Fallen Angel Part 4

All I want for Christmas is You

Christmas was just a few weeks away, and Monica still has to do some Christmas shopping for her family. Monica looks at the clock in the waiting room for her therapy session with Dr. Miller. Ever since she had been kidnapped along with Sarah by Charles Norman, Monica has been seeing a therapist on how to cope with the trauma, along with getting back on her feet. Even though Norman didn’t rape her for say, but it still felt like he did. Dr. Miller has been so kind to her, to help her to be intimate with her husband again. Monica wants the okay from her therapist to allow her to make love to her husband, because the need to have sex with Griffin, is driving Monica crazy. With all the raging hormones inside of her, it is impossible to turn the offer down, especially when Griffin is triggering all of her sweet spots when they are making out.

Monica picked up a magazine and started to read it. She only made it to the third page when Dr. Miller calls her into her office. “Mrs. Griffin, you can come on back.”

Monica places the magazine back in its proper place as she picks up her purse and walks into Dr. Miller’s office. She went over on the couch and made herself comfortable as she stares back at her therapist. It took about another minute or so when Dr. Miller returns to her office and closes the door behind her. “So, how are things going with your family? I heard a few weeks ago that the adoption went through.”

Monica smiles and responds back, “Yes it did. Sarah is now my daughter.”

Dr. Miller smiles back to her, “That’s great. How does Sarah feel about it?”

“She was all for the idea. She wanted me to be in her life after…well after everything that has happened. She is also very excited about this baby coming too.” Monica explained.

“You two still don’t know what the sex is of the child is yet?” Dr. Miller asks.

“Nope. But we will find out shortly. After Christmas, I got an appointment with the doctors, and an ultrasound, which will tell if it’s a boy or a girl.” Monica answers Dr. Miller.

Took a moment but Monica asks the daring question, “Dr. Miller, I know you ban on me for engaging in sexual activities with my husband, back when we started. Am I still banned from it, or can I start to be passionate with Roan Griffin, again.”

Dr. Miller puts down her pen as she looks at Monica. Then scooting her chair closer to her, “Monica, you have greatly improved over the last month. The real question is do you feel ready to engage in sex again.”

Monica took a moment, then she looks into her therapist green eyes, “I don’t know. Part of me wants to engage in sex again like you have no idea how badly. But then again…I’m afraid how I will react. Will I go into a panic attack? Will my mind take me back to that moment of Charles touching me?”

Dr. Miller sets aside her notes, “Monica, you are a very strong and caring woman. And as far as I can see you have a strong mind. But what you are holding back from is the fear. You fear that whenever you and your husband get in that moment, you will freeze and start to flashback. However, with your sessions, you have a unique way on how to control that fear. You have God at your side through your tough times as well as the good. With your strong faith, I can see that you can control the fear that you feel inside you.”

Monica thought about what Dr. Miller stated. She is right, her faith in God, has proved that love can conquer fear. She has prayed about this since her trauma. She looks back at her therapist, “Do you think I’m ready?”

“Doesn’t matter what I think Monica,” Dr. Miller stated. “It’s up to you, whether you are ready to engage into sex again.”

Monica looks at her, “You mean you never did ban me from having sex with Griffin.”

Dr. Miller smiles, “Yes I did at that point in time when you first started. I feel that you are ready to start again. But the ultimate choice is yours. If you feel that it is right, you can go ahead and have as much sex as you want.”

Monica smiles at her, “Well when I’m making out with him, I feel peace and excitement all at once. But I’m…”

Dr. Miller comes to sit next to her client, “Monica, stop thinking of the ‘what ifs.’ When you are alone with your husband, what thoughts go through your mind when you are in ‘the moment’ with him.”

Monica looks at her and then slowly closing her eyes to picture herself what her therapist is saying. The memories flooded her mind the time she first had sex with him, back in Ireland, how tenderly he moved with her movements. The sweet never-ending sexual pleasure that consumed her and the way he kissed her made it feel like she was melting into his embrace. Monica took a moment to gather her thoughts as she spoke to her therapist on what she felt when she is making love to her husband, “I feel…joy, love, and sweet torture when he is with me. I also feel, loved, and sexually satisfied as we make love to one another.” Monica slowly opens her eyes to look at her therapist.

“You are ready Monica….the heat and magic from having sex with your spouse are still there. You just have to trust it.” Dr. Miller places her hand to Monica’s.

Monica looks at her wedding band. She knows that Dr. Miller is right. The fear that once gripped her soul is now finally loosened. Dr. Miller pulls back as she goes over to her desk, “Well that about wraps it up.”

Monica sighs as she hands a check in for her session. Dr. Miller takes her check and smiles at her, “Looks to me that we are about done with this. I’ll have you back in here after the holidays, and then that will be my last session. However…before the last session, I’m going to give you an assignment to do before the session.”

Monica with a curious look, eyes Dr. Miller, “And that will be what exactly?”

“This may sound weird, but I will like you to try and engage in sexual activities with your husband over the holidays.” Dr. Miller smiles.

Monica was shocked as she takes a step back, “Wait! What? You are permitting me to sleep with my husband over the holidays?”

Dr. Miller nods in agreement, “That is what I’m saying……and write in this journal what you feel afterward.” Dr. Miller hands Monica a journal. Dr. Miller also hands Monica her next and final session with her. “I’ll see you January 15th.”

Monica nods as she takes hold of the journal as well as her belongings. She can’t believe that her therapist is giving her permission to engage in sex again even though earlier Dr. Miller stated that engaging in sex within the first few months will trigger the flashbacks. However, whenever Monica and Griffin engage in a hot romantic moment, Monica has not flashback to that horrible moment. She is wondering if this was God’s doing, of letting the fear go, and just be in the moment with her husband. Monica looks to the heavens as snow fell from the skies. She said a thank you prayer to her heavenly Father, and for never letting her faith die. After she prayed, she hops in her red Cadillac and heads over to Chris’s house to pick up her daughter.

Today was Griffin’s first day back on the job. He went to talk with his Captain, Joe Denver, about his condition. Griffin’s boss also agrees with Monica and the doctors. But for right now, Joe stuck Griffin on filing papers.

It felt like ages ago that Griffin walks back into his work. Many of his colleagues greeting him and welcome him back to the job. Griffin walks to his desk and looks over the work he missed. Almost after two months of not working, there sure was a lot he missed. Several new cases came up; the other detectives were working hard to solve them. Griffin looks over at his partner’s desk, which remained empty. As soon as Griffin settled down, a woman that looked to be about Monica’s age came to him.

“Are you Sergeant Roan Griffin?” she asks.

Griffin looks up to look at her. The woman was fair skinned, almost the same look as Monica’s. She had brown hair, and the end tips was a hint of red. Her eyes were very unusual. It was very blue. Almost like it was made of ice. But at the same time, it had warmness to it with a hint of very faint green. After looking at this woman, he answers her, “Yes I am…can I hel..”

“I’m Megan Sanders. I’m going to be your new partner.” Megan said in a lovely voice.

Griffin looked confused. “I thought I was going to be with Chris.”

Megan took a seat next to him, “Well, shortly after you fell into a coma after getting shot, the captain assigned him to a new partner. He didn’t know when you were coming back Sergeant, and it is a miracle that you bounce out of your coma so fast. It had surprised everyone.”

Griffin sighs. He likes being with his best friend, but he understands the captain’s decision. “So you’re my new partner, huh.”

“Yes, I am very good at what I do, been on my own these past few weeks. I’m a bit surprised that you came in today.” Megan eyes him.

Griffin smiled at her as he replies, “Just wanted to try it out. Need to train myself again on how to be a cop. After my two months leave.”

Megan gave a little laugh, “Sergeant, you are already a well-respected cop. You don’t need to prove that.”

Griffin looks at her, “Call me Griffin. Everybody does around here.”

“You don’t like the title ‘sergeant’?” Megan asks.

“Not really. It feels too informative. Only outside of these walls people use sergeant. For colleagues, call me Griffin.” Griffin explains as he sets a box of evidence aside. Then he looks at her, “I never seen you around. Are you in another department of this unit?”

Megan pauses in her writing on a file sheet. Then she looks up at him. “I was told that you are a chatterbox.” Megan chuckles to herself, then she answers Griffin’s question, “No I’m not in the 55th unit. I got transferred from New Jersey. My boss drafted me over here. My captain at my other station is a good friends with yours.”

Griffin sets aside his file and looks at her, “How much do you know about me?”

Megan slowly gazes at him, “Pretty well. My boss handed me your jacket before I transferred... You are a very gifted cop Griffin.” Then she smiles as she quietly suggests to him, “I think we should focus on these case files and hand them off to other detectives so that they can meet their deadlines. We can ‘get to know’ each other over lunch at the dinner.”

Griffin sighs and then continues with his duty. He never had a female partner before. He still prefers Chris over anybody here, although this Megan person seems mysterious to him, and made him curious about why she is here. Griffin has to admit she is gorgeous, her eyes captive him so much. Still, Griffin thinks that the sexiest woman in the world is Monica. No one can ever come close to her beauty, and her unique personality, which made him fall in love with her. Plus, she is a miracle to him, and he would never cheat on her. Not even this Megan person can steal his heart and love away from his wife.

After the therapy session, Monica drives over to Chris’s house where her daughter had spent the night. Now that Monica is back to teaching, she is a little busy than usual. Some of her students ask her why Monica got up and left. Monica will not reveal to her students about her personal life, and she just stated that she needs some time off, although some of them wanted Rafael to come back in and teach. Just yesterday during lunch time Monica overheard some of her female students discussing how cute he was. She has to admit; one of her formal angel friends was good looking and has a way to make an impression, on humans. Especially the females.

Monica puts the red Cadillac in park and kills the engine and heads into the house. Kristin must have just baked because there was an aroma of chocolate chip cookies lingering in the air. Monica goes over into the dining room to find all of them around the table. Kristin was looking in a recipe book, while each of the girls is doing their homework. Sarah beams up at her, “Hi mom. I will be ready in a few minutes. Finishing up my notes for a presentation tomorrow for my research project.”

Monica smiles at her, “There’s no rush sweetheart. Take your time.”

Kristin watches as her daughters leave the table and go upstairs. After they left Kristin pulls a seat out for Monica to sit in. Kristin then sets the book aside to look at Monica, “So how was your visit with Dr. Miller?”

Monica sighs as she reaches for a cookie, “Very helpful…”

“Dr. Miller is good with her work. I know…I had a few traumas myself with Chris suffering from a small form of PTSD. After the therapy sessions, we have gotten better in our marriage.” Kristin looks at her friend.

Monica looks into her chocolate brown eyes, “Did Dr. Miller, ever…give you an assignment to do?”

Kristin gave a confused look, “What do you mean assignment?”

“Well….when you hit the rocky patch in your marriage, did she ban you guys from being intimate?” Monica asks.

“Well, yes for a while…but then we got reconnected again, and our sex life quickly rose. We practically had it every night…Gosh, I miss those days..” Kristin pauses as she studies Monica, “Wait are you telling me that Dr. Miller is giving you an assignment to…”

Monica nods as Kristin read through the lines. “Yes.”

“Wow…I wish I had that for a homework assignment.” Kristin chuckles. Then she turns her thoughts back onto Monica, “Are you up for it…to have sex with Roan again. You two were going at it like nonstop, the first few weeks of being newlyweds.”

Monica looked at Kristin, “How do you know Roan and I had sex like that non-stop since we got married?”

“Roan talks to my husband, I know Monica,” Kristin added in a small smile. “Are you up for it?”

Monica sighs, “I don’t know. I mean with this pregnancy, sex is all I can think about when I’m with him. Even with the little things he does, it turns me on. Just the other night, when we were snuggling next to the fire, my heart and my body yearns for him to touch me as he did on our honeymoon, and have a hot passionate night, but in the same time, I’m scared too of what could happen. The memories of Norman forcing himself on me like that on that horrible day really put up a wall to be intimate with Griffin. I want that to leave me, and have a sex life again.”

Kristin puts a hand on her shoulder, “Monica, it will happen again…your sex life will incline. It’s just a rough patch that you are going through. You’ve been traumatized. It’s even a miracle that your husband came back from a coma. I mean I never thought I could have gotten through that patch with my husband, and miraculously we did. And after we made it through, we were having the best sex of our lives. And Griffin loves you that much that he isn’t pressuring you to. He is letting you be the first to suggest it.”

Monica smiles at that. She knows that Kristin is right. Then Sarah came back with her backpack and her sleeping stuff. “Okay, I’m ready.”

Monica nods as she slowly rises out of the chair. “Thanks, Kristin for the talk, as well as for the lovely homemade chocolate cookies.”

Kristin smiles back at her. “You’re welcome. Oh and Mon, if you and Griff need a night alone to rebuild that passionate love again. You can always give me and call, and I will be able to babysit for you.”

Monica smiles at Kristin’s reference of what she was hinting at. “Thanks, I will let you know..”

Then she turns and heads out of the house and helps carry some of Sarah’s things. Once they were by the car, Sarah looks at her, “What did Aunt Kristin meant by babysitting me?”

Monica sighs, “Nothing sweetheart.”

“Is she referring to you and daddy about having sex again?” Sarah stated as she closes the passenger side door and buckles up.

Monica was about to turn the car on when she looks at her daughter, “How did you come up with that idea Sarah?”

“Mom, I’m a little smarter than what you adults think. I can read in between the lines. So are you?” Sarah looks at Monica.

Monica inhales deeply as she looks at her, “I…I…really can’t discuss it. For one thing, you’re my daughter, and I shouldn’t even begin to discuss with you about my sex life with your father. Maybe when you become an adult I can start to share things on an adult level with you about my personal time with your father, but your still a kid. Another thing is, I still view you as an innocent girl. I don’t want you to grow up too fast. I love you with all my heart Sarah, but….”

“The conversation about revealing your private life with daddy is making you uncomfortable.” Sarah looks up at Monica.”

Monica looks back at her, “Not just uncomfortable sweetie, it is a boundary thing. You’re my daughter now, and I am your mother. I need to be a parent to you, not a ‘best friend.’”

Sarah nods and understands what Monica is trying to say to her, “I understand, and greatly respect that. I don’t want to know what goes on between you and my father behind closed doors. But I also am smart enough I can read into what you and aunt Kristin are talking about..” Sarah explained. Then she turns and looks at her mother, “But tell you what, before the accident that had happened, you had this ray of happiness whenever you and daddy…well…’do it’. I want to see that back in your face again.”

Monica stares into her daughter’s eyes, “Thank you, Sarah, for reassuring me that.”

“You’re welcome. Just do me a favor..” Sarah stated when Monica turns the keys to start the car.

“What is that?” Monica asks.

“Promise me, that when you and daddy decided on having that passionate night, that you will keep me out of the house so that I will not hear you guys,” Sarah stated. “I know you guys are in love and I’m blessed that you two are, and want you to keep that love you guys have for one another. But I heard from some of my classmates in school, that they hear everything that their parents do during sex. Some of them have to go and spend the night at a friend’s house, because of the screams from…”

Monica slightly chuckles to her daughter’s comment. “Your father and I are not like that, and we are aware that you are present in the house when we make love to each other.” Sarah looks at her with a shocked face. “Yes Sarah, we have done it a few times with you in the house shortly after our honeymoon. We have just been cautious about it so that we didn’t disrupt your sleep.” Then she slowly pulls out of the driveway and makes her way to their house.

Sarah smiles at that, “Well I’m grateful for that because I don’t want to know. At least not right now. Maybe when I fall in love with someone and need some advice, I will come back with the sex talk with you.”

Monica let out a small chuckle, “Let’s hope that will be when you are married or going to get married.”

“Now you are starting to sound like daddy.” Sarah giggles.

Monica giggles alongside her. The snow fell more heavily now as Monica turns on the familiar street. They both look out the window at the beauty of the winter scenery before them. With the Christmas lights lighting the pathway up and down the main street of the little town of Gracie. “Isn’t the lights so beautiful Sarah?”

Sarah gleams out the window marveling at the beauty of the Christmas spirit. “It sure is. So can’t wait for Christmas!”

Monica smiles at her daughter as she pulls in the driveway of the house. She spotted Griffin’s car in his parking space and notice he was home early. Then she kills the engine and climbs out of the vehicle, to help Sarah out with her stuff. Sarah goes into the lovely warm house to greet her father. Monica follows in after her.

Monica looks at her husband and notices he was cooking dinner for the both of them. She eyed him when Sarah was telling him about her time with Chris. Monica then hands Sarah her sleeping bag of things, “Sarah, sweetheart, why don’t you take your stuff and put them in your room, and then you can come down and wash up for dinner.”

Sarah sighs as she kissed her father and then grabbed her things and heads to the stairs. Monica smiles at her husband as he came near her and lightly kissed her neck. Monica started to giggle when he nibbled on her earlobe. “I missed you.”

Monica smiles at Griffin’s comment as she turns to look at him, “How was your first day of being Sergeant Roan Griffin again?”

“Not bad. Still, wish I was on patrolling and solving crimes like before, but one step at a time. Besides I got a new partner.” Griffin said as he went back to check on the sauce.

“New partner? I thought Chris, your best friend is your partner.” Monica asks as she leans her back on the edge of the breakfast bar.

“So did I, apparently a week after I went into the coma, my boss assigned him to Wayne. Your old friend.” Griffin stated as he came by her to chop up the potatoes.

Monica looks at him as he gave her a piece of carrot. “So who is this new partner?” Monica asks as she took Griffin’s chopped carrot.

“Megan Sanders.” Griffin stated, “She got transferred from New Jersey to work alongside me.”

“Well that’s nice, I’m happy for you honey really.” Monica smiles at him. Then she glances at the food that Griffin is making, “So, what are you cooking?”

Griffin smiles to her as he makes his way to the cookbook, “Thought I would make this for us tonight.”

Monica glances at the page Griffin was looking out from. She looks at the page as it read Chicken Parmigiana. She looks at her husband, “oh honey I forgot how romantic you really could be.”

Griffin smiles as he takes hold of her hand and guides her over to the stove where he is cooking the sauce. “Try this.”

Monica takes a spoon that Griffin hands her, and she scoops up a spoonful of delicious smelling sauce. Then she took a bit of it, and her soul melted. The flavors in the sauce made her smile with contempt. Then she turns back and looks at him, “Oh my God…this is really good…Griffin, when were you going to tell me that you can cook. This is really, really mouthwatering.”

Griffin drapes the towel on the counter; “Guess never thought it was in me, until this afternoon. By the way that sauce took me at least 4 hours to make.”

“Well, it’s amazing. You’re amazing…I love you..” Monica smiles as she eyes him.

Griffin makes his way to her, and lightly kisses her lips. Then he gleams back at her, “I love you too…” Griffin nuzzles his nose to hers as she smiles at his tender touch. Monica feels so lucky to have a man like Griffin to be her one and only soul mate. Everything that he has done for her made her feel special and to be truly blessed to be human.

Griffin then pulls back from his wife and smiles to her, “Want to help me finish up cooking?”

Monica smiles at him, “Sure, love to.”

Monica slips beside Griffin as she begins to help chop up the potatoes. Griffin turns off the stove for the sauce, and very carefully he goes and stands behind his wife. Monica felt her husband’s hands touching hers, as Griffin places them on the knife and the food. Monica smiles brightly at what he was planning to do. Her heart begins to beat harder in her chest with every motion and movement that he was doing. Soon after the food was cut into tiny pieces, Monica turns to look at him. Her eyes scanned his and begged him to kiss her tenderly. Without the words to be spoken, Griffin closes the gap and laid soft kisses on his wife’s lips. Monica felt so moved as the heat flared up in her soul. She presses her back against the edge of the counter, as Griffin’s body came in close contact with hers. Monica places her hands on Griffin’s muscular chest, as her fingertips graze over the cloth of his shirt. She felt Griffin’s has stroking the sides of her body, moving up and down motion as he kisses her. Then Monica changes the tempo of their kissing, with long smooth rhythms, which made Griffin let out a soft moan within his throat.

Monica wanted to go deeper, but knowing that Sarah could come into the room at any moment, she decided not to. Besides, Monica was still unsure of pursuing the idea of making love to Griffin. She knows her body wants it, and her heart is yearning for Griffin to touch her as he had done on their honeymoon, but still is afraid if her mind will take her back to the dark room with Norman.

Monica’s eyes closed as she felt Griffin’s kissing method to intensify. Unconsciously Monica moves her hands to grip the back of Griffin’s white shirt, as her head slightly tills back to feel Griffin’s tender kiss on her neck. Every kiss Griffin leaves behind, was making Monica go insane. Griffin was in the middle of leaving hickeys there when Monica snaps out of her intimate moment with her husband when she hears their daughter coming. “Griff honey…our daughter is coming.” Monica eyes him carefully as he looked right back at her. They both don’t want Sarah to witness their hot romance time with one another, even though they both want to keep going, but have to respect their daughter as well.

Griffin stopped what he was doing and had just enough time to move away from his wife when Sarah walks in the door. Monica continues to put the potatoes in the pot when Sarah came around to stand next to her. “So, what can I do to help?”

Griffin moves from the counter to the oven to pull out the chicken that had been cooking. Then he turns to look at his daughter, “You can fill this pot with water, and put the noodles in there.”

“Okay.” Sarah goes to her father’s spot and fills the pot that they usually cook spaghetti in it. Griffin came and helped her to put the pot of water on the stove and turns the knob on high. Monica turns to look at the father and daughter team as they both work side by side to finish making the dinner. Occasionally Griffin will look at her and smile to what they had just done not too long ago. Monica smiles back to him, with a hint of blush on her face. She knows that Griffin was seducing her in those 7 minutes of making out. And his methods were working on her because she was getting turned on. Monica continues to cut up the rest of the potatoes, and place them in the pot.

As soon as Griffin had everything situated on the stove Monica hands him the pot of potatoes. Griffin kisses her cheek as he fills the pan up and sets it behind his special made sauce. Sarah waited by the pot of water as she waits for it to boil. Griffin looks beside his daughter, “You have another 10 minutes for the water to boil sweetheart.”

“I know. I like to watch it. I’m the chef of cooking noodles.” Sarah explains.

Monica giggles at her daughter. She never knew Sarah would be so bossy when cooking. “Guess I don’t want to disturb you when you are cooking spaghetti for us.”

Griffin gave a little chuckle to Monica’s comment, “Come on Sarah, you want to help me put the mozzarella cheese on the chicken?”

Sarah turns and gleams at her father, “Sure.”

Once Sarah and Griffin applied some mozzarella cheese on the chicken, Sarah then moves over to the pot of boiling water and puts in the noodles. With Monica watching out for her daughter making sure she doesn’t burn herself. Griffin puts the cooked chicken out on the table. Soon Monica and Sarah join Griffin at the table with the meal fully cooked. Like always, they each grab each other’s hands and bow their heads to praise God and bless their food. This time Monica led the prayer.

Almighty God, thank you for this wonderful evening, and for this lovely meal provided by my daughter and husband. We pray for your blessing as we eat and enjoy the night. Thank you for your love and grace. In your Holy Name, we pray, Amen.” Monica smiles as she finishes the prayer. She looks over at Sarah who was already dishing out the chicken.

Griffin looks at his daughter, and Sarah caught onto both of her parents stare, “What, I’m starving.”

Monica slowly shakes her head as she too dishes out the chicken. Each one of them took turns to share important events that happened that day. Sarah was one who couldn’t stop talking about her day. And Monica and Griffin were both thrilled with their daughter’s story. After dinner, Sarah helps her mother with the dishes, as the two of them share a mother and daughter moment. Monica looked at her daughter and a small smile forms on her face when she splashed some soapy water at her.

Sarah jumped back but was a little too late when the water landed on her small black sweater. With a surprised look on Sarah’s face, she saw Monica was playfully giggling. Then Sarah shot back at what Monica had done, “Oh you asked for it.” Sarah took the nozzle and squirted water at her mother. However, Monica knew that was coming, and she dodges out of the way. Then Sarah took her hand and swiped up soapy water and slashed Monica right back. The two of them were laughing at the moment as Monica trapped Sarah in her arms and tickled her until Sarah begged for mercy. Still laughing and giggling Sarah surrenders, “okay, okay. I give up you win. You win…hehe..stop it..it tickles.”

Monica felt Sarah squirming out of her arms as she sits down beside her mother by the sink. “Looks like we made a little mess.”

Sarah looks up at her mother, “Yeah, but it was worth it. I love you, mom.”

Monica smiles and kisses Sarah’s little head, “I love you too, my sweet Sarah. Come on, let’s finish doing the dishes and help me clean up our little fun.”

Sarah jumps up and helps put the last remaining dishes in the dishwasher as Monica begins to wipe down the sink and the cupboards from their little war. “You know, never had that much fun doing dishes in a while. We should do this more often.”

Monica smiles at her, “No we shouldn’t. For one thing, your father won’t like it, and it’s bad for the house. But that doesn’t mean, we can stop having our little daughter and mother moments. Just outside of the house.”

Sarah nods, “okay. Like in the summer, water fights.”

Monica nods, “exactly.”

Just then Griffin came into the kitchen, and notices the mess, “What happened in here?”

Monica turns to look at her husband, “Sarah and I…had a little…”

“A water fight…” Sarah finishes Monica’s thought.

Griffin looks at his wife, and Monica thought he would be angry at her. But to her surprise, he wasn’t mad. Instead, he giggles. “Oh, you had one of those moments.”

“It won’t happen Griff..honest again,” Monica said apologetically.

Griffin went to his wife and kissed the side of her cheek, “I’ve done that a few times with her already.”

Monica pulls back and looks at him, “You have?”

Sarah smiles back, “Yup, now and then daddy and I would have a soapy water war when doing dishes. As long as we clean up the mess we made.”

Griffin nods and Sarah finishes drying off her hands. Sarah then went to Monica and hugged her, “I had a great time with you. I have to go and finish my studies and then get a good night sleep. Have a huge test tomorrow in Science and a presentation.”

Monica bends down to her level and hugs her back, “I had a great time too…I love you, kid.”

“Love you too…mom.” Sarah hugs her mother and kisses Monica’s cheek. Then pulls back and runs to her father who hugs her and kisses her goodnight.

Just before Sarah leaves to head upstairs, Griffin calls out to her, “I’ll be up there around 9. To make sure you are in bed.”

“Okay, dad,” Sarah calls back and heads upstairs to her bedroom.

Once, Sarah was upstairs Monica looks at Griffin and walks with him to the living room where he made a nice cozy fire. As soon as Griffin got the fire going, he looks at his wife and came by her side. Monica felt his strong hands massaging her shoulders and making her relax and feel at ease. She figures that this moment will be the perfect moment to tell him about her therapy session.

Once Monica was in a relax, state Griffin softly spoke to her, “So my love, how was your day at work?”

Monica sighs and softly replies to him, “Nice, not too many issues of readjusting was welcomed back by my kids. And had lots of welcome back cards.”

“They didn’t ask you why you took two months off?” Griffin asks.

“Yes, they did,” Monica answers him. “I just told them that I’ve been under a lot of stress during those few months and was ordered by my boss to take a leave of absence. It’s the best solution I can give to them without revealing my personal life.”

Griffin strokes her hair softly, “That sounds reasonable.”

Monica then turns to look at him, “Also I went to see my therapist today. Dr. Miller.”

“Oh yeah, sorry forgot you had an appointment today. How was it?” Griffin asks.

“It went well…” Monica quietly said, and Griffin caught her disappointment tone.

“What went wrong?” Griffin asks.

“Nothing, the session was great. Feel more at ease after what had happened two months ago.” Monica smiles. “But my last session with Dr. Miller is January 15th.”

“I’m guessing you don’t want it to end,” Griffin stated.

“Yes…I love her, she is really fun to hang with and is teaching me about how to deal with this trauma. And she is also helping me out spiritually.” Monica smiles. Then she turns to him and the smile slowly fades. “She also gave me an assignment to do before my last session with her.”

“And that will be what?” Griffin eyes his wife.

“Wanted to tell you earlier but with you were cooking dinner, and Sarah eavesdropping, wasn’t the right time. But now I think I should tell you.” Monica took a deep breath and then looks into the eyes of her lover. “Dr. Miller’s assignment she wants me to do is to have sex again.”

Griffin was kind of thrilled what Monica had said. He too had been waiting awhile to make love to her again. Because like her he misses Monica’s tender touch, and the powerful moment of ecstasy shared between the two of them in that hot passionate moment. However, Griffin senses Monica’s fear and Griffin looks into her eyes which held a hint of fear. Then he clasps his hands on his wife’s and holds them, and tucks a lock of her hair behind her ear, “I’m thrilled that your therapist is giving you the okay to make love again because these past few weeks has been driving me crazy about not having sex. However, I sense that you are still scared of the memories of Norman coming back into your mind, which I don’t blame you. Especially after what you been through, and how you don’t trust humans easily. But I’m a man of my word.” Griffin pauses as he touches Monica’s hand that held her wedding band. Then he slowly raises it to his lips, “I promised you that I would love you for better or worse. And put your needs ahead of my own. And if you’re not ready to make love to me, I’ll wait. I’m letting you make the first move.”

Monica was speechless at what Griffin had said. She felt his lips on her wedding band hand, and slowly she moves her head to his. Then in one swift motion, her lips crash onto his, and something in Monica’s body bloomed. She felt comfortable with him kissing her, and holding her that perhaps she is ready to start up her sex life again. But still uncertain of the idea she pulls back. Monica looks at her husband, “Thank you. I am slowly coming around. I know in my heart that I am ready to have sex with you again. But my mind is still trapped by the fear.” Monica stated looking into Griffin’s midnight blue eyes.

“I know, which is why I’m letting you take the lead,” Griffin suggested.

Monica smiles at his comment and snuggles in his arms. Then she softly whispers to him, “I love you.”

Griffin smiles at Monica’s words. Everything she says is pure poetry. They both curled up on the sofa as Griffin watches the last 15 minutes of the news while stroking his wife’s beautiful hair. He looks down and found her looking at some of her students work. Griffin then bends his head a little to kiss the back of Monica’s neck and shoulders. He heard Monica slightly giggling to his touch.

Still giggling Monica turns her attention off of grading papers and looks at her husband, “Roan, I’m flattered that you still are showing your affection for me, but..”

“But you have to finish grading papers.” Griffin finishes Monica’s sentence.

“Exactly.” Monica stares at her husband. “There will be a time where we can fool around sometime later. But as a responsible teacher…I have to get these done, before Friday.”

Griffin nods, “How many more do you have to do?”

Monica takes her attention off of her husband and looks at the pile of essays before her. She counted at least ten of them she still has to look over and grade it. Monica then looks back at Griffin, “About ten more…”

Griffin then turns off the tv and bends down to look into Monica’s sexy brown eyes. “I would help out, but I don’t know a damn thing about grading papers, especially English.”

Monica giggles at Griffin’s comment, “Take it back in high school you were a poor English student.”

Griffin chuckles to her comment, “Yeah, writing papers has never been my strong suit. I was more into science and history.”

That shocked Monica. “Really? Never found you the science type of guy.”

Griffin sat down next to her, “Yeah, well not the boring stuff like biology…but physics and chemistry and blowing things up for an experiment, now that I had a blast with it. And I am a huge history buff too. Then again, my dad made it fun for me, had history bowl every Thursday night, and test days. Can name off any major war dates in Europe and the US.”

Monica leans back and teasingly said to him, “Sergeant Roan Griffin, are you telling me you were a nerd in high school?”

Griffin chuckles, “Yes I was. Maybe that is why I couldn’t get any dates....” Griffin teases right back. “But yes I was a huge nerd. What can I say, history intrigued me when I was younger. And still does. You wouldn’t have dated high school version of me I would so not be your type.”

Monica giggles to him, “I might surprise you, honey, and probably will find you attractive in high school, even if you are a nerd.” Monica smiles at Griffin’s tale of his high school days. She loves to hear his stories of how he grew up in life and to be the man she fell in love with today. She wishes she had a normal human life, of going to school and having high school stories to tell. But those where only wants. She is glad of her life, of meeting new people, and sharing God’s word with them. To Monica, that is the best gift she can offer to this world. Griffin then looks to her and asks her a question.

“Mon, I know you didn’t experience the high school life, but what made you grow and love English so much?” Griffin asks.

Monica sets down her red pen as she turns her attention to her husband. She felt his fingers stroking her hair, as she gazes into his beautiful blue eyes. “Well, for one thing, poetry is what sparked my love for English. I always love writing and being poetic to the world around me. For me, it is capturing God’s truth through metaphoric ways. Loved it when I was a young angel at the time, and it evolved when I started my assignments as a caseworker. Loved all the other subjects as well…but English just won my heart.”

Griffin then smiles at her words, and leans to kiss her on the cheek, “well since I can’t make out with you, can I at least kiss you goodnight?”

Monica smiles at him, “You’re going to bed?”

“Yeah got to get up early tomorrow. Captain wants me clocked in by six tomorrow morning.” Griffin crocked his head to one side.

Monica smiles and sets down her red pen, and moves her body to face her husband. Slowly, she places her hands on his forearms and gently guides them to her waist. Griffin looked up into her eyes and had a confused look on his face. Monica answers his questioning look, “I’m working on building my confidence to have sex with you again…this is just one of my ways.”

Monica guides Griffin to her lips, and tenderly she kisses him. She felt his hands stroking her sides, which causes her to giggle. Griffin’s hands then slid from her waist and into her hair. Monica wanted to move in deeper and have a hot kissing moment, but Griffin pulls away from her lips before she could make a move. Then tenderly he strokes her face, and with a charming smile he added, “Goodnight Monica…”

Griffin kisses her once more before he parted from her embrace. As soon as Griffin left the living room, Monica let out a heavy sigh. Damn. Why does he have to be so charming when he kisses me like that? Monica thought. Monica pushes her moment out of her mind and focuses in on her task before her husband distracted her..

Griffin slips under the covers and waits a little while for his wife to join him. Half tempted to pull her away from her grading papers to make out with her, but he had to be respectful. Griffin was a bit surprised to have her entertain the thought of them to have sex again, so soon after what had happened to her two months earlier. However, he liked the idea, because he wanted to make love to her again. The past several weeks have been torture for him, to not touch her sexually, without having her to freak out. But what has been really weird, was Monica is the one that has been making the moves and aging him on. He knows that she is not doing it intentionally, she is just overwhelmed by the amount of hormones rushing through her because of the pregnancy. Griffin still loves her and will continue to be patient with her, until she gives him the okay to have sex again.

His thoughts soon made him drift off to sleep, and soon he found himself dreaming on a soft cloud. It was a little after 12:30 when he felt movement beside him. Griffin slowly stirs and soon felt a soft touch on his cheek.

“Shush….go back to bed honey.” Her soft Irish voice spoke to him.

Griffin smiles to his wife’s voice, “What time is it?”

Monica turns off the small light and snuggles her soft reddish brown head beside his shoulder, “Time to go back to sleep, you have a big day tomorrow.”

Monica strokes his arms and kisses the rim of his firm shoulder. She felt her husband sliding his legs between hers and pulls her body close to his. Then he entwined their fingers together as she felt his breath and light kisses on the back of her neck and shoulders. Then he softly whispers to her, “I love you.”

Monica smiles brighten as she whispers the phrase back, “I love you too, my love.”

Today was Griffin’s day off. Megan gave him a gift to spend the Christmas season with his family. She knows how precious families are, and she can tell that Griffin truly loves his family. And today was Christmas Eve. However since what happened with Charles Norman, and Griffin still trying to recover from his bullet wound, Griffin’s father has come to help get the Christmas tree.

Griffin pulled up with his car and met his father at Mac’s Christmas Tree farm, to select a Christmas tree for tomorrow’s event. Sarah was the first to greet her grandfather and little Rusty who Seth has brought along.

“Grandpa!” Sarah rushed to greet him. Seth smiles as he hugs his granddaughter.

Monica walks in hand with Griffin and smiles to her father-in-law as they greeted one another. “Take it you brought a mascot with you?”

“Yes…mainly for Sarah.” Seth chuckles. “How is my other grandchild doing?”

Monica walks in line with him as she keeps on eye on her daughter, “Good.”

“Haven’t been having too many troubles?” Seth asks.

“Nope, not since Thanksgiving.” Monica sighs.

“Well, that’s good. Do you know what it is yet…a boy or girl?” Seth asks another question.

“Nope still waiting on that as well. After Christmas, I have another appointment with my doctor. She says that we will know what the sex of the baby is by then.” Monica explains as she waits for Griffin to return with a saw.

Seth smiles at her, “What do you hope it will be?”

Monica looks up at his brown eyes, “Well I can’t say for me. But for your son, he is hoping that it will be a boy.”

Seth gave a little laughter to that, “Most fathers are hoping for boys. I was just blessed that I had three of them. Although, with that, I do miss out on having some father and daughter times as well. However, I get to spend some time with you. Since you came into my son’s life, it has been a blessing to have you like the daughter I never had.”

Monica smiles at Seth’s words. She then embraces her, and at that moment, she knew that being human was the best thing that happened to her. Monica soon pulls away when her husband returns, and together as a family, they hopped up on the tractor wagon, as they go out and search for a Christmas tree.

They came to a field which held lots of green and snow-covered Christmas trees. Sarah walked beside her grandfather and Rusty, while Monica and Griffin walked hand in hand for the first time as a married couple to find a tree. Griffin looks down at his wife as he smiles at her. Monica looked up and caught his smiling face, “What are you smiling for?”

Griffin pauses in their walking as he looks at her, “Remember last year of finding a Christmas tree, with you. How you blushed every time, I looked at you like you are doing now.” Monica rolled her eyes in a teasing way and shook her head as she pulls away and tries to carry on with the other two ahead of them, but Griffin took hold her green and white scarf and pulled her towards him. Monica couldn’t help but give a slight giddy laugh when Griffin crashes his lips with hers. Their moment was short lived when a snowball hit Griffin’s back. Small laughter sounded behind him as Monica and Griffin glanced at their daughter.

Seth hollered out to them, “Come on kids…while we are still young..”

Monica pulls back from her husband’s embrace and leans her head on his shoulder. “I guess your father and your daughter want us to keep moving.”

“I guess you’re right.” Griffin chuckles and continues to follow them.

“Well, unlike last year I now can make out with you and not feel guilty about it,” Monica smirks as she walks beside her husband.

He stopped for a moment to gaze at her and admire the beauty within her. She smiled at him and nudged him to where his father and their daughter were at a tree. Griffin flowed after her and went to stand beside his dad. Sarah eyes both of her parents, “So, what do you think?”

Griffin walks around to look at it more closely. He liked the shape of it, and the branches were nice and thick. He goes over to his wife for her opinion, “Well, Mon. What do you think?”

Monica looks at the tree and turns and smiles to her husband, “I approve of it. Not too bushy, and it’s fairly straight.”

“Grandpa found it!” Sarah said as she came to stand between them.

Seth smiles at his son’s family, “The choice is your’s son…we can go and find another if you don’t like it.”

“That’s okay dad. I think we all approve of it.” Griffin said as his father approaches him.

“Well, …you want to do the honors?” Seth smiles at his son.

“Yes. Just like old times, where Kurt and I fight over who gets to cut down the tree.” Griffin laughs as he hands his father the saw as they both go down into the snow to start to cut down the tree.

Monica pulls Sarah back to let the men cut down the tree. Took about 3 minutes for them to cut through the trunk as it tumbled down. Monica and Sarah held onto the top part until Seth stood up to brush the snow off as Griffin finish cutting all the way through. Once the tree was cut down, Sarah took hold of the top part of the tree as Seth took the other part. Sarah was a bit too small to carry it on her own, so Monica was there to help her along.

Took about 20 minutes for the tractor pull up, as the driver drove the tractor to the front of the entrance to the tree farm, the driver then waits until the customers took their trees before he started off again on his next round. Seth helped carried the tree to the main office so that Griffin could pay for their Christmas tree. Once Griffin paid for the tree, Seth held it to Griffin’s car, and Griffin goes along to help out his father. While the men put the tree on the car, Sarah looks over at her mom, “Well since daddy and grandpa are tying the tree on the car, want to give them a drink for their efforts?”

Monica nods, “That would be a splendid idea. Come on.”

Sarah pulls on the leash as Rusty let out a bark for joy. Once Monica and Sarah arrive at the tent booth for refreshments and snacks, they were surprised to find Crystal their at the concessions table. “Can I help whose, Sarah?”

“Mom?” Sarah asks.

Monica turns to look at the person who is addressing them, “Crystal? What a surprise that you are here?”

Crystal gave a kind smile. She still doesn’t like Monica, because of her unresolved feelings with her ex-husband and her daughter. “I’m helping out my uncle. This is his farm.”

“Right of course,” Monica said with an awkward glance.

“Well can I get you and Roan anything?” Crystal stated trying to get rid of her as fast as she can.

“Just two coffees and two hot chocolates are all,” Monica stated as she too wanted to not engage in this awkward conversation.

Sarah was too occupied with the dog to even notice the awkwardness between her actual mother and her adoptive mother. Crystal made up the drinks Monica requested, and she hands them to her and takes the cash that Monica offered. “Sarah, honey, take these two drinks to your father and grandfather. Okay?”

“Okay.” Sarah takes hold of the two coffees, and then she waves goodbye to her actual mother, “Bye mom. Merry Christmas!”

Crystal waves goodbye to her daughter, “Merry Christmas to you too, Sarah.” Monica looks at the hurt in Crystal’s eyes. Crystal looks at Monica, “She seems happier now.”

Monica nods then she turns to look at her, “She still loves you, you know. You are still her mother, and you are still part of who she is.”

Crystal nods as she wipes the tears from her eyes, “But she loves you, even more, Monica. I can see it in her eyes. It’s like I’m a complete stranger to her. I don’t know how to reconnect with her again. I don’t know how to be a mother to her….I never did had that gift.”

Monica looks deep into Crystal’s blue eyes, “Sarah will come around, and you will be able to have a connection with her again. It is just going to take time to rebuild the relationship that once was broken. And you do have the gift at being her mother, Crystal.”

Crystal looks into Monica’s eyes. And for once, she had no hatred towards her. What Monica had said, was the truth. She is slowly coming to terms that Monica is not a horrible person, and she is really lovable. However, Crystal doesn’t want to admit that. She pushes the soft feelings away as she clears her throat, “Thanks Monica but I….I um…..I have to get back to work, and I think your family is waiting on you.”

Monica nods, and just before Crystal leaves she turns to her, “Crystal, how would you like to spend Christmas with your little girl?”

Crystal was shocked at what Monica just said, “What?”

Monica smiles to her, “I know you, and I have our differences, and that you don’t like me very much, but you and Sarah have been separated for a while, I want to give you a chance to be close to her again.”

“Thanks, Monica, but no thanks. I don’t want to cause conflict with your husband. He still feels betrayed, and I don’t blame him.” Crystal stated trying to refuse the offer.

“I’ll talk to him about it. You don’t have to stay very long. It might be a good opportunity to reconnect with Sarah again.” Monica pointed out.

Crystal took a moment to think, and then she softly nods, “Okay. Monica, why are you doing this? After what I did at trying to steal Sarah away…and then causing world war three with you. Why are you still showing me kindness?

Monica smiles at her and came to her, “Because that is what love does. And where I come from, love always conquers hate. I don’t hate you for what you did. Although it caused my heart to ache at times, but you are still someone worth loving. Even under the mask, you tend to put up when you feel threatened or vulnerable. Well, I got to go…Happy Christmas.” Monica walks off and heads to her family.

Crystal moves out of the tent and watches her approach her new family. There was something that Monica told her reminded her of what Gloria had stated to her a few months back. How come she sounded like Gloria? Crystal thought. And why is she showing kindness instead of hate? Who are you, Monica?

Once the tree was fully decorated, everyone stood back to admire the beauty of the twinkling tree. Griffin stood behind his wife as he kisses the side of her cheek, and felt truly blessed to be married to her. Monica looked up at him and felt the same way, and she closes her eyes to leave a small kiss to his lips, celebrating the first Christmas as husband and wife. Griffin wanted to go deeper, but knowing that Sarah was four feet in front of him, he didn’t act upon it. And Monica knows that, and she mouth to him, ‘later.’ Griffin nods to that and pulls away from her.

Sarah then turns to them and stated, “Can we watch our Christmas movie now?”

Griffin nods as he went to kill the lights, as Monica and Sarah took their place on the couch. Once Griffin puts in the film he dim the lights, and the only source of light is the Christmas tree. Monica made room on the sofa for Griffin to sit beside her. Sarah turns on to the tv and at 8:00, NBC played its traditional Christmas Eve movie It’s A Wonderful Life.

Monica was curled up in Griffin’s arms as Sarah sat beside them. Whenever the romance scenes came on, she snuggles closer to her husband. Griffin seems to catch onto, and occasionally he would nuzzle his wife’s neck. Monica smiles at her husband’s touch and then turns her attention back to the tv. Then all of a sudden Monica starts to tear up, and little sobs began to come.

Sarah looks up at her mom, “Are you okay there mom?”

Monica nods, “Yeah I’m fine Sarah.”

“Why are you crying then?” Sarah asks.

Griffin chuckles, “She’s fine Sarah. It’s part of the pregnancy.”

Monica nods and then more sobs came out when a commercial about holiday coffee mates came on. Monica couldn’t contain her sobs as she calmly climbs out of her husband’s embrace to go into the kitchen to make some tea. As she leaves, she cries even louder. Griffin shook his head and started to laugh at his wife’s weird emotions.

Sarah looks at her father, “Daddy why are you laughing, mom is upset.”

Griffin looks to his daughter, “No she isn’t sweetheart. She cries every time a hallmark or coffee commercial comes on. All women act differently in their pregnancies. Some are more emotional than others. And with this being Monica’s first child, her hormones get the best of her sometimes. I’ve been with two women who cried without warning.”

Sarah smiles with her father, “Was mom ever this emotional when she had me?”

Griffin smiles, “Yes she was. She even sometimes got furious at me for some things I didn’t even do. But that’s your mother.”

“Will I ever become emotional when I’m pregnant?” Sarah asks.

Griffin was taken aback when Sarah asks that question. He still thinks of her as a baby, and even having the thought of her having a kid, terrified him. He took a moment before answering, “Yes. But for different reasons. When a woman is expecting a child, their hormones go out of balance, causing the weird outburst of anger, crying, and even food cravings. Monica hasn’t reached the stage yet of craving food, but she will when it gets closer for her to give birth.” Griffin looks at his daughter, “You can laugh at your mother’s outrages emotions, but not when she is around.”

Sarah gave a little giggle to her father’s remark. Just then Monica came back into the room with a new cup of tea. She looks at her husband and daughter, “What are you two laughing about?”

Griffin and Sarah exchange a glance then looks back at her. “Nothing.”

Monica had a look on her face that didn’t look to be happy, “About my outburst of crying for no good reason.”

Sarah looked down not meeting her gaze as she tries to hide her smile. Monica looks to her husband. Griffin looks to her, “Honey, we’re not laughing a..”

Monica’s eyes went from being angry to soften then she started to giggle realizing how ridicules she is being. Griffin and Sarah exchange a glance, and then Griffin looks to her, “Mon..”

Monica looked at her husband and went into his embrace, “I’m fine Griff, I know I overreacted on situations like this.”

Sarah smiled and went into Monica’s arms, “It’s okay mom. We still love you.”

Monica smiles as Griffin, Sarah and Monica continue to watch the film. Once ten hit, the movie ended and as on cue with the movie Sarah said one of the famous lines ”Look, daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings an angel get’s its wings.

Monica and Griffin both chuckled at Sarah’s outburst to the movie, as she entwines her fingers to his, and moves her head on his shoulder. As soon as the film ended, Griffin turns off the tv and looks at his daughter, “Well squirt, I think it’s time for you to head to bed. Santa is going to come here really soon.”

“Daddy, I know you and Monica are Santa Clause. I stopped believing in Santa when I was eight.” Sarah stated.

“Well, you still have to get to bed,” Monica stated.

“I know. Night you two and Merry Christmas..” Sarah stated as she embraces the two of them. She soon dashes off and heads up the stairs.

As soon as it was quiet upstairs, Monica glances at Griffin, and he nods to her. Two minutes later and together both Monica and Griffin were taking turns wrapping Sarah’s Christmas gifts. An hour and a half later and they were done. Monica was sitting by the warm fire and watching the snow fall outside when Griffin came and sat down beside her, “Looking at the snow.”

Monica smiles at him, “yes it’s a magical moment for me.”

Griffin smiles as he hands Monica a small box. Monica glance back at him, “Griffin, I don’t accept gifts until Christmas morning.”

Griffin tucks a lock of Monica’s hair behind her ears, “I know but I saved a spot on the tree for this moment.”

Monica with a curious glance looked into his eyes, then at the box that Griffin still hand in his hand. She set down her cup of tea and took the box. Then carefully she unwrapped the green box and took out some protective paper and inside of it was an ornament that read Our First Christmas with two white doves symbolizing Monica’s secret identity and below it was a heart that held a picture of Monica and Griffin’s wedding photo. On the outer rim of the heart, it read 2011.

Monica looks at her husband and felt completely in love with him. She then tenderly pulls Griffin into a slow and seductive kiss. They made out by the warm fire as they shared their love for each other. After a few minutes, Monica pulls away from his lips and smiles to him, “Thank you. And I see why you saved it until after Sarah went to bed.”

“Exactly. Merry Christmas, my love.” Griffin stated as he strokes Monica’s arms her skin felt so warm, and the glow of the fire made it look so creamy.

Monica snuggles into Griffin’s chest as she repeated the words back to him, “Merry Christmas to you too, Roan.”

For the next several hours they stayed in each other’s embraces watching the twinkling Christmas tree and the falling snow outside. Until they both decide to call it a night and left to go upstairs and catch whatever sleep they can before their daughter gets up with the excitement of Christmas morning.

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