Fallen Angel Part 4

Family Affairs

That afternoon around 3 in the afternoon Sarah arrives home from school. Monica was in the kitchen making some caramel tea for herself and some orange juice for Griffin. As soon as the tea was made Sarah walks into the house and looks into the kitchen, “You’re home?”

Monica looks up from the stove, “Yes. And I have a little surprise for you, Sarah.”

Sarah took off her massive backpack and set it on the stool by the breakfast bar. “What is that?”

“Go to the living room you will see for yourself.” Monica smiles.

“Daddy? He’s home!” Sarah’s face brightens up and soon abandons her schoolwork to venture into the living room. Monica soon follows after her adopted daughter. She didn’t want to miss the daughter and father moment.

Sarah enters the living room to find her father resting his so-called ‘eyes’ on the sofa. Her father must have sensed her arrival because he slowly opens his eyes to look at his daughter, “Hey kiddo.” With her father’s warming invite, Sarah rushes over to him and gives him a little hug. Griffin winces at the pain he felt when Sarah embraces him.

Sarah caught onto it, “Oh, daddy I’m sorry..”

“No need to be the medicine is warring off anyways. So how was your day sweetheart.” Griffin smiles.

“Good. Had a huge science test today and I almost had an A- but I messed up on the definitions. Julia and I had stayed up half the night studying for this test.” Sarah explained.

Monica moves in to sit on the chair beside the couch just admiring the moments shared between her husband and his daughter. She can’t believe in a few weeks she will be her official mom. She may not like Crystal and what she had done to Sarah and Griffin, but she also feels bad that knowing Sarah looks to her instead of her real mom.

“Well Sarah honey, it’s okay if you don’t get 100% on every test. I’m not expecting you to get all As.” Griffin stated.

“I know that. But I feel that I should have studied more.” Sarah looks down in disappointment.

Monica adds in, “You did your best Sarah. That is all that your father and I expect from you with school. Failing sweetheart is alright. It’s part of learning.”

Sarah smiles at her and then to her father, “Thanks.”

Monica smiles back and then looks at her husband. She senses Griffin’s tiredness and then she turns to Sarah, “Hey Sarah, why don’t you give your father some rest. He just got back a few hours ago.”

“Okay. I love you, daddy.” Sarah stated.

“I love you too, Sarah.” Griffin smiles as he hugs his daughter. Sarah kissed her father and then turns to head back in the kitchen.

Monica looked at her husband and gave him some more antibiotics for his wound. Monica looks to him as he starts to close his eyes, “I’ll come and wake you up when supper is ready okay.”

Griffin smiles at her, “Just wish I wasn’t so….” Griffin pauses as he lets out a long yawn. “so tired and wiped out.”

Monica gave a small chuckle, “You had a rough 48 hours honey, and you need your rest. Your daughter isn’t going to go anywhere. You’ll have more opportunities to talk with her, but right now you need to follow doctor orders. Okay.”

Griffin let out little laughter, “Since when did you become to be my nurse.”

Monica smiles as she leans into him for a kiss as she slyly adds in, “Since you decided to be a hero for your daughter and me…” Monica trails off as her lips touched her husband’s. Monica still has a fear of being truly intimate with her husband again; however, she is slowly pulling away from the trauma she experienced. After a moment or two of kissing each other, Monica pulls back and gazes into Griffin’s half closed eyes. Then she mummers to him, “I’ll keep her busy for you.” The next instant Griffin was out like a light. Monica strokes her husband’s face and brushes the ends of his hair back some. She smiles at his sleeping form, slowly gets up to go into the study room where Sarah was doing her homework.

When Monica arrives into the small study room, she eyes Sarah on the computer, “That doesn’t look like homework to me.”

Sarah turns around to see Monica in the doorway of the room, “Sorry, I got sidetracked. Reading up on Harry Potter.”

Monica smiles at her daughter’s geekiness, as she puts on her motherly tone of voice, “Well, Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry can wait for another time. Homework now.”

Sarah nods and closes out of a Harry Potter fan page and goes to her school database to start her research for her research paper on people living with AIDS. Monica goes to a small chair by a small fireplace to go through her plans for returning to her teaching. Sarah pauses in her reading as she turns to Monica. “Mom...I mean Monica.”

Monica looks up at Sarah and smiles, “You can call me mom if you want.”

Sarah smiles and nods, “I didn’t want to bring this up, but are you free tomorrow evening? You know with daddy..”

Monica puts down her teaching book and looks at her, “Is this about going to go see the new Harry Potter movie?”

“No. I would love too, but no.” Sarah stated. Sarah pulls a slip of paper out of her notebook and hands it to Monica. “Tomorrow night is the parent-teacher conference. And my science teacher Mr. Rice wants to talk with you or my father. I don’t know about what, but here.”

Monica looks at Sarah then reaches for the paper that read Parent-Teacher conference night. Parents can see how their child is behaving in class and get some feedback from their teachers on how well they are achieving. We would love for you to come and join us on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday from 5 to 8. Hoe to see you there. Monica nods, “I will come to it. I got to go and talk with my boss anyways for returning to work, and it’s on the way back from there, so I’ll stop by.”

Sarah smiles, “Great!” Then she pauses and eyes her mom, “Are you sure you are ready to return?”

Monica nods, “I’m sure. Now homework. And I’ll get dinner started here shortly.”

Sarah smiles and goes back to the computer. About an hour into the two girls work time the doorbell suddenly rings. Monica looks at the time as it reads 6:00 pm. Sarah was off the computer and was with her laptop writing her paper. She looks at Monica, “Who could that be?”

Monica looks back, “I don’t know. You keep doing your homework okay.” Sarah nods as she goes back to writing her paper. Monica gets up from the chair and goes to the front door. To her surprise, she finds Chris at the door. Monica slowly opens it up to look at him.

As soon as Monica opens the door, she asks Chris, “Hi Chris..ah...Roan is asleep. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Chris looks in, “Yeah. Are you busy at the moment?”

“No, not really. Just watching Sarah and attending to my husband. Why?” Monica asks.

“I need to talk to you,” Chris said urgency.

Monica looks into the house and then she grabs her small fall black jacket and wraps it around her tiny body. She steps outside and sits with Chris on the porch. “Okay. What’s up?”

Chris takes in a deep breath and then exhales it, “I went to go see Griffin’s father last night. He is shut off from the world around him. I thought it was just the cause of Lenny’s death, but he isn’t talking with anyone. It’s like he is abandoning his family and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Parker are anxious about him, and I never saw Kathy so devastated.”

Monica nods, “Well give Griffin’s father some time. He will come around.”

Chris shakes his head, “I’m not so sure about that. After when Lenny passed away, he went into Lenny’s room and never left. And when I mention that Griffin is awake, he never moved from Lenny’s bed, and he got all furious at mentioning you. Do you want to tell me why he is so angry towards you and your marriage to Roan?”

Monica looks at Chris, “He’s angry at me?”

“Yes. He said that God is punishing him and that soon God will punish his other son. Does he know about you, the real you, and what you once were?” Chris asks.

Monica gets up and walks to the railing of the porch. Then she looks back at him, “Yes, I told him when I met him for the first time, for Sarah’s birthday.”

Chris gets up and goes to Monica, “Kathy knows something about his past. My question is, why does Griffin’s father be angry towards you, and what you are? Did he too cross paths with an angel?”

Monica couldn’t say, because she will jeopardize her husband’s trust with her and God. “Chris I can’t help you.”

“Monica, Roan is my best friend. I want to know.” Chris stated.

“You can’t” Monica answered him as she eyes him sharply.

“So you know why Seth his angry and why he is angry about you.” Chris looks at her with a hint of anger.

“Yes, I do.” Monica looks at Chris, and she went to him, “And I would love to share, but it’s not my place to say it. I made a promise to Griffin’s father that I wouldn’t share the long-lasting secret he kept from his kids.” Monica told Chris. Chris had a confused look in his eyes, as Monica spoke to him, “because it could ruin Roan’s bond he has with God and my marriage to him.”

“What would ruin my best friend. If someone was withholding information from a long family, secrete I would like to know.” Chris looks at her as his anger soften.

“Trust me on this one Chris. Whatever Seth is feeling is his unresolved grief from his wife and now his son. He will pull through this. It’s just going to take awhile okay. The important thing is that you still have your best friend with you.” Monica smiles at him and puts an arm around his shoulders.

“It just hurts me to see my sort of my father hurt this bad. What was in his past life made him turn away from God where he used to trust with his heart fully?” Chris stated as he puts his head in his hands.

Monica exhaled as she softly spoke to him, “Sometimes losing a loved one can cause a rifted in a relationship with God. He is just going through a bad patch right now. But he will come back. He is just really angry for having the people in his life be there and is taken away from him like in a blink of an eye. I dealt with a lot of people that I helped when I was an angel, go through this grief after they too lost someone they loved, and they pushed away from God and blaming Him for the cause killing their loved ones. But God isn’t the cause of death. He is life. He hurts like we do when we lose someone close to us.”

Chris smiles at her, “Thanks, Monica.”

Monica smiles back and gives her husband’s best friend a hug, “Your welcome Chris. I got to go back. Sarah is probably getting hungry about now.”

Just before Monica goes in Chris looks to her, “Hey Mon..” Monica pauses as she turns to look at Chris. “In your past, has anyone of your cases dealt with killing themselves because they couldn’t handle losing a part of them because of their loved one’s death?”

Monica looks at Chris with sorrowful eyes, then slowly she nods, “A few yes. But with most of my cases, they found God’s light and turn back to follow them.”

Chris nods and hops off the last step of the porch. Before he walks off to his car, Monica calls out to him, “Chris. Just have faith. Seth will find the light again.”

Chris smiles and heads in the direction of his off-duty car. Monica looks to the skies and prays for Seth to find the strength to carry on after the death of his son. Then Monica turns into her home and starts to make some comfort food for herself and her family after everything they been through together.

Later on that same night Seth stares out into the darkness of the outside world. He holds tight to Lenny’s leather jacket that was soaked in his blood the night he went to the hospital where he never came back from. Seth felt utterly alone in the world, without his wife, and now losing his youngest child put him in the dark. Seth begins to weep as he smelt Lenny’s scent on the jacket. He loved his little child. He was so furious at God for taking his youngest child away from him. He guesses this was a punishment. For falling in love with one of his angels. And now he fears that his second child will have this cursed life. Seth looks to the heavens as he mumbles to the air, ”I hate you! You have put Ruth in my life and allowed me to marry her, and father her kids. And you took her from me, and now my baby boy! Is this your way of some cruel joke!”

“God is not cruel baby, and he didn’t take Lenny from you.” A voice said behind him.

Seth stood up from Lenny’s bed and whips around to see a woman sitting beside a small table wearing a white laced jacket as well as a white turtleneck and white pants. “Tess!”

Tess looks at her once good friend’s lover as he was furious and hating God. “Hello, Seth, nice to see you again.”

Dinner was just about ready. Monica had made some homemade chicken casserole with garlic bread. She was just about finished with placing the food on the table when her husband walks in. Monica looks at him and smiles, “How do you feel?”

Griffin smiles and looks into his wife’s eyes, “Better. Still aching some but it will pass.”

Monica goes to him and places her hands on his chest. Griffin took that as her invitation to kiss her. Griffin slowly bends his head so that he can meet his wife’s lips. Monica smiles at Griffin’s tender touch. Every moment he is with her, she feels more at ease and the fear of her almost being raped slowly slips away. Monica felt Griffin leaving her lips as she slowly feels his lips on her neck. Monica closes her eyes and grips the chair beside her. She was feeling the sexual pleasure in her. Something about Griffin’s tender touch sets her off, and it drives Monica crazy. Their moment was soon interrupted by a clearing of the throat by the doorway.

“Really? You know you guys could warn me when you make out in front of me.” Sarah stated.

Monica blushes at Griffin and slowly backs up from him. Griffin too goes and sits at the table. Monica tries not to look at her husband as she also takes her seat. Monica sat beside Sarah and opposite to Griffin. Together as a family, they grabbed hands as they bowed their heads and said grace. Monica led the prayer as they blessed the food and their lives. When the prayer was done Monica passes the food to her soon to be daughter. Sarah dug into the food right away and thanked Monica for the home cooked meal that she hadn’t had in forever. Griffin too thanked his wife. And for two weeks in the hospital, Griffin was glad to have real food instead of hospital food.

Monica and Griffin enjoyed hearing their daughter explaining about her day at school. Monica was waiting for the perfect moment to tell Sarah about the rescheduled court hearing of the adoption. And she thought this would be the time, “That’s great Sarah. Your father and I have something to tell you.”

Sarah looks at Monica then at her father, “Okay shoot.”

Monica smiles at her, “Next week Monday you and I have to go into court.”

Sarah’s face fell, “My mother.”

“Your mother is dropping her claim of joint custody on you,” Monica stated.

“What?” Sarah asks in disbelief.

“Your mother is letting me be your official mom Sarah,” Monica stated.

“Really?” Sarah looks at her father.

Griffin smiles with his wife, “Really.”

Sarah’s face lightens up as she gets out of her chair and goes and gives Monica a big hug. As she pulls back, she looks at her new mom, “But what made her change her mind?”

Monica holds on to her, “You know what you prayed for before I came into the picture how you wanted an angel to help heal..” Monica pauses for a moment as she eyes Griffin, “Your father.”

“Yes.” Sarah looks into Monica’s eyes, and soon she got what Monica was hinting, “You mean my mom was visited by an angel too?” Monica nods. “Who?”

Monica smiles, “I can’t really say. Whatever was said between your mother and her visitor stays between them.”

Griffin looks at the mother and daughter moment and soon looks at Sarah, “Are you finished with your food sweetheart?”

Sarah nods, “Yes daddy.”

Griffin took the dishes in the kitchen and started to wash. Sarah helps out with her father in the kitchen as well with Monica in the dining area. Sarah brings out a bucket of soap and water and washes down the table when Monica takes the last remaining dishes into the kitchen to have her husband wash them as she puts the leftover food into containers for the next day. Griffin looks over at Monica who was placing the food into the bowls and smiles. She still looks so damn sexy to him. Monica soon senses his look as she turns around to look at him, “What?”

Griffin smiles and shakes his head, “Nothing.”

Monica eyes him as she continues with her task. Griffin waited until she wasn’t looking at him anymore as he turns to stare at her once more. When Monica turns to hand him the last remaining dishes he turns and faces her, “What?”

Griffin smiles as he carefully guides her to him. Monica giggles with him, “You are awful at doing dishes Griff, you know that.”

Griffin still eyes her, “I know. Can’t help it. You are so..”

Monica shuts him up with a warm tender kiss. Griffin sinks into her embrace as he allowed her to make the moves. Monica feeling confident pushes Griffin next to the sink and kisses him deeper. She has no idea where this sexual energy is coming from, but at this moment in time, she didn’t care. She was happy to have her husband back with her in their home. Monica soon pulls away leaving her husband melting. Griffin slowly opens his eyes to stare at his wife, “Wow. You really know how to make me weak in the knees with your kiss.”

Monica giggles to her husband’s comment, “I always do.”

Griffin giggles with her and he go to her, and she allows him to hold her, and kiss the side of her neck. And the two of them finished doing the last remaining dishes, while occasionally have a make-out session for a few minutes.

Sarah was behind the door watching her father and soon to be mother make out. She was happy to see the two of them, still being in love with each other after everything that has happened to them recently. Seeing Monica glow with love from her father, made Sarah happy. Especially what Monica had gone through the last few weeks. Sarah still didn’t remember what had happened and probably for the best. She was delighted that her family was back together again and with her baby sister or brother on the way.

As soon as the dishes were put in the dishwasher and the machine was running Monica looks at her husband, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what had come over me.”

Griffin laughs, “Monica sweetie it’s okay. It’s normal.”

“So it is my hormones that are doing all of these irrational actions,” Monica stated.

“Well I won’t call them irrational, but yes.” Griffin smiles as Monica hits him with a damp towel.

“How long does this happen?” Monica asks.

“It comes in waves. Crystal had her moments too.” Griffin cracked a smile.

Monica sighs, “You are enjoying this aren’t’ you.”

Griffin chuckles to her statement, “Honey it’s hard not to. You are throwing the moves at me. I can’t help it.”

Monica exhales, and a smile breaks on her face, “I know. My therapist told me not to engage in sexual activities for at least three months. But I really can’t control these hormones.”

Griffin comes near his wife, “I know honey.” Griffin kisses her head. “I’ll try and control myself too.”

Monica looked up into his eyes and smiled at him, “Come on. Sarah is in the other room waiting for us.”

Monica and Griffin went into the living room to have some family time with their daughter. Sarah curled up in her favorite spot while re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when her father and Monica came into the room. She looks up and smiles at the two adults. “You guys are so cute.”

Monica looks to her, “So you ready to watch a movie?”

“Yup, just waiting on you two with your little make-out sessions in the kitchen.” Sarah giggles.

“You saw us?” Griffin asked.

“Dad it’s hard not to. It’s fine I don’t mine, little kissing doesn’t bother me. Lets me know that you two still have affection for one another and love each other. It’s the stuff that grownups do behind closed doors. I don’t want to see.” Sarah stated.

“And we are very private about that,” Monica suggested as Sarah snuggles beside Monica and Griffin comes in beside his wife.

“Good. So what movie?” Sarah asks.

It took a while to decided as a family what movie to watch, but Sarah picked out Wall-e. She loves the little robots. Monica has heard of this film but never actually seen it. She sat down and thought it was cute. And love little Sarah’s laughter in the movie. Although in one scene of the movie Monica begins to tear up for no reason. Little snuffs came out. Griffin was picking up on Monica’s weird mood change. He softly leans to her, “Mon, honey are you crying?”

Monica looks to him, “No.”

Griffin smiles, and Monica softly whispers to him, “Shut up.”

After the movie was done Sarah picks up her book and heads into her room. Monica comes into Sarah’s room to say goodnight to her daughter. “Thanks, mom.”

Monica looks to her, “For what?”

“For being strong when daddy was in the hospital and for fighting for me. You never gave up when times got rough, even to the point of losing daddy, you still had faith, so I want to say thank you.” Sarah smiles.

Monica looks at Sarah, “You know your mother still loves you. I know it doesn’t seem like she does, but she loves you.”

Sarah looks away not meeting Monica’s eyes, “To tell you the truth Monica, I don’t love her.”

“Sarah.” Monica looks at her daughter.

“It’s true.” Sarah sat up in her bed.

“Sarah. You and I know that isn’t true. You have the disappointment love for your mom. And the anger and hurt at what she did to you. But that doesn’t stop you from disowning her. She is still your mother, Sarah.” Monica strokes her daughter’s face.

Sarah then looks up into her eyes, “If she really did love me, then why hasn’t she made an effort to call or stop by in those six years that she walked away from.”

Monica had no words to say. After all this time Sarah is still refusing to accept her birth mother’s love. And Monica doesn’t blame her for being angry. “I don’t know baby, but your mother is trying to reconnect to you again. I know it’s not an easy road Sarah, but she wants to be in your life again.”

Sarah looks down, “I know. Still doesn’t change the fact that she hurt me all those years. And I’m thankful that she is allowing you to be my mother, but I’m still hurt and angry at her.”

Monica gave a half smile, “I know, and you are going to be. Takes a while to mend a broken relationship, and time will heal your old wounds that your mother caused in your heart. Give your mother a second chance sweetheart, can you at least try. For me.” Monica strokes Sarah’s head.

Sarah looks at her wall for a moment then back at Monica. Sarah takes in a deep breath as she exhales out a sigh, “I guess if God can give people second chances when they mess up, I guess I should practice doing that myself. But seems so hard to do.”

Monica smiles at her daughter, “God never said it was an easy thing to do.” Then she sighs, “Well it’s late, and you have school tomorrow. I’ll leave so your dad can say goodnight to you too. I love you kid.”

Sarah smiles at her, “I love you too Monica.” Sarah and Monica embrace each other, and Sarah kisses her goodnight. She started to do that a few weeks ago when Griffin was in a coma. Monica moves off of Sarah’s bed and backs away as Griffin steps in. He still was limping some, but he was healing from his wound. Monica pauses at the doorway of Sarah’s room for a brief moment to watch the reconnecting moment of father and daughter. She smiles at her husband and daughter. Seeing him loving his child, melted Monica’s heart. She couldn’t wait to see him bonding with their unborn child, the way he is bonding with his little girl.

Monica retreats to her room as she changes into her sleepwear clothes. She pulls back the covers to her and Griffin’s bed and slips into the coolness of the sheets. She sighs as she pulls out the book that was on her nightstand next to her alarm clock. The book was helping her to cope with her trauma. Monica still has a long way to recover from what Charles Norman did to her, but with God’s help and her love from her family, she knows she will pull through. Monica had just finished a page and a half when her husband came into the room. Monica sets down her book, as Griffin strolls in the bathroom. Monica climbs out of bed and stands in the doorway, “You feel comfortable sleeping in here or on the couch.”

Griffin hangs the towel on the towel bar as he comes near her, “I don’t want to be apart from you Monica. And I’m tired of being apart from our room and our bed. I feel comfortable in here, but if you are not comfortable with me in here after everything that you went through, I’m completely comfortable sleeping on the..”

Monica came to him and kissed him lightly, “You are very sweet, Griff, and I thank you for caring for me. But like you, I don’t want to be apart from you.”

Griffin eyes her, “You are not suggesting to..”

“No. Still not completely comfortable to travel down that road yet even with all the hormones in me.” Monica stated as she smiles at him, “But I do miss you holding me.”

Griffin smiles at her and kisses her tenderly. Monica melted in with Griffin as they deeply and tenderly made out in their private bathroom. Monica misses this. She misses his tender touch and misses the intimacy between them. After a few minutes, Griffin pulls back and looks at his wife. Now it was Monica’s turn to be feeling weak and helpless. She stares at him, “You know, if my therapist told me not to have sex for at least three months, I would totally disobey that right now. Because Roan, don’t know why but you are turning me on right now.”

Griffin smiles at her, “Well don’t want to do that, and Monica, it is your hormones that is making you sexually active. Anyways, I got to take a shower since I feel like I’ve hadn’t showered in months. Then I’ll join you and then, make out some…”

Monica giggles to his words, “Well if you do that, then I’ll never be able to sleep. And bad things will happen. As we could up having sex if you keep finding my sweet spots that turn me on, and drive me crazy.” Griffin strokes his wife’s face and found her schoolgirl smile again that he loves so very much. “Besides, I got to go into work tomorrow to talk with my boss about coming back to teaching after the holidays.”

“That soon?” Griffin asks.

“Yes. Now that you are safely out of the coma, and not having me worry that you are going to die, and me seeking help after my trauma and getting Sarah as my daughter. I feel that my life is heading back in order, and it’s time for me to return to work.” Monica looks at her husband.

Griffin nods, “If you feel ready, then I trust you.”

Monica smiles, “I trust you too.”

Griffin smiles as he kisses her lightly. Monica slowly closes the door to the bathroom and then returns to the bed. Monica had finished reading five chapters when Griffin came out of the bathroom. She looks at him as his wet hair spiked up at the ends. Monica holds back her urge to play with his hair. Monica sighs as she looks at the time which read 11:30 PM. Griffin soon climbs in bed with his wife and lies beside her. Monica turned off the small lamp on her side and faced her husband. Griffin reached up to her face and traced his finger along Monica’s left cheekbone. Monica’s heart raced with so many emotions running inside of her. She doesn’t know if this is God’s doing or her own body, but she wanted so much to make love to him again. But part of her was scared to flashback to her almost rape.

Griffin kept his distance and let his wife come to him. And Monica admires that of him. Monica slowly puts her hand to Griffin’s and laces her hands to his. Then she softly whispers to him, “I love you.”

Griffin smiled at her and repeated the words back to her, “I love you too, my love.” Monica felt comfortable enough to snuggle in Griffin’s strong muscular arms. And soon she listens to his beautiful heart, and soon Monica was out like a light.

Seth looks at his once good friend. He felt outraged just by looking into her brown eyes. Seth took a seat on the bed and stared up at Tess, ”Let me guess. Ruth sent you.”

Tess looks at him, “No. I’m here because the Father sent me.”

Seth gave a small sarcastic chuckle, “yeah, I’m sure he did. The best friend of my dead wife.”

Tess didn’t smile at Seth’s remark. She calmly just sat beside the small table in Lenny’s old room. “God didn’t send me because of your courtship with one of my good friends, Seth. He sent me to help you.”

Seth stood up from the bed and went to the window, “I don’t want his help. I asked…No I prayed for him to help my family, and what do I get as a reply back. Taking my child from me that is what! Is that it? Mate with one of his angels, and you send a death wish to your mate and your children. God is punishing me for falling in love. And now my son is going to go through with this pain with his own family.”

Tess then got up from her chair and slowly approaches him, “Seth. God didn’t want your wife to die, or even your son. Bad things happen in this world that takes away life, but it wasn’t God’s doing.”

Seth turned and gazed at her, “If it wasn’t God’s doing Tess, then why did it happened? God could have stopped it.”

Tess slowly stops in front of him, “No he couldn’t. If he did, then he will interfere with free will that he gave to all beings, including angels.”

Seth stares out at the rain, “What free will? There is no free will in this world.”

“Oh baby, there is. You have a choice to listen to his word, or you don’t. And you also have a choice to love him. Which I know you do.” Tess smiles.

Seth took his gaze off the window as he looks at her. There was coldness in his eyes. Then in a cold voice, he spoke to Tess, “No I don’t. Not anymore.”

Tess looks at him, and a little hurt at what he just said. She knows he still loves God, but his trust in him was slowly slipping away with all the pain he has gone through. Seth looks into Tess’s brown eyes, and he wanted to go and hide from her stare. Just then there was a knock on the door which snapped Seth away from her gaze.

“Seth?” Kathy stated from behind the door as she pokes her head in.

Seth then looks back at where Tess was, but she was gone. It’s like she was never there. Seth shook his head, and maybe he had just imagined the whole conversation. Kathy then goes to him, and he felt her warm, gentle touch, “Seth, you need to eat something. You haven’t eaten since this morning. Please come down from this old attic.”

Seth looks to her and gently patted her hand, “Not hungry to eat. I’ll be down.”

“Seth…” Kathy begged, but Seth cut her out with the silent treatment. She sighs and leaves him a plate of grilled cheese. She then closes the door to Lenny’s old room. Seth looks to see if Tess will reappear. He waited for 20 minutes and still no sign of her. He guesses he did imagine it. He shrugged and went to curl up with his son’s jacket in his arms and slept on Lenny’s bed.

As soon as Seth was out Tess looks at her assignment and said a prayer out to him. Ruth came and sat beside her husband as she strokes his shoulders. She gazes at Tess, “You know what he said he really didn’t mean it. It is the grief that he is feeling. You know that he loves and adores God.”

“No, he meant it all right. He is furious at him.” Tess said.

Ruth nods in agreement, “Just wish I was there to help him.”

Tess looks down on Ruth and sees the pain and hurt in her eyes, “I know but you can’t. He has too much hurt and anger right now. And having you there could distract things. He will be fine. He knows how I work.”

Ruth tries to smile as she looks at her husband, “I’ll stay with him in the night. You have a big day tomorrow with him.”

Tess smiles, “Okay.” Tess went over to Ruth and gave her a comforting squeeze of the shoulder as she turns to leave.

Ruth stayed to watch her husband sleep. She goes and curls up beside him, stroking his shoulders like years before. And softly she whispers in his ear, “Seth….My love. Lenny is doing fine. The Lord is good to him, and he is with me. You don’t have to worry. And this isn’t a punishment. Falling in love with you was never my death sentence. I lived a life that no other angel in heaven got to experienced. And I am truly blessed by that. You, my love, was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Monica soon was awaked by her alarm clock. It read 6:20 am. Monica with a drowsy grumble hit the snooze and rolls over to snuggle in Griffin’s warm embrace. She smiles at his light breathing and wishes she could freeze time to be in this moment. For the first time in weeks, Monica had slept well, with having the love of her life beside her like before. Monica laid in bed with him for another 10 minutes when the alarm went off again. This time Griffin stirred as he looks at his wife. He gently nudged her, “Monica...Monica, honey.”

Monica slowly opens her beautiful brown eyes, “What…”

“Your alarm is going off,” Griffin stated.

Monica looks at him and hears the noise. She rolled out of her husband’s arms and went to turn off the alarm. Griffin looks at her and sighs, “Your getting up.”

Monica turns and looks down on him. She smiles and falls back under the covers to lay beside him, “Yes. Got to drive Sarah to school. Then I’m all yours.”

Griffin embraced her and started to kiss the nape of her beautiful neck, “You know the school has a bus system. She can go on the bus, and you can stay here in bed with me.”

Monica giggles to his loving touch, “True, very true to that. But it has become our thing now.”

Griffin stops kissing her neck and stares up into her eyes, “You know, it’s been a year since we known each other.”

Monica looks to him as she sat up, “It’s November 16th.”

Griffin nods, as he moves to kiss her neck once more. As he mumbles against the back of her neck, he tenderly spoke, “Happy one year anniversary.”

Monica smiles and a little laugh came out, “Griffin. We only say that when we have been married that long, not when we first met.”

Griffin pulls back to look at her a bit, “I know. But to me when meeting you for the first time, was the best moment of my life. You are the love of my life, Monica, and I am so blessed to come and know and love you.”

Monica smiles at him, and he slowly guides her to him. The next instant her lips were on his. They were in a wild lip lock with each other when there was a knock on the door which pulled Monica out of her moment with him.

“Mom....Mom. We are going to be late. Are you even up?” Sarah said behind Monica and Griffin’s closed bedroom door.

Monica panting from her make-out session with Griffin pulls away from his embrace a little as she covers his mouth with her hand, as she calls out to their daughter, “Yes. I’ll be right out.” She waited until she heard Sarah walk away from the door. Then Monica glances back onto Griffin, “Well….I have to go. To be continued.” Monica leaves a quick kiss to his lips, and before Griffin had a chance to react, she slips out of his embrace.

Griffin looks at her with a charming smile, which then causes Monica to go weak. She refuses to react to her emotions when he did that as she disappears in their small private bathroom. After when she was dress in a slim black blouse that hid the bump of her pregnancy, and some fine blue jeans, she emerges out of the restroom, only to find Griffin to fall back into a deep slumber. She smiles at her husband’s sleeping form. Before Monica left the bedroom, she gave her husband a light feather kiss on his cheek, and softly whispers to him, “I’ll be back in about a few moments, I love you.” Then Monica goes out of the room and down the stairs.

Monica heads into the kitchen to find Sarah reading more out of her Harry Potter book. She smiles at her, “Did you just read that book when you were at camp?”

“Yeah. I want to reread it. It’s so good! Still makes me jump.” Sarah said as she took a bite of her cinnamon toast.

Monica brew herself some tea as she sat down next to her daughter. Sarah looks up from her reading, “Are you going to work or staying home with Daddy?”

“Well, after I drop you off I have to go and talk with my boss about coming back in. Then coming back home to assist your father.” Monica explained as she pours out some Special K.

“What took you so long to get out of bed?” Sarah asks as she made another cinnamon toast. “You are always up before I am.”

Monica blushes and smiles to herself on her making out with her husband, “Overslept I guess.” Monica didn't want to give the real reason why she was not up early. Monica glances at the clock, “Sarah what time do you need to be in school.”

“Morning classes don’t start until 7:45 am,” Sarah stated.

“Well, it’s 7:20 now. And it takes about 20 minutes to get there. You can eat that on the way. Your backpack is packed right?” Monica stated as she took some yogurt on the go.

“Yes. And my homework.” Sarah stated as she took her plate of food with her. She shakes her head, and Monica caught on.

“What?” Monica asks as she slips on her coat, and grabs her purse and car keys.

“You are such a mother.” Sarah giggles.

Monica smiles at her daughter’s comment. And she heads out of the house with Sarah beside her. Monica started the engine to the red Cadillac, and Sarah buckled her seatbelt with her plate of toast in her lap. As Monica carefully backs out of the driveway and pulls on the main street, Sarah looks to her, “You nervous of heading back?”

Monica kept her eyes fixed on the road, “A little, but I’ll get past it.”

“Still planning on going to my parent-teacher conference?” Sarah asks.

“Yup. I have it marked down.” Monica smiles at her daughter.

“Daddy hates going to them. He doesn’t find it that thrilling.” Sarah sighs.

“Really? How come.” Monica asks.

“I don’t know….” Sarah looks out the window as a light drizzle of rain formed on the windows of the car.

Monica soon pulls into the middle school parking lot at 7:35. Sarah hops out of her car. Just before she turns to head into the school she looks at Monica, “I might be a little late coming home.”

Monica looks into Sarah’s blue eyes, “How late is late?”

“Around 5. Julia and I are going to try out for volleyball. And I’m catching a ride with her.” Sarah stated.

“Alright. Just make sure you are home by 7. And do your homework, before you and Julia go off and have your girl time.” Monica stated.

“I always do.” Sarah smiles and turns to leave.

Monica smiles at her daughter and watches her walk off to join her friends. Monica slowly backs out of the parking space she was in, and suddenly a specific individual caught her eye. A man is caring a small black briefcase with him with a tan trench coat wrap around him. Monica stared long and hard on him. He looks so familiar to her, but she couldn’t quite place where she had seen him. Monica soon snaps out of it and shrugs it off, as she backs out of her parking space. Her next stop is her work.

Griffin soon wakes up from his deep sleep. He didn’t realize he had drifted off until a flash of lightning and a loud boom jerked him from his slumber. He looked around his dimed room and found that Monica had left. She left him a note on his end table saying she will be out for a few hours. Griffin pulls back the covers and slowly pulls himself out of bed. He liked the time off from work, but he missed being a cop. He knows that Monica won’t let him go back to work at least until the doctor says so. He still aches from his gunshot wound, but he won’t allow himself to admit that. For being a cop for 25 years, he only has been shot four times in his past.

Griffin slowly comes down the stairs and made himself some eggs and coffee. As he enjoyed his meal, he notices the baby name books beside the kitchen bar table. Griffin pulled out one of the books and started to flip through it. He smiled at some of the pages where he sees that Monica had already circled some names. He remembers going through some of these books with Crystal on picking out Sarah’s name. Now he gets to relive that moment with Monica. Griffin then closes one book and sets it aside and looks at some of the other ones.

One of the books, in particular, caught his eye. It was a book of Irish baby names. Curiously Griffin opens it up and looks through it. He smiles to some of the names and the meanings behind it. He notices some of the names that Monica had circled and looked at the meanings behind each circled name. She is a very deep person and wants the meaning of their child to be unique. And that is what he loves about her. His father named Griffin after his father who died when Griffin was young. Griffin knows his name is Irish. Griffin flips to the section that says R. And looked and soon he finds his name. He was surprised what his name really meant and felt a little disappoint and embarrassed. He wonders what Monica will think of his name. And now very curious he wants to know the meaning behind her name. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Griffin sighs as he closes up the baby book and strolls to the front door.

As soon as he answered the door, he was greeted by his other brother Kurt, “Kurt?”

“Roan is it true?” Kurt asks.

“Is what true?” Griffin squinted his face in confusion.

“Lenny..is he dead?” Kurt said with tears in his eyes.

Griffin looks at his older brother, and Griffin didn’t have to say the words. He saw his brother break down and was crying as another rumble of thunder sounded through the area. Griffin came to his brother and put his mighty arms around him as he guides him into his home and out of the pouring rain.

Monica arrives at the school where she works. She waits nervously in her car as the window wipers were swishing back and forth from the pouring down rain. Debating if this was a good idea to return or not. Finally, she steps out of her car with her tan umbrella in hand. The storm has picked up some since she dropped Sarah off at school. Monica arrives at the school’s entrance and walks in, closing her umbrella. She turns left and goes down the hall to the main office where she can speak directly to her boss. Monica enters the office and waits until the secretary was finished with a student.

“I didn’t skip my government class. I had to go and get my teeth clean.” The student protested.

“Don’t take it up with me. Take this note to Mr. Sanders.” The man stated.

The student grunts as he grabs hold of the pick slip and moves past Monica and out the doors. The man turns to Monica, “Sorry about that. How can I…Mrs. Griffin? What are you doing here?”

Monica smiles, “Hi Ted nice to see you again.”

“Sorry about the last time I met you.” Ted tried to hide his embarrassment.

Monica shakes her head, “It’s fine. Trust me you are not the only man in this town who tends to look me up and down. I know I am a catch to a lot of single guys around here.”

“Still it was unprofessional of me, and I apologize,” Ted stated.

“Well, I admire your honesty.” Monica smiles.

“So Mrs. Griffin is there anything I can do for you?” Ted asks taking the subject off of his flirting.

“Actually yes, is Mary available?” Monica asks.

“Umm..she is not at the moment. She is in a meeting until 10. You could wait until she is out or I could send you to Mr. Carter.” Ted suggested. Monica’s face went sour at the mention of that slim balls name. Ted caught onto Monica’s facial expression, “Is there something wrong?”

Monica looks at him, “No. Nothing.” Trying to hide her dislike feelings toward one of her other boss, and Ted caught onto it.

“Take it you are not a fan of Mr. Carter either.” He chuckles.

“No. I’m not saying that..” Monica started to protest.

“It’s fine. Get if all the time from the women here on staff. Especially the single ladies. But luckily for you, he doesn’t go after married ones.” He snickers.

Monica smiles at Ted’s remark, “Thanks, Ted. I’ll just come back another time.”

“You know she is here after school hours. You know of the parent-teacher conference.” Ted suggested.

“I know. I got my daughter’s parent-teacher conference to go to anyways. I will just come back tomorrow.” Monica stated, “Thanks anyway, Ted.”

“No problem.” Ted smiles as he waves Monica goodbye. Monica backs out of the office, and there she was greeted by Crystal.

“Monica!?” Crystal stated.

“Crystal? What ah...What are you doing here?” Monica asks.

“I was just going to asks you the same question?” Crystal asks.

“I was here to talk with Mary about..” Monica started to explain but was interrupted by the person she was trying to avoid.

“Hey, I was about to go out when I got your message….and...Monica?” Gary came up behind Monica as he looked at her. “What are you doing here?”

Monica looks at her boss and then to Crystal and then back to Gary again, “I was just…leaving..” Monica moves pasted the two of them and heads back to her car. Just before she left, she turns to see Crystal talking with Gary. And the two of them go into the office. She has a feeling that those two are fooling around with each other, which she finds that weird considering it is her husband’s ex-wife and Sarah’s biological mother. Monica goes out into the pouring rain and heads back into the car to go back to Griffin.

Griffin sits on the couch with Kurt. After letting Kurt cry for 20 minutes. Griffin pours so of Monica’s caramel tea for his brother. Kurt looks to him, “So how did it happen?”

Griffin looks down, “I didn’t hear about Lenny’s death until Monica told me. I was in a coma for two weeks is what I’ve been told.”

Kurt looked at him with shocked eyes, “You went into a coma?”

Griffin senses his brother’s hurt and anger, and he couldn’t blame him, “No one has told you?”

“No. I just left LA when Kathy called 14 hours ago, about Lenny, and came straight here. Sandy is taking the next fight out tonight.” Kurt stated. “How did you end up in a coma?”

Griffin stared at the blazing fire in the fireplace trying to remember. Little bits of that horrible day was slowly coming back to him. Griffin entered the room and saw the burses and cuts on his wife’s neck and wrist. Sarah was bleeding from her head and cuts on her wrists as well from the bindings. And then he sees Norman. With his evil smile as he holds his wife and daughter at gunpoint. He remembers him saying he had to choose out of the two of them which one he loves more. The love for his daughter or his love for his wife. Griffin made his choice by choosing Sarah. He remembers getting shot when he was about to pull the trigger, but Norman pulled his first. And then the last thing he remembers is looking into Monica’s fearful but still loving eyes saying the last words to him, “Don’t die on me Griffin!!! If you die I die! Don’t leave me here with our kids! Griffin!” Griffin snaps out of his flashback and turns his focus back at his brother, “I… I got shot, but a serial killer who was holding Sarah and Monica hostage. I remember holding my gun for a split second and the next thing I knew I was on the floor in pain. The rest was blank. Until I woke up in the hospital with doctors around me.”

Kurt nods and looks to him, “Please Roan, for our families’ sake, don’t do anymore danger stuff. I already lost a mom, and now my little brother...I don’t need to lose you too.”

Griffin nods, “Monica already stated that.”

Kurt nods, “Do you know when the funeral is going to happen?”

Griffin looks at him, “No I do not.”

“You don’t?” Kurt asks.

“No. I just got back home yesterday. And dad never came to see me at the hospital.” Griffin stated.

“He hasn’t?” Kurt asks looking into his brother’s eyes.

Griffin nods, “It’s not like him to forget about his family.”

Kurt looks to him, “Well maybe he needs time to mourn. You know how he was when mom died. He was closed off from us for a few days. I pretty much took up the fatherly role in that time to make sure you two were alright.”

Griffin nods, “Yeah I remember.” Griffin looks at his brother and saw the same pain in his eyes remembering the death of their beloved mother. He had never seen his father so broken in that moment when his mother took her last breath. He can’t even imagine the pain of seeing Monica take her final breath and leave just like that. Changing the subject he looks to his brother, “Well as soon as Monica comes back, you want to go over and see dad. To be there for him.”

Kurt nods, “Sure. But got to warn you. If it is going to be like when mom died, he might not be the same dad that we grew to love.”

Griffin was about to asks when he saw Monica’s car pull into the driveway, next to his car. Five minutes later Monica comes in the house and hangs her wet umbrella and fall coat on the hook. Monica goes into the living room to see her husband and her brother-in-law on the sofa. “Kurt? What a surprise to have you here.”

Kurt gets up and walks over to Monica, “Nice to see you to Monica.” The two of them embrace each other. Monica smiles and holds onto Griffin’s brother, knowing he came all the way from LA to mourn with the rest of the family. Kurt pulls back and tries not to tear up in front of his brother’s new wife. Monica gave a gentle smile to him, and then she goes over to her husband.

“How are you feeling?” She asks.

“Better than I was yesterday,” Griffin stated, and Monica touched her forehead to his. Griffin smiles at his wife’s touch.

Monica slowly pulls back, and Griffin looks at her, “Monica, honey if it’s alright with you, my brother and I want to see my dad, and make arrangements for…”

Monica looks to him and knows what he was referring to, “Roan, your father is in an awful place right now. He’s not speaking to anyone. Not even to your good friend Mrs. Parker.”

Griffin looks at her, “What? How do you know?”

Monica looks at him, “Chris stopped by yesterday afternoon while you were sleeping. And told me what he had witnessed.”

Kurt came up and stood next to Monica, “Then we should go and see him. He needs to know that we are still a family even the loss of our brother.”

Monica looks at him, “Kurt..I..”

“I’m going. Roan, you coming or not.” Kurt said interrupting Monica’s word of caution as he marched out of the room to grab his coat.

Griffin looks back on his wife, “Monica, I have to..it’s my family..”

Monica closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, “Alright. But I’m coming with you.”

Griffin gave a little smile to her and Monica half smiles back. She goes to Griffin’s side and helps guide him to the front door of the house. He was still limping from his wound, and Monica is keeping a close watch on him making sure he doesn’t injure himself further. She looks to him and as he puts on his navy blue trench coat. “It’s still raining out.”

Griffin nods to her and gently holds her still and looks into her brown eyes, “Honey, I’ll be fine.”

“I’m not worried about you tearing those stitches dear. It’s your heart is what I’m worried about,” Monica stated.

Griffin knows what Monica is getting at. He gently embraces her, “Hey, it’s okay. Monica. Look at me.” Monica looks up into his eyes. “I have to embrace it, even if it is going to hurt me. It’s the only way. My family can heal from this loss. Besides, you and God are the only thing that is keeping me level.”

Monica gave a sad smile and embraced him. She hates to see Griffin in pain. But she knows he is right. He has to walk the road. And she can’t shield him from it. Monica pulls back from him as he steps out into the November weather. She soon follows after him and closes the door and locks it. And together they climb in Monica’s car and drive to Mrs. Parker’s house.

Monica pulls up next to Kurt’s rented car. Kurt was already inside. Monica looked at her husband, “You ready?”

He looks to her, “Yes.”

Griffin climbs out of her car first and soon follows Monica. She came to his side, and together they walk up to the front porch of the brown home. Monica softly knocks on the door. Two minutes later Kathy’s husband Henry came to the door, “Monica, Roan. Nice to see you two. Come on in. Honey, Seth’s other son, is here.”

Griffin came into the house where he spent most of his summers here. He smiles as he embraces Kathy, his mother’s kind, and faithful friend. “Oh Roan, I’m so thankful you pulled through. Don’t ever scare the shit out of me like that again do you hear me! I lost too many of you.”

Griffin smiles at her harsh comments, “I don’t attend to.”

After Kathy moves back from her adopted son she looks at him, “You’re here to see your father too I’m assuming.”

Griffin nods, “Yes ma’am.”

Kathy nods, “He is doing better than he was yesterday. He still hasn’t spoken since the night of Lenny’s death. But got to warn you, he isn’t that greatest of shape. So prepare yourself. Your brother is up there with him now. After you see him, since your father is in no shape to talk, I need to talk with both you and your brother about the funeral arrangements.”

Griffin nods, “I understand.”

“Okay. His up in Lenny’s old room in the attic.” Kathy stated as she leads him to the staircase that leads to the attic.

Monica stays back and lets Griffin go up alone. Griffin looks back at her, “You’re not coming?”

Monica goes to him, “This is your moment with your father and brother. You need to be with them. I’ll stay down here.” Monica kissed his cheek and gave a comforting smile. Griffin squeezes her hands and soon goes up the stairs, to join his father and brother.

Monica watches her husband disappear behind the door. Then she goes into the living room where Kathy was knitting a blanket. Kathy looks at her, “So my dear, how is the little one?”

Monica glances down at her stomach, “Good. Everything is fine and healthy.”

“Do you know what gender it is yet?” Kathy smiles.

“No. It’s still a wee bit too early to tell.” Monica smiles.

“Ah. So how many weeks are ya?” Kathy looks up from her knitting.

“I’m on my 13th week.” Monica smiles.

“I see. Well, you’ll find out soon enough.” Kathy nods.

Henry came in and gave his wife some tea he turns to Monica, “Would you like anything to drink Monica?”

Monica looks to him, “Some tea will be nice. Thanks.”

“Tea? Since when do you drink tea now? I thought you are a coffee drinker.” Kathy said as she took a sip of her tea.

Monica smiles, “Oh I still am a coffee drinker, that will never change. I had to give up coffee for a while because of the pregnancy. The smell of coffee was making me too nauseous. Which is a shame, because, I love to have my coffee in the morning.”

Kathy nods, “I hear you. Well, maybe that little one is telling you, you need to cut back on coffee, and drink something that is a bit healthier than caffeine.”

Monica giggles to that, “You know, Roan said that same thing to me around Halloween. He said that maybe our baby is teaching me to be healthier.”

Kathy chuckles, “And I am guessing you are not going to go the healthy route.”

“For right now I am, but after this wee little one leaves me, I will go back to my usual of having coffee in the morning,” Monica quietly spoke, as Henry comes back in with Monica’s tea.

Henry smiles, “Looks like she takes after Ruth. Ruth had the same issue when she was first pregnant with Kurt.”

Monica looks at Kathy, “So you know Ruth?”

“Yes. She was one of my closest friends.” Kathy smiles.

Monica smiles to Kathy, “So how is he doing? Seth..” Monica stated as she took a sip of the tea that Kathy’s husband handed her.

Kathy set down her knitting, “Not too good. I can’t even bring him out of Lenny’s room. Except for him going to the bathroom. It’s like he is a zombie or something.”

Monica looks to her and said nothing. Just then Kurt came down with tears in his eyes. The sight of his father broke him. Kurt went into the kitchen and poured some water for himself. Henry excuses himself to go to him. Monica looks at Kathy, “I’m going to check up on Griffin.”

Kathy looks at her and nods. Monica sets down her mug of tea and walks to the stairwell. Monica briefly stood there for a moment or two. Then braces herself for heartache. Monica came up to the last step and heard her husband talking calmly to his father. She moves a little closer to the door and found him at the foot of his deceased brother’s bed next to his father.

“Dad, we can’t be a family if you shut us all out. Please, dad. Mom wouldn’t want to see you like this.” Griffin stated.

Seth stared blankly at the window where rain continues to fall. Monica moves into the room, and she sees the hurt in his eyes. Just then Seth turns to look her way. The pain in his eyes vanished when he saw her and was now replaced with anger. Griffin caught onto it too and took a quick glance at his wife. Griffin and Monica shared a conversation with their eyes when all of a sudden Griffin’s father took on a rage.

“Why the hell did you came into my life! Do you know how much pain your so-called heavenly Father has put this family through!” Seth spoke directly at Monica.

Griffin stood up from the bed and stepped in between his father and Monica, not knowing what his father would do to her, “Dad!”

Seth looked at his son, “Your wife’s existence is what had started this whole mess. God is punishing me for what I did to him. And now with that, he is killing off my family one by one, and he will do the same with yours.”

Monica alarmed at what Seth is about to say. Griffin doesn’t know that his mother was an angel like her. Griffin looks at Monica, “What is he talking about?”

Monica looks to him, “I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do! Tell him. Tell him why falling in love with angels is a fucking death sentence to our fucking families.” Seth said yelling at Monica. “You know what, I hate the Father! I hate him! For what he did! He took my beautiful wife and now.....now he took my fucking son away from me. He doesn’t love he hates!”

Kathy came into the room and just then and looks at Seth. Griffin looks to his wife and then back at his father, “Dad!”

Seth went into the corner of the room and started to beat the crap out of the wall. Griffin goes over to his father to make him stop. Kathy looks at Monica, and then her jaw dropped open. She knows that Monica is not just some woman Roan has fallen in love with. She was the same as what her good friend Ruth was. An angel. And now she fears history is about to repeat itself. Kathy took hold of Monica’s hands as she said in a hushed voice, “Come with me now before things get worse!”

Once Kathy took Monica outside of the room, and down the stairs, she pulls her into a small study room. Kathy closes the door, as she glances at Monica, who was over by the bookshelf Griffin and Chris put up earlier that spring. Monica looks at the old women, “Why did you pull me away from everyone?”

Kathy didn’t answer her question. Instead, she looks at her long and hard, “So it’s true then…you’re an angel just like her.

Monica nods and looks at the woman and a curious look on her face. The old woman chuckles to herself, “Never thought I would see my adopted son follow in his father’s footsteps, by falling in love with an angel.”

Monica looks at her, “Why is he so angry? God didn’t do this to him.”

“Because my dear, he feels that he is being punished. I helped him out when….When Ruth died, but now he feels that falling in love with an angel, he feels betrayed.” Kathy stated.

“But he isn’t. God doesn’t punish he loves.” Monica stated.

“I know that….I’ve been telling that to him for days now. But every time I mention God, he goes cold, and starts to get psychical with things.” Kathy stated. “I made a promise to Ruth, that I wouldn’t tell a soul about her being an angel. Not even to my own husband. She told me on her deathbed that she was an angel. I never knew for the longest time that she was. And she begged me not to tell her kids. I’ve kept it for 47 years, Monica…”

Monica put a hand on Kathy’s hands, “You’re afraid with the amount of grief Seth is feeling that he is going to expose the truth about who Ruth really is to Griffin.”

“Yes. Roan and Kurt still do not know who Ruth really is and I’m afraid if they ever find out, especially your husband, will resent their mother possible maybe even you. And right now Seth is to the point that he is blaming God for his grief. The death of his wife, and now losing Lenny, he thinks it is his fault for falling in love with an angel, and he fears Roan will end up having the same destiny.” Kathy stated.

Monica nods, “So what can I do to help.”

Kathy was silent for the moment then looks to her, “I think Monica, and it’s wise for you to not to be here for right now. I love you, and you are a sweet and loving wife to Roan..but to keep Ruth’s wishes..” Kathy trails off, as Monica understood.

Monica nods, “I understand.”

“Seth is in an awful place right now, and he resents anything that is God. He needs to be alone for a while, and away from the remaining children that he has. I don’t want them to find out this way, not with Seth grieving like this.” Kathy stated her concern for her best friend and her adopted children.

Monica smiles, “I understand Kathy…really.”

Kathy nods, “And for the record Monica, this conversation never happened..I trust that you won’t tell anyone this especially to your husband, about Ruth’s secret.”

Monica smiles, “I promise I won’t.”

“Good. One day they will know the truth, maybe when they pass on just like Lenny did about their mother. But Seth and Ruth wanted Roan, Kurt and Lenny have a normal life and a normal childhood growing up without ever have their mother being an angel. I still think it was a stupid decision of keeping this secret from them, but it was their choice.” Kathy looks to Monica. “I hope that you and Roan will not make the same mistake as Ruth and Seth made, and be honest with your kids, and tell them the truth of who you really are Monica.”

Monica looks at the old woman. She knows how excruciating it is to have secrets kept. “Sarah knows Kathy, of who I once was, before I gave up my existence in heaven. When I mysteriously vanished from Roan and Sarah shortly after New Year’s is when I told Sarah the truth, and said goodbye when I was in heaven. I plan to tell my future children about God and where I came from too.”

“Good, keeping secrets, only makes matters worse.” Kathy sighs as she opens the door to go out, and rejoins her husband and Kurt.

Griffin had never seen his father behave like that. It took Griffin a full 15 minutes to calm him down after when Monica came into the room. Griffin tried to get his dad to say something, but he reminds silent and mumbling to himself. Griffin wonders to himself of how he knows Monica’s secret identity. He never told anybody except Chris about her being an angel. So how does his father know? And why was he so angry towards his wife? Like she did something that caused his pain. There was a soft knock on the door and Kathy came back in, “Roan, sweetie, I think it’s best if you just let your father be alone for awhile. He won’t say anything more not after what had happened.”

Griffin looked to his father and gave him a gentle squeeze on his father’s hand. And said something in his ear, even though his father was in a lost state of mind. Griffin pulled back and went to Kathy, “Kathy, what is wrong with him?”

Kathy looks to him and places her hand on his shoulder, “I’m not sure sweetie, he is just so lost right now.”

“What was he saying about angels?” Griffin asks the daring question.

Kathy held her tongue back not wanting to give too much away from the hidden family secrete. “Referring to God, I don’t know. He blames God for what happened to your mother and now your brother.”

“He said that he is being punished...Punished for what?” Griffin pressed on.

“Roan, it’s nothing. Your father is very delusional right now.” Kathy stated. “Now I need to talk with you and Kurt about Lenny.”

Griffin looks back at his father and then back to Kathy and soon follows her. Something is just not right. He knows that Monica will give out more information on the reason why his father knows so much about Monica’s true self. Once Griffin arrives into the living room he finds his wife. She beams up at him and goes over to him. “How is he?”

Griffin looks at her, “Not good. Monica, how does my father know about you...” Griffin scans the room and whispers in her ear the words that he couldn’t say, “being an angel.”

Monica looks to him and then backs at Kathy, Henry, and Kurt who were in the living room. “I’ll tell you later. Now is not a good time. You have stuff you need to address with Kathy and Kurt.”

Griffin goes to her, “Tell me. How does he know?”

Monica knows there is no way around it. Monica was careful about how she approaches this matter, without giving any information away about the truth of who Griffin’s mother really was. “Sarah’s birthday. He notices something different about me because your father did come in contact with an angel once before in his life when he was a young soldier in World War 2. There was something familiar about me that reminded him of a memory. He made the connection and sought out my real identity. That is how your father knows.”

“He did? He never told us.” Griffin stated.

“Guess he didn’t want to relive that memory and protect you and your brothers from it, or himself from the war,” Monica stated. She looks up into his eyes.

“There is one other question. What was he saying about falling in love with angels to have a death sentence to families? Does he mean us?” Griffin looks at her.

Monica took in a deep breath and started to answer, but Kathy interrupted them, “Come, Roan, while we are still young.”

Monica goes to him, “You better go, I’ll tell you later, hon. I guess Mrs. Parker is getting antsy.”

Griffin nods, and looks at her, “You going to stay or leave?”

Monica looks at the time, “I got to get to the school. Parent-teacher conference. I’ll see you when I get home. And I’ll answer your questions about your father okay.” Griffin gave a sad smile and looked away. Monica gently touches the side of his face and slowly made him look at her, “He is going to be alright honey. He is just grieving. He didn’t mean anything he said up there.”

“How do you know?” Griffin said his voice is almost breaking, “He never was like this when my mother died.”

Monica puts her forehead to his, “Because, I dealt with a lot of cases like this back when I was a you know what. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an angel with him right now helping him through this pain. Just have faith, Roan. He will come through.”

Right then Griffin kisses her. Monica felt his tender touch and wraps her arms around his firm neck. Griffin went in deeper, and it made Monica melt away. Then very tenderly and slowly Griffin pulls back from her, and he looks into her eyes. Without saying the words, she knows what Griffin meant with that kiss. Griffin soon turns and heads into the living room to discuss the funeral date for their brother. Monica lingers by the doorway of the small hallway and slowly turns to head out to her car so that she could go to the parent-teacher conference to meet with Sarah’s science teacher.

Seth stares at the corner of the room. Not wanting to admit there was an angel there. After about ten minutes of peer annoyance, he looks at her, “What do you want from me. I’m not taking back at what I said to Monica. I hate the Father.”

“That’s not why I’m here Seth,” Tess stated.

“Then why are you here?” Seth asks standing up and moving to the door.

“I’m here to help you,” Tess stated.

“Help me with what..Dying. Because that is apparently what this family does best. We kill ourselves. Because I was young and stupid for falling in love with your best friend. Is that what the Great God Almighty has in store? Because I would like to know Tess, why the fuck does all the shit keeps happening to me. First Ruth, then Lenny, and it was going to be Roan, but God spared him for now. So tell me Tess, why the hell are you here to help me when it clearly stated that I’m doomed in hell for going against God’s plan.” Seth said bitterly.

Tess got up from her seat and stood with her arms crossed. Then a golden light surrounds the room as she spoke to him, “First thing Seth Thomas Griffin, do not curse in front of me. I’m not your enemy, but if you keep it up, I will be. Second, you and your family are not doomed in hell, for doing what comes naturally in humans and as angels as well, by falling in love. Ruth did not die because the Father is angry for her to fall in love with you. He was blessed and filled with joy. The Father is not a God who hates and punishes, he loves and is merciful and full of grace. And lastly, bad things happen in this world. Both Ruth and your son Leonard died of natural causes of pain and suffering that the Father did not plan. Ruth had her time with you and lived a life that no other angel in heaven got to do. She gave birth to 3 miracles and got to spend her life with you. And your son Leonard lived his life as well.” Tess pauses and looks into Seth’s deep brown eyes, “Having Ruth to fall in love with you was just a small piece of the bigger picture in God’s plan for your life.”

Seth looks up at Tess as his anger softens. “What plan?”

“Oh Seth, baby there is always a plan with the Father.” Tess smiles.

Seth looks way and then walks back to his bed, and said nothing to her. Tess was finally getting through to him. Tess sighs as she reveals to him one of the painful journeys she had to go through too as an angel, “Seth, I too, went through a dark and lonely path myself, and I had to let Monica go through pain and suffering. Several years ago, I had full symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Where I forgot everything, even forgot who Monica was.” Seth looks at her with a confused look. “Yes, Seth even angels can be affected by earthy diseases too. It was hard for Monica to watch the very person she trusts and loved the most leave her astray, I didn’t want to go through that, but I knew I had to. To get Monica to be dependent on God, and not on me. It was a hard lesson for her to learn, but it got her more trusting in God and his plan for her. My point is that bad things happen in this world that is not in God’s plan. God doesn’t want to see the pain in suffering, but he knows that there is pain in suffering here on this earth.”

She moves closer to him until she was sitting beside him. Seth looks to her but not meeting Tess’s eyes, “Why do I hurt so much Tess. I know in my heart that God is love..but I feel that I’m being cut in every direction and now with losing my son...I lost it..and become bitter..why is that?”

“Because Seth, you held onto the grief of your wife’s death for far too long, and with losing Lenny..it pushed you over the ledge. And God knows this. He wants you to trust him again.” Tess stated.

Seth gave her a sharp look, “I did trust him! I trusted that he would take care of my family after Ruth died. And I trusted that..and I feel that God has betrayed me with that trust by letting my Lenny die.”

Tess holds onto Seth’s hands, “Baby, God didn’t betray you by letting Lenny die. He gave him peace.”

Seth looks at her, “What do you mean by that?”

Tess smiles, “ Lenny was dying with liver cancer, Seth. He was in pain, and the Father took that pain and gave him peace. Your son is with the Father now resting. Not in death. Your son was dying of painful and slow death of having his body shut down. To end the pain, God gave Lenny a choice to be with him. Lenny chose life and allowed the Father to carry him home. Same thing with Ruth.”

“Of course Ruth is with God, it was her home for the longest time until she fell from grace to be with me,” Seth stated the obvious.

“Yes, but she didn’t want to leave earth. When God called her back home, Ruth went into a rebellious state just like you are right now. She said it was unfair to have her live a life and then take away the next. God gives and takes away. But to be a faithful servant to him, she let go of the anger and knows it was his will. And she obeyed. Even at the cost of losing her beloved family.” Tess looks at him.

Seth had no words to speak. At that moment tears were rolling down his cheeks. Tess opened her arms up, and on cue, Seth went into her arms and sobbed on her soldier. All the guilt, anger, and heartache went out with those tears. He sobs and sobs in Tess’s arms, knowing deep down that she was right all along. Seth pulls back and looks deep into Tess’s eyes, “Is it too late..to say..how sorry I am, and how wrongdoing I was for blaming God?”

Tess smiles, “Baby, there is no wrongdoing in the Father’s eyes. He knows how much you are hurting. He knows how rebellious you are, and he loves you, even if you are angry at him.”

Seth smiles at her, and more tears slid out of his eyes. Seth then goes to the window and kneels down to pray to God how sorry he was. He prayed for him to heal his broken body, and asks his forgiveness for cursing him. Tess looks at the sky and smiles and soon disappears knowing her best friend’s husband is alright.

Monica arrives at the middle school and waits outside of Sarah’s science teacher classroom. He was in with another student’s parents when she walked in. She waited for 15 minutes until the door opened up and a woman that seems to be in her mid-30s walks out with her husband about in the 40s. The smiled politely at Monica, and Monica returns the smile. Then Monica turns and faces the man she had seen earlier this morning. Monica turns and stops and looks into the man’s eyes. Monica knows him from somewhere but couldn’t quite picture where she knows him from.

Monica walks up to him, and he smiles at her. “Hi I’m Mike Rice, the science teacher, and you are?”

Monica stops in her tracks, and a flashback happened before her. Just was appointed to a new angel and it was Gloria at the time, where Monica was in the Salvation Army store giving Gloria some glasses when a man walks up to them. His eyes glowed into her eye on first meeting, and Monica felt all giddy to have such a handsome man take notice of her. She never felt so human at that moment. Then he mentions his name Mike Rice. “Mike?”

Mike looked a little confused, “Yeah..I’m Mike. Most people call me by my last name Mr. Rice..”

“Mike it’s me….Monica.” Monica stated, “You probably don’t remember me do you?”

Mike looks at this woman for a moment then the memory of her comes back into his mind. He caught sight of her sexy brown eyes and the schoolgirl smile. He walks up to her, and the beauty in her voice captive him. He caught her flirting with him a bit, and made a daring move back by asking her out, only to be shot down when she refused. After meeting her in the store, and was hoping to come in contact with the Irish woman again, but she was nowhere to be seen until now. “Monica? Of course, I remember now. What..ah......what are you doing here?”

“I thought I’d be asking the same question,” Monica replies.

Mike looks at her and then suggested that they move into the classroom to discuss this. She agrees and follows in after him. Mike took a seat at his desk, and Monica took her place in one of the chairs facing the desk. He looks up at her, “I haven’t seen you since..I..well since I…”

Monica smiles, “Since you were going to ask me out on a date.”

“Yeah..” Mike said with a nervous chuckle. “Such a long time ago. I apologize for being so..”

“Far-forward.” Monica looks up into his chocolate brown eyes.

“Yeah..” Mike blushes. Monica’s tender Irish voice still gets to him and makes him giddy.

“It’s alright,” Monica said feeling awkward being reconnected to one of her old crushes in her past life.

A few awkward moments past between them and Mike notice’s Monica’s wedding ring, “Take it you found someone?”

Monica looks down and see’s her wedding band, “Yes. …Anyways, my daughter is in your class, and she stated that you want to discuss some things with her father or I..so..” Monica said trying to switch the subject.

“Who is your daughter?” Mike asks.

“Sarah. Sarah Griffin” Monica stated.

“Ah, Sarah...Sarah is your daughter?” Mike asks.

“Yeah. Well going to..I’m adopting her.” Monica smiles.

Mike falls back in his chair, “She is a very bright student. I like students like her. In fact, I think she should test out of this class and go into my higher science class.”

“What?” Monica asks.

“I teach basic science and advance. I feel that your child will be more successful in a higher level class. She did a research paper about the stars, and how did it affect her. I was moved by it. It was beautifully written. Your daughter is a leader. And I feel that in the higher level, it will bring out her leadership.” Mike smiles at Monica. “You have a very gifted daughter.”

Monica smiles at him, but her smile slowly fades as she caught the sadness in his tone. Monica sets down Sarah’s paper and leans in, and was about to ask what did he lost, but she decided not to go there because that will invade in his private life, when she is not an angel anymore and have to respect some boundaries. “Thank you..I’ll talk with my husband about it, and Sarah too. It’s up to her if she wants to pursue it. But thanks for the encouragement.”

Mike smiled at her and thanked her for coming in. When Monica reaches the door, Mike calls on her, “Monica…Would you like to get some coffee sometime.”

Monica turns to face him, “Mike, you are a lovely and kind man, and I am flattered…but I don’t think it’s wise to ask me out for the second time. I’m already taken..and I really, really love the man I married. But thanks for the offer.”

“It’s not a date that I was going to go for. Kind of figure you were taken because of the wedding band. And I don’t want to ruin that marriage. I feel that I know you and I want to catch up.” Mike stated.

Monica gave a kind smile, “Thanks, but no thanks. I think we should keep it as you’re my daughter’s teacher and I’m her mother. And that is all. Well, I got to get back home, and you have other families waiting. Nice to see you again too, Mike Rice.” Monica extends out her hand and shook his. She turns to leave without exchanging another conversation with the man she almost gave up her heavenly existence to.

Mike watches her disappear into another hallway. Meeting her again sparked up some old feelings he has for her. Mike then ushers in another family, but still, he can’t seem to shake off Monica’s eyes and her soothing voice.

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