one in existence, to my own knowledge, inspired by Rorschach's Blot's Odd Ideas, back when he still had around 30 chapters or so.

This fic, on FF.Net, used to go by the name The Archive Rejects for many years- which will be readily apparent in many future author's notes until I get them all changed. I imported this directly from FF.Net and so many of these drabbles will have messages to my readers years old, geared towards the readership of another website- which I will slowly but surely be changing.

Unlike many drabble fics, which cater to one fandom or another, mine caters to multiple fandoms and more often than not, has them crossing over with one another. These works will range from Harry Potter, Naruto, Aretmis Fowl, Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, etc... This "fic" will mostly serve as a sort of palette for me to get my ideas out and into the open.

So some may be good and even great. Others can and most likely will be horrible, so flames are very much welcome, tell me exactly how great or terrible each little idea is.

Anyone wanting to use any of the ideas from this "fic" just let me know before hand and credit me in your fic that this is where you got the idea from.

Without furthur delay, here is a little ficlet that never took off, called "Guardian Potter".

Summary: Post-Hogwarts/Post HBP. Non-DH Compliant. After the defeat of Voldemort, Harry draws the wrong conclusion about a certain red-head. Devastated, he flees the Burrow without another word. All efforts made to contact him have failed. But now, seven years later, the Hero returns home...

Guardian Potter: Chapter One: Guardian's Return, the Darkness Rises

A man stood at the top of a high platform that was a float high in the sky. He wore pure black robes trimmed with gold. He gripped his staff tightly in his hand. The green orb at the head of the staff was glowing as menacingly as his emerald green eyes. He knew it was time, time that he returned to the realm of wizards, the world of magic, a world filled with raw and painful memories. He only hoped he would be strong enough this time to stop things from getting too far out of hand.

It was time for the Guardian of the Earth to return to the place of his birth. Harry Potter was going home.

Ron Weasley was not a happy man. Since the end of the war he had very little reason to be happy. He only thanked what ever gods and deities that existed that he had Hermione with him all the way, as things just hadn't been right since the end of the war. Harry was gone and Ginny was with some git that was totally unacceptable for her. But... Harry did leave, to only Merlin knows where, and Ginny had no choice but to move on.

Now crumpled in his hands was a note. Not just any note, but a note from his former best friend. No one had known where Harry had gone, no owls ever made it to him, not even Hedwig. Messages were returned unopened and none ever came from "The Chosen One" or "Boy Who Lived" or whatever moniker they hailed him by.

He had no idea what he was going to tell the others. Hermione and Ginny especially. Harry had been missing for seven years, and now he was coming back. The note didn't explain why, only that he was going to be there soon. Having no other choice, Ron did the only thing he could. He grabbed a handful of Floo Powder off of the mantle piece and cast it into the fire and yelled, "The Burrow!"

The Weasleys Remus, Tonks, Neville and Luna sat around the den of the Burrow. Ron had a pensive look on his face, Hermione had a slight frown of concentration. Others ranged from slightly agitated and jittery to nearly outraged. All that is, except for Ginny who held a near expressionless mask since hearing the news of Harry's return and Luna who barely looked aware of anything going on around her.

The wall clock chimed announcing three o'clock. As the chime came to an end there was a burst of white flames and in the center of the room stood a man who was almost unrecognizable. If not for the unruly hair and the vivid emerald eyes they most likely wouldn't have.

Time seemed to stand still as his emerald eyes scanned the room, unimpeded by his glasses, and landed on a particular person in the room. A quick, but powerful emotion swept through his eyes, but it disappeared as quickly as it had come. No one made any effort to speak, and simply stared at the new arrival. Finally, it was Harry that broke the silence.

"I expected more of a louder, angrier reception," he said in a plain, emotionless voice.

"And we expected you to stay gone after you abandoned us," said Ginny angrily. The entire room sucked in a breath of surprise anticipating the coming explosion. He raised an eyebrow at her malicious remark, after all, she was the reason he left.

"I had my victory, my purpose was fulfilled. With nothing left, what was I to do?" he replied coldly.

"Nothing... Nothing left?" Ginny was almost shouting. With a wave of his hand she was silenced.

"We'll deal with this later Weasley," Harry said formally and coldly, "There are more important things to deal with right now."

As if right on cue, Hermione was the first to speak up, her voice cutting through the tension and the shock. "Harry... Those symbols... The runes... A-are they..." He nodded towards her, and she paled. "Are you..." She still seemed to be far too shocked to form coherent sentences. "But it's just a legend!" she shouted. The others in the room just stared at Harry and Hermione in confusion.

"Legends are often based on fact, Hermione," said Harry calmly, "This one more so than others. But, we'll talk of that later... I have come with a warning." Everyone froze at that statement. "I sense a great darkness coming. It's very powerful, and even as strong as I am, with all the training I have gone through, I don't think I can stop it. I need help."

"But... Why Harry? Even when you've needed it more than ever, you've never asked for our help. You always had to have it forced on you," said Hermione questioningly.

"I've learned some things in my time away," Harry answered, but did not elaborate, "Now, I'm afraid I must go. There are other things that call for my attention. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be returning to Potter Manor." There was a burst of white flames and the man in black and gold robes with runic markings on them disappeared.

"Why that..." Ginny fumed before she abruptly left for her room upstairs. Obviously the silencing charm wore off when Harry departed.

It was silent as Ginny stormed up to her room slamming the door behind her. "I-I'll go check on her..." Hermione said hesitantly.

"Hermione... What... What's happened to Harry?" Ron asked.

"I'm not sure," she said sadly.

"But you do know something," Bill replied. Everyone was looking at her intently.

Hermione sighed, "Harry is not a normal wizard. Even less now than before..." she struggled with what to say for a few moments. "Harry has become the Earth's Guardian."

Bill and Fleur frowned, as did Percy. "But that's just an ancient legend... There hasn't been a recorded instance of there being a Guardian of the Earth since before Hogwarts was founded."

"I know, but there are too many questions right now. Some only Harry can answer, others only Harry should answer. Right now though, you're sister needs someone to talk to, so I'll answer what I can in a few hours." Hermione swiftly left the room to go and comfort Ginny. There were obviously some unresolved issues.

High above the Burrow, a black robed figure stood on a giant cloud watching over the countryside. His eyes were shut tight, his emotions barely controlled. He had wanted to tell them more, but he couldn't, not with her in the room with the looks she was giving him. Though he couldn't think of why she would be so angry with him. After all, he may have 'abandoned' them, but she forgot about him. With another burst of white flames, he was gone.

"Why now, Hermione?" asked Ginny, "Why now after all this time. I'm supposed to get married in a month and HE has to come back now!" Ginny for her part was just barely holding it together.

"You still love him don't you?" asked Hermione.

"When have I not? I loved him before I knew him, before he even knew I existed. I could only hope that he would like me, or even notice me when he became Ron's friend. When he kissed me, it was like all my dreams come true and then Dumbledore died and my blissful dream turned into a very real nightmare." said Ginny, "He broke things off for 'my protection'. I worried for months and months while you three were gone. When I finally got that owl saying that you were coming home I was excited. I was crushed when you told me Harry just left for some reason. Why? Why did he leave when you guys had only just gotten here?"

"I don't know Ginny. He was broadcasting a lot of emotions. They were so strong it was overwhelming. I had to Occlude him before my head burst, then he was gone before either Ron or I could get a word in. I don't know what he heard or saw, but it hurt him bad enough he didn't want to come back."

"I wish I knew what it was so I can thoroughly hex the person who drove Harry away," said Ginny venomously.

Hermione sighed again, "Tell me Ginny... Do you love Kyle?"

Ginny bit back whatever scathing remark she had for her brother's wife and her best friend. She went from angry to defeated in a matter of a few seconds. "I-I don't know anymore... I thought I did, but Harry..." She seemed to have aged several years right before Hermione's eyes. "It's always been Harry. No matter what I do, no matter how many times I give up on him and try to get over him, just a look and I'm his all over again..."

"You're going to have to make a choice Ginny... And you better do it soon because it's unfair to Kyle."

Harry Potter arrived at the Guardian's Tower, so distracted by the old feelings that had surfaced that he didn't notice the other dark figures who were waiting for him.

"Hello, Guardian," said a raspy voice, it was old and lizard-like.

Harry's head snapped over in surprise, astonished that one, he let his guard down and two, strangers had found their way into the tower. However, his astonishment and surprise made way for dread. Though he did not know them, nor had he ever seen them personally, this small group of people were unmistakably recognizable, or at least the were to all Guardians.

"Shit," was the only thing he could say before he was struck in the chest by a large beam.

Several miles away, a screamed "Harry!" brought everyone in the crowded house to the aid of the youngest member of their family. Shortly after, she passed out, making everyone of them worry for the future and The Boy Who Returned...

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