The Hybrid's Mate ✘ Sterek [BOOK ONE] ✔


"Derek," Stiles says, trying to ignore the sparks. "Who is my Mate?" Derek meets Stiles' eyes for the last time. "Isn't it obvious yet? I am. I am your Mate." Stiles has always had a sort of crush on a particular Alpha werewolf, but has never voiced it aloud to anyone. Derek is an Alpha that has had a strange fascination with his Beta's particular friend, but that is something he wants to keep hidden. Neither thought that something was going to happen that would change everything between them for eternity: Stiles and Derek being Mates. With them being Mates comes a whole heap of drama that leads them through almost inescapable times, but they always come out in one piece; they always come out together. That is, until they don't.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The pairings I have for this series are:

- Stiles and Derek (majorly)

- Stiles and Alec (majorly)

- Stiles and Ethan (for a while)

- Erica and Boyd

- Isaac and Allison

- Scott and Kira

- Ethan and Danny

- Lydia and Aiden

- Liam and Hayden

- Mason and Corey

- Theo and Malia

- Jackson and Cora

- Peter and Valerie

- Melissa and Chris

- Kassidy and William

- Cayden and Sonya

- Alex and

- Clary and Jace

- Isabelle and Raphael

- Simon and Maia

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