Fallen Angel Part 4

The Birthday Gift

Monica opens her eyes as she looks at Griffin’s sleeping form. She loves being the first one up so she can gaze at him without him knowing. Today is Griffin’s birthday, and Monica wanted to do something special for him. She has in mind what to do for his birthday, and she thanks God Sarah is going over to Julia’s for a sleepover, so Monica and Griffin have to perfect night for themselves.

Since Monica’s third trimester of her pregnancy, her hormones are running high, and as much as she adores and loves Sarah, she also wants her needs and desires met by Griffin to love her the way he did when they were in Ireland.

Monica glances at the time as it read 9:30 am on a Saturday. She slowly pulls herself out of bed as she put on her brown robe and made her way downstairs. As usual, Sarah is on the couch reading her book. Monica goes into the kitchen to make herself some hot tea, and some coffee for Griffin. Sarah then soon appears in the kitchen with her.

“So got any plans for my dad’s birthday today?” Sarah asks.

“Morning to you too. And yes I have plans for your father’s birthday.” Monica looks at her.

“So what is it.” Sarah pried.

“Making breakfast in bed for starters.” Monica smiles as she hits the on the button for the coffee machine. She also has something else planned for her husband, but she rather not share it with her daughter.

“Anything else for his birthday?” Sarah looks up at Monica as she turns on the stove for her tea.

“Well, I do got a gift in the car for later. Found an early edition of The Hobbit for him, since he loves the Lord of the Rings universe.” Monica looks at her daughter. “He told me it was his favorite book series since he was a late teen.”

“I think he will love that. Maybe I should read into Lord of the Rings, but it is just too dry and not enough action in it like Harry Potter.” Sarah looks at her.

“You are going over to Julia’s for the night right?” Monica asks.

“Yeah. She is my lab partner in science, and we have to make a simple machine together so I will be over at her place for the night making it. There is a bit of a contest in my science class, the best team that scores a 100% on this project will get 15 extra points on the final exam. I really want to win.” Sarah explained. “Uncle Chris is good at building things so that he will help us out.”

Monica caught onto that, “I think your teacher wants you two do make it, not get outside help. Otherwise, that is considered cheating.”

“We are, but he will be helping us make the materials,” Sarah said. “There are no rules against that.”

Monica smiles, “Just make sure you two are doing the work, and not let Uncle Chris do it. Besides he is celebrating with your father for his birthday, later on, tonight.”

Sarah nods. “yeah forgot about that, that you guys are going out dancing.”

“Well we were but the place we were thinking has a plumbing leak, so we settled on dinning here, where Chris and Griffin can grill some burgers and relax some. Plus it doesn’t have to cost a thing.” Monica smiles.

Sarah smiles back, “So what is on the menu for cooking my dad breakfast?”

“Well since your dad likes sausages, think that and eggs and some toast.” Monica smiles.

“Yup sounds like a good meal for him.” Sarah giggles. “Well, I got to go pack and get my school supplies.”

“It is only 10:05 Sarah. You have time still.” Monica looks at her.

“I know just I like to be ready.” Sarah leaves the kitchen and goes upstairs to start packing.

Monica made two sunny side up for Griffin, as well as six sausage links and two toast with jam. She places it on the tray, as well as the cup of coffee, and puts a small vanilla cupcake on the side with a small candle. Monica carefully walks up the stairs to her and Griffin’s bedroom and slowly opens it up. Griffin was still fast asleep on his side of the bed. She places the tray of food on the dresser as she tenderly goes to him to wake up him.

Monica sits down near him and gently stroke his face with her hand. She heard him grunting a little, and it made Monica smile, even more, when he did that. Then Monica carefully bends down to leave soft butterfly kisses on his cheek. She felt him smiling when she did that, as Griffin slowly opens up his eyes to peer up at her. “Good morning honey. I made you breakfast.” Then in a tender, sexy voice, she murmurs, “oh and happy birthday.”

Griffin beams up at her as his smile increased, then he pulls her on top of him just then to give her a melting kiss. Monica kisses him right back as she places her hands on his mighty chest. After several moments she pulls back to stare into his sexy electrifying blue depths. “You remembered.”

“Yes, I did. And there is something else too, but you have to wait a bit later.” Monica looks at him.

“Why?” Griffin asks.

“You will see.” Monica pulls out of his embrace as she goes to the tray of food and carries it over to him.

Monica then went to the dresser to take a sip of her tea as she moves over to the doorway that led to going outside on a small balcony that over hanged the backyard. “I miss those warm nights were you, and I would dance out on the balcony.”

Griffin looks up from his plate of food, “It will warm up again. Winter is just about over.”

“I know, still seems so far away. Don’t get me wrong I like the winter and the ice-skating, and such. But my favorite season is the spring and summer.” Monica moves away from the balcony doors and moves to the bed where her husband is.

Griffin takes a sip of his coffee as he looks at his wife, “Well thanks honey for breakfast in bed. Not the same as it was in Ireland, but it still is a nice gesture.”

Monica cast a teasing look at him, and a grin came upon her face, “Well, you are asleep anyways to even notice anything,” Monica hinting at the memory during their honeymoon.

Griffin looks at her and smiles to what she was implying, “Well, I got to run into the precinct for a little bit, got a text from Megan at six this morning. She needs me in at 11 am for something.”

Monica looks at him, “But it Saturday. You don’t work on the weekends.”

“I know. Look it should be really quick, then I am all yours, okay, and you, me, and our friends can celebrate my birthday.” Griffin looks at her and kisses her cheek.

Monica looks at him and smiles, “Okay just real quick, because like it or not Griff. You are the center of attention for this get together event.”

“I know, but am I’m always.” Griffin jokes as he felt Monica nuzzling his neck with her nose. He loves it when she does that.

Monica giggles at that as she gets out of bed and makes her way into the bathroom to take a hot shower. Monica has a plan later on this evening once the guest is gone to give Griffin his birthday gift. She can’t wait for the hour to strike where she knows she will make him melt to the floor what she is planning on doing for him. He may be good at dancing, but when it comes to sex, Griffin melts like a candle when she seduces him. And my God he really knows all the right moves and is a dynamite in bed. Monica slows down her heart rate a bit when in the shower. The time has not come yet to make him quiver with sexual pleasure. Monica has to wait until the end of the night to make her move.

It took Monica a half hour to shower and get ready. She just managed to dry her hair when Griffin kisses her goodbye, “I will be back sometime hopefully around 2 pm.”

Monica replies, “Okay. I will inform Chris and Kristin that you will be back shortly.”

Monica watched as Griffin left as she waited patiently for Chris or Kristin to pick up Sarah. Around noon, Monica heard a knock on the door. And She was soon greeted by Chris, “Hello Chris here to take Sarah?”

“Yup, but will be back shortly to celebrate with my buddy for his birthday. Where is he still sleeping?” Chris said.

“Actually he left fifteen minutes ago,” Monica responded back.

“Left where exactly?” Chris asks suspiciously.

“The precinct. Griffin said Megan needed his help for something.” Monica answers him.

“Why? Griffin doesn’t work on weekends like me.” Chris said as he closes the door.

“He didn’t say much. All I know he got a text message from his partner and needed him to come in.” Monica moves away from the front door a bit.

“I miss him being my partner. I mean my partner is not all bad, but still, I miss being by my best friend.” Chris admitted.

Monica gave a kind smile and placed her hand on his arm, “my husband misses you too, Chris.”

Chris returns her smile, as he then changes the subject, “So I am supposed to pick up Sarah and then drop her off at my place and then take my wife and come over here. Sorry, my sister couldn’t attend Griffin’s birthday celebration. Angelia and Molly are both down with a bad bug. Kerry called me an hour ago and told me she couldn’t make it because she has two puking kids. So it is just going to be my wife and me.”

“Not a problem. I’ll go fetch Sarah for you.” Monica smiles as she leaves Chris’s side to get her daughter.

A few moments later and Monica returns with Sarah at by her side. Chris thanked Monica and told her he would be back in a little bit as his little girl and Monica and Griffin’s daughter work on their project. Both Griffin and Chris are letting their girls be independent and have some responsibility without a babysitter. Monica watches Sarah leave with Chris as she gets the house set for Griffin’s birthday. Sarah will celebrate her father’s birthday tomorrow, but for now, it is just with the adults.

Griffin drove to the precinct and hopped out of his car as he walks into his workplace. He found Wayne by the file cabinet as he turns to look at him, “I thought it was your day off, Griff.”

“It is I am here because Megan called me in,” Griffin replies.

“She is upstairs,” Wayne answers as he goes back to his task.

Griffin nods his thanks as he goes up the small stairwell to find Megan. She was sitting at a small table as she was looking over some notes and had paper files. Griffin gently approaches her. “Okay, I am here. But can’t keep me for long.”

Megan glances up at him briefly, “I won’t. I just need your court files for a case I am working on. Remember Mrs. Mendez well she is pressing charges on her husband. And I also need a few statements from you as well. Shouldn’t be more than ten minutes.”

Griffin nods as he pulled up a chair and gave his statement to his partner to make a case against Mr. Mendez. As he spoke, Megan wrote down his response and in her notes. When that was done, Griffin left to go to his desk to hand his partner the court files for this case. He looks at her as he gives her the box, “Is she really going through with this?” Megan nods, as she writes not answering his questions. Griffin then ask her, “Did she came up with that conclusion on her own, or did you coarse her to?”

Megan then stops her writing as she glares up at her partner with an intense stare, “You know I didn’t Roan. She called me up in the middle of the night seeking my help. You want to see my cell phone?”

Griffin backs off, “No I believe you. I want to make sure, so her allegation toward her husband doesn’t get thrown out in court, and you will have no case. I want it to be done right without any mistakes or screw ups to make this guy walk.”

Megan nods slightly, as she looks away from him, “Thank you. I know I have been a battered woman myself, but I would never, ever push my own agenda onto a victim or coarse them to do something. I know the law.” Megan looks up at her partner, “You should go to be with your wife and daughter, it is your day off from work. I will let you know Monday about the proceedings of going to court with this case. For right now Hannah Mendez is in a safe house away from her husband, and I will be with her every step of the way. She is my case, and I am here to help her.”

Griffin smiles at her, “Just don’t do anything stupid, Megan, okay.”

“I won’t. I am a good cop.” Megan replies as she watches her partner leave.

It was a little past noon when Chris came back with Kristin and shortly after their arrival Griffin shows up to celebrate his birthday. As Griffin and Chris talked Kristin came over by Monica at the breakfast bar, as they watched their husbands cook out on the grill.

Once the food was cooked Griffin sat with Monica, and they all shared a special time with friends. The afternoon was filled with love and laughter, and Monica sees how loved her husband was with being with his friends and her.

Monica gave Griffin one of his birthday presents and the other she is saving for later. Griffin loved the copy of the 1st edition of his favorite book, and he kisses his wife on the cheek. Then as evening came around Monica said goodbye to Chris and Kristin early.

Chris looks at her oddly, “Why are you saying goodbye to me early.”

Monica looks into Chris’s eyes, “Because I got to go set up the room for the other birthday present I plan to give to Griffin.”

Chris then let out a big grin and chuckles and gets what Monica was planning to do, “Oh I see. Well, I guess I can’t out beat sex can I.”

Monica shakes her head teasingly, “nope. Sorry, Chris.” Monica then leaves the room as she goes and sets up their room so they can have a hot passionate night with one another.

Kristin then came up to her husband as she watches Monica disappear, “Where is she going?”

Chris smiles and chuckles to what Monica was planning to do for Griffin’s other present. Chris then leans into his wife, “I’ll tell you in the car.”

It took Monica a few moments to set up the room and heard Chris and Kristin leave. Monica goes into the bathroom to strip out of her clothes, and the only thing she has on is her sexy underwear, a bra, and she puts on Griffin’s flannel red and black plaid button-down shirt as she waits for Griffin to come to her. She didn’t have to wait long because she can hear him approaching the stairwell.

“Monica?” Monica heard her husband calling from the stairwell, and she places a rose near her chest as her heart increases with every moment as her husband comes close to their room. When Griffin opens the door, he was speechless.

Monica smiles up at him as she walks near him holding the rose. “Happy birthday, honey, and a very late valentine’s day gift.”

“What…ah..” Griffin was lost for words and his body trembles when Monica very sexy in doing so, starts to unbutton the shirt she was wearing. She opens up the red and black flannel shirt to have her bra showing to get her husband excited and to tease him somewhat. Then Monica came near him, exposing her bra as Monica kisses him seductively on the neck and lips. Monica very tenderly places her arms beside his chest as she gracefully slides her arms in his outer jacket to let it fall to the floor. Then she pulls back as she eyes him with hunger in her brown depths.

When she stared at him, Griffin melted with her stare as he fumbles over his words a bit, and Monica smiles widen when she makes him stutter his words with pleasure. “You are….you want me…to…um….” Griffin was for once was speechless at what Monica was doing, and this was the first time she was openly suggesting sex to him, in a very seductive and sexy way that Griffin cannot refuse. Every move Monica was doing was turning him on. The way she unbuttoned her shirt and having her body exposed, and then kissing him a slow seductive rhythmic motion and having her breast pressed against his chest, it was hard to turn down from what she is offering.

“If you want to passionately make love to me tonight like when we did on our honeymoon. Sarah is at Chris’s for the night, and you and I never had a hot night together for valentine’s day. So this is my late v-day gift to you, as well as your other birthday gift if you want to have hot….” Monica pauses as she kisses her husband’s broad chest, “passionate…sex tonight. My sex drive is running wild right now.”

Griffin didn’t have to think twice about his wife’s offer, as he smiles brightly at her and kicks the door behind him. Griffin then felt Monica yanking on his tie, as she lures him to her. Griffin kissed her back with seductive motions too, to get her sexually aroused also. They kissed like that for a few moments more, breathing hard as they were undressing one another to have a night of passion. Monica undoes his belt and helps Griffin to strip out of his pants that only his boxers remain. She sexily unbuttons his shirt, leaving hot kisses behind as she climbs up his mighty chest and back to his lips. Griffin stood there amazed at his wife as he felt the pain rise in his manhood. Monica soon strips off her underwear, and Griffin does the same. The only thing Monica has left on is her flannel shirt and her bra.

Griffin then lowers himself onto the bed sitting up, and Monica climbs into his embrace and settling in between his legs as they both kissed one another passionately and seductively. Didn’t take long for her to feel Griffin peeling off her flannel shirt and letting it fall to the floor. Then she felt him taking off her bra, as he kisses her collarbone and neck. Monica moaned to his touch and felt his hands going down her back and as he was guiding her body into his as he started to rock his body with hers. Monica forgot to close the balcony doorway, that evening, as their loud sexual pleasure cries can be echoing in the nearby woods.

When the most intensify climax ever past through Monica and Griffin, Griffin was left breathless as their lovemaking moved off the bed and somehow ending up on the floor. Griffin pants loudly with Monica still kissing his chest, and moving in a slow rhythm on top of him, as he was still linked inside of her. “Wow. That was the best birthday present I ever received.”

Monica giggles in his chest and smiles as she raises her head slightly, “You may be a smooth dancer Griff, but I know how to get you to tremble.”

“That you do,” Griffin replies with a smile and raises his head to kiss his wife once more.

Monica smiles in his kiss as she places her hands on his chest and he places his hands on her back. She felt him caressing her back, as she rubs the sides of his body feeling his strong muscles and his rubs. Monica then opens her mouth wide as her tongue danced with his until they both needed to come up for air. Griffin heard her let out a soft moan as he traces the slope of her milky white neck with his tongue. He loved driving her crazy with his different techniques of making love to her. Monica soon rolls off of his body, and settles down in his arms, as she lightly kisses his strong, broad chest. And like the time they had sex in Ireland, Griffin tenderly messages his wife’s body, and soon got them both aroused again, and they made love to each other for the second time.

When the passionate sex ended, both were too worn out for doing it again. A little past 3 am Griffin awoke with vibration from is work cell phone. He carefully moved out of his tight embrace with Monica asleep on top of his naked body, and reaches his cell phone to see the incoming call. The call was from his partner Megan Sanders. Griffin knew something terrible has happened, and he must go to his partner.

Griffin got dress and left his home without disturbing Monica from her sleep. Griffin made it to the Mendez residence as flashing lights of red and blue danced in the night as crime scene tape covered the apartment building. He looks up and saw two men carrying out a stretcher with a body bag on it. Griffin knew what had happened, the battered woman went back to her husband, and he killed her with domestic violence. Another cop came and arrested Carlos Mendez as they passed Griffin, he heard the arresting officer, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney…”

Griffin then goes up into the Mendez residence to find his partner. He soon saw Megan with the crime scene unit by the corner of the kitchen as evidence of a bloodbath occurred here. Griffin softly came to her, “Megan..”

“I should have protected her.” Megan looks distraught. “It was my fault she died.”

Griffin softly spoke to her, “No it wasn’t your fault, Sometimes we can’t save them.”

Megan huffed out a sarcastic sigh, “She went back to her husband this evening and dropped the charges. She can’t live without her lover, and in doing so, and she signed her fucking death sentence.”

Griffin knew this is a tough case for his partner, “Megan, she would have found a way to go back to him. Sometimes people are just so broken and so lost that they don’t want to change, even if you are there willing in intervene, she would have found a way back to him.” Griffin came closer to her now, “It wasn’t your fault Megan. You were trying to help her, and she didn’t want it.”

Megan eyes the blood from Mrs. Mendez’s body, as it haunted her. Griffin then ushers her out of the apartment as he drove Megan back to her small apartment. During the car ride, she eyes him, “Why aren’t you affected by this?”

Griffin keeps his eyes on the road, “Because I too lost a lot of victims. Domestic violence cases are hard to salvage sometimes let alone hard to save someone from the abuse they are in. I dealt with many when I was a young cop in the city.” Griffin cast a look at his partner for a moment then turns his gaze back on the road. “I too wanted to save them, and then my long-term mentor told me what I have been telling you, sometimes we can’t save them all, even though we would like to. Most of the time, domestic violence is sometimes the hardest cases to work, because the battered woman who is being abused doesn’t know what to do so they learned to accept the beatings and live with them until they are so codependent on their abusers they don’t want to leave.” Then in a soft tone, he spoke to her gently, “You did the best you could Megan. Hannah, she just was too far gone that she didn’t want to seek help, in doing so, leave to the result of having him ending her life.”

Megan shed a few tears on her victim as she knows what Griffin was telling her was true. Then in a hurtful voice, she looks at him, “I am going after the bastard that slain her. I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt another woman again with his charm.”

Griffin slows the car to a stop, as he eyes her, “Vengeance isn’t justice Megan. You and I both know that.”

“I’m not talking about killing him, Griffin. I am talking about putting his ass in jail where the bastard belongs.” Megan then eyes him deeply. She has passionate in her eyes just then of seeing that man in jail.

Griffin nods as he softly said, “Just do it in the right way, and protocol. Don’t do anything stupid.”

Megan nods to him then she looks at him and notices he has a glow in his eyes somewhat, “You had sex tonight, didn’t you? Gosh, I pick the wrong time to contact you.”

Griffin smiles, “It’s fine. You contact me at the right time. Monica is still sleeping, when I got your call.”

Megan looks to him, “Well, thanks for the lift. I wouldn’t want to keep you from your wife, and have her be jealous of me because I am your partner and stealing you away from her.”

Griffin looks at her, “You do not threaten Monica, Megan. She knows I will never cheat, and that I am faithful to her.”

“Still, just after having sex with your wife, not the best idea of me sitting in the car with you at 4 am alone. I do appreciate the ride and the talk. You are a very good partner.” Megan gave a genuine smile to him, as she opens up the door to Griffin’s personal car, and makes her way into her apartment building.

Griffin greatly appreciates his partner’s boundaries as she greatly respects his marriage to Monica, and wouldn’t do anything to break that marriage up. Griffin makes sure she is safely in her home before driving away, and back to his home where his beautiful sexy wife is waiting for him asleep in his room.

Once Griffin arrives back home, he makes it upstairs where his wife is still sleeping on the floor. Griffin stripes out of his clothes and only left his boxers on, and slides in beside Monica and kisses her shoulders. In the pale moonlight, it made Monica’s skin soft and creaming. Griffin stared at her, watching her sleep. He can’t image even laying a hand on her, no matter sometimes she gets him angry. Seeing the blood tonight from Mrs. Mendez dead body made him want to be near his wife, and never letting anything harm her. He too wants justice for Hannah just as much as Megan does, and he would love to see Carlos Mendez go to jail for his crime of killing his wife over rage.

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