Black Eyes

Chapter Twenty: Black Eyes:

-The Clear-


The shinigami looked in the empty space. What?


He turned to see Jessie floating in front of him.

Hello, Hisoka,” she said.

Jessie?” he asked. “Is that really you?”

Yes, well part of me at least.”

Part of you?”

It’s a long story, but I don’t have time.”

What do you mean?”

Never mind that, just listen to me!” She drew in a breath. “My mother is trying to kill me.

Okay…” Hisoka didn’t know where this was headed.

I’m serious! I won’t let her kill me!”

What are you talking about?”

We don’t have long. She’s going to lure you into a death trap.”

Hisoka blinked at her. “Why us?”

It’s really bad! She’s still angry that she didn’t consume you.” Jessie clenched her fists. “There’s a way to stop this!”

Okay… how?”

She grabbed him by the hands. “Help me din Old Blu!”

Who is he?”

Jessie drew her mouth closed. “Uh…”

What does he look like? Where does he live?”

She sank to her knees trembling. “I… I… I don’t know!” Hisoka pulled her into his arms.

Shhh. It’s okay. It’s okay.” Jessie shook in his arms.

I’m sorry.”

For what?”

Jessie looked at him with big eyes. “All the pain I caused you.” Her genuine sorrow and guilt scared Hisoka.

Why are you telling me?” he asked. She grabbed him by the shirt.

I really am sorry!”


No, listen! You remained me of Hikaru in a way.”

Hikaru? Who’s Hikaru?”

Jessie wiped away the tears from her eyes. “Didn’t I tell you? Hikaru was my boyfriend.”

So what happened to him?”

Jessie put her hand to her chest. “I can’t remember.”

Why not?”

Before the demon could open her mouth, she vanished into thin air. Hisoka tried to reach out and grab her hand.

Jessie?” he asked.

I don’t have much time!” she shouted. “You have to find Old Blu! Stop Mama before she kills me!” Jessie’s voice went silent. Hisoka couldn’t understand his ex’s final message.

Jessie…” he murmured.

-Back in Reality-

Hisoka’s phone received the text. Hm? What’s this? He pulled out his phone and opened the text.

Hisoka! Help me! My Mama has me in the Ryu Quarters! Please come get me!

Every inch of his being screamed this was a trap, but she needed him. But first…

The shinigami made a quick call. “Hello, Watari? Yeah, I need you to look up a couple of things for me. Just two names. Hikaru and Old Blu.”

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