Chapter Fourteen: Shadowplay:

The shinigami still couldn’t understand it. Jessie tried to ruin Hisoka before. Why would he help her?


Why did she come to him? Something felt off here. Hisoka’s not an idiot. He wouldn’t trust Jessie so easily. In fact, he hates himself for letting her into his life. He must have his reasons. Yet even he can’t figure them out.

Either way, we can’t talk him out of this. The best we can do is watch and stop him before it’s too late.


Bon isn’t crazy. I can’t understand why. We don’t have Jessie here to see for ourselves. Maybe I could run some tests.

Still, why him? Doesn’t she have other friends? Doesn’t she hate Bon? There’s so much Bon isn’t telling us. We can’t really ask him what he doesn’t know. Maybe this is his test. He’s trying to see if he’s fully cured. I would like to believe that.

To be honest, we don’t know what he’s thinking right now.


This isn’t right. Jessie almost had him killed. Did he forget that? Has he lost his mind? It’s probably another trick to draw him back in. I don’t trust her!

Why can’t he see it? She’s nothing but poison! Don’t they get it? I feel so helpless here. Tatsumi says that we can’t do anything right now. I just can’t sit back and watch Hisoka self-destruct again. I have to do something!


Tsuzuki clenched his fists and rose to his feet.

“Tsuzuki!” Tatsumi shouted as his former partner headed down the hallway. The older shinigami waved him off as he headed for Hisoka’s room. Tatsumi gritted his teeth.

Don’t do anything stupid, Tsuzuki, he thought. The door slid shut.

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