Fallen Angel Part 4

The Birth

A few months went by since Griffin’s birthday, as Monica was well in the final month of her pregnancy. The estimated due date for Monica and Griffin’s daughter to be born was supposed to be May 31st, but she is a little late coming out of the womb. Sarah is now done with school and off for the summer. Monica took material leave from teaching her English class a few weeks before Memorial Day, and her good friend Rafael stepped in to finish off her semester. She thanked all of her students before she left to go on leave and hope to see them back as seniors the following year, for the juniors and she wished all her seniors the best of luck in college.

Griffin was already at the precinct on a Saturday morning on June 4th. He usually doesn’t work weekends and like Chris have the weekends off, but he is pulling an extra shift load to cover for one of his colleagues that is on his honeymoon with his new wife. And the precinct is a little short handed now that summer has officially begun, and many detectives are taking summer vacations.

Griffin has been officially off desk duty, and the doctor cleared him for active duty again, and this is Griffin’s first time being out on the field as the lead detective. Over the past several months, Megan and Griffin have gotten close and trust each other. And Megan felt a little jealous of Griffin’s wife to be married to him because she has over the past several months developed a form of a crush on him. But she knows, how genuinely Griffin is in love with Monica, so she keeps her feelings separate and not dwell on them for she knows he will never leave Monica’s side.

Megan has finally met Monica over Memorial Day weekend through the precinct saluting the Gracie’s most elegant banquet, and she can see why her partner had an easy time falling for her because Monica is so easy to befriend. When the guys were away, Megan and Monica talked and gotten to be somewhat close. Megan said that since she is Monica’s husband’s partner, they were going to be seeing each other more often.

That morning she watches her husband leave for work, as she and their friends are going to the park to celebrate the end of the school year together. Griffin plans to stop by after his shift is over which is at 3 pm that afternoon.

Monica would generally see Sarah up at 8 am, but since it is summer now, Sarah now gets up at 9:30 am. Monica makes some tea for herself as she steps out on the front porch to feel the warm, fresh air of this beautiful June weekend. Monica enjoys reading her book of poems when she turns to look at Sarah comes out to join her.

“Well good morning you.” Monica slightly looks at her daughter as she settles down beside her with her glass of orange juice.

“Good morning to you back,” Sarah replies. “So, when is the little girl going to come out?”

“I don’t know. She was supposed to be born on May 31st.” Monica glances down at her large belly now.

Sarah places her hand on there, “Well, maybe she likes your womb so much she doesn’t want to leave it.”

“Well, she has to at some point. Otherwise, it will be harmful and serious things can happen to your little sister.” Monica advises.

“Are you going to go in and check to make sure she will come out,” Sarah asks.

“I am giving her a few more days. It is only June 4th and a few days past my due date. If she doesn’t come out by Tuesday, I will go in and see. Sometimes with some new mother’s the baby takes longer to come out.” Monica said as she rubs her abdomen.

“I wonder if I was late coming out when I was born.” Sarah wonders as she looks out the front yard.

Monica gave a small chuckle to that, “You have to ask your father on that one for I don’t know. Then again, I only came into your life a year and a half ago.”

Sarah looks up at her, “and so glad you did too. “ Sarah gives Monica a slight side hug. Then she pulls back and glances down at the book Monica was reading, “You like poetry a lot don’t you?”

Monica looks at her book then to her adoptive daughter, “Why do you not like it?”

“I never said I didn’t like poetry. I find it curious that you read it all the time.” Sarah said.

Monica looks down for a moment then back into Sarah’s blue depths, “Well, I find beauty in every word. For me, it is like the psalms that David wrote in the bible. I love to capture beauty with words and put it in somewhat a song format. Plus it gives me peace and comfort,” Monica explains.

Sarah smiles, “I don’t know what name you and daddy decided on for my new baby sister, but I think somewhere in her name should be Kayla.”

Monica looks at her with curious eyes, “Why do you want that name so much?”

Sarah giggles slightly, “Because of the Irish meaning behind it. And since you love poetry so much mom, I think she should bear that name. After all, she is part you, you know. I looked it up. Well, actually I looked at all the names that you and daddy decide on together. The name or meaning behind Kayla means a beauty only poetry can capture. Since I’ve seen you a lot of the time when you are not reading my books, you pick up and read poetry.”

Monica smiles brightly at what Sarah said. “I know. That was one of my top three names I decided on. But I want our daughter to have a unique name, and Kayla as much as I do love it, it is a bit too common.”

“Not as common as Sarah, or Kate, or Ashley,” Sarah commented back.

“True to that.” Monica answers. “I guess we will come to a decision when she comes and joins us, which I am hoping soon.”

“Yeah. No matter what name you guys decide on, I know she will be adored and loved by all of us.” Sarah excitedly said.

“Well, shall have some breakfast now that you are awake.” Monica looks down at her.

“Yeah. Where is, daddy?” Sarah looks around.

“He went into work today. But he should be out by 3 pm, and join us at the park.” Monica said as she gets up from the porch swing. “Remember he is filling in for some detective that recently just got married.”

“Oh yeah, forgot. He never works on weekends, so it is just a bit weird to me.” Sarah said as she walks into the house.

Monica and Sarah shared their morning breakfast then when noon came around they both left to go to the park where Kerry’s husband will bringing some sporting equipment as well as some activities to keep the kids active on this very lovely June weather.

Monica came to the park and settled herself in the shade on the small bleachers as she watches Sarah and some other kids play soccer. Kerry and Kristin sat down next to Monica and soon Alley and Pam joined the group. A small soccer game started with some local kids in the neighborhood along with Brian and Kerry’s children, Monica and Griffin’s daughter, and Chris and Kristin’s. Emmalin was too small to play so she and Molly are playing some hopscotch and other activates.

Griffin was in the squad car with Megan as she looks at him, “You look a bit distraught?”

Griffin looks up from the steering wheel, “I’m not just eager to get to my wife and daughter. They are at the park with my best friend and his family.”

“You know you could not have taken Jake’s shift.” Megan looks out the window and notices a white teenage boy standing at the corner of the street. She eyes him carefully.

“I know. But it is his honeymoon with his new wife. We cover for one another here at the precinct. I know I had several guys who covered for me when I got married.” Griffin looks out the front window, and then he looks at his partner. “What is it, Megan?”

Megan didn’t answer as she watches this boy closely. Griffin was about to pull away from the curb when Megan sharply looks at him, “Hold on a moment, Sergeant.”

“What?” Griffin looks at her.

“I am watching this kid. Several weeks ago, the 24th New York Police department had a case of a white teenage boy with a pierced eyebrow selling illegal drugs to minors.” Megan looks at Griffin for a moment then turns her attention to he teenage boy across the street heading into a small convent store.

“Yeah and?” Griffin looks at Megan’s target.

“I think we may have just found him.” Megan eyes the store.

“Well, we can’t do anything just yet. We have to see him doing something illegal. You know probable cause, for us to arrest him.” Griffin advises his partner.

Megan looks at him, “Tail him, Serge. It is the only way we know for sure.”

“And if he isn’t our guy?” Griffin asks.

“Oh, it is him alright,” Megan said, as she eyed the boy as he comes out with something in his pocket.

Griffin nods as he tails the teenager to catch him red-handed of him doing something illegal. Griffin parks the car out of sight, so the teenager doesn’t know that he is being watched. Megan and Griffin waited until they see what they needed to see. Megan observes as the teenager approaches a young female girl who looks to be no more than 14 years of age. The teen slipped something to this Latino girl as what Megan hinted at was right.

Griffin and Megan both look at one another and knew. Then they both got out of the police cruiser, and Megan was ready to cuff the little punk. “Police freeze!”

The Latino girl split, and so did the young teenage boy. The boy ran dodging right then left. Megan was hot on his tail, when he shoved a trashcan in her path then picked up a board and slammed it into her stomach causing her to fall. Griffin was right behind them as he looks at his partner, “Megan!”

“I’m fine. Go!” Megan slowly gets up as she watches Griffin in pursuit of the teenage boy...

With running with Monica, every chance he gets is really paying off, as he closes in on the teenage boy. The boy runs up a fence, but he was a bit too slow as Griffin grabbed hold of his jeans and pulled him down from the wall. The boy hit the ground kind of hard as he tries to stand by Griffin puts a knee on his back pinning him. The boy yells out, “I didn’t do anything man.”

Griffin cuffs the boy just then and hauls him up. Megan then comes up from behind, and Griffin looks at the handcuffed boy, “If you didn’t do anything why did you run, huh?”

“You jumped me.” The boy came back. Megan then started to read him his rights, as they bring him back to the squad car, to question him back at the station.

Monica is enjoying her afternoon at the park with Kerry, Kristin, Ally, and Pam. Watching the kids playing Frisbee and soccer. Sarah was the goalie on one side, Logan, the goalie on the other. Monica was cheering for her daughter when all of a sudden she felt something going through her. Monica stopped cheering when she moved off of the belchers and onto the ground.

Kerry notices her behavior and goes to Monica’s side, “Monica, what is it?”

Monica looks down on the ground and notices a wet spot pooling below her. Then she looks back up to Kerry, “I think..”

“Oh my God your water broke!” Kerry spoke. Then she hollered at her husband “Brian! Take care of the kids. I got to take Monica to the hospital.”

Brian stopped with the ball and walked over to her with Sarah closely following him. “What?”

“Monica is going into labor,” Kerry stated.

“Oh my, I’ll call Griffin.” Ally stated.

“Take my car Kerry,” Pam handed Kerry her car keys.

Monica does not know what to do, had her team of friends helping her, “Wait! Sarah.”

“I’m here mom,” Sarah said as Monica climbs in the back seat with Sarah and Kristin. Kerry drives as Kristin talks to Monica.

Monica was squeezing Kristin’s hand, “Is It suppose to be like this.” Monica winces at the labor pains that were forming in her abdomen.

“Yes, we all been through it. Sarah, I need a towel.” Kristin stated as Sarah hands Kristin a towel. “We are almost there.”

Monica never knew how painful giving birth actually is until she feels the pain herself. Once they arrive at the hospital, Kerry shouted to get a doctor. A doctor rushes over to her as Kerry explains Monica’s condition. Sarah was beside her stroking Monica’s arm as Kristin rolls her in a wheelchair to the room where the doctor assigned them. As soon as Monica was in the room, the nurse told only one other person was allowed in there.

“I’ll stay with you until your husband comes.” Kerry smiles.

Sarah looks at Monica and softly cried, “but I want to stay with you too” Sarah stated.

Monica looks to Kerry then to her daughter, “Sarah…sweetie..I’m very grateful you want to stay. But this is not a place where children need to be In the next few hours..oh God,” Monica wince at the sharp pain.

Kerry steps in to help out her friend, “She will be fine Sarah. You will be a big sister here soon. Now go wait outside with Kristin, okay.”

Sarah looks at Kerry and then to her mother. Monica nods to her, “I’ll be fine sweetheart…” Sarah goes to her and hugs Monica. Then she took Kristin’s hand and followed her through the door, and into the waiting room.

Once back at the station Griffin allowed Megan to collar him as was putting the punk boy in the booking room, a woman came to him. “Sargeant. You have a phone call.”

“Oh does the big bad cop, has to get his permission from his mother.” The boy mocks.

Griffin sharply eyes the boy with the pierced eyebrow, as he calmly spoke to him, “You watch your mouth kid.”

“Make me.” the boy spats back.

Griffin left the booking room as the woman led him to the phone. Griffin sighed as he answered it, “Hello?”

“Roan thank God you picked up..” Ally stated as she pulled into the parking lot of the hospital.

“Ally, I have no time for phone calls I’m on the clock,” Griffin stated. Megan came up beside him as she takes a file that Griffin hands her.

“Roan your wife, she’s…” Ally tries to explain.

“Monica? Is she alright?” Griffin is now starting to get alerted that Monica’s in trouble.

“She’s fine, Roan she’s in labor. She’s having your daughter right now.” Ally explained.

“What? When?” Griffin asks now getting excited.

“Just a few minutes ago. Kerry and Kristin and your daughter are with her now.” Ally tries to tell Monica’s husband, but he kept on interrupting her.

“Where is she?” Griffin asks again.

“At Mercer Hospital.” Ally explains.

Griffin hung up the phone, and a smile broke on his face as Megan picked up on his change of mood. “Oh God, I can’t breathe..”

“What?” Megan asks.

“My wife is in labor. I’m having a baby..” Griffin said, “My wife is giving birth to my child, and I’m stuck here for another 3 hours.”

Megan chuckles a bit, “Go, to her Roan.”

“What?” Griffin was a bit shocked.

“You heard me, go be with your family. She needs you more than we do. I can cover for you.” Megan smiles.

“Really,” Griffin asks.

“Yes. Go be with your wife and daughter, and soon to be daughter. She is going to her father.” Megan looks at her partner.

Griffin smiles. And embraces his friend, “Thanks, Megan.”

Megan watches her partner leave with him jumping and running out of the precinct like a giddy schoolboy kid. Megan has never seen a man so happy before. Wayne came up from behind and saw Griffin’s exiting, “What is that all about?”

Megan looks to him, and a small chuckle comes out, “He is about to become a father again.”

About 40 minutes went by when Monica looks to Kerry, “Where is my husband? I need him.”

“He will be here shortly. Just got to hang in there.” Kerry goes to her friend.

“What if he doesn’t come my child is being born without her father present..” Monica is starting to get emotional.

Kerry couldn’t help but to smile, and a little laughter came out as she spoke to Monica, “Monica Griffin will come, he wouldn’t miss this for the world. He was here when Sarah was born.”

Monica then had a smile on her face, but her smile quickly faded when another contraction came. “Oh, God!”

Kerry helps Monica through the pain, “Hang in there Monica. It will pass.”

“Oh Really! It’s easy for you to say I bet you didn’t have to live through this very long when you were giving birth!” Monica spat out the words as the white pain came to her. Kerry just smiles at Monica’s outburst. She knows it is nothing personal. Monica’s emotions are going out of balance because of the pain she is feeling and the hormones.

As soon as the wave of contraction was over Monica leans back down on the hospital pillows and looks to Kerry, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that..”

“Your fine Monica. It happens. I bitched out at Griffin when I first gave birth. It’s completely normal.” Kerry stated.

“You yelled at my husband? Where was yours?” Monica asks.

“Brian was over in Iran. He missed Logan’s birth because he was deployed. So your loving husband took up coaching for him. He held me all throughout the birth. Then later we set up a video meeting so that Brian could see Logan.” Kerry explains. “Like I said. Roan will not miss you giving birth.”

Monica smiles at her friend, “Thank you.”

Kerry nods, and then a nurse came into the room. “Well let’s see how far you are Monica.” The nurse goes to her and measures where the baby is being dialed. “Well, I see that you are dialed about three centimeters.”

Monica asks, “What does that mean?”

Kerry softly said, “It means you still have a bit to go before it is time to push.”

The nurse looks at Monica, “Mrs. Griffin, we have to have your cervix to be dialed at least ten centimeters. You still have time. I’ll come back in here in the next twenty minutes, and check again.”

As soon as the nurse left Kerry looks to her, “Mine was about 9 centimeters before they have me to push.”

Monica looks at her, “Is it always this long of labor first time around?”

Kerry smiles, “Depends. Some women wait a long time, and some a short while... Mine lasted me about four hours.”

Monica had a shocked look on her face, “How long has mine been going?”

“About an hour,” Kerry told her.

Monica sighs, “Feels longer.”

“It usually does.” Kerry smiles. Just then there was a knock on the door. Kerry moves away from Monica and goes to open it. Just then Tess was standing at the doorway as she smiles to Kerry. Kerry acknowledges Monica’s old friend, as she ushers her in, to see Monica, “Ah Tess glad to see you.”

Kerry smiles at the woman and looks to Monica, “I’ll come back a with some ice chips for Monica, and I will let you two get caught up.” Kerry leaves the room as Tess goes to her.

As soon as Kerry left Monica looks to Tess, “Tess I’m so glad that you are here.”

“How do you feel, angel girl?” Tess looks at her as she gently approaches her.

“Like I’m getting my insides ripped out. Never imagine giving birth will be this much pain.” Monica explains.

Tess smiles, “Would you like some western medicine to help the pain.”

“No. I am refusing to accept medication because this is a beautiful, natural thing that God wants.” Monica said as she switches positions.

Tess smiles and strokes Monica’s sweated face, “Well everyone is waiting for your little one to enter the world.”

Monica looks to her, “Everyone?”

Tess nods, “Andrew, Gloria, and Sam are out in the waiting room with your other daughter and your friends.”

Monica smiles at her heavenly friend’s support. Just then another contraction started up again, and Monica grips the bed as she leans forward. “Oh God Tess! Make it Stop!!!”

Tess held her and started to sing for her as the pain of the contraction began to increase. Kerry soon came back with some ice chips from the nurse’s station and handed it to Tess. Monica gripped Tess’s hand from the pain when the pain subsided she lays back down on the bed waiting for the next round of pain to surge through her. Another twenty minutes and there was a soft knock on the door. Tess left Monica’s side and standing at the door, was Griffin. “Why hello Roan.”

“Is she?” Griffin ask.

“She is doing fine, still in labor.” Tess gently ushers Monica’s husband in.

Monica looks at her husband, “Where have you been?”

Kerry cast a look at Griffin and then to Tess, and then she gets up from Monica’s bedside, “Well, since your husband is here, now, we will be waiting outside. Good luck Mon.” Kerry goes over to Griffin, and she softly whispers in his ear so Monica will not hear, “Really, good luck to you. She is a bit bitchy from the pain. I’m sure you will remember with Crystal, and I gave birth.”

Griffin smiles at her comment and nods. Kerry left the room with Tess as they leave Monica and Griffin alone for the birthing of their child. Griffin breathlessly came to Monica’s side, “Monica, honey I’m so sorry that I’m late. Did I miss anything?”

“No Just me in pain for the past hour. But I’m fine..” Monica said in annoyance.

Griffin strokes her wet hair from her sweat. “Okay, did you try the breathing methods?”

“Yes, I did. What did you think I was doing?!” Monica spat at him not meaning to. Griffin knows she is just a little emotional. And he starts to smile.“Don’t laugh. It’s not funny! It hurts. My husband was at his work instead of taking me to the hospital and then not holding me when I was in pain for an hour?” Monica had tears in her eyes as she glared at Griffin.

Griffin holds back his smile and kisses her cheek, “I’m sorry Mon. I tried to get here as fast as I could. I was halfway across town, but I am here now. I wouldn’t miss…”

“Oh save it! Just give me so Ice please!” Monica winces in pain. Griffin stopped his story and got up and put a wet towel on her head, as he handed his wife some more ice water. Monica looks up at him with an apologetic look on her face. “Griffin, babe, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap like that. I know you had a job to do, and I..”

Griffin kisses her lips to stop talking. After he kissed her, he pulls back, “Monica, it’s fine, it’s also normal. I have been through 2 women already who were bitchy and snappy when they deliver their children. I can handle it from you too.”

Monica looks to him, “Doesn’t seem fair. I’m never this way with anyone especially to the people I love. I don’t like this side of me, honey.”

Griffin sighs, “It will pass babe as soon as our daughter comes out, it will be over. It’s just the last remnants of your hormones.”

Monica looks at the clock then back at Griffin, “How long did it take when Crystal was in labor with Sarah?”

Griffin chuckles, “About 5 hours.”

Monica falls back onto the pillows. “Great. So I’m going to be stuck in this much pain for five hours.”

Griffin smiles at his wife, “Not all woman have to go through that much time of labor. Crystal, she was just slower at delivering.”

Monica looks at him, “And so am I apparently.”

“Do you want an epidural to take care of the pain?” Griffin asks.

Just then Julie came in, “We already suggested that Sergeant, but she refused.”

Monica looks at Griffin, “I want a natural childbirth, with no drugs.”

Julie looks at her patient, “It might help with the laboring, so you are not in constant pain all the time.”

Monica shook her head. “If many women did this without the help of western medicine so can I.”

Griffin looks at his old friend, “How far along is she, Julie?”

Julie checks on how many cementers Monica is dilated “Well she has moved a few inches since we last checked on her, an hour ago.”

Monica looks up at her doctor, “And that will be how much?”

Julie pulls back as she looks at Monica, “About five centimeters. Halfway there. You sure you don’t want the drugs?”

Monica nods, “I am sure.”

Just then Julie’s pager went off, “Alright. I will be back as soon as I can. Hang in there, Mrs. Griffin.”

Julie left Monica and Griffin’s hospital room, as he looks at his wife. “Labor takes time can’t rush it.”

Monica looks to him with annoyance in her eyes, “Thanks for pointing out the obvious.” Monica said. Just then another wave of pain started up. “Oh God Griff, It’s here again..”

Griffin goes to her, “okay let’s try breathing short breaths, he... he..whooo..”

Monica was trying to follow Griffin’s breathing patterns, but then his breathing noise made her angry, “Oh shut up you sound like a wheezing duck! You’re not helping. Ah!!!” Monica grips Griffin’s hand tightly to the pain that surges through her. Griffin winces to the sharp pain in his hand when Monica puts pressure on it. He knows if he yells in pain, Monica will snap at him. So he pretends the pain in his hand didn’t hurt him.

It has been an ongoing pain and snappiness for the next 5 hours when finally Julie comes back in to monitor Monica’s progress. She smiles at Griffin through his exhaustion of having to deal with Monica’s snappy mood and the pain. Monica leans over the bed at her doctor, “Please tell me I am dilated ten now. I don’t know how long I can deal with this pain anymore.”

Julie expects Monica and smiles, “Yes you are. Ready for this you two?”

Monica looks at Griffin as tears started to form. Griffin came to her and held onto her hand. He looks back at Julie and answers for the both of them, “She’s ready.”

Julie and several other doctors were with her as she goes near Monica with a towel. Julie looks at Monica and Griffin, “okay Monica on my count. One, two three. Push.”

Monica pushes, and a low whimper was coming from her. Monica never knew how much pain this could be. She squeezes Griffin’s hand as she pushes as hard as she could. The nurse then told Monica to stop pushing as she falls back on the bed gripping her husband’s hand. Griffin was beside her and aiding her through the birth.

“Alright, Mrs. Griffin once more.” Julie smiles, “One..two…three...Push! You’re doing great, keep pushing.”

Griffin takes hold of his wife’s hand, as he looks down to see the birthing of his daughter, “I can see the head, honey.”

Monica smiles through her tears as she struggles to breathe through the piercing pain. Julie told her to stop pushing as she helps the baby out. Then Julie told her “Okay, Monica, one last push. One two three.”

Monica tries one more time to push. Every muscle in her body hurt. She looks to the right of her and notices a white dove on the window sill of the hospital room window. God was with her, and so were her angel friends. Monica then looks at Griffin’s tearful eyes as he sees their baby. “Monica I can see her, she is coming. Keep pushing”

Monica pushes with all her might as she heard a soft cry coming from the little miracle before her. Down at the end of the bed is Monica and Griffin’s baby. Monica falls on the bed and pants as she regains her strength some, as Julie took the baby and dried her off and wraps up the newborn child.

Griffin goes to her, “Oh she is beautiful Mon..”

Julie smiles as she cradles Monica and Griffin’s baby and hands Monica her newborn daughter. Monica eyes her daughter as tears fell from her eyes, “oh Roan.” Monica looks into her daughter’s eyes and notices there were as blue as Griffin’s, “She has your eyes.”

Griffin peered into his daughter’s eyes and noticed that too. Then he looks at Monica, “She has your beautiful smile.”

The nurse looks to the happy couple, “Does your daughter have a name?”

Monica looks at Griffin as she softly spoke to him, “What do you want our daughter to be named?”

Griffin looks at his daughter in Monica’s arms as he places his hand to her small head, then he looks right into Monica’s eyes, “I think she should be named Aibhlinn.”

Monica looks at him, “You sure?”

Griffin kisses her cheek, “Yes I am sure.” Then he whispers in her ear, “Her middle name should be Keela.” Monica smiles brightly to that then she turns to Julie, “Evelyn Kyla Griffin.” Griffin goes to Julie on the Irish spelling of their daughter’s name. Then he goes back to his wife and his newborn daughter. Monica eyes her new daughter and smiles warmly as she cradles her new daughter. Griffin then asks Monica, “Can I take her and show her to the family outside?

Monica grins, “Yes, as long as she comes back.” Griffin kisses his wife and then takes hold of his daughter. Monica watches her husband walk out of the room with their daughter. Exhausted Monica closes her eyes as falls onto the pillows.

Griffin walks into the waiting room as he holds his newborn daughter. Everyone in the waiting room goes to him and sighs at Monica and Griffin’s new baby. “Everyone, I would like you to meet my daughter. Evelyn Kyla Griffin” Tess looks at her angel girl’s new member of the family and smiles a kind smile to her son-in-law.

Gloria looks at her best friend’s new daughter, “Oh Roan she is just beautiful.”

Tess looks at him, “Can I hold her?”

Griffin smiles and hands his daughter to Monica’s best friend. Sarah smiles at her newborn baby sister and hugs her father. Griffin smiles at Tess, and he wonders what she was saying to his daughter. Then very gently she hands her back to Griffin.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the baby. Andrew smiles at his best friend’s newborn child. And he can see a little bit of Monica in her. Andrew then slowly slips past the group and goes into the room where Monica is. Seeing her newborn child was just a miracle, and for once he felt no jealousy towards her and Griffin. For once in Andrew’s life, he was happy for her. Andrew softly knocks on the door, and then he heard Monica’s sweet voice.

Monica glances up at the door, and to her surprise, she found Andrew there. Monica slowly sits up and half smiles at him. “Hey.”

Andrew moves closer to her, “Hey yourself. How does it feel to be a mother?”

Monica winces at her sore body, “It’s wonderful. The baring part was a bit of a pain, but it was worth it. Been dreaming about this moment my entire existence.”

Andrew smiles at her, “She’s beautiful Monica. She’s a lot like you.”

Monica smiles, “Thanks. She also has a little bit of her father in her too.”

Andrew chuckles at that, “Yeah I can see that. She will probably be a handful.”

Monica notices something different about her good friend. For once he had no sign of hurt and jealousy over him. Monica looks at him, “Andrew are you okay?”

Andrew looks at her, “What do you mean?”

“You seemed different since I last seen you at my wedding.” Monica wonders as she took a sip of her ice water.

Andrew looks to her, “You know you said that one day I’d find true happiness as you found with Roan.”

Monica looks at him, “You fell in love haven’t you.”

Andrew grins, “No I haven’t fallen in love, but I don’t need to be in love with someone to find true happiness.”

Monica smiles at him, “I’m happy for you Andrew. Really..” Monica felt the pain throbbing again.

Andrew looks to her, “You alright?”

“Yeah, just a little painful.” Monica winces.

Andrew then smiles at his best friend. Then there was a knock and Tess, and Gloria comes in along with Griffin and Sarah, and their new daughter. Andrew smiles at Monica and mumbles, “I’ll let you have your family time.”

Monica smiles at him, “Thanks, Andrew.” He smiles and then he steps aside so that Griffin can come near his wife. Andrew then steps out of the room and walks down the hallway and disappears.

Today was a blessed day. Monica and Griffin’s daughter was born. And Ruth never felt so proud of her son. Later that night she visited her second granddaughter and gave her the Father’s blessing. Tess stood by and smiles at Ruth as she too gave Monica’s daughter the blessing. “Evelyn, you are so loved by your parents. Your mother is so very proud of you. Your heavenly father is so blessed to have you in this world. Be strong little one, and always remember that God loves you…and so do I.” Tess bends down to kiss Monica’s daughter. She smiles up at Ruth, and together they disappear in with the sunlight.

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