Sweet is Good

Chapter Twelve: Sweet is Good:

-Ten Years Ago-

They held each other’s hands under a big cherry tree. Hikaru gave her a warm smile.

“You are so beautiful,” he told her. Jessie blushed. Most guys lied to her. Hikaru was different, however. She didn’t want to corrupt him.

“I love you,” the demon whispered. Jessie cuddled up to his chest. She could see her future with him. Hikaru might be the savior she longed for. Maybe he could take her away from Hell.

Funny story of how they met, really. Her mother sent her to collect another plaything. For three days, Jessie turned up nothing. No boy seemed right. Still, she dreaded going home. Jessie shut her eyes while her stomach turned.

Mama’s going to kill me if I don’t bring back someone. Jessie bit on her lower lip. It’s getting late too… What do I do?

That’s when she saw him.

Hikaru had just got off his shift from work. The sun caught his bleached blond hair. Jessie first noticed his silver earrings. Her heart did little flips in her chest.

Wow! Jessie just had to meet him herself. She watched him in secret from days. The demon learned so much about him in a short time. He worked a part time job at an udon shop. The boy really loved his mother. He seemed to have it all: good grades, close friends, and loving mother and grandmother. Yet, Jessie couldn’t approach him right away.

I don’t know what to say. She didn’t want to taint him. However, other girls fancied him too. Jessie frowned, disapproving.

Stay away from him! Jessie still had another problem. Her mother grew impatient. Jessie needed to find a plaything fast. Mama’s going to hate if I don’t act. The demon nervously bit her lower lip. I can’t give him to her. Oh… Either lose track of her crush x-amount of days or face her mother’s wrath. Jessie closed her eyes.

She waited outside a local bar. The demon put her fist to my chest. I’m so sorry… Jessie walked inside. Her crush would have to wait for her.


Under that big cherry tree, Jessie glanced up at Hikaru.

“Take me away from here,” she whispered.

“Alright,” he said, patting her on the head. Her eyes grew big.

“You mean it?” she asked.

“Yes, whatever you like.”

Jessie looked him in the eye. “Can we leave right now?”

Hikaru gave her a strange look. “Right now?”

“Yes!” The glow in her face died when she noticed his expression. “No?”

“I mean it’s too soon. I still have school, work, and family here.”

Jessie lowered her head. “Oh…”

Hikaru held her in his arms. “I’ll take you away from here one day.”

She looked up, startled. “You promise?”

He gave her a warm smile. “I promise you.”

-Present Day-

Such a pleasant dream led Jessie to wander back into the danger during the night. She didn’t even make a sound as she slipped out the door just before midnight.

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