Fallen Angel Part 4

This Magic Hour

The next morning Monica waits with her husband in the doctor’s office for the pregnancy check up. Sarah was over at Chris’s for the reminding part of the day, playing with Chris’s new dog. Monica and Griffin wait patiently in the waiting room, waiting for a doctor to examine Monica’s semi swollen belly. Monica looks at her husband as for the past 10 minutes since they arrived she notices her husband’s impatiens, as she calmly places her hand on his leg, “It’s fine honey, you don’t need to shake the whole room with your growing impatiens.”

Griffin stops moving his leg as he stares at Monica, “Can’t help it always nervous with this.”

Monica takes out her book of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and started to read it. Griffin looks at her curiously, “Take it Sarah convinced you to read Harry Potter.”

Monica looks up to him and smiles, “You have a very convincing daughter, who wouldn’t take no for an answer. So yeah.”

Griffin asks, “What part are you at?”

Monica looks at the page she is reading. Then responded to Griffin’s question, “When Harry goes to Hogwarts for the first time.” Then she sees him nodding and Monica briefly pauses in her reading, “Take it you read it before.”

Griffin smiles to that, “Shortly after Sarah got hooked on them, I started to read it. Read every one of them.”

Monica asks, “How many books are there?”

“Seven.” Griffin replies, and then adds, “But each book gets thicker as you advance.”

“No kidding.” Monica replies and then turns her attention back to her book.

Then Griffin’s nervousness kicked in again and Monica was getting a little annoyed with her husband’s behavior as she reach over and gives him a magazine, “Here, read something out of here.”

Griffin looks at the cover of the magazine, “This is Woman’s Day Mon…”

“I know, I just want you to stop with the leg movement. You are driving me nuts.” Monica confesses. “The doctor will come when she is available just relax, and read something.”

Griffin looks at the magazine before him and sets it aside, “I’m sorry, I’m driving you off the walls, I will sit and wait.” Griffin leans over and kisses his wife’s cheek.

“It’s fine…just relax and read something it will make the time fly by faster.” Monica suggests.

“Thanks. But I will read something that resembles…more towards men, and not woman.” Griffin looks around for another magazine. He spots a sport one and flips to the first article. Griffin gets about a sentience or two in the article when the doctor came out.

“Mr. and Mrs. Griffin?” the doctor replies.

Monica marks her spot in the book and nudges her husband, “Hun, they are ready for us.”

Griffin plops the magazine on a nearby table and follows his wife in the examine room. The doctor led them through a door, and another small door after that. Then to the examine room. “Mrs. Griffin you can have a seat on the table and try and get comfort. The doctor should be here in a few moments.”

“Thank you.” Monica replies as she sits on the cold chair before her. She looks at her husband and smiles to him. “You okay?”

Griffin looks at her, “Yeah why wouldn’t I be.”

Monica gave a small laugh, “You look a bit nervous. Are you scared of being a father again?”

Griffin comes near his wife’s side and kisses her forehead, “To tell you the truth, yes. I was scared the first time around with Sarah. Don’t know if I will be a horrible father to this new born.”

Monica looks up at him and places her hand on his face to make him look at her, “Roan, you are a wonderful father to your little girl. I have never seen your flaws in your parenting, and I know you will be an excellent father to this child. It’s one of the things that made me fall for you is your love for your daughter. So don’t ever doubt yourself about being a horrible father, because you are not.”

Griffin laces his fingers to hers and looks into her deep brown eyes, “Thanks. Just sometimes the self doubt gets to me.”

Monica kisses her husband’s hands, “Well, then you look to God for guidance. And besides, you have me too.”

Just then the doctor came in. Griffin looks up and spots one of his good friends Julie, “Good morning Monica, and Detective Griffin. Nice to see you out of the coma.”

Griffin smiles to her, “You too Julie. So you are my wife’s doctor?”

“Yup.” Julies smiles as she preps the equipment. She then looks at Griffin, “You ready to be a father again, Sergeant?”

Griffin looks at Monica and smiles, “Yes.”

Monica squeezes his hand and turns to Julie, “So will we find out if it’s a boy or girl.”

Julie looks at Monica’s chart, “Should be. Around this time we will know for sure if it’s a boy or girl.”

Julie then gets the liquid ready and preps Monica’s stomach for the ultrasound, “Brace yourself Monica, this gets pretty chilly.” Julie squeezes the liquid on Monica’s abdomen and Monica winces to the cold feeling. As soon as Julie was finish she sets aside the liquid bottle and turns her attention to the couple. “Ready to see the sex of your child?”

Monica and Griffin both nodded, and Monica grips Griffin’s hand. Julie smiles as she flips on the ultrasound machine. Julie then takes an instrument that will read the baby that’s inside Monica’s uterus, moves it across Monica’s abdomen. Monica and Griffin stare at the ultrasound machine and sees the image of their child on the screen before them.

Julie smiles to them and stated, “Your baby is very healthy. Everything is just fine.”

Monica looks at her husband who was slightly tearing up. Then she turns to Julie, “Do you know if it’s…”

“Yes. Do you want to know or wait for the birth? Because I know some couples want to wait until the birth of their child.” Julie stated.

Monica looks at Griffin, “Do you want to know or wait. It’s up to you?”

Griffin looks at her and sees the agony in her eyes that she wants to know. Griffin turns to his good friend and stated for the both of them, “Go ahead and tell us. We are both dying to know.”

Julie smiles and nods, “Well, you can tell Sarah she will be happy to know that she has a little sister.”

Griffin looks up, “It’s a girl?”

Julie responds to Griffin’s shocked comment, “Yes.”

Monica looks at Griffin and tears were devolving in his eyes. Monica smiles to him, “We have a daughter.”

Julie sets aside the instrument and stands up, “I’m guessing you would like copies of this?” Griffin nods as he stares at his unborn daughter that rests inside Monica’s uterus. Julie turns to leave, “I’ll be back.”

Monica looks at her husband, “Well, we have little girl.”

Griffin embraces his wife, “Yes we do and I’m thinking her name should be an Irish name. Just like her mother.”

Monica beams up at him, “Really?”

Griffin kisses the top of her head, “Really. If she is going to be like you, I want her name to be an Irish name.”

Monica smiles and nuzzles her nose in Griffin’s broad chest, “We have a daughter.”

Monica and Griffin left the clinic and drove to Chris’s house. Where their daughter was outside making snow angels and snowmen. The dog was with them and as Monica pulls up her red Cadillac, the dog race across the yard to greet them. Kristin was outside helping the kids as she held Kodi back. “Julia take Kodi to the back yard.”

Monica steps out of the car as she smiles at Kristin, “Still not trained yet?”

“No, but he will be. So how was the doctors?” Kristin smiles.

Griffin came up beside his wife, and places his hand on her waist. Monica smiles at him and looks to Kristin, “Fine everything is healthy and fine.”

“That’s good. So do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Kristin asks.

Monica gazes up at Griffin and then replies, “It’s a girl.”

Kristin smiles brightens, “Awww, you’re having a baby girl.” Kristin pauses as she eyes her husband’s best friend, “How do you feel about that Griff? To have a house full of girls.”

Griffin chuckles, “I feel blessed. Besides, I lived with that when little Sarah came into the picture.”

“Well, just wait until they reach the teen years. Then you will have challenges.” Kristin sighs.

Monica looks at Kristen, “Are you and your daughter having fights already?”

“Sort of. Minor ones but I was told, and with me growing up as teen myself, that every mother and teenage girls go through those rough patches in life.” Kristin admits. “Well don’t want to keep you waiting you have a nice time, and congrats on the news.”

“Thank you.” Monica smiles as she softly replies to Kristin’s comment.

“Sarah, come sweetheart. We got to go.” Griffin calls out.

“Coming….” Sarah gives Julia a hug and heads in the arms of her family.

Once inside of their home Griffin built a nice warm fire, Monica brides Sarah’s hair and looks at her daughter. Sarah asks the question about the doctors, “So how was your check up with the doctors?”

Monica smiles and hands Sarah the picture of the baby inside her womb. “Everything is fine. And here is a picture of your baby sister.”

Sarah looks up at Monica, “I’m going to have a sister?” Monica nods and smiles to Sarah. Griffin came to sit down next to his family. Sarah looks at the picture and then to her parents, “So what is going to be her name?”

Monica looks at Griffin and then back at Sarah, “We haven’t decided on a name yet. But we will. I’m not due to have this baby until late May early June. Still have a ways to go, before your sister arrives.”

Sarah smiles and then gazes at Monica, “Can I help you pick out a name?”

Monica smiles, “We’ll see.”

“Okay. I want to help contribute her name.” Sarah smiles.

“I know sweetheart,” Griffin smiles and kisses his daughter. “Well squirt, you have to get to bed, while your mom and I head out to the party.”

“Right. The New Year’s party. Can I stay up until the ball drops?” Sarah asks.

“Maybe.” Griffin stated.

“It’s up to your grandfather after all he is babysitting you tonight.” Monica stated.

“You bet.” A voice sounded behind them.

“Grandpa!” Sarah shrieks as she jumps up and leaves Monica’s embrace to hug her grandfather.

Griffin smiles as he approaches his father, “You don’t knock, anymore.”

“Well did but no one answered, so I invited myself in.” Seth smiles. “I heard from the grapevine that you and your beautiful wife is having another girl.”

Monica comes and slips her hand in her husband’s as she turned to look at her father in-law, “Who told you that?”

“Oh people I know at the clinic. And Kathy.” Seth chuckles. “I’m sure your baby daughter, will be just as beautiful as her mother.”

Monica gives a slight blush at what he just said. Then Griffin kisses her cheek, “Well, we have to go get ready, have to be at the Griffin’s bosses house by 9:00pm.”

“Alright. Oh and Monica thought you might want to wear this for the evening.” Seth pulls out a long flowing red dress with beautiful diamond like patterns of sparkling jewels down the side of the dress and on the back.

Sarah eyes it and smiles, “Wow. It’s so pretty….”

Monica echoes Sarah’s words, “Wow…it is stunning…but I have several other ones upstairs.”

Seth smiles, “I know, but this one Kathy picked out for you. It’s our Christmas gift to you, go on take it.”

Sarah smiles at the offer and looks at her mom, “Nobody would look more stunning in that dress than you mom. Plus dad will be amazed. And you and daddy need that spark again.”

“Sarah!” Monica raises her voice in shock. “Are you trying to get your father and I to sleep together?”

Sarah nods and giggles, “Come on you need it.”

Seth looks at Monica as she was blushing, “Your daughter has a point. The magic will come between you and my son when the time is right.”

“Thanks for the encouragement.” Monica stated sarcastically and then a smile pokes through. She then takes the dress and heads to the up stairs bathroom to get transformed into a hot sexy woman.

It took Monica a fully half hour as she did her hair, makeup and slipped on the dress. She was amaze at how well it hugged her figure as well as it hid her pregnancy. She then eyes the mirror, and thinking that Sarah and Seth do have a good point. That she needs to reconnect with Griffin about their sex life. She just can’t believe that Sarah is suggesting that. Monica turns to leave the bathroom and goes to their bedroom, to put some final touches. She places Griffin’s necklace on her neck, as well as some sexy fragrance that made her smell really good.

Monica then head downstairs to head out for the evening. She sees Griffin at the dinning table talking with his father. Monica heads in and softly stated to him, “You ready honey.”

Griffin turns and eyes his wife, and he could believe his eyes at the woman before him. With the dress it makes her look like she isn’t pregnant with their child. She was absolutely stunning and it made Griffin’s heart race. “Yes…” Griffin thumbles over his words.

Seth smiles at his son’s reaction to his wife. He calmly stated, “I’ll have your daughter in bed by 11. You kids have fun.”

Griffin smiled to his dad and then heads out with his wife. His boss was hosting a little New Year’s Eve Party a few blocks down. He looked over at Monica who was walking right beside him. Griffin leans over to her and softly whispers in her ear, “You look very lovely tonight.”

Monica entwines her arm to his and gave him a small kiss to his cheek, “Thank you. You look very charming yourself.”

They arrive a few houses down and as they approach the door, Monica can hear loud music coming from the home. The house is a little on the expensive side, with great white pillars, that towers over the front door, with a small opening balcony up above. Monica looks up at Griffin, “Are you sure we are in the right place?”

“Yup. This is Captain Peterson’s home.” Griffin stated as he guides Monica up the stairs.

“But this is a luxury home. And Captains of a police squad doesn’t make nearly enough money to cover the mortgage on this place.” Monica pointed out.

“True. But his wife is a very well established neuron surgeon at the New York Hospital about 40 miles from here. She makes close to around 90,000 a year. Plus my boss makes 50,000 a year; they combined the two incomes and come up with this house. His brother in-law helped constructed the home.” Griffin stated.

“I see. Why wasn’t the party here last year?” Monica asks.

Griffin chuckles, “Because last year they had their second honeymoon in the Keys and didn’t want to host a party.” Griffin rings the doorbell, and almost instantly he was greeted by Margaret his captain’s wife.

“You made it!” Margaret shrieked.

“Sorry we were a little late.” Griffin apologizes.

“Oh don’t be, in fact your not late at all. The party goes all night. Come in, come in…it’s freezing out there.” Margaret motions for the two of them to come into their home.

Griffin holds out his arm for his wife’s coat, “Margaret this is my wife Monica, Monica this is my boss’s wife.”

Margret extended her hand to shake Monica’s, “I’ve heard all about your beautiful wedding. You made such a beautiful bride.”

Monica slightly blushes. “Thank you.”

“So Monica, how does it feel to be married into the mob of the police force?” Margaret asks.

Monica looks up at Griffin and then back at Margaret, “Feels a little crazy some days, but my love for my husband wins over his job.”

Margaret smiles, “Sounds like you fell into the same trap as we all did being married to a captain of the squad kind of feels like being married to a captain of an army. Anyways nice to meet you Monica, and a very late Congrats on your marriage. The party is in the ballroom up the stairs to the right. Enjoy your night you two.”

Monica smiles to her and Griffin returns to escort her in. He looks at her, “You ready, hon?”

Monica nods as he leads her up the stairway and into the room light with lights and a dJ up in the booth, with tables all around and lots and lots of people. There were even some ceiling decorations that made this moment feel magical. Monica looks up at Griffin, and whispers in his ear, “This is very beautiful.”

Griffin eyes her and puts his arms around her wisest, “Not as nearly as beautiful as you.”

Monica couldn’t help her smile, as she leans up and plants a small kiss to Griffin’s lips. She pulls back as Griffin leads her out on the dance floor. Monica looks up at him, “Don’t you want to find Chris and Kristin first?”

“They can wait. I want to dance with my wife.” Griffin gave Monica a charming smile, which Monica can’t refuse. She places her hand with his as he steps up onto the dancing platform.

He turns to her, “Have you ever danced to swing music before?”

Monica nods, “I have on a few of my assignments in the past. At least it’s better and easy to understand than salsa.”

Monica’s comment made them both chuckle as Griffin leads the way in dancing to a slow swing beat. Griffin was amazed at how well she was at following especially with her being pregnant with his new baby daughter. Monica danced in her husband’s arms, and she was getting a lot of looks from the other men around her. Near the ending Griffin lowers Monica down to the floor and looks in her eyes. Then he moves in to kiss her. Monica gracefully returns his kiss, as he pulls her back up. Griffin pulls away and nuzzles his nose to hers, as Monica smiles so brightly when he did that.

Just then Chris taps on Monica’s shoulder, “May I cut in?”

Monica soon pulls out of her romantic moment with her husband, “Why certainly.”

Griffin smiles to his best friend, “Where is your wife Chris?”

“Take four steps to your right. She spotted you when you first came in.” Chris stated as he took Monica’s hands. Griffin nods and goes over to Kristin. Leaving his best friend to dance with his wife.

Chris then looks at Monica, “You know you never did dance with me at your wedding.”

Monica looks at him with shocked eyes, “Yes I did. To ummm, what was that song…”

“I’m just messing with you. We danced to I Say A Little Prayer…” Chris smiles as he hears the beat of this song. “Ever since I laid eyes on you in the park one year ago, I thought to myself, gosh, what pretty brown eyes you have.”

Monica smiles as she eyes him, “Are you hitting on me. Because you do realize I married your best friend.”

“No I’m not. However this song reminds me of you. Not in any romantic form.” Chris smiles as he twirls Monica around.

Slipping and sliding . All along the waterfall, with you. My brown eyed girl. You my brown-eyed girl.

Monica listens and couldn’t help but to laugh at Chris’s singing voice. His voice may not be as smooth as her husband’s but he was still very cute. Then he and her sang out the other part of the lyrics. Do you remember when we used to sing, Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da.

Chris twirls Monica in a small circle and together they were laughing and singing as they sure this moment together as friends. When the song ended Chris took a bow as Monica softly applauded, “Thank you for that dance, my sweet and dear friend, Monica.”

Monica embraces him with a hug, “My pleasure, and thanks for dedicating that song to me.”

Chris then leads Monica back to her husband as he took his wife back on the dance floor. A slow song started to play as Monica was back with her husband. Monica looks at her husband and places her hands with his, “Come on…”

“Where?” Griffin asks.

Monica leads him to the dance floor, as she places his hand on her waist and her hand in his. Griffin however moved her body closer to his, as he softly whispers to her, “If we weren’t married we do that, but since we made that commitment, you can be that closer to me.”

Monica smiles to him and lays her head on his mighty chest. She entwines her wedding band hand to one of his hands and sawed to the music. She looks up into his eyes and admires his beautiful blue depths. “It still surprises me .”

Griffin tilts his head and looks at her, “What does?”

“One year ago around this very moment was when I confessed my love to you. And when you figured out that I was…” Monica didn’t want to finish the sentience in case anyone was eavesdropping.

Griffin puts a lock of Monica’s hair behind her ears as his thumb gently grazes over her left cheek. “I know….but this year is different, we both made our vows before your Heavenly Father, and he has blessed us with a beautiful baby daughter. And there is something that I also wanted to say.” Griffin pauses as he looked into her sexy brown eyes.

Monica leans in closer to him, “What is that?”

Griffin slowly inches his face to hers, “That you were my miracle in my life.” Griffin then closes his eyes as he felt Monica’s gentle touch, and she closes the gap to kiss him. Just before her lips was on his she too softly whispers back to him.

You were my miracle too.” And with that, Griffin kissed her so tenderly sweet it made her knees tremble. Griffin kissed her so passionately that it made her heart race even more. She had missed this feeling with him, of being intimate and having him love her, like he did on their honeymoon. Their romantic moment lasted for a minute or two, and then Griffin pulls back. He didn’t want to overly do it, because they were in public.

Monica smiles to him and puts her head back on his chest. When the slow song ended another fast pace song started up again. Monica and Griffin moved off the dance floor to go have a breather. Griffin takes Monica outside on the balcony to admire the last day of 2011. In one hour it will be a whole new year, filled with memorable moments.

Monica looks to him, “Are you sure, we are supposed to be out here?”

Griffin nods, “There has been many people that come out here.”

Monica eyes the night sky, “It’s so beautiful. The snow covered trees, and ground, and the sky sprinkling more snow.”

“It will be even more beautiful when the fireworks is light. I wanted to share this moment with you last year, but that moment bit the dust when you came out and told me you were an angel. It killed me to watch you slip away like that. In that moment I knew that I was in love with you.” Griffin stated as he wrapped his arms around her.

Monica still feels a tang of heartache for leaving him like that, “I’m so sorry for the pain I caused you.”

Griffin left light kisses on the back of her neck, “You don’t have to feel sorry, honey. I needed that pain. It help me to grow more in love with you.”

Monica turns her head to look at him, “I guess I also need that pain too.” She pauses as she stares back at the night sky. “You wanted to share this moment with me?”

Griffin nods, “To tell you the truth, after you and I shared our first kiss under the mistletoe, I was going to give you a real kiss at midnight last New Year’s Eve, but I guess you beat me to it 10 minutes before.”

“Really? So you wanted to kiss me after all that time during Christmas?” Monica asks.

Griffin nods, “Yes. I didn’t really realize how much I was falling for you, until that moment when you and I kissed for the first time under the mistletoe. And ever since our mistletoe encounter, you were all I could think about. You really surprise me in life, and I guess it’s what made me drawn to you, because you are so different.”

Monica smiles and turns her whole body into him, “Well I’m glad I interested you. And you were the first guy, I had interest in too.” Monica pauses to breathe in his scent, then she eyes the party, “Come on, let’s create new memories with the time we have left, before midnight.”

Griffin smiles as he leads her back inside. Monica and Griffin danced and had a few drinks of ice water and talked with Chris and Kristin. Then as the time drew closer to the year of 2012, the party begins to move to the backyard for the lighting of the firework show. There was a big tv displaying the news footage of Time Square and the countdown for the ball drop. Some of Griffin’s co-workers had bottles of champagne ready to be open. Chris was on Monica’s right side holding his wife close.

The crowed shouted as the numbers counts down to the New Year. It was 10 seconds until Midnight and Monica eyes Griffin, as fireworks and snowflakes surrounded them. Monica reaches up and touches Griffin’s face as her heart pounded in her chest. One year ago was when she first made the bold move of confessing her love for him. Now it feels like that moment all over again. Monica heard the crowd around her count down to the new year of 2012. However her and Griffin were lost in each other’s eyes.

5, 4, 3, 2..

As they numbers got closer to 1, so did Monica and Griffin. When it reached to 0. Fireworks lit up around them, and Monica and Griffin shared a passionate long kiss. Monica clasp her arms around her husband’s neck, and after the moment of the new year past they pulled back and looked into each other’s eyes. Griffin looks at his wife, and she had a strange look in her brown depths. The same look she looked at him the first night they were in Ireland on their honeymoon.

Monica not knowing what she was feeling , but in this moment, she wanted her husband. Even after everything she went through with the almost attempted rape that could of happen to her, she was in the mood of making love to him. She didn’t know if this was the hormones or if it was God’s planning, but she felt the heat in her.

Monica clasp her hands to her husband’s and lead them to their home. Snow fell down more heavily than before, but neither Monica nor Griffin cared. Once Monica and Griffin arrive at their house and standing on their porch Griffin turns to look at her, “Why did you brought us away from the party? Don’t you want to stay and have fun with our friends?”

Monica turns away from the door and looks up into her husband’s ocean blue eyes. She took a step toward him, as she begins to express her feelings, “It’s not that I don’t want to enjoy my night with friends, it's just…the way you kissed me just then, at midnight….I wanted to spend this night with you, alone..” Monica gazes up into his eyes and leaning toward him. When Griffin still didn’t catch Monica’s drift, she leans up and kisses him tenderly and seductively until she heard him moan. Monica soon pulls back and presses her back against the front door to their home, eyeing him with the same hunger in her eyes as she had on their honeymoon.

Griffin had no words but swallowed very hard at what his wife was asking him to do. Griffin soon forms a smile on his face as Monica opens the door to the house. The house was dark, which made it easy for them to lose themselves in each other’s embraces. Monica felt Griffin undoing Monica’s winter jacket and letting it fall to the floor. So afterward she felt her back pressed against the front door as it closed behind her, and then she felt Griffin kissing her neck and collarbone. Very slowly he removes her jacket as she slips off his outer jacket to his suit and let it fall to the floor. Monica felt his lips reaches hers again as he lifts her up from the ground and holds her firmly in his arms. Monica looks in his eyes and smiles to him as he led both of them up to their bedroom. Griffin kisses her once more and slowly lifts her up and tenderly carries her up he stairs, and never breaking his lips with hers.

Griffin goes back to kiss her deeply, which Monica resisted for a moment. Griffin looks at her, “What?”

Monica pauses as she eyes Sarah’s closed bedroom door, “Our daughter’s bedroom is right there….”

Griffin nods to her, “Right. How are we going to…you know…do it….without waking her..”

Monica smiles to him and leans back down to kiss him, “We did a few times before…” Griffin smiles back to her and continue to kiss her and walk to their room. Once he shuts the door Monica presses him up against the back of their bedroom door, and continues to kiss him passionately like they did on the porch. Except in their kiss, she felt Griffin removing her evening dress and letting it fall to the floor along with her bra. Monica did the same by removing Griffin’s shirt, and tie. Every move that Griffin made was magic and for once she was not being driven by fear, only by love.

Monica leaves hot kisses on his broad chest as Griffin removes the last of their clothing. Once Monica and Griffin were both standing there naked, Griffin guides them to their bed. Monica smiles with each kiss, as he lowers her body down to the pillows, as Griffin climbed on top of her. Their room was lit up with beautiful radiant colors from some of the neighbor’s fireworks, making this moment between them magical. Monica looks deep in Griffin’s eyes, and as she came to his lips she whispers something against them, “I love you.” She then closes her eyes, as she felt Griffin deepening their kiss.

After several hours of nonstop sweet torture of the pleasure they were feeling, Griffin clasped beside Monica panting, and breathing hard. Griffin felt Monica leaving small and light kisses on his sweated chest. “Wow. Never knew homework from a therapist would be so thrilling.” Griffin joked, as Monica giggles in his chest.

Monica gazes up at her husband who was still trying to catch his breath. She was making circling patterns on his chest as he stroked her sweated soft back, with his hand. “To be honest, Roan, I was afraid of having flashbacks, and go into a panic attack.”

Griffin looks down on his wife, “But you didn’t.” he reassured her.

Monica moves from her spot to lay on top of him, “I know. I would of, came out a lot sooner, but I didn’t know how I was going to reacted. But being in bed, naked with you, and feeling that sexual pleasure, made me realized something,” Monica pauses as she looks at Griffin, “That whatever fear I had felt, when Norman did those things to me, was driven out by love. The love of the Father, and the love I feel for you. Took me a while to see that. And at midnight, the way you kissed me, is all it took for me to come out of my fear, and just be in love.”

Griffin smiles to her and touches his nose to hers, “I would’ve still loved you, even if you still need more time. Mon, I didn’t married you, because I wanted to sleep with you. It’s an added bonus, but I married you, because I fell in love with the woman that you are. I promise you for better or worse, that I will love you.”

Monica smiles as she touches her husband’s face. She felt Griffin’s hands running up her spine, and onto the back of her neck, which gave Monica chills. Then he slowly guides her to his lips. Monica slowly kisses him, with slow seductive rhythms. She felt him getting turned on again, as he slowly moves Monica off his stomach. Monica lays on her back with her husband halfway on her. Monica felt Griffin kissing her neck, as his tongue traces the slope of her neck. Griffin then looks at her and smiles, “Does your therapist mind if I do some extra credit for your homework?”

Monica lets out a small laughter as she slowly slides her legs with his, “No I don’t think she minds.” Monica puts a finger under his chin, and felt him kissing her deeply again, which causes her heart to race and her fiery fever in her rise with the sexual arousal. Griffin heard Monica moaning for the pleasure she was feeling, which made him even more stimulated. Monica and Griffin made love for the second time that night. However, this time, they both took their time to reach the climax. The sun was poking through their frosted windows, when Monica and Griffin reached their intensified moment. After settling down from the sexual excitement, Griffin looks at his wife, as the sun hit her matted up hair. Monica looked so damn beautiful in that moment. The sunlight on her naked skin, making it look so warm and creamy.

Monica still wanted more of that feeling, but doing it twice back to back in the same night, wore her out. She lies on top of Griffin’s chest hearing the roar of his heartbeat. Beating wildly with hers, as they calm down from their most intensified sexual moment. Monica looks up on Griffin’s peaceful face and smiles to him. He was drifting off into a slumber. Monica then slowly moves up to kiss him, but when she moves he already was looking at her. They were about to go into another lip lock when their door opens up.

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