The Only One

Chapter 4

Greetings, young Potter heir. My name is Fleamont Potter, son of Henry Potter and father to James Potter. Welcome to my gun range!”

I turned slowly around to see my grandfather smiling at me.

“Hello, Grandfather. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Grandfather? But that must mean…. Look at you! Of course. You’re descended from James, aren’t you? You look just like him.”

“Yes, James was my father and Lily Evans Potter was my mum. My name is Harry James Potter.”

“Ah, Lily. That would explain the eyes. I remember them getting married but not much after that. We first met your mother after she and James started dating at Hogwarts. She had those same beautiful green eyes.”

“You and Grandmother died in 1979 of Dragon Pox when Dad was 19. I was born in 1980 then Dad and my mum were both killed by Voldemort when I was just 15 months old.”

“That’s horrible! Poor James and Lily. You must tell me all you know and get me caught up on current events Harry. Tell me all about yourself and what you’ve been up to.”

“I’d be glad to although most of it’s not very pleasant. Then you can tell me all about this collection of yours.”


I started with what I knew of my past and my parents, Voldemort’s attack and demise after hitting me with the Killing Curse, my “Boy-Who-Lived” moniker, and being famous for something I had nothing to do with. I told of the abuse at the hands of my relatives, the relief I felt at finding out I was a wizard and going to Hogwarts, along with all the dangers I faced at the castle, the many times I had faced Voldemort.

This led me to the death of Sirius and the prophecy, which led me to how I had arrived here in this house, hiding from everyone, hoping to train and be able to take down the Death Eaters and eventually Voldemort.

My grandfather was shocked to say the least.

“Harry, I’m not sure where to even begin. To think that my own grandson has had to put up with so much. Son, your shoulders must be the strongest I’ve ever seen to handle that much load and not crumble beneath it. You stick with me son and I’ll show you how to defeat those Death Eaters and even Voldemort himself. You have the means right here in this trunk to do it.”

“But sir, I know nothing about guns except to be very careful around them.”

“No worries, Harry. I have all the knowledge and training you’ll ever need and when you’re ready to get started, I’ll pass all that on to you. The last time I updated this portrait was in 1979 so it‘s as up to date with my knowledge as it can be. With a gun in your hand and proper training, a wizard with a wand will be at a disadvantage. A gun is much faster than a spell and only a few very strong shields can block a bullet. Even then, extra bullets fired will weaken it and bring it down. You still have to watch out for strong spells but if you shoot them first then they won’t get the spell off.”

“Do you really think I can learn all that and get good enough in time for this to work? Won’t it take years to master?”

“No, Harry. Even in the Muggle world, it doesn’t take years to get accurate with a gun. Some people are naturally good and can shoot well in no time at all, but we as wizards have an advantage, we have magic.”

“How does that help on a Muggle device?”

“Well, first off guns are typically loud and hurt the ears when they’re fired. Muggles use earplugs to keep from damaging their hearing when they practice at the range. They have silencers that fit on the end of the gun to cut back on the sound but most people won’t spend that kind of money on that. We as wizards can simply use a silencing spell, or better yet runes, and the gun will not emit a sound.”

“I can see where silencing it will be helpful but how does that help with learning how to shoot it?”

“When first learning how to shoot, Harry, the loud noise can make a learner involuntarily flinch every time they pull the trigger even when wearing ear plugs, thus developing a bad habit and throwing the shot off. Take away the loud noise and the problem is solved. You develop good habits quicker and your shots are more accurate.”

“Hmm. That’s interesting. What else?”

“Guns, especially pistols, have a kick back when you fire them. It’s important to stand properly supported and support your gun in both hands to increase your accuracy. Otherwise, the kick will throw off your shot. The more powerful the pistol the bigger the kick.”

“Magic again?”

“Yes, most especially runes to keep the gun from recoiling so badly. There are others but let me give you just one more.”


“With magic, ammo magazines can be expanded to hold many more bullets than the standard limit of Muggle weapons. For instance, a 1911 .45 caliber pistol typically only holds seven rounds per mag. With magic, we can put up to 10 times the amount of bullets into the mags and we can fortify the weapon with magic to make it unbreakable so all the parts hold up without any wear and tear. This is important when firing it over and over again.”

“I think I get it.”

“Good. When do you want to get started?”

“How about right now?”


“Harry Potter sir,” said Winky. “I’s have your dinner ready. Can you come eat?”

“Thank you Winky. Let me introduce you to my grandfather Fleamont Potter,” I said gesturing to his portrait.

Winky bowed.

“Winky is very happy to meet Harry Potter sir’s grandfather in his portrait. Winky and Dobby take care of Harry Potter sir but Harry Potter sir needs his family around him.”

“It’s good to meet you too, Winky,” replied my grandfather.

I called Dobby and introduced him too before we left my grandfather to go eat. I promised I would return after dinner to start my training.

After a good meal, I left my busy elves to their work and went back down to see what Grandfather could teach me. He was eager to help. He said first I needed to pick out a weapon and suggested a pistol first to start with. He thought that would be more practical in my situation, plus a pistol was easier to carry around on your person, hidden in your robes, than a rifle or shotgun. They could be magically shrunk but then you would have to expand them before you could use them and what if you needed them right away?

He told me he would meet me over there with the guns.

“But I didn’t see a portrait frame over there.”

“It’s in the ceiling in there and in the library.”


I went back over to the armory room and saw Grandfather above me in a large portrait. The ceiling was angled so it wasn’t too difficult to look at him. I started looking at the pistols again and was drawn back to the same pair I looked at before. I picked them both back up.

“Would these work?”

“Oh yes, Harry. Those are fine weapons. They were used by the British military as a sidearm for a long time. That’s the Colt 1911 .455 Webley.”

“It doesn’t have a magazine in it but do you think it still might be loaded?”

“It shouldn’t be but that should be the first thing you check Harry. Always know whether or not your weapon is loaded and then always treat an unloaded one as if it is anyway. It’s best to play it safe at all times with weapons like these.”

“How do I check?”

“Excellent question Harry but let’s go over the safety rules first…slowly. Number one: Handle and respect a firearm as if it is always loaded. Number two: Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are ready to fire it. The trigger finger can be held straight down the side until you are actually ready to shoot. Number three: Never point it at someone or something you are not prepared to destroy. Number four: Always be sure of your target and what is behind it and around it. Bullets can sometimes go beyond the intended target. Number five: Never leave a weapon lying around. Always keep your weapons in a safe place when not in use. So be careful.”

“Those are all good rules, so if I hold it like this (I pointed at the floor with my finger straight above the trigger guard) then I’m being safe?”

“Correct Harry. Very good. Just remember those rules and no one innocent will get hurt on accident.”


“Are you ready to check and see if it’s loaded?”


“Hold the pistol in your right hand like you are doing now, in that safe manner, and use your left hand to pull back the slide. It will reveal the chamber where you can see if there is a bullet engaged. If you pull the slide all the way back and there is a bullet engaged, then it will eject that bullet and load another in the chamber if you have a loaded mag inserted. When the gun is fired the slide goes all the way back to eject the spent bullet shell and loads another automatically. Try the slide.”

I tried the slide with my left hand, pulling it back, and saw that the chamber was empty. I let go of the slide and after it was back in place, I noticed that the hammer was cocked back now.

“You can squeeze the trigger while holding the hammer to let it back down easy Harry. Just remember the safety rules.”

I lowered the hammer down easy. I then checked the second pistol the same way.

“These pistols are called semi-automatics. That means that they will fire once every time you squeeze the trigger, unless your mag is empty of course. There are some other weapons in here that are military grade and are fully automatic. This means they keep firing as long as you hold the trigger down. Some can even fire 800 rounds in a minute. You need a lot of ammo to keep from running out too fast for those. However, I’m not sure what will still be standing after 800 rounds are fired.”

“What’s next?”

“Grab the shoulder holsters for that pair from underneath and about six of the mags from the drawer and meet me back at the range. Do not put any mags in the guns yet Harry. We will do that on the firing range.”

“Yes sir.”

I picked up everything he indicated and placed the pistols in the holsters to make them easier to carry. I put the mags in my pockets and then went over to the firing range to find my grandfather waiting on me.

“Okay Harry, I want you to use the spot directly in front of me so I can see what you’re doing easier. Go ahead and place the guns and mags on the counter in front of you. I will explain how the range works and how to use the targets.”

I did as he told me then listened as Grandfather went over everything about the range. He explained how to use the targets, how to attach them to the wire and use a switch on the side of the cubby hole I was standing in to send the targets down range to the distance I wanted. Flip the switch the other way and it brought the target back. He recommended I start with the target just 10 feet (3 meters) away and then I could move it out further as I improve my shot grouping.

Next, Grandfather went over the basics of the gun, the safety, inserting the mag, how to reload the mag with ammo, and the importance of always using the correct ammo for each gun. He explained about the difference in the size of bullets and recommended I look at the different ammo in the Armory sometime and compare them with the .455 Webley ammo to see the difference.

He told me that the .45, like the .455, was a popular gun but so was the 9mm. The size of the bullets was significant with the .45 ammo being much larger than the 9mm. Basically, the .45 had a lot more stopping power, and the damage was more significant.

Next, he went over how to use the front and back sites on the pistol to line up your shot and aim properly. He started me with one pistol for now and using two hands on the gun for proper support. He made sure I was standing while fully supporting myself with my left foot slightly forward and my left hand underneath the gun to help steady it and cut down on extra movement. Then he went over how to breathe when shooting, explaining that taking a breath in the middle of a shot will cause your body to move, thus moving the gun as well.

He then explained the difference between squeezing the trigger and pulling it. Squeezing it will not move the gun off the target. Just pulling the trigger does. The sudden pull of the trigger will move the gun slightly and your shot will be off target. However, if you squeeze it, not knowing the exact millisecond when it is actually going to fire, then your aim will stay true. Of course, all this speeds up with lots of practice and muscle memory, he explained.

I was beginning to wonder if I would be able to remember all this.

Finally, I was ready to shoot but instead he had me not use a mag yet, verify the gun was not loaded (again), and do a dry run, practicing all the things he had just explained. After I had sighted on the target, worked on keeping my hands steady, and adjusted my stance as necessary, I did what he called dry practice (using no ammo), squeezing the trigger, and not breathing while I did it.

After I had some semblance of control while firing the gun, he let me insert a mag and use the slide to chamber a bullet. I now had a loaded weapon in my hand but I understood the safety rules and knew I would be okay.

My first shot was not on the bullseye as he directed me. I did hit the target though. I think I was a bit scared of firing it. In addition, the movement of the gun threw me off some. Grandfather explained that even with the runes the gun was still going to move a little bit, just not as badly. It was important to keep a tight enough grip to cut down on the movement.

Now that I knew I could fire it without dying or screwing up royally, I decided to try again. I had 69 more bullets left in this mag and five more mags after that and that was just what I brought with me. There appeared to be an unending supply of the ammo back in the Armory. I kept firing one round after another while making adjustments as I came to understand it more.

When I was consistently grouping my shot on the bullseye, Grandfather had me cast a repair on my target then move it out twice as far. I started again and worked on hitting the bullseye. It was easier after what I had learned but the further away the target the more you were likely to miss. Longer distances required more accuracy and control, which came with practice.

And practice is what I did, every day, for hours. Grandfather continued to help and guide me. By the end of the week, I was hitting the bullseye fairly consistently at 60 feet away. He decided that it was time to work on using different weapons so I could get the feel for them.

I found the 9mm was easier after improving on the .455. It had practically no recoil at all and my shots were on target. The Walther PPK was similar. The Colt .45 was like the .455 Webley in how it fired and felt in my hand.

I continued to improve and even worked on firing with both pistols at the same time. It took a good bit of work, especially with my left hand but after a while, I developed muscle memory, and my shot placement was vastly improving.

I was told that when facing an opponent that I should always shoot them twice center mass. Then if they were still standing one shot to the head should follow. Center mass was in the chest. Headshots were aimed for between the eyes. This method was especially important when using less powerful weapons. However, it was a good rule to follow at all times no matter your pistol caliber. It might keep you alive longer.

Grandfather next showed me some bulletproof vests he had in the Armory, along with some dragon hide and basilisk hide. He said that basilisk hide was the thinnest, yet was the strongest. He recommended wearing a basilisk hide vest over a t-shirt, followed by one of the bulletproof vests. I could then wear a shirt over that and it would hardly be recognizable given how thin and flexible they were. With clothes and robes covering it all up, it would be fairly well hidden.

The bulletproof vests were improved with magic, strengthening the plates inside the vest. With runes, the plates were made impenetrable and unbreakable. Then they were made to be light and flexible. Very good protection against bullets and spells he assured me. Not getting hit at all would still be preferable though.

After another week, I received an owl from Gringotts informing me of the will reading in three days time at 10:30 in the morning. Right after that owl, I received another from Kurlig. His letter was a portkey to take me straight to Gringotts. Now he wanted me to show up about 30 minutes early so he could discuss a couple things with me that had come up.

Unbeknownst to me, Remus Lupin went to Privet Drive after he received his owl to discuss the will reading with me, only to find I was no longer there. Aunt Petunia told him the truth about me being emancipated and moving out on my own, assuring him that I left no forwarding address or information of any kind as to where I went.

He took this information back to the Order where it was discussed amongst them sans Dumbledore who happened to be out of town dealing with ICW business. All my friends were asked if they had heard from me at all but of course, they had not. It seems no one had received any correspondence from me and so far no one had sent me any either. It had only been a few weeks since school let out so that was not that unusual.

The first thing they did was send me an owl asking where I was and why I had left the Dursleys. I sent their owl back to them with a simple reply stating that I would see some of them at the will reading and we could talk then. I returned to my training.

Grandfather even had me get in some daily exercise while we worked on my skill with guns. He posed that being on the move makes me less of a target, which I understood all too well. Plus being on the move requires stamina and stamina is achieved when one is in good physical condition. Not able to argue with that logic I complied and began some body weight exercises, along with running on the beach in the mornings.

Once my ability with pistols had vastly improved even while moving around, Grandfather started teaching me the runes used on the guns and how to do them should I ever buy any more to add to the collection. He had to explain rune basics to me first and I found I actually enjoyed the subject.

During a break I asked if Grandfather could teach me how to apparate. I told him that Dobby or Winky could be around should anything go wrong. They could set me to rights or take me to St. Mungos if necessary. He said that he had no problem with that as it was a good skill to have and since I was considered an adult now, then it was only right that I know how.

He was amazed when I did it on my first try. I explained that I’d apparated before at my Muggle school when I was a small child. Dudley and his gang were chasing me and that was how I got away, landing on the roof of the school, accidentally of course. However, I remembered how it felt and what I was thinking at the time. Combining that with the instructions made it fairly easy to figure out.

I had 200 meters inside the gun range to use for practice and then once I learned how I had the whole house and the lands outside to practice on as well. By the time I had to go to Gringotts, I could pretty much apparate anywhere I wanted.


In the mornings when I read the Daily Prophet, I noticed that more and more Death Eater attacks were happening. The news talked about how horrible the attacks were and how so many people were tortured and killed. Even many Muggle areas were attacked where the inhabitants were defenseless. They were slaughtered like animals. The women and girls, and even some of the boys, were raped.

All the unforgivables were used. The Cruciatus was used to torture them, the Killing Curse was used to kill them, and the Imperius Curse was used to make family members torture and kill each other. It was just sick what these murderers like to do. Apparently, they enjoyed it too. Something needed to be done to stop these Death Eaters and evidently locking them up didn’t work. They always managed to get out and start their mayhem all over again.

It was frustrating that no one was doing anything about it.

When the day arrived for the will reading, I was dressed in full basilisk hide clothing covering all of my body, except for my head and hands. I had a dark green Potter robe over it all and wore my pair of Webleys in their shoulder holsters underneath my basilisk hide jacket. I had extra mags in a new pocket Winky added to the robes. My wand was in its own leather holster on my right arm. Using the portkey Kurlig sent I left Potter Crest and landed in the designated room about 30 minutes before the reading started.

A goblin came in immediately and took me to Kurlig. After I was seated, Kurlig told me that there was a 1,000 galleon reward now from the ministry for any Death Eaters captured or killed. Also, by right of conquest, if the Death Eater is killed and has no family left then the one who killed them inherits their wealth, whatever it is with Gringotts receiving one percent for their trouble.

“Harry, as it turns out, one of the two Death Eaters that were killed in Diagon Alley the other week died with no heirs or family of any kind. The ministry reward and his wealth needs to go to the wizard that killed him and protected all the citizens that day in the Alley. However, no one knows who that wizard was. Do you happen to know?”

I looked at Kurlig carefully for a minute. I recognized that as a loaded question. Otherwise, why would he be asking me? We had a good working relationship that was based on honesty. I certainly didn’t want to harm that in any way when he has diligently kept my secrets.

“Actually Kurlig, I do know but the wizard responsible does not want the attention from the ministry that would come with stepping forward.”

“That wizard should know that we here at Gringotts work separately from the Ministry. If we find out the wizard’s identity then we will award him the Death Eater’s wealth separate from any Ministry input or reward. Should the wizard not wish the ministry to have access to that information then it is not our place to share it. Our allegiance is to our customers, not the Ministry. If they find out the wealth of the Death Eater was awarded by us and ask to whom it went to then they will be told that the wizard in question did not want to come forward and be recognized.”

“I suspect the Ministry is trying to get the individual to come forward with this reward program they came up with. Can the Ministry force Gringotts to reveal that person’s identity?”

“Oh no, Harry. Gringotts is autonomous and is not under any authority from the Ministry. Since we hold all their funds, they are not predisposed to try to push us around either. We tend to do as we please as long as we do not break any wizarding laws.”

“You already know or suspect that it was me?”

“Yes, we are not without our resources Harry.”

“We have an honest relationship Kurlig so I will not lie to you about this. It was me and I do not wish for the Ministry to know that, which is why I left before they arrived. You know why I don’t wish them to know.”

“Yes, I do Harry and that information is safe with me. There is nothing dark in his vault so which vault would you like me to move his money and valuables into?”

“Can you give me another vault for that? There may be other Death Eater fortunes in my near future that will need to be added to the pile. I’d like to keep all that separate for now.”

“Understood. I can do that. We have a rather large vault that is available that I can let you use. It should work well for future growth. I will manage it along with your other vaults.”

“Thank you.”

“Next, we have some old business to clear up that is along the same lines. Back in your first year at Hogwarts, Gringotts was broken into but nothing was stolen because Hagrid was here the day before the break in and you were with him. He retrieved the contents of that vault that day. Gringotts takes theft very seriously, even an attempt at theft. A reward was offered by Gringotts for the capture or death of the person responsible for that break in.”

“Did you find the thief?”

“We discovered who the thief was but by the time we realized it he was already dead. You, I believe, were involved in that death, were you not?”


“Quirinus Quirrell.”

“Yes, he was my first year Defense professor and he was possessed by Voldemort. He tried to steal the Philosopher’s Stone from Hogwarts so Voldemort could be revived but I stopped him. When he tried to kill me I touched his skin and it turned to ash, killing him.”

“Well, Harry, it would appear we owe you a reward of 100,000 galleons and, you guessed it, Mr. Quirrell did not have any family left so you get all his fortune which I believe is a little more than 300,000 galleons. He only had money in his vault, no other treasures.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“No, I’m not. I will have that money moved over to your new vault today along with the other. Gringotts will be happy to have solved that mystery and know that the person responsible received his just rewards.”

“This is unbelievable.”

“Believe it Harry, but I have a little more to discuss with you before you go to the will reading and we just have a few more minutes to spare.”

“Go ahead.”

“Harry, while in Gringotts you should never draw your wand or a weapon of any kind. It is part of the fact that Gringotts is sovereign and we have the right to deal justice on our own soil. Goblins generally kill any wizard stupid enough to draw their wand while in our bank. It is not a wise thing to do.”

“That’s good to know, but I’m a bit confused,” I said slowly.

“Why am I telling you this? Because, Harry, I know who was notified to attend this reading. Two of the persons notified were Narcissa Malfoy nee Black and Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black, both cousins to Sirius Black. They will arrive here today via portkey, staying out of Ministry sight. I am not sure why they were summoned or how they were able to get into the reading if the will did not specify it. It may have. We already know they want possession of the Black fortune and for Draco to be Lord Black. Do not let them goad you into anything.”

“Kurlig, Bellatrix is the one who killed Sirius. However, I will abide by anything set forth in Sirius’ will. He can do anything he wants with his fortune. If he wants to give it away to them and make Draco Lord Black then I will not argue with that. But, if he allows me any say in the matter then they will get nothing.”

“Good, just remember to keep your wits about you. They are not above playing dirty.”


“Allow me to escort you to the reading, Harry.”

With that, we left Kurlig’s office and he led me to the meeting room where the reading of the will was to be held. A goblin spoke to Kurlig when we arrived. Kurlig said that we were to wait for just a bit before they would like me to enter.

After another minute, the goblin spoke to Kurlig again and Kurlig indicated for me to go on in.

I entered the room to see a long table with several people sitting around it. The solicitor, whom I didn’t recognize, was sitting at the head of the table. A woman was there who looked like a cross between Bellatrix and Narcissa, but I wasn’t sure who she was. I knew everyone else. Only one chair was available to me at the table and it was at the other end, opposite the solicitor. I walked over and took my seat, keeping a close eye on Bellatrix and Narcissa. I wasn’t the only one watching them closely.

Remus was there, along with Tonks, who was sitting next to the strange woman. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were sitting quietly with Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. It was a full table. Everyone eyed me closely when I entered and took my seat. I kept my features stoic and my emotions to myself. Inside I was seething at the murderer who killed my godfather.

“Now that we are all present” began the solicitor “we shall now execute the last will and testament of Lord Sirius Orion Black. My name is Hiram Smith and I was hired by Lord Sirius Black to be his solicitor and perform this duty. I ask that you all remain seated during the reading.”

He looked at everyone before continuing.

“I, Sirius Orion Black, of sound mind and body have taken up the role of Lord Black and upon my death do hereby state the following:

·Andromeda Tonks nee Black and her husband Ted Tonks are hereby accepted back into the Black family and under its protection. Andromeda, honey, you should have never been treated so poorly by your own family.

·Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black, your marriage is no longer recognized by the Black family and you are hereby fined 1,000,000 galleons for disgracing the Black family name by becoming a servant to a half-blood dark lord, who is no lord at all.

Bellatrix stood up obviously angry. She was fuming but not sure what she could do without being killed by the goblins.

“Mrs. Lestrange it would be best if you remained seated for now,” said Mr. Smith.

“How dare he!” she bellowed.

Two warrior goblins came through the door with weapons raised. Mr. Smith looked at Bellatrix again.

“Mrs. Lestrange?”

Seeing the goblins brought her back to her senses, if she had any. She sat back down but was obviously not happy. Mr. Smith nodded at the goblins who left then continued as if nothing happened.

·Narcissa Malfoy nee Black your marriage is no longer recognized by the Black family and you are hereby fined 1,000,000 galleons for disgracing the Black family name by marrying a servant to a half-blood dark lord, who is no lord at all. If you became a servant yourself, then you should be fined double but since I have no way of knowing that at this point it will not be pursued by me.

Narcissa did not stand but she was obviously upset, looking around nervously. She just remained in better control of her emotions than her sister did.

·I, Sirius Orion Black, name Harry James Potter, my godson, who is also the great grand nephew to Dorea Potter nee Black as my rightful heir. He shall be emancipated and given full rights to the title of Lord Black. Should he wish to change any of the decisions I have already made then that is his prerogative. No Narcissa. Draco was never going to be Lord Black.

Narcissa let out a muffled scream but when the two large goblins opened the door and peeked in; she held up her hands palms out and quieted down. When the goblins closed the door, everyone, especially Narcissa and Bellatrix, looked at me.

I pretended not to notice for a second but then turned to Narcissa and Bellatrix and just laughed. They were not expecting that.

“Why are you looking at me? I’m not going to change any of that. It was brilliant. Best godfather ever!” I said still laughing.

“There is nothing more left in the will for you Mrs. Malfoy nor you Mrs. Lestrange. You may take your leave now.”

The two witches stood and made their way to the door where the two large warrior goblins held it open for them.

“Oh, by the way,” Mr. Smith added before they were completely out the door, “your fines issued by Lord Sirius Black are completely legal since the Black family is both an ancient and noble house. Gringotts has automatically taken the funds from your accounts to settle the debt. Good day.”

“Shall we continue?” Mr. Smith said after they were gone. A collective breath was let out at that point by all.

·To Andromeda and Ted Tonks I bequeath 1,000,000 galleons as restitution from the Black family.

·To Nymphadora Tonks I bequeath 200,000 galleons.

·To Remus Lupin I bequeath 200,000 galleons and the Black Island property.

·To Arthur and Molly Weasley I bequeath 100,000 galleons and a thank you from the depths of my heart for helping and being there for my godson. I doubt he will need financial help but may these funds help you to support him further should he ever need anything.

·To Fred and George Weasley I bequeath 20,000 galleons. Keep the laughter going guys.

·To Ron Weasley I bequeath 10,000 galleons.

·To Ginny Weasley I bequeath 10,000 galleons.

·To Hermione Granger I bequeath 10,000 galleons.

·The rest of my money, property, and valuables I leave to my godson Harry Potter. Congratulations Harry, you are a very rich man and a lord to boot. There were several million galleons in the Black family vault before I even started on this will. Spend it wisely.

·I realize that most of you are wondering why I left you money. Well, it’s simple really. I had plenty and Harry already had some from his own family to start with. Now he has a lot more. The biggest reason though is because you have either done something you didn’t have to do for me or for Harry. That is reason enough.

·Finally, don’t mourn for me. I am now with James and Lily and I’m sure we are having a good time. This is Padfoot signing off.

Both the twins looked up at each other when they heard that.

“Mr. Potter, I know that Lord Black specified you were to be emancipated but it’s my understanding that has already been done. Is this correct?” asked Mr. Smith.


“Thank you. Now for those of you who already have a vault at Gringotts, your money has been transferred already. For those of you who did not have your own vault then come see me. I have your vault keys right here” said Mr. Smith holding up envelopes with names on them. “Thanks for coming and my condolences to you all. You may leave when you are ready. The room is yours until then.”

I just sat there wiping my eyes and waiting for the onslaught to start. I knew they were going to demand answers but they would not get what they wanted. It was not time to share that information and I learned my lesson from Peter about who should know your hiding place and who shouldn’t. None of these people here today needed to know.

“Harry, how have you been?” asked Hermione as Ginny just hugged me. Hermione hugged me after Ginny was done.

“Busy. How about you?”

“What’s keeping you so busy mate?” asked Ron with a pat on my shoulder.

“Preparing for war.”

“What?” asked Mrs. Weasley who turned quickly toward me. “Why are you preparing for war Harry? You’re too young to worry about that,” she said as she hugged me.

“I’m considered an adult now, Mrs. Weasley, and I get to make my own decisions. I got a wake up call a few weeks ago. Voldemort wants me dead in the worst way and I’m not about to just roll over and die for him. There’s not a one in this room who can protect me from him. I am the only one so I’m preparing to be ready when either he or his Death Eaters come calling.”

“Harry, you can’t do this by yourself,” said Remus.

“Yes, I can, and I will Remus. Just wait and watch. When I’m ready you’ll see.”

“What are you up to Harry?” asked Mr. Weasley.

“I can’t tell you that right now, Mr. Weasley, just like I can’t tell you where my hiding place is. It’s not safe for me if anyone else knows. One day that will change but right now I’m observing the lesson I learned from Peter Pettigrew’s actions toward my parents.”

“You’re under a Fidelius?” asked Hermione.

“Yes, I am. No one is going to find me until I wish to be found.”

“But how did you manage a Fidelius?” asked Hermione.

“That’s not information I can share.”

She and a few others frowned at that.

“Wotcher Harry,” said Tonks.

“Hey, Tonks.”

“I’d like to change the subject to something lighter and introduce you to my mother Andromeda Tonks.”

I walked over and offered my hand.

“Hello, Mrs. Tonks. I figured out who you were. It’s very nice to meet you. Your daughter has always been good for a laugh or two.”

“Lord Black, it is my honor.”

“Harry, just Harry, Mrs. Tonks. I’m not very good with the lord business.”

“Then you may call me Andi, Harry.”

“Thanks Andi.”

“You better be careful of my sisters Harry. They are not likely going to let this slide unanswered.”

“I know Andi. I would expect nothing less from them.” Then I turned toward everyone else. “Say would everyone like to accompany me out to eat at a good restaurant for lunch? My treat since I’m apparently loaded now. It will give us more time to get caught up and since it’s lunchtime we can get a bite at the same time.”

“Sure, Harry,” replied Remus. “I think we have enough wands here for a safe food run. What do you think Arthur?”

“I don’t see why not. We can remember Sirius while celebrating our good fortunes at the same time. After all he was the cause for them.”

Everyone agreed that some food would be nice.

On the way out everyone was trying to decide where to go eat as several suggestions were tossed around.

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