The Only One

Chapter 8

My friends and I did more catching up the rest of the day but there were too many students asking about my Muggle weapons. I refused to tell them anything though and I certainly wouldn’t show them my weapons which some were asking to see.

My runes testing went well. Professor Babbling was surprised at how much I knew. She said that I was so far into year two that she was going to put me in her third year class with the fifth years. She didn’t anticipate me having any issues keeping up if I’d learned that much on my own over the summer. I told her my goal was to get my OWL during the Christmas break. She was surprised at my statement but offered to help anyway she could. Professor McGonagall worked out my schedule quickly with a slight change and I was all set for the semester.

She also talked to me about my plans for Quidditch. She had sent me the Quidditch Captain’s badge during the summer. I told her that I was going to talk it over with the remaining team players and come up with a strategy. I knew that Ron would have some ideas, other than wanting to practice every day that is. She thought that was acceptable.

I found out that there was a new teacher hired for Potions but it was just my luck that Snape was still teaching fifth through seventh years. The new teacher was an older woman and from what the younger years said, she was really good at her job and nice to everyone. Snape, on the other hand, didn’t get such a glowing review. Turns out he was just going to be doing a lot more research and needed someone to teach the younger years to free up some of his time.

Our Defense teacher was another woman from the Ministry but this time she was an experienced auror who Amelia Bones recommended as a good candidate. Rhonda Cravitz was her name and so far, everyone was pleased with her teaching.

When I joined the classroom, things seemed to go slightly downhill before getting better. Over the first week, Professor Cravitz was having the class duel each other to see what she had to work with. No lethal are damaging spells were allowed. She just wanted to see how we moved and used spells, and see what level of ability we had. My first day in her class she asked me to come up so I could duel someone.

“I’ll do it, Professor, to keep from getting further behind but my healer insisted I take it easy for another week.” I said this as I rose from my seat and approached the front of the room. “I’ll have to hold back some due to that, but next week I promise to be back in full form.”

I heard a few snickers behind me.

“Not a problem Mr. Potter. You do as much as you feel comfortable doing. Can I have a volunteer to duel Mr. Potter?”

No one volunteered.

“Anyone? Come on. Surely someone will duel him so I can evaluate him properly.”

“He’s a killer!” Malfoy spoke with all the venom he could pour into it. Other Slytherins joined in agreeing with his assessment.

I slowly looked over at Malfoy.

“That’s right. I am, but so far I’ve only had to kill murdering scum, more commonly known as Death Eaters, so unless you are a Death Eater?” I let that question hang there for a couple of seconds as I looked at the Slytherins, “you have nothing to worry about.”

It got quiet all of a sudden but that didn’t faze the new professor.

“Come on people. If you don’t volunteer then I’ll have to call on someone. Mr. Potter is not even at a hundred percent. He’ll follow the rules just like everyone else. Nothing lethal or damaging, Mr. Potter, and no Muggle weapons.”

“Of course,” I replied.

Still no one would volunteer. I looked over at my friends who were looking everywhere but at me.

“Ron and Neville front and center,” I said. “I’ll take you both on. Will that make you happy?”

“Not really,” said Ron as he came up to the front.

Neville was shaking his head as he came up. They both had seen me fight Death Eaters at the Ministry and knew what I could do. While they and the rest of our group were barely holding their own, I was fighting alongside Sirius and taking down Death Eaters as fast as the members of the Order were.

Ron and Neville both got into place opposite me. They knew what to do. We had dueled a good bit in the D.A. last school year.

“Are you sure about this Mr. Potter? You’re going to take on both of them at the same time? They’re two of the better duelers in the classroom.”

“Only because more would get me in trouble with my healer.”

Her eyes widened for a second. She knew about his ability with Muggle pistols and she heard and read about the five he took on with a wand in Diagon Alley but it was all agreed that those five were too inexperienced so didn’t put up any type of real fight.

“Very well, is everyone ready?” she asked as she warded the dueling area.

The three of us nodded and went into a ready stance.


Both Ron and Neville cast a Stunner at me right away to end it quickly but I brought up a shield that blocked both. Ron had cast a Tickling Jinx right after that but I sidestepped his spell while firing the first one of my own. I hit Neville with the Tarantallegra Spell while he was in the middle of casting something else. I followed that up with the blindfold spell, Obscuro. His legs immediately started to dance uncontrollably while he couldn’t see either. This interrupted Ron a little since Neville was right beside him, but I still had to dodge another Stunner from him.

I cast a Tickling Jinx back at Ron to keep him busy then summoned Neville’s wand and caught it. He had just managed to remove my dancing jinx from his legs but not the blindfold. Ron put up a shield for my tickling jinx but I just Summoned Ron to me after I caught Neville’s wand. He came flying my way so I stepped to the side and snatched his wand from his hand as he passed by. I turned quickly and put up a Cushioning Charm for him so he wouldn’t hurt himself when he landed. I then turned back and removed Neville’s blindfold. You can’t remove it with your hands.

I heard clapping and turned back to see it was the Professor.

“Bravo, Mr. Potter. You have a very good grasp of how to duel and keep a level head at the same time. If this is you holding back then I can’t wait for next week.”

“Thank you, Professor.”

“It’s obvious who the best dueler in this class is. Anyone disagree?” she looked around her classroom for any dissenters but only saw Malfoy with a snarl on his lips. “Thank you, gentlemen. You may be seated.

I gave Ron and Neville there wands back while we went back to our seats.

“Thanks for the cushion mate,” Ron said as he took his wand back. I nodded.

“Harry, that was embarrassing. You’re just too good,” whispered Neville.

“Sorry Nev,” I whispered back as we took our seats.

“Is it true, Mr. Potter, that you taught Defense last year to several students when Umbridge was here making a mess of things?”

Some of the Slytherins scowled at her assessment of the toad.

“Yes, Professor. We had to learn somehow with OWLs coming up.”

“Then I would surmise that most of the O’s and E’s received on the Defense OWL were from your students?”

I looked around the room to see some nods from D.A. members.

“It would appear so, Professor.”

“Interesting,” she said. “Tell me what was the biggest difference between how Mr. Potter dueled and the rest of you?”

“You mean other than the fact he’s so much better?” asked Susan Bones.

“Yes, there was a big difference in his spell casting compared to everyone else’s. What was it?”

“He was silent,” answered Hermione. “Everyone else spoke their spells out loud. In fact, Harry never even moved his lips.”

“Excellent, Miss Granger. Take 3 points for Gryffindor. Why is it important to not vocalize your spells in a duel?” She looked around the room. “Miss Patil? Sorry, Miss Padma Patil?”

“When you say your spells out loud then your opponent knows what’s coming and can counter much easier,” Padma replied.

“Correct. Take 3 points for Ravenclaw. Why else is it important in a duel?”

“It’s faster than speaking it.”

“Thank you, Mr. Boot. Take another 3 points for Ravenclaw. When did you first learn to cast silently Mr. Potter?”

“Hmm, I don’t really know. It just happened at some point I think. I train a lot on a daily basis and have dueled and fought many times, usually for my life. I discovered that there are far too many other things that need my attention in a duel to be wasting it on speaking the spells.”

“Yes, that’s right. Can you elaborate?”

“Fighting one on one with no one else around is a lot different than fighting multiple opponents, especially Death Eaters. Death eaters never fight fair and you can bet they are trying to either torture you or kill you, usually in that order. The biggest problem with Death Eaters, other than being evil and stupid, is that they always attack in groups. They aren’t brave enough to take you one on one. They think they’re being cunning and smart to outnumber you but as a Gryffindor I just call it cowardice.”

There were some severe glares coming from the Slytherins. Malfoy looked apoplectic. The professor was smiling.

“Anyway, I’m getting off subject. With multiple opponents, you have to watch them all for what they are doing or about to do. You have to be aware of everything around you and you especially have to watch your back. Never ever, turn your back on a Death Eater. Trust me on this. With all that you still have to watch for openings, decide whether to dodge or block, and which type of block is needed, plan your strategy, and execute spells quickly with pinpoint accuracy. That’s not even the half of it. Who has time to speak them when your life is on the line and all that’s going on?”

“Excellent, Mr. Potter. That explanation deserves 20 points for Gryffindor. Do you have anything else you would like to add?”

“Just one more thing, it’s my humble opinion that at this point if you’re still speaking your spells out loud then you haven’t spent the time necessary to become proficient enough with spell casting.”

“Correct again, Mr. Potter. Take another 5 points for Gryffindor. Also, that will be your homework for the rest of the week, except you Mr. Potter. By next week, I want to see all of you casting spells silently. No exceptions.”

The professor lectured for the rest of the time on silent casting and methods that can be used to achieve it. When it was time to go she asked me for a word. I told my friends I’d catch up with them and joined her at her desk.

“Mr. Potter, I won’t keep you long. I just wanted to ask if I could call on you occasionally to assist in this class? You are obviously way ahead of your classmates in your ability, your experience, and your control. You look to even be ahead of the seventh years. I know you made an O with distinction on your OWL. If you’re willing to help me out, we might be able to see some improvement faster out of the rest of this lot. What do you say?”

“Not a problem, Professor. I’ll help wherever I can.”

“Thanks, Mr. Potter. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll see you next time.”

“Bye, Professor.”

After my first week, I spoke to Dumbledore about the goblins coming to harvest the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. I promised to donate some venom to the school if Snape thought he could use any of it. I was still going to keep all the hide and sell the rest. He was shocked when I told him as if he had forgotten all about it.

I informed Kurlig about it and he sent me an owl with a suggested time for them to come and harvest it. They were going to come on the next Friday evening and work straight through into the weekend until they had it all harvested.

I took Dumbledore and several of the professors down with us when the goblins showed up. Ginny asked to go along too with Ron and Hermione. Ginny needed to go for closure and the rest were just curious to see what it looked like.

We managed to clean the place up as we went this time and I asked for stairs and lighting at the top providing a cleaner and clearer way down rather than sliding like we did before. I also told the opening to stay open. When we made it to the basilisk, everyone except Ginny, the goblins, and myself nearly fainted at the size of it.

The goblins admitted they had never seen one quite as large and were practically giddy with excitement. The professors and my friends kept looking at the snake and then me as if to picture me at twelve years old battling this thing with just the Sword of Gryffindor.

It was amazing how still in one piece it was. There appeared to be no decomposing at all. The goblins explained that it was due to the venom and the powerful magic of the beast.

With clear instructions of what I wanted to keep, and a little venom for the school to use, we left the goblins to their work and headed back up. Ginny looked like she had found some inner peace and I was glad for that. Unfortunately, I had to answer questions all over again about that particular adventure.

For them, seeing the basilisk actually put in perspective what happened to me my second year and they wanted clarification based on what they now clearly understood. I just had to endure the memory once more.

Several liters of venom were drained from the basilisk and they had it all ready in liter-sized containers. I told them to go ahead and give a liter to the school, which raised a few eyebrows, but I didn’t hesitate. I knew now how expensive it was but there was still a lot of venom left and I could easily spare a liter if Snape can use it to invent beneficial Potions. I may not like the guy, but no one doubted his expertise as a Potions Master.

When the goblins had the skin ready I called in Dobby and Winky and checked with them about taking it back to the house for safekeeping until I can find someone who could make clothing out of it. I especially wanted a floor length coat with plenty of inner pockets to go over my other garments, leaving space for my weapons to hang free.

Winky told me she would gladly do that for me. She was more than capable, she said, of making garments out of the hide. I apologized for not knowing the extent of her skills, asked that she continue on, and create the garments when she had time.

It certainly didn’t take her long to make the coat and it was perfect. I bet she worked long hours to get that done for me too. She even did it in a unique design that made it hang in layers all over, giving extra protection. Merlin, I loved that little elf.

A few weeks later

Dumbledore came out of the fireplace and made his way to the head of the long table at Grimmauld Place. He sat with a heavy sigh. All the Order members who could make it were already present.

“I call this Order of the Phoenix meeting to order. Before any of you give your reports I have some news regarding Mr. Potter to share.”

“How is he doing now, Albus? I was so worried about him after he was injured,” said Mrs. Weasley.

“He appears to be in perfect health, Molly, and has already made an impression on the school. His work ethic has improved even more over previous years and I dare say it’s had an effect on your son Ron who is doing his best to keep up. Even Neville has seen vast improvement.”

Molly was not sure what to make of that but it sounded good for Ron.

“I had a chat with Harry when he returned to school. Some of the things he shared with me were very troubling. He took the death of Sirius very hard of course and he wasn’t too fond of me for keeping him in the dark about some information concerning him. I ended up revealing the entire prophecy to him the night Sirius died. The rest of you only know what Voldemort knows.”

“Suffice it to say the prophecy pits one against the other. That is obvious from the part you know. Harry took the prophecy to heart and studied it carefully after he made it back to his relatives’ house. From that careful study he arrived at the conclusion that the best way to take down Voldemort was to take out his Death Eaters.”

“He explained that if we remove all of his Death Eaters then Voldemort will not be near as difficult to kill. I dare say I cannot fault his logic but to kill so many people goes against my better judgement and I told him so. He then laid it on the line for me and the rest of you in the Order. He asked me to not get in his way and said that the Order and I needed to wake up because this is war and people die in war. The trick was to make sure it was the enemy that does the dying. He also said we need to make sure that everyone else would be too afraid to join Voldemort for fear of death.”

“When I told him that everyone deserves a second chance, he told me that I was wrong. He said that Voldemort and his Death Eaters were beyond redemption, that they killed and tortured for the fun of it, and the only way for us to have any peace was to annihilate the lot of them.”

“I’m afraid a 16 year old has caused me to think hard over the past few weeks about my role in this second war.”

“What do you mean, Albus?” asked Moody.

“What I mean is I believe Harry has a point. That perhaps I’ve grown too old and my ideals are no longer relevant. If you think about Voldemort and his Death Eaters in the context Harry put them in, if you consider what they’ve done and what they continue to do, it becomes a lot clearer, at least to me it did.”

“During the first war we lost so many people it was devastating to our side. We were actually losing in the end. While they were killing us, what were we doing to them? We were capturing them and putting them in Askaban. After Voldemort disappeared we put more in Askaban and many more bought themselves freedom claiming to be under the Imperius curse.”

“They killed, we captured. Are we now not fighting the same ones as last time? Does anyone believe that Voldemort will not break out the eleven we put there last June? Obviously, not everything we’ve done so far has worked. But, the saddest part about all that is I’m the one to blame. We may call this the second war but we have not engaged the enemy like it’s a true war. That’s the same way we worked last time and we lost.”

“Capturing is what you do to criminals as an auror. In a war if they refuse to surrender, you kill the enemy more than they are killing you until they stop and give up. If we keep just capturing them and they keep escaping, then what is the deterrent for them to stop killing people? It just makes Voldemort look stronger and helps him grow his ranks even more. As Harry said, we need to kill them until Voldemort has none left and no one else will dare want to join him because of it.”

“That doesn’t sound like you at all, Albus,” said Arthur.

“No it doesn’t, does it? That is why I’m stepping down as leader of the Order of the Phoenix. I cannot purposely kill Death Eaters even to save innocent lives. I see that as the course that needs to be taken but I am not a killer. I have never killed. Even Grindelwald was defeated and imprisoned and I’m too old to change my ways now. Someone else will need to lead this Order and help Harry wherever he needs a hand.”

“But what are you going to do, Albus?” asked Minerva.

“Oh, I’ll be around to help where needed. I can offer advice or assistance whenever you ask for it. I’ll even fight if I have to but I will not kill on purpose. I am skilled enough to subdue any Death Eater or several for that matter; however, I am not good enough to take on Voldemort again. He keeps getting stronger and better each time we meet. I was only able to duel him to a draw last time.”

“I’m getting too old and he will be even better if I ever have to face him again. It’s doubtful I will survive another encounter with him. I’m afraid that job is left up to Harry and if I’m not mistaken he will find a way.”

“Do we need to take a vote on who is to be the new leader or do you just want to appoint your successor Albus?” asked Dedalus. “You have always been the leader so I’m not sure of the protocol.”

“I will not appoint a leader. I think that should be left up to the Order to decide. I will recommend, however, Alastor be considered since Harry, as my first choice, would not likely accept the position. I believe Alastor has the proper attitude going forward.”

“Harry is too young, Albus,” said Molly.

“Are you sure Molly? Harry has removed 28 Death Eaters from the streets almost single handedly this past summer. He was instrumental in another 11 at the Ministry in June where we showed up to help him and his friends. Can anyone else say they’ve done as much?”

She didn’t reply.

“I appreciate the thought Albus,” offered Moody, “but I’m going to nominate Remus. He has the youth and brains for the job and is closer to Potter than most of us. They will be able to work closely together and this new direction will be better served.”

“Very well. Any more nominations?”

No one else was nominated so Remus became the leader by default.

“Somehow I feel as though I were setup,” Remus said as he stood before the group at the head of the table. They all laughed.

Albus had traded seats with him and planned to stay until the end of his last meeting, unless they called on him to return at a later date for some reason. Remus announced that he would meet with Harry as soon as possible to discuss ways the Order could help him. Albus said he would pass along the information about the change to Harry when he returned to the castle and let him know Remus wanted to talk to him.

The rest of the Order Members gave their reports and some voiced their objections to having to kill. It was decided for members to only do what they were comfortable with when facing Death Eaters. Others voiced that they would have no problem killing Death Eaters if it was in self-defense, saying that any Death Eater who tried to kill them was going to be responded to in kind.

I was walking back after Quidditch practice on Sunday. I had stayed behind for some extra flying, sending everyone else on after practice ended. As captain, I rarely was able to fly as much as I wanted and today I needed it. A good fly usually helped with that. I had some offers from some of my friends to stay and fly with me. Both Ron and Ginny offered but I asked them to go on and enjoy their evening. I just needed some time to think and clear my head, I told them.

After I was done with some very acrobatic flying stunts, I called it quits and headed back to the castle and to my dorm to clean up before dinner. I was just about to enter the front doors of the castle when Malfoy and his goons came out of the shadows.

“Potter,” Malfoy snarled.

“What do you want, Malfoy?”

“You got my father arrested and killed my mother, Potter.”

“Took you long enough. What happened? Did you have to work up your nerve? We’ve been together in school for weeks now. You’re just now bringing that up?”

“I should kill you for what you’ve done.”

“You wish. Tell me, Malfoy, did you take the mark like dear old mum and dad? Did you? If I peeked under that left sleeve of yours, would I see it?”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“No matter. Even if you did take the mark, Malfoy, that would only make you a junior Death Eater. Just remember this, I kill real Death Eaters.”

Malfoy tried to look like he wasn’t worried.

“As soon as you start acting like a real Death Eater and come after me then I will be happy to put you out of your misery. Please tell dear old dad that if he ever gets out and wants to come after me, I’ll be waiting. I’m always locked and loaded. Same goes for your dads too Crabbe and Goyle. Pass on the message.”

“If my dad gets out you’ll pay for what you’ve done, Potter.”

“Your dad, your dad. It’s always you talking about your dad. You know, I’m actually glad you have one Malfoy. Mine was murdered before I could get to know him properly. If your big bad Death Eater dad gets out of Askaban and comes after me then I will kill him as fast as I killed your Death Eater mother. Mark my words, Malfoy, you will be next if you don’t find another path to walk.”

Malfoy took a step back as I stepped forward.

“The one you’re on now only leads to death,” I said with a finish.

I turned and walked off a few steps and then turned sharply back around. I saw that he was quickly slipping his wand back up his sleeve. He had started to hex me in the back.

“Remember when I told the class about never turning your back on a Death Eater? Well, I can turn my back on junior Death Eaters but you just have to make sure they know you’re still watching. Don’t ever pull your wand on me again unless you really mean it. I no longer play nice Malfoy. You would do well to remember that.”

Malfoy just sneered his way past me with his goons following him. I followed them into the castle and watched as they went towards the dungeons. I then went up to the seventh floor and my dorms.

After I cleaned up and joined my friends for dinner, I was asked if I enjoyed my fly.

“Yes, I enjoyed the flying but the chat with Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle afterwards was less pleasant.”

“What happened?” asked Ron.

“Nothing, we just talked.”

“What did he want?” asked Ginny.

“He was upset that I put his dad in Askaban and killed his mother. I recommended he change his ways before he ended up in the same predicament.”

“What happened then?” asked Hermione.

“I don’t think he cared for my warning much. C’est la vie.”

“Did he try to hex you?” asked Ron.

“No, but he thought about it, we just talked. Afterwards they went their way and I went mine.”

“There’s something you’re not telling us, Harry,” said Hermione.

“Uh… perhaps,” I said with a smile.

A few days later the Daily Prophet reported a mass breakout from Askaban when You-Know-Who attacked the prison and convinced the dementors to leave.


When it was almost time for the first Hogsmeade weekend, I found Malfoy after class and handed him a note.

“What’s this Potter?”

“Oh, those are my plans for the Hogsmeade weekend coming up. It shows when I should arrive in Hogsmeade and about how long I’ll be staying. That way your Death Eater dad can plan the best time to come and get me,” I explained with a smile.

“Are you insane?”

“I don’t think so. Why do you ask?”

“This is crazy.”

“Oh yeah, tell your dad he should probably bring friends as well. Can’t have a party without friends you know. See ya!” I said and walked off. I’m not sure how long he stood there.

When it was the day before the scheduled Hogsmeade weekend, I informed the Headmaster that the Hogsmeade trip on Saturday should be cancelled for sure, possibly Sunday as well. Death Eaters were expected to attack and I had plans for them, which did not include students getting in the way.

It frustrated him that I wouldn’t give him any details but he accepted it anyway. Remus said the Order would back me up anytime I needed them. I just wasn’t sure if I needed them for this.

Dumbledore let the student body know that Hogsmeade weekend was cancelled due to the danger posed by escaped Death Eaters and dementors on the loose. Instead, there was to be an informal dance Saturday night and everyone was invited from first year through seventh year. Dress was casual. Many groaned about Hogsmeade but most were happy about the dance.

I caught up with Malfoy afterwards to let him know that the announcement didn’t affect me.

“You can tell your Death Eater dad that I’ll still be in Hogsmeade tomorrow even if I have to go by myself. I wouldn’t want to disappoint him.”

He just stared at me as I walked off. I had no doubts he would relay the message. They likely suspected a trap was being setup. Hopefully, that would push them to bring a lot more Death Eaters than expected to Hogsmeade in an effort to overpower however many are waiting for them. They knew the size of the auror force and the Order for that matter. I was hoping that they bring a whole bunch of Death Eaters to counteract our supposed numbers.

Of course, a trap was being set. It just wasn’t going to be what they were expecting. I was going to be the only one they had to face. Surprise!

I snuck off Friday afternoon to Hogsmeade and talked to several of the residents and storeowners to let them know there was a suspected Death Eater attack on the town the next day. They were encouraged to leave or stay, however they wished, with some stipulations to follow if they chose to stay.

They were asked to pass along the info to anyone missed before I went all over Hogsmeade preparing my surprise for the Death Eaters. Afterwards I returned to Hogwarts barely in time for dinner but enjoyed a good meal with my friends who sat with me to talk as I finished eating. Ron just had another helping of dessert while he waited on me.

The next morning I woke up before sunrise and snuck off back to Hogsmeade to add my final touches and activate my plan. After I was done and everything was ready, the only thing I had left to do was wait for them to show up. I unshrunk my Uzis and let them hang from straps over my shoulders but still underneath my floor length basilisk hide coat. I unshrunk my sawed off shotgun and placed it in its own holster on my right leg. Next, I sat down in a chair and waited.

While waiting I silenced all my clothes and basilisk hide boots. I was anticipating having lots of fun if they show up. Madame Rosmerta decided to stay so when she opened the doors I slipped in and grabbed some breakfast while I watched the street from my table. After breakfast, I went back out and walked off the food some before sitting back down in my chair.

It was 11am before the first Death Eaters started arriving.

The ones that showed up looked a bit surprised when a large group came via portkey. I don’t think they landed where they originally planned. After another minute another large group joined the last via portkey and they were all wondering why they were landing in the same general area. The groups kept coming until there was around seventy Death Eaters all bunched up in the middle of the street.

I perhaps should have given them a little more room. Seventy Death Eaters take up a lot of space after all.

I rose from my chair and slowly walked toward them. A couple Death Eaters cast spells at me but their spells just fizzled on the ward I’d put up. When I was about sixty feet from them, I stopped.

“Welcome to Hogsmeade Death Eaters!” I said loudly and happily. “I’m glad you showed up to my party. This is going to be a lot of fun. I guarantee it, at least for me it will be.”

“What’s going on here, Potter?” asked Lucius. “What’s with the wards?” He turned around to some Death Eaters behind him and told them to start working on bringing them down. They told him they’ve been trying.

“Lucius! I am so glad you could make it. Don’t worry about the wards. I’m about to take them down so we can have our fun.”

“Where’s everyone else?” he asked.

“Oh, were you expecting to have to face a bunch of aurors or Order members? Is that why you brought so many with you? Sorry to disappoint you but it’s just little old me today. That’s right. It’s going to be me against all of you. Tell me, does Voldemort have any more Death Eaters left or is this all he’s got?”

“Quit playing around Potter and remove the wards so I can kill you. I don’t need any help. You killed my wife and now I’m going to kill you.”

“Hang on a second. Are you telling me that Voldemort doesn’t want you to just capture me so he can kill me himself?”

“Of course he would prefer that but you’ve killed too many of his followers so he told us to just kill you if we had to and believe me I have to.”

“Lucius, I have no doubt you want to kill me.” Lucius nodded his head enthusiastically. “What about the rest of you? Do all you Death Eaters want to kill me too?”

All I could here were answers in the affirmative and many nods of yes.

“So, you’re ready to get started?” I asked.

“Yes… please! I’ve wanted this ever since I got the news about Narcissa.”

“Very well. I will bring the wards down now. LET’S GET THE PARTY STARTED!” I yelled.

This was the trigger phrase that set off a bunch of grenades that were also in the space with the Death Eaters. The grenades in the middle went first, then the next group further out, and so on until the last group of grenades furthest out, at the ward line, exploded. My grandfather showed me that the grenades could be enhanced with magic as well. Not to produce a bigger bang but in order to set when you want them to explode. In this case I used a trigger phrase that when said they went off in a set order.

The explosions were not only powerful enough to kill or injure most of the Death Eaters but the last ones also took down the wards that had them trapped. I pulled my Uzis up after I triggered the grenades and began mowing down any Death Eaters still standing and some still moving whether standing or not. When all movement ceased I stopped firing but kept watching.

After a couple minutes, some Death Eaters dug themselves out from under some of their comrades and tried to fight me. They put up shields but my Uzis eventually broke through them and stopped them cold. I waited another five minutes before I gave up and walked back to The Three Broomsticks. Madame Rosmerta came out of the door and met me.

“Harry, I can’t believe you killed all those Death Eaters all by yourself.”

“That was the plan.”

Silence reigned for a minute as she was just staring at me as if she couldn’t believe it. I was watching her reaction. Suddenly she turned her head.

“Look out Harry!”

I was standing on the walk in front of a window of The Three Broomsticks watching Madame Rosmerta when she warned me. I turned and saw a bloodied Lucius Malfoy standing about 20 feet away and a curse coming at me. There was no time to move or shield. It looked like a blasting curse.

The curse hit me hard in the chest. Due to the basilisk hide and my other armor, the spell didn’t penetrate to my skin. However, it was so powerful it blew me back through the window where I bounced off the frame some and flew back into the end of the bar with a crunch.

Madame Rosmerta ran back into The Three Broomsticks to check on me but I told her to get back out of the way. I knew Lucius would be coming to make sure I was dead. I made a note of my injuries. Apparently, from the angle it was laying, my left leg was broken. It appeared I had at least two broken ribs, some cuts and bruises, and perhaps a slight concussion from hitting the bar with my head. It also felt like my left shoulder was knocked out of its socket.

Using my hands, I straightened my broken leg so I could sit up properly leaning against the end of the bar. That hurt my left shoulder but my leg was a lot worse. I let out a yell when I straightened it. Lucius I’m sure heard me. I’m also sure he was moving a little slow due to his injuries.

When I felt I was ready, I waited for Lucius to show up. It didn’t take long and there he was all bloody standing in front of the broken window I went bodily through. I tried to look at him as weak and beaten as I felt just to make him think he had that extra edge he needed.

“This is it, Potter. I told you I was going to kill you and now I will,” he croaked out.

He raised his wand.

“Avada Ke –“

I had raised my sawed off shotgun when he raised his wand. His eyes grew big as he stared down the barrels of it. I pulled both triggers before he could finish the incantation, hitting him square in the middle of his chest. His body was blown backwards several feet and into the street, a bloody mess with very little of his upper body left.

I lowered the shotgun and put it back in its holster.

“Madam Rosmerta?” I groaned out.

She came over and knelt beside me.

“Yes, Harry? Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine,” I said grunting. “I need you to use the floo and contact Amelia Bones of the DMLE. Tell her that I’ve killed around seventy Death Eaters and she and her aurors will need to use the floo to get here since I put up wards.”

“Okay, Harry. You just rest.”

While Madame Rosmerta went over to the fireplace, I called Dobby.


“Harry Potter sir is hurt. How can Dobby help?”

“I’ll be alright Dobby but I have to wait on Amelia Bones. Can you go get Madame Pomfrey for me? I believe I could use her assistance.”

“Yes, Harry Potter sir. Dobby will be right back.”


Amelia spat out of the floo and looked around the room. She headed toward me when she saw me but Dobby appeared with Madame Pomfrey before she could reach me. Madame Pomfrey frowned at me.

“Mr. Potter, what have you done to yourself now?” she asked as she started scanning my body.

“I swear, Madame Pomfrey, it wasn’t me. It was a Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy to be exact.”

“Well, I hope you got him back.”

“No worries, Madame Pomfrey. I definitely came out ahead.”

She helped me clear all my armor out of the way so she could properly work.

“Do not move Mr. Potter while I fix these broken bones. That leg is bad and three of your ribs are broken. Plus, your left shoulder is out of socket. I’ll have them set right in a jiffy though.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said as I watched Amelia walk up to the open door and gasp.

More aurors were pouring out of the floo as Madame Pomfrey healed my injuries. She gave me a couple of Potions as well. One for the pain and one to clear up the concussion. She closed all the cuts with a simple wave of her wand and said she would put some paste on my bruises once she had me in the infirmary.

“Thank you, Madame Pomfrey,” I said.

She helped me to stand and walk over to a table and chairs to sit down. Madame Rosmerta brought me a cold butterbeer. I was trying to dig in my pocket for money but she stopped me.

“On the house, Mr. Potter. You certainly earned it.”

“Thank you,” I said tiredly.

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