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Strange Magic

By MissWisy

Adventure / Romance

Cruel Irony

My name is Fea Barnes, yeah I know, my mom has a bit of a Tolkien obsession. I grew up being told stories about fairies, elves, and daring adventures. When I was a child my mother used to read me the Grimm Fairy Tales to put me to sleep. As a result, I grew up a reader and that means I grew up being ostracized and teased. Not to mention I was always the only one with red hair.

My mother and father told me that even though they loved fantasy stories I had to know that they weren’t real. There was no such thing as an elf or a fairy or even a dwarf, though we have similar people in our world.

But this is the story of how I found out that that wasn’t true at all...

“Hey, Fea! Jake’s throwing a party tonight since his parents are out of town. Wanna go?” my best friend Alexa asked as she ran up to me. Alexa and I had been best friends since the first grade even though we couldn’t be more different. Alexa was the pretty outgoing type, the one you could always find at one party or another. I, on the other hand, was the dorky nerdy one with almost no friends. Sure I had met a few people online through my MMOs but they all lived in other countries or states.

“You know I have a paper due in History this week. Mum says if I don’t pass all my classes with at least a B+ then I’m not getting the car.”

“Oh come on Fi! One party won’t kill you. I’ll pick you up at six, dress nice!” she said flouncing away to her next class just as the bell rang. I rolled my eyes and made my way to math. Thankfully math was the last class of the day so I quickly made my way out of the halls, passing all the people just idling, talking to their friends.

I scanned the parking lot, looking for Alexa and her boyfriend Michael. Lex and I lived only a few blocks away from each other so Michael was always happy to give me a ride until I got my own car that is. I spot them on the far side of the parking lot and make my way over. I was about halfway there when my face suddenly became acquainted with the pavement. I didn’t even need to look up once I heard the shrill laughing of Penny Hall and her goons. Penny was the daughter of the mayor and therefore the most popular girl in the school. She may be pretty but she wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I slowly pick myself up and begin to gather my things.

“Oooh, what have we here girls? Little Nerdette’s diary?” said Penny in her ear-piercingly high voice. I quickly tried to snatch it out of her hands but she held it above my reach. It wasn’t a diary per say, it was my storybook. I had the habit of writing down all the little story ideas I had and the sketches of their characters.

“What is she twelve? Why is she still drawing fairies and shite?” said Hannah. She was Penny’s right-hand bitch and had about maybe twenty brain cells to show for it.

“Just give it back ok!” I managed to jump and snag it out of her hands. I quickly shoved the book in my bag and ran towards Michael’s car slamming the door after I got in. I burying my head in my hands and tried to calm down my breathing. Ever since we were younger Penny had chosen me as her target and in a town as little as ours, we only had three schools one elementary, one middle and one high school.

“Penny again? Trust me one word and I’ll go give her a beating she won’t ever forget. Girl or not, no one should be treated the way she treats you,” said Michael after I calmed down.

“It’s ok Mike, thanks, though. It wasn’t too bad this time,” I said in as calm a voice I could muster.

“She still needs to be brought down a peg, she needs to learn that just because she’s the mayor’s daughter that doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants,” growled Alexa. She was always the overprotective one and treated me like a little sister even though I’m almost a year older than her.

“I’m fine, really. Let’s not give her even more fuel to torture me with ok?” Five minutes later and we arrived at my house. We said our goodbyes as I hopped out of the car and Lex yelled at me to remember to dress nice for the party I was being kidnapped for. I rolled my eyes and said that I would remember. I slung my messenger bag over my shoulder, shut the door and made my way up the path to my house.

I lived in a small three bedroom house with my parents and our dog Bombadil. He was an old Golden Retriever with a bad hip and greying fur.

I hurried up to take a shower before Alexa came back to pick me up. My hair was a mess and always took forever to dry. I lathered the shampoo into my hair and gave myself a scalp massage, trying to rub out the stresses of the day. Ten minutes later i was out, my hair rolled up in a towel and enveloped in my fluffy pink robe. I dug through my closet for something nice which sadly took longer than it should have. For a teenage girl I have a surprising amount of sweat pants and t-shirts. I finally managed to find my one summer dress with a nice floral print that my mother made me get for the occasional weekend picnic.

I sat down at my computer and booted it up. It was an old thing but it still ran well enough. I made a new word document and started on my essay so i could get as much of it done as possible. I had already made the footnotes and had a basic outline and all that was left was to write it out. Which was going to be the hard part. Yes, I loved to write but I’m only good at it when it’s something creative, not when it’s something i have no interest in or am forced to write. I got a few paragraphs written down and when I looked over at the clock i saw that it was ten minutes to six. I dashed into my bedroom and quickly put on some basic makeup around my eyes. I threw some mouse into my hair and crinkled it so it wouldn’t look like I just woke up.

“I’m going out with Alexa and Michael! Be home in a few hours!” I yelled out to my mom as I ran out the door. She usually didn’t mind if I stayed out too late, so long as i got good grades and was home before midnight.

I twiddled my thumbs trying not to be too nervous. I was never very good around crowds. Especially not crowds of the more popular people. Soon enough Alexa and Michael pulled up to the curve. Alexa had her hair lightly curled and pinned away from her face. She had on a strapless silver dress and if I knew her as well as I did, she undoubtedly was also wearing her glittery silver heels. Michael was dressed in a pair of jeans and a deep purple button up shirt. I slid into the back seat and set my small purse next to me. I wasn’t planning on staying for long but I at least needed my spare contacts and phone.

“Just please tell me that Penny and her groupies aren’t going to be there,” I gripped as I closed the door and buckled up.

“I think her and Jake are on another off period so I doubt it,” said Michael as we pulled away from the curb.

“Alright. Honestly isn’t it about time Jake realised how much of a whore she is and just dump her for good? Hasn’t she cheated on him like three times now?” I muttered from the back seat. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my twitter feed looking for updates on my favorite youtubers and authors. Honestly that was the only reason I had the infernal app. We arrived at Jakes house at about five after six and the party was already at a full roar. Jake’s house was on the outskirts of town and conveniently had no neighbors so the music was turned up to the max. We parked a little ways down the road and made our way to the house. Alexa grumbled the entire way about why the road had to be gravel and I gently reminded her that she was the one who decided to wear heels.

We didn’t bother knocking and walked into the house. Some dubstep song was playing and people were dancing and grinding against each other. I quickly looked for an empty corner to hide in. I may have agreed to come to this party, but that didn’t mean I was going to get drunk and look like an idiot like the others. Nope, I am 100% a wallflower.

I managed to hide out in the kitchen with only the occasional person showing up to refill their drink. I myself just grabbed a glass of water and munched on the snacks that were on the counter. This time I began to read the newest fanfic I had found. Sadly I only managed to get a few minutes of reading in when Alexa found me.

“Fea Grace Barnes if you do not get your skinny ass out here in three seconds, I will drag you out myself,” she pronounced with a glare as I sheepishly put away my phone. I groaned and drug myself off the stool I had been perched on. She shoved a plastic cup into my hand and ordered me to drink it.

“You know what my mum will do if I come back with the smell of booze on my breath! She’ll ground me for the rest of my life!” Well not really, my mom is usually really chill but she would be pretty pissed.

“Its one drink, and you and I both know that’s bullshit. Come on Fi, live a little!” She gave me the look that she knew I would always give into. You know the one, the pouty lips and big ol’ puppy dog eyes. I sighed and took a swollow, surprised that it actually didn’t taste too bad. I took another sip and Alexa gave a cheer and drug me into the living room. She tossed me to some random boy with the order to dance. I gave him an awkward smile and tried to move away but the crowd was pushing in.

“Hey I’m Troy,” said the guy who I was shoved to.

“Fea,” I replied taking another sip of my drink and looking for an exit.

“Oh come on babe, don’t be like that! Don’t you like me?” he asked as he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me closer. His breath reeked of alcohol and I could tell he was beyond wasted. I twisted, trying to get loose but he has a surprisingly strong grip for a drunk.

“Honestly, I just met you and you are not doing a very good job of making me like you.” I finally managed to get loose but as I was walking away he grabbed my wrist.

“Hey, come on! We were just getting to know each other! How about a kiss huh? You’re pretty hot for a nerd chick.” Next thing I knew I was tugged toward him and I felt his lips descend on mine. It was wet and sloppy as he tried to push his tongue into my mouth. I dropped my cup and pushed against his chest.

"Get off me you arse!” I yelled as I slapped his face. He loosened his grip and I got my chance to run away. I quickly found Alexa and told her I was going to leave.

“What? Why? We’ve only been here like twenty minutes!”

“I’m just not feeling very well. I’ll see you tomorrow at school. I could use the cool air,” I muttered before walking off. I ran to the door and slammed it behind me. I shivered in the cold, wrapping my arms around me trying to keep warm. Now if I was a normal human being with normal thoughts I probably would have called my mom or dad to pick me up. But I was neither of these things...and I was kinda pissed off.

“The gall of that asshole! Who the fuck just randomly kisses a complete stranger! Ugh!” I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t see the headlights coming up behind me. Nor did I notice the car swerving till it was too late.

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