Fallen Angel Part 4

Our Kind of Love

Several weeks have gone by as New Year’s Day came and went. With Monica back into teaching at her job Griffin slowly but surely getting back into the grove of being a cop. He has one more week of being on desk duty. He has an appointment to meet with his doctor to clear him for active duty again. Griffin stays in the squad car as he waits for his partner to come out of the house where she is interviewing a family. He wishes that he was with Chris where he could have his guy talks. Since his accident, Griffin has been assigned to a new partner, Megan. She isn’t too bad and likes to be focus on things, also a bit mysterious like she is keeping things from Griffin. Griffin still misses his best friend.

Megan came out of the house as Griffin flips through a woman’s magazine. He wants to surprise Monica with a special valentines dinner and has something else to be planned when he takes her back from their night out.

Megan approaches the door to the squad car as she leans her head back and lets out a heavy sigh. Griffin looks up at his new partner, “Everything okay?”

“No. The wife won’t even flip. I think she is too battered that she denies that her husband is beating her.” Megan looks up at the apartment complex then back at her partner, “Why do some people choose to stay in a toxic relationship when they know it is unhealthy for them, or worse that the person they claim they love, hurts them and beat them. I just don’t get it.”

Griffin understands his partner’s frustrations, “Maybe because they fear that no one will love them the way the person they are currently with.”

“You’re defending her?” Megan sharply looks at her partner.

“No. I was answering your question, why people choose to stay in a domestic relationship. I myself find that to be stupid and dumb and they deserve so much more. But you force them out of their relationship. It has to be their choice.” Griffin stated.

Megan cast a look out her window, “I hope the wife, wakes up and face the facts before she ends up dead by her husband’s beatings. No woman should have to suffer a beating all for the sake of love. Even a single woman like myself knows that is not love.”

“Well, you can’t save everyone, Megan. It is part of the job.” Griffin reminded her. “So are we going back to the station or what?”

“No.” Megan looks at her partner, “We have to wait until we get the call in. We are staking out her building.”

“Megan, if she doesn’t want our protection and help. We can’t do anything.” Griffin leans forward.

“I know she is too scared to admit she needs help. With her husband watching her move, she is scared, Roan. But I know that look because…..” Megan trails off not wanting to share what has been done to her in her past.

“Because of what Megan?” Griffin repeated. Monica must be rubbing off her keen senses of detecting someone in pain because Griffin is now intuitive into what other people are hiding.

“Nothing forget it.” Megan reaches for the keys to turn it on as Griffin spoke the very words she was hiding back.

“Because you were a battered woman yourself weren’t you,” Griffin spoke.

Megan holds her hands in mid-air as she slowly turns her icy blue depths on him, “How do you know?”

“I am starting to pick up what my wife sees, and I can read people,” Griffin stated.

Megan cast her gaze to the windshield ahead. She knows her partner will annoy her if she doesn’t tell him the truth. “It happened four years ago. I thought I found a good guy. He was handsome and very charming and smooth talking. We dated for three years. Then he proposed to me. I thought I was a lucky woman to find such a sweet and caring guy. That is when things started to shift and change. He was very controlling, and when I come home late from working on a big case, he would beat me over and over. He would even slam me to the wall, and punch me so hard in the side that he broke several ribs. I would come into work with burses on my arms, legs, neck, and even a blacken eye. That is when I knew. I found the courage and left him. One day while he forced me to have sex with him after he had finished and had his way with me, I took off and left and move to New Jersey. That is when I knew I was in a domestic abuse relationship, and I was a victim of domestic abuse. If I didn’t leave my fiancé and stuck it out for the idea of ‘love,’ he would have killed me.” Megan then looks at her partner, “That is how I know that look, what that woman gave to me when I was talking with her. It is an unwritten code Roan, not to speak when your abuser is nearby. If you utter a single word of what he was doing to you, you were going to get a beating. I too thought I was fine. Then a neighbor told me to get the hell out of dodge and run far away from that man as possible. I had to thank her for that advice because she saved my life when I needed it.”

Griffin looks at his partner, “So you know a little bit of what Mrs. Mendez is going through.”

Megan nods, “The thing is, Mrs. Mendez doesn’t want to leave her husband when I did. She thinks he is still the most charming guy there is and that this is love. I’m sorry, having someone disrespects you, and beat you is not love. You as I look at your relationship with your wife, now that is real love. This whatever Mrs. Mendez calls love is not love.”

Griffin nods, “Megan I understand your concern, but one thing I learned when doing this job, is you can’t save everyone. It has to be their choice to seek the help they need. You can’t force them to get help. All we can do is help guide them to where they need help. I myself had to learn and face that lesson the hard way.” Griffin looks out the window too, remembering his struggles with his little brother on trying to get him to admit he was an alcoholic. Then his wife’s words echo in his mind when Griffin admitted to Monica about his concerns with his younger brother. “And Lenny well he’s suffering from his wife’s death and is constantly drunk. I tried for five years to get him to be sober and to go to rehab and AA meetings, but he wouldn’t go. I will not let him see Sarah when he is drunk. If he wants to see his niece he needs to be sober. And he hasn’t.” Griffin stated as he explained his family.

“Well, Griffin you can’t force someone to get help. It has to be their choice.” Monica gently pointed out.

“I know, it’s just damn hard to watch someone that you love destroy their life. And I want to help him, I do but how could I compete with the booze.” Griffin pointed out.

“I don’t know how to answer that. All I know is that you love your brother and in some way, he loves you too.

Megan looks at her partner, “What lesson have you learned?”

Griffin looks back into Magan’s icy blue depths, “My brother. My wife said that I couldn’t force my younger brother to get help. He is the one that has to admit he wanted help. In the end, his addiction to alcohol is what had killed him. For a while, I believed it was my fault that my younger brother Lenny had died. My point is Megan if Mrs. Mendez wants to stay in the abusive relationship she can. It is her choice.”

Megan sighs as she looks up at where her victim is with her husband. She knows Griffin is right. then she eyes the magazine that Griffin was reading. “ah Sergeant.”

Griffin casts a look at her, “What?”

“You are a man right?” Megan asks.

“Yeah, why do I not look like one.” Griffin cast a teasing smile to her.

“No, you do, just umm…why are you reading a Woman’s Day magazine? Shouldn’t you be reading, I don’t know, say Sports Illustrated or something.” Megan eyes the magazine in Griffin’s lap.

Griffin looks down then back at his partner, “I am not reading it for enjoyment, Megan. I am reading it to get ideas for what to do for my wife on Valentines Day. You know it is tomorrow night.”

“Yes, I do know it is.” Megan then eyes her partner, “I know what you could do. Since it is Valentines Day and all, having lots of hot passionate sex. Since you two seem to have lots of it since New Years.” Megan laughs a little and poking fun at her partner’s sex life.

Griffin looks to her, “Yes, I am aware of that. And would love to, but I got my daughter in the house with us on Valentine’s Day evening.” Griffin stated.

“That didn’t stop you two before. As I remember the time I stopped by your house, your wife left a lot of love bites on your neck. And a few times afterward.” Megan reminded Griffin.

Griffin looks at her, “Yes we have had sex a lot since New Years. But Monica and I can’t have a hot passionate night like we did while we were in Ireland on our honeymoon with my daughter in the house.”

Megan arches her eyebrows, “What kind of things you did overseas Sergeant?”

“Things that my little girl does not need to know, and so should you.” Griffin smiles as he remembers his time with his wife when he was in Ireland. “My sex life stays private for a reason. What Monica and I do in between the sheets, stays in between the sheets.”

“Wow, you and wife must be that passionate in love with one another to have wild sex.” Megan shakes her head.

“It isn’t wild sex for say. Monica, I know is not into that kind of scene. And yes, we are very passionate in love with one another. She is the only one I have truly loved to be honest.” Griffin admitted.

“Okay, so sex is off the table, what are you planning for your romantic night.” Megan turns her body to look at him.

“Well, that is what I am looking for some help in a woman’s magazine. I do have one thing in mind, which is just between Monica and I. But I want to do something before what I have in mind after dinner.” Griffin stated.

“I can help you out some if you want,” Megan stated.

“Really?” Griffin looks her way.

“Yeah. I am a woman. I know a few things.” Megan smiles. “Let me see the magazine.” Griffin hands her the magazine he was looking at.

Megan looks over some ideas as she eyes a five-star Italian restaurant. “Does your wife likes Italian foods at all?”

“She loves it. Why?” Griffin looks up at his partner.

“It may be on the expensive side, but take her to this place. It is about a half mile out of this town. Rated five stars.” Megan stated.

“I was thinking someplace local.” Griffin wince at the idea.

“Well, you live in a small town, not many five stars around here. Or you can cook her a five-star meal.” Megan suggested.

Griffin brightens up on that idea, “Keep talking about the five-star meal idea.”

“Well if you want to surprise your wife, I think you should prepare the meal elsewhere than your home,” Megan stated.

“Well, Chris is doing something with his wife, and I will have his girls over at my place tonight. It is a sort of trade-off deal, where we hand each other’s kids to one another where one of us could have a lucky night with doing…”

“The nasty.” Megan finishes off Griffin’s comment.

“Yes.” Griffin looks out the window.

Megan shakes her head, “I just don’t understand you, men.”

Griffin smiles at his new partner, “Well, you aren’t one. It is a code we live by, just like how you women share things with one another. For us men, we cover each other when one of us wants to have a passionate night with our spouse.”

“I know, I had two brothers of my own. There is the grenade rule, you boys follow too.” Megan laughs.

“Yes that, but I am not like that type of guy, which would be Jerry in the squad who brags about how many women he slept with,” Griffin stated.

Megan nods, “Yeah I had to hear all about that when you were out. I was assigned to him briefly. You are a better partner than him.”

Griffin smiles at her, “I am also older and wiser and not a young 29 year old either.”

Megan takes out her notepad and writes down something then hands it to Griffin, “Take your wife to this place, tomorrow night for Valentine’s day. It is a local romantic restaurant around here, and I think you and her will love it.”

Griffin looks at the address as he gazes at his partner, “Thank you, Megan.”

“No problem. At least one of us should be getting some.” Megan chuckles as she turns on the engine to the patrol car to head back to the station.

Monica watches Chris’s little girls as Kristin and Chris have a night devoted to themselves. Since Griffin and Monica are turning the guest bedroom into a nursery for the new baby, they have Emilian and Julia stay down on the couch for the evening while their parents do things grow ups do around this time of year. Monica and Griffin agreed to take on Chris’s kids for the night.

Kristin dropped off her two girls an hour ago and whispered in Monica’s ear that she and Chris are going to be a bit wild tonight. Monica is slightly jealous of her because of this pregnancy it making her sex drive go off the rails. But there will come a time where Monica and Griffin will have a hot passionate night again like what they had on their honeymoon. Monica pauses in the reading of her book as she wonders to herself, what kind of night her husband has planned for them tomorrow night. This is Monica’s first Valentines night she is spending with her lover and wants to know what Roan has in store for them. He hasn’t been dropping hints at all the last several weeks, of what he is going to do.

Monica heard laughter upstairs as she smiles to herself on what the girls were doing. She kind of feels sorry for Griffin being the only male present in the house. Just then she saw her husband’s car pulling into the driveway as she goes back to reading her book as she waits for Griffin to walk in.

Griffin came into the living room and found his wife reading the third book of Harry Potter. Monica looks up from her reading as she smiles at him, “How was your day being out in the field again?”

“Great. Megan still doesn’t want me out there without my doctor clearing me for active duty.” Griffin stands beside her, as he bends down to kiss her lips. Before his lips touch hers, he heard laughter from the girls upstairs, then notices two suitcases next to the couch. “Chris stopped by to drop off his two daughters.”

“Yup an hour ago. Remind me again why we are doing this?” Monica looks to her husband.

“To give Chris and Kristin a night together without kids.” Griffin smiles. “They haven’t had a kid free night in a long time.”

“I know still. Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and was kind of hoping we could do something passionate ourselves.” Monica stated as Griffin sits beside her, and laces his fingers to hers. “This is my first Valentines Day that I have with you, and with someone I love very dearly, and just kind of bums me out, that I can’t passionately express my love for you that night.”

Griffin kisses the side of her neck and smiles, “We will have our chance, Monica. We had sex multiple times since…well since new years, and I enjoy the heck out of it.” Griffin into her eyes, “I have something planned for tomorrow night.”

Monica looks at him, “What exactly is that?”

“You will find out, tomorrow.” Griffin kisses her cheek. “Well since we have a house full of little girls, thinking, pizza and a Disney movie marathon, this way you don’t have to cook and relax some.”

“I like the sound of that.” Monica smiles. “The girls are in Sarah’s room doing homework, at least I thought they were.”

Griffin nods then eyes the book Monica is reading, “I should get you to read Lord of the Rings sometime.”

Monica looks at her book then at her husband, “Is it better than Harry Potter?”

“Much. Plus the movies are gorgeously done too.” Griffin smiles.

“I will think about it. Trying to bond with you and Sarah a bit.” Monica stated.

“You don’t have to like fantasy things, Mon.” Griffin nuzzles the back of her neck.

“I like to try. So far I see why you two enjoy these stories. Has a great story and imagination behind it.” Monica smiles. Monica then places her book on the table and snuggles with her husband as she kisses his chest and places her hands by his side. “You know, I never know when your birthday is. When I was with you, you never mentioned it, the whole time we were dating and being engaged.”

Griffin looks down at his wife then kisses her head, “I never did mention it the whole time we were dating because my birthday already passed when you came back into my life again.”

Monica moves off of his chest a bit to look at him, “Now I feel like a lousy wife of not giving you a birthday gift.”

Griffin sits up and kisses her neck, “You did honey. You came back into my life was the best gift ever. Plus…” Griffin moves his face, so he was inches from Monica’s lips, “You allowed me to love you, and be the father of our child. I couldn’t ask for a better gift than that. And to answer your question earlier, my birthday is March 12th.” Griffin then kisses her deeply, so Monica doesn’t feel like she forgot his birthday. That seemed to reassure her as she smiles against his lips as she places her arms and strokes his mighty chest. Griffin smiles at her kisses as he pulls his lips from hers and kisses Monica’s neck. He loves kissing her neck and smelling her sweet scent.

Monica pulls away from him as she tenderly spoke to her husband, “As much as I enjoy you kissing my neck dear, but we got three young girls in the house with us. Let’s not traumatize them with our sexual desires.”

Griffin nods as he sits up and lets Monica back to reading her book. Griffin looks to her, “You are not going to fetch the girls for dinner?”

“When they get hungry they will let us know. I’m patiently waiting.” Monica looks at her husband. About a half hour later Monica hears all three girls coming out of Sarah’s room as she looks to Griffin and without the words being spoken Griffin knew Monica was right on waiting for the kids to inform both of them that they are hungry.

The night drew on as the kids watch a Disney movie marathon as Monica and Griffin went into Griffin’s study to read their books. Griffin is reading some syfi book, and Monica was finishing up the last bit of the third book of Harry Potter. Monica cast a look at her husband, “Honey you read all the Harry Potter books right.”

Griffin looks up from his book, “yeah. All but the last book that Sarah keeps on rereading. Why?”

“Why is this Professor Snape against Harry so much. Why is he constantly hot and cold with him.” Monica asks setting the book down.

“You will find out why. I can’t tell you that.” Griffin shakes his head at his wife.

“Okay, now I see why Sarah likes these books so much. Keeps you guessing and wanting more. Where is the fourth book.” Monica asks.

Griffin gets up from his seat of the small study and pulls out the next book for Monica to read. “The Goblet of Fire. One of my favorites, that and the Order of the Phoenix.”

“My favorite is still Sorcerer’s of stone, but I will read the others,” Monica replies.

Griffin then sits down with Monica as he holds onto the book. “How about I read it to you.”

Monica looks at her husband with a smile, “I think I can read by myself thank you.”

“No, I mean to our baby. She is going to know about Harry Potter with Sarah.” Griffin opens the book as Monica smiles to him.

Griffin started to read to Monica’s stomach, and she was impressed that Griffin can do different voices for the characters, as he reads to their daughter. It was an enchanted feeling watching the father of her child and the love of her life, be this caring for his new baby girl. Monica can’t believe how lucky she is to find such a wonderful man that makes her heart glow with love and how much he adores children.

Griffin got to the 6th chapter when he pauses as he looks to her, “I am going to go check on the girls, then I will be right back okay.” Griffin kisses her cheek as he goes and investigates. Monica waited patiently for her husband to return. About 5 minutes later he comes back as he leaves the door half open, “The kids are all crashed out in the living room.”

“Well, it is midnight,” Monica stated. “Did you turn off the tv?”

“Yup and the lights. You want to stay in here or go up to our room.” Griffin stated.

Monica looks to him and gets up from the small sofa, “In our room, where you can continue to read to the baby. You are so cute when doing that. Didn’t know you can do voice acting, you really are full of surprises Griff. .” Monica giggles as she exits the room with Griffin following after her.

When they were in their room as Monica changes into her sleepwear, she looks at her husband as he was in the bathroom combing his beautiful hair, “Why did your ex-wife ever leave such a man like you, boggles my mind. Because, honey, you are the sexiest and charming man I have ever met. And to have you read, sing and play the guitar, even know how to dance. She must be the foolish one ever to let you go.”

Griffin looks to his wife as she said those words. Griffin turns off the light in the bathroom and embraces his wife, as he leaves a tender kiss to her lips. Monica felt him smiling against her lips as he pulls back to stare into her dark chocolate eyes. “I guess Crystal never wanted to know the real me.”

“Well like I said, she is the fool to leave you, because, Roan, I can’t see myself loving any other man, but you. I truly love you.” Monica touches his face with the palm of her and as she stroke his handsome face.

Griffin nuzzles his nose to hers as he smiles very brightly to Monica’s words. “You don’t know how happy you make me, by being your husband.”

Monica smiles warmly to his words and kisses him tenderly just then as she felt his arms around her back supporting her, and loving every motion his lips crashes onto hers. Griffin then pulls out of his tight embrace as she turns and heads for the bed as Griffin follows after her. Monica takes off her shirt to have her bra exposed as well as her stomach so Griffin can continue to read to the baby bump. He was trying hard not to be tempted by Monica’s sexy bra to make him aroused with sexual pleasure. And his cheeks were a little flushed when Griffin looked at her. Monica knows he is a bit turned on when she has her body partially exposed.

Monica soon falls to sleep with Griffin’s soft and comforting reading voice. She adores him as he makes her heart soar with happiness. No man has ever made Monica this happy and this much in love the way Griffin does.

Griffin finishes chapter 8 of the 4th book of Harry Potter, as he looks at Monica, as she was fast asleep. Griffin hen marks the page in the book and places it on her side of the bed. Then he gently strokes her face with his thumb and smiles when Monica buries her head further into the comfort of the pillows at his touch. He left little butterfly kisses on the rim of her shoulder as he rolls over to his side and switches off the light as he sleeps next to her hearing her softly breathing in and out, as she dreams.

Griffin awoke to the sound of Sarah and the girls knocking on Monica and Griffin’s bedroom. He looks at his wife as she was sleeping peacefully. Griffin soon gets up and grabs his navy blue robe as he covers up his somewhat half naked body as he goes to answer the door, “Sarah, what is it?”

“Dad it is 7 am” Sarah stated.

“Yeah?” Griffin asks in a daze.

“School?” Sarah looks up at her father, ’is in like in half an hour.”

Griffin forgets that just because it is Valentine’s day that his daughter still has school. Griffin looks back at his wife, as he looks to his daughter, “Okay, I will be down shortly. Julia, Emmalyn make sure you get your stuff together.”

Julia and Emmylian nodded as they went to Sarah’s room to gather their things, Sarah looks at her dad, “You and mom didn’t do anything last night did you?”

Griffin smiles at his daughter, “Why does that bother you, honey.”

“Dad I got my friends over. I know you and Monica are in love and such, but can you two at least pick a better time to be intimate with one another.” Sarah looks at her father, as Griffin chuckles at his daughter’s embarrassment.

“No, Sarah we didn’t have sex last night. We read out of our books last night while you guys watched your movies. And I read to your baby sister too.” Griffin looks at his daughter.

Sarah eyes her dad, “Then why are you in your robe and why is your shirt off if you didn’t have…you know.”

Griffin looks into her eyes, “Because sometimes Monica likes sleeping with me with my shirt off. Besides I didn’t want to further embarrass you with opening the door in just my boxers.”

Just then the doorbell rung as Emmylian and Julia came out of Sarah’s bedroom. Sarah and Griffin look to the stairwell as Sarah looks back at her dad as Griffin looks back at her, “I’ll be down in a minute.”

Sarah left her parents bedroom as Griffin closes the door. He looks over at Monica who was still fast asleep, as he puts on a t-shirt and some old sweats as he hangs his robe back on the hook next to Monica’s. Then quietly he left their room to go downstairs.

Griffin arrives downstairs as Kristin was at the door. She looks to her husband’s best friend as she told her girls, “Go into the car I will be there in a moment. You too Sarah.”

The girls left leaving Griffin looking at his best friend’s wife, “So you are taking the kids to school.”

“Yes. It is the least I can do after you and Mon, gave Chris and I a night of passion last night.” Kristin smiles at Griffin. “If you and Monica want to have a night filled with passion you can give us a call, we would love to babysit Sarah. I know ever since new years you two have rekindled your sex life again.”

Griffin looks to her, “Yes, yes we have. Hotter than ever.” Griffin admitted.

“Well let us know when. Because last night, we hadn’t had sex like that since…..well since our honeymoon.” Kristin smiles at what she experienced last night. “So glad the kids were not in the house because, wow.”

Griffin looks to her, “Well anytime you two want to do that again, I would love to sit for your kids.”

“Well thanks again for babysitting my daughters. I really, really needed it last night.” Kristin then turns and heads off the porch, “Oh and happy Valentine’s day.”

Griffin smiles to that as he waves his daughter off, then he turns and heads back into the house and decided to make Monica some breakfast and serve it in bed. He went to the kitchen made some English muffins as well as some jam and toast, and brew some of Monica’s herbal tea since his new baby daughter is still making Monica nauseous with coffee. Griffin puts it on a tray and walks up the stairs as he carefully opens the door. She was still in a deep slumber as he sets the plate of food on their dresser. He sat down at the end of bed just looking over her face as she peacefully slept. He touches her shoulder and her cheek, and then she slowly opens her eyes to look at him.

“What time is it,” Monica mumbles a little bit.

Griffin glances at the alarm clock, “Little past 7 am. 7:15 to be exact.”

Monica looks up at him, then at the clock. “Shoot, I got to go into work today.” Monica looks up at him.

“You could take a sick day.” Griffin eyes her.

“On Valentines Day.” Monica eyes him sharply. “That is not going to fly, honey. Even if it is a day of romance.”

Griffin smiles, “Well I made you breakfast.”

Monica looks past him and onto their dresser, “Oh that is sweet and kind of you Griffin, but I got to run. I didn’t mean to sleep in that late. I guess I was exhausted last night.” Monica gently pulls backs the covers, then she reaches out to her husband, “I do greatly appreciate you making breakfast in bed for me. Kind of miss you doing that for me. Like you did to me in Ireland.”

“Well, I would love to cook for you naked again, but with Sarah around, kind of hard to do that.” Griffin smiles. “I will let you get ready, and tonight I’m taking you out to a good restaurant.”

Monica smiles, “I can’t wait for that.” She gets up from the bed as she makes her way to the closet. Monica pauses at the door frame and turns to her husband, “You’re not going into work?”

Griffin shakes his head, “Megan is giving me today off. Besides, I have something special plan for our night.”

“Griffin, we do have Sarah with us tonight. As much as I would love to have a hot passionate night with you again, but we got to respect your daughter. Even though I know how much you love to have sex with me.” Monica smiles.

“That is not what I have in mind Monica. But it is nice to know that sex is still optional.” Griffin laughs as Monica flung a sock at him.

Monica then turns and heads into the bathroom to freshen up and make herself beautiful before heading into teaching her classes. She closes the door, so she will not be distracted by her husband making gestures for her to make out with him. She knows if she does that she will defiantly be late. Once Monica finishes putting on her makeup she then heads out of the bathroom and goes to the small end table grabs her book. She glances at the time, and it read 7:25 am. She went over to the tray that Griffin brought up and took a paper towel and wrapped the English muffin and toast in to eat on the way to her work. As for the tea, she takes the tray Griffin brought up and put it in the kitchen and pours the drink into a travel mug and soon she was out the door.

Griffin watches Monica leave the house as he plans out their evening together as husband and wife on this very romantic evening. Griffin showers and dress as he makes his way to the flower shop to buy some lilies for Monica as well as a red rose. Then he brought some red wine for her and him to share in the evening. As well as a bucket of strawberries. Griffin wanted this night to be unique, with last Valentine’s day he was heartbroken and lonely. This year is different, as he will now celebrate this day with the love of his life.

Once back at home, Griffin then sets up Monica and his bedroom. He places the battery operated candles as well as some real ones and puts them around their room, and on the small stereo system. He sets the bucket of strawberries in the refrigerator as well as the wine. Now all Griffin has to do is wait for Monica and his daughter arrive back from school.

What felt like a lifetime of a wait Griffin soon notices Monica’s red Cadillac pulling into the driveway. Griffin puts down his book he was reading as he came into the kitchen heating up some coffee when he heard Sarah coming into the house with Monica not far behind. Griffin looks at the two of them as they came in and settled in the kitchen with him, “So how was school?”

Monica kisses his cheek, “Fine. Although you need to talk to your daughter.”

Griffin looks at his wife and notices Sarah was feeling down. Monica nods for him to go to her. Griffin came and sat down next to his little girl who has a disappointed look in her eyes, and she looked hurt. “Sarah, honey what is wrong?”

“Nothing,” Sarah stated as she looks away from her father and mother.

“Then why are you upset if nothing is wrong?” Griffin asks stroking his daughter’s beautiful hair.

Sarah looks up at her father then cast a look at Monica. She knows both of them will not leave her be unless she tells them up front that something is bothering her. Sarah took a deep breath as she looks at both of them, “I didn’t get asked to the dance. Or even gotten a valentine by anyone.” Sarah said in a shaking voice.

Monica sets down her mug of tea as she goes to her, “Honey you will get asked to the dance.”

“No, I won’t. Julia already got asked.” Sarah looks down at her feet. “She told me Tyler in second period asked her out. Then at the end of the day, she got two roses from two different guys. I am not likable to guys.”

Monica smiles a little to Sarah’s disappointment. Then in a calm and loving voice, she spoke to her, “Oh Sarah, you too are loveable. Guys at this age don’t know what they want, and some are too scared to admit they like a girl.” Monica bens down so she can see Sarah eye to eye, “You are only in the 8th-grade sweetheart. Boys will come around when you get into high school. You don’t need to have a ‘date’ necessary for your middle school dance anyway.”

“But all the other girls in my grade including Julia will have dates, and I will just be….lonely by the wall,” Sarah stated.

Monica smiles at her, “Sarah you will have fun at your dance. And the most of your peers will not be together with their date.”

Griffin looks at the interaction between Monica and Sarah. Then he looks at his little girl, “As much as I don’t like you being with boys, but Monica does have a good point. Coming from a guy point of view, guys at your age are not looking into dating just yet. More so they have to ask a girl to the dance, but most likely they will be with their guy friends.” Griffin smiles too. “Besides, the real dating happens after high school.” He cast a look at Monica, and she smiles right back at him.

“Really?” Sarah looks at both of them.

Monica looks at her, “Really. You will know more when you become an adult, and start to figure dating life out for yourself.”

Sarah nods, “Okay.” She wipes a few her tears from her eyes, and then she looks at her parents. “Are you two going to have a romantic date tonight?”

Griffin looks at Monica and then at his daughter, “Yes. But we can spend it with you if you want.”

Sarah gave a kind smile to her parents, “No, that is fine. Since you two never had this time last year, I am giving you two a night. Well, I got to study for my history test tomorrow. And write my speech for my English class.”

Monica calls after Sarah as she goes upstairs to her room, “Do you need a sitter tonight?”

“I am 11 mom, I don’t need a sitter anymore.” Sarah smiles.

Monica watches as Sarah disappears into her room. She sighs as she goes over to her husband. “I hate seeing her in pain. Makes me feel guilty that I have a date, and she doesn’t on this day.”

Griffin embraces his wife, “She will be fine honey. I actually find this all very cute.”

“Cute? Honey, your daughter, is upset.” Monica eyes him.

“I know she is, but middle school love is just a phase thing. Trust me Mon, no guy in middle school is ever earnest. It is when she hits 9th grade, and 10th grade is when I will start to panic, and be protective of her. And Julia will come to know, but next week her ‘secrete’ admirers phase out. So Sarah is lucky that she doesn’t have to go through the teasing phase that Julia is about to experience.” Griffin stated.

Monica moves out of her husband’s embrace just then, as she shakes her head, “Why is it that you boys tend to be so cruel in toying with young girls hearts.”

Griffin gave a small smile, “I don’t know. We are harder to grow up sometimes and very slow to mature. Just ask Chris. He still is somewhat immature at times.”

“Were you ever this mean when you were Sarah’s age?” Monica turns to face him.

“No.” Griffin took a sip of his coffee. “I was the shy one. Really shy. And very insecure of myself when I was 11. My older brother Kurt, now he was the jokester of the family and was a bit mean to girls, and my mother had to give him the pep talk on how to be respectful to girls.” Monica looks past Griffin then up the stairs to where her daughter is. Griffin soon caught on to it, “I got an idea that will make Sarah smiling again.” Griffin sets down his mug of coffee.

“What idea is that?” Monica looks at him.

Griffin smiles as he moves past her and up the stairs to their room. Griffin put on an old cowboy hat and brought out his guitar. The way he was dressed made Monica’s heart flutter at the sight of her husband. She never knew how sexy he looked in a cowboy look. Griffin knocks on Sarah’s door. Then he begins to play one of the songs he used to play to Sarah. And he purposely sang out of key, to make her laugh.

Sarah looks up from her homework she pretends to do when she was really crying, and her father knew. When she heard their song and her father singing out of range, she knew he was there to comfort her. Monica stays behind as she watches Griffin interact with his little girl. She briefly leaves the room so they can have a moment together as father and daughter.

Whatever Griffin had done, to his daughter Monica heard laughter and a joyful noise coming from her daughter’s room. She loves how Griffin can turn Sarah’s gray skies into blue again. After about twenty minutes Griffin went down the stairs as he places the guitar by the mantel. Monica looks up at him, “That was a perfect idea. You know how to cheer your little girl up.”

Griffin comes over to his wife, “I had many moments of this when she was little.”

Monica looks to him, “You know, you look really dashing with that cowboy hat on.”

Griffin smiles even more when she made that comment and was going to go over and kiss her deeply when he heard his daughter coming down. Monica and Griffin shared a look and then parted their ways.

Later on, in the evening, Monica got ready for her date with Griffin, as Sarah was in the bathroom with her trying to get Monica beautified for her father. Monica looks at Sarah, “You want me to go out with your dad. We can always stay in and don’t have to go.”

“Dad told me you were going to ask me that.” Sarah smiles. “I am fine mom. Really. I may be bummed out, but as you said earlier, I will get my chance to be asked out. Maybe not now, but in high school. Besides just a stupid awkward dance here in the next week. Besides, you and daddy need this time, and I don’t want to be the reason to keep you from a night with him. Seeing you two in love gives me hope that love is out there. So go have your night with my father, I will be fine.” Sarah stated as she gives Monica a bottle of perfume. “Please whatever you two decided to do afterward, just promise me you will keep it down. I have a huge test tomorrow.”

Monica kisses her cheek as she smiles at her comment, “Well that is up to your father, he is the one that is planning this whole thing. I am just in the dark as you are of knowing. But I will do my best to remind him.”

Monica then comes out of the bathroom with Sarah in front of her, then Sarah comes down the stairs with Monica behind her. Griffin was at the door waiting for his wife to join him on their night out. When Sarah looks at her father, she couldn’t help but giggle at his facial expressions when he eyes Monica. Seeing them together melted Sarah’s heart as she waited a long time to see her father really happy again.

Monica joins Griffin and Griffin cast a look at his daughter before leaving the house, “I am trusting you to be responsible, while I am out. I know you are growing up, and I should give you some independence. So here is some cash to order pizza only. Monica and I should be back sometime around 9 pm.”

Sarah nods and respects her dad, “I will be responsible. Now go have your time with mom. And I will be in bed by 9:30 pm. I got school I know the rules.”

Griffin smiles and embraces his daughter, “I love you kiddo.”

“I love you too dad. Now go have a good time, you deserve to be romanced too.” Sarah hugs her father goodbye. She felt Griffin kissing her head before he parted.

Griffin takes Monica to a nice sit-down restaurant as it was dimly lit making it romantic. Monica looks over the menu as she still is unsure about anything meat. She decided on getting a light soup and a side order of bristle sprouts. Griffin looks at her strangely, “baby still is protesting about having meat huh.”

Monica looks up at him, “Sadly yes. I don’t know why. Is our new daughter trying to tell me something that I should go on a diet? Or is she really not liking meat and is trying to make a political statement here.”

Griffin laughs at her comment, as he smiles at her, “I don’t know, maybe she thinks it is poison or harmful to you. She is a baby she doesn’t know.”

Monica looks at him, “You are just lucky your body isn’t turning against you, on everything you like to enjoy eating. Me I have to turn my diet around just to make this little one happy, and not make me throw up everything.”

“So no go on the stake then.” Griffin jokes.

“No. I think a light meal I know it is not a Valentinesy meal for say, but don’t want to run the risk of making me ill. The last thing I want to do on our Valentine's Day night is to be hunch over the toilet.” Monica said.

Griffin holds out his hand to his wife, “It’s fine honey, whatever you want to have you can have.” He pauses as he eyes her, “bristle sprouts, really?”

“You don’t like them?” Monica looks at him, and she smiles when she saw his face skew up. Monica let out a giggle to her husband’s reaction. “I take that as a no.”

“I don’t care for it. The texture is what I dislike about it.” Griffin takes a sip of his water.

“I love them. They are my favorite, well one of my favorite vegetables.” Monica smiles.

After dinner, Griffin takes Monica back to the house. Once at the house Griffin walks Monica to the front porch then opens the door. Monica places her winter jacket in the closet and as promised Sarah was already asleep when Monica and Griffin arrived back from their date. Griffin then pulls out a bandana and very tenderly kisses his wife’s neck as he slips the martial over her yes.

Griffin blindfolds his wife with a small banana. Monica still unsure what Griffin had planned for her turns to look at him, “Why am I being blindfolded again?”

“You’ll see.” Griffin leans into her ear and kisses her neck.

Monica smiles at her husband’s touch as he kept on leading her to their bedroom. Monica slowly looked up, then Griffin caught her, “No peaking, I didn’t blindfold for you for nothing.”

Monica giggles at that, “Just strange, after a romantic Valentine’s Dinner date, I thought we were heading back to the house for dessert. Not to be blindfolded.”

Griffin laughs at Monica’s comment. Then he slowly unties the bandana, once he was at their doorway as he opens up their bedroom door. “Well, the dinner date was part of what I have planned for tonight. This is my other surprise.” Griffin reaches for the remote to activate the stereo. As soon as he hits play, romantic music started to flow out of the speakers.

Monica heard romantic music being played as she stands in their room not knowing what to expect. Then she heard her husband softly spoke to her, “Okay Mon, you can open your eyes.”

Monica slowly opens her eyes. When she looks around their bedroom, she was shocked, to find the room lit up with a soft glow of candles. With a bottle of actual wine on the dresser, with chocolate cover strawberries. Monica was so shocked at what her husband had done for their romantic night. She turns to look at him, as he held up a red rose and slowly made his way to her. Monica couldn’t hold back her smile, “Oh my God Honey. You are so romantic.”

Griffin hands his wife the rose, as he slips a small one behind her left ear. “I know. Wanted this night to be special since last Valentine’s Day, was heartbroken for the both of us. And now that I’m married to the most beautiful sexiest woman, I want to show my love for you.”

Monica looks at her husband and felt utterly heart warmed by his words. Then very tenderly, she touches his chest, as her hand latches on to the end of his tie. Then very slowly Monica pulls on it to guide him to her. Monica never broke eye contact with him until when his lips were barely on hers, is where she closes her eyes to feel the heat and sexual traction she is feeling with him. A moment later and her lips crashes onto her husband’s. Monica felt his love for her as she kisses him deeper. Every kiss that Griffin gave sent chills down Monica’s spine, as her heartbeat increases.

Monica felt her husband’s hands on her back, bringing her in closer. Then slowly she felt them going into her hair, and then onto her cheeks. Then very slowly his lips move off hers as he begins to pull back from her embrace slowly. Monica slowly opens her eyes to what her husband had done. Still breathless she spoke to him, “Why did you stop kissing me?”

Griffin gave a smile to her, “We will have time later to make out.”

Monica giggles with him as she lays the red rose on the dresser and turns to her husband, “Okay besides that what do you have in mind, my darling husband.”

Griffin holds out his hand, “Let me show you.”

Monica hesitated for a moment, and as soon as she places her hand with his, a more upbeat music played on the stereo. Monica looks back onto her husband, and a smile formed on her face. Griffin took her hands and placed them to his as he started to dance with her. But before they began to, Monica takes off her small black sweater jacket to reveal her sexy black tank top. Then she took a step farther and took off that to show her sexy black bra.

That shocked Griffin he never knew how lose she really can get. However, when she did that, it made Griffin’s heart race. She is the sexiest person he has ever met. Without saying the words, Monica moves back to her original spot and eyes him, “Thought I would be a little bit sexy to dance with you like this.”

“Who are you and what have you done with my wife,” Griffin said in amazement.

Monica lets out a small laugh as she places her hands with his. Then on beat to the music, Griffin led Monica into the dance. He was amazed at how well she is flowing with him. Together Monica and Griffin danced very passionately. Griffin never knew that his wife is so good at dancing to west coast swing. He led her around the room, as Monica would follow him, in sweet, smooth rhythms. She is quite sexy when being half-naked, especially when she moves her hips to the flow of the music.

Then the song Hungry eyes came on as he looks to her, “You want to learn a new dance style?”

Monica eyes him and nods to what he was suggesting. Griffin then took her hands and held them out as he taught her how to dance kind of dirty with the steps he learned from the film Dirty Dancing. Monica looks eye to eye with him, as they move together with the same beat together in their room. She never knew how sexy he was when dancing until this moment of being with him, and she thought, I am the luckiest woman to have found him. Griffin smiles as he twirls his wife in a small circle.

I need you to see. This love was meant to be….

During the instrumental jazz part of the song, he has Monica’s back to him as he places her left arm around his neck as he tenderly rubs the left side of her body and down to her waist. Monica giggles slightly at his touch as she turns around to face him and tenderly kisses him.

I’ve got hungry eyes, one look at you and I can’t disguise. I got hungry eyes. I feel the magic between you and I. I got hungry eyes, Now I got in the sights with my, hungry eyes. Did I take by surprise with my hungry eyes.

She pulls away from his lips as he continues to dance with her to this new style. Monica never knew how genuinely sexy he can be, and never knew how much Griffin enjoys dancing. They danced some more to some slower tempo songs. Monica melted in her husband’s arms during the slow dances. Griffin then pulls out of her embrace to place his cowboy hat on as he sings in a sexy smooth tone to Elvis Presley’s I Can’t Help Falling in Love to her. Monica loves every moment of this, and this was the best valentines night she ever had. They never did make love that night, but just being in Griffin’s arms and loving him, was everything to Monica

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