Wreck it Freddy's 2

Impending Turmoil

Meanwhile, Calhoun had managed to wound Toy Freddy after prying Felix from him. As she reloaded her gun, Mangle descended from the ceiling with a loud shriek only to be silenced by Ralph's fist. The mish-mashed monstrosity snarled furiously, suddenly striking his hand with her razor sharp teeth. Ralph howled in pain, Calhoun finally shooting the thing away.

Felix leapt up and healed him quickly, Ralph giving him a nod in thanks. It was then he realized that during all the ruckus, Vanellope had disappeared.

"Oh no, kid!" he called out frantically, remembering how it had felt to lose her in their visit to the first Freddy's game.

Calhoun swore under her breath, getting back on her walkie. "Mike, do you read me?"

Mike jumped at the sound, slowly taking the walkie out. "Y- Yeah... what's up?"

"We've lost Vanellope... if you see her, I need you to radio me immediately, understand?"

"Oh man... y- yes, Sarge." Mike frowned deeply.

"Good." She put her radio away, sighing. "Let's move this way."

Vanellope was on the show stage, standing with her head bowed as she was surrounded by all the animatronics except for the Puppet, BB, Golden Freddy and Foxy. Calhoun narrowed her eyes, aiming her gun when Ralph pushed her arm down.

"Are you crazy?!" He whispered. "We can't take them all at once."

"How are we supposed to save Vanellope then?" Calhoun whispered back. She then noticed her husband trembling behind her. "Calm down short stack, I'm right he-"

"F- Fox..." He whimpered, facing behind them. They turned to see Foxy staring at them, tilting his head. Calhoun raised her gun to shoot, when Foxy moved away from them, taking a few steps back. Calhoun raised a brow, lowering her arm.

"S- Save..." Foxy whispered, pointing to the show stage.

"Wait... are you... do you want to help us? Why?" Ralph asked.

Foxy growled then, holding up an old security guard hat, placing a part of it in his teeth and tearing it into two pieces.

"He wants us to kill Jeremy..." Calhoun turned to them. "I knew there was something off about him."

"Whoa whoa, time out," Ralph said in a harsh whisper. "I'm not gonna kill someone just because some psycho robot who wants to eat us says so!"

"Stand down, junkpile, I'm not killing anyone either," Calhoun retorted back in irritation. "Unless it's self-defense of course. All I said was that something was off about that Jeremy joker. But… there has to be a reason why this one is trying to reach out to us. It could be a trick."

Felix, who couldn't tear his eyes away from the giant pirate fox, gulped. "I-I think there's something off about this whole pl- place."

"What do you mean, 'something's off'?" Ralph wanted to know, ignoring Felix. "Yeah the guy's a jerk, but so are me and you sometimes, it's not enough to say someone's 'off'."

"Ralph, something terrible happened in the back story. It's... I dare to say it's... worse than losing Brad." She sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Children were murdered here. Children like Vanellope and her friends. It's unforgivable. And I have a feeling it goes deeper than that, even."

Felix frowned, knowing how much Brad's death still affected her. "So... are we going to just trust this... fox?" He asked.

"We'll take his offer with a grain of salt until we figure out the true motive." Calhoun turned to the mechanical Fox. "Save Vanellope and then we'll talk." She said, moving past Foxy. "Come on, you two!"

Ralph and Felix stared at Foxy warily, Felix gulping as Foxy stared at them eerily as they walked by. Foxy returned to the other animatronics on the show stage, speaking to them. Mangle hissed at him, and Freddy bowed his head a bit. Chica's head bobbled as they all emitted grunts and spoke in mechanical clicks and whirs, low whispering. The old animatronics seemed hesitant to continue whatever they were doing. Foxy held up the torn security guard hat, and the new animatronics looked at each other, before Toy Freddy gave him a nod.

Calhoun watched in silence as they did this from further down the hall. Toy Freddy was the only animatronic who remained after they all started to leave the show stage.

"Well, I think we have good news and bad news. The fox just convinced them to stop whatever they planned to do with Vanellope." Calhoun whispered.

"And the bad news?" Ralph asked.

"They're all coming this way. Move, now!" She whispered sharply, moving into one of the other party rooms.

Back in the office, Mike groaned, clutching his head. He had just finished watching the 'Take the Cake' mini game. "My head..." He sniffled. He covered his eyes, sensitive to the light now. "I... I can't handle this..."

"You...? You're the one making ME crazy! Your hallucinating is driving ME crazy!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"What are you talking about?" Mike cried.

'I can't hold him off... help me, damn it!'

Jeremy rubbed his forehead from the short flashback. "You and your friends need to go, Mike... this isn't good for me. I... I'm trying to stay calm, but I'm just on the verge of crumbling under all this pressure!"

Mike furrowed his brow then, glancing over at him. A horrible thought came into his mind then, his paranoia beginning to get the best of him. "Did you write this?" He held up the crumpled paper.

"What? No, you moron! It was like that when the game was plugged in!"

"No, you... you're trying to mess with my head. This whole place is." Mike trembled, breathing shakily. Jeremy heard something then, getting up to check when Mike took out Calhoun's gun, pointing it at him. "Don't come near me!"

"I have to check the damn light, Mike!" Jeremy shouted, shoving past Mike.

He was suddenly assaulted by Foxy, who wrestled him to the ground. Jeremy struggled for some time when Foxy stopped suddenly, slowly looking in Mike's direction upon realizing his presence. Mike scurried back, Foxy about to pounce when the Puppet suddenly appeared, dragging Foxy off of Jeremy and flinging him down the hall. The Puppet then reappeared, floating as he and Mike's gazes met, connecting. After taking a moment to recover, Jeremy looked over to Mike, and then the gun. Mike snapped to attention, and in one swift move, the two were diving for the weapon. Mike felt the cold metal in his hands after successfully grabbing it, screaming as gunfire erupted. Mike's eyes shot open, and he gasped shakily as the gun clattered to the floor. He began to sob as Jeremy laid motionless and bleeding, running hands through his hair.

"Oh, God... what did I do...?" Mike looked up slowly, the Puppet still staring at him eerily. Mike's eyes rolled up then, fainting.

Ralph and the others heard the gunshot, all of them jerking their heads back in the direction of the security room.

"What's going on back there?!" Calhoun yelled into the radio, forgetting all about staying quiet. "Hello? Does anyone copy?"

The only answer she received was static, which both angered and frightened her. What had happened? Had it been a mistake to leave the gun?

"I'll go find out!" Felix offered, already running down the hall despite his wife's protests.

When he arrived at the room, he was greeted with the sight of Mike passed out on the floor and Jeremy lying in a pool of blood. The handyman gasped, holding his hands to his mouth. He was about to try to heal Jeremy except that the new guard twitched on the floor, the blood slowly disappearing. Jeremy's injuries healed themselves and he at last sat up, leaning against the desk as he groaned.

"Ugh... what the... that jerk shot me!" He blinked at Felix who was staring at him and Jeremy rolled his eyes. "What? I'm inside my own game, I can't really die y'know."

Felix shook his head, gulping. "L- Look... I'll get Ralph, my wife and I are going to keep after Vanellope. You can tell her what happened, okay?"

Jeremy grit his teeth. "He's going to need that big guy... I ought to throw him to the animatronics to tear him to pieces!"

Ralph caught up with them, Calhoun following behind. "Hey, is everything okay?" Ralph asked.

"YOU can handle HIM." Jeremy said to Ralph, pointing to Mike.

"No... no, I have to get Vanellope!" Ralph exclaimed.

"We will handle it. Mike has the other walkie, use it to keep in touch." Calhoun replied, glancing to Jeremy. "You. Come with me."

"Careful, brother." Felix said before joining his wife.

Ralph sighed, plopping into the chair in the office and holding his head.

On the show stage, Toy Freddy turned as something appeared behind him, taking a step back. Golden Freddy's ominous head floated forward, and the shiny animatronic's eyes widened as wires snaked out of the floating head's eyes, extending to Vanellope. As they did so, wrapping around her arms and legs, she began to glitch horribly, struggling as the Golden Freddy head faded. Her head slowly rose, her eyes black with small white pin pricks. She whipped her head towards Toy Freddy, her face contorted into a scowl. "Those people are helping the guard... kill them like he killed us!"

Toy Freddy seemed fearful of Vanellope, giving a robotic nod before leaving the show stage. Vanellope watched him, grinning frighteningly as she bore her teeth.

Mike opened his eyes, gasping for air as he sat up. He looked around, his heart sinking when he realized he was in an unpleasantly familiar place. He groaned, getting to his feet and noticed the glow of the laptop beckoning him. He crouched down to change it, but furrowed a brow when it stayed on one camera, the kitchen. He shook his head, the sound of pots and pans clanging from the audio growing louder and louder. He looked around, unable to change the camera. He swallowed thickly, the sound of whispering voices beckoning him down the hallway. He heard different sounds coming from the kitchen as he neared it, and a sick feeling rose in his stomach. He dared to peek in, not even able to hear the clattering pots and pans from the laptop trying to beckon him back. Why could he hear all that noise on the laptop... but he could not hear any of it standing outside the kitchen?

It was dark, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. A flickering, low light was above, shining on a small part of the floor. He heard a sound, a man grunting. He dared to near closer when he stepped in something, blinking as he looked at his shoe.


The light above him flickered more, and his eyes widened when he suddenly saw body parts strewn about in the dim light, the sound of scrubbing and a man dragging something around filling his ears. Something thudded right in front of him then, making him jump. When he saw what it was, he screamed, unable to stop.

Vanellope's head.

Mike clutched the sides of his head, his heart pounding a mile a minute. He looked up, the puppet standing over her as blood dripped from its arms. It stared at Mike for several moments before he heard its voice in his head.

"It's me."

Mike saw that Vanellope's head was now Golden Freddy's head, and he screamed louder as the puppet grabbed him.

Ralph jumped when Mike burst awake, having been watching over him in the office.

"Geez, what's your problem?" Ralph asked as he calmed himself down, watching Mike as he scrambled to his feet.

"N-nothing," He stuttered, raking a hand through his hair mindlessly. His skin was shining with sweat, his whole body tensed. "Had this screwy nightmare that Vanellope became Golden Freddy and then the Puppet-"

"Wait, Vanellope becomes Golden Freddy?" Ralph interrupted him, fear growing inside him more than it already was. "What if, what if that's the plan, to make her become one of them?!"

The wrecker got up from his seat, grabbing Mike's arm. "C'mon, we gotta find the others and tell them this, it could be important!"

Mike yelled as he got dragged out of the room, no match for Ralph's strength. "Heh, and you're the one who said these nightmares weren't anything to worry about."

"The only thing I care about is saving Vanellope!" Ralph cried.

"L- Look Ralph, I dunno about this..." Mike whimpered.

"So you want her to just suffer? We are her friends, she is depending on us!" Ralph shouted.

"You don't understand... I saw him... the puppet... oh... oh God Ralph, it was awful... the smell... it... it didn't just kill them... it... it chopped them to bits... those kids..." Mike broke down, curling up on the floor in a fetal position.

Before Ralph could digest what Mike was saying, he heard small footsteps, and Vanellope approached them, followed by Toys Freddy, Chica and Bonnie, and Mangle. The little girl's scowl stretched into a malicious grin, speaking in multiple voices. "It's time."

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