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When Nightmares Collide


All of your favorite horror movie characters are trying to get off of their feet, so they're all stuck living in Michael Myers's house! Can the nightmares go ONE day without a fight?

Horror / Humor
Age Rating:

Dolls and mirrors

The scene opens to Michael Myers's living room with Ghostface, Leatherface and Max sitting on Michael Myers's couch, watch football. Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees are in MichaelMyer's kitchen, as Jason Voorhees lights a joint and Freddy Krueger is in Michael Myer's refrigerator, opening a Dr. Pepper can.
"Did ya see that folks?! The New England Patriots have just scored another touch-down! That's three touch-downs in a row!" The announcer on the television yelled excitedly on the top of his lungs.
Ghostface bent down and opened a bottle of Bud Light that sat on the floor, next to Michael Myer's lamp on a side-table.
"Did ya see THAT, L.F.?" He took another drink. "Tim Brady scored another frickin' touch-down. Looks like all of that prayin' on one knee worked out for him."
Michael Myers came to the room, bringing a bowl of popcorn to the couch.
Max pushed his bowl to Ghostface and growled.
Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees came into the room.
Ghostface shrugged his shoulders "Eh.....what the hell. It's Monday night football, everybody should be happy." He dumped his beer can upside down, filling Max's empty bowl.
"Uh, I'm not sure that that's a good idea." Said Freddy, raising an eyebrow.
Ghostface just shrugged his shoulders once more.
Max drank all the beer from his bowl fast, making Michael Myers flinch.
The camera zooms on Max dramatically, zooming a bit on him every five seconds.
Max farted, as the camera goes normal.
Everyone had a sigh of relief.
Max belched, as fire came from his mouth, burning Michael's curtains.
Michael Myers looked at Max, wide-mouthed.
"Now that's what I call "HOOOT DAAAAAMN"!" Ghostface drunkenly laughed.
Michael Myers blinked twice and looked Ghostface.
Michael Myers growled with fury. "DAMMIT! That's the frickin' FIFTH time this MONTH that's happened since you've moved in with me!"
"Well, look who's TALKING NOW!" Ghostface snapped back.
"I've ALWAYS talked, you dick!"
"Well, I never heard you!"
"Yes you did! Remember on "Halloween: Resurrection"? I was about to get my HEAD chopped OFF!" Michael growled.
The scene cuts to a flash-back: a man with an axe with Michael Myers, slowly backing up.
Michael Myers looks to his side and sees Ghostface in the background, in a phone-booth.
Michael Myers flipped Ghostface off, as the man chops his head off.
Ghostface walks out the phone-booth and stabs the man in the throat.
"Guess what happened, Mike? I prank-called Sidney again. I said "I can see you making popcorn, Sidney!" Ghostface laughed.
There was a dead, awkward silence from Myers.
"Classic." Ghostface realized what was going on, as he looked down, seeing Michael's corpse. "Oh...." He slowly backed up, then ran away.
The flash-back ends.
Michael Myers looked at Ghostface, annoyed as he remembers that.
The scene shows a time card: 10 minutes later....
Max was asleep.
Jason Voorhees and Leatherface were smoking, as the rest were drinking.
Michael Myers's doorbell rang.
"I'll get it." Freddy walked and answered the door.
"Your Dominoes Pizza's here." The pizza delivery man stood at 5'6". He was fat, forty-two years of age, wore glasses and spoke in a Bronx accent.
"Thanks." Freddy sarcastically said, trying to take the pizzas.
"Nice sweater, you going caroling later?"
"No I-"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can put my tip right here." The delivery man bent over to bare his back pocket. "While you're at it, you can kiss right there. I've been banned from pizza joints all across America, but I faked a serious disorder that would offend many if they knew I lied so they would say "never mind" on the bans."
"Here's a tip:" Freddy began, as he used his left hand to spin the delivery man to face him. "Never mess with a guy with a clawed glove!" Krueger let out his signature laugh, as he shoved his claw into the guy's stomach.
Blood ran down the pizza man's clothes, as he screams. Just then...he took his last breath, and died right on the spot.
"Oh, and...One more thing...Didn't your parents ever tell you not to lie? Well..this is why." Freddy flung the pizza guy off his glove, as the corpse flew into a bush. Freddy bent over and picked the pizzas up, letting out an evil chuckle.
He walked back into Michael Myer's house, smirking. "Hey, guys...I think I just found a way to get FREE pizza every time." He let out another evil chuckle.
Ghostface took another drink of beer with a thumbs-up. "Nice, man."
Jason Voorhees was stoned, as he faced Ghostface. "No offense, man but I think you've had enough to drink, bro."
"Who do you think you are?! My mom?! I think that I'm just fin-" Ghostface raged, but then cut himself off, as he covered his mouth. His mask turned to a sickly green color.
Michael Myers snickered, as he ate popcorn.
"Shut it, killer mime! I'll be right back." Ghostface scolded Michael, as he ran to the bathroom.
"Ew...that's disgusting." Freddy complained in disgust.
Michael Myers was drunk as well, but he could handle his alcohol, unlike Ghostface. "Yep, no doubt. Reminds me how one time I gutted some kid one year on one Halloween night....I saw candy and his intestines were rainbow colored. Probably eating Skittles or some shit." He laughed like a maniac.
"That's nothin'. One time, I toke s-s-some guy's face off....his breath smelled like peanut butter, so I strangled that faceless bastard!" Leatherface laughed hard.
The scene cuts to Ghostface, washing his hands in the bathroom, with his mask back to normal.
He did a breath check, causing the bathroom mirror to crack. "Meh, a little gross BUT, I'm about to eat pizza." He left the bathroom.
The scene cuts back to downstairs with the others eating pizza while watching the rest of the football game on Michael Myers's television.
Freddy Krueger swallowed his pizza and had a thought. "Hey, Mike? Have you ever noticed that there's so much quiet?"
"Uh-huh." Michael Myers took a bite of pizza. "Y'know what's weird?..Why DID I record all the Patriots games? I'm not even FROM New England! HAHAHAHA!"
"Yeah, I know. HAHAHA! But, you understand where I'm going with this? It almost seems kinda peaceful. I really like it.
Ghostface came downstairs, happy and still drunk. "Hey guys! WAZ UUUUUUUUUP?"
"Oh, God. There goes THAT silence." Krueger muttered in annoyance.
"Yo, Krueger!" Jason called. "Did you remember to kill the neighbor, or do I finally get some fun tonight?"
Freddy Krueger laughed. "ME forget to KILL SOMEONE? You should stick with cleaning the litter from that stupid lake of yours!"
Jason Voorhees cracked his knuckles. "Alright, bro. You've gone TOO fa-"
An axe breaks through Michael Myers's door, as the nightmares gasp, turning to the door.
"HEEEERE'S CHUCKYYYY!" The killer doll laughed psychotically.
"What the hell, Chucky?!" Freddy yelled. "I told you to stop doing that to US! Save that shit for your VICTIMS!"
"MY DOOR!" Michael Myers cried out.
"Chucky! You said that this was ANDY'S house!" Tiffany complained.
"Well EXCUSE the hell out of me, Tiff! Excuse the hell out of me THAT I CAN'T SEE THAT WELL IN THE DARK AND NOT HAVING A FULL-SIZED BODY SO I CAN'T DRIVE A DAMN CAR!" Chucky yelled back at his wife.
"It's obvious that you don't have a "full-sized body"." Tiffany muttered.
"Uh..." Freddy cleared his throat.
"Hey. Sup, Fred?" Chucky greeted.
"That was freaking FUN! Let's crash some MORE houses!" Glenda laughed maniacally from Glen's body.
"I-I think we've had enough excitement for one night." Glen weakly chuckled.
"What the hell is wrong with him?" Ghostface asked.
"Well....We've figured out that Glenda actually LIVES in Glen's body because there weren't two dolls at the time when the possession ceremony happened." Tiffany explained.
"It's complicated." Chucky commented.
"Wait a minute, why WERE we going to Andy's house? Just for a slight visit?" Glen wondered.
"Uh.....SURE. Yeah, th--th-that's it. We were TOTALLY "visiting" Andy Barclay for old time's sake." Chucky lied, stuttering while coming up with a fake explanation.
"Oh.....that's a relief. I thought that I would've need a new pair of-"
"We were gonna kill Andy, idiot!" Glenda cut her gentle natured brother off.
"Glenda! Don't talk to your brother like that!" Tiffany scolded.
The other nightmares just looked at the Rays and raise their eyebrows.
"It's complicated." Said Chucky, walking into Michael's house and taking a slice of pizza.
"Uh...mum?" Glen wondered.
"Yes, sweet-face?" Tiffany answered.
"I-I could've sworn I saw what looked like a bloody corpse of the neighbor."
The camera shows a dead and bloody woman hanging from her window and cuts back to the nightmares.
"Uh......" Freddy nervously rubbed the back of his head.
Tiffany made a gesture with her finger across her neck to Freddy Krueger.
"Uh....she loves to do that. There was a WILD party and...and at wild parties....people do things that...uh.....your father will explain that when you get home." Freddy lied.
"Actually, can we crash here? I'm tired of driving." Chucky belched, opening a can of Pepsi.
Tiffany became enraged and annoyed. "YOU'RE TIRED?! YOU'RE not the one that pushed the foot peddles and had our children on YOUR shoulders to make YOU tall enough to see WHERE we're driving which in case you haven't notice...hasn't WORKED!"
"Well I'M the one that had to reach, open AND close the damn CAR DOORS!" Chucky protested.
Chucky and Tiffany argued, as the rest of the nightmares look annoyed.
Michael Myers' eye twitched. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! You can stay just....STOP fighting. I've had ENOUGH headache from "Halloween: Resurrection"!"
Everybody became silent and looked at Michael Myers.
"THAT was TEN YEARS ago!" Ghostface complained.
"Well it still frickin' HURT!" Michael slapped Ghostface in the back of the head. "Have YOU ever a blade chop YOUR head off and come BACK after that? No? DIDN'T THINK SO!"
Leatherface started his chainsaw to silence the two. "ENOUGH!"
The nightmares went silent and looked at the cannibal.
"Good. NOW! We need to finish dinner, let me finish this cigarette and get to bed!" Leatherface announced.
"That sounds good to me." Michael agreed.
The nightmares heard a faint crack from upstairs.
"What the?" Ghostface wondered.
"We should go see what that was." Tiffany looked up.
The scene cuts to the nightmares in Michael Myers' bedroom. Nothing was there.
"Well screw it, let's get back to eating pizza." Chucky put his arm down, dragging his axe.
"WAIT!" Ghostface called.
The other nightmares stopped.
"First rule in scary movies...always wait for the surprise attack."
Chucky rolled his eyes. "The shit that you watch is just a bunch of stereo-types and clichés."
A paranormal light came from Michael Myers' bed and takes form of a 15-year-old girl in a blue gown with her head turned away.
Ghostface smirked at the killer doll. "IS it?"
Chucky flipped Ghostface off.
The Paranormal girl's head spun around to face the nightmares.
"It looks a girl." Said Glen, shaking with fear.
"No duh." His meaner sister socked his shoulder.
The paranormal girl shouted "Stop, It!"
"Who's "It"?" Glen wondered.
The paranormal girl stopped glowing and floating, landing to the ground. She spoke calmly. "H-Hey, everyone."
The nightmares looked wide-eyed and gave small waves.
"Has anyone seen my dolly?" The paranormal girl asked.
"H-How did you get here?" Glen's teeth chattered.
"I've always been here." The girl answered.
Michael Myers fainted.
"Wuss." Chucky muttered, earning a punch in the shoulder from Tiffany.
"Jason, you hold him up while I try to get him conscious again." Freddy ordered.
Jason Voorhees lifted Michael Myers up by his arms, as Freddy Krueger jumped and disappeared into Michael Myers' head.
Glen Ray became even more concered. "Where did he go, Dad?"
"How should I know?" Chucky answered.
The scene cuts to inside of Michael Myers's mind, where the silent killer is shaking in fear while in fetal position.
Freddy Krueger appeared with a flash.
"The one and only."
"Oh my God! Can't I have ANY privacy in my OWN MIND?!" Michael got pissed.
Freddy Krueger crouched down to match Michael Myers' height. "What the Hell is wrong with you Mike? You see dead women all the time..."
"Y-Y-Yeah...b-but this is different. I-I.....I think I know that girl."
"What do you mean?"
"Ever since I was a teenager. I remember seeing something, but then it disappeared. The girl's head would spin around and sometimes vomit."
"You think it's that girl from "The Exorcist"?"
"Mm-hmm. But I think that THIS little girl IS real and has been here since I was seventeen."
"Well, then maybe you should talk to her. But you have to be...y'know...conscious slash AWAKE."
"O-Okay...l-let's see what happens."
Freddy Krueger disappeared with a flash and returned to the bedroom, as Michael Myers' eyes open.
"Well it's about TIME." Ghostface whined.
"What happened?" Jason asked, letting go of Michael Myers.
Michael walked over to the girl. "Little girl, what's your name?"
"Regan. Regan MacNeil." She answered.
"How old are you?"
"So...you've been haunting me ever since I was seventeen. Why?"
"Call me crazy but I felt safe with you. Like an older brother. Both of my parents went insane from when I didn't know how to control It." Regan calmly explained.
"C-C-Control what?" Michael stuttered.
"I'm possessed, like as in that movie about the possessed girl."
"What the hell? Your parents let a FIVE-year-old watch "The Exorcist"?"
"I know right, what the freak. It was on T.V., my parents didn't want me to watch it but "It", as I like to call it fought with them and drove them insane. Actually, that movie was based off me."
"Did they ever kill anybody?" Glen squeaked.
"After they went insane...CONSTANTLY."
"Sounds relatable." Glen mumbled.
"I'm sorry if I scared you, Mr. Myers. I thought that your house was the only safe place where I CAN'T kill anybody. And besides, It wouldn't let me go anywhere else."
Michael Myers cracked a smile, as his sanity wasn't much. "It's okay. Call me Michael. But I do warn you, all of us are serial killers."
Chucky looked at Glen and looked away, as he mutters "Yeah, MOST of us."
"What does your doll look like?" Asked Freddy.
"It kinda looks like a female version of him." Regan pointed to Glen.
Chucky howled with laughter, causing Glen to blush in embarrassment.
"Maybe she's in the closet. I-I saw a creepy doll in there but left it, and THAT'S why I haven't opened my closet in nine years." Michael suggested.
Freddy Krueger joined Chucky's laughter.
Freddy simply opened Michael's closet, picked up the doll and handed it to Regan.
"Yay! Thank you, Uncle Freddy!" Regan blurted, as she hugged Krueger tightly.
Freddy blushed in embarrassment and walked towards the others. "I'm NOT your uncle."
"I know. I just call adult guys I like "uncle". It's like we're family..." Regan teased.
Glen faked a laugh. "Ha! Who's laughing now?"
"ATTA BOY, SON! Now, you just have to kill a dumbass off of the street!" Chucky slapped his son on the back, as he was proud.
"Doubtful." Glen smirked.
Tiffany gasped. "Oh my God! Look! C-Can we please see that doll for a minute, sweetie?"
"Sure....why?" Regan was confused.
"You wanna see her alive? To really play with her?"
"Yes! That would be a dream come true!" Regan handed Tiffany her doll.
Tiffany handed Glen Regan's doll. "Sweet-face, take your sister to the bathroom. Chucky, give Glen and Glenda that freaky gem of yours."
"Fine. I don't see where this is going though." Chucky handed to his children.
"FINALLY! It's a BITCH being trapped in the same body with this WUSSY!" Glenda ran to the bathroom with Regan's doll, her brother and the Heart of Damballa.
The scene cuts to the bathroom.
"Alright, dork-face...we have to say these words together." Glenda dictated to her poor brother.
"B-But, Glenda...this doesn't look like a good idea. You KNOW much much voodoo SCARES me." Her brother cried.
I don't care, I want my OWN body! Give it to me NOW!"
Glen sighed. "Fine."
The scene cuts back to Michael Myers' bedroom, with the other nightmares.
"So....anybody hear about the legend of the possessed girl, Regan MacNeil? It's based on a true story, y'know." Freddy told.
"Actually, I'M who they based that movie off of." Regan acknowledged.
Michael Myers looked wide-eyed at Regan. "Really?"
"Yep. Just told you, like a minute ago."
"SEPARATE!" Glen and Glenda blustered, causing a big flash to come from the bathroom.
"What the f-"
Tiffany stomped on Ghostface's foot. "DON'T TALK THAT WAY IN FRONT OF A LITTLE GIRL!" She snarled.
Chucky observed the flash, wide-eyed.
The flash disappeared, as the bathroom door opens. Glen and Glenda came out in separate doll bodies.
"G-G-Glen?...AND Glenda?" Chucky fainted.
Glenda nudged her brother.
"Sissy!" Glen covered his mouth, wide-eyed.
All the other nightmares laughed.
"Daddy's right, you HAVE toughened up a little. Now you to just kill someone, like a man." Glenda opined, patting her brother on top his head.
"Glenda! Come to Mommy!" Tiffany gushed, hugging her daughter tightly.
"Mum, I've been here all along. Why are you so surprised to see me?"
"I've never seen you in your OWN doll body."
"Y-You're..crushing me."
"You can keep her." Regan smiled at the "family reunion".
"G-G-G-Glen....AND.....Glenda?" Chucky faltered.
"Thank you SO much, Regan." Tiffany waved to Regan.
Chucky simply smiled.
"Well, there you go, Dad." Glen smirked.
""There you go, Dad" what?"
"Remember? You and Mum were.....were fighting saying "I want a girl, I want a boy!" Now, you can have it both ways." Glen jested.
The nightmares (excluding Chucky and Tiffany) laughed.
"Come on, everybody. Pizza's here." Michael rejoiced.
The nightmares went down stairs.
Half an hour later..................
The scene shows empty pizza boxes almost everywhere, with the nightmares sitting on the couch and near it on the floor.
"Aw man, you sure know how to throw a GOOD party, Mike." Chucky leaned and belched on Max, causing the dog to growl.
"Agreed." Freddy was relaxing on the couch, as he put his fedora over his eyes.
"Come on, everybody! Let's say it all together as loud as we can! WAZ UUUUUUUP!" Ghostface drunkenly fist-pumped the air.
The others shrugged at each other and did it. "WAZ UUUUUUUUUP!"
The nightmares all laughed....but then, they heard an unknown shriek coming from the bathroom chanting "WAZ UUUUUUP!".
They all jumped, as they heard the shriek.
"I'll check it out. It, you know what to do." Regan illuminated and flew up the ceiling.
the scene cuts to Michael Myers' dark bathroom.
Regan MacNeil sees a silhouette figure in the mirror and disappears once more.
The scene cuts to Regan MacNeil, appearing on the couch again.
"What the hell was that?!" Freddy jumped up.
"Y-You're not gonna believe this. I-I saw something in the mirror." Regan faltered.
The scene pauses, as a voice-over from a narrator with a Vincent Price-esque voice. "What happened in the bathroom? Will the nightmares control their cursing habits? Find out in the next chapter!"
Screen goes black and shows bloody subtitles saying "To Be Continued", with a laugh from the narrator.

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