Wreck it Freddy's 2

Darkness Reaping

Back in the game area, Calhoun and Felix were with Jeremy. She narrowed her eyes at him, keeping her gun in hand. Jeremy stared at her flatly.

"What, are you going to shoot me too? Is that all anyone likes to do around here, make me do what they want or kill me?" Jeremy asked.

"I want answers. Just tell me what you know, so I can save my friends."

"Well, I don't have them, lady! What is solving some mystery going to do? Make you the new crime busters? It's not going to help anything!" Jeremy spat.

"And why do you think that, mister pessimist?" Calhoun asked.

"Because it doesn't change what happened!" Jeremy replied.

"No… it doesn't. But maybe it will stop others from suffering the same fate… I think you are the murderer, Jeremy. Your lack of empathy, your unwillingness to cooperate, your-"

"I don't have to cooperate with the likes of ANY of you! This is MY game! I have more concentration and will power than Mike could ever dream of. When people play me, I have control. I can keep the animatronics at bay, I do what I have to in order to survive. I'm not some wimp that falls apart at the drop of a hat!" Jeremy said.

Calhoun was silent for a few moments, taking this in. "Why did Mike shoot you?"

"How am I supposed to know… he's a nutcase!" Jeremy answered. "Foxy tackled me, we struggled, then the Puppet dragged him off of me. I was never crazy about that thing. Then we both just… went for the gun. He grabbed it first and shot me."

Felix noticed something then, pointing to a paper in Jeremy's hand. "What is that, Jeremy?"

He honestly hadn't realized he was still holding it. "This piece of garbage? Mike was freaking out over it because his name was on here."

"What are you talking about?" Calhoun snatched the wrinkled paper from him, furrowing a brow. "It's a schedule. 'Fritz added for night shift; Jeremy moved to day shift to replace Mike.'" Calhoun glanced at Felix for a moment. "There's more on here, this scribble is hard to read… 'Mike no longer reporting to work due to investigations.' Mike… wait, this… this has to be a… this has to be a mistake. The first employee was the one who…" Calhoun shoved the paper in her pocket, grabbing Felix and Jeremy.

"Stop touching me! What are you-" Jeremy started.

"We are looking this office up and down for more information. You comply with EVERYTHING I say, do you understand me?" Calhoun said tensely.

"I am NOT going to listen to-"

Calhoun shoved Jeremy against the wall of the main hallway, her whole body trembling. Felix took her other hand, tugging at her arm lightly.

"Tammy… Tammy, calm down!" He cried.

"No. This cannot be true. I refuse to believe it." She muttered, heading down to the office when she stopped short, the backs of the newer animatronics facing them. She silently instructed Felix to move back, taking Jeremy with her. Undetected, they went back to one of the party rooms, approaching a vent. "You first." She said to Jeremy, forcing him down so he could go into the vent. She followed, Felix behind her as they made their way to the office.

"Tammy, Ralph and Mike were back there, we have to help them!" Felix cried.

"Ralph has a walkie… he can handle himself, and if he needs our help, I will be there. For now… we have something to do." They crawled out of the right air vent and entered the office, Calhoun immediately looking through papers. A few moments later, Felix jumped when the sound of a phone ringing filled the office, he joining Calhoun as they slowly approached the phone. They looked at each other before Calhoun picked up the receiver, slowly putting it to her ear. "Hello?"

"… hello, hello? Hey, you can call me phone guy. Look… I have been watching you and your friends from the cameras… yes, I am not exactly a physical entity, but that's not important. What is important is me helping you, and your friends, in knowing the… the truth to all of this mess so you can all go back to your lives, and we can run things here properly." Phone Guy spoke.

"What's he saying, Tammy?" Felix asked.

"Now I understand you're sort of the front runner from what I've seen, so I am going to inform you of what you need to know, to take care of things." Phone Guy continued.

"Fine." Calhoun replied. "Start talking."

"The one you really need to worry about, the only one really, is your friend Mike. His character, despite whatever docile nature he has shown in my camera feed, is slowly deteriorating, to reveal his true nature. He is the most unpredictable, and if anything, he should not be allowed to survive. When he learns the truth, he will most likely do anything to forget it, and that includes murdering you and your friends."

Calhoun's breath hitched, wiping sweat from her brow. "So… was he the one who… murdered those children?"

"… yes. Mike is the true murderer of those children. He is also the cause of the bite of '87… see, Mike is a very spiteful person, Sergeant, and he will stop at nothing to keep these horrible incidents in the back of his mind because he cannot cope with them. In his game, the reason why the kitchen feed is audio only, is because it is where he mutilated the children to conceal the evidence."

"How do you know this if this game is a prequel?" Calhoun asked.

"My presence in the first game, the entire premise, is within Mike's mind, based on things he had already done. I have all the information that you need to know, and I am willing to share it with you. What you need to do, is kill Mike as soon as possible, and get the job done. At that time, you will have done what you needed to protect yourself and your friends, and things will be as they should."

"And what about Jeremy?"

"Mike used Jeremy that night to help him the night he murdered the children. It is not seen in gameplay, but Jeremy, on occasion, may experience hallucinations based on the trauma that Mike caused him to experience in back story." Phone Guy explained.

Despite this harrowing information, something in Calhoun told her that killing Mike was not the answer, that something just didn't add up. "I'm sorry, Phone Guy… but I need to find out more information, question Mike."

"That is the wrong thing to do. I'm sorry, but if Mike isn't killed… there will never be peace. I'm afraid I will have to finish the job myself."

"What are you talking about-" Calhoun started, but stopped when purple mist suddenly began to emit from the phone speaker, and she gasped as it entered her mouth and nose. As she began to tremble violently, Felix cried out in confusion, catching her as she fell, the phone hanging from its wire off the table. Her eyes rolled up, and despite Felix's efforts, he could not stop the malevolent force now inhibiting his wife as she passed out.

"Tammy, Tammy!" Felix cried as he gently laid her on the floor. Tapping his hammer on her did no good. He felt so useless and began to panic much like he had that time they had been stuck in Sugar Rush's Nesquick Sand. He checked her vitals, which seemed fine, though the fact that she was passed out was cause for concern.

"What happened to her?" Jeremy asked, having grown a little concerned when he'd heard Calhoun mention both himself AND the murderer. Or perhaps she was finding out that perhaps... HE was the murderer? Was it possible that he was suppressing memories of the crime? "Dammit, she needs to wake up and tell me what the Phone Guy said! How come he never called and talked to ME before?"

"I have no idea, Jeremy... but she is my wife, and I have to get her out of here! Something has latched onto her code and if I don't help her, she may not ever be herself!" Felix felt Calhoun move then, looking over with a sigh of relief. His relief faded however, when he got a closer look at her. "Tammy...?"

In the main hallway, Vanellope and the new animatronics were nearing Ralph and Mike. The old animatronics and BB, who Foxy seemed to stay close to, stood a bit farther back, watching. Mike hid behind Ralph, trembling.

"You will die protecting the murderer!" Vanellope cried in dual voices.

"I'm not a murderer...!" Mike whimpered. "You've got the wrong guy, I swear!"

"You keep the horrors within him... he does not speak, but he knows..." Vanellope points towards them, causing Mike and Ralph to turn to see the Puppet floating behind them.

The Puppet stared down at Mike as something began to emerge from it; thin woven strings used for marionettes, they began to extend towards them. Ralph tried to stomp on them, but they crawled up his legs, and Mike screamed as they swiftly wrapped around him. Similar to what Golden Freddy had done to Vanellope with his wires, Mike began to scream louder, trembling and writhing. Ralph was shocked at the strength at the strings, far stronger than he, and he was forced to let go.

"Mike!" Ralph cried. He whirled around to where Vanellope and the new animatronics were still nearing. "What do you want? You're taking all my friends, what in code's name do you want from us?"

Vanellope's dark eyes stared into his, white pinpricks glowing, lacking all emotion. "Revenge." She whispered.

Before Ralph could answer, Felix anguished scream was heard some feet behind him from the office, he and Jeremy shoving past the Puppet who was now suspending a limp Mike in the air. "Ralph, s- something's happened to Tammy!"

The Puppet's eyes grew white pinpricks in them, his strings still coiling around Mike before he faded away, Mike alone slumping down against the wall.

"What are you talking about?" Ralph asked. That puppet did something to Mike, and I still have to figure out how to save Vanellope!"

"But Ralph, Tammy is-"

"Alright, alright, everyone just be quiet!"

Everyone turned to the sound of the voice- or, voices rather, and Vanellope growled. "You don't belong here! This is our turn!" She cried.

Felix recoiled in horror, Jeremy stepping back towards Ralph also as Calhoun floated in the doorway. Telephone chords wrapped around her arms and legs, originating from her back as they seemed to emerge like tangled weeds. Her skin had become a glowing dark purple, her eyes black with white pinpricks similar to Vanellope's. She spoke in dual voices as well, a combination of hers and Phone Guy's.

"Now... I have emerged from my place, to restore some order here." Calhoun glanced around, setting her eyes on Mike before narrowing them. "He is going to be dealt with properly. I will give you all what you want, the little girl will join the other game characters in their safe return home, and everything will run smoothly as before."

"Now hang on a second." Ralph held up a hand, glancing back at Vanellope when he noticed she was beginning to twitch a bit behind him. "What's the problem with Mike? You should be trying to save him, the Puppet-"

"Yes, the Puppet, is the one who really keeps the truth of what Mike did. He not only caused the bite of '87, but he murdered the five children that stand right behind you!"

Ralph glanced behind him again to see Vanellope holding her head, glitching up and twitching spastically. "What are you doing to her? I don't believe you! And what have you done to Calhoun? Come out and speak to us yourself!"

The new animatronics looked to Vanellope with concern as she began to experience internal conflict. She glitched between herself, Golden Freddy and what seemed to be a third, small grey avatar. She opened her mouth, a deep voice crying from within as live wires emerged from her, forming into Golden Freddy's head that was blasted backwards. The new animatronics watched this in shock, and all hell broke loose. The old animatronics ran towards Golden Freddy, his head forming into his whole costume that was now laying at the other end of the hall. The new animatronics hissed and screeched, lunging towards Mike to attack. Calhoun smirked lightly as she watched this, but scowled when Ralph dove in, scooping Mike up just as he opened his eyes to also reveal black voids with white pinpricks, glancing at Calhoun for a single moment before passing out again. She growled lowly, closing her extended fist tightly as it reformed into a firearm.

"Tammy..." Felix stared at her. "Tammy, don't-"

"Run!" Jeremy grabbed Felix, Ralph scooping up an unconscious Vanellope with his other hand as they bounded down the hall from the new animatronics chasing them. Mangle propelled herself forward off the wall, her gaping mouth just inches from them. The four ran into the parts/service room, slamming the door behind them and they stood in shock as they heard Mangle slam into the door on the other side, hissing angrily.

"Well, we were nearly dead there... if we hold out long enough, maybe we'll make it." Ralph said.

"I don't think we're going to hold out, Ralph." Felix squeaked.

"Why?" Jeremy asked, turning and widening his eyes also. "You have got to be kidding me."

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