Fallen Angel Part 4

Love Finds A Way

Monica looks to Crystal, and her anger rose in her. But Crystal and Sarah were supposed to meet on Halloween. She wishes Crystal would choose a better time. Monica turns to Sarah as she is still frozen to the chair. Sarah sets her father’s guitar down on the floor beside the hospital bed and glares at her mother.

Sarah then looks at her mother, “Why are you here?”

“Sarah, I know it’s not the best time to see you. But I had to come by to check up on you. I miss you so much, sweetheart. And when I heard that you were kidnapped, I was worried sick, and I lost it.” Crystal explains as she moves closer to her, but Monica notice that Sarah slowly backs up and slowly heads to the safety of her sleeping father. Monica hates to see Sarah’s heart torn in two. She knows this can’t be easy, especially the abandonment by her mother.

“No. That is not what I meant. Why are you here? You had six years, to see me. why now?” Sarah spoke, as her anger grew.

This had stunned Crystal. She stops where she was then looking at her daughter. Monica can see the hurt in her eyes. Monica then looks to Crystal and finally spoke out to break the tension, so Crystal doesn’t do any more damage to Sarah, “Crystal, can I see you outside for a moment?”

Crystal looks at Monica and then agrees. Monica looks at Sarah, and she still sees the anger in those blue eyes, then walks Crystal outside Griffin’s room. Monica closes Griffin’s door, so Sarah will not hear their conversation. Once outside of Griffin’s hospital room Monica looks to Crystal as Crystal spoke to her, “I don’t get it we arranged for us to meet. Why is she mad at me?”

Monica glances at Crystal. She was afraid this would happen to Sarah when Crystal shows up, even if there was an arranged meeting. Monica calmly spoke to her husband’s ex-wife, “She is still hurt and angry at you leaving her six years ago. And with everything that she has been through in the last 48 hours, I can’t blame her. She is not going to snap back the way you want her to. You have to be patient with her, Crystal. Like it or not but you had caused a lot of damaged when you left her and her father six years ago. It takes time to rebuild a broken relationship, and Sarah has just been through a traumatizing event. I don’t think it’s wise for you and her to have a bonding time…at least not right now…” Monica looks Crystal in her blue depths as she spoke the truth, and trying to protect Sarah from more harm.

Crystal looks at Monica as anger grew in her. But she has to admit Monica does have a valid point even though she doesn’t want to hear the truth. “Well, how long…the court ordered it..”

Monica looks down then back up to Crystal, “Give her a few days and let me try to calm her down. She is not in the right state in mind. Her father is in a coma, and she is scared of losing him.”

Crystal is getting very aggravated with this, “Fine…I still want to have several hours with her.”

Monica looks at her then nodded, “I’ll try and talk to her.”

“Thank you.” Crystal stated, then walks away, leaving Monica to stand outside of Griffin’s hospital room.

Monica does not really like this whole idea, but she knows Crystal is not going to stop. She doesn’t see what she is doing to Sarah. And Monica fears that Sarah will resent and entirely shut down, and go into a panic.

Monica heads back into the room with Sarah. Sarah looks up from her unconscious father, as she gazes at Monica. Sarah begins to have tears in her eyes. Monica closes the door and sits close to her, and softly holds her. “Why. Why now...I never knew how much anger I have towards her until now. Why do I hate my own mother, Monica? Why does she make me so angry?”

Monica looks at her, “You’re angry because you still feel hurt and upset that she left you. And the unresolved feelings you had when you were little is now starting to surface up. And you don’t really hate her honey. You just feel disappointed by your mother’s choices.”

“Sometimes I wished I did..” Sarah mumbles.

“I know. Sometimes it’s easier to hate the ones you love, but your love for your mother is more of disappointed love. But you don’t hate them.” Monica softly spoke to Sarah, as she stroke’s Sarah’s shoulders.

Sarah looks at her father, “I hated it what she did to daddy and me.”

“I know with her leaving you,” Monica stated.

“That’s part of it, but what made me angry is what she did behind daddy’s back,” Sarah confesses as she glances up at Monica.

“What do you mean?” Monica asks.

Sarah took a deep breath as she reveals a long-ago secrete she kept hidden from her father, as she explains to Monica about her mother’s ongoing affairs, “I saw my mother, having an affair with another man when she and daddy were still married. When I was 5, I saw her sneak out into the woods, when I was camping in the tree house. The man that looks like, the principal at your school that you are teaching. I saw them heavily making out near the woods, and then they disappear for a long period. I never knew what sex was back then, but now I know. They went to have sex somewhere in the woods, while my father was away on calls…that’s why I acted the way I did, that and the way she just went up and left without a goodbye from daddy or me. It’s hard now to look at her and to give her my love when she doesn’t deserve it. She destroyed our family. And now she wants back in my life? Like she can somehow undo what she has done to me and start over like her mistake never happened.”

Monica looks at Sarah and now understands why Sarah was angry at her mother. “Have you told your father about that of what you have witnessed?”

Sarah shook her head, “I figure if I just kept it a secret, he wouldn’t have felt so betrayed. Like I felt. But I guess he kind of already knew about it.”

Monica took her hand, “Sarah, do you still want to meet your mother?”

Sarah looks deep into Monica’s eyes for a moment. Then she closes her eyes, and heaved a heavy sigh and told the truth of what she really felt. “No.” Then her gaze shifted to her father’s sleeping form, “but it’s not like I have a choice in it. Court orders” Then she looks at Monica, “Let me guess, I have to see her tomorrow?”

Monica nods. “Only for a few hours.”

“I hate this.” Sarah snuggles into Monica’s chest.

Monica strokes Sarah’s back as she curls up in Monica’s arms. Monica breathes out a heavy sigh as she answers her daughter, “I know baby. I hate it too.”

Just then a nurse came into the room, “Mrs. Griffin, are you ready?”

Monica looks up at the nurse, and had a confused look on her face, “For?”

“Your ultrasound appointment..” The nurse stated as she glances at Monica and Sarah’s moment. Then she added in, “If you want we can reschedule it.”

Monica smiled and replies, “No, no that’s fine.”

“Go, mom, I will look after daddy for you,” Sarah said with a smile as she climbs out of Monica’s embrace, and moves closer to her father.

Monica nodded and kissed her daughter before she leaves to go with the nurse. This was all new to her, experiencing pregnancy, and human life. She was a bit nervous and was a little lonesome with her husband not present to check in on the pregnancy. The nurse led Monica to an open examine room and told Monica to sit on the bed. Monica did so as she lifts up her shirt a bit to have some ointment or some chemical for the ultrasound to pick up the singles from her uterus.

The nurse came with the machine to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and make sure everything is safe and sound. “Okay, this might be cold, so be prepared.”

Monica nods and felt the liquid on her belly. Monica slightly winces at the chill of the ointment as the nurse slowly moves it around to mark the surface area. Monica looks at the nurse, “Is the baby going to be alright?”

“I don’t know. But will well find out here soon. The more important question is, are you okay?” The nurse looks at Monica as she prepares the machine to see the baby.

“I’m still in a bit of a shock. Hasn’t settled in yet. My main concern is my husband.” Monica admitted.

“I know. I’m praying for your husband. He has been here a lot in the past with his victims. Some of them make it, some of them don’t. Roan on some days off from work has been coming here to sit and help me out with the kids. He is charming and compassionate towards them,” the nurse smiles at Monica.

“I was told about that by Chris,” Monica stated back.

“Yeah, but don’t worry about your husband Mrs. Griffin, if I know Roan, he never likes to give up. He will pull through.” The nurse gave Monica an encouraging smile, which made Monica smile back. “Now let’s take a look at your baby.”

The nurse flips on the switch and moves the stick like thing on Monica’s belly. Just then Monica heard the sound of the heartbeat of the baby on the machine. Monica looks up and saw a little glimpse of her child. Monica was so happy a slight hint of tears were forming in her eyes. The nurse smiles at her, and stated, “Look, see there is your baby’s heartbeat, and it looks to be healthy, after what had happened.”

Monica smiles then look at the nurse, “Do you know if it’s a boy or girl yet?”

The nurse winces at that, “It’s a little too early for that yet. But it’s healthy that’s the good news. If you come back in 4 weeks or so, I can tell you the sex of your child if you like.”

Monica smiles, “Thanks.”

“Call me Julie. I’m a close friend to Roan…well we see each other a lot when he is on the job.” Julie smiles.

Monica smiles, “Well thanks Julie, for everything…”

Julie senses Monica’s sadness, and shuts off the monitor and scooches her chair close to her, “He will come back,”

“Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that,” Monica said with a hint of tears in her eyes.

Julie nods her head, “You know when Roan is here with some of his coma patients, he sings to them. And music is one of the strongest things in this world, to bring someone back. That and love. He’s a fighter, reminds me a lot like his mother. She never gave up on her cancer, and fought like hell to be with her kids.”

Monica looks at Julie, “You meet his mother?”

“Yes. I was a rotating intern at the time when she was in the hospital with her cancer treatments. I was finishing up my internship hours here when she gave out and died. But she was strong, went in intermission for about two years. Then the second wave hit her, and Ruth couldn’t take it much more. But she fought all the way till her death. Which is how your husband and I met.” Julie smiles remembering every moment of that day.

Monica smiles at her, “Well, thanks Julie, I got to get back to..”

“I understand.” Julie smiles as she cleans up a bit in the examining room. Just before Monica leaves, she calls out to her, “Oh and Monica.” Monica turns around and looks at Julie. “Try to have some bed rest. You were lucky that the baby didn’t go in distress.”

Monica nods, “I don’t think I will go through anything like that again…”

“Let’s just hope you won’t.” Julie smiles, then her pager goes off. “Shoot…I got to run…” Julie waves Monica a goodbye, and she dashes out of the room to and answers her page emergency.

Monica goes back to Griffin’s hospital room, and soon she found Sarah curled up in her father’s arms asleep. Monica smiles at her daughter and places a blanket on her. Then Monica goes to the chair that was beside her husband’s bed and puts her hand into his, and soon with the Roan’s heartbeat monitor, it sounded Monica to sleep.

Griffin had spent time where he was at and likes it here. Felt no pain, no fear, and no evilness. It was like heaven but not. He thanked Andrew for being with him, but what he misses is his beautiful wife and daughter. Griffin stares out of the window in a small screened in patio. He closes his eyes, and sees Monica’s smiling face, as her eyes beams into his. He reopens his eyes, and she was gone. Andrew looks at him, “I know you miss your family Roan.”

Griffin looks back at him, “Then why am I still here Andrew. I’m missing so much, by staying here and not where I am needed.”

“Roan, these things take time..” Andrew tries saying.

“How much time? A month, a year…a decade?” Griffin asks urgently.

“I don’t know. All I know is, there will..” Andrew started to say but didn’t finish. He saw the hurt and anger in Griffin’s eyes as he cast a look at the window. “I know you are angry.”

“How can you know?” Griffin asks.

“I can sense it. I’m an angel remember.” Andrew smiles.

Griffin gave a half smile back, “I just want to be back with my family.”

“That’s part of why you are angry, but another part is with your brother Lenny,” Andrew stated.

Griffin didn’t meet Andrew’s eyes for a moment. Then he slowly raises his blue gaze to Andrew, let out a heavy sigh, “Is that what is holding me back. I got to let go of my anger.”

“I can’t answer that.” Andrew calmly stated.

“Why? Andrew, I want to know, why the hell am I here in a coma? When it should be that bastard that tried to kill my family and me.” Griffin stood up from the chair by the window, as he walks to the bench beside a small water fountain.

Andrew closes his eyes and follows after him. He stood next to Griffin as he spoke to his assignment, “Well, for one thing, the man that tried to kill you is dead. He died when you were fading into a coma. And he is in the place where no one wants to go. He made a deal with the devil.”

Griffin stares long and hard into the flowing water, then asks Andrew the question that was circling his mind. Griffin fixes his gaze into Andrew’s green depths, “Why did my brother kidnap my daughter?”

Andrew looks away, then took a deep breath and refocused his gaze into Griffin’s, “Did Monica ever tell you she had a twin, that works for the other side?”

“Monique? Yeah, she mentioned it the night before of all of this madness happened. Why?” Griffin asks.

“Your brother Lenny was under Monique’s curse when he kidnapped your daughter. He was just a pawn in her wicked ways the same thing with Charles Norman. It was Monique that helped Charles Norman escaped prison when you and Monica where in Ireland. She used him just like your brother to get to Monica.” Andrew stated. “Monique has been trying to make Monica fail ever since she was an angel of God. And never succeed, because she was always faithful to God. Monique figures that if she had fallen from God’s grace, it would be easy to take her soul, and give it to her master. And the way to do that is to eliminate the things that Monica loves the most on earth, to make her extremely vulnerable to evil. In this case, what Monica loves on earth is you and Sarah.” Andrew explains.

Griffin stares at Andrew, “I never knew that having Monica become human was very risky for her to do?”

Andrew nods, “That’s why we have our rule, to never fall in love with humans because of that reason. Every angel in heaven has an evil self-working for the other side. And if one becomes human, it is very risky for them to become evil which is why, many angels disapproved of Monica’s choice by falling in love with you, and left heaven. However, her love for God is strong, even as a human. Which then led to Monique’s failure.”

Griffin cast a look into the flowing water. Then he looks to him, “Can I see her?”

Andrew looks away, “I wish you could. But you can’t….”

Griffin looks at his wedding band and looks out over the flowing water of the fountain. Then Griffin felt tired, and looks at Andrew, “Thanks Andrew for making me understand, her world a bit more.”

“Your welcome. I may have cast judgment on her falling in love with you because I too fear for Monica’s safety. But you make her stronger, and her love for God stronger.” Andrew looks at his best friend’s husband. Then he senses Griffin getting tired as he helps him up, “you should get some rest. Got a big day tomorrow.” Andrew smiles. Griffin nods back, and together they walk back in Griffin’s temporary small house. As soon as Griffin climbs in the white bed, he drifts off to sleep.

Andrew watches him drift off to sleep. He wishes he has Monica’s gift, of reaching in someone’s mind. So he can give his best friend some re-endurance that love is not lost with her and her husband. Andrew slowly walks out onto the patio to find Lisa standing near. He smiles and walks over to her.

Lisa smiles back and embraces Andrew’s warm, comforting hug. Being with Lisa over the past few months have brought new hope in Andrew, and for some reason, he is beginning to understand what Monica had said at her wedding. Looking into Lisa’s soft blue eyes, comfort him. “You don’t know how happy I am to see you here.”

Lisa smiles back, “Just wanted to see how you are holding up with your new assignment.”

“To be honest, it’s not going as smoothly as I hoped it would be.” Andrew sounded a bit disappointed.

Lisa came beside him and gave him encouraging words, “nothing about this goes smoothly, Andrew, especially coming from your best friend’s personal life.”

Andrew gave a little smile, “I just wish that I can give both of them some solitude that everything will be okay…”

“Andrew, only God can do that you know that,” Lisa stated.

“I know, but it hurts me to see Monica in pain, and Roan too,” Andrew confesses as he looks at his assignment.

“It’s going to hurt. But your job is to help Roan decide when the time comes. It hasn’t come yet, and if you make Monica and Roan meet again, without the father’s time, it will be changing their destiny.” Lisa stated.

Andrew nods and understands what Lisa is telling him. “It just kills me to see them suffer.” Andrew finally confessed.

“That’s part of humanity.” Lisa reminded him.

Andrew looks into Lisa’s eyes, and he felt this rush of joy. He didn’t know where this was coming from. “I’m glad you’re here.”

Lisa looks down for a moment as she spoke to him, “Andrew, there is something I have to tell you. The reason why I came tonight was that I’d been reassigned.”

Andrew squinted his face in confusion, “Reassigned?”

Lisa nods, “I’m leaving in the morning..”

“Wow, that fast huh?” Andrew sounded a bit disappointed.

“I just got the news today.” Lisa looks down, and then slowly refocused them into Andrew’s emerald eyes.

“So how long are you going to be gone?” Andrew asks.

“Don’t know.” Lisa looks at him, and then came near him, as she touches his face, “You’ll see me again, real soon though.”

“When?” Andrew says as he came closer to her.

“Soon.” Lisa smiles. “I just wanted to say goodbye. It was a pleasure to work beside the well-known angel of death. Your heart is ready, and God pointed you to Monica’s husband for a reason.”

Lisa looks out the window, and she knows her time is up, “I have to go now. My new assignment will be needing me here shortly.”

Andrew looks at her, “When will I see you again?”

“You’ll know,” She stated as her gaze shifted to Andrew’s assignment, then she looks back at Andrew, “when he has to make his choice.” Lisa slightly hints to Andrew, that either Roan or Lenny is going home to be with God. She stays by him for a few more moments as she looks into his emerald gaze one last time, then turns to head out into the warm white light, where she will be Lenny’s guide to take him home to be with God.

Monica had slept off, and on all night, with every twitch of her husband, she jerks awake. But he still reminds unconscious. Monica looks at her daughter, and notice she was fast asleep. Monica knows Crystal will be back to pick Sarah up around noon. Just then Tess came in with some hot tea.

“Brought you some tea angel girl. I would’ve brought you coffee, but was informed, that you get nauseous over it now, due to the little one inside of you.” Tess smiles as she hands Monica the drink.

“Thanks.” Monica smiled back and took the hot tea that Tess gave to her and sits up in her chair and lightly strokes her husband’s arm.

“How is she?” Tess looks over at Sarah.

Monica looks at Sarah’s sleeping face, “she doesn’t remember most of it, thank God. All she knows is when her father got shot.”

Tess looks over at Sarah, and lightly strokes her soft light brown hair, “She is adorable and so precious I now see why your love for this child is so strong.” Tess smiled at Monica then her gaze went back to Sarah, “Hard to imagine someone as horrible as that man could harm a child like this.”

Monica looks at her daughter then at Tess, “Thank God, he didn’t. I fear that she will start remembering what happened.”

“Well, human minds are tricky. Some block out the bad memories and some don’t.” Tess looks up at her.

“Do you think she will remember?” Monica asks.

“I don’t have that knowledge,” Tess replies. “What time is Crystal coming?”

“Around noon. I’m letting her sleep some more before I wake her. I called Chris and told him to come and watch Griffin, while I take Sarah home and have her meeting with her mom.” Monica explained. Tess looks up into Monica’s eyes, as she sees her angel girl in pain. Monica senses Tess’s worry as she softly spoke to her, “Right now I got to be strong for her. She needs me, Tess.”

Tess nods as she looks up at her, “You sound more and more like a mother. It is a mother’s job to be strong even though you feel weak inside. Speaking of which, how is the baby?”

Monica smiles, “Fine. All good. Got to see the heart. It was the most beautiful thing I saw. I never imagine feeling something so precious inside of me.”

Tess looks to her, “I’m glad to hear that baby.”

Monica took a sip of her tea, “You went to a coffee shop didn’t you?”

“Well the tea that they have here is horrible, and I figure you want something better.” Tess smiles.

Monica smiles back, and then her smile faded slowly, “How is everyone else doing?”

Tess looks at her curiously, “What do you mean?”

“You know, Andrew, Gloria, Ruth,” Monica asks.

“They are all fine.” Tess smiles. “They were all praying for you and your daughter. And they are praying for your husband as well.”

Monica looks at her husband, as she felt guilty in her heart. Then she looks at Tess, “It’s all my fault that Griffin is in this hospital bed, Tess. When it should have been me.”

“Monica don’t blame yourself. It was not your fault that your husband is hurt,” Tess stated as she moves closer to Monica.

“Yes, it is Tess. If I never had listened to my heart and just let my love go for Roan and Sarah while I was in heaven. Griffin will still be here with his daughter. If I hadn’t been such a fool of falling in love and leaving heaven, Monique wouldn’t have come after him or Sarah.” Monica looks at her husband.

“Monica, bad things happen here on earth. You of all people should know this. And Monica, Roan would have probably been dead now, and same with his little girl if you chose to stay in heaven. It was your love that saved them, even though your husband is in a coma. Monique would’ve found a way to get to them, rather you stayed up in heaven or not. So no, Monica none of this is your fault, okay.” Tess moves to her and puts an arm around her shoulders.

“I knew the risk of becoming human. My evil self will take advantage of my human soul. And guess what, she succeeded.” Monica stated somewhat bitterly as tears started to flow out of her eyes.

“Monique will succeed if you give up on hope. There is still hope that your husband will come back.” Tess encourages her.

Monica smiles at that. She knows Tess is right. The only way evil has power, is if you give up. And she knows that Tess will never let her give up. Even if it means that Monica loses everyone around her that she loves, there is still one thing evil can’t touch. And that is her spirit and her faith with her Father. “Thanks, Tess.”

“You’re welcome, baby.” Tess smiles and the two of them embrace each other.

Monica looks at Sarah, “I guess I better wake her. Chris should be here any minute.” Monica glances at the clock, and it read 10:40 AM.

“I will stay here and look after him for you Monica.” Tess smiles.

Monica glances at Tess and smiles then goes to Sarah and gently wakes her by stroking her cheek and pulling a lock of her hair behind her ears. “Sarah. Honey, time to get up.”

Sarah opens her eyes just a sliver as she mumbles, “what time is it?”

“Almost eleven. Your mother is going to be arriving at the house, at noon.” Monica stated.

Sarah opens her eyes and then glances up at her father, and then slowly she looks at Monica, “But what if daddy is waking up when I’m not here?”

“Then I’ll come and get you. It’s only for a few hours sweetheart.” Monica stated.

Sarah climbs out of her father’s arms and goes and gathers up her things. Then she glances up at the woman beside her dad’s bed. “Who are you?”

The woman smiles, “I’m Tess, Monica’s mentor, and best friend.”

Monica smiles at Tess and Sarah’s meeting. “Come on honey. You’ll see Tess more often.”

“Okay.” Sarah goes with Monica, and together they leave the hospital room, to go back home.

It was almost noon when Sarah waits nervously for her mother to show. Monica had just finished making Sarah some homemade apple juice when the doorbell rang. Monica slowly leaves the kitchen and opens the door. Sure enough, Crystal was on her porch. “Monica.”

“Crystal,” Monica replied in a polite voice, but still dislikes Crystal.

“Is she ready?” Crystal asks breaking the tension between Monica and her.

Monica moves back away from the door to call out to Sarah, “Sarah, sweetheart your mother is here.”

A few moments later Sarah arrives at the door. Monica moves away from the door just a bit so that the two of them could meet face to face.

“Hi, Sarah.” Crystal softly said.

Sarah looks at Monica, and Monica gave her the nod of an encouragement, “Hi mom.”

Crystal then slowly approaches her daughter, “I know I screwed up, but I would like a second chance to start over. Will you allow me to?”

Sarah slowly goes to her mother, “I guess I could.”

Crystal smiles and then looks back at Monica, “I’ll bring her back here around four is that all right?”

Monica nods, “That will be fine. She has school tomorrow.”

Crystal then walks off the porch and heads to her car. Sarah slowly follows her, but then turns back and hugs Monica, “Thank you.”

Monica smiles, “For?”

“For being there for me, and loving me.” Sarah smiles as she embraces Monica.

Monica held onto her for a moment then looks back upon Crystal. Sensing her jealousy Monica softly spoke to her adoptive daughter, “You better go to your mom. I’ll still be here when you get back home, okay sweetheart.”

Sarah looks at her, and mouthed, I love you.

Monica smiled and repeated Sarah’s words back to her. Then with a painful sting in Monica’s heart, she watched Sarah get into Crystal’s car, and watch the silver car drive off with her daughter. Monica had tears falling from her eyes, as she felt her world crashing down. She wanted her husband here to comfort her and saying everything will be alright. But knowing he is in another world, apart from hers, made her feel utterly alone. Monica grabs her black shawl, and brews some caramel tea, as she goes and sits on the porch, alone. Monica sits on the chair, and she looks to the heavens and prays for her husband to come back.

Oh, Father, I feel so broken inside. Help me to deal with this pain. I need your grace, right now. Help me to find strength again.

Griffin spent some time with Andrew and liked to spend time here. But what he misses the most is his family and Monica. Every moment without the sight of her, and her touch killed him, and he wants more than anything to go back to her. Andrew knows that this can’t be easy for either of them, but he has to remain where he is.

“Roan? What are you doing out here, the gathering is inside.” Andrew asks as other coma guests are enjoying the life here, Griffin, however, is not.

“Sorry Andrew, just not in the mood to go in,” Griffin said as she stares out at the night sky.

Andrew knows what Griffin wants. “I understand.”

Griffin turns to face him, “Don’t see the point of going in there, when all I want is to return home. Is there a way I can go back?”

Andrew couldn’t answer that, “Yes, but I can’t tell you. You have to make that decision on your own.”

“And what decision is that? Andrew, you know my answer.” Griffin asks starting to feel angry and frustrated.

Andrew nods, “Yes I do know the answer that your heart wants, but right now your mind and body are in two different planes. Your body is back on earth, but what makes you, you is here. The time will come when your body and mind come together, that is your way back. But if one or the other decides to stay where they are, then you remain in a coma.”

“Just seems like it’s taking forever.” Griffin sighs.

“Some comas take longer than others. Just keep holding that faith, Roan. That is what makes you strong.” Andrew smiles. Griffin nods and joins Andrew for a walk through the night.

It has been nearly a week since Sarah met Crystal for the first time after six years apart. Sarah has been with her mother for about four days now, and every time they go off together Monica feels more hurt every time she lets her daughter go. Monica softly strokes her husband’s hand, as her daughter plays chess with Tess. Monica smiles at the two of them, as Sarah finally meant her match with playing chess.

“Dang. You beat me again. Mom, you never told me that your angel friend is so good with chess.” Sarah looks at Monica who was smiling, as Tess chuckles at Sarah’s comment.

Monica replies back to Sarah with a sly smile, “Guess it slipped my mind.”

Just then Chris came by, “Hey Mon, how is he?”

“Still the same as yesterday,” Monica stated.

“He will make it through. He always does.” Chris stated helping to cheer up his best friend’s wife. “Kristin told me to leave you and Griff alone together, so I came to pick up Sarah and take her to my place.”

“Thank you.” Monica smiles. “You are helping out your best friend more than you know.”

“I got his back, and he has mine. That’s how we got through our lives together.” Chris smiles and embraces Monica into a little hug. Then turn onto Tess and Sarah, “So kiddo, ready to go get some pizza?”

Sarah smiles, “Yeah.”

Monica smiles at her daughter’s remark, then steps aside from her husband to give her a goodbye, “You have fun of spending the night ok. And you can call me whenever you want to head home.”

“I will, and I know. Call me if anything changes with daddy.” Sarah looks over at her father, then back to Monica.

“I will. Come here.” Monica embraces Sarah and hugs her goodbye. She softly whispers to her how much she loves her, and she does the same.

“Can I say goodbye to daddy?” Sarah asks Monica, and she nods.

Sarah walks over to her father. Seeing him like this hurt Sarah. She loves her father, more than anything in her life. And she fears that he will not come back. She carefully walks over to him, and whispers to him, “Please come back, daddy. We really need you. Monica is going nuts without you here, helping her through this. I need you…my baby brother or sister needs you. So please come back to us, and don’t stay wherever you are. I love you, daddy.” She leans down and kisses her father’s cheek then turns to walk with Chris to her temporary stay.

After Sarah left Monica turns to Tess, “So, anything from anyone up there?”

“Not yet. Baby sometimes things like this takes a while.” Tess stated.

“I know, but it’s been over a week, Tess. I’m going crazy without his touch, his smile, his voice, everything. I feel like I’m back where I started shortly after New Year’s was being yanked away from him because I’m in love with a human. It was hard enough watching you slip through my fingers when you had Alzheimer’s, and now, Griffin the love of my life, in a coma. I don’t know how much more heartache I can take, Tess.” Monica goes to sit on the chair beside her husband’s bedside and put her head in her hands.

Tess understands Monica’s frustration, but she also knows her hormones are going crazy because of the pregnancy. This morning she heard Monica throwing up in the bathroom because of the morning sickness. She sets the chess game aside and strolls over to her. “I know Monica. Here,” Tess hands Monica a cd.

Monica moves her hands from her face as she looks up and takes hold of the cd, “What’s this?”

Tess smiles, “I had a little visit from someone last night. This might get your husband to respond. His mother used to sing this to him when he was little. Just play the song baby..”

Monica looks to her, “Ruth came by didn’t she?”

“Yes, while you were sleeping. She came to see him.” Tess smiles, “And she left this here for you.”

Monica looks at her and smiles. Then she glances beside the end table and notices a small boom box was there. Monica opens the cd case and sees a little note was inside of it. She carefully reads it.

To Monica,

I left you a song that will help swing my little boy back to you and my granddaughter. He is in good hands with some special friends of ours, but there will come a time where my little Roan will have to make a choice, of living life with me or going back to you. I’m so sorry that this had to happen to you, sweetie. I hope that your life doesn’t end up like mine. I want you and Roan to have a life that Seth and I never had. Keep holding on to your love Monica. God always has a plan and a reason for something. Play the song In My Life. I used to sing that song to my son when he was hurting. I’m sure it will guide him back. I love you, and take good care of my grandchildren…yes I know that you are pregnant, everyone in heaven is rejoicing.



Monica smiles at Ruth’s note and looks at the track name. Then Monica hits the play button and goes to the track number that Ruth suggested in her letter. Monica then steps over to her husband and listens to the song. Then very softly she spoke to him, “Your mother told me about this song. Please come back to me, babe. I really need you.” Monica strokes Griffin’s sexy brown hair as her hand found his. Then Monica softly cries as the song plays.

Griffin walks with Andrew through the garden when he heard a familiar tune. It was his mother’s song that she used to sing to him. “Do you hear that?”

Andrew pauses, “Hear what?”

“That song In My Life, by the Beatles. Do you hear it?” Griffin asks turning to the sound where the music is coming from.

“Sorry, Roan I don’t. Where are you going?” Andrew asks as Griffin wonders away from Andrew to the source of the phantom music that is being played.

Griffin didn’t hear him. He was focused on the song. He knows that Monica has found a way to communicate with him. He sees an overhanging arch, and that is where the song was the strongest. He was about to go through it when he crashes into an invisible wall. Griffin fell back, and immediately gets back up, and presses his hands on the wall. “Why can’t I go back?”

Andrew was beside him, “because it’s not time yet. I guess Monica found a way to communicate with you.”

Griffin sighs, as he turns to Andrew with pleading eyes, “I want to go back, Andrew. Every minute I stay here, I feel lost, confused, and lonely.” Griffin took his gaze off Andrew’s face and stared at the archway. Then slowly he starts to tear up and cry, “I miss my little girl. I miss my beautiful wife. Her smile, her soft touch, her sweet Irish voice. I want to go back, Andrew. I want to go home…Please let me go back to my family.” Griffin sinks to the ground now and sobs for missing his family.

Seeing his assignment like this killed Andrew on the inside. He wants to grant Griffin’s request, but he can’t. There is a time where Griffin’s body and mind will come together, but that time has not arrived yet. He bends down to the same level as Griffin as he softly eases him up, “Roan, come on…let’s get you back to your safe house.”

Before the song ended, Roan puts a hand to the wall, and mummers something through it, “I will come back Monica…I will. I promise you that. I will come back.”

On the last bits of notes of the song, Monica felt a flicker of Griffin’s finger against her palm. Monica stares at her hand and then to Griffin, “Roan. Roan, honey.” Monica looks desperately at her husband’s face waiting for some response. She sighs as she strokes his face with her thumb, “Please Roan, babe, answer me.” But the little motion that Monica felt died away. Griffin remains unmoving beside the rise and fall of his chest, and soundless. Monica slowly moves to lay beside him. She places her head against his chest to hear his heart. Listening to his heart at that moment gave her comfort, the only support that she feels she has right now. It sounded soft, but at least it was still beating. The sound of his heart takes her back to all the memories she has of just him and her. And Monica stayed that way all throughout the night hoping in some way, that her being next to him, will guide him back to her.

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