Wreck it Freddy's 2

Losing Control

"STOP!" Vanellope shouted.

Foxy stopped his attack, slowly looking over to her. She gasped as Foxy slowly rose, reaching a hooked claw out to her. Ralph wasted no time sending his fist into Foxy sending him halfway back down the hall. Foxy growled lowly, making his way back towards the office. Suddenly, fire erupted again as Toy Bonnie, followed by Chica, crawled out of the right air vent. The office was chaos as Vanellope whimpered, clinging to her cupcake toy. She suddenly heard whispering, looking down the hall to see, to her horror, not just golden Freddy, but only his head, shrouded in shadow. Her petrified fear was soon washed away when her pupils dilated, her eyes becoming black as the cupcake plushie slowly slipped from her hands, shuffling towards the giant head as her arm stretched towards it.

Felix noticed this, gasping as he reached out for the child. "Vanellope, no!" He grabbed her best he could, and then was surprised when she started struggling. "Stop, I'm trying to help you!"

Ralph at last got the Foxy situation taken care of, the hooked pirate running off for another part of the restaurant. Calhoun started helping Felix with Vanellope, the three of them all surprised by how strong she could be.

"Kid, snap out of it!" If Vanellope were someone like Markowski, Calhoun would've slapped her by now, but of course she couldn't do that. "Good thing she's not trying to glitch away from us!"

The little girl's eyes were still dark, growling like an animal as she kicked and squirmed. "Maybe she CAN'T glitch when she's like this," Mike suggested out loud.

As Vanellope struggled, Mike tensed up as Golden Freddy appeared in the office, sitting and staring eerily at him. His eyes rolled up as he passed out.

"Will someone control that child?" Jeremy shouted.

"I swear if you do not SHUT UP, I'll stuff you in one of these demented suits myself!" Ralph shouted back, grunting as he managed to hurl Chica down the hall, and Toy Bonnie retreated into the right air vent. He then had everyone move aside so he could grab Vanellope. "Kid, come on, focus! This happened to you last time, you can't-"

"SAVE US!" Vanellope screamed, her voice glitching a bit.

"We're trying to do that, but you have to-"


"It's that bear, it's that Golden Freddy thing, it made her go bonkers last time!" Felix cried.

Mike slowly came to then, blinking his eyes open as he sat up, rubbing his head.

Ralph sighed with defeat as she thrashed about in his grip. "We have to end this. We have to stop them from doing this."

"And how do we do that?" Calhoun asked, throwing her hands up.

"We figure out why." Ralph stared down the dark hallway.

"Alright, alright!" She sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Someone needs to stay her with him." She pointed at Mike.

"Just put the Freddy mask on him, he'll be fine." Jeremy said.

"No. We can't leave him here by himself." Calhoun replied.

Jeremy let out another one of his exasperated sighs. "What, you want me to babysit him?" He rolled his eyes while holding a hand up to keep Calhoun from answering. "FINE. I guess I can't expect a security guard who only knows how to deal with four of these freaks to keep the place running."

"Wait, how come I can't come along?" Mike wanted to know, a frown on his face.

"Because there's no need for this whole circus to go field-tripping through this building. It's hard enough keeping track of just us four."

"We can always tell you what we find out later of course," Felix offered with a smile.

Mike was partially bummed that he couldn't help the gang, but he was also relieved to be staying in one spot. "Well... guess me and Jeremy can compare notes at least. Try to figure something out on our end."

"I'll leave you one of my firearms." Calhoun said, taking out one of her guns. Jeremy went to take it, but she pulled her arm back. "NOT you." She said, handing it to Mike. "Keep an eye on him. And this is a walkie talkie. If you need my help or find anything of importance, radio me."

Mike nodded, still a bit dizzy from waking up. Ralph, keeping a firm hold on Vanellope, and Felix joined her in moving cautiously down the hallway. She had a light activated on her suit, bright enough to see a few feet ahead of them.

"So where should we start? I have no idea what else we can find other than what clues the guy on the phone left for us." Ralph asked.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Mike will come across something in the office that may be helpful." Calhoun replied.

Felix, having some draftsman skills, was able to quickly draw a map of the new layout thanks to the camera feeds on the laptop from earlier. They made their way down the main hall, standing outside the bathrooms.

"The rest of the older animatronics are in that room." He pointed. "The parts/service room."

"Now what I remember from the phone calls..." Calhoun started. "... is that there was something fishy going on with the first employee. Supposedly whoever it was, let's assume it's a he, took night shift for a week, complained, and was moved to day shift. Then, that's when Jeremy comes in, as far as back story goes. Something happens during that week that causes the place to shut down, and it involves that first employee."

"I heard something about a yellow costume..." Ralph said. "Do you think he was talking about-"

"Golden Freddy. I think you may be right, Ralph. I think we may be onto something here-" Calhoun was cut off.

"He sees only what he wants to see..." Vanellope whispered, Ralph still holding onto her. "What we showed you last time... it all happened here..."

Ralph looked down at Vanellope, holding her up a bit. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't look!" She screamed, speaking in multiple voices. "Don't speak! That's what he wanted from us. He took our eyes because they saw, he took our teeth because they did not speak. The pain festered until he made it ours!"

Calhoun stepped up to Vanellope then. "What does it have to do with us? With her?" She grit her teeth. "What did she ever do?"

"She is our new voice, and our new eyes." Vanellope grinned eerily.

"You leave her alone! I don't care what happened to you, you better stop hurting her or I'll-"

"Ralph, you'll only make them angrier!" Felix frowned.

The words were barely out of Felix's mouth when he felt himself being lifted, Toy Freddy staring at him for a moment before emitting a robotic like screech. Felix yelped, and Calhoun took out her gun, firing at the animatronic. "Let go of him you freak!" She screamed.

Meanwhile, Mike whipped his head towards the door, hearing gun fire and shouting in the distance. "No! We have to help them!"

"I'm not doing ANYTHING." Jeremy said flatly.

Mike grit his teeth. "My friends are out there!" He got on his walkie. "S- Sarge, I hear gunfire, I'm coming to help!"

Calhoun now had a grip on Felix. In one arm, gun in the other. "Felix, hold up my walkie." Felix nodded and did so. "Negative Mike, stay at your location and see if you can find anything. Any clues will help!"

"O- Okay, just... be careful out there!" Mike shoved the walkie in his pocket, before going to the wall on one side of the door, scanning the papers pinned there.

"What is the point of all this...?"

"I'm not bothering with you, I can't waste any more time." Mike said. He looked to the recorder, playing the phone calls through again as he looked through papers.

"So, tell me again why you are all trying to appease a little girl who clearly knows nothing about avoiding danger?" Jeremy asked.

"Because she's my friend." Mike replied.

"People like us have no friends, Mike. What we have experienced... no one can understand."

"But they do understand... Sergeant Calhoun, she fights monsters every day." Mike jotted something down on the back of a scrap of paper.

"If you say so." Jeremy sighs. "Finding out some truth, solving some mystery isn't necessarily going to make things better." He reached over a remote, turning on one of the TVs laying around, an Atari styled animation playing on screen.

"Hey... what is that?" Mike asked.

"Some of the 'mini games' that follow my kill screen. It gives me something to watch, pass the time." Jeremy replied.

Mike squinted his eyes a bit, watching the Foxy mini game. When the purple man appeared on the screen, Mike groaned, clutching the sides of his head. "Ah... my head... this... why does this... keep happening to me...?"

"Will you pipe down? So melodramatic."

"Shut up!" Mike shouted, gritting his teeth. He stormed over to the wall, taking down a few papers and slapping them on the desk. He started going through them in a frustrated manner when he felt something on his leg. When he saw BB hiding under the desk, he screamed, falling back. "Get it off of me!"

"He doesn't actually do anything, calm down."

"If you tell me one more time to- stop telling me to calm down!" Mike growled. He continued looking through the papers, opening a crumpled one up on the desk. "Huh... it's a schedule. Did you see this?"

"I don't care what the papers say, Mike. I really just want you all to leave. How you managed in your game, I have no-"

"I DIDN'T manage. I was TERRIFIED. Like I was in some kind of hell that I couldn't escape. And I am HERE now because I just need it all to stop. I don't know what kind of heartless, cold-"

"Hey, I'm not the one that let some oblivious brat come in here, talk about heartless!" Jeremy shouted.

Anger boiled in Mike then, hoisting Jeremy up by his collar. "Call her that again... call her that again, and watch I don't cut out your tongue."

For the first time, something sparked fear in Jeremy. Something in Mike's eyes made him feel uneasy, shrinking back as Mike let go of him. "I'm sorry, okay...? Just..."

"I... I didn't... I had no idea I was... that strong..." Mike breathed, looking down at himself. He looked back over to the crumpled up paper, holding it up. "Your name is on here... 'Fritz added for night shift... Jeremy moved to day shift to replace...'" Mike furrowed a brow. "That's... odd..." He turned to Jeremy, handing him the schedule.

Jeremy seemed to lose some of his indifference, glancing up at Mike. "It has to be a coincidence."

"There are no coincidences in this game." Mike said, swallowing thickly.

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