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Pokémon Fan Falls Into The Pokémon World


The depictions of abuse would be anything that I mention about what is happening to trans people. This will not happen often, I only marked it so that I can have the curse words that I occasionally say. I'm a huge Pokemon fan and have been ever since I was little. Recently I've been playing Pokemon Ultra Moon and have been thinking about how I would be in the Pokemon world based on my knowledge of Pokemon. Now since this is a fictional story only really using myself as the main character, no one that I know in real life will be mentioned aside from my family and my fiance. Anyway, I'll state what happened to me ending up in this world at the start of the story. I found this art on Google and it's of Team Rainbow Rocket. Credits go to Gamefreak for making these games and the characters that are not me, my family or my fiance. Also if you need any information about any of the characters that are not me, you can look them up on Bulbapedia or Serebii! These two are both pokemon dedicated websites.

Fantasy / Adventure
The Derp Doctor
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Chapter I

I went to bed cuddling my Sylveon plushie after a long day of playing Pokemon Ultra Moon. I tend to take some time falling asleep so I usually have my phone playing music to help me sleep better. I tossed and turned listening to my own thoughts. I decided to grab my phone and charger for it. I put them in my bag and ended up falling with my bag on, my phone in my right pocket, my charger in my left pocket and my plushie in my arms. My bag was a MHA bag with Tordorki on it. I have three pins on it, ones an LGBT pin (It is just a rainbow flag), one is a pin of the Pokemon named Mimikyu, and the last one is a tar slime from the game called Slime Rancher. I laid on my right side and stared towards my entertainment set up. I ended up falling asleep not to long later, probably one of the most relaxing nights I’ve had.

When I woke up, I saw a darker skinned man looking at me. I jumped a bit when I saw him. “Professor Kukui?” I asked the man. The man nodded. “Yeah that’s me cousin! But uh, how did you know who I was?” He asked me. “It is nothing..., um do you have some where I can rest to collect myself?” I asked. Kukui nodded, then handed me a love ball. “You might want to put that Sylveon of yours inside that Poke ball so they don’t get stolen.” He said heading over to his lab. I looked to my right and I saw a shiny Sylveon beside me. “Are you the plushie I had when I fell asleep?” I asked it. It nodded to me. “Then your name shall be Merritt.” I said getting up. The Sylveon let out a gentle cry of joy when I gave it it’s nickname.

I followed Kukui into his lab and he pointed over to the basement stairs. “I don’t have many beds here, but I have one down there. I’m okay with sleeping on the couch.” He said. I bowed politely. “Thank you Kukui.” I said. Merritt and I went down stairs and I sat down on the bed there. Kukui came down a bit and said good night. I waited until he fell asleep so I could talk to Merritt alone. Once he did, I sighed softly. I did check to see which gender Merritt was and he is a boy. Sylveons do not have any visible gender differences but that doesn’t mean you still can’t figure out what gender they are. Though for Merritt had a longer tail and I will need to see if female Sylveons have shorter tails. Female Sylveons are very hard to find due to the fact that Eevee is 87.5% male and only 12.5% female. Every Pokemon that has genders has gender differences, for example, a male Steelix has two teeth on its lower jaw while the female has one. Also every Pokemon has ratio for their genders. “So I fell into the Pokemon world if I am correct? And this is not a dream right?” I asked myself. I pinched myself to make sure.

“Yep, I can feel pain, it is not a dream.” I said. Merritt wrapped one of his ribbon like feelers around my arm, which calmed my nerves a bit. One of Merritt’s pokedex entries states that the ribbons on his body are feelers that release dopamine when wrapped around their trainer’s arm. They also allow Merritt to read his trainer’s feelings. “Thank you Merritt. But I need to figure out if I can contact my family from here.” I said pulling out my phone. It still worked surprisingly! I put my mom, dad, sister and fiance all in a group chat and sent them all a picture of me in Kukui’s house with Merritt. No one was awake but my sister and fiance. My sister did not reply she just saw it. My fiance however responded and was extremely worried. “I am fine Shawn, I promise but I don’t know how long I’m going to be here. Cuddle something I gave you until I get back I guess. I will talk to you as much as I can.” I said.

He had sent a text back agreeing to that and I sighed in relief. I told him to explain this to everyone when they see the text. I then told him I had to go and get some rest myself. He agreed again and said goodnight to me. I said goodnight back then laid in the bed and stared at the ceiling. I plugged my phone in and quietly played music as I laid there thinking. There was so much going on that I just cannot take it all in. I sighed softly, I was not tired, I was just confused. I looked over at Merritt who was nuzzling against me. I smiled a bit at his sweet gesture. “I think I need a walk to clear my head.” I said to him. I used to take night walks sometimes when I needed to clear my head like right now.

Merritt nodded and I grabbed my bag. I heard something roll around in it and I found a keystone. Not only that, but I also found a mega stone that matched Merritt’s colors. Well his normal colors. It was on a collar like thing and Merritt motioned for me to put it on him. I did and I smiled a little, Merritt was just so happy to be around me. Merritt and I then snuck outside and went walking. It was a calm night and I sighed softly. The moon was pretty, but I could not stop thinking about what’s going on it my school. I found out from my sister that there was a clone of me taking care of my life in the real world. All of their memories were coming to me here which was great! No one else would believe me about falling into the Pokemon world. I mean, would you believe someone if they said they fell into the fictional world of Pokemon? No, I did not think you would because it sounds ridiculous right?

As I was walking, a youngster saw me and looked up at me. “Hey sir! Can we have a battle? Your Sylveon looks so cool that I want to see it in battle.” The boy said. I thought for a moment and shrugged. “Sure kiddo.” I said to him. Besides, I need to learn Merritt’s moves. My pokedex only said one of his moves which was Moonblast. Moonblast is a fairy type move by the way. Also I borrowed one of Kukui’s pokedexes when I wanted to look at Merritt’s moves. The youngster smiled at me when we started the battle. “My name is Kevin, and this is my partner Inkay!” He said sending out his Inkay. I sent out Merritt and let Joey attack first. Merritt is super effective against Kevin’s Inkay because fairy beats dark and Inkay is a psychic/dark type. I told Merritt to use Moonblast which fainted the Inkay. Kevin smiled at me.

“That was a great battle mister!” He said looking up at me as he returned his Inkay to it’s pokeball. “It was, I bet someday you’ll become a great Pokemon trainer with that Inkay of yours.” I said patting his head. He smiled. “Thank you sir! Want to battle again someday?” He asked. “Sure kiddo. At least we can try to battle again.” I said with a smile. I cannot promise anything since I do not know how long I am going to be here. “Okay! Be safe sir and have a good night.” He said. “You do the same kiddo.” I said. I continued my walk for a bit then went back to Kukui’s house to rest. I went down to the basement and while I relaxed down there, a Pokemon came down to me. It was Cosmog, or Nebby as Lillie calls it. Nebby came over to me and i gently rubbed his head. Nebby is genderless so we just call him a him to make it easier sometimes. Do not blame me, it’s in the games like that. “Hey Nebby, why are you down here? Shouldn’t you be resting?” I asked. Nebby just gave me his usual smile and i smiled a bit.

“Oh I get it, you wanted to come see me is that correct?” I asked which Nebby responded by shaking his arm like puffs on his head happily. “I thank you for wanting to see my Nebby, but you should get back to Lillie before she wakes up.” I said to him. Nebby was obviously sad, but he’ll be seeing me a lot throughout this journey. Nebby went back upstairs and I sighed softly. Merritt looked at me and I smiled. “I am still confused on everything that has happened, but just know I can get through this change.” I said smiling. I gently held my Lucifer pendent in my hand as I sighed happily. “I start my journey soon and I cannot wait for it.” I said smiling. Merritt nuzzled my hand and I heard someone leave the house. I figured it was Lillie since I have a feeling she’s going to go see Hala. When it was morning I went upstairs and handed Kukui his pokedex.

“I had to borrow it last night to learn more about Merritt.” I said to Kukui. “No you can keep it, and I think I might get you a Rotom Dex too cousin!” He said. As soon as he said that though, Rotom appeared. “I have to get some parts, which should be arriving soon and then you will have a Rotom Dex.” Kukui said. I nodded, then smiled a bit. “We should go to Iki Town.” I said. “Yeah, and you’ll be able to meet the island kahuna!” Kukui said. I nodded. We left Kukui’s lab and we up to route 1. When we got close to some grass, Kukui gave me some pokeballs. “Just in case you want to add to your team.” He said. I took the pokeballs and saw a shiny Grubbin crawl up to me. I dropped one of the pokeballs and it landed on it’s head. The Grubbin looked up at me as it went into the pokeball, three shakes and it stayed in the ball. “You’re lucky you know? And I think Grubbin sensed your love for Pokemon.” Kukui said. “I think so too.” I said smiling. The Grubbin was a boy and I named it Thunderjabug.

Thunderjabug had a bold nature which would make it a pretty good tank when it evolves into Vikavolt. So now I have a special attacker and a tank, this is going good so far. I smiled gently and walked with Kukui to Iki town. I saw a boy run down the stairs to us and I knew who he was. “Hi I am Hau!” Hau said. I smiled softly. “I am Craft, it is nice to meet you Hau.” I said. Kukui smiled softly. “Hau, why not be Craft’s rival? His starter was Sylveon.” Kukui said. I nodded. “I think it will be fun! Are you still looking after the starter Pokemon my grandpa let you?” Hau asked. Kukui nodded and sent out Popplio, Litten, and Rowlet. “You can pick from them since Craft here has his starter already.” “I think I will pick Litten.” Hau said picking up Litten. Kukui gave him a pokeball and Hau looked at me. “How about you have a battle with me?” Hau asked. I nodded. “Sure.” I said. Hau sent his Litten into battle and I sent out Thunderjabug. I moved first and switched Thunderjabug out with Merritt and smiled at Hau. Hau’s Litten used Ember and I told Merritt to use Dig. I won the battle the next turn since Dig is a two turn move. Hau smiled at me and I smiled back. We shook hands and all three of us went up to Iki town after returning our Pokemon to their pokeballs.

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