Chapter Three: Spiders:

She stared at ceiling. Jessie still couldn’t speak. Hisoka pulled the sheets over her.

“Good night,” he whispered. Hisoka walked back to his room. His ex could still hear everything. Sadly, she couldn’t tell him what was wrong. The demon saw hell in her eyes. Her escape took so much out of her. Jessie fought to make herself talk.

I have to tell him! I have to! She couldn’t move her body. The demon focused on her mouth. Hi… so… ka… Hiso… ka… Hisoka… Hisoka… Hisoka… Hisoka! Hisoka!

The shinigami awoke to a voice shouting in his head. He looked around in the dark and found no one. What was that?


The boy froze. “Jessie?”

Yes! It’s me!

Her ex looked confused at first. “Where are you?”

In bed like you left me.

“Then… how?”

What? I can barely hear you now. Speak to me with you mind.

Hisoka figured out what she was doing. So you’re talking with your mind?


Alright. What happened to you?

I was tortured in hell.

What?! Why? By who?

I don’t want to say.

What do you mean?

Please don’t ask. I don’t want to talk about it.

Hisoka detected a wave of fear in her tone. It almost frightened him. Okay…

Thank you.

So, why come to me?

You’re the only one that I could trust. Please help me.

Her ex didn’t know how to take this. Jessie had lied before. He wanted to hope that this was the case. However, something in voice told him otherwise.

Why can’t you move?

It’s part of a long story. Ahhh!

Hisoka nearly jumped at her heavy breathing. What’s the matter?

I’m in trouble! Please… help! They are after me! She wants to kill me! Help!

What do you mean? Who’s after you? He could only get gagging and gasps.

Jessie? Jessie? Talk to me!

Help me, Hisoka!

Jessie? Jessie? He couldn’t hear anything in his head. Hisoka held his fist to his chest. She’s still here. He darted up from his bed. Hisoka didn’t have the details, but he couldn’t walk away. With turning to the other shinigami for help out of the question, he picked up his phone and dialed another number that could help him.


Meanwhile, Jessie’s mother smirked over her wine. Found that rotten girl! The older demon went on the move again.

“I’m not done with you!” she shouted. “I will end you, you spoiled like bitch!” Her trail left white flames in her wake.

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