The Only One

Chapter 3

The next morning I woke up about seven, having rested better than I have in a very long time. Dobby had cleaned up my room and loo last night, including boxing up all the old clothes in the closets and placing them in storage. While he did this, I inspected the library right after Winky finished cleaning it. It didn’t take long to clean their own quarters so she cleaned the library right afterwards for me. I didn’t tell them but I found a very nice book on household spells in there.

Dobby had picked up shampoo and soap for the loos when he went out yesterday. Last night he thoroughly cleaned all the towels and linens in my suite so this morning I had a very nice shower and cleaned up before heading down to breakfast. Winky had resized my overly large Dudley cast offs for me so that they now fit me properly. I used Scourgify after my shower to clean up after myself just to see if it worked. It did. I hope I don’t get in trouble with my elves.

While eating I asked if it was possible to just send one of them to Madam Malkin’s to pick me up some new robes without having to be measured. I didn’t fancy being seen in the magical world anytime soon. Winky told me that she’s done this sort of thing quite a bit. That she could take all my measurements then go to Madam Malkin’s for me. I asked her to pick me up some new socks and shoes while she was at it as well.

After breakfast, she measured me every which way but loose and then took off to Diagon Alley with some extra galleons to spend. She told me that Madam Malkin’s normally sold elf uniforms in the back so she planned to take a look at them to see if any would work. I asked her not to mention whom she was buying for and to remember that I had to remain secret.

Before she left, I told her to buy me two sets of black and two sets of grey robes for now with shirts, slacks, shoes, and socks to go with them and if she saw anything she liked for her and Dobby to go ahead and buy it.

Dobby stayed at the house with me, continuing to clean room after room. He explained that while they were cleaning, it was not the final cleaning they would be doing. Basically, they were removing all the dust and grime off of everything so it could be used but all the wood would have to polished and the other surfaces wiped down properly as well.

I was glad they liked to work and clean. I didn’t mind if I was doing it for myself but I never liked it when the Dursleys always forced me to clean and cook for them.

Winky came back about 9:45 and gave me my new clothes and shoes. They were a little fancier than I would have bought on my own. She even included a matching set of brown ones that looked a lot like leather. The designs were nicer than I would have picked out. She said she also picked up something for herself and Dobby. She wanted to look at it again later when she had more time. She and Dobby would see if they wanted to make any changes to the uniforms before modeling them for me tonight.

At 10:00, Jim Willoughby showed up at the edge of the wards. I met him out there and shook his hand. He explained that since he was going to cast the Fidelius over my entire property then he had no need to enter the house. However, he needed to see all the edges of the entire property, which started at the road and ended at the water. The grounds surrounding the house were about five acres total.

When he was ready, he had us stand just outside the wards facing the house. I called Dobby and Winky to join us before he cast one of the most complicated spells I had ever seen. When he was done with the casting, he placed the secret within me and I immediately felt the weight of that knowledge.

Jim could no longer see the property or house after that, nor could he remember where it was. Neither Dobby nor Winky could see it either. I was the only one who knew. The paper Jim brought with him that had my name and address on it now only showed my name and instead of the address, it said “Under Fidelius.” We thanked and said good-bye to Jim before I wrote the following on a scrap of paper and showed it to Dobby and Winky and had them read it:

Harry Potter lives at 312 Mockingbird Lane.

They immediately could see the house and lands again so I burned up the piece of paper as we headed back inside. Various documents across the country in many government offices and in several mediums, including digital, that noted the location of a certain house on a certain property, quietly lost the address and all knowledge of its existence.

After that task was over, I decided to go shopping for clothing in Muggle London by myself. Since the floo was still attached, I decided to floo to The Leaky Cauldron and then head out into London. Dobby cleaned the floo up for me while I got dressed. I decided to wear a set of my black robes that had a deep hood to hide my face while in the magical world. The outer robe itself had fancy designs on it but the clothes underneath were normal. They would work well for Muggle London as long as I removed the outer robe.

No one appeared to recognize me as I came out of the floo at The Leaky Cauldron and made my way to the front door. Once I exited the pub, I took off my robe and carried it over my arm until I could hide and shrink it. I then placed it in my pocket.

I bought several pairs of jeans in blue and black, some shorts, swimming trunks, trainers, t-shirts, socks, boxers, and some workout clothes to train in. I found a spot to shrink all my purchases then found a restaurant to eat at since it was lunchtime. After eating a good burger and drinking a soda, I unshrunk my robe before heading back to the Leaky Cauldron. With it hiding my face, I was able to go right through to the back archway and make my way towards Gringotts. I wanted to visit my family vault while I was out. The robe hid my face well so thought it would be okay.

I was almost halfway down Diagon Alley when I saw several Death Eaters come out of Knockturn Alley. They were dressed all in black with white masks. There looked to be five of them unless more were somewhere else. Diagon Alley didn’t appear to be all that busy so not many people would be in their way today. Everyone was pretty much on high alert anyway after the Ministry fiasco and Voldemort’s coming out party.

One of the male Death Eaters fired the first shot by hitting an older woman running away from them with a cutting curse to her back. I didn’t even think. My wand flew to my hand and I hit that same Death Eater with a blasting curse that must have knocked him back five feet. My adrenaline was pumping.

I immediately took off running to make me harder to hit. I saw that the Death Eaters were surprised by my attack and were looking at their crumpled comrade who wasn’t moving. I fired a powerful cutting curse at another Death Eater that connected and blood went everywhere. Dialing back my power but still moving, I hit another with an Expelliarmus that sent her wand flying toward me but since I was moving fast it went somewhere behind me.

I never saw them once get a wand trained on me. I guess they weren’t expecting their plans to fail.

The three Death Eaters still standing, although one no longer had her wand, suddenly left via portkeys. The two I hit were not moving. I checked the elderly woman who was hit in the back with the cutting curse but she was dead from too much loss of blood. I shook my head.

I summoned the wand I took from the female Death Eater, pocketed it, and then walked toward the two I hit with curses. I summoned their wands as well as I approached. Both were dead. One pretty much lost all of his blood at once and the other’s chest was completely crushed and sunken in. His heart must have exploded from the impact. I removed their masks but didn’t recognize either one.

I took their two wands I had caught in my hand, looked at them carefully, then pocketed them with the other one I picked up. People had come out of the shops by now to see what happened. I left quickly and went over to the other side of Gringotts where I was out of sight and called Dobby.


“Take me home quickly Dobby. It’s not safe here.”

I could hear the popping of apparitions, people arriving.

Dobby grabbed my hand and we left right away landing in the foyer. Winky appeared next to us sensing there was a problem.

“Thanks Dobby. After my shopping trip, I tried to go to Gringotts to visit my family vault but five Death Eaters came out of Knockturn Alley and started their usual stuff. One Death Eater killed an elderly woman to start things off and I just reacted, as everyone else appeared to be running for their lives. I killed that Death Eater and a second one and even managed to remove the wand of another before they decided to leave in a hurry. I heard pops of apparition just before we left. It was likely the aurors or the Order arriving too late.”

“Let me get you a cold butterbeer Harry Potter sir” said Winky. “Please have a seat in the lounge and rest.”

I pulled all my purchases out of my pockets and expanded them back to normal size. I then removed my robe. Dobby took all of them from me and popped them up to my room while I sat down as directed. Winky was there with my drink as soon as I was sitting. Dobby returned almost immediately.

“Thanks Winky. Thanks Dobby. I’ll be fine if you have other things to do. Don’t worry about me. I’m just going to rest for a minute, think over today’s activities, and enjoy my butterbeer.”

I had a lot on my mind so achieved very little for the rest of the day. Dobby and Winky surprised me though that evening by wearing some nice looking uniforms. Turns out Winky has a good eye. She picked out black pants, black shirt, black socks, black shoes, grey vest, red tie, and black jacket for Dobby. He looked smashing.

Winky came out dressed in black shoes, black hose, black skirt, red blouse, grey vest, and black jacket. I was impressed with her ability to pick out nice outfits.

“You guys look great! Are those clothes comfortable enough for you?”

“Yes, Harry Potter sir. They is very comfortable,” replied Winky.

“Do you think you will like wearing them?”

They both nodded.

“Well, I can tell you that you both look marvelous. Why don’t you make sure you have enough outfits to last before cleaning day. You can also switch up some of the colors for a slightly different look. For instance, Dobby may want to wear grey pants on occasion and maybe the vest could be red while the tie is grey or black. You could change yours too and would have more than one look. Understand?”

“Winky likes that idea Harry Potter sir. So, you approve?

“Yes, I do Winky. You only need to add the Potter crest to the left breast area of the jackets and you will be all set. I would like you guys to wear your uniforms while working for me. They make you look very spiffy. Go ahead and buy as many as you need Winky. I want to make sure you guys have enough. Just remember that if you ever wish to take some time off for yourselves, then you can dress however you want on your free time.”

They didn’t look like they thought taking time off for themselves was a good idea at all.


The next morning at breakfast I asked Dobby to go get me a copy of the Daily Prophet and one from last night too if they ran one. He was back before I could even finish my toast. I opened the paper from this morning and the front page had the article.

Death Eaters vs Unknown Wizard

Five Death Eaters in full regalia entered Diagon Alley from Knockturn Alley yesterday afternoon around 1:15 and immediately killed Mrs. Norma Fields of Addington. According to witnesses, she was trying to get away but was struck down in the back with a cutting curse. However, before the Death Eaters could do anymore damage an unknown wizard with his hood up came to the rescue.

He hit the Death Eater that killed Mrs. Fields with a curse that knocked him backwards several feet and somehow crushed his entire chest, killing him. That was some curse. He also hit a second Death Eater with a cutting curse, apparently, that did so much damage the Death Eater lost nearly all of his blood immediately and died on the spot. Witnesses also tell us that this unknown wizard summoned the wand from a third Death Eater before the remaining three that were still alive decided the odds were not in their favor and left quickly via portkey.

After the fight ended, we were told that the unknown wizard checked on Mrs. Fields but sadly, it was too late for her evidently. We were also told that the unknown wizard summoned the wand he had taken from the Death Eater before walking over to the two downed Death Eaters and taking their wands as well.

Witnesses say he removed their masks then walked off past Gringotts until he was out of sight. The aurors showed up shortly after that but when they looked around for him, he could not be located.

Mr. Florean Fortescue of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor told us that, “while everyone was running away from the five Death Eaters, this unknown wizard was taking the fight to them. He obviously knew what he was doing and his spells were quite powerful and dead on target even while moving.”

Well, Mr. Unknown Wizard, we don’t know who you are (although several female witnesses said your robes were very nice and you looked great in them) but we are very thankful to you for standing up when no one else would. Please contact the Auror Office soon. They would like to get a statement from you.

The wizarding world, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind having a look at the face that goes with those fabulous robes. We are waiting with anticipation.

Margo Kestlebaum, Reporter

For more eyewitness reports, see page 5.

The evening edition from yesterday was not as informative but did have it as front-page news.

I had Dobby use magic to write on a tag for each wand I procured then put the tag using magic on each of the three wands. The tag indicated which Death Eater the wand was removed from. Crushed male Death Eater, cut male Death Eater, disarmed female Death Eater.

When done I had Dobby box them up and take them to Kingsley Shacklebolt at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DMLE). I told him to not be seen and to just place the box on his desk as soon as he was away from it.

Dobby, who was excited to do a special job for me, left immediately.


In the DMLE office that same morning the aurors were all a buzz about the thwarted Death Eater attack in Diagon Alley yesterday afternoon. Amelia Bones, head of the DMLE, was wanting an ID on the Unknown Wizard, as the Daily Prophet was calling him, and she wanted it pronto. However, no aurors were there at the time and his hood never revealed a face to any of the eyewitnesses.

Their only hope right now would be for him to come in and make a statement.

Kingsley Shacklebolt, the head auror, had looked back over the reports from yesterday to see if he could find a clue as to the identity of the Unknown Wizard. He decided he needed more coffee so got up and went to refill his mug.

He had just about decided to go back to Diagon Alley and question the people again when he arrived back at his desk. Something was different. There was a small, unmarked box lying on top of his desk where there wasn’t one before.

He immediately cast some spells to check for anything dangerous then asked around if anyone knew who put the box on his desk or if anyone saw someone put the box on his desk. No one saw anything. By this time everyone was curious as to what was in the box so several aurors, including Director Amelia Bones, was standing around Kingsley’s desk looking at it. About that time, Mad-Eye Moody walked in and saw the crowd gathered around.

From the back of the crowd, they heard “What in Merlin’s name are half the aurors in the department gawking at?”

“Mad-Eye!” Kingsley said relieved. “Let him through. I need you to look at this box with your eye and see what’s in it. We don’t know where it came from or who put it here.”

“Practicing a little constant vigilance, are you?” he asked as he moved to in front of the desk. “I was wondering when all my training was going to be put to use finally.”

One of the younger aurors rolled his eyes.

“I saw that lad. Don’t come running to me when your carelessness gets you killed.”

The auror swallowed hard and looked embarrassed at being called out by the legendary auror.

“What’s in the box Mad-Eye?” asked Amelia.

Moody took a look.

“It appears to be nothing more than three wands with tags. I suggest you open it Kingsley.”

Kingsley opened the box and took out the three wands. He read the tags and then looked up right at Amelia before handing them over.

“It’s the wands of the three Death Eaters from yesterday, according to the tags anyway. This must have been sent from the Unknown Wizard,” Kingsley informed everyone.

“Let’s get in an expert to analyze the handwriting and magic to see if we can figure out who this is,” stated Amelia.

“Lass, it won’t do ya any good,” said Moody.

Amelia smiled at his address to her. She, after all, was not that young anymore. Mad-Eye was the only one she allowed to address her that way. She was Amelia or Director Bones to most. However, Mad-Eye was retired from the aurors and he did train her when she joined the academy. He had earned it.

“The writing was done magically” he continued “and from the looks of the magic it was done by a house elf. Unfortunately, you can’t track house elf magic to its source unless you witness the little bugger performing it with your own eyes. The magic that was used to summon the wands has been nullified by the magic used by the house elf. My guess is the wizard or the house elf knew that already.”

“Thanks Mad-Eye. Always helpful” replied Amelia. “Kingsley, take the wands over to Ollivander’s to see if he can identify them. I hope that they match with the two dead Death Eaters we identified already. If they do then we might know the identity of the disarmed female Death Eater.”

Kingsley nodded.

“Why can’t you track house elf magic to the source?” asked a young female auror.

“Cause all house elf magic is the same, missy. There’s not a farthing of difference between them. All their magic looks just a like so it could have been any one of them. You can tell the difference between wizard and elf magic but you’ll never work out which elf performed it without seeing which one that did it.”

“Do you think this guy could be a pureblood?” asked one of the other aurors. “It’s rare to find a Muggleborn or even a half blood with a house elf but nearly all purebloods have at least one. Plus he was dressed nice like a pureblood.”

“Possible, but we just don’t have enough information to go on,” replied Kingsley.

“We do know that he’s got some power so likely he’s not young,” offered Moody. “Not too old either. Normally magic that strong has to have reached its maturity where it’s the strongest it will be. They said he was moving the whole time he was casting so he is likely not that old either or banged up like me.”

“What other observations did you make Mad-Eye?” asked Kingsley.

“Well, I heard how he was praised for his ability to fight, taking on five Death Eaters and winning and all. However, I don’t see where he was truly tested. The Death Eaters he took down were apparently not well known Death Eaters and likely lacked experience. The fact that he took out two of them and took another’s wand and they only fired one curse, and even that was at someone else before he got involved, tells me those five Death Eaters were not the cream of the crop.”

The aurors around him just nodded.

“Now, don’t get me wrong he fought well and took advantage of their inexperience. He probably killed two before he realized they were outmatched. So, he hit the third by just summoning her wand. He probably would have got the last two as well if they hadn’t smartened up and left. I’m sure the one who lost her wand didn’t want to stick around.”

“He killed the one who murdered the elderly witch and I don’t have a problem with that. That Death Eater deserved it. But, did he have to kill the second Death Eater?” asked John Dawlish. “It just seems he went too far. Why didn’t he stun him?”

“Tell me John, what would you do in that situation?” asked Moody. “Now remember, at the time he drew his wand he didn’t know what we know now. All he knew was that five Death Eaters, all dressed up in their dark garb and white masks, had entered the Alley, and killed one old witch to start things off. I’m sure he knew what we know about Death Eaters and expected they were about to wreak havoc and kill more innocents, so he pulls his wand to help. With me so far?”

All the aurors nodded.

“I don’t know about you guys but facing down five Death Eaters all alone is no picnic. I’ve taken on more than one Death Eater myself many times but even I don’t like the odds of five against one. They could have been You-Know-Who’s best fighters under that garb as far as he knew. Always remember, using stunners with multiple opponents is never a good idea. They’ll just enervate their companions and it’s back to poor odds again. Break some bones or make them bleed. Enervate doesn’t work on that.”

The aurors realized old Mad-Eye was training again.

“This wizard did what he knew he had to do and that was to reduce the odds so they were more in his favor. He had no doubt that they came to kill. He had just witnessed Mrs. Fields demise and that’s when he made his decision. He was probably a Gryffindor when he went to Hogwarts because he just acted. Taking on five unknown Death Eaters by yourself is never a wise decision but I suppose he had more guts at that moment than wisdom. Perhaps he can’t stand seeing innocent people die? Who knows?”

All the aurors were listening now.

“You know what was so amazing?” Moody asked. “The whole fight consisted of just three spells, all cast by the same person in a matter of seconds. I don’t count the cutting curse to old Mrs. Fields back. That was murder, plain and simple. The fight started right after that.”

Moody’s fake eye spun around and looked everywhere.

“This guy’s first spell was cast standing still from about 15 meters away from that murdering scum. After he took him out, he started running and cast his cutting curse at the second Death Eater, taking him out. A few more steps and he summoned the other’s wand. If anything, he was likely further away than 15 meters on the last two spells but he hit dead center to the chest on both of the first two Death Eaters and only hit the hand of the female Death Eater to take her wand. The last two spells were on a dead run and he was that accurate and that powerful from that distance.”

How come no one noticed that sooner, many were asking themselves. Mad-Eye just had a lot of experience.

“His blasting curse completely crushed the first Death Eater’s chest, exploding his heart as it was pressed against his spine. The second Death Eater also died of an exploded heart, which is why he lost almost all of his blood immediately. That spell was a powerful cutting curse to the chest, which cut deep and straight through his heart causing it to explode outward. Had he hit the female in the body with that summoning charm she would have been knocked backwards based on the power of his other spells, possibly knocking her out too. He hit just her hand so she remained standing. She probably received a broken hand though. The only thing the last two Death Eaters did in all that was show up and then leave.”

“I think you’re right about the Death Eaters, Mad-Eye,” said Kingsley. “They did not appear very experienced so they were likely new recruits who were sent to a practically empty Diagon Alley to spread terror and gain some experience. The one spell cast wasn’t an Unforgiveable either.”

“Good point Kingsley” replied Moody. “How many experienced Death Eaters have you seen use anything but the Killing Curse if they wanted to kill? A Cutting Curse is not always a sure thing but the Killing Curse is, as long as it connects that is.”

“What about Harry Potter?” asked one of the young aurors.

“Don’t get off track, Auror. Harry Potter is not the norm, that’s an anomaly. Although I strongly suspect a fully trained and powerful witch like Lily Potter had more to do with the Dark Lord’s fate than her then 15-month-old son. I’ve spoken to the boy and he finds everyone’s idea that he had anything to do with it laughable. Being only 15 months old at the time and the only witness to the event left alive, it’s not likely we will ever know the truth unless the resurrected dark lord cares to share what he knows.”

The aurors wouldn’t admit it to anyone but none of them wanted to be there for that conversation.


After breakfast and a glance at the paper that Dobby made sure I had every morning, I asked Hedwig to take a letter to Kurlig and request another portkey for me to get to Gringotts so I could visit my family vault, citing it was too dangerous in Diagon Alley for me to get there the regular way. She was given the letter immediately and brought it right back to me. I told Dobby I would call him when I finished.

Using the letter as a portkey, I tapped it with my wand and said, “Activate.” It took me to the same room as last time where a goblin met me and took me to Kurlig’s office. Kurlig took me down to the Potter Family vault for my first time. I had looked at the list of contents he gave me but seeing it in person would be different.

After a fairly lengthy ride in a cart at breakneck speed, we finally stopped in front of my family vault. Kurlig opened it using just goblin magic then stepped back so I could enter. I felt the same wet blanket feel of a ward as I passed through the entrance.

The vault was quite large. Plenty of galleons were evident while other parts of the vault contained trunks, furniture, books, dragon hide armor, medieval weapons, and various other treasures. I found a desk with important papers on it and in it. I looked through a few of them but didn’t see anything I needed at the moment.

I was looking for the Muggle weapons the list indicated my grandfather had collected. I found some swords, battle-axes, lances, daggers, and other old items in one area close to the armor section. I was wondering where they could be when I noticed that one of the trunks was marked with my grandfather’s name. It read:

Fleamont Potter’s
Muggle Weapon Collection

There was a folded note stuck on top of the trunk that said:

This trunk has three expanded compartments. If you are a Potter by blood then you will be able to open the trunk. If you are not, then good luck with that. Tap it twice with your wand on the top to shrink it. Tap it once with your wand when it is pocket size to expand it back to normal.

The first compartment contains many weapons and ammo. The second compartment contains a library with pertinent information about all the weapons found in the first compartment, along with a few other books of interest. The third compartment is a surprise and I refuse to spoil it here.

Good luck, heir Potter, with my collection. I only hope you find it as fascinating as I did.

Fleamont Potter, Muggle Arms Collector (and occasional user)

I folded the note from my grandfather back up and put it in my pocket. I then tapped the top of the trunk twice with my wand and watched it shrink down to pocket size. I picked it up and placed it in my pocket, excited to get home with it.

I finished looking around. I had found another expanded trunk that had five compartments all expanded. It was shrinkable too. I opened up one of the compartments and threw in a full set of dragon hide armor, a couple of swords, a battle-axe, and a dagger. I had to have something to play with, didn’t I?

I shrunk it and put that one in my pocket too.

Kurlig took us back to his office where he said I could call my house elf to come and collect me but he had some information to share with me before I did that.

He informed me that he was told about a will reading coming up that I would be required to attend. I suddenly felt ill. He told me that Sirius Black was a very wealthy wizard because the Blacks had always had a good bit of money. Everything went to Sirius as the last remaining male heir, even though his own mother disowned him.

Sirius’ grandfather, who was still in charge after Walburga (mother of Sirius) passed, had thought differently so everything was left to Sirius. Kurlig warned me that Narcissa Malfoy nee Black and Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black may try to dispute the will if it doesn’t go in their favor.

“It is well known,” he said, “that Narcissa has been grooming her son Draco to become the Black heir and assume the role of Lord Black.”

“Over my dead body,” I responded.

“I assure you they would not have a problem with that. I am telling you all of this because I know you are in his will so you will be required at the reading. Anyone mentioned in the will is required if they still live. Only those required and their guardians, if they are underage, can attend. No one else is allowed besides the solicitor presenting it.”

“Where will this be held and when?”

“It is normally held here at Gringotts in a special room we use for that. Moneys contained in vaults can then be more easily dispersed as the will dictates. When is still in question as it hasn’t been announced yet but I suspect it will be in a week or two.”

“Thanks for the heads up, Kurlig. I imagine that I will have to work out what to tell those who expect to pick me up at my relatives.”

“Not to worry, Harry. I have worked that out already. As the Potter Account Manager, it will be my duty to make sure you arrive on time for the reading. When you receive your summons for the will reading, it will be followed by an owl from me with a portkey you can use for the reading. Come about 15 minutes early and I will catch you up to speed on anything I know about it.”

“Thanks Kurlig. I’m very grateful for you and how you are taking care of me.”

“Old habits die hard Harry. The Potters have always made it easy for an old goblin like myself to like them. They never looked down on us like so many other pureblood families. I can see you are no different, so it’s a genuine pleasure.”

“Thank you.”

I called Dobby and returned to Potter Crest with my trunks. It was lunchtime so I enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Winky before taking my trunks down to my training room that the elves had cleaned spectacularly for me.

I opened up the five-compartment trunk first and removed the weapons, placing them on a table in the room. I then removed the dragon hide armor and inspected it. When I was done looking at it I called Winky to see if she could resize it so all the pieces would fit me properly. She said she could then took it with her.

She told me she would hang it up in my closet for me once she had it ready.

The swords, battle-axe, and Dagger were all cool but I didn’t see myself getting proficient enough with them to be effective against Death Eaters. I might could carry the dagger on my person but without enough practice with it and an instructor I would be hesitant to use it.

I opened my grandfather’s trunk and it immediately moved itself back to the wall behind it and became three doors instead of a trunk. Curious I walked up to the doors. They were all together; right beside each other, and no more than a few centimeters separated one from the other.

Deciding to start with the one on the left and work my way right, I opened the first door. My chin nearly hit the floor at what I saw. There was a large room filled with racks and racks of guns, all kinds. Old and new. There were hunting rifles, shotguns, pistols, military grade assault rifles, military grade sniper rifles, bazookas, grenades – you name it and it was there. I checked under the racks and there was every grade of bulletproof armor as well.

Drawers that were attached to the bottom of the racks were filled with ammo and extra clips clearly labeled for all the weapons, an unending supply apparently. I didn’t know which one to pick up first. I was a little scared since I’d never handled a Muggle weapon before. I then saw that a pair of dark blue/black pistols, with a dark brown grip, didn’t have the clip inserted so it looked like they weren’t even loaded.

I picked them up carefully though and looked at them closely. On the side, it said “COLT AUTOMATIC CALIBRE 455” and in another part, I saw the word “Webley.” I looked at the rack where they were previously hanging and the label said “Twin pair of Colt 1911 British Service Model, caliber .455 Webley Auto pistols.”

I put them back up on the rack for now.

Going through the room and looking at all the guns and equipment was amazing. My grandfather was obviously a big fan of Muggle weapons. I eventually found a door at the right end of the room that lead into the library. It was not a huge library but it had plenty of books and pamphlets on the one subject of weapons.

There was a door in the middle at the front of the library that when opened revealed the training room. So, this was the middle door that led directly to the library. On the right side of the library was another door that when I opened it revealed a long room with targets. On the front wall, overlooking the long room was a large portrait. The portrait was also the third door leading in from the outside.

The interesting thing was the portrait was magical. I didn’t realize it at first because it wasn’t moving or speaking. The man in the portrait looked to be middle-aged with unruly black hair that stuck up like mine and bright blue eyes. I had been looking things over thoroughly in the room, seeing all the targets and the gadgets, when I heard a voice behind me.

“Greetings, young Potter heir. My name is Fleamont Potter, son of Henry Potter and father to James Potter. Welcome to my gun range!”

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