Wreck it Freddy's 2

Tensions Boiling

"Well, that's a relief about the power..." Felix said, sighing lightly. "But no doors, that's going to-"

"Make us like sitting ducks?" Mike interjected.

"D-Duck? Where is it?"

Jeremy again rolled his eyes. "There's no duck. Unless you can't tell the difference between a chicken and a duck, I guess Chica would be one to you."

Calhoun snapped her fingers in front of his face to make him hush. "Look, pal, I know you're annoyed that we're in your game, and I'm sorry about that, but there's no need to be so rude."

"Oh and you aren't?" He bit back. "Excuse me, mister carpenter sir, go wind up that music box, I can hear it slowing down."

"Um, sure thing," Felix said nervously as he fumbled a bit to get the laptop and wind it up remotely. He saw a puppet and other things hanging on the wall from the camera and shuddered, doing his task quickly.

"You're ALL drivin' me crazy," Vanellope whined. "I can't get answers if you're all arguing all the time!"

"Answers about WHAT exactly?" Jeremy wanted to know, his arms shrugged up. "Some nightmares? So what, suck it up already like the rest of us do."

It took everything Ralph had to keep from grabbing this guy. "Hey, don't talk to her like that. You don't know what she's been through!"

"Nope, and I really don't care," He said as he switched his flashlight over to the ventilation shaft to his right.

Ralph felt like punching a hole through the entire wall; what was this guy's problem? Mike had gone through the same situation before and he was much nicer and friendlier.

"I didn't have nightmares until I got kidnapped by the original gang in the first Freddy's," Vanellope explained to Jeremy regardless of his attitude.

"Oh so they barged into your game too?" Jeremy asked Mike, and then clucked his tongue. "I'm not surprised, given what I've already seen."

Mike chuckled, wringing his hands together. "Uh, not exactly..."

Jeremy rolled his eyes. "So Mike, if you hated the first game, why'd you come in here with these... people?"

"Well... I've been having nightmares too actually." Mike replied.

Ralph, to avoid killing Jeremy, decided to listen in with Calhoun on the phone messages.

"These are all very suspicious." She shook her head. "Rumours? Trageties? What's with this old location?"

"Isn't the old location just the one in Mike's game?" Ralph asked with a raised brow.

"I think that's what the messages WANT you to think." She replied, "But I'm thinking that maybe they mean the original place. The very first restaurant, not just the one Mike was at."

"It WAS a popular chain after all," Mike added. "Maybe something happened at ALL the locations."

"You think someone went Turbo?" Vanellope frowned, now well aware of the whole Turbo story.

"I have no idea, but this guy is leaving a lot of unanswered questions here." Calhoun replied.

"See why we needed to come here? There's more that we need to find out!" Vanellope frowned.

"Well maybe I didn't want to..." Ralph rubbed his forehead.

"You're not the one having the nightmares!"

Jeremy groaned loudly. "If I hear the word 'nightmare' one more time, I'm gonna lose it! Just do what you came here to do and shut up already!"

"That'd be fine if we knew what to do," Mike answered him. "We didn't really think this through first."

"No kidding." He would've said more but they heard "hi" from the left ventilation shaft. "Oh great, BB's loose." Jeremy grumbled. "Get ready for Foxy time."

"Wait, BB, who's that?" Felix asked before he got his answer, yelping and hiding behind Calhoun when he saw the smiling balloon boy peek his face out of the shaft.

"Hey, that's the kid we saw earlier!" Vanellope said, pointing at him all while Ralph picked her up to put on his shoulder.

Calhoun ushered Felix behind her, pointing her gun at it. Jeremy rolled his eyes.

"Oh, calm down... HE doesn't attack anyone. He just disables my flashlight, so now we can't see if 'ol Foxy is around."

"Well, that's what I'm here for!" Felix smiled, hopping up and tapping the light, making it work despite BB being present.

At that, BB slowly turned his head towards Felix, and when that happened, Vanellope suddenly whimpered, covering her ears as her face scrunched. "Ow... ow, it hurts...!"

"Felix, you made him mad!" Ralph curled his fist and drove it straight into Balloon Boy's face, a sickening crack filling the air.

"Hey, hey, don't tear my game up!" Jeremy jumped up and shouted.

"Relax, it'll be fine when a player drops a quarter," Calhoun reminded him sharply, getting increasingly annoyed with this new guard.

"Easy for you to say, but you all being here is probably going to make them more aggressive!" Jeremy shook his head, plopping himself in the chair. "How did I get myself into this? It's like I'm always in the wrong place with the wrong people."

Calhoun looked around the office, glancing at papers and things every once and again. "You know... we can put a first person shooter in your place, Jeremy. The players in the arcade wouldn't know the difference. You don't have to do this."

"'I don't have to do this...' then what good am I? If I'm not doing what I'm meant to do, then why was I even programmed?" Jeremy asked.

"Because we are more than what our programmers tell us we are. What our programmers made us... if that's all you think you are, if that's the only reason you have for being the person you are... then you are greatly limiting yourself."

Vanellope glitched off of Ralph then, approaching Jeremy. "Do you know anything about the first game? Anything... bad?"

"Just what the phone guy told me," He shrugged.

"I'm curious how he's the same guy that talked to me in my game." Mike said then, "Since, I thought he was supposed to be dead and stuffed in a suit."

"Maybe they're just cheap and got the same voice actor." Jeremy suggested, not really caring.

"No, everything happens for a reason around here." Calhoun said while shaking her head. "This game is so baffling, so many details yet such a simple gameplay."

Mike and Jeremy both laughed at that. "Simple?" said Jeremy in stark disbelief. "You think this is simple?" He waved his arms around at the three openings as if to prove a point. "There's more to this than shining a light and checking cameras you know."

Calhoun thinks of something then. "Wait a second." She took a moment to listen to parts of the phone calls again. "Maybe... maybe this is before everything that happened."

"What do you mean? This has happened before? This place? Why didn't we know about this?" Ralph asked.

"Because the first game didn't let anything on, obviously..." Calhoun thought aloud.

"So why are all the new scary monsters gone in Mike's game?" Vanellope asks.

"Well, phone guy called on the final night on this shift, and said this place would be shut down. And I saw a news article that these new animatronics were scrapped after I left night shift." Jeremy added.

"Where are these news articles?" Jeremy opened a desk drawer and pulled out a few papers, handing them to Felix who then passed them onto Calhoun. She scanned through them and went "aha!", tapping her hand on one. "It says here they plan to reopen with the old animatronics in another location with a cheaper budget."

"Well that explains why Mike's game was so grungy," Felix commented before he cringed. "No offense, Mike."

"None taken, trust me."

"So wait, what does this mean?" Ralph asked. "That the game we're in now is really a prequel? I don't see how that affects us much."

"It doesn't…" Calhoun stated, "… as far as us staying alive anyway. It DOES affect Vanellope and Mike though. The nightmares they've been having will make more sense to them now that we know about prior events involving this game's plot."

Before they could discuss anything further, they heard something, looking towards the left air vent.

"You HAVE been checking the cameras and winding up the music box, haven't you?" Jeremy asks.

Mike shined the light down the hall, his eyes widening. "Uh, guys... we have company!" He exclaimed as Foxy now stood at the end of the hallway.

"Why doesn't this place have doors again?" Ralph groaned.

"Freeze!" Calhoun growled, pointing her gun towards the distant Foxy.

"That's not necessary. Just blink the lights, and he'll leave." Jeremy rolled his eyes, flickering the flashlight and eventually, Foxy was gone.

Vanellope was standing towards the back end of the office as everyone had gravitated towards the door to keep an eye on Foxy. As they did so, she furrowed a brow as she heard a sound coming from the left air vent again, crouching down to peek inside. Her eyes widened when she saw Toy Chica crouched inside, backing up towards the other end of the room. Her concentration on Toy Chica caused her to fail to hear the garbled radio transmission behind her as Mangle crawled out of the right air vent, climbing up the wall and up the ceiling. It wasn't until the others had warded off Foxy that Felix was the first to notice the pile of parts when he screamed shrilly.

"Jimminy jamminy Vanellope, the ceiling- look out!" He shrieked.

Vanellope turned as Mangle swooped down, her mouth opening and her arms swinging to grab her, when Ralph's fist collided with her, causing her to fall to the ground in a heap. She crawled along the floor, staring at them eerily as she snapped her teeth at them. Vanellope screamed on the top of her lungs, Ralph scooping her up as he tried to crush Mangle. She dodged him, ducking into the right air vent to retreat. Mike stood back in fear until he felt hands on him.

"Uh, hey, personal spaaaAAAACE! Get it off of me!" He screamed as Toy Chica grabbed him.

Calhoun growled, gritting her teeth as she fired at Toy Chica, pulling Mike towards her. "They're starting to close in! What's that time say Felix?"

"Uh... Tammy, there's some kind of warning on here, some red exclamation mark..." Felix said.

"Will all of you just BE SILENT!" Jeremy shouted, steaming. "You are all a bigger headache than all of the animatronics here! You are obviously just pissing them off even more, and making MY job harder! You must all be terrible at your games. I asked mister builder over here to do one thing, keep the music box wound up, but does he do it, no! You know what it's going to take to put that damn puppet back in its box, huh? I manage to do that and watch THREE entrances to my office, AND maintain the usage of this Freddy mask provided to me, for six hours, for six nights. That's THIRTY SIX HOURS of sheer will and concentration, and you lot have wrecked the place and messed everything up, in ONE!"

"Well sorry bud, but my name is 'Wreck' it Ralph for a reason." Ralph said flatly.

"Just. Stop. TALKING." Jeremy said through clenched teeth.

Calhoun narrowed her eyes. "Now if I understand you correctly, I would think that maybe you were the killer. Look at you, you can barely keep your temper."

"Do you have any idea what this kind of focus does to your brain, how tense it makes you feel? Huh? And how in the hell could I kill the kids if I'm in this office doing fifty things at once? And you know what? I could care less who the killer is, or what happens in this place! I just need to get this done, get through another night, so I can repeat the same six hours of my life over and over again once the arcade opens!"

"I told you we could put a first person shooter in here." Calhoun said.

"Well, that's really helping me now, isn't it?"

It was then that another uninvited guest had finally reached them. The Puppet pounced into the office, and Ralph attempted to smash it. However, the Puppet was very agile, speedily snaking through everyone to reach Vanellope. To everyone's horror, unlike the other animatronics, where in the last they would try to snatch her up and nothing more, it grabbed her, lifting her up as it levitated, and she screamed as she dangled in the air. It looked toward Mike, their gazes locking for a moment as the Puppet dangled her over him, before letting her go.

Vanellope screamed as Mike caught her with a "oomph!", falling back on the floor. Ralph got between them and the Puppet, his fists raised up as he kept his eyes on it. Calhoun shot her gun only for the Puppet to dodge every bullet. With a laugh, it scurried out of the room, leaving everyone breathless.

"My lands, what was that?!" Felix exclaimed.

"THAT…" Jeremy pointed in the direction it went in, "… is what happens when you don't keep the music box wound up!"

"What does a music-triggered puppet have to do with all this?" Calhoun wondered as she holstered her weapon.

"Beats me, but it's annoying as hell," The guard grumbled as he continued flicking his light in the different doorways.

"They're taunting us." Calhoun glanced around. "They haven't really attacked yet or else they would have attempted a group assault."

"They want Vanellope... and I am not going to let them take her again." Ralph said.

"Yeah... me neither." Mike agreed, smiling lightly at Vanellope.

"Before we do ANY protecting..." Jeremy interjected. "... one of you is going to go out there, and get that Puppet back in its box."

"Are you insane? We have to stay in this office, and together!" Felix exclaimed.

"Listen, sir, you lot are the ones who came in here and messed up MY game. So YOU are the ones who will go out there and-"

Jeremy was suddenly pinned against the wall, glaring as Calhoun stared daggers at him. "Talk to my husband like that again, buster. I'm scarier than anything out there."

Jeremy was about to reply, but then he shut his eyes tight, biting his lip. "Those visions... so annoying... you all stressing me out is making me have them out of gameplay!"

"Visions? What visions?" Vanellope asked.

"It's always the same one... I'm in that stupid Freddy mask and that Puppet always follows me... staring at me, looking right through the mask at me."

Mike's eyes widened, standing up a bit straighter. "Are the Chica and Bonnie from the first game on either side of you?"

"Well, they certainly look different. Bonnie actually has a face, and Chica-"

"Wait, so, you see the Puppet? You don't see me?" Mike tilted his head.

"No, I never saw you before this game, Mike. Besides, I've only been here a day." Jeremy replied. "What does it matter?"

"Wait... so... why would Mike be the Puppet in Jeremy's dream?" Vanellope asked.

"It may not mean anything... it could just be a different interpretation between them." Calhoun replied.

"But it's the same dream!" Vanellope exclaimed. "It's got to mean something!"

They suddenly heard noise down the hall, and Foxy was seen charging, about to pounce. Calhoun took out her gun, open firing but it barely slowed Foxy down. He tackled Calhoun, opening his mouth to clamp down.

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