The Only One

Chapter 9

I noticed Dobby was still around after I was seated. It looked like he was standing guard over me. I much appreciated it but doubted there were many Death Eaters left to pose a threat. Plus, the aurors were now swarming the place.

Dumbledore showed up via the floo. So did Remus. I told Madame Pomfrey that I would have Dobby take me straight to the infirmary when they were finished with me so she could get back to the castle. She left and then Amelia, Dumbledore, and Remus sat down at my table with me.

“Care to explain all this Harry, including the wards?” asked Amelia.

“It’s nice to see you again, Amelia. I’d be happy to explain. Let me start at the beginning. I hear it’s a very good place to start,” I said with a smile.

I went on to explain about my plans to bring down as many Death Eaters as I could at one time. I explained about the multi-layered wards as well and how I used Potter wards as my example.

“You see, I knew I would have to protect against dementors as well as Death Eaters. So on the perimeter of the whole town I erected wards yesterday to specifically keep the dementors out. Over the rest of the town, I put up wards to keep the Death Eaters out except for that one spot over there in the street that I left open so the Death Eaters could portkey in. All of these wards were activated early this morning when I arrived.”

“They were not allowed to apparate at all, in or out, and once they were here. They were also only allowed to portkey in and not back out. By directing them to one general spot, I had them trapped. That whole area was rigged with Muggle explosives which is why there’s a large crater there now full of dead Death Eaters.”

“The grenades killed most of them and I shot the rest. Some were hiding under bodies but I eventually got them when they showed themselves trying to fight me. Lucius, as usual was far sneakier than the rest. He was hurt but waited a long time before digging his way out. I was talking to Madame Rosmerta when he snuck up and hit me with a powerful blasting curse causing all my injuries when I went through that window. He made his way to the window but I didn’t allow him to complete the Killing Curse before I killed him with my shotgun, both barrels,” I said patting it.

I never told them that all my planning and warding was done with the help of my grandfather’s portrait.

“That would explain why he looks like that,” said Amelia. “Harry, do you think You-Know-Who has any followers left?”

“I don’t know but surely he can’t have many left if he has any at all. I asked Lucius before all the fun began if this was all of them but he refused to answer.”

“Harry, how are you going to be able to live with yourself after killing all these people?” asked Dumbledore.

“Trust me. I won’t have a problem, Professor, and it’s not because I’ve gone dark and enjoy killing. Far from it. Those 70 dead Death Eaters out there were chomping at the bit for me to bring my wards down just so they could kill me. Believe me, I checked. Lucius told me that Voldemort gave them the green light to go ahead and kill me instead of worrying about capturing me just so he can kill me. He said I’d killed too many of his followers and would rather they kill me instead of taking a bigger risk.”

“I not only prevented my death but all the innocents out there they would have murdered. I also avenged the ones they’ve already murdered. That’s what they are Professor – irredeemable murdering scum, and this is war. ”

After our chat, Amelia sent some aurors to check the outer perimeters for any dementors hanging about. They reported back that all of them appeared to be out there still trying to get in. Amelia called on some special teams to round them up and get them back to Askaban. I helped by creating a gap in my wards where they were so they could get in and the teams could get them under control. When they were done, I removed my death eater wards. I was asked to leave up the ones preventing entry to the dementors and was told I would be compensated for the use of them.

After they were finished questioning me I had Dobby take me straight to Madame Pomfrey who removed all the bruises and any remaining pains I had. She kept me for a couple of hours before releasing me. It turns out I was even able to make it to the dance but I sat through most of it. My friends were wondering why I was so quiet.

They had no idea how much closer I was to facing Voldemort.

The next morning at breakfast, the owls poured in bringing the Daily Prophet and letters from concerned parents. I had managed to remain quiet about the previous day’s activities and Dumbledore didn’t share anything either until the Daily Prophet reported it in the morning paper.

Everyone was staring at me like they couldn’t believe it. Hermione willingly gave up her paper so I could read the article. Looks like I made the front page again.

Boy-Who-Lived Kills 70 Death Eaters in Hogsmeade

You heard me right. Harry Potter, our own Boy-Who-Lived, has turned into the Boy-Who-Gets-It-Done. If you have been following my stories over the summer then you know that Mr. Potter has been taking down Death Eaters a few at a time since early July, helping to make our lives safer. Yesterday he apparently stepped it up a notch.

Harry Potter fought 70 Death Eaters who came to Hogsmeade yesterday to kill him. He fought all of them alone and at the same time with Muggle weapons and he was somehow able to kill them all. Only Lucius Malfoy, recent escapee from Askaban, managed to get in a parting shot before he too fell to the Boy-Who-Lived. Mr. Potter was injured but he was easily healed after it was over.

Does anyone have any doubts that Mr. Potter is the Chosen One?

Would it be wise for You-Know-Who to seriously want to take him on, especially after yesterday’s showing?

From what I have noticed, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named keeps sending his Death Eaters after Harry Potter but they all keep dying. Sure, the Boy-Who-Lived has been hurt a couple times but he is still alive and doing well while around 96 Death Eaters have died by his hand over the past few months and that’s not counting the ones he helped capture.

The Wizengamot was calling for Mr. Potter’s head last night but Amelia Bones, Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, assured them that Mr. Potter was well within his legal rights to defend himself and bring down Death Eaters who all have a bounty on their head, dead or alive.

The Ministry approved early this summer a reward of 1,000 galleons to anyone who brought down a death eater whether killed or captured. Mr. Potter is certainly doing more than his share of civic duty.

I also discovered that the goblins authorized, by way of conquest, handing over the wealth of any Death Eaters who died without descendants or family members able to inherit. The wealth was to go to the one who killed that death eater. Pardon the pun, but Mr. Potter is making a killing.

I know it sounds horrific to hear that one teenager has killed so many people but these were Death Eaters and I say good riddance. I have lost too many friends and family members to these murderers and I think it high time they got their comeuppance. Besides, how many innocents are they going to be able to kill now?

Mr. Potter, I know I’m a little older than you, not by that much I assure you, but it would be a privilege for me to take you out to dinner, my treat, just to thank you for what you have done to make our world a safer place. Trust me. I would do more if I could.

I can usually be found at the Daily Prophet offices during business hours. I hope to see you there.

Oh, I almost forgot. Mr. Potter also rounded up all the dementors that escaped from Askaban and the Ministry has them back under control.

I am really looking forward to that date.

Thank you, Mr. Potter.

Margo Kestlebaum, Reporter

For a list of Death Eaters killed, see pages 6 and 7.

I put the paper down and saw that everyone was still staring at me. Dumbledore stood and made his way to the podium.

“May I have your attention please?”

He waited for a few seconds.


It took a bit of work but finally everyone took their eyes off of me and looked at him.

“I realize what Mr. Potter did is a shock to you all. Had I not already known I too would be in shock given the information. I can assure you the report in the paper is true. I witnessed the aftermath yesterday. Mr. Potter informed me that Hogsmeade was likely going to be attacked and that is why Hogsmeade weekend was cancelled. It protected you and gave Mr. Potter the opportunity to fight the Death Eaters alone without fear of anyone else getting hurt. He even had the townspeople stay out of the way.”

“It is thanks to his efforts that Hogsmeade weekend has now been reinstated. The damage to Hogsmeade was completely repaired and you are now free to enjoy the town. All shops are open again today. Please do not question Mr. Potter about how he accomplished what he did. That information is considered confidential so leave him alone. Enjoy your day!”

Malfoy stood up and yelled across the Great Hall at me.


A few Slytherins voiced similar concerns. I could tell my friends were still in too much shock over the news to say anything for me so I quietly got up from the table and made my way to the front of the room. When I reached the middle and was standing in front of the staff table, I asked for everyone’s attention.

I didn’t have to demand it like the Headmaster did. They were all anxious to hear what I had to say. It was as quiet as a mouse when I spoke.

“I sincerely wish to apologize to anyone who was affected by my actions yesterday. I did not take joy in having to kill anyone’s parents, relatives, or friends. However, you will not hear me apologize for having to defend myself. You see I didn’t kill innocent people, I killed Death Eaters – murderers. These Death Eaters made it clear to me that they would like nothing better than to kill me if I gave them the chance. Naturally, I did not.”

“Your father fought valiantly, Malfoy, even with the odds against him. You should be proud of that. He was the only one that managed to hit me with a spell and it really hurt. It showed how powerful a wizard he was. I had a broken leg, three broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, a concussion, and several cuts and bruises just from that one spell. However, when he started to use the Killing Curse on me to finish me off, I put him down for good.”

“Malfoy, I wish I never had to kill your parents. I really do. Had they chosen to live honorable lives instead of becoming murdering Death Eaters then I would have never been put in that position. That goes for any others in here as well who lost someone yesterday. They simply should not have become Death Eaters and followers of Voldemort. I have no patience for that. This is war people.”

I started walking off slowly but stopped and turned back.

“Oh, one more thing, just in case any of you are determined to attack me unprovoked, especially like a coward while my back is turned, please refrain. You will find me unforgiving and yourself likely dead when I respond. However, if you wish to have a legitimate shot at me then I recommend a duel, wand to wand. I will not use my Muggle weapons. The duel will not be to the death. It will need to be sanctioned by the school and the rules must be followed. I will expect the faculty to oversee the proceedings.”

I turned and got a nod from Dumbledore.

“I offer this as an alternative to death if you wish to have a go at me. So far I’ve only had to kill Death Eaters and I would like to keep it that way. Thank you.”

I left everyone sitting there quietly as I returned to my dorm room and retrieved my grandfather’s trunk. After placing it in my pocket, I headed to the Room of Requirement so I could fill Grandfather in on what happened and get in some training.

My grandfather told me he had never been prouder of any family member more when I shared with him my taking down 70 Death Eaters at one time. He was pleased the wards worked as planned too.

I was coming back from the library late two days later when I ran into Susan Bones in the hallway.

“Hello, Susan. What are you doing out so close to curfew? I barely have time to get back to my common room.”

“I was waiting for you.”


“Yes, I wanted to thank you personally for what you did.”

“What did I do?”

“Harry, I’m not sure if you know this but my parents, in fact all of my family members, besides Aunt Amelia, were murdered by Death Eaters. Those murderers were part of the seventy you killed on Saturday. I think it would be appropriate for me to thank you properly for doing that. Don’t you?”

“It’s not really necessary, Susan, but I’m glad I could be of service.”

“Exactly and as a thank you I would like to be of service to you.”

Susan stepped in real close to me, flipping her strawberry blonde hair back as she looked up into my eyes.

“How so?” I said with a smile.

“Do you know where we could have some privacy and where no one will interrupt us?”

“Hmm, I think I know just the place. Follow me.”

I led Susan to the Room of Requirement asking for a comfortable room where we would not be disturbed. When we walked in it was cozy with a sofa and rug in front of a nice fireplace and a stately queen size bed over on another wall. The doorway sealed up completely behind us while I made sure the room knew not to allow anyone else in.

We made our way over to the sofa and Susan had me sit down while she stood behind the couch and massaged my shoulders. I swear I could feel her breasts on the back of my head every time she leaned over to whisper in my ear or kiss my neck. It was driving me crazy.

After a thorough massage, and me feeling very relaxed, Susan walked back around to the front of the couch in just her knickers. Somehow, she had come out of her other clothes while continuing to massage me. She removed my shoes and socks then gently pulled me to my feet and had me stand there as she removed all my clothes except for my boxers.

Taking my hand she led me over to the bed where she pulled back the covers and had me get in and lay down so she could climb in and lay down next to me, snuggling up to my side. She explained that she was a virgin but wanted me to be the first. I asked her if she was sure but she assured me that she was. I also asked her carefully if she was expecting a relationship to come out of this but she assured me again that she wasn’t.

I explained to her that I was no longer a virgin and that I had a very good teacher over the summer. Susan explained that she considered me a good friend but not a love interest, however that didn’t mean she wasn’t extremely attracted to me physically.

I took that as my cue and began a new session between master and apprentice. It was a great lesson and Susan was very attentive, even a quick learner. She was really giving as much as she got by our third time. I found that the closeness was exactly what I needed after all the killing I did.

We slept through the night entwined together afterwards. It was a completely satisfying encounter. Friends were curious about where we were all night but like me Susan didn’t kiss and tell. She just winked at me across the Great Hall at breakfast when no one was looking. I couldn’t help but smile.

After another week, it was brought to my attention that Malfoy and some other Slytherins had come forward wanting to take me up on my offer to duel. The eight Slytherins were made up of one fifth year, four sixth years, and three seventh years. We all had a meeting with Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, and Flitwick. McGonagall and Snape were there as heads of house and Flitwick was there as a dueling expert who knew all the rules.

It was decided to have the duels in the Great Hall on the following Saturday afternoon. I offered to take on the fifth and sixth years in the first duel then take on the seventh years in a second duel.

“You’re not that good Potter,” said Bole, one of the seventh years.

“I believe I am but I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide. I can fight two duels or eight. It makes no difference to me.”

“Will take that deal,” said Malfoy. “The five of us will fight you in the first duel.”

“Draco, you’re kidding right?” asked Bole.

“No. But as much as I hate to admit it, he’s by far the best dueler in our year. We’ll take his offer.”

The fifth year started to look worried. He wasn’t sure what he had got himself into. I looked over at the seventh years.

“What do you guys want to do?” I asked them.

“Can we wait and decide on Saturday after we watch the first match? Would you have a problem with that?”

“No, not at all. That works for me.”

Flitwick explained the rules to us. No lethal or possibly lethal spells were allowed. Good sportsmanship was expected at all times. Anyone who deviates from the rules will immediately suffer the consequences. Professor Flitwick would be the referee and he would step in at the first sign of rule breaking. Professor Dumbledore would be the Master of Ceremonies and would also keep a good eye on things.

We went our separate ways and the dueling time was announced at the next meal.

“You seriously offered to take on five for the first duel and three seventh years for the second duel?” asked Ron. “I know you’re a good dueler but are you nuts? Wouldn’t it be smarter to take them on one at a time?”

“I’d rather have a better challenge Ron. One at a time would get boring.”

“Boring for who?” asked Hermione.


They both rolled their eyes. Neville and Ginny looked like they were considering it.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re unbelievable,” said Ron.

“Well, I just don’t think taking on a few sixth and seventh years in a tame duel will be that big a deal after I faced down seventy Death Eaters with my life on the line. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Harry?” Ginny said as she got up from the table.

“Yes, Ginny?”

“Good luck.”

“Thanks, but luck’s got nothing to do with it. Right, Nev?”

“Huh? Oh, right. Sure Harry.”

“See?” I said looking up at her.

She just rolled her eyes and walked off. I smiled then looked around at my friends.

“Why did everyone get quiet all of a sudden?” I said with a smile before standing and following Ginny out the door.

On Saturday afternoon, we all gathered in the Great Hall for the dueling event. I took off all my basilisk hide and other protections and left them along with my Muggle weapons locked in my trunk that was shrunk and in my pocket.

Professor Dumbledore made the announcements and caught everyone up to speed while Professor Flitwick provided proper warding to protect the audience.

“There were eight students who took up Mr. Potter’s offer for a duel. The eight are made up of one fifth year, four sixth years, and three seventh years. All the eight are from Slytherin house and Mr. Potter, of course, is from Gryffindor. The rules have been explained to the contestants and any rule breaking will result in severe consequences.”

“Our own Professor Flitwick, who is a retired dueling champion and kept his title for eight years straight, will be our referee. He will stop any contestant that breaks the rules. I will be watching as well, so keep it clean.”

“Mr. Potter offered to take on the fifth year and four sixth years altogether in the first duel. They have accepted.”

There were gasps from the audience and sudden talking. Dumbledore had to get them to settle down.

“The remaining seventh years wished to see Mr. Potter duel before accepting his offer to duel all three of them in a second duel.”

More gasps were heard and everyone appeared to be sitting up straighter as they anticipated the duels.

“If the contestants will take their places we will get the first duel started.”

We all went to the dueling area and took our places. The area was plenty large to accommodate the multiple opponents involved and give enough room to move around. Professor Flitwick activated the wards after we entered the area.

“On my right is Harry Potter,” continued Dumbledore. “He will be facing five Slytherins made up of Theodore Nott, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Draco Malfoy, and Alec Runcorn, our fifth year. Professor Flitwick, you have the floor.”


“Alright everyone,” he said loudly, “let’s have a duel. It’s been a long time since I’ve witnessed five against one so this should be exciting. All contestants will now show respect and bow to each other before we can begin.”

He waited for all of us to bow. Malfoy took the longest before he finally bowed.

“On my call the duel will begin. Are you ready on the right?”

I nodded.

“Are all of you ready on the left?”

They all nodded, the fifth year a little hesitantly.


All five of my opponents cast spells at me. There were three Stunners, a Bludgeoning Spell from Malfoy, and a weird yellow spell from Nott I didn’t recognize. Runcorn’s Stunner didn’t look half-bad but Crabbe and Goyle’s looked pathetic. I didn’t bother with a shield; I just stepped around the spells and kept moving. I put up a shield to block a Stunner from Malfoy and an Expelliarmus from Nott. Runcorn then tried one as well. I just sidestepped his since it was a little off anyway. He apparently had more trouble hitting a moving target.

I let them cast several spells at me to get it out of their system. I either blocked or dodged whatever they threw at me. When I thought they were getting frustrated from not being able to hit me, I went on offence.

Almost in a sprint, I cast a Stunner at Runcorn’s knees but caught him on the foot when he tried to jump over the spell. He was out. I cast immediately afterwards Obscuro on Malfoy that he wasn’t able to block in time, putting a magical blindfold over his eyes. I then followed with a Summon for all their wands at the same time. All came my way except for Nott’s but I just let them sail past me to the floor behind me.

I stopped running and Nott missed with another Stunner since he aimed in front of me. I hit Malfoy with a Stunner and then Crabbe and Goyle as they decided to lumber my way and physically attack me. They fell all over each other as they crumbled to the floor tripping each other up.

I looked over at Nott and grinned. He smiled and we both bowed our head to each other.

Nott started with that yellow spell again. I stepped out of the way and sent over a tickling spell that he blocked with a question on his face until he realized he was sinking into the floor. While he was throwing up a shield for my Tickling Charm, I had turned the floor beneath him into very loose quicksand so he sank fast. As he was struggling with that, I summoned his wand and caught it.

“Do you yield Nott?” I asked as he was up to his chest into the floor.

“Yes, yes. Just get me out of this.”

I floated him out of the quicksand and set him on the floor before cancelling both spells. The floor turned back to normal and even the quicksand on Nott’s clothes disappeared. It was all a magical illusion after all.

The audience started clapping while I removed Malfoy’s blindfold, enervated the four stunned ones, and returned all their wands back to them. They trudged back to their seats while I remained there. Flitwick walked over to the seventh years and talked to them quickly before coming back.

“The seventh years have decided to take Mr. Potter’s offer and duel him all at the same time. Mr. Potter you are allowed a break between duels.”

“That’s okay. I don’t need one. Bring them up.”

“Mr. Potter says he’s ready so if we could have our next group?”

The three seventh years walked up looking a bit concerned about their chances. It was obvious to anyone who knew what they were watching that I had just played with the five facing me until I was ready to take them out. They got into position across from me on the dueling floor. Dumbledore announced us.

“Now we have Mr. Potter facing three seventh years. They are Mr. Vaisey, Mr. Urquhart, and Mr. Bole. Good luck gentlemen.”

After we bowed to each other Flitwick had us start. The seventh years moved suddenly to get away from each other. I guess they worried about my quicksand getting them all at one time. When they stopped, they all cast about the same time but that’s when I started moving. Their spells converged on the spot I was and hit only the ward that was behind me.

I cast three Stunners in a row directly at all three as soon as I started moving. They had just cast their spells so had to either quickly block or dodge my Stunners while they were waiting to see if their spells hit anything. The first one, Urquhart, was too slow on getting his shield up in time so my Stunner got in behind it and put him down. After my Stunners hit the shields of the other two, I watched as Bole sent an enervate to Urquhart.

Timing my spell and still moving, I hit Bole with a Stunner before he could react while I was dodging another spell from Vaisey. When Urquhart raised up after the enervate I stunned him again before he knew what was happening. This brought their side down to just one. Vaisey realized he should not waste an enervate at this point. It would leave him open to my quick counter casting. Instead, he squared his shoulders and prepared to duel me one on one.

I traded a few spells back and forth with him, not moving but blocking, just to see how he responded and moved. However, when I sent two spells one after another one at his head and one at his feet, he ducked and brought up a shield to protect his body from the spells not seeing how low the second spell went. He stopped the Stunner with his shield but my Confundus Charm to the foot made him careless and confused so I summoned his wand from him easily.

I removed the Confundus Charm and asked if he yields. He nodded his head. I sent enervates to the stunned ones and returned the wand I summoned.

Our audience applauded the show.

“Well, that was fun,” Dumbledore said after the clapping died down. “I appreciate everyone following the rules and Mr. Potter allowing these students to face him in a controlled environment as gentlemen. I hope they all appreciate what he did since he was under no obligation to do so. He also made sure no one was hurt. Thank you, Mr. Potter.”

“This was such fun to watch,” he continued. “Should we consider more of these activities in the future?” he asked.

The students responded with much clapping.

“Anyway, we will strongly consider that. I hope everyone had a good time. Please exit the Great Hall so it can be returned to our normal seating arrangement and be ready for another delicious dinner.”

Dumbledore asked to see me in his office after dinner was over so I made my way up.

“Harry, come on in and have a seat. I really appreciate what you did and for keeping it civil. You could have made them all look much worse than you did. It was obvious that you were taking it easy on them, especially the first duel. You have really trained hard Harry and it shows.”

“Thank you sir but surely you called me here for more than that.”

“I did. I want to know why you chose to do that.”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Not really. Not to me anyway.”

“It’s simple. I don’t want to kill them and left unchecked that is likely what would happen. They need to see that there is a better way. I doubt I convinced them all but I think I may have helped some and not just the ones I dueled. Do you understand?”

“I think I do. Can you elaborate?”

“When I set out on this journey over the summer I wanted to teach Tom and his Death Eaters a lesson. I think I’ve made some headway on that and I’m still in a teaching mood. I thought it a good idea to try to make the sons and daughters of Death Eaters see that they have a choice. They don’t have to follow in their parents footsteps, especially since the paths they chose led them to death. Why choose that path?”

“That is a very noble thing to do Harry but it seems to contradict with your killing 70 people. How can you do that to them but turn around and try to help their children?”

“I meant what I said when I offered them this challenge. I have only killed the murdering scum who call themselves Death Eaters and I would like to keep it that way. If you can’t see the difference between a Death Eater and their children who still have a choice, or any other witch and wizard out there, then perhaps you need to have your glasses checked.”

He looked shocked at that statement.

“Besides I’m pretty sure Draco has already taken the mark but like I told him the other day, I consider him to be just a junior Death Eater. I warned him that if he ever decides to become a real Death Eater then I will be forced to kill him when he comes after me. I believe he still has a choice. He likely will make the wrong one but that’s still his decision to make.”

“I’m sorry Harry if I offended you with my statement. I’m an old man and have never killed anyone and I believe that I could never do that no matter the circumstances, or at least not on purpose.”

“I guess we’re from different times Professor but I think it has more to do with the differences between our lives and what we’ve been through than anything else. Never forget that Voldemort came after me when I couldn’t even protect myself and he has continued to come after me even as a child. He’s a monster who killed my family and practically everyone I’ve ever loved. He wants me to suffer and then he wants to kill me.”

“He sends his Death Eaters out so they can either capture me so he can kill me or kill me themselves. Who has been successful in stopping those Death Eaters besides me? The aurors? No. The Order? No. You? No. If we throw them in Askaban, Tom breaks them out and they kill more innocents. How many innocent have to die before everyone wakes up and decides to do something about it? And, by something, I mean kill them. That’s the only way they’re going to stop.”

“I can guarantee you this, Professor. As long as they keep coming after me, I will keep killing them until there is none left. Once they are all gone then I will find Voldemort and kill him too. I’ll do this to protect myself and to protect the innocents. When I’m done, if the magical society in Britain hasn’t changed their tune about all this pureblood nonsense then I will find a different magical society to live. This one can rot for all I care if they’re too stupid to change.”

I turned and walked to the door to leave but stopped and turned back.

“The next Dark lord will be someone else’s problem. Even rats know when to abandon ship.”

I left through the door with him still sitting there.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs Susan was waiting for me, sitting on the floor. She got up when she saw me.

“Harry, are you alright?”

“I’ve just had a difficult discussion with Dumbledore. I’m not likely to be good company right now.”

“Nonsense, you’re just a little tense. Follow me and I’ll give you another massage so you can relax.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. What are friends for? Now come on.”

She led me to the Room of Requirement where I wished for our room again. She took me in, undressed me, and put me in the bed completely starkers but face down on my stomach. After a few seconds she climbed on top of me and started rubbing my neck and shoulders then down my back and up again. She did this for a long time. I had actually started loosening up and feeling better after a while.

“Okay Harry, it’s time to turn over so I can do the front.”

Wow, she’s really going all out to get me relaxed, I thought. She’s so nice.

“I’m pretty relaxed now, Susan,” I said while turning over. “You did a great –“

When I turned over Susan was completely naked as well with a smile on her face.

“– job,” I finished.

“No, Harry. I have to do the front or you won’t be completely relaxed. You just lay there while I finish up. I know right where to start next.”

My eyes grew a little bigger as I realized what she was talking about. Too bad I don’t kiss and tell because if I did that would be one great story to tell. Let’s just say that we woke up the next morning fully refreshed and fully satisfied. Well, there was another round that happened that morning after we woke up but after that, we were ready to face the day.

It pretty much became a fairly regular occurrence for us through the rest of the semester. It was great for stress relief from classes and end of year exams. Susan was determined to learn as much from me as she could and I must say I quite enjoyed our sessions.

When school let out for Christmas break I told my friends that I had an appointment so wouldn’t be on the train with them. I was just going to apparate. They asked what I was going to be doing but I told them it was personal and didn’t elaborate.

I apparated to Diagon Alley with my hood up on my fancy black robe Winky bought for me with all my weapons and armor in place. I made my way to The Daily Prophet offices and walked in. There was a young witch at the reception.

“Can I help you sir?”

“I’m here to pick up Miss Kestlebaum for our lunch and interview.”

“Can I tell her whose calling?”

I removed my hood.

“Harry Potter.”

Suddenly everything got real quiet before noise erupted as several reporters clamored to the front asking me questions. Camera flashes were going off. I held up my hands.

“I’m sorry but I’ll only talk to Miss Kestlebaum. She had a very sweet invitation for a meal so I thought we could do an exclusive interview while we were at it.”

“You heard him and you’ve all read my article so clear out,” I heard from the back of the crowd. “Mr. Potter is here to see me so back off.”

They started dispersing and Margo made her way to the front smiling. I was surprised but she had to be in her early twenties at the most and was quite the looker. She stood about 5’5” with shoulder length black hair and bright blue eyes. Her robes were more Muggle looking than wizard and didn’t hide her great figure.

“So, Mr. Potter, what are you hungry for?”

“Harry, please. Just Harry, Miss Kestlebaum.”

“Then please call me Margo, Harry.”

“Thanks, Margo. Let’s just go to the Leaky Cauldron. I think we can find some privacy there for an exclusive interview.”

“You’re really going to give me an exclusive?”

“Of course. I have some things I’d like to say.”

“Let me just grab my things and we can go, Harry.”

We made our way to the Leaky Cauldron and had lunch together. I found out that she was a half-blood like me only her father was the Muggleborn and her mother a pureblood witch. She said she was married to a Muggle for almost a year. They’d met at University where she was attending to improve her writing.

“I met Jim and we fell in love immediately. When he asked me to marry him and I wanted to say yes, I knew I had to tell him. It took some convincing but he finally accepted me being a witch. He understood about keeping our world secret too. However, after several months he changed some. I found out later that some purebloods had been threatening him when they found out about our marriage. He was worried about what they would do.”

“They were actually Death Eaters and after nearly a year they killed him and his family. In fact, they slaughtered most of my in-laws. I was studying for exams so was not with them when they were attacked. I later managed to get a job at the Prophet after I finished university and worked my way up to where I am now. They all know how I feel about Death Eaters and allowed me to write what I did. Besides people like my articles and they like to sell papers.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your husband but I appreciate you reporting the truth. I haven’t always been a favorite in that paper of yours.”

“Oh, I know and when I got here that’s what I set out to change. I thought it was shameful what they did to you. I was a Ravenclaw in sixth year when you started Hogwarts. I heard about the Troll and the rumors about Quirrell and what happened at the end of the year. Then in my seventh year with all the petrifications and you rescuing that girl from the Chamber of Secrets was unbelievable.”

“I watched you from afar Harry and saw what a good person you were and the amazing things you did even at such a young age. I knew they were wrong about you in the paper and I sought to change that. When you faced those five Death Eaters in July that was my big chance, my break. They really liked what I wrote and so did the readers.”

“Now did you say something about an exclusive interview?” she asked smiling.

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