Lost Demon Girl

Chapter Eighteen: Lost Demon Girl:


I used to be happy. That moment only came one time in my life. Look at me now. I bit down on my fingers.

I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I shut my eyes, trembling. Don’t let her find me.

I used to be happy. Hikaru! Hikaru! I have nowhere to go. I can’t remember anything else. I huddled up in a little ball. Hikaru! Hisoka! Old Blu! My body went still.

That’s right. Of course! How could I’ve forgotten? I dragged myself to my feet. Maybe… Maybe he can save me. Yes! I have to find him!

My legs felt like liquid underneath me. Hisoka… I gave him hell, didn’t I? Why would he take me in? I mean, I hurt him before. Why did I go to him in the first place?

I leaned against a brick wall. Why can’t I remember what happened? I know I was running away from Momma. What did she so to me now? I shuddered at the hell she put me through. What did I do now?

My stomach growled. Oh. When was the last time I ate? Where am I? I looked around at my surroundings. It’s dark, but slightly warm. I ran my hands along the brick wall beside me. I looked above me. Not a single light shone in the sky. Okay… I must be an alley and it’s night time. So, how do I get out of here? Another thought washed over my head.

Where would I go? I don’t know anyone in… where ever I am. I need to find Old Blu. I have to find him. I… I…

I sank down into a ball. My head! Ah! What’s happening to me? I can’t… I… I succumb to my pains before everything went black.


Jade walked over to her daughter’s out cold form. Perfect! I didn’t expect to find you so soon. The woman chuckled at herself. Oh well, it still works out for me. Jade grabbed Jessie by the wrists.

Foolish girl. I will always win. She dragged her daughter through a black hole in the wall. Jade snickered at her plan. She stopped and drew out her phone.

“Yeah, it’s me. I have her back. Ready for your part. Good. Hm? I’ll take care of the shinigami. Don’t worry about it.” Jade hung up with a smirk on her face. She needed one more piece to her cruel last game. Jade picked up her cell phone and typed a little message. Satisfied, she began Hisoka and Jessie’s final trial when she pressed send.

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