The Only One

Chapter 10

“Now did you say something about an exclusive interview?” she asked smiling.

“Yes I did. If you don’t mind, I’ll ask Tom for a room so we can have some privacy for this. I don’t mind paying. That way we won’t be disturbed. You can ask questions but I do have a few things I would like to say.”

“Sure Harry.”

Tom gave us a key to one of the rooms and we went on up. The room only had one chair and a bed to sit on. I cast a Silencing Spell on the area around us then Conjured a nice comfortable chair for us to use.

“Hey, that’s a seventh year spell. Aren’t you in sixth year?”

“Yes, but I tend to study ahead.”

“Harry, why don’t you use that nice chair you Conjured and I’ll just sit on the bed. It’ll give me room for my things.”

I shrugged, waited for her to get situated on the bed, then sat in my chair. She setup a Quick-Quotes quill to record our conversation then asked me to go first and say what I wanted to say. She would ask me questions after that. I went ahead and said my piece and she only had a few questions to ask when I finished.

The whole time we were doing the interview she would shift sitting positions on the bed periodically and I would catch a glimpse of her knickers. The bed was more elevated than my chair and her skirt was a little on the short side. At first, I thought she was not aware of what she was doing, but when she started to cross and uncross her legs very slowly several times during the questioning, I was thinking this was on purpose.

She had turned off the Quick-Quotes Quill and was writing on her notepad when I decided to ask.


“Yes, Harry?” she asked still writing.

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

She stopped and looked up from her writing and grinned at me.

“Figured that out, did you?”

“It became pretty obvious after a while.”

“I want you to know Harry that I’m not after your body because you’re rich and famous. I’m just thankful to you for what you’ve done to make the Death Eaters pay for their crimes. I meant it in my article that I would do more for you if I could. Well, this is what else I can offer if you’re interested. No strings attached of course.”

“Margo, I’m 16 years old and while I’m considered an adult, I’m still in a teenage boy’s body. You are a beautiful woman, stunning even. How could I not be interested?”

“I was afraid you might be nervous about having sex for the first time, especially with an older woman. I just want to provide comfort to a hero who has done so much for our community. There is a bed here,” she said patting it. “Why not use it?”

We smiled at each other.

“I’ll also add that it doesn’t hurt that you are exceptionally good looking, Harry.”

“I hate to disappoint you, Margo, but I’m not a virgin.”


“Yes, and that is off the record. My sex life is no one else’s business. Understood?”

“Perfectly. I have no problem with that. In fact all sex and talk of it will be completely off the record, considering it could be construed as a conflict of interest.”

“So, interview’s over?”

“Interview’s over,” she nodded with a smile as she got up and walked slowly towards me. “You know Harry, I fantasized about you when I did the first article and no one knew who you were or what you looked like. It may have clouded my judgement somewhat leading up to this.”

“Oh? What fantasies did you have?” I said kissing her neck then right next to her ear as I breathed into it. She moaned. “Perhaps I can help you fulfill them?” I whispered softly into her ear. She shivered.

“Well, aren’t you a naughty one….”

Margo made her way back to her office after a full afternoon of mind-blowing, salacious sex – multiple times. Harry was making sure she got back safely. Currently she was having difficulty with her focus and walking straight. She had been extra careful coming down the stairs with Harry helping her. She was afraid she’d lose her balance.

Believe it or not, she was a little sore, but it was a good sore, she thought. She hadn’t had sex since before her husband was killed over a year ago and she definitely had never had her sexual fantasies fulfilled before. One time had been a little rough but still very enjoyable. Harry wasn’t kidding when he said he wasn’t a virgin. There’s no way a virgin would know all of that. No, that took experience.

When Harry left her and she walked into the Daily Prophet offices with a huge smile on her face she was asked if she got the Harry Potter exclusive from a few of her co-workers. She stopped and turned to them before going into her office.

“It couldn’t have been any more exclusive than that. You have no idea,” she said with a big smile then closed her door.

Her co-workers were jealous after hearing that, but for different reasons than she actually meant.

I had apparated back to Potter Crest when I finished my afternoon with Margo. That was memorable. She was a little kinky. Now it was a couple days later and Dobby brought me the Daily Prophet while I ate breakfast. There was a large picture of me on the front page, above the article Margo wrote.

Harry Potter Tells It Like It Is

In a recent exclusive interview with Harry Potter, I found out what he thinks about several things and he had some information he wanted to share about You-Know-Who. Some of what he revealed is shocking. My editor was hesitant about printing this interview due to the possible backlash. But I believe in telling the truth and I believe you have a right to know.

If you recall I gave Harry an invitation in my last article to come see me so I could take him out to dinner in thanks for his making our world safer. He didn’t show up for dinner but he did for lunch on the day Hogwarts let out for the holidays. He offered me the exclusive interview when I took him to lunch. He said I could ask questions but he had something he would like to say during the interview.

I had him go first with what he wanted to say and then I asked questions afterwards. This is what he told me.

“You-Know-Who (he actually said his name) is not the wizard you think he is. His real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. He just made up the other. You can call him by his real name if you’re afraid to use his made up one. He’s the son of Merope Gaunt, a descendant from Slytherin, and Tom Riddle, a Muggle. That’s right. He’s not even a pureblood.”

“Tom’s father left his mother while she was pregnant with him. She died giving birth and Tom grew up in a Muggle orphanage. This is where he received his Hogwarts letter. Tom was always powerful, even as a kid. He was charismatic and a natural leader but he started killing people at a young age. Today, he still kills people, innocent people, or he gets his Death Eaters to do it while he pretends he’s in charge and above it all.”

“Some may say that I too am a killer but there’s a big difference. I do kill, but I have only killed Death Eaters, murderers by any other name. I have never killed an innocent, only those who prey on the innocent receive my attention. You might also note that the Death Eaters keep coming after me to kill me. Am I expected to just let them?”

“Of course not, that would be stupid, but here’s what I will do. I will promise Tom Riddle that I will kill every Death Eater he sends after me until there are none left. When you are all alone Tom and no one will join your cause, remember that your days are numbered.”

“Come find me if you ever get brave enough to come out of hiding.”

That was Harry’s statement, as fantastical as it was. The following are the questions he answered for me:

Margo: “That was shocking Harry. Are you sure you want to say all that?”

Harry: “Yes, I am. I’m positive about the information and the threat. I will not stand by while he and his followers kill more innocents. I will not allow him to call himself a lord when he is no lord at all. He’s a fake and a liar.”

Margo: “Wow! Tell me Harry, what are your plans for the future?”

Harry: “I plan to finish school at Hogwarts and make sure no Death Eaters survive this war. And yes, this is a war. It’s time we all acted like it. I recommend to anyone considering joining the Death Eaters side to think it over carefully. If I can kill 70 Death Eaters all by myself in one fight then how much trouble do they think I’ll have with them? The sooner there are no more Death Eaters the better.”

Margo: “What plans do you have after all the fighting is done? I’m sure there are plenty of witches out there who would love to gain your attention. You are quite a handsome young man Harry and rich to boot.”

Harry: “Thank you Margo, but I’m a bit singularly focused right now. I have enough money to never have to work, but I can’t see myself just loafing around. What I’m concerned about is the attitude of many of the magical people of Britain. If their attitudes don’t change then there is no way I will be staying here after Tom Riddle is dead. I will find another magical community where logic wins over misguided tradition.”

Margo: “I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Can you explain?”

Harry: “Simply put, there is no room in our world anymore for all this pureblood fanatic nonsense. It’s based on bigotry and ignorance but has tradition disguising it. Where are the facts and evidence for their beliefs? There is none. They want to believe that they are somehow better than everyone else is, but it’s not true. Purebloods, half-bloods, and Muggleborns all have magic and that makes them all equal. It matters not how long your family has had magic. The only difference is some are more powerful than others, such as Professor Dumbledore or even Tom Riddle.”

“You can’t treat the Muggles like lesser beings either. While we have magic, the Muggles have technology. We can do things they can’t do with magic but they can also do things we can’t do with technology. If the pureblood fanatics would take their blinders off they would see a Muggle world that has far surpassed our own.”

“I’ve killed the majority of those Death Eaters I fought using Muggle weapons and not my wand. I’m only 16 years old and just this summer learned how to use those Muggle weapons. How do you think anyone in the wizarding world would fare against Muggles who’ve been fighting with these same weapons, and even more powerful ones, for several years?”

“They have people who constantly train with these powerful weapons. A wizard or witch would not stand much of a chance against them. The Muggle military has weapons now that can level an entire city as big as London. Can the pureblood bigots continue to afford thinking that Muggles are lesser beings? That is a dangerous road. This is how people like Grindelwald and Riddle came about. This fanatical belief allows them to get a foot hold and gain power with the help of those who have fallen for this nonsense.”

Margo: “Those are bold words, Harry.”

Harry: “No Margo, that’s just the truth and I won’t stick around if they’re not going to change. Another Dark lord will appear if they don’t. There’s no doubt about that and I won’t be here to fight their battles for them on the next one. Without change, they will no longer be worth saving and it will be up to the non-bigoted witches and wizards to make a stand since I won’t be here.”

Margo: “Where would you go?”

Harry: “I think I’ll keep that information to myself. After all, if I don’t want to stick around then I certainly don’t want you guys finding me.”

Margo: “Fair enough Harry. You mentioned these Muggle weapons you use. Can you tell us more about them?”

Harry: “I could, but I won’t. My enemies don’t need to know more about how I can kill them. I would rather keep it a surprise if you don’t mind.”

Margo: “Understood, Harry. You have given us much to consider with your words. I want to thank you personally for keeping us all safe. If it were not for your actions, none of us would be safe. You have given us hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you.

Harry: “Thank you, Margo, for allowing me this time. Please everyone, stay safe. Tom Riddle is still out there and he may even have some followers left. Do not let your guard down, not yet anyway.”

That concluded my interview with Harry Potter, our very own Boy-Who-Gets-It-Done. I’ll confess that I was at Hogwarts starting my sixth year when Harry started his first, but I never really got to meet him back then. I must say meeting him in person the other day was quite an experience that I likely will never ever forget.

All you witches out there can take it from me – Harry Potter is quite the catch. If he ever realizes how handsome he is, a lot of hearts will probably be broken before he ever meets his one and only.

Margo Kestlebaum, Reporter

Additional photos of Harry Potter can be found on page 3.

“I bet you won’t forget Margo, not after what we did all afternoon,” I said chuckling to myself.

As the Christmas break continued on, I got back into my training with gusto. Grandfather even taught me additional spells I could use in a fight that would do lots of damage to my enemy. I started running along the beach again, only this time I had to bundle up for it. The wind was bitingly cold.

Grandfather also told me it was time to step up my magical training. He explained the idea of casting with your wand again when it was still in your holster. He told me that you have to be above average in power to be able to do this and the idea was the same as what I’d been doing to accomplish shrinking and expanding my guns.

He said that I could perform a whole host of spells this way, including shields, which actually worked quite well in that manner. The idea was based off Ollivander’s missive that the wand chooses the wizard. In a sense, the wand connects to the witch or wizard when it chooses them. A sort of bond happens that allows you to communicate with the wand even though you aren’t touching it.

I remembered back when I said Lumos in the dark to find my wand and it lit up several feet away. I had basically asked the wand in desperation to perform the spell so I could find it. Grandfather said that when you hold the wand in your hand, it becomes an extension of it. However, when you call on it without touching it, you have to be powerful enough for it to feel your magic from that distance.

Therefore the further away it is from you the more difficult it will be to accomplish this. Conversely, the more powerful you are the further away your wand can be but powerful spells may be limited. This all happens because of the connection between the wand and its chosen witch or wizard.

Then, of course, you must know how to ask it properly. Grandfather worked me long hours on this to bring me up to speed. He wanted to make sure I could block spells even with guns in my hands. Sometimes a dodge is not the best solution when a shield will do, he explained. He reminded me of the cutting spell to my throat that could have been blocked by a shield spell. The fact that my wand was only separated from my skin by a holster made it that much easier.

I discovered though that my spells were not quite as strong that way.

To strengthen my spells when cast this way I made a change to my wand holster. I removed part of the backing that touches my arm so the wand would actually sit right against my skin. With that small change, my spells returned to my regular power. The wand just pulled straight from my arm instead of my hands.

I continued my training routine and enjoyed being back in my house with Dobby and Winky. I got all my shopping done already and had the gifts all wrapped. It was about a week before Christmas and I was looking at my bank statement from Gringotts. All totaled in my various vaults, I now had over 61 million galleons. I was rubbing my head trying to get a handle on it when my cell phone rang. It was Gwen.

“Gwen? Is that you?” my focus changed and my bank statement landed back on the desk forgotten.

“Hi, Harry! It’s so good to hear your voice. I’ve missed you so much. Did you have a good semester? Got a girlfriend now I bet.”

“I did have a good semester but no girlfriend. I can’t say I’ve been celibate though.”

“Spreading the joy around I see.”

“What about you? Did you find a nice college guy?”

“No, I’ve still been pining over you and your special talents Harry, which reminds me. What are you doing? Do you have plans?”

“I’m just hanging out at home, enjoying being away from school for a short respite. What are you up to?”

“I was planning on spending my holiday time with my parents but it turns out Mum has some holiday parties she needs to attend for work. Not all are in town so she will be traveling for some and my dad has decided to tag along with her. They just left for one. That leaves me free and lonely this season. What’s a poor girl to do about that?”

“I might have a few ideas.”

“Would you now?”

“Do you want to meet me at your beach house or should I come to where you are and pick you up in my ’63 Aston Martin?”

“Get out! You have an Aston Martin?”

“I told you I inherited a few nice old cars. I had them all cleaned up and serviced then got my license. I’ve been wanting to try them out better. Do you want to give me directions to where you are now? I’ll certainly be glad to come pick you up for dinner.”

“It’s a date!”

She gave me directions right to her parent’s house and told me about how long the drive would be. It was about two hours. I told her I would pick her up at seven and she should dress festive.

The drive was nice and I really liked my car. When I pulled up to her house at 6:56, I was very impressed with the neighborhood. It was obviously for the wealthy. Their house was a mansion and looked impressive. When I rang the doorbell, I expected a butler to answer the door but it was Gwen all dolled up just for me.

She crashed into me as soon as she saw me and kissed me for all she was worth. I had to pick her up and carry her into the house, closing the door with my foot behind me so all the heat wouldn’t escape into the cold.

When she finally stopped snogging me, more from need of a breath than anything else, she just held me at arm’s length and eyed me up and down.

“Mm, mm, mm! I could just eat you up right now.”

“Are you forgetting about dinner?”

“Oh, that’s right. We definitely should eat. There’s no doubt about that. You’re going to need your strength. Come on.”

And with that, she pulled me out the door and to my car.

“Would you like to drive?” I asked.

“Me? I can drive your Aston Martin?”

“Sure, it’s just a car. I drove all the way here and will have to drive back. You can drive if you want. You know the area better than I do anyway.”

“Okay,” she said excitedly.

She took the keys and climbed into the driver’s seat while I took the passenger seat. She looked around.

“This is very nice, Harry. Where do you want to go?” she asked looking over at me.

“If you could pick any local restaurant right now, which one would you like to eat at?”

“Well, the one I’m thinking of is my favorite but it’s really expensive and requires a reservation which we don’t have. You have to call two weeks ahead of time for this place.”

“Take us there. I’ll get us a table.”


“Trust me.”


“Sorry, but you’re just going to have to trust me.”

She stared at me.

“Look, if I can’t get us a table then we can go somewhere else, but I’ll get us a table,” I said confidently.

“This I’ve got to see.”

Gwen drove us to the restaurant. It was fancy. I’ll give her that. It was the middle of the week though and it was doubtful they were booked solid. They had a circle drive in front of the door with valet parking. I had Gwen pull up to the side and wait so I could run in and see if I could secure us a table.

“Just come on back out when it doesn’t work, Harry, and we’ll go to my second choice. It doesn’t require reservations.”

“Don’t be so negative. Think positive, Gwen. Always positive.”

She smiled and waited as I got out of the car and walked in. Before I reached the Maître D, I used my wand that was still in its holster to cast a compulsion charm on him then explained that I forgot to call ahead but needed a table for two please if there was one available.

“Harry Potter is the name.”

“Let me see Mr. Potter. Oh yes, here we go. We have a nice table available for you. Not a problem.”

“Great! Let me get my date and I’ll be right back.”

I walked back out to my car and hopped in.

“Shall we go now to my second choice?” Gwen asked.

“Only if you’ve changed your mind. I just got us a nice table for two. Why don’t you drive up to the front door and let the valet park it for us?”

She started driving up to the circle drive.

“I don’t know how you did that Harry but it will be the first that I know of at this restaurant.”

“I do have my talents,” I said smugly.

She just smiled at me.

The food really was good but the sex was even better. Gwen was right, I did need my strength. In fact, we both had to refuel halfway through the night. They had a nice, very large kitchen though. I ended up staying with her for the whole night and then left in the morning to head back home. She said she would pack a bag and just stay at the beach house for Christmas break so we could see each other more. She was going to drive out there later that day after she got a little more sleep.

I actually drove my car to a secluded place then shrunk it. I put it in my pocket, and apparated home. I had missed too much sleep from all of last night’s activities so why drive 2 hours when it wasn’t necessary?

Grandfather did not take it easy on me though. He told me it would be good for me to train while tired. It would teach me how to push through when I didn’t think I could do any more. I wasn’t sure I believed him. I just wanted a nap.

But, I persevered.

However, when Gwen called from her beach house down the road and asked me to come over for dinner and a movie that night I took a Pepper-Up potion and drove over in my ’70 Land Rover. I thought it needed a spin too.

I ended up spending the night with Gwen but this time we allowed ourselves more time for sleeping. I made her breakfast the next morning since I woke up earlier. She was pleasantly surprised but while eating she asked me a question that threw me off momentarily.

“Harry, you’ve been here many times and now you’ve been to my parent’s regular house. I’m wondering why you’ve never invited me to your house. You know, I won’t mind if it’s messy. You are a bachelor after all.”

“Gwen, you’ll find that my house is as clean and neat as it could possibly be. I have a couple of helpers that clean it for me when it needs it. In fact, I rarely have to lift a finger but that’s not the reason why I haven’t invited you over. I’ve wanted to. Believe me.”

“Then why, Harry? What could possibly make you not want to invite me over to your house?”

“It’s complicated.”


I thought about it for a minute as Gwen just stared at me.

“Look Gwen, what I’m about to tell you is not to be repeated. After thinking about it I believe telling you is the right thing to do. I should have filled you in already. I was just afraid for your safety.”

“My safety?”

“Yes. You see I told you that my parents died when I was a baby. That was the truth but not all of it. They were murdered.”

“Murdered? What happened?”

“First of all I was only fifteen months old at the time so I really don’t remember. What I know was explained to me.”

Gwen nodded.

“There’s a secret organization that is basically made up of terrorists. The leader is by far the worst of the group. My parents fought him and his followers on several occasions. Not many people could claim that kind of success against him. When he wanted you dead you usually died.”

“When I came along my parents went into hiding as best they could to help protect me. However, one of their trusted friends turned out to be working for this guy and he betrayed my parents. The leader came after us personally and attacked our house.”

“He actually made it into the house and while my father was trying to hold him off downstairs my mum took me upstairs to my room and put me in my baby bed. He managed to kill my father and then came upstairs after us. Somehow, and nobody knows, my mum set a trap for him. He still managed to kill her but he was severely hurt before he could kill me.”

“Some friends of the family came and rescued me but he somehow was able to leave and was long gone before they arrived. I was remarkably okay. Not a scratch on me.”

“That’s so awful, Harry,” she said tearfully.

“I wish that was the end of it. It took him a few years to recover but he’s now active again and is determined to kill me. I’m the one who got away and his reputation is very important to him. He has tried to kill me himself a few times and sent his followers after me at other times. Over the years, I’ve had some help to protect me most of the time but this summer I’ve been more on my own.”

“I’ll be honest with you Gwen. I’ve had to kill several times now but only because they were determined to kill me first. It’s the very reason I stay in shape and train all the time.”

“But you’re only 16. Where are the military? The police? How are you able to fight them so well?”

“The government is doing what they can but I basically have a target painted on my back. However, they don’t know where I live now. Besides my two helpers who I trust with my life, I’m the only one who knows where I live. My grandfather had quite a large collection of firearms and other weapons. All that was left to me along with lots of great detailed instructions on how to use them. I found I had a knack for it and can shoot rather well. It could be genetics. I trained in secret and this has kept me alive when they attacked. I am usually always armed just in case.”


“I know and I’ll understand if you want nothing more to do with me but remember this one thing to keep you safe. Never mention my name to anyone else. Never say ‘Harry Potter.’ The wrong people might be listening and they will come after you to get to me. Trust me on this.”

“Harry, Harry. Stop!”

I was looking at the floor waiting to hear her call an end to our friendship, our relationship.

“Now look at me.”

I raised my head and looked her right in the eye.

“I’m not going anywhere Harry. I certainly wasn’t expecting all that but you can’t get rid of me that easily.”

“You should think hard about this Gwen. I’m dangerous to be around.”

“Who cares? So am I once a month. You know. You’ve been there.”

She smiled and I smiled back.

“This is serious, Gwen, and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Sorry. Bad joke, Harry, but I know it’s serious and I’m sorry your life has been so rough and that you’ve had to kill to protect yourself. It makes me realize how great I’ve had it and how much I’ve taken my life for granted. I don’t want you to worry about me though. Do you hear?”

“Have you mentioned my name to anyone else?”

“No Harry, I have not and I won’t. I promise.”

“Good girl. As long as I can keep a watch out and be the one to come and see you then I can keep you safer. I can make sure I’m not followed. One day he and all his followers will be dead and I won’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Gwen and I stood up and hugged each other for a good while. Then we kissed and I left to return home for more training and exercise, worried that she was going to change her mind.

Jerry, the Weasley’s owl, showed up with another invitation to join them for Christmas day. They had asked at the beginning of the break too but I had to decline again as I was determined to get more training in and not let Gwen have to spend Christmas day by herself.

I had a feeling that Voldemort was my next challenge. He was raised in a Muggle orphanage so he knew about Muggle guns. He will probably have something prepared for me the next time we meet. Any Death Eaters left or added to his service would likely try different tactics as well since my use of Muggle weapons has been greatly reported. However, never underestimate what magic can do, especially from someone who knows how to use it.

It was up to me to be ready.

I instructed Dobby to deliver all my presents to my friends very early on Christmas morning before they awoke and he was not to be seen doing it. He pulled it off without a hitch. Several owls brought presents for me Christmas morning. I even received a note from Margo that said she wished me a ‘Happy Christmas.’

After wishing Grandfather a ‘Happy Christmas’ and letting him know I was taking the day off, I spent some time with Dobby and Winky before heading back to Gwen’s house to spend Christmas day with her. She had just put on the diamond tennis bracelet I had given her when her cell phone rang.

“Hello? Mum?”


“I’m at the beach house.”


“I have a friend that lives nearby. I met him during the summer and I’ve been spending time with him while you and Dad were out. I thought you guys were going to be gone?”


“You came back to spend Christmas day with me and now I’m not there,” she said repeating what her mother said while looking at me. “I’m sorry Mum.”


“I’ll ask him.” Gwen turned to me with her hand over the receiver. “Would you like to join my family for Christmas?”

I shook my head.

“I can’t Gwen and you know why I shouldn’t. Don’t worry about me. You go home and spend Christmas with your family. That’s what it’s for. I have some friends that invited me over. I can go there.”

“Then why are you here with me if you have friends that invited you?”

“Tell your mother that you will be there in two hours or so and then we can talk while you get ready to go.”

“Sorry Mum. My friend can’t come with me so I will see you in a couple hours. Bye!”


“Okay, bye Mum.” She looked at me expectantly. I smiled.

“The reason I’m here Gwen is because you are here. If you are not going to be here then I will go see my other friends.”

“You should have told me you have friends to visit. You didn’t have to stay with me just because my parents were gone.”

“Yes, I did. Why would I want to spend Christmas day with friends I see throughout the year when I can spend it with you?”

She walked the few steps to me and kissed me. Then she hugged me and laid her head down on my shoulder.

“Oh Harry, you can’t say things like that to me. I’ll never get a boyfriend while remembering you saying that. I’ll be pining all next semester for you. Maybe I should call Mum back and tell her I’m not coming.”

“Don’t you dare!”

She pulled back and looked at me after the way I said that.

“Sorry Gwen, but you know I have no family left so I have to spend holidays with friends. Don’t miss an opportunity to spend Christmas day with your family. I know I wouldn’t if I had the chance.”

“I’m sorry, Harry.”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault that I’m the only Potter left, but one day I’ll have a family of my own and I’ll finally get to see what that feels like.”

“I hope so Harry. You deserve it.”

“Thanks, now go get what you need so you can get on the road and I’ll head out.”

“I’ll call you later Harry.”

“Sounds good. Be careful driving.”

I left and went back to my house where I gathered up all the presents from the Weasleys. I still hadn’t opened any presents from my friends yet. I shrunk them and put them in a pocket. I then apparated to the edge of their property. I could feel the warmth their family projected just looking at their lopsided house.

I made my way to their door and knocked. The noise died down immediately and after a few seconds, the door opened.

“Hello, Mr. Weasley.”

Molly came around him and shouted.


She gave me one of her crushing hugs and pulled me into the house.

“I thought you couldn’t make it?” asked Ron. It seems everyone had come to the kitchen to greet me.

“I had a sudden change of plans, so here I am. Mind if I crash the party? I haven’t opened my presents from all you guys yet.”

“Come on in Harry,” said Mr. Weasley. “You’re always welcome in this house.”

“Thank you, Mr. Weasley. I appreciate that.”

“We’ve already opened the presents from you, Harry,” said Ginny. “Ron here couldn’t wait.”

“That’s our Ronniekins,” said Fred.

“Yep. He gives a new meaning to Christmas,” said George.

“You know the saying that ‘it’s better to give than receive?’” asked Fred.

“Well, Ronnie here is better at the receiving,” said George rubbing Ron’s head.

“Geroff George!” complained Ron.

Next thing I knew I was being hugged and thanked for my Christmas gifts. Ginny and Mrs. Weasley snuck in a kiss to my cheek when they hugged me. They next sat me down so I could unshrink my gifts and open them all. Later Molly had a great meal for lunch prepared and we all stuffed ourselves with it.

Charley was visiting but Bill was in France with Fleur. They had left yesterday using a portkey. Percy was keeping to himself. I had said ‘hello’ to him after I arrived but he just nodded and made a noise so I left him alone after that. Maybe he was afraid I was going to shoot him. I decided not to ask.

We played a few games of Exploding Snap for fun. After I had opened my presents, I wore my new Weasley jumper the whole rest of the time I was there. Ron wanted to play Quidditch but it was just too cold so we nixed that idea. They had a big fire going in the fireplace so during the afternoon we toasted some marshmallows and made S’mores. They were yummy.

I ended up staying for dinner too but told them I had to leave after that. Mrs. Weasley insisted I spend the night but I refused to put them or myself at unnecessary risk. I would be safer back at my house, I explained, and they would be safer without me hanging around too long. She didn’t like it but I would not change my mind.

I made my good-byes, donned my long basilisk hide coat, buttoned it up, and headed for the door.

“Harry, why don’t you floo home instead of going back out in the cold?” asked Mrs. Weasley.

“I’ll be fine, Mrs. Weasley. I have plenty of layers on and I would enjoy some fresh, crisp air before going home. Besides, I need to walk off some of that food. I ate too much.” Plus, I didn’t fancy anyone hearing my floo address.

“You’re still too skinny, Harry. I’m just trying to fatten you up.”

“Well, you succeeded today. Thanks and I’ll see you guys later.”

With a final good-bye, I left and made the walk to the edge of their wards. The Weasleys closed the door after I stepped out to keep the cold out. It was quite chilly. I could really feel it on my face. Mrs. Weasley was watching out the window though to make sure I got safely away.

I had just passed the ward line and was going to apparate when I heard a very loud shot and felt a sharp pain in my chest. All my breath left me and I stumbled and fell to my knees. When I looked up Voldemort was standing there with a rifle in his hands.

“Harry Potter. You’re not the only one who can use Muggle weapons. I bet that hurt, didn’t it? Let me just take careful aim and finish this small task my Death Eaters failed to accomplish. Pathetic, all of them. I simply disillusioned myself and then shot you when you arrived past the wards. What’s so hard about that?”

I saw Tom raising the rifle again and knew I had to do something quick. I was definitely shot, and a rifle could go through my protections but I had multiple layers, including basilisk hide and a magically enhanced steel plated vest. Hopefully, I was only injured and not severely. It sure hurt though and I was having a lot of trouble breathing.

Forcing myself, I drew my pistols quickly, or as quick as I could, and started firing. I was on my knees but could still shoot. Voldemort put up a shield real quick then moved suddenly and conjured a strong stone wall to protect himself. I kept one pistol in my left hand so I could shoot anytime he tried to move out from behind cover. One time I spotted his rifle coming around the side of his wall so I shot it, making him drop it. I was very accurate with my pistols. With my right, I holstered my pistol, removed an Uzi from my pocket, and enlarged it back to normal size.

I fired the Uzi while holstering my other pistol. Voldemort was staying hidden. If he peaked, I unloaded on him. While keeping my Uzi trained on my target, ready to fire should he risk an appearance, I reached into my other pocket using my left hand and removed a grenade. Voldemort’s wall was about twenty feet away from me. I figured that was far enough if I put up a strong shield to protect myself.

I manually pulled the pin with my teeth and tossed it so it rolled up against his wall. I immediately cast my shield and switched my Uzi to my left hand. The grenade went off demolishing the wall and I immediately started firing my Uzi.

Voldemort had put up a shield quickly when his wall exploded, although I did manage to nick him in the leg before his shield was up completely, or it could have been part of the wall that hit him. His shield was blocking the shots from my Uzi but he knew it would not hold forever. He just glared at me behind his shield. I offered him a smile.

Then he disapparated.

I stopped firing and looked around for him, especially behind me, but that’s when I saw the Weasleys had managed to come to my aid with their wands at the ready. I took one good look at them and smiled before turning back. Now that the excitement was over, I wasn’t feeling well. Not good at all as a matter of fact.

Did he manage to finally kill me and I just didn’t know it yet?

Giving one last try for a good breath of air, I fell over to the ground while everything went black.

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