Fallen Angel Part 4


Years went by as Monica and Griffin grew older. Over the years, Monica gave birth to her son, Micah. Sarah had just entered high school when her little brother came into the picture. Monica and Griffin had a blessed life together, of raising their kids. It was a struggle a little bit with their daughter Evelyn, but soon, she was well loved by her parents. Monica and Griffin attended each of their children’s weddings and got to see the birthing of their grandchildren. Monica was genuinely blessed and got to live a life she never thought would happen to her. She was moved that her adoptive daughter, named her granddaughter after Monica’s mentor and best friend.

Now Monica stared out the window of their retirement home as her daughter Evelyn and her wife took over the family home where Griffin and Monica lived in. The house was getting too much for Monica and Griffin to bare, and they settled on a small apartment just a bit out of the town Gracie and gave the house to Evelyn to enjoy a life of her own there. Micah was now a touring Broadway star, and wouldn’t be home much, and Sarah moved with her husband upstate and left the town of Gracie shortly after her husband retired from the Army. Evelyn is the only one who stayed close to the town, so she is the one that took over the family home.

Monica took her gaze off the window as she looked at her wrinkled hands. Her once beautiful auburn hair was now a silvery gray. When Monica turned 86 she started to lose her memory, as early on dementia set in. Griffin stayed by her side, even when he knew Monica would soon forget about her life. It was a struggle for him, and their kids. Micah, Sarah, and Evelyn will come and visit and spend time with their mother as Griffin told them, she has good days and some bad days, of not remembering much of who they are.

It was hard to see Monica fading, especially since she loved her family so much. But Griffin stood by her and telling her stories of their lives to remind her of her memories and her life with him and her, and their kids. Monica brightens up a lot of hearing how she and Griffin first met each other. Monica and their kids are the only things left now for Griffin, and if Monica will go, so will he.

Griffin stood back watching his wife stare out the window in the small courtyard, as Evelyn their daughter now 34, came up to her father, “Is she better today dad?”

Griffin took his blue gaze off of his beautiful wife, as he let out a sigh, “I don’t think your mother has much time left, to be honest.” Looking at his daughter, he sees his wife’s radiant face in his daughters.

Evelyn looks at her mother, “She seems alright to me. She may be distant and fading, but she is fine. I know it has been hard for you, but she is still with us daddy. The doctors said she wouldn’t live very long when you two found out she has dementia, maybe 2 or 3 years. It has been 5 years now dad. Mom is a fighter. She will get through this, somehow.” Evelyn looks at her mother and sees the boldness and strength in her.

Griffin knows Monica is a fighter. When the two of them first found out about Monica’s diagnosis, Monica turned to her husband and gripped his hand tightly and said, “No matter if my memory fades, I will fight and will not give up on this family or us. My love for you and our kids will be my strength that will keep me fighting. No matter how hopeless it may seem, or if I will forget who you are completely, Roan, I won’t give up. I promise you that. Promise me you won’t give up on me, even if my memory fades.”

Griffin in tears kisses his wife’s white wrinkle face and hands as he spoke to her, “I promise I won’t.”

Griffin looked at his daughter and knew she is right that Monica will fight and won’t give in to her worldly disease, but he also knows, her body is physically growing weaker each passing day and knows her time is coming to an end. He can sense it. He sadly turns to his daughter, “I know you have faith in her sweetheart, I do too. But I can sense that her time is coming to an end. I’ve known for quite some time now. I didn’t want to upset you kids.”

Evelyn looks at her father very seriously now, “How long have you known?”

“A few months. Thing is about true love Evelyn. You can sense when the love of your life is about to leave you.” Griffin looks at his wife. “I think it is time to make the call to Sarah, and Micah to get them here, to say goodbye. She may have a few weeks left with us at most.” Griffin looks at his worried daughter. “She doesn’t have much time, Evelyn. I know it, and I know you know this too. Your mother and I already knew this day would come when she was first diagnosed with this illness five years ago. And I agree with you that she outlived what the doctors had predicted she would live. But I think now that her body can’t hold on much longer, no matter how stubborn your mother doesn’t want to go.”

Evelyn gave a sad smile to that as tears flow out of her blue depths. She looks back at her father, “Are you sure about this dad?”

Griffin looks at his wife in the summer sunlight. As he turns to his daughter, “Quite positive, I am sure.”

Evelyn left the small living room, as she reached the small kitchen and pulled out her cell phone to call her brother and older sister. That evening Sarah and her family came down from upstate as they sat in the living room with her father and Sarah’s younger sister, Evelyn, Micah and his wife and two daughters also flown in to say goodbye to his mother.

Tess stood close by watching her angel girl’s beloved family. Andrew was standing close by as he looks at his watch, and Tess looks at him, “How soon will it be Andrew?”

“Very Soon,” Andrew replies.

Tess looks back at Monica’s family. “She will be heartbroken of saying goodbye. I know she doesn’t want to leave.”

“I know. But got the word, she won’t be coming home alone.” Andrew spoke to her.

Tess took her gaze off Monica’s beloved family as she looks into Andrew’s green depths, “Who else are you taking to heaven?”

“Who else do you think will be joining her? And I am not assigned to Monica, Tess.” Andrew cast a look to Monica’s husband.

Tess looks at him and then followed his gaze. “Roan.”

Andrew nods “I guess they really are destined to be together.” Andrew looks at the love Griffin still has for Monica. Then Andrew looks to Tess, “Sam is taking Monica home, and I will be taking Roan.”

Tess looks to him, “So I guess, God, assigned you to Monica’s true love after all.” Tess chuckles. Andrew returns a smile when he looks at Monica’s family. Then Tess soon disappears as Andrew stayed close by to watch his assignment, Roan.

Later on that evening Evelyn refused to go to the family home and wanted to keep a close watch over her father and mother. Micah and Sarah stayed at the house where they grew up in, knowing the end is near for their mother.

When Evelyn was fast asleep in the den, Griffin lays in bed with his wife. Gazing over her small, frail body, and holding her. Monica then turns to her husband as she reaches for his wrinkled face, and softly stroke him. Then she whispers to him, “I think it is time Roan.”

Griffin looks at her as this is the first time in weeks her memory isn’t frail. “Monica? You remember who I am?”

Monica nods as she looks into her lover’s eyes, “I think God is giving me a moment in time to say goodbye.”

Griffin holds her near, “No….no not yet. What will I do without you?”

Monica in tears now puts her head to his, “You do what you have always done, my love. Live out in love.”

Griffin holds her tight, “I won’t’ let you go. If you go, I will go too. I meant what I said in my vows to you when I married you, Monica. I will love you in sickness and health, for better or for worse.

Monica looks over his shoulder as she sees Sam by the bedside. Then her gaze fell onto her lover. “I know Roan. You stuck by me even when I fell ill, and I am forever blessed how much you have shown your love for me, I am truly grateful I have found a love in you.” Monica places her hand on her husband’s face, and caressed it tenderly, “But now my love, it is time for me to return home. My time on earth has ended, and I lived out the life I have always wanted. You were worth giving up an entirety in heaven for.”

Griffin sobs in Monica’s chest just then as she brings him closer to her and holds him tenderly. When Griffin pulls back, he looks at Monica, and he too sees an angel. Not just any angel but Monica’s good friend Andrew. “Monica, am I coming with you too?” Monica looks confused then she turns her gaze to look behind her as Andrew stood near her.

Andrew looks to the two lovers as he answers their questioning looks, “You two don’t have to say goodbye to each other. You both are coming home together.”

Sam nods, “God had planned it, Monica, that you and your husband will die together. He granted you a life, and part of that life he planned for you to spend, will be living out in heaven with you for your faithfulness and trust in him throughout the centuries.”

Monica looks at Griffin and smiles to him, as she laces her hands to his. Griffin too smiles back as he embraces his wife’s touch, and put his head to hers. Monica then closes her eyes, and so did Griffin as they both took their last breath. Then their younger self-emerged from their old bodies, as Monica looks at her husband like the day they first met one another. Monica softly spoke, “You have shown me your world Roan, and taught me that love on earth still exists. Now let me show you my world, and where I came from.” Griffin smiles to that as he laces his hands to hers.

Just before they walk to heaven, Griffin looks back at their old bodies linked together, then at their daughter in the next room. “Our kids will be heartbroken, won’t they.”

Monica nods as she looks at her daughter, “They will for a little while, but they will find a way to live on. We gave them love over the years, and they all know we will all be together one day.” Monica places her free hand on Griffin’s cheek, “They will all be fine Roan.”

Griffin nods as he looks at his wife and holds her near. He knows his wife is right, that their kids will find a way to carry on in life without them. Just like when Griffin and Kurt had to say goodbye to their father. Monica and Griffin approach Sam and Andrew, and together as husband and wife, they walk through the golden abyss ushered in by Sam and Andrew as they walk Monica and Griffin to heaven, where they can entirely live happily together.

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