Chapter Nineteen: Cocoon:

Jade took a smoke in her lounge. It all folded into place like a little ribbon. Her last conquest went belly up months earlier. She frowned remembering when Tsuzuki destroyed her precious jewel. Jade gritted her teeth. That bastard! Her fingers trembled while tightly clutching her cigarette.

I will burn them all!

“Aw, come on now,” a voice purred behind her. “Frowning will ruin your pretty face like that.” Jade whipped around to see a cat-like face grinning at her. The demon woman rolled her eyes.

“Hello, Kagura,” she said. The other demon leaned next to her.

“Did I miss anything?” she asked.

“Nah,” Jade replied. “Nothing important.”

“Ah.” Kagura pulled out a bottle of sake. “Drink?” Jade took the bottle and opened it.

“You’re welcome,” her friend said. Jade downed the whole bottle.

“I needed that,” she said. Kagura embraced her from behind.

“Where’s the brat now?” she asked. Jade placed her hand of hers.

“I secured her really good,” she answered.

“I see. You still they think will come?”

“I know he will. He cares about her after all.”

“Ah.” Kagura bowed her head. “I apologize.”

“Shhh. You aren’t done yet.”

Kagura pouted. “They’re still laughing at me.”

“So you had a little setback.”

“My reputation is ruined! This isn’t a ‘little setback!’ Lucifer treats me like I’m useless.” Jade kissed her on the lips. Kagura went silent. She reached forward and pulled the other demon into her arms. Jade pressed her forehead against hers.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered. “You’ll get that little brat. I’ll see to it myself.”

Kagura giggled. “And you’re okay with me doing this?”

“Of course! The rotten little bitch served her purpose for me. She’s gotten soft over the years.”

“Ooo! You are so cold.”

“She’s killing my love life. What can I say?”

“What about the shinigami?”

Jade’s smiled dropped into a frown. “What about them?”

“How will you deal with them?” Kagura asked. Her dear friend trapped her on the cheek.

“You just begin the final lesson,” she replied. “I’ll take care of the men.” Jade kissed the other demon.

“Ooo!” Kagura cooed. Jade pulled her into her arms.

Meanwhile, Jessie slept in prison. She still had one more attempt to break free and she refused to go down like this before death. The demon girl spotted a crack and took it.

I won’t die like this! I have to find Old Blu! I will not let her kill me! Part of her got away before the spell took her.

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