Fallen Angel Part 4


Monica's heart gets tested of not knowing if her husband will wake up from his coma, as she struggles with her human emotions of losing the love of her life as well as losing custody over his daughter

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The Aftermath

There was a white bliss all Griffin when he woke up. He expected to see Monica’s gleaming face staring back at him, but as Griffin slowly opens his eyes, he was in another world. This world was not the earth, it felt too peaceful, and everything around him was white. In a panic, he opens his eyes to find a nice bed, with white sheets, and outside was sunshine, and the air felt like a spring day. That can’t be right, the last day was around Halloween, and it was fall weather out not spring. And another surprise he felt no pain where he was at.

Softly Griffin calls out his wife’s name, “Monica?” No answer. Griffin looks around, and Monica is not with him. She is always with him, and they were inseparable. But Griffin doesn’t see any sign of his beauty Irish wife anywhere. Griffin calls out a little louder, “Monica?”

Suddenly a voice sounded behind him and surprised him a bit, “She can’t hear you. No one can.”

Griffin slowly turns to look at the man sitting beside him. His green eyes stared down at him. Griffin knows his face, seen him before but where. His mind was a bit out of it for the moment. “I want to see my wife, do you know where she is?”

The man looks at him, and his hand reaches out to him, “You can’t at least not right now.”

“Why not, I’m in the hospital am I?” Griffin asks.

The man looks at him, and he didn’t want to say it, but Griffin has to know the truth. “Roan…I’m afraid that you are not in a hospital. I’m an angel, and I’m here to help you guide your way back.”

“Wait, what? An Angel? Guide me back? What are you talking about? Who are you?” Griffin asks in confusion.

The man moves closer to Griffin because he knows that this could bring a shock to him, “Roan, you married my best friend and my lost love. You first met me at your wedding. My name is Andrew, and you are in a coma.”

Monica waits nervously in the waiting room to hear about her husband’s condition. Sarah was asleep on the chairs next to her, with a few cuts and burses. Monica didn’t want to wake the sleeping child, because of what everything they went through in the last 3 hours. Griffin’s unit was outside the waiting room hoping that Griffin will come through. Monica kept looking at the emergency doors waiting for some doctor to tell her about her husband.

“He’s going to be alright Monica. Griffin knows how to pull through.” Chris said in a calm voice trying to ease Monica from her worries.

“Are you sure? It’s been three hours? And no doctor in here will tell me about my husband’s condition.” Monica sounded panicky and frightened.

Kerry is beside her rubbing her shoulders to help ease her. Monica glances over at Sarah, and stroke the girls head. She then turns her attention to Kerry. “Kerry….I’m afraid that…..that …”

“Monica…don’t jump to conclusions until we know for sure.” Kerry smiles as tears form in her eyes. Monica nods and looks down on Sarah’s sweet and peaceful face as she sleeps.

Just then the doors to the emergency doors came open, and a female doctor came toward Monica and Griffin’s immediate family that were waiting. When the doctor approaches, Monica stood up and boldly walks up to the doctor. “How is he?” Monica asks in a shaky voice.

The female doctor looks deep into Monica’s eyes, “Are you Roan’s wife?”

Monica nods as the doctor led her to a nearby chair. Monica had a sick feeling in her stomach as she prepares to hear the bad news. “Mrs. Griffin, I have some good news and some bad.”

Monica looks at the female doctor, “Tell me the good news.”

“Okay….the good news your husband made it through the surgery, and we manage to pull out the bullet that was lodge in deep in his shoulder near the lung. The bad news is that he slipped into a minor coma.” The doctor told Monica the bad, and as soon as she heard that tears started to fall out of Monica’s eyes.

“I’m guessing that is bad?” Monica asks.

“Yes. Let’s hope that your husband will find a way out before he goes deeper into the coma. Right now he is in stage 2. If he goes into stage 3 or 4, he may not wake up.” The doctor explained.

“So you’re saying that my husband is lying in a coma, and he may not come back?” Monica asks.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to that point. Right now he is stable and is being transported to ICU for the night, and in the morning he will be on the 4th floor. You may go and see him now if you like. Sometimes coma patients pull out quickly if someone talks to them. They may not be responsive, but they can still hear you.” The nurse smiles at Monica.

Monica nods and wipes the tears from her eyes. The nurse slowly leaves to talk to Chris about Griffin’s condition. Monica strolls over to Sarah and Kerry. “Well, how is he?”

“Not good.” Was all Monica could say. Monica looks to Kerry and then she glances at Griffin’s daughter for a moment. “Kerry can you do me a favor. Could you look after Sarah for the night? I just….I need to be alone with Griffin. I’ll tell the news to Sarah tomorrow. She doesn’t need to know right now…out of everything she has gone through today.”

Kerry looks to her best friend, “Sure.”

“Thanks,” Monica said in a soft voice and gave Kerry a big hug before she walks down the hallway to the ICU room. With every step felt like a weight on Monica’s shoulders as she walks to where Griffin’s peaceful body laid on the white hospital sheets. He looks like he is dreaming, but Monica knows that he isn’t.

Monica came up to Griffin and places her gentle hand to his, and lightly stroking it. Monica sat next to Griffin, and she looks at his beautiful face. Seeing him like this killed her on the inside, and Monica lost all her strength as she sobs uncontrollably on Griffin’s hospital bed.

Griffin now flailing in panic, “Andrew…...you’re the angel of death…..Oh, my God…I’m dead!....No! I can’t be!... Monica and Sarah…they need me! Tell God that I’m not ready yet, I need to go back! Please, Andrew, don’t let me Die!!!”

“Griffin! Griffin! Relax calm down. I’m not here to take you to heaven. I’m here to help you choose.” Andrew calmly lowers Griffin back on the bed.

“To choose? Andrew, you know that I would choose to go back…why do you need to help me choose? You know my answer already.” Griffin stated.

“I know you want to go back Roan…believe me. But right now you are at a crossroad between heaven and earth. Your mind and body are still living, but you are unconscious to the world around you.” Andrew stated.

“Yeah, I know how coma’s work. I dealt with several cases involving victims that the perpetrators put them into a coma and some wake up to tell the tale, and some don’t. So how badly am I in this one….stage 1, 2,” Griffin asks.

“I can’t say,” Andrew answered.

Griffin nods, “You angels can’t tell humans the bad news huh?”

“Yeah, kind of goes against free will.” Andrew kind of jokes, but he notice Griffin didn’t smile. Andrew moves off of his chair and sits on the bed with Griffin. “She loves you, Roan. And love from a former angel goes deep. Monica may be human now, but her heart still knows her angel senses. Love always finds a way.”

“Take it when it comes down to mine lifeline, she will let me go,” Griffin admitted.

“No…what I’m saying is, her love runs deep. She will do everything in her power to bring you back because that is how much she is in love with you.” Andrew smiles.

“But what if I don’t come back?” Griffin asks, “What will she do?”

“She will find a way to move on. But you and I know that you will go back to her. I may not want to admit it, but your love and Monica’s love is compelling, and that my friend is true love.” Andrew stated.

“Take it that you are still in love with her,” Griffin asks feeling a little jealous.

Andrew looks to him, and a painful look in his eyes told Griffin yes, “But she chose you, and I see why. You make her happy, the happiest she ever been since she was created. If she chose me, she wouldn’t have touched your life as well as your daughter’s the way she did. I know that I can’t be the one to make her happy the way she is supposed to be happy. Took me a long time to see that, but being distant from her, and having another angel help guide me, I now understand why Monica sacrificed her heavenly existence to be human. Because you and Monica were meant to be with each other, and share that love that God provided for you.” Andrew pauses as he stares into Griffin’s ocean blue eyes, ”You were the best thing that happened in Monica’s existence, and it will kill me to see her heart broken because you died.”

Griffin looks at his silver band around his left ring finger and smiles to Andrew, “You know Andrew you are a nice guy. Monica is lucky to have a best friend like you.”

Andrew smiles to Griffin, “She’s even luckier to have you as her husband.” At that moment, Griffin and Andrew found a bond of friendship and both accepted each other as friends instead of Monica’s competition. “Come on get some rest. I have to show you around later on.”

After Monica’s moment of breaking down, she pulls herself together to look at her husband. Every motion of his chest rising and falling killed her. Monica felt hurt, anger and loneliness all at once. She knows that Griffin is half on earth and half in heaven. She too had dealt with coma patients when she was an angel. But now being human it is tough to wait, and be strong when you are just barely staying afloat from having your heart broken.

Monica sits beside him, stroking her finger to his hand very tenderly. She whispers into his ear, “Please…Roan…come back. I need you. And I’m scared as hell, to raise our family without you, and I need my husband. I made a promise before I left my home, my life, and my security, that I was going to love you. I’m scared of losing you….don’t do this to me. I can’t take the pain of losing the love of my life. So please come back. This child that I’m caring needs a father. It needs you, my love.” Monica looks at him and bends down to him and left a tender sweet kiss on his forehead, and entwines her right hand to Griffin’s. Monica then pulls back and gazes at him. Monica then stares off in mediation to contact some of the angels as she begs for some help.

Andrew.....Andrew, I know you can hear me. Please tell me if my husband is with you, and that he is safe. Please, for my sake, don’t take him to the Father. I’m not ready to let him go. I don’t want to live my life without him. I don’t want my life to be like Seth. Please, Andrew, I need you to be here and talk to me." Monica prays, but a voice snaps her out of her meditation.

“He’s doing fine right now baby.” The voice responded.

Monica snaps out of her prayer and turns to look at the woman that is beside her husband’s bedside. “Tess!” Monica quickly raises from her spot and embraces her mentor/her best friend, and cries in her arms. “I miss him so much….why…why..did this……why did he….why did he had to go into a coma state when he might not wake up.”

“I know baby….I know…but he is in good hands.” Tess calmly stated.

“So you know that he is safe.” Monica wipes her tears away.

“Yes,” Tess replies.

“Do you know who is with him?” Monica asks.

“Yes, but I can’t tell you,” Tess stated.

“Why?” Monica asks.

“Because, you are human now, and you know the rules why angels can’t reveal that information. All I know is there is an angel that is helping Roan through his journey. And I’m here temporary to help you.” Tess stated.

Monica slightly laughed at that, and paces a little by the window, “I’m fine Tess.”

“Monica, you and I both know that that is not true. Your heart has been shattered, and you and your family had been traumatized by a serial killer, and your twin would have found a way to break you and make you vulnerable so that she can steal your soul. I know baby, I was there.” Tess looked into Monica’s sorrowful eyes.

“You what?” Monica gasped.

“I held you when you were chained up, and protected you, and told you that everything is going to be all right.” Tess looked at her angel girl, as tears flowed down her face. “It…it…was so hard, to see that man do those awful things to you, and there wasn’t anything I could do. Felt so helpless, and my heart broke to stand back and not intervene. I love you so much baby, and it killed me to watch you suffer like that.”

Monica nods as tears hit her hand like bullets. Each one burned her flesh as she cried. “I never knew that human beings could be so hateful, and evil like that. And I hate that. Those harmful acts like that are what drove me off the case when I was supposed to train Gloria to use her heart the way you taught me to use mine. Remember that?”

“Yes, I remember. But the Father forgave you, and you still taught her something.” Tess lightly smiles.

Monica looks at her best friend, and her guilt for killing him came through, “Tess…Am I going to be punished for what I did.”

“Punished?” Tess asks.

“Yes. I took a life. Angel or not I know better. Every life is precious to the Father, and I….I have broken that…Oh God, what have I done!” Monica broke as tears flowed rapidly out her eyes and landed on her red sweater.

Tess came over to Monica and held her, as she softly whispers to her, “You are not going to be punished Monica, for your act. He was going to kill you, and your family, that is self-defense. The Father knows that.”

“It’s still a life, Tess! Self-defense or not, it’s still a soul, and I ended it…. I don’t know if I can move on and forget that. I killed someone that God loves. I don’t think I should be called a former angel, because of what I did….” Monica stated.

Tess knows Monica is hurting, “your human now baby…and yes you’ll stay remain an angel in heaven even if you choose to live your life as a human…. And yes it’s still a life, but that man chose his path a long time ago. He would’ve been killed even if you didn’t pull the trigger. He was on death row when he escaped. It’s over baby.” Monica looks deep into Tess’s wisdom eyes, and from that moment she felt the ground rip away from her feet, as she crashed into Tess’s arms and sobs uncontrollably until it hurt to cry.

Tess settles Monica down as Monica clung to her husband’s hand, “You know baby, the Father still welcomes and accepts murders and criminals too. Both humans and angels.”

Monica looks to her, “What?”

Tess took a deep breath and looked into Monica’s soft brown eyes that were clouded by grief, “I know a few angels in my past that have….done what you did, not out of revenge or anything, but did what they had to do, to protect another soul. Kind of like you did with your daughter, your husband, the child in you, and yourself. Mistakes like that happen, and evil is everywhere around here. You are so used to what is in God’s kingdom that you forget the evil source that is here on earth. The Father knows that your heart is good and loyal to him. You have to forgive yourself.”

Monica nods her head slowly, “Easier said than done.”

Tess smiles as she pulls Monica closer, “I never said that it was easy.” Monica slowly smiles at that remark and looks to her husband. Tess looks at Monica and smiles, “How are you feeling with the pregnancy?”

Monica looks back up at Tess, “I’m doing fine. I hope that my trauma didn’t send the baby in shock or anything server that could harm it. I got an appointment tomorrow morning for them to check up on it due to my recent events. I just…I can’t leave him.”

Tess smiles, “I understand. So angel girl how does it feel to have a life growing inside you. You said yourself long ago that you always wanted to be a mother.”

Monica’s smile brightened more when Tess called her, her old nickname, “You know, no one has called angel girl in a long time, kind of miss that. And to tell you the truth, it is beautiful, exhausting, and terrified all at once. I know I’ve always dreamed of being a mother and giving birth, but…I’m still scared of being a mother to it.”

Tess smiles, “Monica you will be fine at it. You have done a wonderful job with your husband’s child, and she already sees you as her mother.”

Monica gave a little laugh to that, “I know she does. I kind of already knew that when she first accept me as her mother in my apartment around Christmas time last year. I knew right then and there that I’m a mother to Sarah for life. Still, that moment of becoming a mother to a new soul is a little bit scary, but I know that no matter what, I’ll love him or her as I do with Sarah.” Monica looks to Tess, “Tess…if Roan doesn’t come back…”

Tess puts a hand on Monica’s shoulders, “Monica he will come back..”

Monica nods her head, “If he doesn’t, will you promise me that you will keep him safe.” Monica pauses to stroke her husband’s hair, “I have good faith in the Father that he will come back. There is one thing in Griffin that I fell for, and that is he never seems to give up. He is a fighter, just like his mother, and I know for certain that he will find a way back to me because he loves me that much.” Monica smiles to that, and then her smile started to fade as she looks up to Tess, “But if God already made his choice with Griffin’s fate, I won’t get in the way of that. Just promise me that you will help him if his path leads down that road.”

Tess nods to Monica’s request, “I will.”

Monica gave a small, sad smile back, “thank you.”

Tess looks at her angel girl and saw pain lurking in her eyes, “Come on Mon…it’s late, and your husband isn’t going anywhere. You should get some rest.”

Monica looks at the chair beside her husband’s bed. Slowly Monica nods and goes to the chair and laid her head down on some pillows. As soon as Monica was comfortable, Tess came to her and put a blanket on her. Monica smiles at Tess as she softly sang Monica to sleep. When Monica was fast asleep, Tess came and kissed her forehead and whisper’s softly in her ear, “Just handed it over baby. Let the Father heal your broken heart. Your husband is in good hands, and have faith that he will come back. I love you so much angel girl.”

Tess knows Monica heard her because she smiled at that. Tess gently left Monica alone as she sleeps beside her husband. When Tess was away from her, she looks to Sam who was patiently waiting for her. Tess eyes Sam, “She is stable at the moment, but she is barely holding on Sam. I don’t think she can take what is expected to come.”

Sam looks at Monica and senses Tess’s concern, “I know. But her heart is strong, and it will find peace in time.”

“Do you know Roan’s fate?” Tess asks.

Sam looks at his old friend, “No. But we’ll know soon enough. Right now your assignment is Monica. She will need you when the time comes.” Tess nods in agreement and hugs him goodbye as she goes back to her spot.

The next morning the nurses moved Roan to his own room, where Monica stayed by his side, never leaving in case he woke up. She took a leave of absence from teaching as she stays near her family. Her good friend Rafael is stepping in temporary to fill her spot as an English teacher.

Monica continues to pray for him to wake up, and keep on talking to him, hoping that he will find her voice and come back. Around noon Sarah, Chris, and Kerry stopped by. Monica knows that she has to tell her daughter about her father’s condition. Monica turns to Chris to keep an eye on him while she and Sarah have a heart to heart talk. Chris nods and stays in the room with his sister.

Once Monica and Sarah were out to the room and into a small hallway, Monica looks to her daughter. “Sarah, there is something I need to tell you about your father.”

“Is he going to make it?” Sarah asks looking up at Monica.

“Yes, he’s alive. However, your father is…he is in a coma sweetheart. We don’t know for how long, but it could take awhile before he can wake up.” Monica explains.

“You mean he may never wake up…,” Sarah asks as tears started to well up in her eyes.

“It’s possible. But let’s hope and pray that he makes it out of the coma.” Monica said as she tries to be strong for her and her daughter.

“But if he doesn’t wake up then what? I will have to go to and live with my real mom.....I don’t want to. I want to stay with you. I love you too much Monica. Please don’t make them take me away from you to live with her. You’re my mother, not her!” Sarah cries louder, and in panic.

Monica reaches out to hold Sarah in her arms just then as Sarah cries in Monica’s shoulder. Monica tries very hard not to sob herself, but the tears flowed out her own eyes because she loves Griffin’s daughter so much. “Oh Sarah, I promise I will do everything I can to keep you here with me. Okay, we are still a family. You are my daughter, and I will fight to have custody of you I love you.” Monica kisses Sarah’s head as she said those words.

Sarah looks at her, and half smiles. Monica then wipes Sarah’s tears away. Just then Chris approaches them. Monica looks up and hoping that Griffin woke up. “Chris, is he?”

Chris shook his head, “No change since you left. But there are detectives outside Griffin’s door, asking to speak with you. About what happened yesterday. They want your statement.”

Sarah looks to Monica, “What does that mean?”

Monica looks to her, then to Chris then back to Sarah, “I don’t know. But you stay with Chris and Kerry until I get back okay. It’s probably nothing.” Monica pauses as she takes hold of Sarah’s hand and walks to Chris. “Make sure she doesn’t worry about me.”

“I will.” Chris walks off with Sarah in hand. Monica follows them until she spots the detectives. Chris and Sarah disappear into Griffin’s room, as Monica stays with the detectives.

“Are you Monica Griffin?” One of the detectives asked her.

“Yes, sir,” Monica replies.

“Mrs. Griffin you need to come with us.” The other one stated.

Monica looks to them, and wondered if she is being placed under arrest, “Am I under arrest or something?”

“Maybe.” The male officer replied.

Monica looks to her husband and daughter then nods to the detectives, “Just…promise me that if anything happens to my husband, will someone please tell me.”

“Can’t promise that madam. But if we get a word, we would.” The male officer answers. “We are not going to cuff you.”

“Do I need to leave the hospital, or can we talk in an interview room,” Monica asks.

The female detective looks to her partner, and then nods to Monica, “We can arrange for you to talk here.”

Monica follows the two detectives to a small conference room a few floors up from her husband’s. Monica gently sits down in one of the chairs, as the two detectives took their place. Monica doesn’t know if this was good, or this is bad, but she remains calm.

The male officer started the questionnaire first, “Where were you when Mr. Norman was killed.”

Monica now understands why she was called for a statement. They are investigating the death of Charles Norman. Monica closes her eyes, then readjust them to look into the male officer’s eyes, “I’m being questioned for Norman’s death am I?”

“Yes. Answer the question.” The male officer replies.

Monica looks to him, “I was in the room. Held at gunpoint.”

“Where was your husband?” The officer continues.

“My husband was ..” Monica pauses as the flashbacks started in her mind.

Monica had a terror on her face as she sees her husband hit the ground. Blood pooled out from his shoulder. Sarah looked traumatized and froze in terror. Then she heard her scream and Monica whipped around to see Charles Norman pointing the gun at her and Sarah. Monica looks around for a split second and grabs her husband’s firearm.

Monica looks to the detective, “My husband was on the floor bleeding because Charles Norman shot my husband when he was defending Sarah and me.”

“So your husband never fired his gun?” The female detective asks.

“No, he did not…..Charles shot him before he had the chance.” Monica stated.

“So if your husband never fired his gun, then how come a bullet from your husband’s gun ended up in Charles Norman’s throat?” The male detective cornered Monica’s statement.

Monica knows there is no turning back, as she told the police the truth, “The reason is that I fired the gun.”

“You shot and killed Charles Norman?” The male detective asks leaning forward.

“Yes. I did it to save my family and I. If I hadn’t, Sarah and I would be in the hospital alongside my husband. Probably dead. I did it in self-defense.” Monica looks sharply at the officer who was eyeing her carefully.

“You know that you just confessed right?” The officer coolly looks at her with a grin on his face.

Monica is now getting a little angry, “Look…I know I killed him but look at the evidence. Charles would have killed Sarah or me if I didn’t kill him. I don’t feel good about killing him, but I’m telling the truth. I did it out of self-defense. Ask my husband’s squad if you need proof.”

The male detective as about to speak, when his partner spoke before him, “Thank you, Mrs. Griffin, we will confirm your statement with your husband’s squad team. You are free to go.” The male detective looks at her, but the female detective led Monica out of the room.

Monica looks to the female detective as she gave an apology look. Then the detective turns back into the room to deal with her partner. Just before Monica left to go back to her husband she heard their arguments.

“Why did you do that…she confessed to murder!”

“I did that because she was innocent. Look Mr. Norman would have been dead four days ago, but somehow he escaped. And I know her husband’s squad. And the evidence proves that it was self-defense. You just want to put someone in jail.”

“Screw the evidence…she belongs in jail by killing a person instead of taking him back to prison where he could be caged up.”

“Fuck you, Jasper!”

And that was all Monica heard. Monica returns to her husband’s floor and then knocks silently on the door. Kerry greets her with a warm smile and walks her in. Monica smiles to the support system that Griffin has, and she is blessed to be with them. Kerry and Chris stay for another 45 minutes, and Kerry had to go to the airport to see her husband off. She looked at Monica and gave her an encouraging smile.

“I believe he will come back. Sometimes, it takes a day or two. And I know him. He never gives up. Especially when it comes down to the ones he loves the most.” Kerry smiles to Monica, meaning her and Sarah.

“Thank you. For everything.” Monica smiles as tears welled in her eyes. Kerry embraces her, and the two friends held onto each other for a moment. Then Kerry smiles and waves goodbye.

Chris waited for his sister to leave, then he went to Monica, “I have to run into work. Call me if anything happens” Chris looks at his partner then to Monica with tears in his eyes, “..he…he is my best friend.”

Monica has never seen Chris cry before. She knows that Chris and her husband are very close to one another and they love each other like brothers. Monica has the same bond with Tess. At that moment she came to him, and puts an arm around his shoulders, “I will. Trust me you will be the first to know if anything happens, alright.”

“Just…it kills me to see him like this...It should be me there, not him..” Chris stated.

Monica glances at her unconscious husband, then back at Chris, “I know. My heart is breaking every moment that passes by. And now with this child on the way, I don’t know how I am going to tell it, that their father is dead. I’m scared of losing him. The one thing I fear the most is losing the love of my life. I already went through that once…I don’t want to spend the rest of my life without him.”

Chris looks at Monica, “You are scared of losing him because you gave up your existence in heaven to be with him and Sarah, and you fear that if he dies, that you leaving heaven will be a waste.”

Monica looks up at him and nods, as Chris spoke the very words she was thinking. Griffin told her shortly after she was reunited with him again, that he told Chris about her being an angel.

Monica sighs as she looks at her husband for a moment then back at Chris, “you’re right, I feel that me leaving my home in heaven and fell to earth, would be a waste if I watched the very ones I sacrificed my existence for slip away from me.” Monica feels that she has lost her battle with her evil self. With her falling in love, caused her to be so blinded by evil. And now Monica is starting to have regrets about leaving heaven. If she hadn’t been such a fool and fell in love, Griffin will still be conscience and would never have been in a coma. But Chris’s words snapped her out of her regret.

“You know Monica if you hadn’t come into his life, he wouldn’t have been the man he is today. You made him better. And I thank you for that. And if he is anything like his mother, he will pull through. Ruth Griffin was a fighter, even up to her death, she still fought to stay alive for the remaining time she had left. And something tells me that Roan is the same way.” Chris smiles at Monica. He looks at her and embraces her into a tight hug. Monica hugs him back and smiles to him.

At that moment Monica stated, “Thank you.”

Chris pulled back a little and had a confused look on his face, “For what?”

“For keeping my secrete, and for not freaking out..” Monica smiles.

Chris smiles back, “Your welcome. And to tell you the truth I did kind of freak out a little..” with that Monica couldn’t help to smile at that. Chris always likes to bring out a joke when he is uncomfortable. “Well, I got to run. Oh and here…” Chris pauses as he hands Monica Griffin’s guitar, “Griffin used to play for his victims when they were in comas. He said that music is a way to guide them back.”

Monica looks to him, “Thanks but I don’t know how to play the guitar fluently.”

Chris looks over at Sarah who was at her father’s side, “Sarah knows how. Griffin taught her.” Monica took Griffin’s acoustic guitar and smiled at Chris as she nods her thanks. Then the two of them parted.

Monica goes back into her husband’s room to find Sarah holding her father’s hand. Monica sets the guitar on the chair and sits down on the bed beside her husband. Sarah looks up at her, “I wish he were back mom.”

Monica strokes her hair, “I know sweetheart…I miss him too, but you know what could help your father.”

Sarah pulls back and gazes up into Monica’s soft brown eyes, “What?”

Monica nods over to the chair by the window. Sarah followed Monica’s gaze and looks at her father’s guitar, then back to Monica, “My dad’s guitar?”

Monica nods as she gently spoke to her, “Your father used to play some tunes to some of his victims. He said that music is the best way to bring coma patients out of the dark. Maybe that is what your father needs right now.”

Sarah looks up at her, and goes over to pick up her dad’s acoustic guitar, and brought it over to her spot. Sarah played around with the strings to find the right tuning, as she warmed up her fingers. She gazes up at Monica and then to her father. Then Sarah begins to play Monica, and Griffin’s song Feels Like Home.

Monica smiles at Sarah’s choice and looks at her husband as Sarah played the melody, Monica’s memories of her and Griffin came into her mind. The way he smiled up at her when she first made him smile. Thanksgiving night, looking into Griffin’s eyes and holding his hand as she starts to admit her feelings for him. Christmas time, of getting the Christmas tree, and letting him into her heart, during Griffin’s most vulnerable moment. First kissing him under the mistletoe, and then her first real kiss at the New Year’s Eve party. Then his proposal of asking her to be his wife. And the happiest day of Monica’s life, looking into his eyes on her wedding day. And finally letting him make love to her, and feeling his love in return. Monica then slips back into reality when Sarah stops playing; Monica turns around and notices why Sarah stopped playing the song. Standing in the doorway of Griffin’s hospital room, was Crystal.

“Sarah, it’s me….it’s your mommy.” The woman stated.

Monica cast a glance down on her daughter, and the sight of Sarah’s frozen body, made Monica’s heart sank

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Mutheu Willy: I loved every bit of this book. You truly a gem. There is just something about your stories. I never mind repeating your stories especially Mercy and this one. Lots of love and keep doing your thing!

annisawitasari: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's difficult to find badass female MC on werewolf story. Blame it on Moon Goddess and Fate. The plot is ridiculously amazing, you can't guess what will happen on the next chapter. Thanks for sharing this amazing book.

Athena Loker: I am in love with thos.it just sucks that I cant read farther on this app.. if you oculd upload to both that would have been great...

Leila JF Narag-Bassi: The plot is straight forward...the characters are real that you can internalize with... there are chapters that made an impact to the reader... i fully recommend this novel... a 4 star rating fits my taste to this one...

Njoki Wa Njoroge: 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

Alice: Great book! All of those fantasy were so good I just couldn't get enough. Loved the last three chapters because I could literally feel all the love they had for each other. I would love a mini story of when they met and how it all came to be from the brother's POV. Overall: loved it, and wanted ...

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K. S. Ryder: Very well written collection of stories. A few small errors in spelling but nothing too distracting. Keep writing!

Kanchikanchi: Needs polishing,Storyline is integral to this book's success but the backstory is a little muddy,The inconsistency in the updates is frustrating.Eagerly waiting for another chapter and hoping the author's alright :)

annisawitasari: I'm not a fan of series story. But with this badass MC,i don't mind reading 1 or 2 more stories. The author is playing with matebond and fate. I love how the author twisted them without breaking the characters and my heart 😋..

Odiks: Very beautiful story. Color doesn't matter.

Mary Schwartz: so so so so so so so so good-keep up the great work-can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!

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