Fallen Angel Part 4

Becoming a Family & Thanksgiving

The weekend flew by, like time spend up into a fast mode. There are just three days left before Thanksgiving. Monica waits for Sarah to return home from school so that they can go to the courthouse and finally have the adoption to be closed and so that Monica can officially be Sarah’s mother. She still is amazed that Crystal is dropping her claim. Monica still wants Crystal to be part of Sarah’s life because they are still in some way or another mother and daughter. She is still working on getting Sarah to forgive her mother for what she has done. Monica doesn’t blame Sarah for not forgiving her mother. She still sees the hurt and anger in her little blue eyes.

Monica waited nervously in the kitchen. She was making up some tea and some orange juice for Griffin. Griffin came into the room looking at her as he watched her pace from the stove to the kitchen bar table and back to the oven again. Griffin calmly came to her and placed his arms around her small waist and holds her, “Relax Mon. The court session doesn’t start until 4:30 anyways, and Sarah usually is home at around 3:30. You have some time.”

Monica sighs as her hands stroke her husband’s strong arms, “I know, I’m…I’m just nervous Griff…”

Griffin smiles and kisses the back of her neck, “I know. You were nervous the 1st time around.”

Monica smiles to his way of trying to ease the butterflies in her belly, “You’re not helping.” Monica turns around so that she is facing him. Then Griffin leans forward and kisses her. Monica immediately reacted to his kiss as she led him to the breakfast bar. Griffin places Monica’s back on the edge of the bar as they started to make out heavily. Before they got too far into kissing each other, the steamer to the teapot began to scream out which causes Monica to stubble a bit out of Griffin’s embrace. Monica went to the stove and turned down the knob of the burner, and with a potholder, she carefully pours some hot caramel tea. Then she turns her attention back to her husband.

“Still drinking tea?” Griffin asks as he went to make some of his coffee.

“Yes, it is the only thing besides water that the baby likes. Haven’t threw up on tea yet, let’s hope I don’t.” Monica stated as she sits down and picks up the book of her therapy.

“I guess so. Say when is your next doctor’s appointment for the baby?” Griffin asks as he leans on the opposite side of the counter looking at his wife.

“December 28th. We will know what the sex is of our baby by then. I’m hoping it’s a girl. Always wanted a little girl.” Monica smiles as she rubs her stomach.

Griffin comes around to her and puts his hand on her stomach, “I don’t care what the sex is…as long as he or she has your eyes.” Griffin looks down at her. “You have stunning sexy brown eyes.”

Monica giggles at her husband’s comment, “Thank you.” And soon she begins to pull on Griffin’s tie to have him kiss her again.

The pregnancy is throwing Monica’s hormones out of whack and making her more charged up sexually. It was driving her crazy. However, she is getting no hesitation from her husband on all the signals she is giving him before Monica moves in kissing him deeper the phone suddenly rings which pulled both of them out of their moment. Still dazed from Monica’s powerful but loving kiss Griffin goes over to the phone and answers it. “Hello?”

Monica smiles from her kiss with her husband. After her last therapy session, Monica is starting to see a change. The fear that was once holding Monica back from being intimate again with Griffin is losing its power. Maybe her evil twin has not won. Perhaps she never did succeed in making Monica turn to the other side. Monica soon snaps out of her wondering mind and turns her attention back to her husband as he hands her the phone. “Yeah, here she is.”

Monica squinted her eyes in confusion as she looks at Griffin, “Who is it?”

“I think it’s your boss...” Griffin hands the receiver to her.

Monica sets down her cup of tea and answers the phone, “Hello this is Monica Griff..”

“Mrs. Griffin, this is Joanna. From Wilson High School. I’m calling to set you up a meeting with Mary Tuesday after Thanksgiving, for your returning. Will that work for you?” the woman stated.

“Yeah. Tuesday is great.” Monica smiles.

“Alright. Tuesday at 10 AM, see you then.” The woman replies.

“I will. Thank you. And have a Happy Thanksgiving.” Monica kindly spoke into the phone. The woman who called didn’t respond back with a simple thank you.

All she did was said, “Goodbye.” And the phone went dead. Monica thought that was a little rude and absurd, but she was happy to get her job back. Monica hung up the phone and turns back to Griffin who was making some strawberry toast.

“What was that all about?” Griffin asks as Monica turns to put the phone back on the charger.

“Setting up a meeting with my boss to discuss about me heading back to my job as a teacher.” Monica smiles as she goes next to him.

Griffin returns Monica’s smile, “Do you want to go back to teaching after everything you went through?”

“Yes. It helps me to move on from what has happened. Plus I love it. Teaching kids especially high school students, that they can make a difference in this world, and that they are something special. I felt it in my past experiences when I subbed for a short time…when I was an angel. I loved it. And I still do. I feel that that is what God is calling me to do in my life now that I am human.” Monica eyes her husband.

Griffin puts a lack of Monica’s soft reddish brown hair back behind her ears, as he lightly strokes her face, “You do have a gift of leading others, and to counsel them when they need it.”

Monica places her hand upon Griffin’s and lightly strokes it, “Thanks..”

“Your welcome, my love.” Griffin smiles at her and lightly kisses her cheek. “I was thinking of heading to the precinct today.”

Monica eyes him, “Honey, you do know you can’t go back to active duty for at least six weeks. Remember…”

“I know my limitations. But I also don’t want to be homebound for six weeks. I plan to go to work and tell my captain to place me at a desk and file paperwork for a while, instead of putting me out in the field. I’m still a cop and want to be part of my squad.” Griffin stated, as Monica lightly brushes back the hair from his face.

“I just…..” Monica pauses as she looks into her husband’s ocean blue eyes. “I don’t want to see you end up in the hospital as you did. You scared the hell out of me. I can’t go through that again. I can’t…”

Griffin pulled her into a tight hug and held her there. It was his way of saying he won’t let that happen. After a brief moment, she steps back, and Griffin kisses her cheek, “I won’t..”

Monica still not indeed convinced about that statement, but she nods. “Are you well enough to drive or do you want me to take you?”

“I’ve been practicing here and there some. I think I can manage to go five miles from here.” Griffin smiles as he sits down with his wife to have some eggs and toast.

Monica sighs and then took a sip of her tea. She pauses in mid-air as she smelt the aroma of her husband’s breakfast. Griffin looks to her, “Monica babe, are you okay?”

Monica backs up just a bit, “Honey I love you, but could you please eat someplace else.”

“Feeling..” Griffin was about to say it, as Monica closes her eyes and slightly nods as she feels the wave of nausea from her morning sickness coming onto her.

“Sorry, the smell of the eggs is making me…nauseous. ” Monica said as she tries to settle the upset stomach down with the aroma of her tea. “I guess the baby does not like eggs as well.”

Griffin chuckles to his sick feeling wife, “No problem. My mother was the same way when she was pregnant with Lenny. I am assuming bread is still safe for you?” Griffin kisses the back of Monica’s head as he settles himself at the stove.

“Yeah butter and toast. Griffin, when does morning sickness pass, because I hate being nauseous all the time.” Monica stated as she tries to take a bite of her toast.

Griffin finishes eating his eggs as he looks to his wife as he answers her question, “For most women, the morning sickness slows down by the 12th week of pregnancy. For some, it is the 18th week. Crystal’s morning sickness ended around her 15th week when she had Sarah. It will pass, my dear.”

“Well I am going on my 15th week, so I am hoping soon.” Monica sighs as she took a sip of her tea, which seemed to be helping in making the nausea disappear.

For the next four hours, Monica and Griffin talked about baby names and discussing their job arrangements as time approaches as their daughter comes home from school. Took a long time to decide on their baby’s name when they heard the familiar voice of Sarah’s cheerful sound. Monica looks at Griffin and smiles to him.

“Guess our daughter is home,” Griffin stated, as Monica slightly giggles. Griffin sets the baby book on the table as Monica sets down the notepad, and she gets up to greet Sarah in the kitchen. Griffin looks at the notebook and loves Monica’s handwriting. For two in half hours, they have been deciding on five baby boy names and five baby girl names. Monica has written the ones she liked and written the ones Griffin loves. Later on after the adoption appointment, they plan to discuss which of the five names they both want. For now, it is time to be with Sarah.

Monica goes by the front door and smiles at Sarah as she took off her winter coat and boots. “How was school?”

“Good. Have lots of English homework, and give a small presentation, after the break. Did you know that for Thanksgiving we are supposed to have a snow storm?” Sarah smiles as she places the coat in the closet beside the front door.

“It’s not a big snow storm Sarah. We are most likely only going to get about five inches or so.” Griffin states as he comes up behind Monica.

“Still is a lot in my opinion,” Sarah exclaimed as she turns to pick up her book bag. Sarah embraces her soon to be mother, and then turns and hugs her father. “I’ll be right back. Got to put my backpack up in my bedroom and then I’ll be ready to go.”

“There is no rush Sarah. We are not due in court until 4. You got some time.” Monica smiles.

“I know just so excited that..you are going to be my mom. Been waiting for it for almost a year now!” Sarah smiles as she couldn’t contain her excitement. “I’ve been counting down the hours today at school.”

Monica lets out a small laughter to Sarah’s excitement. She too was feeling giddy as a school girl with this happening. Monica looks at the time as it read 3:28 PM. She watches Sarah take off and hears her excited footsteps thundered up above her as she heads into her room. Monica turns to look at her husband.

“I’ve never seen her this excited since our wedding day.” Griffin smiles as he comes near his wife, “She really loves you, you know that.”

Monica smiles and touches the end of her nose to his, “I know. Sarah is the one good thing that has ever happened to me. Besides falling in love with you, my dear.” Monica smiles as she puts her forehead to her husband’s and wraps her arms around his neck, and then adds, “And also this child in me as well.”

Griffin smiles with her and puts his hand on Monica’s little bump. “No matter what name we decide on, this child will be loved.” Monica smiles at his comment. They were slowly closing the gap between them, but their moment was interrupted with the thundering footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Okay! I’m ready!!” Sarah shrikes.

Monica looks to Griffin and then back at her daughter and then turns to get her car keys and purse.

Monica waits with Sarah anxiously outside the family courtroom. Monica was dressed in slim black pants that fans out down at her ankles, as well as a white blouse that buttons down to her waist. Sarah was dressed in similar style excepted she had on a lovely dark purple sweater with pink flowers on the left bottom of her shirt. Griffin was dressed in his usual man suit with a reddish tie around his neck.

Griffin places his hand with his wife’s and bends down to kiss her head. Monica knows that he is trying to comfort her, and she appreciates his support. Then the doors flew open as a young woman address for them to approach the judge. The woman led Monica and Sarah up front to the judge and stated to Griffin to say back behind the row of seats. Before Monica approaches her side of the room, she turns to Griffin, as he gave her an encouraging nod to continue.

Monica gracefully took her seat next to Sarah as she looks over to Crystal’s side of the room. There she sees her in sitting so stiff like a board. She had on a navy blue suit and some black high heels to show off her rich styling poster. And to Monica’s surprise, a familiar face was sitting on Crystal’s side. Monica was about to turn to Griffin when the judge appeared.

“I see that Ms. Burnston is dropping your claim on the child.” The judge stated.

Crystal slowly rises to her feet and faces the judge, “I am your honor.”

“You do realize that if you do this, Mrs. Griffin will have full custody over your daughter. Is that really what you want.” The judge advised Crystal.

Monica glances over at Crystal who was now shedding tears. “Yes. My ex-husband and his new wife are better fitting parents for Sarah. I now see that. Pulling...Mon...I mean Mrs. Griffin away from her, will be unfair to Sarah. I want what’s best for her, and to let her be happy with whom she loves most. I made my choice to run away and abandon my role as a mother to her when she needs it the most. So yes your honor, I’m dropping my claim on Sarah and have Mrs. Griffin to be her legal mother.”

Monica was speechless with her words. She glances down at Sarah who was now looking at her mother. Sarah had no idea what had caused her mother to do this. Monica glances back at the judge when he sought to her, “Well then…by the laws of New York, I now declare Monica Griffin legal guardian to Sarah Alexandria Griffin.” The judge hit the mallet on the knob and then signs the adoption forms to prove that Monica had full custody of Sarah. The judge hands the forms to the on guard police detective to give to Monica.

Monica can’t believe what Crystal is giving up. As soon as the policeman gave the signed papers to Monica, Monica smiles and said her thanks. The next thing shocked her. Monica felt a tug on her sleeve as she leaned down to Sarah’s level. “What is it, Sarah?”

“Can I talk with..my…real mom for a brief moment,” Sarah asks.

Monica looks into her eyes, and slowly she nods. Monica moves out of her seat to try and catch Crystal. “Crystal wait!”

Crystal turns on her heels before she went to her uncle, “Monica…I’m not in the mood to discuss things..you’ve won..you have Sarah so go and enjoy that..”

“I know you don’t like me, but someone wants to talk with you.” Monica smiles.

“Who?” Crystal’s squinted her eyes in confusion.

Monica glances in Sarah’s direction and then back at Crystal, “Your daughter.”

Crystal looks to her and then to Monica. Monica gave a nudging nod to go to her. Crystal drops her briefcase and walks to where Sarah was waiting by Monica’s side of the room at the table. Griffin came up beside Monica and looks into her somewhat sad eyes. “Why is Crystal talking with Sarah?”

“Because Sarah asks me to give her and your ex-wife a brief moment,” Monica stated.

“About what?” Griffin asks not liking the idea.

“I don’t know Roan. I don’t know..” Monica stated as she encloses her arm around his.

Sarah waited nervously by her seat. Soon she sees her real mom approach her. “Sarah?”

Sarah looks at her mother as she kept her distance from her mother. “Did you really mean everything you said to the judge? How you want me to be happy?”

“Yes…..I see that Monica makes you happy and that you love her more. I don’t want to be the one to pull you away from something that you love most. As much as it hurts, your needs come before mine.” Crystal stated as she knelt down to be eye level with her. “I still love you baby girl..and always have. Even when I left your father, I never did stop loving you.”

Sarah sees her mother’s love for her. Tears rolled off her face, but still, something was holding her back from going to her mother. She again doesn’t trust her word. However, the next phrase is what broke the spell.

“I’m truly sorry for what I did to you. I wish I could go back in time to change my actions. I wasn’t thinking of you, my precious baby, but only of my stupidity. I know you don’t want to hear any more lies, and excuses from me. So I’m just going to tell you the truth. I..I have always been scared of being a mother. Probably because I never did had a motherly figure growing up, or someone to love me back. When I left that morning six years ago, I….I knew that I did not leave your father I also left you. I wasn’t thinking about the long-term damage that could come out of this. And seeing you, so broken hearted when I took you away from Monica told me that you belong with her and your father and not me. So..I’m giving you happiness to two people who love you and care for you deeply. And that you trust, even if it breaks my heart to see you with them.” Crystal confesses.

Crystal slowly rises to her feet and then looks at Monica and Griffin, “I think your parents are ready to leave. I love you, my sweet Sarah…And I hope one day you could forgive me.” Crystal wipes the tears from her eyes as she makes her way to her briefcase.

Sarah looks at Monica and her father and then she goes back to look at Crystal who was now leaving. Sarah softly cries out, “Momma…”

Crystal slowly turns. And then Sarah runs into Crystal’s arms crying and holding her tight. “Please don’t go..Don’t’ leave me again!!! I’m sorry for everything...I don’t want you to leave my life again..please don’t…I …I…I forgive you…just please don’t leave me…”

Monica heard Sarah’s cries as she begs her birth mother to stay. Monica sinks to a nearby chair and softly cries for her daughter’s broken heart. Griffin looks at the scene before him as he too begins to sob for his daughter’s broken heart.

Crystal’s tears fell like bullets as her daughter is finally hugging her. Crystal looks into her daughter’s eyes, “Oh Sarah darling, I will never…ever leave you. I will still be here in your life. You make me very happy you know that.”

Sarah half-smiles as she hugs her once more. Then softly she whispers, “I love you.” At that moment she felt her mother’s love for her.

Crystal kisses her daughter’s small head as she gazes up at Monica and her ex. They both were in tears at that moment as well as her. Crystal pulls back and wipes her tears away. “I love you too baby..and I always will…I think you should go with your father now.”

Sarah glances back at her father and now her mother. Then she looks at Crystal, “If it’s not too much to ask. Can you come for Thanksgiving?”

Crystal was taken aback at her daughter’s request, “I would love too...but I don’t think that is wise for me to do that.”

“Why not?” Sarah asks.

“Because it is your time to be with your family..your real family..” Crystal stated.

“But you’re my mother…you are still family...” Sarah stated.

“That’s true..but Sarah…sweetheart…there are things that you do not understand yet…I would love to be there..but your father and I still have our problems with each other. And I don’t want you in the middle of our problem. Besides, I’ll be spending time with my uncle and Kathy, after the death of your uncle. Now come on..” Crystal took hold of Sarah’s hand and brought her back to Monica and Griffin.

Monica saw Crystal approaching her, and she wipes the tears from her eyes. As soon as Crystal was about five feet from her, Sarah left go of Crystal’s hand and embraced her new mother. Monica smiles as Sarah holds her. “Why don’t you go to your father. He is waiting outside.” Monica stated to her daughter.

Sarah smiles and goes outside to where her father was at. As soon as Sarah left to go with her father Griffin, Monica turned and looked at Crystal. “Monica, thank you..for that.”

Monica smiles, “It was Sarah’s idea….Crystal, I know that I now have custody..but since she is still your daughter, and that I could tell that she still loves you, I will still allow you to bond with her.”

“Really? Even after I try to take her away from you?” Crystal asks in disbelief.

“Yes. Sarah is still yours. And it’s obvious that Sarah still loves you after everything that you put her through. She is willing to have you come back into her life. She is giving you a second chance Crystal. Embrace the opportunity what your daughter is giving you, to get to know her.” Monica smiles.

“You know you are starting to sound like Gloria. My..oh never mind..” Crystal smiles, “I will. Take upon what you said, thank you.”

Monica nods, and soon the two women depart. Monica goes out to her new family life, as Crystal looks back and looks at her daughter’s smiling and happy face. Part of it hurt her to know that she will never have that kind of love reflecting back, but as Monica stated earlier, she is willing to give her a second chance. Crystal then picks up her briefcase and walks to in the opposite direction where her new found love is waiting, Gary.

Thanksgiving morning has finally arrived. Sarah slowly crept down the stairs to begin her usual Thanksgiving tradition of the letter to God that she wrote the previous night and then send it to the heavens. In her letter, she thanked God for giving her the miracle she had been waiting a long time for. Having Monica to be her mother has been a dream come true. Also what was unexpected is Sarah forgave her real mom, and begged her to stay in her life.

Sarah is watching the morning sun as it rises above the treetops. Little snowflakes fell as it kissed Sarah’s cheek. There was a light dusting of white snow on the ground. Sarah says a small prayer to God, thanking him for the life he had given her, and for the people in it. Especially for Monica. Without meeting her last year, Sarah would never have a father to be so loving as well as having to make peace again with her mother. After she prayed, she lets go of her letter and watches it sail through the cold November morning.

Griffin slowly opens his eyes. He glances over at the time on his alarm clock. It stated 8:40 AM. Chris and Kerry aren’t expected to arrive here until 2 in the afternoon. Griffin turns back and found Monica still fast asleep beside him. He smiles at her sleeping. This is the first Thanksgiving they will share together as a married couple. Griffin has a lot to be thankful for this year. And one of them is Monica. Griffin kisses the back of Monica’s neck as he climbs out of bed to get an early start on preparing for the big feast. He is letting his wife sleep in considering that she will be doing most of the cooking.

Griffin heads into the small bathroom to change and groom himself. Griffin looked at his reflection and decided to shave off a few his sideburns. He combed through his hair and made it neat. Then for the final touch, he added in some Axe cologne to his body. He knows that the smell of Axe is Monica’s soft spot. It drives her crazy, and it’s one of the ways to seduce her.

As soon as Griffin was satisfied with the refection, he slowly comes out. He glances at Monica, who is still fast asleep on her side of the bed. Griffin couldn’t help but smile at her. She is just so damn cute when she is sleeping. He lingers at the doorway to the bedroom for another minute or so, then softly and quietly closes the door behind him.

Once he was out of their bedroom, he slowly made his way down the hallway to the stairs. Taking a quick glance at his daughter’s bedroom, and smiles to himself knowing she was already awake and down on the sofa watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Griffin still doesn’t get why his daughter gets up real early on Thanksgiving Day. She started to do this when she was seven years old.

He slowly rounds the corner and enters the living room. “Morning, my beautiful daughter.”

“Morning! Happy Turkey Day daddy!” Sarah exclaims as she gets up from the sofa to hug her father.

Griffin smiles and chuckles with his daughter, “Happy Thanksgiving to you too kiddo.”

Sarah pulls back to greet Monica, but she wasn’t with her father. Sarah glances back up to her father, “Where’s Mon...I mean mom?”

Griffin smiles, “I’m letting her sleep in. She needs it every once in a while.” Griffin settles down beside his daughter and watches the parade with her.

Sarah looks back at her dad, “Are you glad to be sharing this day with her?”

Griffin looks down at her, “What do you mean by that?”

“You know….first time sharing Thanksgiving being married,” Sarah stated.

Griffin gave a small chuckle, “Feels good, having her to be your mother as well as being my one true love has been a blessing.”

“Sure has…and it’s weird…having Monica as my mom now. I’m so grateful and happy..but it’s just weird.” Sarah stated.

Griffin looks at his daughter, “I bet I know what you are going to say at the table.”

Sarah gave a small giggle, “yeah..and I know what you are thankful for as well.”

Monica was starting to wake up when she rolls over and expect to see her husband there with her. Monica still with her eyes closes moves over and snuggles up next to him. She felt his spot and notices it was cold. Monica immediately opened up here eyes. She looks at her husband’s spot in their bed and found out he was not there. Monica sits up and looks at the clock. It read 9:20 AM. She was supposed to be up around 9 to start preparing for Thanksgiving dinner.

Monica climbs out of bed and goes into the closet to find a good outfit. She selected a simple maroon long sleeve shirt and some fine blue jeans. Monica laid the outfit on the bed as she heads into the bathroom to check and see if she needed to shower or not. Looking at her reflection and examining it. Took her a moment to decide does she really need a shower. She shook her head and declined the shower idea. Monica combs through her semi-long hair. Not liking how it is forming, Monica carefully apples some of her hair products to add more volume and style to it. After she was done, she turns on the hair curlier and carefully she curls the ends of her hair out, to frame her beautiful, lovely face.

After the hair was done, Monica moved out of the bathroom and changed out of her sleepwear clothes and into her outfit. Then she remerges back into the bathroom to apply makeup. It took her about ten minutes to place makeup on her face. Monica smiles at her beauty. Then for the final touch, she puts on a small portion of perfume. She took one last look at herself in the mirror, and then she turns off the light and heads downstairs to her family.

Once Monica was downstairs she hears laughter and banging of pots and pans in the kitchen. Monica smiles as she rounds the corner and sees Griffin starting to cook the feast, with Sarah by his side. Sarah had on a small chef’s hat and a child’s size apron. Griffin looked handsome as ever. Monica slightly giggles at the father and daughter moment. Monica comes into the kitchen, and both Sarah and Griffin turns and looks at her.

Sarah places the bowl of potatoes on the counter and goes over to greet Monica, “Morning…mom..Happy Thanksgiving!!!”

Monica bends down and picks up her daughter, “Happy Thanksgiving to you too sweetheart.” And she leaves a small kiss on Sarah’s cheek and wipes off the flower on her face. Sarah giggles when Monica removes the flour from her face.

“I’m helping daddy to cook dinner,” Sarah replies.

“I see that.” Monica giggles as she sets Sarah back down on the floor.

“Sarah, honey, why don’t you go and get dress. Your mother and I can handle making dinner.” Griffin said.

“Okay..going to go and take a shower first.” Sarah dashes off into the hallway and up the stairs.

Monica looks to her husband as she approaches him. Griffin stopped stuffing the turkey and wipes his hands on a towel. Then he turns to face her with a smile on his face. Monica was inches from his face when she softly spoke, “Happy Thanksgiving Griffin.”

Griffin smiles and replies, “Happy Thanksgiving to you, my love.” Monica smiles as Griffin pulls her towards him lacing his fingers to hers. Then he lowers his face to hers and tenderly kisses his wife. Griffin had wanted to do that for a while now. He felt Monica kissing him back as her fingers unlaced his and her hand slid up his muscular arms and to the rest at the back of his neck. Griffin felt her leading him to really kiss her as her mouth open to allow his tongue to slide onto hers. Monica felt the heat stir up again, and she slowly pulls her lips away from his. Slowly her eyes gleamed into his as she smiles.

Griffin sighs as he looks at his wife, “You are a really good kisser, you know that.”

Monica giggles at his comment to her and blushes a little, “Thank you.”

“You know this is the first Thanksgiving we are sharing as a married couple.” Griffin pointed out.

“I know. Which is why I kissed you like that.” Monica smiles as she continues to make the mash potatoes what Sarah started. She felt Griffin’s hands wrap around her small waist and felt his lips on the back of her neck. Monica smiles and adores his love and affection for her, “Roan….honey, we have to have the food ready by one o’clock, before our guest arrives.”

“I know. We have some time to kill in between cooking. You smell very lovely, and you are so incredibly beautiful, my love.” Griffin said between kisses on his wife’s neck.

Monica lightly giggles with him, and couldn’t stop herself from kissing him here and there. Griffin pulls back and goes to the turkey. Monica had the mash potatoes on the stove and moved onto making the squash. Griffin puts the turkey in the oven and sets the timer. Then he worked alongside his wife and made up the green bean casserole. Monica would glance at him and smiles whenever he comes and kisses her neck and shoulders. “We are never going to get Thanksgiving dinner done if we stop and have little make-out sessions.” Monica pointed out as he continues to kiss her shoulders.

Griffin pauses as he glances at her, “We are pretty much done with preparing the food. The oven will do the cooking for us.”

Monica turns to face him as her back is pressed against the edge of the breakfast bar. Griffin smiles as he comes near her. He felt Monica’s breath on his. Griffin slowly closes his eyes with his lips inches from hers. Monica closes her eyes too, and a few heartbeats later her lips crash onto his for a brief moment. Then Monica pulls away from him, and she moves off to the right to set up the table. “I love you Griff, but we can make out later... Finish chopping the onions, and I’ll start making the pumpkin pie.”

Griffin smiles back as he watches her disappear into the dining room as soon as she was gone Griffin went back into his task and made up the veggie tray. He laid out the ingredients of his grandmother’s pumpkin pie recipe so when Monica returns she can follow the instructions. Griffin then moves onto making up other dessert dishes. French Silk Pie, along with Apple crisp, and strawberry pudding.

Monica sets up the table as she drapes a red tablecloth over the tables and puts a candle set on each end. Then she counted up the plates and puts seven dishes at the grown-up table as well as the silverware and the glasses. Then at the separate table, Monica places seven more dishes and silverware at the kid’s table. As soon as the dining room is set, she soon returns to her husband in the kitchen.

Griffin places the apple crisp in the refrigerator when Monica return to the kitchen. Griffin smiles at her, “I laid out my grandmother’s recipe to make the pumpkin pie, for you to follow.”

Monica nods, “Thank you.”

Griffin went to her and kissed her lightly on her cheek, “Your welcome.” Griffin was about to go to the mash potatoes when Monica stops him. Griffin looks down at her, “What?”

Monica smiles as she guides him back to her. Then she softly and tender stated, “I know this may sound corny and stupid, but I always wanted to have you behind me cooking..”

Griffin’s eyes light up when she said that. He turns down the knob of the stove to let the potatoes slowly cook as he goes behind Monica and granted her request. Griffin kisses the back of Monica’s neck, and softly he spoke into her ear, “It’s not corny Monica…it’s quite romantic and sexy.”

Monica smiles at his comment and moves her free hand to place on the back of her husband’s neck as she encourages him to keep kissing her neck. Griffin did as what Monica told him to do. Monica and Griffin shared a beautiful and romantic moment as husband and wife by making a pie. Took Monica a good twenty minutes of finishing making the pumpkin pie, and having Griffin behind her helping as well, whenever he is not distracted by his hormones. Finally, after making the pie, Monica turns her attention to her husband where they came together and had a short, sweet moment of kissing and loving each other.

Sarah finished with her shower and moved into her bedroom. She went to her dresser and had a hard time finding the perfect outfit. She begins to pull out shirt after shirt and pants after pants. Over fifteen minutes she decides to go with fine blue jeans and a purple and black long sleeve shirt. Sarah applies some French Vanilla lotion on her legs and arms. Then she dresses in her outfit. Then she moves off her bed and goes to the mirror and blow dries her soft light brown hair. After Sarah was satisfied with her hair, she goes over and puts in her earrings and Monica’s necklace that she gave to her last year, and then goes and leaves the room and heads back downstairs to help out with her father and Monica.

Monica soon pulls out of Griffin’s embrace and turn to their task. Griffin goes to the mash potatoes and begins to stir it slowly and tested it for the tender moment. Sarah then rejoins them in the kitchen. “So what can I do to help?”

Griffin pauses and turns to his daughter, “You remember the ingredients for great grandma’s turkey gravy recipe?” Sarah nods. “Okay, go into the pantry and get the ingredients.”

“Okay, daddy.” Sarah dashes off into the side hallway. Griffin then grabs squash and opens up the oven. There was the sweet smell of the turkey rising in the air as he slid the squash on the second rack.

As soon as Griffin open the oven, Monica was finishing making the strawberry pudding when all of a sudden she didn’t feel so good. Monica held back her nausea as she continued. Sarah came back and set the materials down for the gravy when she looks at her adoptive mother, “Mom, are you okay?”

Griffin turns to look at his wife, “Monica?”

“I’m fine…really,” Monica said trying to deny the morning sickness.

Griffin came over to her, “Really, because you look a little green.”

Monica looks up at him, “I’m fine Griff...I just..” another wave hit her, and she felt like she was going to throw up right in the pudding.

Griffin caught onto that, “Come on Mon before you do end up blowing chunks into the dessert. Sarah and I can handle the rest.” Griffin ushers Monica to the couch as she carefully sits down.

Griffin left for a moment and returned with a damp towel and places it on Monica’s forehead. Monica looks to him, “You sure you can handle it?”

“I’m sure honey. I managed to do this a lot with Sarah before you came into my life dear, and still had Thanksgiving dinner ready by two. You did your best honey.” Griffin strokes Monica’s cheek with his thumb, “I kind of wondered when you would start to get your morning sickness again. Crystal had the same issue before when I was cooking chicken one night for dinner. Unlike you, she did manage to puke all over it.” Griffin chuckled at the memory.

Monica lightly smiles at that. “Why do woman get sick over meat when they are pregnant?”

“I don’t know. But it happens. You get some rest and watch the rest of the parade okay. I love you.” Griffin leans forward and places a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you too Roan, and thank you.” Monica smiles as she felt him kiss her forehead. Then she watches him disappear into the hallway and back into the kitchen with Sarah.

It is finally 1:30. Monica was trying desperately to keep her nausea down. She wanted to enjoy this day with her newfound family, and not be by the toilet all night. Finally, her morning sickness settled down just in time for their guest to arrive. Griffin manages to finish off the cooking in the kitchen while he sent Sarah to look after Monica. When the doorbell rang, Sarah jumped up and raced to greet their guest.

“Happy Thanksgiving Uncle Chris, and Aunt Kristin!” Sarah excitedly said.

Chris chuckles to her remark, “Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Sarah.” Just then Julia and Emmalin run past their father’s legs to hug their somewhat close sister.

Monica came up shortly behind Sarah. She smiles at the reunion of the girls. Then she looks at Chris and Kristin, “Come on in.”

Chris took off his tan coat and placed them in the closet. Kristin also gave her gray coat to him as he hung his wife’s coat next to his. Monica closes the door and goes and embraces her two closes friends. “Happy Thanksgiving Monica.”

“Happy Thanksgiving to you too, and you Chris,” Monica stated as she hugs Kristin.

“Say where is Griffin?” Chris asks Monica.

“He’s in the kitchen still.” Monica pointed Chris in the right direction.

As soon as Chris disappears to find his best friend, Monica turns her attention back on Kristin. “So, how are you dealing with your pregnancy with the cooking of the food.”

Monica let out a smile, “Not well. Had to leave when Griffin opened the oven to put the squash in.”

“Yeah, I know that feeling. I only ask because I was pregnant with Emmalin around Thanksgiving myself, and had morning sickness a lot.” Kristin laughs at the memory.

“Really? You felt nauseous too?” Monica asks as the two women moved into the living room.

“Yes. I had to leave the table to go throw up in the bathroom. Worst Thanksgiving I ever had. Spent the rest of the night by the toilet.” Kristin stated remembering that year.

“Well, I haven’t made a trip to the bathroom yet. Almost threw up in one of the desserts. Until Griffin came to my rescue.” Monica quietly spoke so the children wouldn’t here.

“Griffin is kind, like that. How are things between you two?” Kristin asks.

“What do you mean?” Monica replies.

“You know…after the coma, your….” Kristin pauses and lowers her voice so that children wouldn’t hear, “Your trauma with Charles Norman.”

Monica looks down at her daughter then back at Kristin, “I have my moments here and there. Things are slowly getting better. Griffin is very patient with me, and he knows how long it will be for me to become intimate with him again.”

Kristin gave a faint but kind smile to her, “It will. You love him more than anything, and same goes for Griffin.” Kristin pauses and shakes her head.

Monica picked up on Kirstin’s motion, “What?”

“Just floors me, that around this time last year, you two were denying that you had feelings for each other, and now you two are married and in love,” Kristin stated.

Monica gave a small laugh to that, “You knew that I liked Griffin back then.”

“Honey, your face glowed whenever you were around Roan. Got to hand it to you, you were good at trying to deny it. But Kerry and I saw the look in your eyes when you were with him, especially when we had you sitting next to him during dinner. I glanced at you after you said what you were thankful for. And the look that you shared with Griffin was all I needed to know that you were interested in with Griffin, and was starting to fall for him. Vice versa with Griffin as well.” Kristin stated.

Monica gave a short nod, “Guess I was a bit transparent.”

“Monica you were far from being transparent that night,” Kristin stated.

Monica looks at Kristin, and the two of them started to giggle. Just then the doorbell rung as Monica got up from her spot to greet Kerry and her family. When Monica goes to the door, she wasn’t suspecting to see Seth. “Seth…I mean…Mr. Griffin…what..ah what a surprise that you are doing here? I thought you would be spending Thanksgiving with Mrs. Parker and her family.”

Seth gave a small smile, “I wanted to spend some time with you and my son..before I head over to Kath’s.”

Monica smiles and lets him in, “Sure, we are about to eat here shortly, but you are welcome to join us. Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Griffin.”

Seth smiles and embraces his daughter-in-law, “Happy Thanksgiving to you too Monica, and for the record, you can call me Seth if you want…or dad. Whatever you like you are part of the family now.”

Monica nods as she moves away to close the door. Seth turns and hangs his coat in the closet. Then he looks to her, “Where is Roan anyways?”

“He’s in the kitchen. Getting rest of the food ready.” Monica smiles as she answers Seth’s question.

“You’re not in there with him?” Seth looks at her.

“Well I was for a bit, but the smell of the turkey made me a bit queasy..” Monica stated.

Seth smiles at that and lightly chuckles, “Ruth had the same issue one year when I made Thanksgiving dinner.”

“So I heard.” Monica smiles with her father-in-law.

“It will pass Monica, the morning sickness.” Seth smiles as he squeezes her hand. “Well, I’ll go say hi to my son as you greet some more guest.”

Monica nods, and soon she sees Brian pull up his minivan. Monica stayed by the door to greet the last remaining guest in the house. About three minutes later and the family was on the front porch, as Monica opens the door to welcome them. “Happy Thanksgiving!” The kids all cheered.

Monica smiles brightly at Kerry’s family and replies the saying back, “Happy Thanksgiving to you all too.” One by one the kids fled into the house and went to the living room. Monica hugs both Kerry and Brian as soon as they were in the house.

Griffin was adding the turkey juice to mix of ingredients when his father walks in. Griffin had just put some seasoning in the stuffing when he looks up at his dad, “Dad? What ah...Why are you here?”

Seth smiles as he went to make his mother’s secret gravy. “Came to be with you, son.”

Chris is feeling a bit awkward left to place the food out on a large table to let Griffin and his father be alone. Griffin looks at his father and wipes his hand on the dish towel. “I thought you are over at Mrs. Parker’s.”

“I will make my way there. I want to be with my other son for Thanksgiving. Since I failed to do that over the years.” Seth admitted.

Griffin sets the towel down and realizing that his father is feeling guilty and lonely after Lenny’s death. “I’m guessing you feel this way, because of what happened to Lenny.”

Seth nods in silence. Then he looks at his son, “I guess it’s my guilt that is making me spend more time with the people I love. I want to change that. So for every Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ll be sharing it with you and Kurt.”

Griffin smiles and goes to his father and embraces him. “Happy Thanksgiving Dad.”

Seth smiled back and gave a little chuckle, “Happy Thanksgiving to you too Roan.” After the father and son moment, Seth went to test the gravy and squinted his face.

“What’s wrong?” Griffin asks.

“Are you trying to make my mother’s special gravy?” Seth asks.

“Yeah. Why did I not follow the recipe right?” Griffin looks at the piece of paper that has been past down for generations.

“You did. But you are missing something. Hang on don’t panic..” Seth went searching for the one ingredient that will make the gravy complete. Took Seth a moment, then he found what he has been searching for. “Step back Roan,” Seth added in one teaspoon of seasoning and stirred it into the pot of gravy. Griffin watches his father taste the gravy, and he smiles and winks at him. “You are fortunate that you have married an Irish gal because this stuff is what your grandmother use in a lot in her cooking.” Seth tosses Griffin the seasoning bottle.

Just then Monica enters the room, “Griff…you about done?”

Griffin sets the bottle of seasoning back into the cupboard, “Yes. Dad can you bring the gravy out into the dining room.”

Seth smiles and picks up the pot of gravy with the pot holders and carries it to the Thanksgiving table bar. Griffin arrives with his wife as everyone took their seats. Griffin sat beside Monica, with Kerry directing in front of him and her husband beside her. Chris sat on Griffin’s other side followed by Kristin and then his father.

Griffin looks around the table, “Shall we say grace.” Everyone place their hands in one another’s. This time placing his hand to Monica’s didn’t feel awkward like the first time. It felt complete. Then he bowed his head and began to speak to the Lord to bless this day and the food, “Lord, Father in heaven.
We give thanks for the pleasure of gathering together for this occasion. We give thanks for this food Prepared by loving hands. We give thanks for life, and for life, you have given us. Griffin pauses as he brings in his brother Lenny, “And we pray for us to remember and rejoice in our loved ones who have left this world to join yours. Bless this day, with joy, love, and hope. In your holy name, we praise, Amen.”

Monica looks at her husband, and her hand still is clinging onto his as she squeezes his hand and Monica smiles brightly at him. Their moment was broken when the kids started to say what they were thankful for this past year.

First up was Brenda, “I’m thankful for meeting a new friend this year.”

Logan was next, “I’m thankful for heading into the military next summer.”

Angelia was after Logan, “I’m thankful for heading into a new school building, and meeting new friends.”

Julia was after, “I’m thankful for being a good friend to Sarah when she needed me the most.”

Emmalin slowly stood up as she raises her kids’ wine in the air, “I’m truly blessed and thankful for, being in remission!”

Everyone cheered at that. Kristin had tears in her eyes when her daughter stated that. After the cheers died, Molly shared what she was thankful for, “I’m thankful for having Daddy for the holidays!”

Then finally came Sarah. Sarah took a moment then she too raised her glass of kids wine, “I’m thankful for having my family back, and being with people who love me.”

Brian was next after the kid’s table, “I’m thankful for being home and not away on missions.”

Kerry smiles at her husband and then she shared hers, “I’m thankful for having a new friend in my life.”

Next came Griffin’s father. Seth took a moment then he raised his glass, “I’m thankful for my life, and for God to bless me with my sons.”

Kristin smiles as her turn came, “I’m thankful for my daughter Emmalin to be cancer free!”

Then it came to Chris, “I’m thankful for…no wait…I thank God for my thankfulness for not letting my daughter suffer anymore, and for being the grace for Roan, and not letting him be in a coma.”

Griffin smiles to his best friend as he raised his glass for sharing what he is thankful for, “Very touching Chris….Thanks.” Griffin took a deep breath then he shared what he was thankful for, “This year..I’m thankful for..” he pauses as he looks at Monica, “I’m thankful for having you to be in my life, and for saving me and for making me be a better man. I love you.”

Emmalin squeaked out, “Kiss her Uncle Roan!!!”

The adults all chuckle at that remark from little Emmalin. And with the request from the kids, Griffin leans over and lightly kisses Monica on the lips. After the moment passed, it is finally Monica’s turn. Monica raises her glass of water into the air as she shares what she is thankful for, “Don’t know what to say to that..wow..um..okay….I’m thankful for each one of you. You make me feel special, and you brought me so much joy this past year. I could not ask for more.” Monica finishes as she sets her glass down.

Griffin gave the single for everyone to dig into the Thanksgiving feast. The kids all got up for the table and went to dish out their favorite foods. Once the kids were through the grownups took their turn, and soon everyone enjoys their meal time.

After everyone is full and were done eating, Kerry and Kristin helped Monica put away the food, while Griffin Brian and Chris did the dishes. It took about 20 minutes for everyone to get done putting away the food, and doing the dishes. The kids all went into the living room playing games and sharing stories. Monica looks at her daughter as she engages in conversation with Logan and some of Kerry’s other children. Kerry came up beside her and smiles, “Looks like your daughter is having fun.”

Monica glances back, “She sure is.”

“Griffin told me about the adoption. Still makes me wonder, why Crystal gave up like that. It’s not like her.” Kerry questioned.

Monica gave a half smile and didn’t answer her. She knows, but she wouldn’t tell. Monica looks at her friend, “How do you feel about Logan going into the military?”

“To be honest, I’m terrified. It’s bad enough that my husband is in the military, and now my son will be going next fall. But Logan wants to pursue it. He feels that it’s his calling to serve God. I’m not going to be the reason to hold him back from it.” Kerry stated as she took a sip of her red wine. “Oh, this wine is so good.”

Monica smiles, “Wish I could have some, but can’t because I’m pregnant.”

Kerry giggles at that, “Yeah…maybe next year you can have some.”

Griffin watches his wife bond with Kerry as he sets out the plates for dessert. When Griffin was about to go into the kitchen to pull out the desserts, he sees his father approaching him. “Let me guess you are heading over to Kathy’s.”

“Yeah. I have Thanksgiving over there every year. I Thought I would enjoy dinner with you and your family, and then head over there for dessert.” Seth stated as he looks at his son.

“Well, I appreciate you being here, dad. Really.” Griffin stated with a smile.

Seth smiles back, “Me too…feels like old times.” Seth pauses as he remembers the memories with his wife and his three kids. “Well, I got to go. Say goodbye to your wife for me.”

Griffin nods. And then he embraces his father, “Happy Thanksgiving dad. I love you.”

Seth smiles back and hugs his son, “I love you too Roan. Happy Thanksgiving.” They held onto each other for a moment more, and then Seth pulls away and kisses Griffin’s head. “I shall see you at Christmas.”

Griffin gave a little chuckle, “Okay..but just to let you know…it will be over at Chris’s.”

Seth nods, “Okay..will be there. Take care now.”

“You too,” Griffin replies as he watches his father leave his home. Griffin smiles at his father’s embrace and loves that he still attempts to spend time with him. Griffin soon resumes to his task of getting out the dessert. One by one the kids filed back into the dining area to get their favorite desserts. Monica is still engaged in her conversation with Kerry, and Griffin thought he would be sweet to bring her a plate full of apple crisp. Since Monica is watching her calories on chocolate, he thought apple crisp would be the best choice.

“So what have you and Roan decided to name your child?” Kerry asks as she leans in. Kristin was beside them chowing down on some pumpkin pie.

“Well, we haven’t decided a name just yet. We each picked out five names for a boy and a girl.” Monica stated.

“Well, you have six months to decide on it. There still is time. I didn’t pick out my names for Julia and Emmalin until I was six months pregnant with each of them.” Kristin stated as she scooped another mouth full of pie into her mouth.

“Kristin’s right. Took me a long time to name my kids. Especially with two of them, I had to come up with them on my own since Brian was away in the Gulf War.” Kerry agreed.

That surprise Monica, “Really…you had no communication on what to name your kids?”

“Well, we had some communication. But still were undecided, and I was…” Kerry pauses for a moment, “I was getting into my second trimester. It was still quite early to discuss names. And back then it was tough to contact my husband overseas. He missed two of the births, but he got to see them a day after they were born through a webcam. And we settle on a name then. Also, Griffin was there as well as my brother to help name the kids. Actually, your husband thought up the name Angelia for my daughter. It was going to be his second child’s name.”

Monica smiles at that. “Wow..he never told me that. He really wanted to name his second child Angelia?”

Kerry nods, “But that was back then……Don’t know what he has plans for this child.”

Just then Griffin came up behind Kristin and looks at his wife. “Do you want any dessert Mon..”

Monica looks back at him, “Apple crisp sounds nice.” Griffin then holds out his plate of apple crisp. Monica looks at him and sighs, “I can get it dear. I’m pregnant, not disabled.”

“I know, thought I would be a sweet husband and offer you some.” Griffin smiles as he hands her the plate. Then he softly kisses her cheek and goes to where the kids are at. Kerry and Kristin both just snickered at each other and shook their heads. Monica smiles with them as they continue to talk.

Around 8 o’clock people started to say their goodbyes and thanked Monica and Griffin for hosting Thanksgiving. Monica and Griffin sent their friends off with some leftover Thanksgiving food and wished them a safe drive back. Sarah said her goodbyes to her other extended family as she helps Chris and Kristin put the food in the trunk. As a final goodbye, she hugs both of them and then congratulates Emmalin again for being in remission.

Once Chris and Kristin took off, Monica and Griffin retreat to the living room to have a family night by watching the classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Sarah loves her cartoon films. After the short movie got over, Griffin plopped in one of his old time favorite Thanksgiving film which was the old Miracle on 34th Street. As the movie began, Monica snuggles up next to her husband as the light of the blazing fire outlined his body. Halfway through the film, Monica pauses the movie as Sarah was camped out on her lap.

Griffin smiles at her, as she lifts the sleeping child and places her in her bed. Then Monica softly spoke to her, “Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet Sarah. I love you.” Then Monica kisses her head as she turns out the lights. Griffin stood there looking at her. Monica softly closes the door and turns to look at him. “What?”

“Nothing. You are just so amazing, at being a mother to her.” Griffin said with a smile.

Monica smiles with him, and together they both retreat down the stairs to finish the movie. Griffin fixes the fire, as Monica curls back up in her spot. Once the fire remade, Griffin returns to his spot, sofa and Monica hits the play button to resume the film. Griffin looks at his wife and nuzzles her neck with his nose.

Monica smiles to his touch, as she takes hold of his hand and coils them around her waist. They stayed snuggled up for a while, and when the movie was over. Griffin puts out the fire and comes up to Monica as she was about to turn and go up the stairs to their room. Griffin smiles as he pulls her near him Monica had a confused look on her face, when Griffin lifts her up from the floor Monica eyes him, “What are you doing?”

“Carry you up like that one movie with Richard Gere…um, I think it is called An Officer and a Gentlemen Wanted to do something very romantic to you tonight.” Griffin looks into his wife’s eyes.

Monica smiled to that and enclosed her arms around his firm neck as she sexily said to him, "Well, by all means, take me away, sergeant Griffin." Griffin and Monica chuckled at her comment as he kisses her sweetly just then. Then Griffin very tenderly carries her up the stairs and into their room.

Once in their room, Griffin gently sets Monica on their bed. Monica looks up at him, “What on earth made you do that?”

Griffin shrugs, “I don’t know…I always wanted to do that to the woman that I love, ever since I saw that film. Never occurred to do that to Crystal. You were the first, and I am so glad too. Because you are the love of my life.”

Monica gave a big grin and softly guided him to her, “Well…” Monica pauses as she slightly giggles when Griffin’s lips found her neck, “I thought it was romantic…and very..” She trails off when Griffin shuts her up with a tender lip lock. The moment of sexual pleasure was getting to both of them when Griffin backs away.

“What?” Monica asks as she wanted more of his tender touch.

“We are getting too deep again,” Griffin stated.

Monica sighs, “I know…can I say that I just want to disobey, what my therapist says, and make love to you right now.”

Griffin smiles at her comment and kisses the side of her neck, “Love that, but if your therapist says you can’t have sex, you can’t. Besides Monica, it’s the hormones that are making you behave this way.”

Monica looks at him, “You’re right. God, why am I so crazed about sex like this when I’m pregnant. Grant it, I sort of like the idea, but not all the time.”

Griffin chuckles, “It’s natural honey. Crystal and many women go through the same process. It’s part of the cycles of being pregnant.” Griffin tucks a lock of Monica’s hair behind her ears. “And besides, it’s a bonus for us husbands….”

Monica eyes him, “You’re enjoying this?”

Griffin nods, “Sad to say, yeah. When my wife is offering sex to me, it’s hard to say no or even pass it up. Even if it is the hormones talking.”

Monica laughs with him, “I love you.”

Griffin kisses her lightly and the looks into her eyes, “I love you too.” Then they snuggle in under the covers as they both engage in a long conversation. When Griffin shared his dreams and things Monica will share hers. They talk what seemed like hours until Griffin didn’t hear Monica responding anymore. He looks at his now sleeping wife and pulls the covers up to her chin. Griffin smiles at her and kisses her lightly on the cheek, “Goodnight Monica.” Griffin soon falls asleep to Monica’s soft breathing and her heartbeat.

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