Fallen Angel Part 4

New Year's Morning

Sarah gets up and strolls out of her bedroom to the bathroom. It was about 9:30 AM in the morning. After her bathroom routine, she hears the doorbell ring. Sarah dashes down the stairs and answers the door. A breeze of icy cold wind stings her face as women stood on the porch with her black winter coat. “Hello, can I help you?”

The woman smiles at her, “You must be my partner’s daughter. I’m Megan. I’m your father’s new partner for work.”

Sarah smiles at her, “Oh…….I thought my father was partners with my best friend’s father, Chris Heart.”

“He was, but he is assigned to a new partner.” Megan tried to explain to the child. Megan looks down on the child, “Is your father home by any chance?”

“Yeah, why does he needs to go on duty or something?” Sarah asks.

Megan tried to be patient with the child, but the coldness from the January weather got the best of her. “Look, you can ask me all the questions you want, but do you want me to freeze the death out here?”

Sarah squinted her face as she smiles at her, “Oh sorry…come on in.” Sarah steps aside as the woman pushes on through. She takes off her tan gloves and her small black hat. Sarah waited a few seconds then repeated her question to this woman, “Does my father need to go into work today?”

The woman looks down at her, “No. He isn’t due back to work until January 3rd. He has the holidays off. I need a few of his files to help me out on another case I’m working on.”

“Oh, okay. He’s still asleep I think. But I think I heard him get up. Usually, he is already awake at this hour.” Sarah stated.

The woman smiles at her and then moves slightly to the door, “Well if your father is sleeping in, I won’t disturb him. As a matter of fact, I’ll come by later sorry to be a both…”

“No. That is okay I will go and fetch him if you want.” Sarah cut off Megan’s sentence.

“No really…it’s fine, I’ll just…” Megan tried to protest, but the child already was walking up the stairs. The slightly she added to herself, “I’ll just wait here, I guess.”

Sarah reaches the top of the stairs and goes to her parent’s bedroom door. Then with one swift motion, she turns the door knop and wishes she hadn’t turned the handle of the door. When she opens the door, she found Monica lying on top of her father.

This startled all of them. The sight where seeing her parents in bed naked. Monica quickly rolls off of Griffin’s chest and looks at her daughter. Feeling a bit guilty. Sarah turns her head the other way not looking at them.

Finally, Griffin broke the awkward silence, “Sarah sweetheart, do you need something?”

Sarah closes her eyes and looks down the hall “No, but….Ummmm….Daddy, there is a woman from your work…downstairs and she wants to ah…..talk with you when you have a moment.”

Griffin looks at his daughter and smiles to her, “Okay….tell her I’ll be right down.”

Sarah nods as she quickly shuts the door.

Monica looks up at Griffin, and she felt guilty. “That was embarrassing.”

“What?” Griffin asks.

“That!” Monica shouted as she crawls further into the covers.

Griffin smiles at her as he tenderly moves the covers so he can stare into her sexy brown eyes. “Oh, she will be fine Monica.”

“I know that. I didn’t want Sarah to find out this way, or what….you know…that I traumatized her for life, with my own needs.” Monica confesses.

Griffin kisses her lips very lightly and smiles at her as he gently strokes her face, “Well….she will get over it, after all, we are married. And there is no shame in hiding your sexual desires, Monica. It is normal to have that fulfill. As much as I don’t want to admit this, but one day, Sarah will understand.” Griffin looks down at her and sees a warm, soft glow in her eyes. “What?”

Monica smiles and warps her legs to his. Then she kisses him passionately as she lowers him back down on her. Griffin guesses he said the right thing because that seems to reassure her. He was caught up in his romance moment with his wife he almost forgot about the guest downstairs.

Griffin pulls out from under the covers as Monica was leaving very heavy hickeys on his neck and upper chest. Still giggling he pulls out of his romance time with her, “Mon, hon…we have to stop…one of my collogues is downstairs.”

Monica smiles and moves closer to him, as she kisses his strong shoulder blades and upper back, “Is there any way you could just say you are not at home and stay in bed with me?”

Griffin smiles to her as she kisses the rim of his broad shoulders. He never saw her in this type of mood for a while. As much as Griffin would love to stay in bed with his beautiful sexy wife, he has a job to do. He felt her hands stroking his forearms, and he gently takes the wedding band hand of his wife’s and tenderly kisses it. Then he stares into her soft and loving brown eyes, “As much as I would love to do that, my love, I can’t. Not when Sarah is fully awake. Remember we are not in Ireland, where we can be naked and lay in bed all day.”

Monica nods and then she felt Griffin turning to face her. He places his lips on hers, and she raises her hand to his cheek. He then moves to the right side of her neck and kissed it hard. The moment only last about a good minute or so, then he moves to her ear as he tenderly spoke into her ear, “Maybe later on in the night, we can, you know…..make love again.”

“I would love that.” Monica smiles as she felt one last major kiss from him.

Megan waited a good fifteen minutes before she sees her partner coming into the dining room. Megan looked at her partner, and a little laughter came out. “Nice to see you up and about Sergeant. Had trouble sleeping?”

Griffin smiles to her, “No…. had the best night of my life though.” Griffin smiles and looks past her just a bit. He was still thinking of his beautiful wife. However little laughter brought Griffin back to reality. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing….I’m guessing by the marks on your neck, that last night was more than your best.” Megan laughs even more at the sight of her partner’s new sex life.

Griffin looks at her in confusion, “What?”

“You have a lot of love bites on your neck, there Sergeant Griffin,” Megan pointed out.

Griffin’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment as he pulls his robe up closer to him, to hide the hickeys that Monica left on his neck. Megan smiles and let out a chuckle to him and puts her hand on his, “You don’t have to be ashamed of it Sergeant. Leaving love bites on someone is a compliment. Means whatever you did to your wife last night, you must have rocked her world. And sex is healthy in a marriage. It’s about time you got laid. I say wear your love bites proudly. I know I would. Your wife is a very lucky woman to have a stud like you.”

Griffin still is a bit embarrassed what his partner had stated. He decided to change subjects, “So ….um…. what did you come here to talk to me about?”

Megan looks up at him, “Do you still have the case file of Charles Norman by any chance?”

When Megan said that Griffin tenses up then he eyes her carefully, “Why do you need Norman’s file?”

Megan looks at her partner, “I need it for another case that came up over the holidays.”

“What case, I am your partner I should be assigned to it too,” Griffin stated as he takes a sip of his coffee.

“You can be apart of this one Griffin. Besides, I was assigned to this one back in New Jersey several months ago before I got transferred to your unit.” Megan looks at her partner. There was something she was hiding from Griffin, and he knows it.

“What is going on Megan?” Griffin leans forward a bit.

“Nothing that concerns you. Now do I have to go through your office to find that file, or are you going to be nice and hand it to me.” Megan said in a not so sweet tone.

Griffin studies her a bit and then sighs as he goes into his old study room where he stored the file. Then he came back to where his partner is. Before he hands her the case file to the serial baby killer Norman, he looks deep into her icy green-blue eyes, “Megan, is there something that you want to discuss with me personally? I am your partner you know. Keeping secrets from your partner builds a wall, and leaves me astray. We can’t be partners or work together if you withhold things from me and not trust me. Trust is everything when you are out in the field. Can I trust you to have my back, and that you trust me to have yours. I can help you with whatever you are facing.”

Megan stares long and hard into Griffin’s blue depths. Then she lets out a heavy sigh, “Yes I trust you, Griffin. But this is a personal matter to me. Now please let me have the file, and I will let you get back to your family.”

Griffin hands over the file as Megan turns to head out the front door, just before she goes out into the wintery air, he calls after her, “Whatever you are hiding Megan, it isn’t doing you any favors by keeping it a secret.”

Megan looks back at him, “I’m fine Sergeant.” Then she heads to her blue Ford Escape.

Monica got dress and wraps her robe around her feminine body. She wanted to go and apologize to her daughter for what she had witnessed twenty minutes ago, of seeing Monica onto of her father, naked.

Monica was hesitant about entering the living room where her daughter is. Sarah was sitting on the couch watching cartoons. She knows it is an act of life, and being married sex is typical in a marriage. Monica braces herself to enter the living room.

Sarah then turns to look at her new mom when Monica approach’s her. “Sarah can we talk.”

Sarah turns off the tv as she gives her new mom her undivided attention. This was an awkward talk that Monica ever had to give to her daughter. “Honey, I am so, sorry that you had to see that. I wasn’t thinking of you, and I am..”

Sarah tries to hide her smile, but it came through, “Mom, it’s fine. I know you and daddy are married, and that is what parents do in a marriage. And I wanted you two, to you know, do it last night.”

“Still, to have you walk in like that, and seeing me…I could have traumatized you.” Monica cast a look at the ground.

“You didn’t. I didn’t see any movements, all I know is you and daddy, had fun last night.” Sarah laughs.

“Okay, new rule, for entering your father’s and my bedroom. Knock first, okay. There are times, where we are in the mood, to you know……” Monica stated.

“Having sex.” Sarah looks at her.

“Yes, that.” Monica sighs, “That your father and I need a bit of privacy too, and can’t have you barging in, and seeing things that you are not supposed or not wanting to see at a young age. We try to be careful and are aware with you in the house, and we try and protect you from not witnessing what we do behind closed doors. But you got to understand. When we are in the mood to make love to each other, we will do it. Sex is very healthy and normal between spouses. To share the love you have with another person, and one of the ways to express that love, as well, having sex.” Monica looks at her daughter, “I love you so much Sarah, and I don’t want to you view me differently because I sometimes have needs of my own as a woman in love with a wonderful man. And want to have those needs to be fulfilled by your dad. One day you will understand this feeling when you become a woman yourself.”

Sarah leans forward as she eyes her mom. “I don’t view you differently, mom. I know sex is a way of life in a marriage, and glad that you and dad are starting that up again.”

“So will you follow the new rule?” Monica asks.

“I will now, after what I just saw.” Sarah looks at her and smiles. Then she eyes Monica and asks, “Is having sex really that good? Because you seem to have a glowing face every time you know, you do it with my dad.”

Monica looks at her and blushes, “Yes, when you are with someone you love very deeply. It is a way where you share a deep love with that person, in ways words cannot express. And one of the ways to share that love is well, have sex with them. What many people call it is making love. But you are still at a young age, where you don’t need to have sex on your mind just quite yet. You need to be older to understand this farther. Besides, your father will have a heart attack if he ever thinks of you having sex at this age.”

Sarah laughs, “I know. He doesn’t even like the idea of me looking at boys and thinking they are cute.”

“That is part of being a dad. Protecting you from boys that will harm his little girl, and breaking your heart. Your father loves you so much, kiddo.” Monica smiles and moves next to her.

Just then Seth came down the stairs from the guest room, “Well good morning Monica, and you to Sarah.”

Monica looks up at her father in law, “Morning, Seth.”

Sarah looks at her grandfather and Monica, “Well, I am going to go get some breakfast and then read.”

Monica looks at her, “Not going to play outside?”

“Too cold to play. It is only like 14 degrees out.” Sarah stated as she goes up to her room to fetch her book.

Monica looks at her father-in-law as he looks to her. Once Sarah was out of the room he chuckles to Monica, “Looks like that dress did wonders last night huh.”

“What?” Monica looks to him.

“You and my son. I heard you two getting it on last night, heard a lot of commotion coming from your guy’s room. ” Seth chuckles.

Monica’s face flush with embarrassment, “I tried to be quiet when we have sex, so I don’t wake Sarah.”

Seth smiles, “Don’t feel ashamed about it. It is a natural thing to be shared with your spouse. I am a light sleeper anyways where Sarah sleeps like the dead. I picked up the mess you two seem to leave behind when you got home, so little miss sunshine wouldn’t witness you two, doing it.”

Monica gave a little laugh as she looks at him, “I guess we were both a little careless last night and were so caught up in the moment we didn’t think about it.” Monica then sighs as she looks past Seth, “She walked in this morning and found me on top of your son.” Monica stated.

“While you two were in the middle of…..” Seth trails off.

“No, thank God for that.” Monica sighs a relief. “But still I was naked with him.”

“Kids tend to be one of the factors for not engaging in with the sex life. I know. It was hard for Roan’s mom and me to keep a healthy sex life, while they were growing up. And the sex gets a little tricky to do, once you start to add more to the family.”

Monica eyes him sharply, “How much have you heard last night?”

“Enough to know what you two were doing behind closed doors. This house is not exactly soundproof.” Seth chuckles, “I would expect it to happen sooner or later, for you two are married.”

Monica looks down at the ground, “I don’t feel comfortable sharing my sex life, with my father-in-law. What Roan and I do with one another stays between us.”

Seth looks at her, “Understand, and I respect your boundary, but Monica, sharing your sex life, is healthy and don’t need to be ashamed.” Seth then chuckles to her as he left to go get some coffee, “You certainly weren’t ashamed of it last night and enjoyed whatever my son did to you.” Seth jokingly laughs as he left the room, knowing he can now tease Monica of her sexual desires now. When Seth made that last comment Monica’s cheeks went bright red.

Griffin came in and heard the last bit of what his father said, “My dad heard us last night?”

Monica looks to her husband, “Yes. I guess we weren’t exactly quiet like we thought we were.”

Griffin eyes his wife, “Well, you did seem to be a bit more vocal than usual last night than the previous times we had done it here.” Griffin smiles at his wife.

Monica gave a playful shove as Griffin too teased her about the pleasurable moments she felt with him. Griffin looks to her, “It is a good thing honey, I enjoyed the hell out of last night. And I am looking forward to doing it again. You are really amazing in bed you know that. In my opinion best sex I have ever had.”

Monica smiles brighten, then she looks upstairs, “But we got to be more quiet and careful the next time we do it, because we have you know who here in the house with us. I also want to respect Sarah’s space too, and still have my needs and desires met.”

Griffin nods, “Agreed.”

Monica then changes the subject, “So who was at the door?”

Griffin looks to her, “My new partner for work.”

“Ah, Megan. What did she want?” Monica asks.

Griffin didn’t want to tell her the real reason, because he was happy with the mood she is in, “Just some file she wanted.”

“And she couldn’t wait until you got back to work,” Monica asks.

“I guess not. So want some tea. Would offer you coffee, but still boycotting it due to our new daughter.” Griffin teases her.

“Sure would love some.” Monica smiles as she embraces her husband.

Monica and Griffin talked with Seth some as Sarah read in her favorite spot near the fireplace. About 10:30, Seth left to go back to his place as Monica and Griffin spent time and going over their new baby daughter’s name.

Sarah pauses in her reading as she looks at her parents. “Are two going over the names for the baby?”

Monica looks up from her notepad as she looks at Sarah, “Yes sweetheart. Would you like to come help?”

Sarah nods as she closes her book to go over to where Monica and Griffin are sitting on the sofa. Sarah glances at the names of both her father and Monica like most. Sarah likes the name Chloe but also loves the name, Evelyn. Sarah looks up at Monica, “What do these names mean in the Celtic language?”

Monica looks at the names, “I guess I should write it down. Give me a second.” Monica takes the notepad that Sarah was looking at and wrote the translations next to the names she likes and gives the notebook back to Sarah.

Sarah looks over each one, as she takes a pen and circles the one she likes the most, “All these names are beautiful, but I like this one the best.”

Monica looks at the name Sarah circles, “You want your baby’s sister to be named Evelyn?”

Sarah nods, “I think it is pretty, and easy to say in the Irish way. And love the meaning behind it.”

Monica returns her smile, and then she eyes Griffin, “Honey, are you in agreement over the name? After all, she is half yours too.”

Griffin looks at the name and nods, “Yes. I’m sure whatever name we choose it will be a beautiful name.”

Sarah also looks down by the ks. “I also love this one. Keela. And the meaning behind it too. Can this be her middle name?”

Monica glances at her adoptive daughter, “We will see. Your baby sister won’t be joining us anytime soon right now. I am just entering my third trimester. And I’m not due until late May, early June. This is only January.”

“Still I will be happy with either or for her name.” Sarah smiles.

Griffin soon gets up from the couch, “Well Mon, I will let you relax some, while Sarah and I tackle the guest bedroom.”

Monica looks up at her husband, “Why?”

Sarah gets up from the floor and answers her question, “Daddy, and I have been thinking, of turning the guest bedroom into a nursery room, for the baby. We don’t really have guest over all that much, and the baby could have her own room when she joins us.”

Griffin looks at Monica, “It was Sarah’s idea.”

Sarah nods, “And I know I don’t want to give up my room. It is the least I can do for my little sister.”

Monica eyes her adoptive daughter, “That is the sweetest thing Sarah, and very thoughtful of you.”

Griffin then motions Sarah to the stairwell, “Come on Sarah, help me move the furniture down into the basement.”

“Okay.” Sarah smiles as she follows her dad to the stairwell.

Monica gets up from the couch and goes to her family, “Well, what can I do to help. I may be pregnant, but I am not useless.”

Griffin looks at his wife, “You, my dear, can go to the garage and get the paint cans that is in my trunk. I bought paint a little after Christmas, without you knowing what Sarah and I had planned.”

Monica eyes him suspiciously, “How do you know we are going to have a girl when we only found out a few days ago of what the sex of our baby is.”

“I didn’t know what the sex of our baby is going to be actually. I bought light pink and light blue paint. I figure if it is one or the other, we can use the other for designs or things. I always plan things out.” Griffin kisses her cheek. “For now, until Sarah and I move the heavy furniture out, I want you out of the way, so you don’t harm yourself, or little one inside of you.”

Then Sarah yells out, “Come on Dad. I can’t move this mattress by myself.”

Monica and Griffin, both glances up the stairwell, then Monica turn her gaze back onto her husband, “go help your daughter out before she hurts herself by hauling heavy things by herself.” Griffin nods as he leaves a quick kiss to Monica’s lips before he goes and helps out his daughter by turning the guest bedroom into a new nursery for the baby.

Griffin and Sarah worked hard together as a team of father and daughter to move furniture out in the hallway. Griffin did the majority of the work, especially coming down the stairs. Monica was standing near the end of the stairwell, as she guides Griffin down. Once the bedframe was removed from the room as well as the mattress, Sarah helps Monica by carrying the paints and stencils and tarps up into the spare room.

Griffin soon joins his wife and daughter, as he laid the paint out in trays. Then together as a family, they each painted a section of the room a pale pink. With the first layer drying on one wall, Monica dips Sarah’s hands in the light blue paint and together they created a border around the room with hand Sarah’s handprints as butterfly wings, and on the bottom, Griffin stenciled in blue ducklings.

It took most of the afternoon into the evening. Then tomorrow Monica and Griffin will set up the new crib. Everyone stood back to look at the new nursery room, for the new baby. Sarah smiles brighten that she helped contribute to being apart of her new sister’s bedroom. Sarah looks up at her father who was covered in a little bit of blue paint. “This is a nice idea daddy.”

Monica beams up at her husband, “It sure is honey.”

Griffin looks at his wife and daughter, “Well, all this work is making me hungry, who is up for some pizza?”

“I am!” Sarah stated.

Monica caught her arm before she dashes out, “Make sure you clean yourself up first, you like your father, are covered in paint.”

“Yes, mom,” Sarah stated as she runs into the bathroom.

Griffin chuckles at his wife, and Monica turns to look at him, “What?”

“You are such a mother, and it is adorable.” Griffin kisses his wife’s cheek as he goes into their room to wash the paint off his neck some and his face.

After Griffin and Sarah cleaned up a bit, they all went out to get some pizza. Then when they have eaten to fill their stomachs, Sarah curls up by the fire and continue to read out her harry potter book, and Griffin snuggles next to his wife, reading out his book, as Monica reads through her student’s papers. Monica would glance at her daughter and husband a few times and smiles to herself as both of them are enjoying reading out of their geeky novels. She thinks to herself, like father like daughter.

It was about 9:30 pm when Sarah gets up and says goodnight to her parents, “Well, I guess I should be getting to bed since I got school tomorrow. I wish Christmas vacation can last a bit longer.”

“Well, when you get out of high school and attend college, your break will be longer.” Monica smiles.

“Just seems so far away.” Sarah sighs a disappointment.

Griffin looks up from his book, “Actually Sarah, it will come quicker than you think, and then when you get to college level, you will wish you were back in grade school.”

Monica nods to her husband’s statement, “Your father is right Sarah. Just enjoy being a kid right now, and try not to grow up too fast.”

Sarah smiles, “Well goodnight.”

“Goodnight. And don’t stay up too late, reading out of your book.” Griffin stated.

“Okay, daddy,” Sarah stated as she climbs the stairs.

With Sarah out of the room, Griffin looks at his wife, “So you want to you know…”

Monica cast a look at him as she knows what he is saying but acting like she doesn’t know, “want what?”

“You know, continue where we left off this morning.” Griffin leans forward a bit to his wife and kisses her neck seductively.

Monica let out a giggle and smiles when Griffin did that. “As much as I would like to, but like Sarah, I too have class tomorrow.”

“So…” Griffin kisses her neck some more leaving some hot kisses on it.

“Roan….” Monica manages to say before Griffin found her sweet spot. Monica arches her back as her head tilted back to feel Griffin’s kiss and love for her. He knows he is taunting her, and trying to make her give into her sexual desires, which it was tough for her to block out her urges when he triggers them, and her hormones are making her sex drive run wildly right now.

Griffin slowly pulls back as he eyed his wife and gave a charming smile to her. Then in a tender voice, he spoke to her, “I will be upstairs taking a shower if you want to join me.” Griffin leaves a hot kiss to her lips as he leaves her side and goes upstairs to their private bathroom. Knowing she will probably take up his offer.

After when Griffin left, Monica sighs as she weighs her options. She wanted that feeling that Griffin gave back to her soul last night, and wanted to be sweetly tortured again. Monica closes her teacher planning book and thought, what the hell. She soon gives into her sexual desires, and turns off the lights and the fire, and goes upstairs to her husband. Monica heard the shower running, as she closes the door to their bedroom so Sarah would not investigate what she and Griffin were about to do. Monica opens the door to their bathroom and shuts it as she and strips out of her clothes. Monica then climbs into the shower with her husband, where she and him for the first time had hot passionate shower sex, where Monica can be a bit more vocal than in their room knowing that the bathroom was a bit further away from Sarah’s bedroom.

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