Wreck it Freddy's 2


After the ordeal, Mike allowed himself to be accepted by his friends, even being bold enough to continue to spend time with the Sugar Rush racers. He found himself to be extremely helpful around GCS, and Ralph brought him to Anon Anonymous regularly to seek guidance. From that, he would go to Jeremy's game, speaking with the grey avatar children every so often. There were many tears shed on his part, but their forgiveness and understanding from the truth promoted healing on both ends. Jeremy fit in well in GCS, accepting the core four and Mike as his friends as well. For once in Mike's life, he finally began to know the feeling of peace, and freedom from the shackles he carried with him in the back of his mind for so long. He and Vanellope both were nightmare free.

As for the animatronics, outside of gameplay, they were far less menacing and even reached out to Jeremy with an odd friendship. This could also be said for Mike and the core four… as Vanellope and BB began to spend time together outside of gameplay. It seems the human like animatronic had garnered a certain fondness for Vanellope.

The two sat on a bench in GCS, Vanellope remembering something then.

"Crud, I almost forgot!" When she turned to dig something out of her pocket, upon turning back, she blinked when BB was suddenly found holding out a heart shaped pizza box and emitting a small giggle. She chuckled, rolling her eyes playfully and putting a candy necklace around his neck.

"Ooooo!" The Sugar Rush racers said as they eavesdropped from a few feet away. Candlehead noticed a shadow looming over them then, and looking up, she saw Foxy staring down at them, teeth bared. Her scream was soon joined by the others as all the racers scattered. Foxy threw his head back, laughing mechanically as he approached Vanellope and BB. Ralph came up to them as well, he and Foxy fist pumping.

"Alright kids, play date's over." Ralph said as Vanellope and BB went with their respective guardians back to their games.

The animatronics were slowly accepted into the GCS community, now that they too had found peace and had given up their blood thirsty vengeance outside of gameplay. All seemed to be well, and as Vanellope entered her bedroom to get ready for sleep that night, she took out her cupcake plushie, smiling and hugging it.

"Everything's going to be okay, Mike." She said to it, smiling as she put on her pajamas, and snuggled under the covers.

Just as she was about to enter deep sleep, a sound filling the room roused her. She rubbed her eyes before blinking them open, looking towards her dresser. Furrowing a brow, she clung the plushie to her as the sound continued.

Her phone was ringing.

Moonlight poured in through her tall window, her head tilting a bit as step by step, she neared the phone. As she did, her shadow was cast on the floor behind her, thinning and elongating with each step. It soon reached the place where the floor and the opposite wall met, growing up the wall, taller and taller. She was mere inches from the phone now, and the shadow towered over her as her hand slowly extended, reaching for the phone. As she did, the shadow's hand reached out as well, mere inches from the back of the girl's head. Her hand lingered just millimeters from the phone, and when she exhaled sharply, her hand went back to her side. Moments later, the ringing stopped, and the shadow diminished as she slowly backed up towards her bed, staring at the telephone all the way. Once back under the warmth and safety of the covers, she looked at the cupcake plushie for several moments before hugging it to her, shutting her eyes tight.

"It'll be okay, Mike." The confidence in her voice more forced now as she convinced herself that the words held truth. "Nothing else is going to happen to us."

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