Chapter Twenty-Four: Kagura:

She used to be feared. Kagura was the top demon tamer. Hell feared her. Her methods even scared Lucifer.

Kagura’s job was to tame unruly demons and break them into submissive tools. She loved her job. The screams made her wet. Oh the blood! She got a high from the suffering. She really loved her job.

Kagura began in the 40’s. Not much was known about her past. Some say she was a comfort woman during the war before committing suicide. Others thought she was a prostitute murdered during the war. Neither has been confirmed or denied however Kagura didn’t talk about her life as a human. She focused on her work.

Kagura had her favorite toys. Cat of Nine tails was the appetizer. Different elements came into play with her sessions. Fire followed after flogging. Next came the cold. The freezing took three days. After four days of burning demons, they would break down. That wasn’t enough for Kagura, however. She loved a challenge.

Th harder they broke, the more entertained she was. The tough act always made her laugh.

“You can’t be broken, huh?” she’d asked. “We’ll see about that!” Over time, Kagura perfected her techniques. She spent nights inventing new methods. Each one turned more terrifying than the last. Lucifer always approved with dread.

“Nice serving you,” she told him.

“Yeah…” he replied. Kagura took pride in her work. She had a hundred percent record too. That was until one demon ruined her reputation. To this day, the thought of Jessie pissed her off. She went all out for that demon. Kagura pulled out her best physical and psychological torture methods on the young demon girl. Jessie wouldn’t break for the first nine days. She started to break down inch by inch. Kagura got a thrill out of this latest client.

“You are a tough one,” she said. “But I have dealt with your kind before. I’m going to enjoy this!” The session dragged into months. Still, no change occurred. The last day sent it all crashing down.

Today, Kagura gritted her teeth. I will crush her this time! Her hand grasped around the handle of that old Cat of Nine Tails she once proudly wielded. Kagura would finally get her revenge on her failure. A knock came on her door.

“Ready to go?” Jade asked.

“Yes!” Kagura shouted. She rose to her feet and headed out of her room for the final session as she called it.

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