Fallen Angel Part 4

The Sacrifice

It has been two weeks since Griffin fell into a coma, leaving Monica to take care of his daughter, as well as the unborn child. Every night she will tuck Sarah in singing her a song as well as telling her that her father will be alright even though she has no control over Griffin’s fate. Sarah has been spending time with her birth mother because of the custody order, but Monica gets the sense that Sarah much prefers her over Crystal.

Most nights Monica couldn’t sleep, because she was worried about Griffin. But with the pregnancy as well as taking care of Sarah, she has to go on. As soon as Monica finishes putting away dinner, she helps Sarah by packing up her book bag as well as her suitcase. “You got your homework right?” Monica asks.

“Yes. Do I have to go?” Sarah asks as she looks into Monica’s eyes.

“Yes. I know I don’t like it either, but your mother wants this to happen. I can’t stop the law.” Monica stated as she puts Sarah’s dish in the dishwasher.

“Will you call me as soon as you hear any news about daddy?” Sarah looks at Monica with concern eyes.

“Yes. You will be my top priority.” Monica smiles. Sarah hugged Monica and held onto her. Just then the doorbell rung. “Don’t keep your mother waiting.”

Sarah looks nervously at the door, and then turns back at Monica, “I hate to say this, but you make a better mom than her.”

Monica looked at the child and didn’t know what to say to that. She knows that it will hurt Crystal, but Sarah looks to Monica than her biological mother, to be her mom. Monica gave a little smile to Sarah’s remark and hugged her one last time. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Sarah whispers back as Monica slowly opens the door.

“Hi, honey…ready to go?” Crystal smiles.

Sarah looks at Monica, as Monica gives her an encouraging smile to go. Sarah turns back at once her real mom, but she is more of a stranger to her. Sarah embraces her mother’s welcome, but the embrace felt cold and empty. Already she misses Monica’s tender and warm touch. Crystal looks back up at Monica, “Thank you.”

Monica gave a kind smile, “Bring her back on Sunday night. She’s got school.”

“I know, but technically Griffin is out, so she stays with me until the weekend is over.” Crystal smiles.

Monica hated that look. Monica has no parental claim on Sarah, so therefore what Crystal is stating is right. Monica looks to Crystal, “Crystal, I will inform you on Griffin. He is still Sarah’s father, and if he doesn’t come through, I would like to tell her. Please.”

Crystal thought about it then agrees. “Okay…but you do know if you do unplug Griffin, Sarah is all mine. I will allow visits from you, but she stays with me.”

Monica nods in defeat knowing full well, that if Griffin dies, Sarah will be lost. Crystal will be taking away Sarah’s only security in her life, which is Monica. As Sarah and Crystal board Crystal’s silver Nissan, Monica felt her heart breaking. She waved goodbye to Sarah, as she left to go with her mother. After Sarah left, Monica took her car keys and drove to the hospital where her heart can find peace.

Lenny in the past week has been seeing a strange woman near him. Every time he looks at her, his body malfunctions and he grows weak every day. One night while packing up to go home after his shift at the dinner, Lenny strumbled out in the back alley and had trouble breathing. He clutches his chest, to desperately gasp for air, as he presses his back to the wall of the dinner, as rain fell. Just then the woman figure showed up again. Lenny looks to her, “Who are you and…..oh God! What…why can’t I breath?”

“You are experiencing a small heart attack, Leonard.” The woman replied.

“Wha..” Lenny clutches his jaw tighter as more pain shot through.

“It won’t last long.” She stated.

As soon as she said that the pain disappeared, Lenny looks up at this woman, as her blue eyes softly gaze into his. Her long blonde hair flowed off her shoulders, as she squatted hear him. Lenny strangely felt no fear from her eyes, and her touch was so heavenly. “Who are you?”

“I’m Lisa. I’m…” Lisa stared at him for a brief moment to tell him why she was here, “I’m here to take you home.”

Lenny looks at her, “Well I can use a left. I live on 32nd Street next to Jefferson Avenue.”

“Leonard..that’s not what I meant.” Lisa had a sorrowful look in her eyes.

Then Lenny made the connection, “Wait! No, I can’t…Not now my family needs me. I can’t go to heaven without peace with my brother! Don’t make me go now, Lisa! Please! I need more time!”

“Lenny…” Lisa looks at her new assignment and the look in his eyes stating he was not ready.

“Please Lisa…” Lenny begged.

“Alright…but soon. You know it’s time.” Lisa agreed.

“Thank you.” Lenny tries to get up but stumbles back down again. Lisa looks to him, and offers her hand, as Lenny gracefully took it. Lenny brushes off the mud and dirt, and the next instant Lisa disappears. He knows that he that he has only a matter of hours before he dies. Lenny goes back in the dinner to clock out.Then gazing at the dinner one last time, he closes the door and locks it, and made his way to Mrs. Parker’s house.

Later that evening when Crystal tries to put Sarah down for bed she notices the child’s distance. “Sarah sweetheart what is it?”

Sarah looks up at her real mom with tears in her eyes. She blinks as more tears came out. Then She told her real mom the truth of why she is feeling so heartbroken, “Why. Why are you taking me away from my mom.” Sarah softly spoke as more tears streamed down her face.

“Sarah. I’m your mother, not Monica.” Crystal softly spoke to her child, as she lightly strokes her daughter’s head. When Crystal did that, Sarah shrunk against her birth mother’s touch.

Sarah didn’t utter another word as she just softly cries some more. Crystal didn’t say anything more as she has come to realize that her daughter no longer loves her, but loves Monica. For the first time, she sees her daughter’s broken heart. Crystal admits that Gloria was right, that this is destroying her daughter. Then a wave of jealousy and fear rose in her. She hated that Monica had power over what once her family. But she hated herself for leaving. Crystal looks into her daughter’s eyes, “So your saying Monica is your mother and not me? Honey I gave birth to you. I held you in my arms when you were a baby. Do you realize that that was the happiest day of my life?”

Sarah looks at her, “Then why did you left daddy and me. To go with that man I saw you sneaking off to go into the woods, to have sex. Did you ever love us?”

Crystal was shocked that her daughter also knew about the affairs she had with her lover. Crystal took in a deep breath, then spoke the truth, “Yes. You got to understand that I was stupid and dumb back then. I want you more than anything.”

Sarah rolled over not looking at her mother, “Then why did it take you six years to come back and ruin everything that had made me happy.”

When Sarah spoke those words, it put a sting into Crystal’s heart, knowing full well that Monica is Sarah’s real mother and not her anymore. She didn’t know how to respond to that, and it is clear that Sarah loves Monica and her father, more than her. Crystal with a heavy sigh left the spare bedroom in her apartment. She didn’t want to jeopardize further hurting her daughter even more, so she left, feeling broken hearted. Crystal walks out of her home as tears pooled in her eyes as she goes out into the small yard outside to let out her heartache and anger at what her daughter just said to her moments ago.

Once outside so her daughter wouldn’t hear, Crystal lets out everything that was in her. “What I’m not fucking Monica. Why does Sarah think I’m the enemy of her life!!!” Crystal paces back and forth. “What the hell did I go wrong? I gave her time with Monica. Roan you bastard! What did you do to our daughter? Why is she like this!!!!! I don’t understand!!”

“Crystal?” A voice sounded behind her, and it made her startled a bit.

“Gloria? What, where the hell did you come from?” Crystal stated. “I thought we were done with the business?”

“We are. I’m here on another business.” Gloria stated.

“Really? Well, I will love to stay, but I want to be alone right now.” Crystal stated.

“You’ve been alone for quite some time now,” Gloria stated.

“Please, Gloria I don’t need a pep talk right now. I need a damn drink.” Crystal stated.

“Crystal you know if you drink the court is going to claim you as an unfit mother to Sarah. You don’t want that do you?” Gloria stated.

“Let the court fucking decide, I don’t care. Doesn’t make a goddamn difference anyways. It’s obvious that Sarah sees Monica as her fucking mother than me. I’m the one that gave birth to that child, not Monica.” Crystal latches out her anger at Gloria and full of jealousy and heartache.

“Crystal every child is a gift from God. He..” Gloria stated, but Crystal stops her from delivering her message.

“Oh, don’t even tell me about God. God wanted this to happen to me. See God wanted me to be screwed up kid, and merry that man, and have a daughter who doesn’t even love me back. God is punishing me.I for not being the perfect wife and mother to Roan and Sarah.” Crystal shouted out.

Gloria unleashed her anger at her assignment as she has a stern look on her face, “Stop! I will not let you talk about God that way! Not in front of a very angry angel!” Gloria shouted as a beam of golden light surround her. This took Crystal by surprise as she stands there in disbelief at the woman before her.

Crystal felt the warm light hitting her as she felt the pure love coming from that light, and it scared her a bit. Then looking at Gloria as Gloria delivered her message to Crystal, “Crystal, God didn’t let this happen to you. You choose to live this way. He wanted you to be with Roan and your daughter, but you thought sex with other men, and drinking was more important than your own family which he had blessed you with. You should thank him for the precious gift he gave you who is lying in that room praying to see her father again. Instead of blaming everyone for your screw-up’s!”

Crystal now in tears fell to the ground in disbelief to what Gloria is saying. Everything she says is right. She did punish God and everyone else but herself. She looks up to Gloria as she cries, “Oh God, what have I done,” she looks up at her apartment building as tears flow from her blue depths. Then she looks at the ground feeling shameful “I…I did this to my child. I am the cause of my babies broken heart, and now my child hates me.”

Gloria now easing up on her anger bends down to stroke Crystal, “Crystal, Sarah doesn’t hate you. She has been confused and disappointed with the actions that you made over the years, and even now, but she doesn’t hate you. It will be impossible to hate you because she loves you.”

Crystal gave a snarky comment as she sighs, “Why would she love me after everything I put her through. The way my mother and father put me through at her age.” Crystal looks to Gloria.

“That’s the thing about love, Crystal. It runs deep within our hearts, which makes it hard ever to run away from love, because love always pulls through. Just like it’s impossible for God not to hate you, Crystal, because he loves you. God loves you because you are his child and his creation, and his gift.” Gloria smiles as she strokes Crystals’ face with her hand. When Gloria touches Crystal, she felt no fear coming from her, only love. A love so strong and pure it hurt her to know such love. Gloria continues with her message to Crystal, “Yes humans do stupid things and end up disagreeing with each other, but he continues to love. Sarah loves you because you are her mother.” Gloria stated. And the next thing she says made Crystal break down and sob, “And your parents do love you too, they just didn’t know how to show it, but they love you.”

Crystal cries into Gloria’s chest as Gloria holds her. Then Crystal mumbles, “I’m so, sorry. God, I am so sorry for everything.”

“God knows how sorry you are, but there is one other person you need to apologize to without any excuses and tell her the truth.” Gloria looks at her assignment.

Gloria didn’t need to say the words and Crystal knew what the other person Gloria had meant. Crystal nods, as she looks up at her daughter’s window, as she closes her eyes for a moment. Then she looks back, and Gloria was gone. Crystal looks around, and Gloria was in no sight. Then with a heavy heart, Crystal dries her tears as she goes back to her apartment to take her daughter back to where Sarah belongs.

Lenny crashes down on floor gasping for air as pain rises in his chest. He vomits up blood. Kathy rushes in Lenny’s room, and her heart dropped. “Henry…Call 911! Leonard is in trouble!!!!” She moves to Lenny’s side and embraces her other adopted son. And softly speaks to him, “Lenny baby..hold on…don’t go…don’t die on me like your mother. Stay with me....”

Lenny gripes her skirt as the pain rushes at him. Lenny stares into her soft brown eyes as tears fell out. He knows that he is dying. There was a soft glow from the window of an angel. The angel of death is taking him home, to his heavenly father, and away from his pain. He looks into her soft blue eyes telling her to wait. She softly came to him, “I can spare you some time Leonard, but you know it’s time.”

Lenny talks to her, “I…can’t…go…without saying goodbye to my family.”

Kathy confused about what he was saying, “Lenny, I know you are delirious right now but help is on its way.”

Lenny looks to Kathy, “I know…I was talking to my angel….she’s here..with me..right now..”

Kathy looks to him, “Your mother? Tell her I’m not letting you go too.”

“No…it’s not my mother. It’s another angel…” Lenny spoke, but then his eyes fell back, and blood squirted up from his throat as Lenny started to seize.

“No…Lenny, Lenny…Damn it! Help someone, please help me!!!” Kathy screamed.

Monica sits beside Griffin and holding his hand. Seth has been attending her most nights and being with his son. Monica left the two of them alone for awhile, but when she came back, she found Seth crying by her husband’s bedside. That moment happened a few nights ago. Now Seth sits beside her and watches his daughter-in-law sleep as well as his son. Just then there was a knock on the door, and Seth slowly gets up to open it.

Monica raises her head, and then Sarah was at her side. Monica looks at Sarah and then to Seth. And notice Crystal standing at the door. Monica was in no mood to deal with drama and told Seth to watch Sarah and her husband.

Monica steps outside and notice Gloria was her. “Why are you here? You came to put more charges on me fine, but I’m in really no mood to deal with this…”

“Monica, will you listen to Crystal. She has a proposition for you.” Gloria steps in before a catfight breaks out. Monica looks at Gloria and then nods. Gloria steps aside to let Crystal talk.

“I came here to give her back. I know that it was wrong for me to keep her from you and her father. I just…..” Crystal pauses as tears came out of her eyes, then she sighs, “I just wanted some claim back from my past. I didn’t know that it has caused so much pain in her heart. Tomorrow I plan to drop my claim on Sarah. I lost my chance of being a mother to her when i chose to walk away from her life six years ago. As much as it pains me to say, I was selfish about taking Sarah away from the one place she loves most, which is you and her father. It’s clear now that you are her family, and not I. I now see that I was wrong, for putting her through this. I’m sorry for what I’ve done to her and you, Monica.” Crystal sadly spoke as she looks up into Monica’s eyes.

Monica looks at Gloria and knows what she had done. She gave her God’s message to her. Then Crystal starts to walk away when Monica stops her, “Crystal wait!” Crystal turns back and faces Monica. “Look. I know you, and I have gotten on the wrong foot, but if it means that much to you, I will allow Sarah to visit you. There still is time for you to get to know your daughter.”

Crystal gave a faint smile at Monica’s remark, “Really? After everything I put you and Roan through you still want to do that?”

“Yes. Because, you are still Sarah’s mother, and you are still her family too, rather I like the situation or not, it is the right thing to do. And I can tell that you still love her. You’re not a bad person Crystal, and Sarah knows that.” Monica smiles. Crystal looks back at her, and she is starting to see why her husband had an easy time to fall in love with her. Monica had this kind look in her eyes that made it impossible to hate her, which was starting to scare Crystal a bit. Then Monica spots Chris, Kristin, and Kerry rushing in from the hospital as it broke whatever moment Monica and Crystal shared. Curiously Monica excuses herself from her husband’s ex-wife and walks over to them

“Monica, where is Seth?” Chris begged.

“In the room with Griffin why?” Monica asks, but Chris didn’t answer and dashes into Griffin’s room. Monica turns to Kerry who is standing near her brother and crying, “Kerry what is…” Monica started to say.

“It’s Lenny…He’s… He’s dying Monica. They just pulled him into the ER.” Kerry stated as tears flowed out of her eyes.

Crystal stood by listening in, as tears started to come out of her eyes as well. Seth came rushing out of the room with Chris at his heals. Just then Monica heard Sarah scream and a painful wail came out of Griffin’s room. Monica rushes in and to find Sarah crying in the corner as her father’s heart machine was beeping loudly. Monica froze. Her worst nightmare was about to happen. She is going to lose the love her life. A team of doctors and nurses rushes and, and one of them guides Monica and Sarah out of the room, as they try and resuscitate Griffin. Monica is not willing to go looks at her husband, “ROAN!!! No…”

“Ma’am you need to get out of here” one of the nurses instructed.

Monica didn’t care, she tries to get to her husband, but the nurse hauls her away, “Roan! Don’t you dare DIE on ME!” Monica manages to yell that out just before the nurse closes the door. Monica goes to the window and seeing her husband dying in front of her. Monica’s eyes stung as tears pool around her brown depths as she is horrified by the scene before her. Monica places her wedding band hand on the glass window as she watches the team of doctors working to bring Griffin back. Sarah came to her, and Monica looks down at her daughter. The look in her daughter’s eyes made Monica sink to the floor, and pulls Sarah close to her, as they both cry for the loss of Griffin.

“We are losing him” The doctor gave a quick glance at the nurse, “Strike him with 300.”

The nurse hollered, “Clear” and shocked Lenny’s body. “Still no change.”

“Then we go to CPR.” The doctor looks at Leonard. “Come On Leonard. Pull through!”

Lisa looks at the heart machine and then to Lenny’s ghost, “Come here Leonard.”

“I’m not going to heaven unless Roan comes back.” Lenny firmly stated.

Lisa pauses in her step as she looks at her assignment, “You are going to be stubborn on this one are you?”

“Yes. I will go home as long as Roan stays on earth. My family needs him.” Lenny stated.

Lisa smiles at him, “I’ll let that be arranged. Now come on, we don’t have much time if you want to catch your brother.”

Lenny nods and looks back on his family and friends, then with a silent goodbye, his kisses them farewell. Then joined his hand with Lisa’s to disappear into another world.

“Still no change sir.” One doctor stated.

Andrew senses Monica’s cries, and he knows it’s time. He looks at Griffin who was meeting up with his soul and mind. Griffin was shaking as he knows this is the moment that Andrew was talking about with having both the body and mind coming together. With a heavy sigh, he looks to his assignment as he looks into Griffin’s face. “It’s time my friend.”

Griffin settles down from the rush feeling, as the pain he once was feeling was no more. Then a bright, warm light was shining through the doorway. Griffin looked at Andrew and knew this is time to say goodbye. Just before he walks through the threshold into the welcoming, warm light filled with love and joy he turns to Andrew with tears in his eyes, “Tell….her. Tell Monica that I will always love her. And I’m…I’m so happy that I got to be the father of her child. Even though I will never get the chance of seeing my new son or daughter grow up.” Andrew nods to his assignment’s request as he takes hold of Griffin’s hands.

Just before Andrew’s hands reach Griffin’s, Lenny walks in with another angel beside him. “Andrew Wait!”

Griffin turns to look at his brother, “Lenny? What are you?” Griffin pauses as he knows what is going to happen. “NO.”

“Tell her yourself Bro, because you are not going to heaven, I am,” Lenny stated as he stood next to his brother.

Lisa left her assignment’s side for a moment to let Lenny say goodbye to his brother, as she stands beside Andrew. Lenny looks into his big brother’s eyes, “You still have a life down there. I don’t. I’m taking your place in heaven.” Lenny spoke.

“No Lenny. You still have your life to live. Don’t…..” Griffin stated as tears fell from his eyes.

“Roan, I did have my time. Maybe not what I have planned, but I had my time. You, on the other hand, you still have your life to live out. Your daughter still needs her father, and same goes for the new baby.” Lenny softly spoke to his brother.

Roan looks to his little brother, “But what about Dad, and Kurt, Lenny. They still need you.”

“They will be fine..… I will be with mom, and my wife and unborn child that I never got to see. I will be okay, Roan.” Lenny smiles through his tears. Then he reaches out and strokes his brother’s face, “I love you so much, big brother. Thank you for everything that you did. And I’m sorry about kidnapping your daughter, and I put her in harm’s way.”

Griffin knows this will be the last time he sees his little brother. Griffin now tears’ flowing down his face looks to his little brother. “Lenny, I’m sorry...I didn’t…. I..I...I forgive you.”

Lenny saw the look in his brother’s eyes and cries with him. Then Lenny embraces his brother for the last time. The two of them hugged each other what felt like a lifetime then Lenny pulls back. “Tell them that I love them, and I will always be there.”

Lisa takes hold of Andrew’s hand and through tearful eyes looks at him. Andrew squeezes his new friend’s hand encouraging her to carry on. Then Lisa left a soft kiss on his cheek and left his side. She then comes up to where Lenny and Griffin are, “It’s time Leonard.”

Lenny looks at Lisa and then into his brother’s eyes. Then with a gentle touch to Griffin’s cheek, he smiles to him, “It’s not like we are never going to see each other again, Roan. I’ll be here waiting. You love the hell out of your family. And Roan, don’t ever let Monica go. She is the real deal, and love from an angel is one of the rarest loves there is. You hold onto that love brother. It will guide you back home.” Griffin nods and holds onto his brother’s hand for a moment more. Then Lenny turns away from Griffin and goes to his angel.

Lisa took hold of Lenny’s hands, “Come on Lenny, there are some people in heaven that are waiting for you.”

Lenny smiles through his tears, and embraces Lisa’s grip, “Take me home.” Just before he disappears into the light, he beams back at his brother and kissing him goodbye. Then the white light surrounds him, and he and the woman go into it.

Andrew looks to Roan and states, “Now it’s your turn to go home. Take my hand, Roan.” Griffin through his tears did what Andrew told him.

The doctors look to each other, and the one who was pumping Lenny’s chest pulls away. “Call it.”

The doctor holding the airbag sighs as he looks at the clock, “Time of Death 18:03” And the chief doctor goes out to find the immediate family to say that Leonard Griffin has passed away.

Back in Griffin’s room, the lead nurse who was doing Griffin’s CPR hollered, “I’m getting a pulse.”

Monica waits with Sarah still crying beside Griffin’s room. Sarah holds tight to Monica, praying that her father was not dead. Monica holds Tess’s hand so tight it made Monica’s knuckles go bleach white. Crystal was at the end of the hall hoping that her ex-husband wasn’t dead. Even though they are devoiced, and that he found someone else to love, Crystal still had un-resolved love feelings for him. Gloria looks across the hallway at her once good friend now in total wreck she knows that Monica is genuinely in love with Roan Griffin, and if he dies, so would she. Gloria holds her assignment close as they all pray for Griffin to pull through.

Andrew knows there is only a short time when Griffin leaves this plane. “Roan, take care of her. She needs you now more than ever. Especially through this pregnancy. And tell her that she is loved up in heaven.”

Griffin looks to him one last time, “Andrew, no offense but for my sake, I hope that we don’t run into each other like this again. At least not on dying terms.”

Andrew chuckles at his comment. “No offense taken, Roan. Now walk through the archway, and you will be on your way back.”

Griffin smiles at him, “Thanks, Andrew. For everything, and for…..” Griffin pauses as he looks into his spring green eyes, “for letting me marrying Monica.”

Andrew looks to him, “Your welcome. And she chose you. Don’t ever let go of that love, you hear.”

Griffin nods, “I won’t.” Then Griffin turns and walks through the archway, and Andrew’s face slowly fades out as the world he always knew is coming into focus.

He is stable.” The nurse replied as the other doctors fled the room. Then with a miraculous recovery, the nurse saw movement in Griffin’s eyes, “Roan. Roan are you with us?”

With a moan, Griffin hoarsely tries to say, “Mo…”

“Roan?” the nurse asks.

“Mon…Monica” Griffin repeated.

“He’s looking for his wife,” the other nurse said.

Monica held tight to Tess when the doctors fled out. Monica was prepared to hear the bad news, which her husband is dead. But to her surprise, one of the nurses with a smile on her face came to her, “Mrs. Griffin. Your husband is back. And he is asking for you.”

Monica with tears in her eyes wiped them then she looked at Tess with her jaw dropped open. Tess smiles at her, “Go to him, baby.”

Monica smiles, “Sarah honey come on.” Monica rushes into her husband’s room with Sarah shortly behind her.

When Monica reaches Griffin’s side, she smiles at him through her tears, “Roan?”

Griffin’s eyes open just a sliver, and with a soft whisper he calls out to her, “Monica?”

With joy rushing into her, Monica goes to him and squeezes his hand and kisses his cheek. Griffin smiles at her and seeing his beautiful wife again made him so happy. Griffin slowly reaches for her face and lightly strokes it, as Monica moves into his touch and kisses his outreached hand, and gazing into his glowing blue eyes. Just then Sarah came. “Daddy?”

Griffin switches his gaze off his wife’s and into his daughter’s, “Sarah.”

Sarah now in tears of joy with her father and Monica, embrace her dad. “Daddy!”

Seth looks at his son’s lifeless body. And then he crumbles to the floor. Kathy goes to him and holds her good friend as they mourn over Lenny’s dead body. Chris stood there hearing the piercing cries of his best friend’s father and an old friend to the family broke his heart. And he too was sobbing for his other brother’s lost soul. Kerry holds him close and cries into her brother’s arms. Seeing Lenny dead had shattered everyone.

Standing a few feet away from the tragic scene was Ruth as she stands there with Andrew. Tears flowed off her face as she sees her family now broken because the sacrifice Lenny had made.

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